user2034"The backend took too much time to process the synchronous request - you need to fork!"  a message error inside KpackageKit00:02
user2034what does it means please00:02
user2034thank you :)00:03
user2034what can i use to install new software instead of KpackageKit?00:06
user2034with graphic user interfacer?00:08
genii-aroundNo, it is command-line00:08
genii-aroundThe normal usage is like: sudo apt-get install name-of-package-goes-here00:08
user2034and with gui what i can use?00:09
kaddior adept00:09
genii-aroundkaddi: In this particular case I would agree with Adept/Synaptic00:10
* kaddi prefers apt-get or aptitude though :)00:10
user2034i am building a new kubuntu for a girl who don't know how to use kubuntu00:11
user2034gui is better in this case00:12
genii-aroundAdept then00:12
user2034it would be better in french :(00:13
user2034i have found adept but in english00:13
user2034synaptic is great00:19
CoyotesAny way to get the category list like in Synaptic in Kubuntu's package manager?00:27
user2034i don t know00:28
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flacohi everyone00:30
flacoi have a question , am trying to download a large file off the internet is it worth my  time creating a script ,00:31
flacosuch as php or perl00:31
flacoany advise ?00:31
CoyotesOne file or a large collection?00:31
flacoone file00:31
* genii sips and thinks about wget00:31
Coyoteslarge as in 10GB?00:31
flacoits only 70mb00:31
Coyotes... just get it lol00:32
Coyotesbe done in about 1 minute on broadband...00:32
CoyotesIf dialup just let it go overnight00:32
flacowell am on wireless00:32
flacothe server disconnectes me00:32
CoyotesDo you pay $$$$/MB?00:32
CoyotesThe server should support resume...00:32
CoyotesIf not, I can get it and then send you it in a multipart archive.00:33
flacoalso my other question is  am running apache and tomcat6 together00:33
CoyotesBest thing is that the multipart archive tells you where the error is most times.00:34
flacoi will have to see what happens00:34
CoyotesYou do an MD5 if it shows and error and I look at the MD5 signature of ones on my drive... and only resend that one.00:34
flacoi dont do md500:35
CoyotesWell anything... even CRC32 would work heh00:35
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ubuntuI'm so stupid!!00:55
ubuntuI had a few partitions on my hdd00:55
avihaybwell, that can't be helped, sory00:55
ubuntusda1 was free, sda2 win, sda3 delted (no existing no more) and then there was entended thet was sda 4 swap and sda 500:56
ubuntuI now installed some opensolaris to sda1 only00:56
ubuntuit changed my grub, no more linux, I have no back up00:56
ubuntubootet from live cd00:56
flacoyou can edit the  grub00:56
flacoand tell it to boot so where you want00:57
ubuntuand now gparted shoes: sda1 9,141 GB ext 2   solaris, 5 Mb unallocate, sda2 ntfs wind, and rest unallocated.00:57
ubuntuit does only show primary partitions but no longer the logical partitions they are marked as one block of unallocated - size fits00:58
avihaybso it looks like the solaris installation removed the other partitions?00:58
ubuntuI'm soooooo dumb. I have no backup.00:58
ubuntubut solaris is ONLY on sda100:58
ubuntuit has not created a solaris partition where the logical ones where. it's still there the space, free but unallocated00:59
ubuntuPLEEEEASe tell me I can save that somehow  - I will never again play around without having made a backup before00:59
James147can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l"?00:59
avihaybwell, there is a software that can help you guess where exacly the partitions are. if you recreate them in exacly the same size, you lose no data01:00
ubuntujames147: http://pastebin.com/m4ffa4dcd01:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gpart01:02
ubuntuavihayb: that would be good. though difficult. I now in total it was about 15 GB - I recently changed from WIndows. And I used the big part - the ntfs for bigger files, so 15 was suffcient for linus (14 root and 600 swap, and I don't reeecall anymore)01:03
avihaybhow do you ask ubottu about a package?01:03
ubuntui curse belenix  (the opensolaris distro) it says it would destroy all data on THE ONE partition I tell him (sda1), not that my logical partitions will all be gone.01:04
ubuntunow that'S how i pay for my curiosity01:05
ubuntujames147: have you read my paste?01:05
Dragnslcravihayb- !info <packagename>01:05
avihayb!info gpart01:05
ubottugpart (source: gpart): Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1h-7 (jaunty), package size 35 kB, installed size 104 kB01:05
avihaybDragnslcr: thanks01:05
ubuntuavihayb: so I will only need to know approximately how big the partitions where and that pürogram will find the exact partition borders?01:06
ubuntudamn, the live cd is intrepdi still, so apt.get tells me there is no installation candidate01:07
avihaybactualy, as far as I recall from the last time I used it, you needn't tell it anything, but that was years ago. oh, it also faild to find my partitions correctly, but atleast you have some hope now...01:07
ubuntubut can i install it from within intrepid live cd?01:08
avihaybsure, the live cd is an independent os01:09
avihaybthat happens to be runing from a read only media01:09
ubuntuyeah, but it says, no installation candidate for gpart01:10
avihaybI belive it's in the universe repository01:11
avihaybyou'll have to enable it, and update the cache01:12
ubuntu"sudo apt-get install gpart" can't find any01:12
ubuntuah, ok01:12
ubuntuwill try synaptic then01:12
flacodoes anyone know how to set wget to keep trying till its  got the file  downloaded01:13
lokaiHow do you change the default 1-click opens icons to double click behavior in KDE 4?01:14
avihaybflaco: I understand you want a script to do it for you01:14
avihayblokai: it's in the system settings under mouse behaviour01:15
James147lokai: system settings > mouse & keyboard > mouse01:15
flacothe problem is that the server that am getting files off  closes the connect after  an amount of time01:15
coz_installed  kubuntu-desktop on two systems and now get this error after each update or installation of applications    E: kubuntu-docs: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 101:16
coz_any solutions?01:16
lokaiJames147, Not seeing system settings (of course the command line works). Where is the GUI launcher?01:16
ubuntuavihayb: I aktivated universe and multiverse. Updated, but it still finds no packages called gpart only gparted01:16
ubuntudid you mean that one?01:16
avihayb no, I did not. !info gparted01:17
James147lokai: It should be inthe menu, or systemsettings from commandline01:17
avihaybupdated=reloaded, right?01:17
lokaiJames147, its not in the menu. I'm KDE 4 not 3.01:18
James147lokai: systemsettings is for kde401:18
ubuntuthen it's problably only in jaubty. Can'T download and burn it now, as I only have one cd drive and need it for the live cd01:18
lokaiJames147, If you noticed, I asked specifically for the GUI launcher01:18
lokaiAnd I pointed out that I saw that the command line worked01:19
avihaybthe package should be in all the ubuntu repositories01:19
lokaiI'm trying to set up the machine to be usable be a computer novice, so I'd really like to know where the little icon they can click is ;)01:19
flacois their a way to upgrade to 9.04  kubuntu without a cd ?01:19
James147lokai: by default on kubuntu it is in your favorites in  the menu01:20
lokaiJames147, Ah I see it now. I was looking under applications/settings and system.01:20
James147lokai: try typeing it in the search to see if it finds it, if not add it to the menu01:21
James147lokai: :)01:21
avihaybflaco: yes. you can either upgrade on-line or download the alternate cd, mount it without burning it, and upgrade from that01:21
flacoi tried that ,01:21
flacoi downloaded the cd ,01:22
flacoand i mounted it01:22
flacoand nothing01:22
lokaiThanks, James14701:22
flacoand i added the cd ,01:22
flacoapt-cdrom add01:22
flacoand  still nothing happened01:22
avihaybthe cd, contains a script01:22
avihaybyou need to run it01:22
flacowhich script01:22
