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mac_vDanRabbit1: hmm... the wireless/battery panel icons end up blurry > http://imagebin.ca/view/RgUfsKq.html , but the volume is fine , i believe its because the icons dont exist in the 24px 06:29
bratscheHey all.07:15
DanRabbit1mac_v: I'm working on it :D07:26
DanRabbit1I'm just trying to solve some issues with the monochrome status stuff, and then I'll scale07:26
mac_vDanRabbit1: why does it have 5 signals? o.007:27
mac_vshouldn it be 4?07:27
DanRabbit1Yea, but for the size and spacing and angle I wanted, I had to do 507:27
DanRabbit1do you think it's a really bad idea :p ?07:27
mac_vDanRabbit1: hehe , yup , i'v already done one with correct scaling  , i'm not sure what you are talking about 07:28
DanRabbit1done one what?07:29
mac_vDanRabbit1: oh long time ago , just a sec , let me find it... its a different style but can be done similar07:29
DanRabbit1Well, i wanted the bars to go up at a certain angle, and I wanted the bars to be a certain width, and I wanted the icon to have a certain width, and I couldn't satisfy that with 4 bars07:29
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/nm-signal-75.svg07:30
mac_vbut angle? i dont notice any angle , they seem straight 07:30
mac_vmine are a different width , than yours though07:31
DanRabbit1I mean the angle from the shortest bar to the tallest bar07:32
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/nm-signal-76.svg , just a quick edit to make it simialr to yours07:32
DanRabbit1I only see 1 bar :p07:33
mac_vDanRabbit1: oh its white , change the background07:33
DanRabbit1o lol07:33
mac_vDanRabbit1: whats your icon color?07:34
DanRabbit1It's evolving right now07:34
DanRabbit1I'm about to change it07:34
DanRabbit1but currently, 717171ff07:34
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/nm-signal-77.svg07:35
DanRabbit1Yea, not the width or angle I want :D07:36
mac_vyou want 2px?07:36
DanRabbit1It has to be approximately 15x15 pixels07:38
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/nm-signal-78.svg07:38
DanRabbit1and less spacing07:39
DanRabbit1and it won't work07:39
DanRabbit1I promise07:39
DanRabbit1you can't have the width I want and the spacing I want and the total width I want07:39
DanRabbit1they conflict07:39
mac_vyup , i'v got an idea07:39
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/nm-signal-60.svg07:43
DanRabbit1oh, your smart as hell, aren't you ?07:43
mac_vvery rough work ;)07:43
DanRabbit1that's very nice07:43
DanRabbit1damn, your good07:44
DanRabbit1could you do them all?07:44
mac_vhehe ;)07:44
DanRabbit1(because I'm lazy :D )07:44
mac_vDanRabbit1: no probs  , its easy once you have the idea :)07:44
mac_vDanRabbit1:  changes you want?07:44
mac_vor color wise?07:45
DanRabbit1make the color whatever you think would be best for the default human theme07:45
DanRabbit1don't worry about dark panels or anything like that07:45
DanRabbit1I'm doing a branch for that07:45
mac_vDanRabbit1: using the same color as the rest is better , you were mentioning something earlier about changing the color?07:47
DanRabbit1Yea, I'm forking Humanity07:47
DanRabbit1one for light panels and one for dark panels07:47
mac_vi was saying this > <DanRabbit1> It's evolving right now07:48
mac_v[12:04] <DanRabbit1> I'm about to change it07:48
mac_v[12:04] <DanRabbit1> but currently, 717171ff07:48
mac_vor was that about the fork?07:48
DanRabbit1Yea, because that color is somewhere in the middle07:48
DanRabbit1I tried to find a color that would look good for both07:48
DanRabbit1but David is unhappy with the results07:49
mac_vvery tough , to find middle ground  , the easiest way is to add a background to the present ,07:49
mac_vDanRabbit1: that way no probs with either panel07:50
DanRabbit1If you want to give it a go, feel free07:50
DanRabbit1otherwise, try 4D4D4Dff07:50
mac_vDanRabbit1: same color 717171ff but added a background http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/nm-signal-61.png08:00
DanRabbit1how's it look on white panels?08:01
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/inwhite.png08:03
DanRabbit1any way to get it a little brighter on the dark panel?08:04
mac_vin white panels, the background doesnt show , 08:07
