Rocket2DMnmdke, I think we have some overlap in the use of the ContentCleanup and StyleCleanup tags.00:03
Rocket2DMnI think "Pages with confusing or inadequate structure. " and "Pages which are 'over-structured' (i.e. too many short sections) " belong under StyleCleanup00:03
Rocket2DMnactually the latter is already stated in different words under StyleCleanup00:03
Rocket2DMnand we should add to ContentCleanup, something like "Pages with material that is not up-to-date or valid with the latest Ubuntu release"00:04
Rocket2DMnnot that it is unsupported, but just doesn't apply to the latest version (a bit confusing to explain clearly)00:05
lukjad007Rocket2DMn So, the cleanup tags need a cleanup?00:12
Rocket2DMnlukjad007, yup :)00:13
Rocket2DMnthe tag has been getting used as i explained, it's just not worded so on the page00:14
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: Hi03:05
dhillon-v10starcraftman: hi how are you?03:12
Rocket2DMngood evening dhillon-v1003:17
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: how are you03:17
Rocket2DMndoin well thanks, and you?03:17
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: not bad actually03:18
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: I have a question, as usual :)03:18
Rocket2DMnlol, ok03:18
starcraftmanlo' dhillon-v10, sorry was out a bit, lo to you too Rocket2DMn03:20
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: Alright so I was looking in my system guide (the one that came installed on my system) and in the programming section, I found that one of the links that was apt:gambas wasn't working there was a dialogue box saying package not found and when I do that in synaptic it works, is that a possible bug03:20
dhillon-v10starcraftman: how are you03:20
Rocket2DMndhillon-v10, yes, that is a bug.  However, recent discussion on the mailing list and a bug report opened by Phil Bull tells us that we are probably going to remove the programming section from the system docs03:21
Rocket2DMnit looks like that gambas package only exists in the Dapper repositories03:21
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: It isn't the only package and can you tell me why are we removing the programming section03:22
starcraftmandhillon-v10: had better days, was just offline for an hour and a bit after a problem during update. Fixed up, now back to well wiki work. :)03:22
Rocket2DMndhillon-v10, you can report that as a bug and they system docs devs will figure out how to proceed03:22
Rocket2DMndhillon-v10, first things first - given that the programming section is still there, i would report any problems you find with it03:22
starcraftmandhillon-v10: correction, day was fine, was just the after supper that annoyed me.03:22
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: Alright if you say so03:23
dhillon-v10starcraftman: LOL03:23
Rocket2DMndhillon-v10, as per your question about why it's being removed, I think the consensus was that it isnt material appropriate for normal desktop systems03:23
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: ah smart03:24
Rocket2DMnyeah, i think it is a good call03:25
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-docs/+bug/414287  done03:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 414287 in ubuntu-docs "links broken in help and support section" [Undecided,New]03:27
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: who is ubot403:28
dhillon-v10j1mc: how are you?03:31
Rocket2DMndhillon-v10, that is a bot03:32
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: okay03:33
Rocket2DMnlol, not a very detailed bug report dhillon-v10 , but it will do03:33
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: I want to know more about solving bugs that I get in my mail03:33
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: I seem to be helpless for other people who need me03:34
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix I read that but not helping03:34
Rocket2DMnwhat bugs do you get in your mail?03:34
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: Mostly regarding sound and kernel problems03:35
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: I know programming but in this case I can't do anything03:35
Rocket2DMnfixing bugs like that is complicated, you need to work upstream with the linux kernel developers and audio/soundserver developers (like PulseAudio)03:36
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: Please elaborate03:36
Rocket2DMnI don't have most of those answers dhillon-v10 , i dont develop for them03:37
Rocket2DMnyou would need to talk to the kernel team and audio team folks03:37
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: should I try google to look for them03:37
Rocket2DMndhillon-v10, yeah, they should have pages on wiki.ubuntu.com03:41
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: sorry i gotta go, talk to you later and thanks03:41
j1mcRocket2DMn: I'm not a bot. :)03:50
j1mcI work on Xubuntu docs03:51
j1mcJim C.  :)03:51
starcraftmanlo' there j1mc, kinda quiet night, guess rocket's busy. Though last time I said his name he magically appeared....03:57
* starcraftman braces self for surprise.03:57
starcraftmanI guess it only works once a day.03:58
j1mci just think it's funny that he thinks i'm a bot03:58
Rocket2DMnlol j1mc , he asked about ubot4 , i'm the only other bot here03:58
Rocket2DMnlol starcraftman , i havent failed you yet today :)03:59
starcraftmanYES! I got the touch :)03:59
Rocket2DMntwice before i logged into irc on cue :)03:59
j1mcRocket2DMn: i see now... that's funny.03:59
Rocket2DMnwhat an awesome bug - bug 41428704:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 414287 in ubuntu-docs "links broken in help and support section" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41428704:00
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn: Hi, how are you23:30

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