avihaybgo to the directory you mounted the cd in01:23
flacoi did that01:23
avihaybls around. there should be a script in the cd's root folder01:23
flacoi think i download the wrong cd ,01:23
flacocause when i mounted it their was no upgrade script01:24
flacojust a install.exe01:24
avihaybthat's the normal livecd, I guess01:24
avihaybyou need the alternate cd01:24
flacook where do i find it01:24
James147flaco: why cant you upgrade online?01:24
flacoforget it i know where to go01:24
flacocause my wirelss card sucks01:25
ubuntuit'S not there   :-( no gpart, no testdisk01:25
flacoand it would take me days to download  700mb01:25
James147flaco: no wired connection?01:25
flacoonly wireless01:26
ubuntui'll try with aonther live cd that's here.01:26
ubuntuthank you so far, avihayb01:26
flacoam thinking i can download a torrent which must  be faster01:27
flacothat or install openssh on windows vista and connect to it via wireless ...01:28
coz_hey guys   I chose obsidian   theme on kde  but the menu does not draw correctly http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/132551/Screenshot.png01:33
lizI'm getting no sound from kubuntu hardy, don't know what to do01:33
flacohave you check if  kubuntu found your sound card ?01:35
flacohave you ever gotten sound ?01:35
lizI did have sound b4 but reinstalled and now there's no sound01:36
flacodid you update the system01:37
lizyes I did (I also had this problem the first time and someone helped)01:37
flacoon the  taskbar  do you see an icon for  sound?01:38
James147liz: Do you remember vaguly what you did the first time?01:38
lizyes it's there, alsa mixer is installed01:38
lizjames147: not really, it was a series of commands and posting :-/01:39
avihayblis, how bout runing lspci, and telling us what does your system think of your sound card?01:39
lizIt does identify my sound card and has the module snd_intel8x0 installed01:43
lizI also have my whole alsa info script here: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=a6d38f2adaed83282bcc6032de6fc70ac149e0da01:43
avihaybhumm, can you go to system settings->multimedia?01:45
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lizI don't have multimedia under system settings, have 'sound system'01:45
avihaybdoes the intel card appeare there? can you test bouth it and pulse audio?01:46
avihaybwhat version of kubuntu/kde you be runing ag'n?01:46
lizno, just simple settings like enabling sounds and which audio device to use01:47
avihaybdo you have a test button, or something of that sort?01:48
avihayb(it should just play some audio...)01:48
lizah yes, I don't hear anything01:49
avihaybdid you mark the "show advanced devices" checkbox, and then tryed al of them?01:50
avihaybdid you get any popup about any of the sound systems not working?01:50
lizI tried all listed, OSS, auto, alsa, etc, no sound and no pop ups01:52
avihaybI'm seeing a totaly different version then what you see. anyway, I'm clueless here01:53
lizyes I'm using hardy01:54
avihaybwell, grab a pair of earphons, and try useing them01:55
avihaybmy mobile intel sound card, when I plug the earphons by deafult, assumes I'm connecting an extra pair of speekers because I want seround01:56
avihaybto make it disconnect the main speekers, I have to edit a file, and restart the sound system01:57
lizyes, the sound works with headphones but not on my speakers :(01:59
avihaybwell, I'd start by searching for solutions specific for your laptop, it's a bit of a long shot, but it's easyer and faster. then if that doesn't work, look for info on the specific card.02:02
avihaybyou can use this in your search term: Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)02:02
avihayb(after you try the laptop modle)02:03
nico475i need some help please. I am working in kubuntu 8.10 and can not get it to register my cd/dvd driver02:03
avihayboh, now that I think of it, did you go to the kmixer, went to the configure chanles, and marked EVERYTHING?02:04
avihaybunder settings02:06
lizon output everything is marked02:06
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avihaybI mean, go to the settings menu option->configure channles02:07
avihaybthere are sho/hide buttons, make sure it shows everything02:08
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lizomg! it's working now... don't know how lol02:09
lizgod I hope it still works on next log in02:10
James147liz: gota love it with things fix themself :)02:10
avihaybI thought you'dve' tryed to unplug the earphones already02:10
lizavihayb: no sorry just got to it after checking kmix02:11
lizjames147: I just hope it remains fixed02:12
lizavihayb: thanks for the help02:14
nico475does anyone know the sudo code to fixthecd/dvd player in mycomputer?02:15
nico475i diditonce before in my other computer but can not remember the coding02:15
lizwish I knew, need it for my other computer :)02:16
coz_any suggestions on this error    E: kubuntu-docs: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 102:23
duhiHey guys do you know how i can monitor the temp of my macbook pro running 9.04? thanks02:24
MTGap_ Can anyone tell me how to change my 'nickname' in kopete when I'm chatting to people; it shows my user account name. I can change other people's names but not mine as far as I know02:27
James147MTGap_: its you nickname in "identity" settings, you might need to restart kopete to get it to work02:30
MTGap_yeah I have it as I want it but it still shows the account name02:31
MTGap_I've had it like that for a while but and have quit and it has stayed the same02:32
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avihaybduhi: yes, there are two ways I know of02:42
duhiavihay, thanks02:42
avihaybexcept for looking in your proc folder's files with cat, you can either install and place a plasmoid that shows you a nice little graph, or you can use the system monitor02:43
avihaybdo you need/want specific instructions? and if so, what method do you want02:45
moiseshelp, I cannot import the scanner in eclipse02:50
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jonskaHello. Is anyone available to answer a question about mount/fstab?02:55
hackerxwhat about it02:55
jonskaI am using the "user" option in fstab, and I can indeed mount the filesystem in question, but it is owned by root and has perms 755, so I can't write to it.02:56
hackerxyou can use sudo to access root02:57
hackerxand use chmod to change the file permissions02:58
jonskaYes, but I have other filesystems handled identically in fstab, and they are automatically owned by me when I mount them. I do not know why one filesystem is handled one way, and the other a different way even though their fstab entries are identical with regards to configuration options.02:59
hackerxnot an expert here but depends on who created the filesystem..03:00
hackerxsystem sets ownership permissions based upon who created the filesystem03:01
avihaybjonska: look for the "The non-superuser mounts" section in the "mount" manpage03:01
jonskaThanks for the advice, will research more.03:04
JJmanDoes anyone know how to customize panels in KDE.  I need to have the panel have a Task manager (the running apps) but only specific ones so that my main panel doesn't also show them.03:10
avihaybjonska: what fs are you trying to mount? most file systems that don't support file permissions the linux way, have an option like umask, uid and gid03:10
avihaybyou can look it up in the mount manpage, and put that option into the fstab.03:11
jonskaavihayb: I'm just trying to mount two reiserfs filesystems. They are configured identically in fstab, and the mount points are identical with respect to owner/perms, and the device entries in /dev are identical with respect to owner/perms, but when I mount one of the filesystems its mountpoint is changed to be owned by me, while the other one is owned by root and has its perms changed from 777 to 755 so that I cannot write to it.03:12
lizJJman: can't you right-click on the panel and customize that way?03:12
avihaybjjman: the taskman plasmoid has some filter features03:12
JJmanno i've tried that03:13
