garyvdmmgedmin: MySql is a very big branch - I need to upgrade my copy to 1.9, because thats what it's using00:00
garyvdm1.9 = btree index00:00
mgedminhow many megs in ~/.bzr ?00:00
mgedminmysql moving to bzr was very good PR for bzr00:01
lifelesshai marius00:02
lifelesswe're fast now00:02
lifelesswith the 2a format, which will be default in 2.000:03
garyvdmmgedmin: ../.bzr/repository = 643300 kb00:03
garyvdmThe thing that makes qlog slow is 67003 revisions00:03
garyvdmmgedmin: SmileyChris said "and now it's the pre-unbound revision" - So I don't think he has lost anything, just the merge that bzr up did.00:04
mgedminlifeless: hi!00:04
mgedminawesome to hear that!00:05
garyvdmHi lifeless00:05
lifelesshi garyvdm00:05
mgedminzope 3 svn currently has 103359 revisions, but then it contains a multitude of projects00:11
mgedminstill, 6-digit revnos scare me -- they start to look more like shortened hashes00:11
ronnym i license-technical ok, if my code is cappable of running a directly imported bzr, but the backend-loader chooses to run it in another process instead00:35
ronnyi taught anyvc to run its backends in different processes and on different computers00:35
lifelessronny: I'm not sure I understand the question00:36
ronnylifeless: ie not getting gpl imposed00:36
ronnylifeless: i want to have fontends for anyvc that are bsd-licenses, so i need to get the gpl'd backends out of the process00:37
lifelessI suggest you bring this up on the list00:38
lifelesshttp://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html may have something to say00:39
ronnyi belive im ok00:46
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johnjosephbachirhello. where can i read about what's coming in 2.0?04:52
cha0shey guys, i'm wondering if there's a flag i can pass to make bzr merge into an existing directory...07:02
cha0si'm sorry, i meant 'bzr branch'07:04
lifelessjames_w: do you know why config-manager was removed from debian?08:44
lifeless(and ubuntu in intrepid)08:44
lifelessall I've found so far is 'abandoned upstream', which is utterly utterly false.08:44
james_wlifeless: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=50189008:53
ubottuDebian bug 501890 in config-manager "config-manager: should this package be orphaned?" [Important,Closed]08:53
lifelessyes, found that since asking - thanks08:54
james_wso I guess no maintainer in Debian would be more accurate08:54
lifelessI'm a bit miffed08:54
lifelessI wasn't asked08:54
lifelessno beer for anand08:54
* lifeless ITP's the silly thing08:54
cissi'm quite new to cvs-managing projects. i'm looking for a way to create/manage a bzr repository via ftp on a shared hosting account without shell access. is this possible?12:25
lifelessbzr init ftp://username@host/path/to/branch12:26
lifelessyou should give the getting started guide a read12:26
cissi did, but i guess i got lost somewhere :) didn't hope it would be that easy. thx!12:27
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cissis there a way to get the status of the remote branch? "bzr status ftp://user@domain/path/branch" doesn't work for me, although init did14:16
cisscould it be the ftp plugin won't work with that command?14:18
fullermdNo remote protocols handle WT's, so bare status won't work.14:20
fullermdThough I think historical status should...14:20
fullermd(of course, if you init'd it remotely, there wouldn't be a WT anyway, so even if it worked, it wouldn't ;)14:21
cissi guess i didn't fully grasp the concept ... *sigh* looks like there's no way around the deeper docs :(14:23
fullermdSooner or later, the docs always win...14:25
cissyeah, "i fought the docs, and the docs won"14:26
* fullermd wanders off for a few hours.14:26
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Stavrosi have a branch i was working on a feature in, and i merged it to head, where did these changes go17:04
Stavroslog-wise, i mean17:04
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cisshi again18:56
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cissasked before, but i think i can clarify a bit what i'm trying to achieve:18:59
ciss i'd like to directly work with a remote branch via ftp. that is, init the branch remote, add all files remote, commit remote. there are several reasons not to mirror the branch and work locally on it. environment is a shared hosting space without shell access.18:59
cissis this possible?19:00
fullermdIn a word, no.19:01
cissis there an in-three-words, "you could instead ..."?19:02
fullermdWell, sorta, but it mostly boils down to having or faking shell access.19:02
fullermdI suppose if somebody smoked enough crack to write a ftpfs implementation, you could fudge it that way.  You'd probably have to REALLY like pain, though.19:03
fullermdBasically, the only thing you can do via remote protocols is ship revisions around.  You have to make 'em somewhere localish.19:04
cisswell, the server does speak python. would that help?19:04
