FLOZzHello all  _o/10:05
mac_vthorwil: hi , WIP for boot gdm, comments ? http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/gdm.png13:32
mac_vit has a lot of things that need to be done to give it a more 3D feel , just dont know how to do it subtle !13:33
thorwilmac_v: not enough padding above/below the avatar images13:34
thorwilwould work without that bright frame, indicating selection by size, only13:35
thorwiltoo much padding to the left of avatars13:35
mac_vah. yeah13:35
thorwilseems blurry13:36
thorwilif there are supposed to be shadows, you need to do something to the edges of the boxes13:36
thorwilthe item boxes13:36
thorwilyou will have to adjust the login options bar13:37
thorwilcoffee, cake and cycling time, bbl13:38
mac_vhehe ;)13:38
MadsRHDoes anyone know how Xsplash work?15:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xsplash16:28
mac_v!find xsplash16:28
ubottuFile xsplash found in wx2.6-doc, wx2.8-doc16:28
mac_v!info xsplash16:30
ubottuPackage xsplash does not exist in jaunty16:30
mac_vcomments anyone > http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/gdm.png < just trying an idea for the user list , nothing but the user list has been changed16:49
MadsRHIs the artwork hardcoded or can you change the animation, background, etc.?17:01
mac_vMadsRH: actually i wanted to show it to mat as an idea for the gdm , so it is supposed to have animation where the user name grows and comes forward17:04
MadsRHmac_v -> That would look great. Looking forward to seeing the animation ;-)17:05
mac_vMadsRH: do you notice any artistic flaws in the list?17:06
MadsRHmac_v -> no, it looks great, but if there were more than the five users I would make the top/bottom ones semi-transparent / fadeout - just a thought17:22
mac_vMadsRH: for long lists > http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/gdm-grip.png17:22
mac_vyeah the fade idea is nice17:23
MadsRHmac_v -> or perhaps arrows at the top/bottom? but of course the scrollbar tells you how long the list is, so I guess that one is better17:27
rsc___oooh ubuntu artwork progress!17:28
thorwilmac_v: an option for long lists would be to make it a tsunami menu17:28
mac_vyeah , i thought of that  too. but the size of the list was the prob , but i would prefer the arrows17:28
mac_vthorwil: what? ;p17:28
mac_vthorwil: did you just get back or did you check the link?17:29
thorwilmac_v: also called fish-eye menu. basically what apple does with the icons on the panel17:31
thorwilmac_v: but this principal has been applied to alphabetically sorted lists with many, many items. works17:32
mac_vthorwil: ah that , nice ...17:32
thorwilmac_v: http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/fisheyemenu/17:32
mac_vhmmm.... interesting17:33
MadsRHthorwil -> +1 looks like an interesting idea17:36
* mac_v would love if the gdm was made fisheye > 3 so that more can appreciate it 17:37
thorwilmac_v: regarding http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/gdm-grip.png, is the user name supposed to change from left aligned to centered on selection?17:37
mac_vthorwil: just trying crazy stuff ;p17:38
mac_vthorwil: seemed like the names right-aligned was a waste of horizontal space , so centered the selected name only17:39
rsc___it may look weird when it shifts from left-aligned to center aligned (when something is selected)17:44
rsc___but i dont know17:45
mac_vrsc___: its just a mockup , definately center aligned wont be done , so no worries17:45
* thorwil -> dinner17:47
rsc___thorwil: how did Kyudo do? :)17:47
rsc___i ahvent been around for a while17:48
mac_vrsc___: what kyudo?17:48
thorwilrsc___: hi. i took it apart and you now find it spread apart at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation18:27
thorwilmac_v: it was an attempt at a design process and documentation to have a basis for community artwork18:30
thorwilmac_v: to define what the goals are. to get away from all this "too brown!" vs "not brown enough!"18:31
rsc___LOL at "not brown enough"18:35
rsc___how many times have i heard that :/18:35
rsc___though all the "should be brown" and "shouldn't be brown" talk all cancel each other often18:35
thorwilrsc___: it is right now happening again on the mailing list ...18:35
rsc___thorwil, whats the latest artwork to be crucified?18:36
thorwilrsc___: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Boot/Demo18:36
rsc___any word on the GTK theme btw?18:38
thorwilit wouldn't surprise me to be treated with black panels ;)18:39
thorwilrsc___: look at one level up for contrast: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Boot/18:41
rsc___btw, usplash is going to be replaced by something new, yeah?18:41
rsc___not bad18:42
rsc___mr. doob's is pretty cute too18:42
thorwil"* Graphical boot splash that will be running on top of X-server, not Usplash "18:42
rsc___i would assume X would kick in sooner in the boot process18:43
rsc___for this to happen, i mean18:43
* SiDi just hopes the final infrastructure will come soon enough for boot process22:36
SiDiSo knome can cook up some flying mice for the boot22:36

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