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mdkedamn, how did this happen? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news/2009-August/000220.html09:28
wildnfreeHello all! Is there ever any news on this channel?17:16
tycheYea, about once a week the UWN comes out.17:20
wildnfreeI noticed this Guardian story:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2009/aug/12/real-realdvd17:21
wildnfreeThis story is how RealNetworks has been banned from selling RealDVD because it allows people to copy DVDs. Interestingly the courts decision was because they violated the licence for CSS, but mentions the fact that DeCSS has been found not illegal in court before and so they would have been alright if they had produced the software on Linux using DeCSS ;-)17:22
wildnfree Apparently the Judge said it wasn't illegal for a user to copy their DVDs, it was just that it was illegal to produce software to do it which used CSS code in violation of the CSS licence.17:22
tycheIt's interesting, but not directly Ubuntu related.  Particularly since it's RealNewtorks.17:22
wildnfreeBut at least I'm trying ;-)17:24
tycheOh, yea.  No problem with that.  It's just that the way the Ubuntu Weekly News is set up, we try to keep to things that are directly Ubuntu related and community oriented.  I appreciate the attempt, though.17:25
wildnfreeHard to know what the guidelines are when no-one appears to contribute on this channel!17:30
tycheYou can always ask me.  I'm happy to help17:31
tycheAnd right now, I've got to fix a bunch of camelcases that the Chief Editor left in an article he wrote up.  LOL17:31
wildnfreeWhat are camelcases?17:32
tychewiki links, where there's a capital letter in the middle, like CamelBack.17:32
wildnfreeThe only bit of directly Ubuntu related news I could give you actually dates from last year. It is that the aerial circus troupe I am a member of (Mists of Time) became 100% Ubuntu on its computers last year. Probably not a lot if interest in that though. :-(17:36
tycheActually, if we'd seen that last year we would have put it in.  Something like that is a great human interest link to Ubuntu.17:37
wildnfreeHow about this then:17:40
wildnfreeThis year marks the first anniversary of the British aerial circus troupe Mists of Time converting all its computers to Ubuntu. For a whole year now, all activities such as lesson plans for teaching, all administration and fund raising activities, all artistic production work, and all video production work has been achieved on Ubuntu workstations.17:43
tycheSounds good.  Is there a link I can reference?  (News article, blog site, something like that?  Or even a notation on the Mists of Time page.)17:44
tychePlus any other information you can put in there.17:45
wildnfreeWe haven't got a web site at present but will again soon.17:45
tycheLike I said, even a blog would be good.17:46
johnc4510catching up17:46
wildnfreeI've got my google profile http://www.google.com/profiles/helen.wildnfree17:46
tycheIs the blog at http://geekfeminism.org/2009/08/14/when-it-changed-1998/ yours?17:48
wildnfreeI contributed to it - the blog belongs to Kirrily Robert from ubuntu-women17:49
johnc4510wildnfree: if you have a link to that circus troupe thing please paste it here17:49
wildnfreeWe've been mentioned by other people a few times, I could see if I could find some references to those if you like.17:50
tychewildnfree: would Kirrily mind you "contributing" an article to the blog, so we could reference it?17:51
johnc4510sure...the only thing we require for the UWN is that it specifically refers to Ubutnu17:51
tyche(Don't mind johnc4510.  He's having a hard time spelling today.  johnc4510, that's t-o-d-a-y.  Hee hee)17:52
johnc4510wildnfree: also, anytime you have an Ubuntu related article to tell us about, just post it here and we'll look it over17:52
wildnfreeI have found this blog mentioning us and two of the other instructors Elly Cribbens and Rhys Thomas (founder of our troupe) http://artofdancesam.blogspot.com/2008/06/trapeze-classes.html17:55
johnc4510that's very nice, but it has nothing Ubuntu in it i'm afraid...we only report Ubuntu related news of the recent week17:59
johnc4510but please let us know if you have anything later18:00
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tychewildnfree: see PM18:02
wildnfreewhat is PM18:02
tychePrivate message18:02
tycheDepending on the IRC client, you should have a new tab, window, or other reference that you didn't have before.18:03
tycheIt would probably reference my nickname.18:04
wildnfreeAt last I can put some Ubuntu related news on this channel :-)22:21
wildnfreeHello folks: I now have my own blog - Ubuntu And The Art Of An Aerial Acrobat -- http://helen-mccall.blogspot.com/22:21
wildnfree I have said some nice things in it about ubuntu-women22:21
andvwildnfree, cool22:34
andvwildnfree, looks like you are an enthustiastic contributor22:35
wildnfreeThanks, I now need to keep blogging regularly so it doesnt get stale, which means that I am going to have to work harder at some of my interests so I have things to write! :-/22:37
andvI saw you wanna become an ubuntu member22:37
andvwhere do you want to start contributing?22:37
andvI mean in which area22:38
andve.g developing, art, documentation, IRC help, forums, MLs22:38
wildnfreeOnce I've got a good grip on the Gnome Documentation Project stuff (reams and reams of it) I could volunteer on documentation. I also intend to maintain the openshot-docs package and the cc-publisher package once I get them accepted by REVU.22:39
andvwildnfree, are those packages ready already?22:40
wildnfreeandv: what are MLs22:40
andvmailing lists22:40
andvwildnfree, what do you mean by 'accepted by REVU'?22:40
andvyou are not able to upload your packages or what?22:40
wildnfreeandv: no I'm still working on learning good Ubuntu packaging from the videos that are on the MOTU site, and improving my first ghastly monstosities of packages which accidentally work ;-)22:41
wildnfreeI don't yet know how to upload to REVU22:42
andvwildnfree, that's not hard22:42
wildnfreeI've spent the last month just learning enormous amounts of things to do what I have been doing22:42
andvdput knows 'REVU' as host22:42
andvso doing dput revu foo.dsc will do the trick for you22:43
andv* .changes22:43
andv* foo.changes I meant22:43
wildnfreedoes that upload the package as well as the description  file?22:43
andvfiles that have to be uploaded are set into the .changes file22:44
wildnfreeThese are not packages which are in Ubuntu or Debian yet. So I am producing the first .deb packages for them22:44
andvyou need to use debuild -option -option22:44
andvto choose which kind of upload you may need22:44
wildnfreeI now need to learn how to use the .changes file properly :-/22:45
andvdebuild -S -sa includes orig tarball22:45
andvdebuild -S doesnt include it22:45
andvfor istance22:45
* nhandler thinks this discussion might be better suited for #ubuntu-motu22:46
wildnfreeAah! All the documentation I found on packaging was assuming that I would be just making changes to an existing package - so I never saw that - brilliant :-)22:46
wildnfreenhandler: I tried #ubuntu-motu and got no help at all. I have had far more help from here just now and from ubuntu-women. The response I got from one member of ubuntu-motu was very dismissive and rude.22:47
andvnhandler is right ;)22:48
wildnfreeI know ;-)22:48
andvwildnfree, anyway if you need any help just ask on -motu22:50
andvif I'm around I'll get to you22:50
andvif not someone else will help you hopefully22:50
andvwildnfree, and keep working the way you doing22:56
wildnfreeThank you andv. If I want any help may I private message you when you are on this channel - to keep the channel on topic?23:12
andvyes feel free to pm me if I'm around23:13
wildnfreeMany thanks andv, I will :-)23:13
andvif I'm online I'm alwais connected to this channel as well23:13
andvhave fun with your packaging23:14
andvit's nice when you learn23:14

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