r3rman_so quake live will support linux from Tuesday...00:00
r3rman_I long for the day of q2dm1... those were the days00:01
psi-jackBut, how are the netgears in Linux these days? I used to use a Netgear FA--- something, only 10/100, but it wasn't always that reliable.00:01
psi-jackPerhaps the Netgear G-series for gigabit are better?00:01
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vecyhey guys i need a good 'mail server' which one do you recommend06:14
jmarsdenvecy: Use the one you already know how to configure :)  For general purpose use, Postfix is a common and reasonable choice.06:19
uvirtbot`New bug: #414359 in dovecot (main) "Dovecot-imapd, PAM auth., krb auth with non-krb user causes crash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41435908:56
r3rman_vecy, smtp.gmail.com is a nice one09:13
r3rman_non-standard ports though09:13
psi-jackHow about, better, your ISP's mailservers, if you're having to use a smarthost method.09:14
psi-jackgmail's mail servers require authentication.09:15
psi-jackAnd not intended to be a smarthost.09:15
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StrangeCharmwhat's the name of the metapackage for a lamp install?14:37
pmatulisStrangeCharm: lamp-server is a tasksel task, it's not a metapackage14:48
StrangeCharmpmatulis, thanks, someone let me know on #ubuntu14:48
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macrocosmAnyone got a tip for full system backup and restore?  I am using rsnapshot currently for backups but I would like to be able to do a full system backup & restore & im not sure rsnapshot can do all that... anyone use rsnapshot?  Or what do you use for full sys backup/restore capabilities?  I am running server 8.10 still and would like to upgrade to the latest soon but I dont want to without a...17:12
macrocosm...clean way to restore in case of meltdown.17:12
alex-weejwhat is the "recommended" MTA?17:39
giovanialex-weej: postfix17:39
giovanimacrocosm: what exactly are you trying to do that rsnapshot doesn't?17:39
macrocosmim still reading the docs so I guess it might... I just want to be able to do full system backups when I need to17:46
giovanimacrocosm: ok ...17:46
macrocosma little safety net thats all17:48
giovaniright, backups are obviously a good idea17:49
giovani"full backups" can mean anything17:49
giovaniit's usually entirely useless to backup binaries, for example17:49
macrocosmyeah I suppose so .. guess im just used to windows restorepoints .. and vmware workstations snapshots functionality ... I think they do leave out certain bits for sure! otherwise it would waste space needlessly17:51
giovanithere are plenty of way to achieve shapshots within linux17:51
macrocosmwhat do you think of rsnapshot?17:52
giovanibut no, windows restorepoints and vmware snapshotting don't leave out anything17:52
giovaniI think it's a fine app17:52
giovaniI don't have any need to do os-level backups though17:52
macrocosmit seemed to be best choice Ive found... what do you use then?17:52
giovanimy storage platform handles snapshotting/backup17:53
giovaniall of my files sit on a SAN17:53
giovanithe important ones, that is17:53
macrocosmcool .. thats prolly where I need to go eventually .. store stuff on another machine... I think that can be done with rsnapshot too17:54
giovanihuh? rsnapshot is completely unrelated to network storage17:54
macrocosmwell cant it send the snapshot files to any location?17:54
macrocosmthey dont have to be local right?17:55
giovanisure ...17:55
giovanithat has to do with backup ... not storage17:55
macrocosmgiovani: what storage platform are you using?17:59
giovania NetApp FAS202018:00
macrocosmnot cheap thats for sure! But it looks like its got all the goods18:04
monoxHi folks!18:57
monoxI'm trying to set up some extremely simple network sharing in Linux. Just a windows laptop connected to a linux server connected to the ISP. I followed these instructions -> http://u.nu/38wv18:58
monoxBut I wasn't sure what to put as the gateway IP so I just put hoping that would work. But the laptop then fails to connect... what could cause this?18:58
monox(by fails to connect, I mean it says "connected" but pinging or google fails. I use OpenDNS)18:58
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LiraNunawhat's the default FTP server in ubuntu?20:24
LiraNunaand does it matter if I use it or not? (security wise)20:24
nick125LiraNuna: I don't think there is a "default" FTP server.20:27
LiraNunathat answers my question too, thank you20:27
nick125I'd recommend against FTP for uploading files...use SCP instead.20:27
duiussh is rejecting my password for all users except the one I created at system install (that user can even use key auth). Suggestions? ssh -vv output at http://paste.ubuntu.com/254172 for when I log in and get denied20:37