mac_vthe shade could be lighter  , just a sec08:07
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/black.png http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/newWhite.png08:09
DanRabbit1no too bad :)08:11
DanRabbit1Let's try those and see if that makes David happy :D08:13
lamalexDanRabbit1: are humanity icons going to be karmic's icons?08:14
mac_vDanRabbit1: which? do you think the color was wrong for with or for black?08:14
DanRabbit1I don't know08:14
DanRabbit1mac_v: Ideally it'd be brighter on black and darker on white :D08:15
DanRabbit1but, I think you've come the closest we're going to get08:15
DanRabbit1it looks good08:15
DanRabbit1lamalex: I'm pretty sure Neil said that they were going to be default in UNR08:15
lamalexsweet, congrats08:15
lamalexhope they make it into ubu proper08:15
DanRabbit1but David said that Mark didn't like them enough to have them go in Ubuntu yet08:15
lamalexwould be a huge improvement08:16
DanRabbit1supposedly they'll be in the community themes package or whatever though08:16
lamalexMark also wants vertically centered notification bubbles08:16
lamalexjust sayin ;)08:16
DanRabbit1sometimes I think he needs to rethink how much he knows about UI design08:16
DanRabbit1no offense08:16
lamalex"just sayin"08:17
mac_vlamalex: i though he replied wanted to change it08:17
mac_vbut just testing for a few more days08:17
DanRabbit1what I read was that he didn't really want to change it and he wanted to leave it until people really started complaining08:17
mac_vDanRabbit1: right ;)08:17
DanRabbit1not to be mean! not to be rude!08:17
lamalexyah, not the same thing as wanting to change it at all08:17
DanRabbit1I love Ubuntu08:17
DanRabbit1some people just don't have every talent in the world.08:18
mac_vhehe , dont worry there is so much hate for it he is bound to change it ;)08:18
mac_v <DanRabbit1> sometimes I think he needs to rethink how much he knows about UI design , well said ;)08:18
DanRabbit1haha, I don't know if I want that line quoted :D08:19
mac_vlol , i hope irc log has some problem and keeps adding that to ayatana topic ;008:19
DanRabbit1oh god...08:20
mac_vback to the icon08:20
mac_vDanRabbit1: you want it the darker for white? or the current color i showed is fine?08:20
DanRabbit1if you can get it darker, that'd be awesome08:21
DanRabbit1I really don't know how you're doing it08:21
mac_vhehe ;) i'm adding a back ground for each signal  , it told you this earlier for some other icon08:22
DanRabbit1might have been the battery08:22
DanRabbit1either way, I suck at that08:22
* DanRabbit1 doesn't like admitting his faults, but he does anyways...08:23
mac_voh yeah... it was for the battery 08:24
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/new-white.png , http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/new-black.png08:32
DanRabbit1your old black one looked darker08:34
DanRabbit1I like the more contrast for the not-filled bar though08:35
DanRabbit1the white ones look like basically the same color08:35
DanRabbit1I meant to say the old black one was brighter :D08:35
mac_vDanRabbit1: hehe ;) , so which is better? hard to tell but gotta choose ;p08:37
DanRabbit1the last one before08:38
DanRabbit12nd to latest08:38
mac_vDanRabbit1: just to confirm , you want the full set with this color > http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/Final-black.png , http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/Final-white.png08:48
DanRabbit1yep, looking sexy08:49
mac_vok , :) 08:49
mac_vDanRabbit1: ping , i'v got the icons ready :)10:42
mac_vDanRabbit1: just realized ,  there is something inherently wrong with nm applet and how it deals with icons!11:32
tgpraveen1hello what was the final decision taken on behaviour of notifications in full screen apps?11:50
nocturnHi, I just found out that the new notification bubbles in the middle of the screen are a design choice and not a bug13:17
nocturnAnyone know the reasoning behind this move?13:17
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DanRabbit1mac_v: ping17:14
mac_vDanRabbit1: nm has stupid coding! its uses only a part of the 22px grid , if anything is bigger it does some crappy scaling readjustment17:17
DanRabbit1Yea, that's lame17:17
mac_vthat is why the icons are never clear!17:17