JJmanhmmm.  filter.  (cause i need to have 2 seperate task man's running in 2 diff. panels)  but i want apps to run seperately out of each one03:13
JJmanhmmm.  the filter lets me only show apps from a certain desktop.  which would almost work.  but  not quite.03:15
JJmanits still showing apps thats are on other desktops03:15
avihaybwell, the only filters you can use are to only show processes from this desktop or screen(if you have a multiple screen setup, I guess) and show all03:16
JJmanexxcept that it doesn't appear to be filtering properly.  its not showing EVERYTHING but its still showing ones on diff. desktop.03:17
JJmanwhats the diff. . between desktop & screens neway03:18
avihaybI think it's only aplicable in a multiple screens setup03:18
JJmanwell i'm running 4 desktops.  so if the bloody filter worked properly it would be what i need to put the specific apps on different desktops03:19
JJmanbut its NOT filtering properly03:20
casaConectiva 10 ultimate03:20
JJmanmy Putty connections are showing up on all even tho they are on one desktop03:21
JJmanactually other that app the others do seem to be working03:21
avihaybmaybe the xfce4 panle (with the xfce task manager applet) can work better for you03:22
casamandrak 8.903:22
avihaybit should work under kde too, I think03:22
JJmansomething i need to install i take it03:23
casaKurumin 200903:23
avihaybcasa: QDos?03:25
qwebirc59201can you help me i want to join03:25
qwebirc59201and help people03:25
casa KUBUNTU=03:26
avihaybqwebirc59201: you are free to do so03:26
casa                                        the you flame03:26
bazhangcasa, do you have a support question?03:26
casa64 bytes03:27
bazhangcasa, please stop03:28
casaLinux fedora 6.12 64Bites03:28
JJmanSo i've just discovered how useful multiple desktop's can be ;-)   How many do ppl usually use!03:28
bazhang!br | casa03:28
ubottucasa: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:28
casalook on the you03:29
avihaybJJman: the deafult should be 4, it sounds like a good number, and I think anything more then 9 is useless03:29
casamuito obrigado03:29
bazhangcasa, /join #ubuntu-br03:30
casaeu tenho o novo kurumin03:30
mostafa_how can I use samba ?03:30
bazhangmostafa_, read the samba docs yet?03:30
casamostafa_, read the samba docs yet?03:31
JJmanlol.  Yea but i already am using 4.  i just bumped to 6 to see how it goes03:31
bazhangcasa, English only here03:31
BluesKaj!br | casa03:31
ubottucasa: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:31
casaoctordruidphd entrou neste canal (n=quassel@207-118-84-225.dyn.centurytel.net).03:31
casa[23:31] <bazhang> casa, English only here03:31
casa[23:31] <BluesKaj> !br | casa03:31
casa[23:31] <ubottu> casa: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:31
FloodBotK1casa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:31
JJmanavihayb : thx for the help  I think i found a workable solution w/ filter and diff. desktops03:31
jonskaavihayb: Can you help me understand why two filesystems (reiserfs) would be mounted with different owner/perms when they are configured the same if fstab? (auto,user,rw,exec)?03:31
avihaybI'm afraid not jonska... havn't messed around with fstab enough to encounter that sort of thing. try it once with different mountpoints, maybe "it" will like it more03:33
jonskaavihayb: OK - thanks for your help anyway. I appreciate your time.03:34
avihaybI'm watching anime on the other computer...03:34
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webbbi have a problem  the reptor menu doesnt want to work rite unless i turn off compositing   any idea why03:48
Hiratois there a way to determine which of the other installed packages depend on a certain package?03:48
Hiratospecifically, I'd like to know what inside KDE depends on libpulse003:49
avihaybHirato: there are ways. the easyest, is to install synaptic, the package manager. it should tell you all of the information you need03:50
Hiratoon the libpulse package it'd tell me what libpulse0 depends on03:50
HiratoI'd like to know what depends on it03:50
avihaybyou can also ask to remove the package with apt-get or sinaptic. you'll get a list of what has to be removed03:51
Hiratoavihayb: I don't have the patience to shift through 288 packages that libpulse0's uninstallation will trigger :P03:52
BluesKajHirato, try to install with aptitude in the terminal, and the required dependencies should be installed alongside the app, if not the the required dependencies will be listed03:52
mostafa_where is network places in kubuntu as it is in ubuntu?03:52
BluesKajHirato, then you can procede to install them as well03:53
avihaybsory, I must have missunderstood you03:54
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BluesKajmostafa_, the repositories are the same for both gnome(ubuntu)  and kde (kubuntu0 it's a matter of choice .03:54
avihaybmostafa_: you can access it via the file manager03:54
mostafa_avihayb: then where should I go then to access it?03:55
avihaybrun the file manager of your choice. dolphin or konqurer03:56
mostafa_BluesKaj: I installed samba but i don't know where is places->network03:56
BluesKajmostafa_, open dolphin03:56
BluesKajyes network03:57
mostafa_ok i opened it then ?03:57
HiratoBluesKaj: it's dependencies are already met, I'd want to know what has libpulse0 as a depdency03:57
mostafa_yeah thanks men03:57
mostafa_I found it03:57
mostafa_BluesKaj: Thnx ;)03:58
BluesKajHirato, the only way i know is to try to to install it with apt or aptitude03:58
mostafa_avihayb: thnx ;)03:58
HiratoBluesKaj: that'll only trigger the installation of the items which libpulse0 depends on, not the items which depend on it03:58
Hiratooh... `aptitude why` does it04:00
BluesKajlibpulse0 is obviously a dependency so you need to use aptitude04:00
webbb_im running kde4.3 and im getting alot of crashed that say plasma desktop crashed04:01
Kingsley_Hi there everyone04:01
Kingsley_I'm about to dive into the whole Linux scene, and I've got a few questions...04:01
BluesKaj!ask | Kingsley_04:02
ubottuKingsley_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:02
Kingsley_Ahhh... ahaha okey doke :)04:02
Hiratolibxine1-misc-plugins... is the only thing that depends on libpulse004:02
Kingsley_I was wondering how easy the GUI is to use, since I've been using a Windows OS all my life... 95>98>2k>XP>Vista04:03
Kingsley_I'm downloading Ubuntu right now04:03
Hiratothat probably explains why I mcan't get rid of every single trace of pulseaudio without KDe going wiht it04:03
Kingsley_Also... hows the driver support for Hauppauge TV Tuner cards? :/04:05
avihaybKingsley_: well, kubuntu is a bit more like windows then ubuntu in some areas.04:05
BluesKajKingsley_,  as far as desktop enviromnents go KDE (Kubuntu) will be more familaiar for windows users (myself included ) , but it's mostly a matter of taste .04:06
Kingsley_Ahh... so I should grab that instead? :)04:06
Kingsley_Wait.. I am downloading that distribution... my bad.. ahaha04:07
avihaybubuntu is definetly clear and easy to use. Hauppauge TV tuner cards are suported. I'm guessing everything older then two years is fully suported04:07
BluesKajKingsley_, afaik happauge cards have decent driver support in linux04:07
Kingsley_Thats great to know...04:07
Kingsley_I've been pulling my hair out over this old junker computer I salvaged..04:08
Kingsley_Whats the recommended RAM?04:08
Kingsley_I've only got 256 mbs... lmao.. to work with here..04:08
=== heHATEme is now known as vorian
BluesKajaha. same route I took ...old pc , seems good to experiment with linux , putting your toe in the water so to speak04:09
avihaybthen I'd recommend you go with something a bit lighter like xubuntu04:09
Kingsley_Well I'll see how it runs I guess, and then format and try something else if its to much to handle04:09
avihaybI'm runing kubuntu on a p4 1.5ghz with 512MB04:09
BluesKajagreed , unless you upgrade the ram04:09
Kingsley_I'm just trying to get this computer as a dedicated TV using the old card I have04:10
avihayband it works, but it's not a smooth ride04:10
Kingsley_and all my OS install discs (W2K, XP) are freaking out on me, and aren't working at all :( So I decided to jump head first into Ubunut :)04:10
