pillaristwhat are ubuntuone's plans, if any, for file encryption?00:05
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leakany dev here?15:17
dobeyhey gafton15:23
dobeyi guess ATL wasn't stormy :)15:23
dobeyhi leak15:23
leakhello dobey15:23
leakare you a dev?15:23
leakcould you please tell me the current gnome dependencies15:23
gaftondobey: ATL was plenty stormy, but the pilot was dead-set on landing that plane at all costs, it seems ;-)15:23
dobeybut you should just ask your question15:23
dobeygafton: and taking off i guess :)15:24
dobeyleak: python-gnomekeyring and libnautilus-extension are the 2 big ones15:24
leakyou see my distro doesnt not have gnome15:25
dobeyleak: they depend on various other pieces15:25
leakor avoids its dep extremely15:25
dobeywhat distro? slackware?15:25
leakis there a source available15:25
leakkuki linux15:25
leakusers have been asking if we can give them ubuntuone15:25
dobeyyes, the sources for the gnome pieces are all available on gnome.org15:26
leaknot the gnome pieces15:26
leakfor ubuntuone15:26
dobeyand the ubuntuone client sources are on launchpad15:26
leakok perfect15:26
leaklet me check them out15:26
dobeywe have tarball releases on the project download pages on launchpad15:26
dobeyhttp://launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+download for example15:27
leaki was there atm thnk you :)15:27
dobeysigh. pulseaudio :(15:28
* dobey really wishes it would a) remember volume levels properly and b) stop distorting audio15:29
dobeyyes, it angers me :)15:29
dobeybecause it's screwing up my audio15:30
leaklol :p15:30
leakpygtk huh ;p15:31
leaki see this might require some dependencies and instalations.15:31
leakor some code adaptation15:31
dobeywhat desktop env. does this distro use?15:32
leakcurrently xfce 4.615:32
leakbut a new one is in thought15:32
leakwe are a minimal distro15:32
leakfor netbooks15:32
leakmore specifically acer aspire one15:33
leakso 8 gb ssd is really not much to work with15:33
leakcurrent netbooks have more15:33
leakbut support for the weaker versions of all of them is needed15:33
dobeywell pygtk isn't too big15:34
dobeyand we can fix the source to allow disabling building of the nautilus extension15:35
leaknow that is nice15:35
leakthat would be great15:36
leakby not limiting the client for gnome users15:36
leakthe user range would increase15:36
leakand so its usability15:36
dobeyand i think it might be possible to build the python-gnome-desktop stuff with only the gnome-keyring piece15:36
leaksweet :)15:37
leakthen dependencies from it would be a minimum15:37
dobeyand there is some work going on to get an xdg keyring that would replace gnome-keyring, and that all the desktops would share usage of15:37
leakso its a matter of waiting a bit for it15:39
sammehi all16:09
sammewhat depends do i need to run ubuntuone?16:11
leaki just asked that question16:11
leakand dave answered on the channel16:12
samme'oh ok :)16:13
leakdobey:  samme is one of our users16:13
leakhence the question. he wasnt at the channel when we were discussing dependencies :)16:13
leakyour project looks promissing. ill give it a run when i have my desktop fixed and aao back16:14
leakand then maybe we can sort out something? :)16:14
* dobey isn't dave16:25
dobeyleak: we welcome help with making the client work on more systems16:26
leakdobey: i know you arent dave :)16:27
leakdave is a user on our support channel ;)16:27
leakok ill give news.16:27
dobeyok, time for me to go get some lunch, and then come back and finish packing, and then off to the airport16:29
leakoh good flight16:30
pillaristi was curious if there are any plans to address file encryption?16:33
pillaristlike, having ubuntuone run some encryption before uploading?16:39
tcolewell, files are encrypted for upload; they aren't stored encrypted though16:54
pillaristguess i'd feel better if they were stored encrypted16:55
pillaristat least, the non-shared files16:55
tcoleI think you'd have to trade that off against e.g. being able to access your files from the web16:56
pillaristi guess my use case it to primarily have a backup of files, especially if ubuntuone gets symlinks working16:57
* tcole nods16:59
tcolein principle I think it is already possible to use with the ubuntu encrypted folder stuff16:59
tcolethe tradeoff is that the web view won't make much sense16:59
pillaristhmm.  that may do the trick17:00
pillaristcall me paranoid.17:01
dobeypillarist: if you were paranoid, you'd be encrypting them yourself first17:37
pillaristdobey: i think password safe database are pre-encrypted17:38
dobeythere are some very difficult usability issues with doing automatic encryption, which we haven't figured out yet17:39
pillaristyeah, i would be foregoing web access and sharing documents.17:40
dobeyif you encrypt locally with a key that we don't have, yes, mostly17:41
dobeythough as long as you had the key, you could download the encrypted file from the web ui and decrypt it17:41
dobeyso not entirely forgoing use of the web ui, but some features of it17:41
dobeywell my little "run apport for dbus errors" hack seems to be giving some rather solid proof that dbus sucks :(17:43
pillaristi was thinking the My Files could be encrypted, whereas Shared With Me wouldn't17:43
pillaristkind of depends if you're using it for secure backup, or multi-site access17:43
dobeywell, it depends17:44
dobeyshared with me wouldn't be encrypted if the other user didn't encrypt it i guess17:44
dobeywhich sort of means that we can't do automatic encryption on the client side really17:44
netloreSince you're sharing by email address, could you not use the existing PGP keyservers to do the encryption?17:45
dobeynetlore: that would only be encryption in transit, which we already do anyway17:47
dobeyreally what most people probably actually want is encryption in transit, and encrypted storage on the server, with unencrypted files locally (though with the ability to have the local storage be on an encrypted filesystem)17:48
pillaristdobey: aye aye17:49
netloreYeah, good point....17:50
dobeyalthough, i'm also not sure what the resource usage of encrypting 5M files for 200K users all simultaneously would be like17:50
dobeyprobably "not fun"17:50
pillaristcouldn't the client do that locally?17:51
dobeywell it could, but then it would be just as secure as not encrypting, since we'd have to distribute the private key to the user's machine17:52
dobeygranted we would probably have a different private key for each user17:52
dobeyprivate key on server though, means we do a lot more stuff in the way of having it actually be usable17:53
dobeyalthough, there is still this: http://identi.ca/notice/767488017:54
dobeyand this one too: http://identi.ca/notice/659436117:56
dobeyyay, twitter seems to have faceplanted again :-/17:56
pillaristi'll get to work building my data center17:57
dobeyit's sort of like how car alarms don't prevent car thieves from stealing cars. they prevent stupid regular thieves from screwing up your car too bad tyring to steal it. if a professional car thief wants to steal a car, he's going to steal it.17:59
dobeyalthough, car alarms going off is a regular occurance because people also don't know how to install them properly, so even dumb thieves can get away with stealing cars or stuff out of them, with the alarm going off18:00
dobeybut eh18:01
dobey"No pleasing some people." -- Brian18:02
pillaristgoogle services are convenient, but they're going to read your mail18:04
dobeywell yes18:07
dobeygoogle's entire business is data mining18:07
pillaristand listen to your phone calls.  and sift your calendar.18:07
CardinalFangkenvandine, Hey!23:10
CardinalFangkenvandine, Do we have a couchdb package that checks authentication?  What I have in karmic doesn't seem to.23:11

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