DanRabbit1I know that the battery and volume manager applet does some weird crappy scaling17:18
mac_vi'v figured it out for nm17:18
DanRabbit1Is it something we can easily fix?17:18
mac_vDanRabbit1: volume does no such scaling ,volume is perfect17:18
DanRabbit1I dunno, volume looks crappy for me :/17:19
mac_vDanRabbit1: yes we can workaround it...17:19
DanRabbit1I mean, do you think it'd be easy to push a fix to the applet upstream17:19
mac_vDanRabbit1: i'm not sure about that , we need to ask asac17:21
mac_vsee the volume has no blurryness > http://imagebin.ca/view/RgUfsKq.html17:21
DanRabbit1try a horizontal panel really quick17:22
mac_vah no... it rearranges the icons :(17:22
mac_vok wait17:22
mac_vDanRabbit1: works fine with horizontal top panel17:24
DanRabbit1here let me take a screen of mine17:24
DanRabbit1sharp nm, blurry volume17:26
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://imagebin.ca/view/yx3p6R.html17:26
mac_vDanRabbit1: lol how did you get the nm sharp?17:27
DanRabbit1I did nothing :)17:27
DanRabbit1The only thing different here is the color17:27
mac_vweird , it works the opposite for me!17:27
DanRabbit1btw, can I have your new nm icons?17:27
mac_vnm blurry , volume sharp17:27
mac_vjust a sec 17:30
mac_vdamn! everything is so slow! , give me a min17:34
mac_vDanRabbit1: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/nm.tar17:35
mac_vDanRabbit1: got it, screenshot ? stupid thing doesnt show up properly for me :(17:36
DanRabbit1wait, what?17:36
mac_vDanRabbit1: i wonder the blurring is a notification area bug , for me the one on the left is blurry and so is for you , i dont think it has to do with the nm/volumeapplet17:38
DanRabbit1it's possible that it's about placement17:38
mac_vDanRabbit1: to test do a $pulseaudio -k17:40
mac_vDanRabbit1: wait17:40
mac_vDanRabbit1: first test the icon theme with the nm icons , see how it works , take a screenshot , then $pulseaudio -k17:41
DanRabbit1give me a second17:43
DanRabbit1okay, it looks good17:44
DanRabbit1I've got a clear nm-applet still17:44
mac_vlet me see :) 17:45
DanRabbit1pulseaudio -k did nothing for me17:46
mac_vdidnt the audio icon switch?17:46
mac_vthen do $killall pulseaudio17:47
mac_vare you on jaunty or karmic?17:47
mac_vhehe! 17:47
DanRabbit1last time I tried Karmic it 'sploded my computer17:47
mac_vthats the old volume applet in jaunty.17:48
DanRabbit1see pretty :D17:48
mac_vdo you dual boot?17:48
DanRabbit1OSX and Jaunty17:48
hyperairoho, that looks nice.17:48
mac_vdamn it! i cant use my own icon!17:49
DanRabbit1mac_v: you've pretty much succeeded at making it look sexy on dark and light panels17:50
mac_vhmm , DanRabbit1  try to remove the the volume applet or move ti to the left17:50
DanRabbit1I did, it doesn't change17:51
DanRabbit1I moved it all over the place :)17:51
mac_vDanRabbit1: oh then there the applet bug is solved in karmic ;)17:51
mac_vvolume *17:51
DanRabbit1Maybe, I'll try to upgrade again17:52
DanRabbit1Do you know offhand if they support Intel GMA now?17:52
mac_vDanRabbit1: solved because that applet has been deprecated and removed ;p17:52
mac_vnope don know about GMA17:53
DanRabbit1mac_v: are you Robert Dryer?17:53
mac_vwho's he ? o.017:53
DanRabbit1okay nvm17:53
DanRabbit1I want to put your name in special thanks in the AUTHORS file17:54
mac_vyou knwo where i'm from does that name sound even remotely similar ;p17:55
DanRabbit1haha, you never know.17:55
mac_vPM ->17:56
mac_vDanRabbit1: keep the screenshot , might be handly when we report the bug17:57
mac_vDanRabbit1: silly question , but just to check , did you unlock the notification area before you moved the volume applet?17:58
DanRabbit1yes sir :D17:58
DanRabbit1I tried locked and unlocked17:58
* mac_v adds another bug in his todo list18:00
DanRabbitmac_v: any ideas for a wired icon?19:12
* mac_v checks the present one19:13
mac_vDanRabbit: what have you got so far?19:18
DanRabbitnothing :D19:19
DanRabbitI have some errands to run though, so I'm out for a while :D19:19
DanRabbitcheck out BZR, I changed the inactive color a little so It'd be more clear on a dark panel.19:19
DanRabbitalso, I applied the color changes to the battery and volume and messaging applets19:20
mac_vnice ;) , works both ways 19:31