avihaybif you are gonna use the computer as a dedicated TV, you should get mythubuntu04:11
BluesKajKingsley_, 256 is a bit optimistic on any OS for handling video04:11
avihaybit's mythTV runing on xubuntu04:11
avihaybmythTV is a PVR software04:11
Kingsley_It was running 30FPS on some video resoloutions... :/04:11
Kingsley_and I've heard of MythTV04:12
Kingsley_I'll google that04:12
Kingsley_That seems to be the perfect route for me... I'll download that instead04:13
avihaybwhat are the specs of your system?04:13
Kingsley_I don't have it in front of me... :/04:14
inferno_livecdHey all04:14
Kingsley_taking a guestimate here... probably 1.7ghz 256mb and this old old old NVIDIA integrated graphics card... not even an AGP removeable04:15
BluesKaj mythtv , is a steep learning curve for a linux starter app04:15
Kingsley_Well I've got time to mess around... and I'm pretty computer savvy :/04:15
Kingsley_Only 15 here... :P04:16
inferno_livecdI have an interesting situation I need help with. I had a motherboard blow out, and ended up getting a new one. It came with a vid card. so I am using my old card in another machine that needs it. Im on the livecd in safe gphx mode. How do I reconfigure the graphics on my install from here.04:16
avihaybthere is a mythTV chanlle here in freenod. some guys helped me alot04:16
inferno_livecdKingsly I have to second BluesKaj's notion. MythTV is HARD to set up04:17
BluesKajKingsley_, yup #mythtv04:17
Kingsley_I'll try my best :P Not the end of the world of it doesn't work...ahaha04:18
inferno_livecdgood luck. I gave up on it and found easier solutions04:18
avihaybI looked in the ubuntu repositoris for an easyer solution for a while04:19
avihaybI tryed everything that didn't need me to burn a CD04:19
BluesKajactually Kingsley_ , linux nowadays is for bleeding edge users , especially in medai applications and setups. Windows actually lags in flexibility im many ways vs Linux in the media despt04:19
Kingsley_Well i'll be burning a CD for this one04:19
Kingsley_I don't like the idea of a live CD... :/04:20
Kingsley_Wait.. that didn't make sense lmao04:20
BluesKajdept.... i'm getting tired ...it's late04:20
inferno_livecdI ended up writing a script for Azureus (Vuze)  because it has a built in media center abillity that can stream to PS304:20
avihaybI'm getting tired, it's early :->04:20
Kingsley_Thanks for your help BluesKaj :)04:20
BluesKajyeah, but I'm old04:20
webbb_i hope someone can help me out im running kde 4.3 and i also have gnome installed but when i installed kxdocker it opens and where the dock should be i see the desktop backgrond for gnome04:20
BluesKajnp , Kingsley_ I wish you luck with mythtv , but may I suggest TVTime , it easier to install and it might fitm your needs for a while.04:21
inferno_livecdi really need help reconfiguring video from liveCD04:22
Kingsley_I'll google it :) thanks for the suggestion04:22
BluesKajnp, nite all04:22
inferno_livecdgoogle = skynet beta04:22
avihaybinferno_livecd: if that is so, skynet already won, ad decided we arn't a thret, atleast as long as we depend on it, and I don't see that stopin in the next 3 years...04:26
avihaybbahh, so many spelling mistakes... that's whi I hat mornings04:26
inferno_livecdavihayb exactly... scary that they help write linux kernal code04:27
inferno_livecdthey're the number 2 contribulter04:27
inferno_livecdnext to red hat04:27
inferno_livecdsee terminator04:30
avihaybinferno_livecd: you go about it the rong way. maco: look up skynet in skynet, err, I meen google. It will be the first wikipedia article...04:32
inferno_livecdi have an ASRock motherboard with integrated video. My install has the nVidia drivers. How do I reconfigure04:33
macoavihayb: uk military communications?04:33
inferno_livecdskynet is a massive computer system that runs and turns on the world. deciding it doesnt need humans anymore and tries to kill them off04:34
macooh so i should be looking at the Terminator reference then04:35
avihaybI said the first entery. maybe google knows me well enough to give me the order I expected...04:36
macoi used the wikipedia search04:36
macoso i got the disambiguation page04:37
avihaybwell, that's the price for not reading instructions carefully. also, I was trying to be funny. happens I was also right...04:38
inferno_livecdhmmm i think I found a solution, going to try to boot off the drive now, wish luck04:39
webbb_is there a good alternative  to folder view04:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about krdc04:56
chezHow do i find out which program is downloading stuff04:56
seattlegauchochez -- try 'iotop' and/or 'lsof' ... they may not give you the info directly, you'll have to look into the man pages for the options that might help you04:59
avihayb!info krdc | seattlegaucho05:03
ubottuseattlegaucho: krdc (source: kdenetwork): Remote Desktop Connection client for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 379 kB, installed size 720 kB05:03
seattlegauchothx avihayb05:03
cheziotop is for disk usage, but is it possible for a program to download but not write to disk, f so how would i locate said program05:07
seattlegauchoin that case you can check network activity using 'netstat' or something similar05:07
avihaybnetstat won't tell you the program name05:09
chezit will tll me where im connecting to?05:09
chezi use etherape for that05:09
avihaybbut internet socket are treated as files in linux. to open a socket, you have to open a file descriptor, that's why lsof should work05:10
jonskaavihayb: Are you still on?05:11
chezavihayb there is a file called http that is writing continously is that it?05:11
avihaybchez: don't know... sory, never tryed it myself05:12
seattlegauchochez: it's likely ... http is the protocol used by web servers05:12
seattlegauchochez: what's the name of the process that has it open?05:13
=== amadorlinux is now known as amadorlinux_
chezseattlegaucho: its gone now , but using etherape i can seeing im downloading something from mirror.aarnet.edu.au05:15
chez(i live in australia)05:15
seattlegauchoit's important to try to identify  by PID or name, which program was connecting to the server05:16
seattlegauchothen you can determine what's going on05:17
seattlegauchodo a 'whois' on aarnet.edu.au and you'll find out it's (most likely) just a hosting server05:17
seattlegaucho'mirror' suggests it's a mirror for some other service/server05:18
seattlegauchoso it could be any service doing some updates in the background ... however it's too early to tell05:18
seattlegauchoI'm not familiar w/ etherape05:19
chezhow would i turn off background updates?05:23
chezokay thanks05:23
seattlegauchochez: you'll have to look into the crontab entries05:24
seattlegauchoor if you have a service running like "adept-updater" in your desktop05:24
seattlegauchoif you're worried about security, besides using an antivirus (ie: clamav), install a 'rootkit' check as well05:25
seattlegauchoboth are easy to find using 'synaptic', aptitude or some other package manager05:26
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mostafa_does anyone know sth about PartedMagic?06:35
=== thoben is now known as Thoben
mbnoimisystemsettings shows me empty window, how I can fix it (I'm using ubuntu)?07:23
=== Phil_Ewert|aw is now known as Phil_Ewert
xsebsxhelp, i am having trouble and i'm getting no feedback from the xubuntu and ubuntu channels, i had installed xubuntu desktop, iwas having trouble with the panel, it dissapeared, i got it to reappear and added it to the list of apps on startup but now i am having odd troubles with my system, for example i can't open nicotine and when i logged onto kde i had to kill the xfce panel because it came atop of the kde panels08:17
xsebsxhow can i get rid of xubuntu desktop?08:17
xsebsxand can someone help me figure out what's keeping nicotine from starting up?08:17
mbnoimisystemsettings shows me empty window, how I can fix it (I'm using ubuntu)?08:20
hemalhello. my USB stick write speeed is very slow08:24
hemalgoogle gives a lot of hits and it seems to me this has something to do with whether the writes are synchronous08:25