fullermdAnd while you COULD theoretically do that without having a local copy of a branch or local files and all, it would have to be such a contrived setup...19:04
cisse.g. would it be possible to set up bazaar as cgi and commit via a web interface?19:05
fullermdYou could write a web interface that would do such things.  I'm not aware that anybody has.19:05
fullermdIf the CGI could write into $WHEREVER and execute /usr/local/bin/bzr (or, if you wrote python, load bzrlib and do stuff directly), it would be workable.19:06
fullermdI dunno about _usable_, really, but...19:06
fullermdThe best answer, really, is to address the "reasons not to mirror the branch and work locally on it", IMO.19:07
fullermdThat's the point of the D in DVCS after all   ;)19:08
cissit's the differences between the local and the remote environment and the dependance upon some db tables that would have to be fetched each time19:09
cissi don't even need anything fancy like branching or merging. a simple add, commit and revert will be all i need19:10
fullermdThe quick&dirty way would be to just throw together a bargain-basement-hax0r style CGI where you just type in the command lines and it runs them.19:12
cisssounds tempting :)19:12
fullermd(of course, it goes without saying that whatever you do needs to at least PRETEND to be secure ;)19:12
cisslike, don't post the link on boards, right? :D19:13
fullermdYou'd probably be happier in the long run with local dev environments, though.  I do web work, and essentially all my dev is on my workstation.19:13
fullermdIt means I have to make a copy of the DB schema, but that's easy.  It's in the VCS anyway.19:13
fullermdYeah, that would be a useful first step   :p19:14
fullermd(of course, if it were properly secured, you COULD post it on boards.  That's kinda a touchstone, actually...)19:14
cissthat gives me an idea: placing fake haxxor links on script kiddies boards to pages rimfilled with adds (or disguised subscription forms)19:15
cissbut yes, i should probably rework my workflow19:18
gcerquantI have what seems a very simple question, but Google couldn't help me19:20
gcerquantI want to export my current revision, but without any history nor logs19:20
gcerquantjust the current files, in the state they are19:20
fullermdgcerquant: Something different from 'bzr export'?19:20
gcerquantI guess I could remove all .bzr files, but was looking for something less hacky19:21
gcerquantI tried bzr export, but it seems all the info is still there (commit logs, ...)19:21
gcerquantunless I miss something?19:21
* fullermd blinks.19:22
fullermdWhat's the _opposite_ of missing something?19:22
fullermdexport should just export the files...19:22
gcerquantI just tested again19:24
gcerquantHere is what I did:19:24
gcerquantIn my repo, I did: bzr export /tmp/test19:24
gcerquantit exports all my files as expected into /tmp/test19:24
gcerquantbut when in /tmp/test, if I do bzr logs, I get all the commit logs19:25
gcerquantI don't want them19:25
fullermdAre you sure you're in /tmp/test?19:25
fullermdexport has never exported a .bzr/ dir at all, TTBOMK, much less one with a copy of the history.19:25
fullermdAnd doesn't for me here in a quick test.19:26
gcerquantthere is no .bzr directory in /tmp/test19:26
gcerquantbut bzr revno gives me the revision number19:26
gcerquantand bzr logs all the commit logs19:26
fullermdWhat does info tell you?19:26
gcerquantCheckout (format: pack-0.92)19:27
gcerquant       checkout root: /private/tmp19:27
gcerquant  checkout of branch: /directory_of_initial_branch19:27
fullermdIs /private/tmp the same as /tmp?19:28
fullermdSo, you're not seeing logs of /tmp/test.19:28
fullermdYou're seeing logs of /tmp.  Because you're inside that branch (presumably, in a 'unknown' dir inside it, but that doesn't bother bzr)19:28
gcerquantOk, I get it19:30
fullermdBranches extend down to infinity.  If you mkdir /tmp/foo/bar/baz ; cd /tmp/foo/bzr/baz ; bzr log  you'll get the same thing.19:30
gcerquantok, I got it19:30
gcerquantat the beginning of my test, I did a bzr branch to /tmp19:30
gcerquantI had removed it, but the invisible .bzr directory was still there19:31
gcerquantand that's what I was seeing19:31
gcerquantthanks for the help19:31
fullermdNP  :)19:31
gcerquantgood evening19:31
ronnydoes bzr-svn support something like partial clone/checkout? of a svn repo?19:59
meoblast001if i create a bzr server, how do i actually write to the branch?23:10
fullermdmeoblast001: That question is rather nebulous to try and answer.  Can you be a little more specific?23:10
meoblast001do i just do bzr push bzr+ssh://mysshaccount@myserver.com/foo/bar?23:11
fullermdIf (a) bzr is installed or otherwise accessible on the server, and (b) you can write to /foo/bar, yes.23:12
meoblast001if the ssh user can, not the bzr server user, right?23:12
fullermdThey're the same thing in this case.23:13
fullermdbzr+ssh boils down to "ssh host -c 'bzr --talk-to-myself-on-stdin'"23:14