mac_vDanRabbit: booo > "I don't think these icons are confusing taken in context. " ;p19:31
DanRabbityou think the sidebar icons are bad?19:35
DanRabbitmac_v: ^19:37
mac_vDanRabbit: i think they *will* confuse users :( , thats why with breathe we change the 16px19:37
mac_vpreviously we did it similar19:37
mac_vthen we changed it19:37
mac_vDanRabbit: the icons should represent themselves and not supposed to be taken from the context of the menu they are in 19:38
DanRabbitI've never heard anyone complain about how finder does it :D19:38
mac_vDanRabbit: you and david are tooo influenced by OSX19:39
DanRabbitit's a very pretty operating system19:40
DanRabbitwe both dual boot :D19:40
mac_vOSX , does do several things right , but not all 19:40
DanRabbitI agree19:40
DanRabbitotherwise, I wouldn't be here19:41
mac_vas i said the icons should be able to convey the meaning by itself and for users who are familiar with only Windows , it would be confusing19:41
DanRabbitoh god don't get me started on windows19:42
mac_vhehe... ok pls dont get me started too19:42
DanRabbitUbuntu, Mac OS, computing in general is going to be difficult for a Windows user19:42
DanRabbitI don't gauge things by how a Windows user would see it19:43
DanRabbitotherwise you'd end up all ass-backwards19:43
mac_vi dont think the windows to ubuntu migration is very difficult , i'v seen several take to it very quickly19:43
DanRabbitI work with the hope that one day my mom will use a computer19:43
SiDimac_v: users coming from windows find EVERYTHING confusing19:48
SiDiespecially good design since they're not used to it19:48
* SiDi hides19:48
mac_vSiDi: lol 19:48
* mac_v thinks Penn&Teller should make a show about Windows19:52
mrooneyhello everyone19:54
* SiDi waves at mrooney 19:59
mac_vDanRabbit: how about using the icon firefox , thunderird , evolution use for connect and disconnect ?20:04
mac_vfor wired^20:04
DanRabbitwhat icon is that?20:05
* DanRabbit doesn't use firefox, thunderbird, or evolution20:06
mac_vjust open evolution , its the one of 2 plugs connected , at the bottom left20:06
DanRabbitmac_v: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/30986417/volume-nm-icons.png20:07
DanRabbitboth are sharp20:07
mac_vin which? karmic or jaunty?20:08
mac_vwhat theme?20:08
mac_vDanRabbit: transparency for the inactive should be even lesser , especially for the dark themes20:10
DanRabbitI'm off to run errands :D20:11
DanRabbitlet me know if you come up with something better20:11
mac_vnothing more than that :) , only thing i would adjust would be the transparency20:12
mac_vDanRabbit: hmm... did you check the volume/nm icon from the ~/.icons folder or from /usr/share/ ? i think that makes a difference :(20:59
mac_vi'v now moved the same icons to the usr/share and i too dont see blurriness21:00
dashuamac_v, DanRabbit Can you change indicator applet as well in Humanity to the scale you did the volume and nm-applet icons?21:12
dashuaShades are much better, just can't see the connection animation21:12
mac_vdashua: yeah i think the i-a needs to be done21:13
mac_vdashua: which connection animation?21:13
mac_vthe firefox like one?21:13
dashuaA grey scale one would be cool like the other two you did.21:14
dashuaThat looks much better21:15
mac_vhehe , i have an idea for that ;) but havent mentioned to DanRabbit yet, because he has already done the connection animation :)21:16
dashuaAh ok21:16
dashuaBreathe should inherit this panel icons.  They're awesome.21:17
dashuamac_v, indicator-applet-sus broken for you?21:18
dashuaI have no icon on any set.21:18
mac_vdashua: yup , no icon , known issue , already fixed upstream 21:18
dashuaAh cool21:18
mac_vdashua: hehe mention the panels to cory ;p21:19
dashuaI will.  They just add a professional feel to Breathe.  21:19
dashuaNice work21:19
mac_vdashua: thanks... actually all i did was edit the colors , and make an nm icon set to fit the theme , basically it was DanRabbit 21:21
dashuaNice work to you both :)21:21
mac_vdashua: Cory would probably kill me , why i didnt do this for breathe ;p21:24
dashuaHehe.  You better run and hide when I make the suggestion.  I just have Breathe inherit Humanity instead of Human21:24
mac_vi'm using humanity inherits too ;)21:25

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