evilGUIHello, I just changed my port from 6667 to 8001 and still can't join #ubuntu00:07
naliothevilGUI: did you ask the nice robots to help you?00:07
evilGUII did a while ago, I'll try again.00:08
evilGUIk, it works now thanks.00:08
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BactaHi I've discovered I've been banned from #ubuntu-offtopic04:23
BactaI've been in that channel for well over 12 hours and when I woke up I discovered I had been banned04:23
elkyyou'll have to ask nalioth why, he's the one who did it.04:24
BactaI've PM'ed him and will wait and see04:24
BactaBut I've been a good boy :(04:24
naliothBacta: you were banned from before04:24
BactaYes but the ban was removed by someone and I was told if I behaved from now on I would be fine04:25
naliothBacta: no sir.  you had an active ban in the channel when i added your current one04:25
BactaThen how was I able to join?04:25
BactaNothing about my identify has changed04:25
BactaSo the ban couldn't have been active04:26
naliotha technical glitch04:26
elkynalioth, ah, he was able to get in, and i couldn't see his old ban last night when i checked on my way out of the door.04:26
BactaDid I do anything in there during that time that would have warranted a ban?04:26
elkynalioth, it wasn't an intentional evade. he was misled by my sloppy checking.04:27
naliothBacta: enjoy04:30
BactaThanks nalioth, glad we got the cleared upo04:30
elkywas there anything else you needed fromthis channel?04:31
BactaNo not really04:31
BactaEnjoy your day :)\04:31
naliothladies and gentlemen, please attend to your bans in #ubuntu-offtopic05:06
maco"attend to" = ?05:06
naliothmaco: if you've set any bans in -offtopic, please review them and remove as necessary05:07
macooh i cant set bans in there, i was just confused about what "attend to" means in the context of your above conversation05:08
macosince elky said she didnt see a ban for him from before, i thought maybe some of the bans had gone missing05:08
naliothmaco: there is a HUGE number of bans in #ubuntu-offtopic05:10
naliothi'm quite sure 50% of them are no longer needed05:10
macoah ok05:10
macowhat is % in a ban string?05:12
macoi know foo!n=bar has foo as nick and bar is their usrname (or i= for their ident) but what about %foo!n=bar ?05:13
naliothmaco: it represents a +q or 'quiet ban'05:13
macowhats that do?05:13
macoim looking at #kubuntu's bans05:14
naliothmaco: yes, %maco = mute05:14
macook thanks05:16
naliothoh no, i'll bet nickrud did it05:18
bazhangwb nickrud !!05:18
nickrudhey, hi there all05:20
naliothnickrud: are you responsible for all those bans in #ubuntu-offtopic ?05:20
nickrudfigured I'd stop in at least every couple years. (seems a bit long to let us absentees float along :)05:21
nickrudnalioth, if I could, I'd make it unjoinable05:21
nickrudhas it gotten worse?05:22
naliothnickrud: nah, just ops leaving their bans to stack up05:23
nickrudI don't have ops there, so I can't be guilty (of that particular sin)05:23
naliothawww, man - you caught on05:23
MyrttiFeel free to remove mine that are redundant - I cant for few more hours05:24
nickrudFlannel was urging me to help out there; I spent some time there and realized I didn't have the time. Or inclination. Then I found I had even less time, couldn't even maintain #ubuntu responsibilities05:25
nickrudYou'll just have to readd them Myrtti05:25
mneptokany of my bans in -ot can be removed. i haven't idled there in ~6 months.05:25
naliothnah, there's a lot of 'em that are no longer valid (IPs reset / etc)05:26
nickrudlife's been good for everyone? Your new job still shiny, mneptok ?05:26
mneptoknickrud: it is05:26
* Myrtti waits for the ok for going home from the doctor to05:26
mneptoknickrud: although next week involves a trip Majorca, where there have been bombings05:27
nickrudyour odds are still good; the streets are windy so the blasts would be deflected or contained05:27
nickrudgot to visit there a few decades ago. Lovely place05:28
nickrudcrap, I show up and am wonderfully off topic immediately. Some things never change05:32
mneptokthere are approved topics for -ops?!05:33
nickrudno, #ubuntu05:33
naliothmneptok: we let you in here, don't we?05:35
* nalioth runs05:35
MyrttiI cant understand why people complain hospital food is bad.06:20
naliothbecause in most hospitals, it's 'low bidder supplied'06:22
nickrudand unspiced, to allow the most amount of people to eat the same stuff06:23
bazhangarleslie, how may we help you06:28
arleslie#ubuntu-bots, bestbots is having errors06:28
bazhangarleslie, okay thanks for the tip06:28
MyrttiWell inform the06:30
MyrttiPerson running it06:30
MyrttiWe'll, even06:30
bazhangtsimpson, ? jussi01 ? not sure who that would be ^^06:30
tsimpsonyes, it's LjL's06:31
naliothno issue with the bot06:36
nalioththe reporter was unfamiliar with it's usage06:36
tsimpsonnothing we could do about it even if there were an error06:37
macoMyrtti: i complain about hospital food because i see vending machines full of sugar, salt, and artificial preservatives (but not actually food) in hospitals06:54
macothe one that's the transfer point for the buses i take to work...their cafeteria, at breakfast, serves white-flour bread & bagels, eggs made with cheese, sausage links, sausage patties, and fries. i thought hospitals were supposed to be places of health!  and here they are...serving cholesterol and refined carbs :(06:56
ikoniacan someone please explain to my why bacta has been unbanned in -offtopic please?08:06
MyrttiHe hasnt, he banevaded?08:08