hemalbut the instructions seems to be for ubuntu (right click on the device icon on the desktop, select "Preferences")08:26
hemalhow do i do this is kubuntu?08:26
hemalanybody home?08:27
xsebsxcan someone help me out, i am having trouble with nicotine08:48
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=== caeolija is now known as carolija
LucjanI have a big problem09:22
carolijaLucjan just ask and who know will help you out.09:25
Lucjanwhen I upgrade my KDE to version KDE 4.3 and restart computer, i can't do nothing!09:27
amikI'd like to transfer files off a phone via usb (sony ericsson k750i) but it doesn't show up as a storage device when connected. any way to do this?10:14
Dr_Willismany Phones have a 'usb data, or usb storage' mode in the menus you need to set  properly for the USB thing to show as a drive10:18
amikDr_Willis: thanks, I looked for such an option but didn't see anything regarding usb10:20
Dr_Willisevery phone ive ever had - has  had that..10:20
Dr_Willisbut its amazing how  bad phone guis/settings/menus are these days10:21
amikI've gone through all config options one by one and didn't see any mention of usb... would it have another name?10:21
Dr_WillisProvberly could.. :) but i cant thinkof any other names10:22
Dr_WillisI always end up getting the Manuals for my phones in PDF and searching them.10:22
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=== Gijzelaar is now known as gijs
amikbtw, I see in dmesg an /dev/sdc being added, but no mount or /dev/sdc110:23
Dr_Willischeck 'sudo fdisk -l' perhaps.. or just try to mount it10:23
amikfdisk -l doesn't show it, and mounting fails after a long stall with "mount: no medium found on /dev/sdc"10:25
amikoh well, I'll try playing with it some more later, or boot into winxp10:28
amikthanks though :-)10:28
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xsebsxhow can i get the restricted extras10:34
xsebsxsudo apt-get restricted extras?10:34
corsudo aptitude -y install kubuntu-restricted-extras10:35
cordon't forget it;s the TAB key to get you to the OK buttons! ;o)10:35
xsebsxcor: would you help me check if my sources list has all the backports, third parties, etc enabled? i just recently had to reinstall kubuntu and i am having trouble watchign avi files which i didn't before10:37
xsebsxhow can i open my sources list?10:38
correplace last / for .10:38
xsebsxhow can i open them with kate though10:38
coruse sftp10:38
coreither in dolphin, or kate itself10:38
xsebsxbut what's the command on the terminal10:38
corsftp:// rather10:39
corno shell required10:39
xsebsxthere's a command to open it from kate on a shell10:39
corin a shell, use mc10:39
xsebsxi remember that much10:39
corsudo mc10:39
corlisten, opening kate from terminal = oldscool stupido method10:39
xsebsxhow about sudo kate /etc/apt/sources,list ?10:39
Dr_Williskdesudo  may be better idea.10:40
corif you rreally must run a text editor as root, just do sudo kate and then open open open whatever10:40
corno, sftp is a better idea10:40
cormuch, much, much better10:40
cordo it in dolphin, and now root acccess to your favourite system files is completely transparent10:41
corand kate runs as a regular user10:41
xsebsxis everything ok here http://pastebin.ca/1546933 ?10:41
xsebsxwhenver i try to open an avi file it says dragon player recomends downloading extra multimedia packages but i dont know which10:42
cortry vlc10:42
cordeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu jaunty main10:42
cordeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu jaunty main10:42
corlatest vlc rocks10:42
corsudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7613768D10:43
xsebsxcor, can you help me out with nicotine? i am having trouble opening it at all10:43
corerm, what? smoking?10:43
xsebsxno the program10:43
corwhat is it?10:43
corfuku then10:44
xsebsxDr_Willis: ?10:44
xsebsxit's a program10:44
xsebsxfor p2p10:44
cor2 late. I'm not interested10:44
xsebsxDr_Willis: can you help me with nicotine10:46
xsebsxit's not working and i don't know why10:46
xsebsxi tried at the ubuntu channel but to no avail10:47
apparlehas the Ati open source driver improved in karmic10:48
apparleand suggest a simple sound recoder10:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about record10:54
apparle!info record10:54
ubottuPackage record does not exist in jaunty10:55
apparlecome on guys plz suggest a simple sound recorder for KDE10:57
manuel i discovered the following problem after 1 or 2 hours my hdd in my laptop spins all the time and work is impossibel beacuse 100% hdd spin10:57
manuel audacity10:58
manueli traced the problem back to hal-acl-tool --reconfigure10:58
manuelis uses the hdd all the time but why and how can i stop this?10:58
manuelhow can i stop hal-acl-tool --reconfigure11:14
xsebsxhow can i install kde 4.311:23
shadeslayerxsebsx: see topic11:24
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic11:25
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xsebsxis there a private ubuntu service11:30
xsebsxfor customer service help11:30
xsebsxlike a chat11:30
xsebsxor a phone line11:30
FloodBotK1xsebsx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:30
shadeslayerxsebsx: theres a paid help service11:30
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ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto11:33
apparleplease suggest a gui for managing grub11:34
Dr_Willisthers a kde grub gui tool in the repos11:34
shadeslayerapparle: kgrubedotor11:34
Dr_Willisbut best thing to do for grub is learn it .....11:34
shadeslayer!info kgrubeditor | apparle11:34
ubottuapparle: kgrubeditor (source: kgrubeditor): graphical editor for GRUB boot manager settings. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.5-0ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 250 kB, installed size 760 kB11:34
Dr_Willisof course grub2 is in the next release.. :)11:34
Dr_Williswith totally diffrent configs.11:34
shadeslayerDr_Willis: yep...11:35
Dr_Willisallready been reading up on Grub2 :)  not sure why its so much better.. but i imagine theres some reasons11:35
xsebsxwell, i had no trouble with ubuntu and nicotine before i installed and then removed xfce, everythign was working fine when i had gnome adn kde only and now even after removing xubuntu i can't open nicotine, so i figure, i'll back everything up, adn reinstall ubuntu with the cd11:36
Dr_Willisrun nicitine from a terminal look for error messages?11:36
apparlehow is grub editor compared to startup manager11:37
Dr_WillisGrub is for the bootmenu.. startup manager is for services/things that run for the OS itself...11:37
Dr_Willistotally different stages of the OS.  If thats what you are asking11:37
=== Tabstar is now known as Tabmow
xsebsxDr_Willis: http://pastebin.ca/154691711:38
Dr_Willisxsebsx:  means very little to me.. I dont do python.11:40
apparleDr_Willis: will I be able to configure grub using startupmanager11:40
Dr_Willisit could be wanting some other versionof python or some support modles that got removed.  (i am guessing)11:40
Dr_Willisapparle:  no idea. I configure grub by  using a text editor..11:41
Dr_Willisrun startup manager and see if it does grub configs.11:41
xsebsxDr_Willis: i know, that's what most other people said, so i am going to use the shipit cd again11:41
xsebsxand start from scratch11:41
apparleDr_Willis: same here.........but my friend is a total noob11:41
Dr_Willisxsebsx:  i have seen apps that use 2.5 python and have issues with 2.611:41
Dr_Willisxsebsx:  that Might be the case hwere.11:41
Dr_Willisapparle:  what is he wanting todo with grub anyway?11:42
xsebsxwhat does that mean? all i knkow is everything worked fine then i got xfce and after a day things behaved differently, for one thing the  xfce panel started dissapearing and then i couldn't open nicotine in none of the DEs11:42
apparleDr_Willis: remove/rename entries, change priorities, delay etc11:42
Dr_Willisxsebsx:  could be some how it was using Python 2.5 and you some how removed 2.5.. 2.6 is the default.11:43
Dr_Willisxsebsx:  other then that.. Ive no other ideas.11:43