meoblast001fullermd: nothing is happening :(23:21
meoblast001if the bzr server user doesn't own the directory, does it fail?23:21
fullermdIt'll error if it can't write there, yes.23:24
meoblast001i just get a 0 transfer rate23:24
meoblast001fullermd: /      0kB @    0kB/s23:26
meoblast001i did bzr push bzr+ssh://braden@
fullermdOdd port to be running sshd on, but that's your business.  Path seems a little more suspect; you really mean to put things right off the root?23:29
meoblast001the sshd port?23:29
meoblast001i thought it wanted the BZR port23:29
meoblast001which do i give it?23:29
fullermdIf you're talking to a "bzr serve" server, you want to use bzr://, not bzr+ssh://.23:29
fullermdVery different things   :)23:29
meoblast001what is the difference?23:30
meoblast001bzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', 'Permission denied: "/meo3d": [Errno 13] Permission denied: \'/meo3d\'')23:30
meoblast001who needs permission to that folder?23:30
meoblast001ssh or bzr?23:30
meoblast001i'm really running short on time and wasn't expecting all these problems23:30
fullermdThe difference is that bzr:// talks to a server you manually started (as whatever user you ran it is).23:30
meoblast001what if i want to talk to both?23:31
fullermdbzr+ssh:// ssh's into a server (as whatever user you specify), spawns off bzr on the server side, and talks to it across the ssh channel.23:31
meoblast001oh, ok23:31
meoblast001now i get it23:31
fullermdIt's the difference between pserver and :ext: in CVS.23:31
meoblast001i chowned that directory to braden23:32
meoblast001how can i check that it is?23:32
fullermd(also, not that bzr:// servers by default won't allow any writes at all, since they don't do any AAA.23:32
meoblast001fullermd: how do i get a listing of who owns a particular directory?23:33
meoblast001man ls told me nothing about how to get the permisions23:34
meoblast001at least not while skimming the manual23:34
meoblast001drwxr-xr-x 2 braden braden 4096 2009-08-29 18:16 meo3d23:35
meoblast001ssh is ran by root, and i log in as braden23:35
meoblast001and bzr server is ran by user bzrserver23:35
meoblast001why do i choose to do things when i don't have time :(23:38
lifelessmeoblast001: when you say bzr server is run by23:38
meoblast001the user23:38
lifelessif you use bzr+ssh, the bzr server is run by *the user that logs in via ssh*.23:38
meoblast001sudo su bzrserver, password, bzr server --blah blah blah23:38
lifelessmeoblast001: not with bzr+ssh23:39
meoblast001how do i make this not so23:39
meoblast001i want to run 1 bzr server for all users23:39
lifelessif you're short on time, put it back the way it was ;)23:39
lifelessmeoblast001: I mean, I'm delighted to help you out, just thinking it might be less stressful for you to do it another day23:40
meoblast001with no vc and transferring a freaking tarball to my laptop23:40
meoblast001i'm stressed all the time23:40
meoblast001might as well get it out now than later23:40
lifelessok. so why do you want 1 server (this is a serious question, its not obvious to me)23:40
meoblast0011 server, and then i can use ssh for any user on the server, given he/she has access to the directory we are pushing to23:41
lifelessyou don't need 1 server for that23:41
lifelessbzr+ssh does that anyway23:41
meoblast001so i just don't run a bzr server at all?23:42
lifelessthats right23:42
meoblast001ok, so what about that error i'm getting?23:42
lifelessbzr+ssh creates a server process when the user logs in23:42
lifelessthe permission denied one?23:42
meoblast001i'm confused23:42
lifelessthe user that is logging in doesn't have access to the folder23:42
meoblast001how does it know the root directory of the repo?23:42
meoblast001and yes i do23:43
meoblast001i checked23:43
meoblast001drwxr-xr-x 2 braden braden 4096 2009-08-29 18:16 meo3d23:43
meoblast001bzr push bzr+ssh://braden@
lifelesswhen you type 'bzr push bzr+ssh://host/foo/bar/baz', it starts a server at /, and looks at foo/bar/baz for the repo23:43
lifelessmeoblast001: that will be trying to access /meo3d23:44
meoblast001what if i don't want the repo at the root of the server?23:44
lifelessthen put it in a subdirectory23:44
lifelesse.g. /srv/bzr/meo3d23:44
lifelessbzr push bzr+ssh://braden@
meoblast001lifeless: something weird (but not fatal) happened23:48
meoblast001i pushed on my desktop to my server23:48
meoblast001then branched on my laptop23:48
meoblast001and an OpenSSH message came up on my desktop23:48
meoblast001is that normal?23:49
lifelessI don't know. What was the message?23:49
meoblast001prompt for password23:50
meoblast001thanks for the help23:52
meoblast001i should be going though23:52
meoblast001this is only a temporary personal BZR server so that shouldn't matter23:52
meoblast001i use launchpad for my actual projects23:52
lifelessjelmer: welcome back23:57

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