ngduois there anyone on here now?20:09
ngduoCan someone direct me to what room I should be in for newbie help for ubuntu, just downloaded it and can't seem to find my way to help I am having trouble installing drivers20:09
doctormoI'm here20:10
ngduo i was ignored completely in 2 other rooms20:10
doctormoThe best room to go to is #ubuntu20:10
ngduohow do I get to it I looked on that monster list20:10
ngduocan I type it in somewhere20:11
doctormoCan you plick on it with the mouse?20:11
doctormongduo: I'm messaged you rpivately, can you see it?20:11
cprofittngduo, you can also go to #ubuntu-beginners-help21:11
cprofittnot as crazy as #ubuntu21:11
doctormocprofitt: Hey there21:20
cprofitthey doctormo21:20
doctormocprofitt: God what a week, too busy to even think. How is NY?21:32
cprofittNY is ok... I am busy... sorry for not responding21:55
cprofittwife's b-day21:55
oligooops, forgot the / char :s22:10

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