Dr_Willisapparle:  that kde grub tool mentioned earlier can do that to some degree11:43
apparleDr_Willis: thanks.........and tell me how to configure the background of grub via text editor11:44
Dr_Willisapparle:   thers some line  near the top that defines an image.. and that image has tobe a special format.. is about all i rember on that topic.11:45
Dr_WillisI tend to comment out that line. I hate images in grub11:45
apparleDr_Willis: ok thanks I'll see11:45
Dr_WillisGRUB is the kind of tool  that one just has to dive into ane read the docs  some times..11:46
Dr_Willisand experiment with.. and ive fought with it a lot over the last few years.11:46
xsebsxDr_Willis: what is python? i thought it was a language11:46
xsebsxDr_Willis: python 2.6 is the default for what? xubuntu? kubuntu?11:46
xsebsxi mean it worked before11:46
Dr_Willisxsebsx:  it is a programing language.11:46
Dr_Willisand 2.6 is the default with 9.04 ubuntu11:47
Dr_Willisbefor that was 2.511:47
Dr_Willisive encountered some other programs that have issues with 2.611:47
xsebsxwell i installed jaunty11:47
xsebsxand it worked well11:47
xsebsxwith jaunty11:47
xsebsxdo you think the xfce had to do with it?11:47
Dr_Willisperhaps that Nicotine program has a homepage/forum that may shed some light on the problem11:47
Dr_Willisif you installed xfce via the xubuntu-desktop It might of pulled in some other Pythion versions as well.11:48
xsebsxi think that's what did it11:48
xsebsxthat bloody mouse!, i will never install xubuntu again11:48
xsebsxi didn't even like it as much as kde11:49
xsebsxno cool effects11:49
Dr_Willisyou can have 2.5 and 2.6 and other verisons instralled at the same time11:49
xsebsxdoes it ever happen one upgrade gets rid of an older version?11:50
Mamarokguys, could you take this discussion to -offtopic, please? Support here only, please :)11:51
Dr_Willisthe 6 mo release cycle ubuntu/kubuntu uses normally dosent do big 'version' changes. so normally its not an issue xsebsx11:54
Dr_Willisuntill the next 'release'11:55
Dr_WillisPython may be special. it came with 2.6 but you could also install 2.5 for compat with older programs.11:55
xsebsxDr_Willis: are all of these old resoures available in the repos? can one use old repos?11:57
Dr_Willisthey are in the same repo you are using now. try a 'apt-cache search python' and see how many 'versions' of python are there.11:57
xsebsxi know this seems offtopic but ive already started backingup and im ging to do a clean cd install11:59
xsebsxbut is it necessary tobe updating and upgrading everytime there are software updates?11:59
Dr_Willisthats why the 6 mo release cycle. to  let you have  an amount of time where theres not supposed to be any ' constant updates'12:05
phi_hi all12:29
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xakerвсем привет13:03
walidpour la vlc comment je le telecharge14:30
MitticooooHi I need to add permission to ADD files in a root folder14:38
Mitticooooi gave the folder all permissions but I don't know why I can't add a new file14:39
Mitticoooocan someone help me? Thx14:39
MitticooooHi I need to add permission to ADD files in a root folder14:45
Mitticooooi gave the folder all permissions but I don't know why I can't add a new file14:45
Mitticoooocan someone help me? Thx14:45
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Guest32826Hello! I'm trying to install Kubuntu 8.04.2 on a netbook (Acer Aspire One 751) and my problem is that the HDD is not recognized. It works fine with Kubuntu 9.04 but as my other computers have 8.04 I'd prefer to install it on the netbook, too.14:49
Guest32826I Tried an upgrade to 8.10 some time ago but it was too buggy. Did this change with 9.04 and how to migrate to the akonadi framework? (That's the point I've not changed to 9.04 so far.)14:51
=== shadeslayer is now known as Guest89686
zebaztiani just installed kubuntu and for some reason the special effects wont work15:06
voltyhi, I installed edubuntu but in kde session I do not have the menu entry for them (edubuntu), while in gnome session I saw it is there ?15:07
BluesKajhi folks15:08
=== macy is now known as Guest53568
martijn81how does this piece of software called where you have a panel like MAC OSX?15:19
martijn81there is something called avant-window-navigator which is for gnome, but is there also something for kde?15:23
BluesKajmartijn81, it's also called a panel , if you're referring to where one can put quick launch icons15:23
martijn81BluesKaj: yeah you are correct, i ma reffering to such panel... do you got a packagename for me maybe?15:26
BluesKajok martijn81 I think it's called "fancy tasks" for kde15:27
martijn81BluesKaj:  i do not see this in the repository15:29
corwhat can it do that the regular KDE panel can't?15:30
BluesKajmartijn81, strange , can't seem to find a source for the app15:38
martijn81yeah i found one on kde-apps.org15:38
martijn81thanks man15:38
BluesKajmartijn81, I'm interested now too :)15:39
martijn81BluesKaj: see this http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=369e0576213df60175a4fc82078ae6c8e04e75f6e8ebb87115:40
zebaztiani accidentally removed the taskbar panel15:43
zebaztianhow can i get it back15:43
martijn81zebaztian: right click on your desktop and choose add panel> panel15:43
zebaztianwhen i do that15:44
zebaztianit adds a panel at the top of the screen15:44
zebaztiani meant to say the one witht he k menu15:44
zebaztiani also cant move down the one that appears at the top of the screen when i click on add panel15:44
martijn81zebaztian: you should be able to set it tp the bottum15:45
martijn81BluesKaj: i cannot seem to configure such panel to the  botum15:47
martijn81seems like this piece of software needs some more development15:48
=== vorian is now known as buttercup
zebaztianmartijn81, ok i was able to set it but the widgets are in the wrong places15:56
corit definitely still needs work. also, it can be placed on either of the four edges.15:56
coralso, the widgets move15:56
zebaztianhow can i move the widgets?15:56
corclick the yin button15:57
coror is it yan? I forget15:57
zebaztianok but what i mean is15:57
zebaztianonce i pick a widget15:57
zebaztianit sets it on an end of the panel that i don't wnat it to be and i can't move it afterward15:57
corclick the yin button15:57
corI know, crazy, but there you have it. Welcome to KDE!15:58
corand be careful not to remove any widget you have more than one of - they will all vanish, along with all your carefully tuned settings...  *POOF*15:59
corremove with the dialog, that is. always remove them manually, from their context menu.15:59
Mamarokdwidmann____: dou you have connection problems?16:16
Mamarokthen please do not aoutjoin until this is sorted16:16
Mamarokdwidmann____: please do not aoutjoin until your connection problem is sorted16:17
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djilksHey all! I have asus 701sd, just installed 9.10 alpha4, and wireless is a no go. There's no obvious "connect now" and I don't know a cli tool to make it connect like it should. See the network, just won't connect.16:31
djilksAny ideas?16:31
gjuliandjilks: You can get help for karmic in #ubuntu+1 . Maybe it's a know issue.16:35
djilksoh, okee thanks16:36
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=== COR is now known as cor
ubuntui luv kubuntu ;)16:52
ubuntu...but the multimedia apps don't work :(16:53
ubuntu...amarok...for one...doesn't do ipods :(16:54
ubuntu...some lib ipod is missing ???16:54
ubuntu...and how do i load codecs???16:55
ArkoldThosamarok does work with ipods o.o16:55
ArkoldThosthe ipod needs to be mounted16:55
ubuntui have used amarok on bsd...no sweat! but with kubuntu...something about proprietary codecs something ???16:57
cypr1nushello, what can the problem with asus laptop and atheros wifi card, because the diode of wifi card lights only during the boot of the system and later it doesn't. Ifconfig shows it's up and I can scan networks but i can't connect to any, PLEASE HELP16:59
ubuntuwhat i really like about kubuntu / ubuntu anyway is the net connectivity...see, i'm using a Live! cd to connect to the net16:59