ikoniaI don't think he did it intentionally reading the backlog, however his bans have now been removed08:09
MyrttiBy accident in his words08:09
ikoniareading elky's comments she didn't believe it was an intentional evade08:09
ikoniabut that's beside the point, I'm curious to why his ban has been removed08:10
ikoniaactually - I'll rephrase that, I'm not happy about it08:10
MyrttiOh yeah someone wanted to clear some of the bans, I guess08:10
ikoniathat's nonsense08:10
Myrttiive not touched them though08:10
macoi think they decided that since he was behaving his ban could be removed08:11
MyrttiI doubt it08:11
Myrttiikonia anything in the bt?08:14
ikoniait's been explained to me08:16
MyrttiI wonder how crippled Id feel without my phone - now Im feeling just semiparalyzed with only my phone08:17
elkyin other news, i went to buy food and came home with $300 knee-high boots.08:18
ikoniaMyrtti: my E71 is back at nokia for repair after 2 nokia care centers broke it, I'm missing it08:18
ikoniaelky: the right choice for any women08:18
Myrttiikonia Im trying to convince myself I couldnt have brought laptop here08:19
elkyikonia, i'm uncertain of their edibility.08:19
ikoniaMyrtti: I was bored in hospital, I was greatful when my laptop turned up, passed the time08:19
ikoniaelky: no food = more money for dresses/shoes08:19
ikoniaI know the rules08:19
macoikonia: it also = fitting into smaller dresses08:20
ikoniamaco: exactly, so need a new wardrobe08:20
ikoniain smug news, I've dropped a waist size :)08:20
ikoniaI bought a new pair of pants yesteday08:21
elkyikonia, the gym hurting less now too?08:21
ikoniaelky: no, it's actaully mroe08:21
ikoniabut I've upped the effort08:21
MyrttiThere isnt enough poweroutlets...08:21
ikoniaMyrtti: buy a hamster + wheel08:21
ikoniaMyrtti: unplug the next door bed's heart monitor08:22
ikoniahe can do without it08:22
macoi need to start marking up my clothes with chalk and get out the needles08:22
ikoniamaco: making them smaller ?08:23
macomy waist was about 10 inches (25cm) larger when i bought most of my clothing08:23
macoso now all my skirts are falling off :P08:23
MyrttiI got sickleave for the next week and Im getting out today \o/08:23
ikoniaMyrtti: that's a hell of a loss08:23
ikoniamaco: ^^08:23
macoikonia: thats over the course of about 5 years08:23
ikoniaMyrtti: take it easy at home then08:23
MyrttiThe nurses want me to help as translator though ;-)08:24
ikoniamaco: that's still a good drop08:24
macoshopping was much easier back then though :( i had a more common shape (36-36-36 :P)08:25
ikoniaI need to go and prep the power drill, back later08:25
macohave fun08:25
bazhangsomeone thought putting a fork bomb in the channel was good fun08:27
naliothmaco: you were a cube?08:31
bazhangcharming fellow in PM08:31
maconalioth: hehe09:02
Myrttihome ♥11:52
* Tm_T huggles Myrtti 12:04
guntbertHI, according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots#Looking%20for%20Factoids search accepts wildcards. But "search chess" yields 3dchess (because of the word 'chess' in the fact, I suppose) whereas "search *chess" yields nothing. As it seems to be easy to get correct results still, I suggest that "someone" remove the line "You can use * as wildcard."12:09
tsimpsonguntbert: removed, thanks12:29
guntberttsimpson: ok and bye12:33
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:48
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:48
bazhangthe wrong channel guy15:04
ikoniabazhang: ?15:10
bazhangban-dodging sdf the bot abuse guy15:10
ikonianice eyeballs15:11
bernardlychanwoops wrong one sorry15:19
ikoniaok, bye15:19
tsimpsonhow strange15:20
ikonianot impressed with the stupid part message15:20
ikoniahe did that to show me15:20
ikoniahe did it in #ubuntu but I ignored it and he got the "wrong" channel15:20
ikoniahe then joined and parted #ubuntu with a clean part message to see if he was banned15:22
ikoniahe's trying to provoke another ban15:22
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (obamaHATESwhites)17:37
macooh god17:41
macothere's obamahatesUSA17:41
macooh. one guy. he's not NewWorldOrder17:42
maco*grumble* everyone put on their skirts and started yelping17:46
macoas if only skirt-wearers ever whine17:46
* Mamarok doesn't wear skirts18:36
* Seeker` does19:03
Seeker`i mean...erm...forget that19:03
MamarokSeeker`: swcottish ancenstry? The it's called a kilt, not a skirt19:25
mneptokno. it's called a "ef ya thenk ahm dressed layk a geerl, ell gev ya a Glusswayjin kess!"19:36
Mamarokhow do I tell a guy to look for himself and read stuff and not expect us to hold hands and do spoonfeeding for him without violating a guideline?20:13
ikoniaMamarok: check out the docs on project $X you'll find you'll get a lot further if you grasp the basics, and people have a lot more time for other people who put in a bit of effort themselves20:15
mneptokhelping yourself a bit is usually a good way to ensure you get help from others.20:15
Mamarokwell, that xsebx guy in #kubuntu is driving me nuts, he expects me to tell him everything without opening his own eyes *sigh*20:16
mneptokso walk away20:16
ikoniaallow me20:17
naliothMamarok: point him to the docs20:27
MezSeeker`: Knee length skirts I hope?21:21
Seeker`me? I don't wear skirts. Where did you get that idea?21:24
FlannelAh fun, recruiting time again.22:30
nikoi think windows-rules need a quiet22:52
nikoi do sorry.22:52
nikounquiet him after a pm23:01

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