CopyWriterhi guys, i've created my network everything is running beautifully22:25
CopyWritermy last pursuit is how to join my ubuntu desktop to my ubuntu server domain22:25
CopyWriterpleeeasssee :)22:35
jmarsdenCopyWriter: "Ubuntu server domain" as in you are running Samba as a windows domain controller on the Ubuntu server?  Samba3 (NT-style PDC) or Samba4 (with the new Active Directory stuff)?  And what happens when you try to join your Ubuntu desktop to the domain?  WHat exactly did you try and what error messages did you get?22:37
CopyWriternot exactly22:38
jmarsdenOK, define "domain" --- DNS domain?  Windows domain? NIS domain??22:38
CopyWriteri installed ebox, and got the pdc up i'm seeing the server on the network i can connect to it using the share i set up, but when i boot it's only the local account i can gain access into the machine22:38
CopyWriterI know it's not a windows domain, i'm stumped over that one22:39
jmarsden"got the PDC up" ... so you configured Samba3 as a NT-style domain controller, right?22:40
jmarsdenOK, so what happens when you try to join the workstation to that NT-style domain?22:40
CopyWriterthat's the thing i dont know how to join the workstation to that domain22:40
CopyWriteri edited the smb.conf file set the security to domain and the workgroup to the workgroup22:41
CopyWriterand rebooted and nada :), did a join command i found22:41
CopyWriterusing the net join command22:42
jmarsdenUm... are you using ebox, or are you manually editing config files....?  Doing both is probably unwise.22:42
CopyWritereep... i'm doing both22:43
CopyWriterwell i'm editing the conf files on the clients22:43
jmarsdenWhy?  Are you 100% sure your manual changes will be recognized by ebox OK and not overwritten?22:43
CopyWriterand using the web interface for ebox22:43
jmarsdenOn the server, you should probably stick to ebox as much as possible once you decide to use it.22:43
CopyWriterbut got no idea how to connect the workstation to the domain22:44
jmarsdennet join is the usual way... what exactly happens when you use it, and exactly what net join command are you using?22:46
CopyWriternet join -W SCCSDA -U administrator (I USE THIS)22:47
CopyWriternet [<method>] join [misc. options]22:47
CopyWriterjoins this server to a domain22:47
CopyWriterValid methods: (auto-detected if not specified)22:47
CopyWriteradsActive Directory (LDAP/Kerberos)22:47
CopyWriterValid targets: choose one (none defaults to localhost)22:47
CopyWriter-S or --server=<server>server name22:47
CopyWriter-I or --ipaddress=<ipaddr>address of target server22:47
CopyWriter-w or --workgroup=<wg>target workgroup or domain22:47
CopyWriterValid miscellaneous options are:22:47
CopyWriter-p or --port=<port>connection port on target22:47
CopyWriter-W or --myworkgroup=<wg>client workgroup22:47
CopyWriter-d or --debuglevel=<level>debug level (0-10)22:47
CopyWriter-n or --myname=<name>client name22:47
CopyWriter-U or --user=<name>user name22:47
CopyWriter-s or --configfile=<path>pathname of smb.conf file22:48
CopyWriter-l or --longDisplay full information22:48
CopyWriter-V or --versionPrint samba version information22:48
CopyWriter-P or --machine-passAuthenticate as machine account22:48
CopyWriter-e or --encryptEncrypt SMB transport (UNIX extended servers only)22:48
CopyWriter-k or --kerberosUse kerberos (active directory) authentication22:48
CopyWriterand get this22:48
jmarsdenWoah.... don't post that much in here22:48
jmarsdenUse pastebin :)22:48
PhotoJimpastebin :)22:48
CopyWritersorry about that22:48
CopyWriterdidn't know about pastebin22:48
CopyWritergoogling it now22:48
PhotoJimnp :)22:48
jmarsdenyou got the syntax of the command wrong...  net rpc join -W SCCSDA -Uadministrator   # is more likely to get you somewhere.22:49
jmarsdenBut I'm not sure if -Uadministrator is what you want here... should the -U be the machine account??  Let me check...22:49
CopyWriteri now get cannot join as a standalone machine22:50
jmarsdenThat's progress... one sec...22:51
CopyWriter:) yes!22:51
jmarsdennet rpc join member -W SCCSDA -Uadministrator22:51
CopyWritersame thing, can't join as a standalone machine22:52
jmarsdenHmmm, I'm not finding an obvious answer... I'd suggest you look through the docs at http://us6.samba.org/samba/docs/ for stuff related to joining domains and see if that error is mentioned, or if you missed a step somewhere.22:56
CopyWriterwill do, i know i'm close, there is always tomorrow22:57
CopyWriterthanks jmarsden22:57
CopyWriter:) now to get home before my wife kills me22:58
jmarsdenOk, no problem :)22:58

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