gjuliancypr1nus: With atheros wifi cards you need the module madwifi17:00
lelousiusi have a problem with installing kubuntu :( .. screen freezes after klicking on Install17:00
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:00
cypr1nusgjulian: really?17:00
ubuntulelousius: maybe your install cd is corrupted...you have to do integrity check ;)17:01
lelousiushmm ... :( .. i guess you mean the one on the cd .. crashes too :(17:03
ubuntulelousius: yep ;)17:04
ubuntulelousius: you need a fresh Live cd ;)17:04
lelousiusmaybe my blank discs are all broken (they seem not to be normal)17:06
lelousiusi tried 32 and 64 bit version .. and it crashed in both ..17:07
ubuntulelousius: get fresh ones ;)17:07
jhutchins_ltlelousius: Are you verifying each image file when you download it?17:07
ubuntu...of course17:07
ubuntulelousius: always do an integrity check ;)17:08
jhutchins_ltDefinitely worth the time to do so and not have to burn a bad file to disk, then see it fail.17:08
ubuntulelousius: another sure-fire avoidance of fragmented/corrupted files is by saving the file directly to a flash drive! you can even have a USB Live material! :) isn't that neat? ;)17:10
aeroraiemand aanwezig?17:11
aerorazit met een klein probleempje17:11
ubuntuaerora: english???17:11
aerorayeah offcourse;)17:11
aeroraim stuck with a small problem17:12
ubuntuaerora: how small? ;)17:12
aerorai have a problem in the grub17:12
aeroraerror 1517:12
ubuntuaerora: grub-install :)17:12
aerorai cant typ anything here17:13
ubuntuaerora: do a fresh grub install ;)17:13
aerorai swith the pc on and it says grub loading error 1517:13
aeroracant do anything17:14
aerorain any way17:14
aeroraits an old IBM17:14
ubuntuaerora: you'll just have to re-install grub17:14
aerorawith a ubuntu cd?17:14
BluesKajaerora, open your /boot/grb/menu.lst in the run command (Alt+f2)17:14
aeroraits not starting up17:15
aeroracan get past the grub17:15
FloodBotK1aerora: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:15
BluesKaj /boot/grub/menu.lst17:15
BluesKajwhat pc are you on , live cd ?17:16
aeroraim on a jaunty jacklope17:16
ubuntuaerora: just re-install the whole thing ;)17:16
BluesKajaerora, alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /boot/grub/menu.lst17:16
BluesKajubuntu, stop that , it won't help17:17
aeroraim trying to instal ubuntu on an old ibm and that worked now every time i startup i cant do anything it only says grub loading error 1517:17
ubuntu<BluesKaj> aerora, alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /boot/grub/menu.lst <<< the guy can't even boot !!! he can't get a prompt ;)17:17
aerorayay we have a winner17:18
aerorathats correct;)17:18
BluesKajaerora, that'what i asked ..how are you communicating to us right now ?17:18
aeroraon a ubuntu PC17:18
ubuntuaerora: your ibm being old does not have anything to do with it...most booting problems come as a result of faulty installs17:18
aeroratrying to instal it on a different PC17:18
aeroradid it the same way as this one;)17:19
BluesKajok , so do you have a live cd to run on the other pc ?17:19
MeowKIttenHi,im havingproblems with my DVD drive,i recently made backups of my old system and now my DVD drive claims ther unreadable yet they work fine on other systems.17:19
aerorathat didnt work17:19
aeroraubuntu starts17:19
aerorabut after the loading screen the screen is black17:19
=== sidh_ is now known as sidh
BluesKajok run the live cd on the other pc and call up the grub file with the cmnds i posted above , then paste the text on pastebin17:20
ubuntuaerora: get a fresh Live cd...the one you have is corrupted17:21
aerorawait a sec starting up right now17:21
MeowKIttenaerora: did you run a MD5 check?17:21
aerorai think the problem is in my video card17:21
BluesKajscreen is black , how long did you wait ?17:21
aerorai see a trippy screen right now17:21
aeroraabout 15 hours17:22
MeowKIttenDo you get any errors when booting?17:22
MeowKIttentrippy screen? distortions and vibrantrs colers ala LSD? or lattice like framwork like mescaline and otehr phenletlyamines? either way thats cool! i wish my screen was all trippy17:23
aerorabut i booted the live CD i see the background now only its trippy17:23
lelousiuswhere can i get the md5-sums for kubuntu ?17:23
aerorayes it looks like i used lsd17:23
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:23
aeroranow the screen is gray17:24
MeowKIttenNobdy has any ideas on my cd/dvdrom drive issue?17:24
ubuntuMeowKitten: lmao...you need a visit from your friendly neighborhood cops ;)17:24
ubuntuaerora: don't waste your time...but if you enjoy wasting time...fine ;)17:25
aerorai like wasting time17:25
Byron_Hello everyone17:25
ubuntuaerora: just download a Live usb material ;)17:25
MeowKIttenhello world17:25
ubuntuMeowKitten: that's too Java-ish ;)17:26
aerorai have a wizard 3d video card maybe thats a problem? Dsystems Wizar3D 144a.10H17:26
aeroraIBM cant boot from USB17:26
Byron_jussi01: I figured out what it was with my netbook. Had to change SATA to IDE instead of AHCI17:27
ubuntuaerora: first install your distro and then you can worry about your video card...see if your distro recognises it by running "dmesg"17:27
BluesKajaerora, look for that video card in your package manager to see if it's supported17:27
BluesKajsynaptic works yes17:27
Byron_Is anyone having issues with the repos? I keep getting this error: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_jaunty_partner_binary-i386_Packages. The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.17:27
ubuntuaerora: dmesg (whoever suggested synaptic?!)17:28
ubuntuaerora: synaptic is for packages...NOT hardware recognition17:29
MeowKIttenaerora: Try blindly running some commands strangers on-line give you ,its usually a great idea: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:29
MeowKIttenSee if you card is listed17:29
ubuntuaerora: even if your card is not listed, ubuntu/kubuntu always has some generic driver for it17:30
aerorayou know i cant run a terminal right?17:31
BluesKajsynaptic , is good for finding driver support , if he's not on the pc he's running dmesg on I don't see the point17:31
aeroralive cd is trippy17:31
MeowKIttennoi didint,reboot into recovery mode17:31
MeowKIttenoh i forgot your on a live cd,why cant you run a terminal?17:31
BluesKajhe has to run dmesg on the affected pc, ubuntu17:32
MeowKIttenbyron try this,close out any programs like synaptic,apt,aptitude/etc17:32
aerorabecouse the display is trippy cant see anything only see parts of the desktop my mouse 10 times17:32
ubuntuBlues: he's ON the affected pc ;)17:32
MeowKIttensudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*17:32
BluesKajhe sais hecouldn't get to a screen17:32
MeowKIttenByron_: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*17:32
MeowKIttenByron_: sudo dpkg --clear-avail17:33
MeowKIttenByron_: sudo dpkg --configure -a17:33
MeowKIttenByron_: sudo aptitude install -f17:33
aeroraim on instal screen now17:34
ubuntu <MeowKItten> sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*  <<< you're being destructive...humans are supposed to be helpful...unless you're from some dark planet somewhere :D17:34
MeowKIttenByron_: sudo aptitude update17:34
aerorai can boot live cd and stuff17:34
* ubuntu pounds on his toe with a jackhammer17:34
BluesKajaerora, sounds like grub may be the least of your probs with that pc :P17:34
MeowKIttendontthe rest ofthe comandsi gacve him set im up with a new sources list?17:34
Byron_MeowKItten: Thank you. That seems to have done the trick.17:35
aeroragood possible its very old but perfect for a server17:35
ubuntuaerora: install the server17:35
BluesKajaerora, what kind of specs on the old pc ?17:35
MeowKIttenubuntu: See i wasn't trying to be destructive. :P17:36
aerora1.6 Ghz17:36
aerora512 MB ram17:36
aerorabut i think the video card is the problem17:37
ubuntuMeowKitten: throw the chemicals out! live a healthy life...be a vegetable :D17:37
aeroraill instal it again then boot terminal17:38
BluesKajaerora, not too bad , jaunty will run altho your memory is a bit iffy17:38
MeowKIttenaerora:  why not install and deal with your problems from there? once youve installed you could acsess a terminal. Did you ever rua  MD% checksum on you ISO?17:38
Byron_s/rua MD%/run a MD517:38
aeroraagain i cant acces ubuntu becouse afther the ubuntu loading screen the screen blacks out and if i use the liveCD i get a trippy screen17:39
ubuntuaerora: install the ubuntu / kubuntu server instead...17:39
=== ubuntu is now known as krakatoa
MeowKIttenaerora: once installed you can load up into recovery mode17:39
* BluesKaj backs off the aerora prob ...too many cooks17:40
BluesKajaerora, good luck17:40
aerorai can uload a screenshot of the display problem17:40
aeroraty blue17:40
MeowKIttenrecovery mode gives your acses to a terminal where you could configuyre a gernic video driver17:40
krakatoaaerora: it has been established that what you need to do right now is deal with a fresh install...and fresh install from a clean disc, that is ;)17:40
aeroradone that 2 times17:41
aerora2 times screen blacks out17:41
BluesKajI believe MeowKItten is correct , drop tty prompt alt+ctrl+f217:41
aerorauploading a pic of the display now17:41
* krakatoa scratches on the peeling off paint on the wall17:41
=== krakatoa is now known as ubuntu
Byron_I put a new video card on my old desktop. I now have GeForce 7600GS, but it keeps on freezing my system at random points. Any solution to this? I'm running the driver from nVidia as the provided drivers kill KDM.17:42
martijn81does anyone of you have an idea how to get this website to work under linux? http://photolaptop.com/17:42
MeowKIttenits acssessabel from your GRUB menu and as krakatoa said please burna  new disc,maybe try ubuntu alternative install for better preformance,you can run sudo appt-get install kubuntu-desktop? to install the kubuntu packages and choose from your logon screen which desktop enviroement you wan tot load up. with your memory id personaly use ubuntu but kubuntu will still work,just a bit sluggish.17:42
BluesKajmartijn81, it need MS Silverlight17:43
ubuntuoh, well :)17:43
BluesKajit might run in wine17:43
martijn81BluesKaj: i see, and i also see there is moonlight, the OS implementation for this17:44
martijn81but the site does not work after i install it17:44
MeowKIttenByron_:  are you using teh restricted drivers? If so try using a older dirver. somtiems the restricted one in my experiance cause crashes and downgrading can *sometiems* fix the issue17:44
ubuntui despise wine...anybody in love with a windoze app should just run windoze and forget about linux!17:44
aerorathis is my screen this is what i mean with trippy  http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/1933/dsc02719.jpg17:45
Byron_MeowKItten: No, the restricted drivers (all of them) send me to TTY2. I'm using the driver from the nVidia site17:45
MeowKIttenwines annoying but tis progressing into a more usaable application. hopefully someday it will work perfectly.17:45
MeowKIttenaerora: looks like a resolution issue. if you ca get furtehr try adjusting your display resulution17:46
MeowKIttenByron_: sorry no idea..17:47
Byron_MeowKItten: No worries. Thanks for giving it a shot.17:47
MeowKIttenim having problems with my DVD drive,i recently made backups of my old system and now my DVD drive claims their unreadable yet they work fine on other systems,any ideas?17:48
aeroraits not my resolution tryed everything from 800x 600 to 1920 x 108017:48
=== javi_ is now known as javi
aeroramaybe your bus cable? or maybe its set as a master17:48
MeowKIttenaerora: once again try what everyones suggested: clean install from a NEW disc,probably using a alternaitve install cd.17:49
aeroraand once again i installed it 2 times17:49
aerora8.04 and 9.0417:49
aeroraboth dont work17:49
ubuntuMeowKitten: <MeowKItten> im having problems with my DVD drive,i recently made backups of my old system and now my DVD drive claims their unreadable yet they work fine on other systems,any ideas? <<< is it a RAW file ???17:50
=== gerrit is now known as Guest7327
aeroraill try to instal windows 2k and instal it from there anyway thanks for the help17:51
MeowKIttenubuntu; no i usut put files onto a dvd and buredit,nothign special17:53
ubuntuMeowKitten: if you're on a windoze box TRY >>> winimage ...linuz has something better...back ups should always be done as images...not files17:55
=== QuietGir_ is now known as QuietGirl
ubuntuaerora: adjust your resolution to a lower value by fixing it to a windoze box...then connect it to your linux installation17:58
ubuntuaerora: crt or tft / lcd ???17:59
rosco_yI'm trying to recursively search for *.cs files containing a keyword, does anyone know the "fgrep" syntax?18:00
rosco_yor, is fgrep the command I want to be using for this?18:00
aeroralcd 26 inch18:00
rosco_yIt seems to me that this should work: fgrep -R keyword *.cs, but I get the error: "fgrep: *.cs: No such file or directory"18:01
lelousius*trying to install kubuntu from usb-key now*18:02
lelousiusc u18:02
ubuntuaerora: obviously, the distro does not have a driver for your monitor18:02
ubuntulelousius: all the best ;)18:03
rosco_yaerora: do you have the correct driver for your video chipset?18:04
rosco_y(or video card)18:04
ubuntuaerora: use a different monitor just until you get through with the install...then you can fiddle with the settings:)18:05
rosco_yy, sometimes you just have to jiggle things a little to make them work18:05
rosco_ydon't be afraid to reformat, reinstall :)18:06
rosco_yjust kidding (a little)18:06
ubunturosco_y: don't be afraid to reformat, reinstall :) <<< some people don't have the time ;)18:06
rosco_yubuntu: how true18:06
cinexrosco_y: egrep or grep -e ?18:07
rosco_ycinex: ty, I'm trying to recursively search for files containing a search word18:07
cinexand u might need to do 'keyword' or "keyword"18:07
rosco_ycinex: well, in my case I'm looking for *.cs files containing "alertWidth"18:08
cinexor possible egrep keyword `ls *.cs`18:08
cinexit depends how it handles filenames18:08
ubunturosco_y: man fgrep ;)18:08
rosco_yubuntu: ty, I should have tried that in the first place :)18:09
ubunturosco_y: man fgrep takes you to grep18:09
aerorai used a 19 inch tft18:10
aeroradidnt work18:10
rosco_yubuntu: using the help, I thought this should work: "fgrep -R alertWidth *.cs"18:10
rosco_ybut it doesn't18:10
aeroratrying windows 7600 now18:11
aeroraand it works perfect18:11
rosco_yif I'm actually in the directory, "fgrep alertWidth *.cs" works, and -R is the recurse directories option18:11
ubuntuaerora: good for you ;)18:11
aerorai dont like windows:(18:11
rosco_yaerora: I find them useful for checking the weather18:12
aerorayou can do that with ubuntu;018:12
rosco_ynot working perfectly anymore, I'll bet18:12
aerorano im stunned by the graphics with a wizard 3d18:13
KDeskhi, do you know any amarok git repo for karmic?18:13
rosco_yaerora: oh, that's nice18:13
aerorait can run the newest windows18:13
rosco_yI'm stunned when I can get both monitors working correctly18:13
aerorabut it cant run ubuntu18:13
rosco_yI'll be stunned when I figure out "fgrep"18:14
=== ajay_ is now known as ajfuel
rosco_yI think it's time for a google search18:15
aeroragoogle is your friend18:15
aeroraonly the search engine18:15
rosco_yaerora: agreed, I couldn't get along without google18:15
ajfuelhey guys.. how to join an array of integers in C ?18:16
rosco_yajfuel: I think you have to allocate space and copy to a new array18:16
=== tommy is now known as maninthemiddle
cinexrosco_y: did u try -f *.cs18:17
ajfuelrosco_y: oh okay.18:17
=== maninthemiddle is now known as maninthemiddle23
cinex(egrep -r "lee_" *log*18:17
rosco_ycinex: no I didn't...but am all over it now18:17
cinexworks for me running on chatroom logs18:17
cinexfgrep too18:18
rosco_ycinex: when the logs are in subdirectories?18:18
cinexsubmit it and find out :P18:18
cinexe logs are in subdirectories18:18
ubunturosco_y: grep -F -r --include=PATTERN18:19
rosco_ycinex: I tried "fgrep -f alertWidth *.cs" and I got "fgrep:  alertWidth: No such file or directory"18:19
cinexworks in the directory without the -r too18:20
rosco_yubuntu the PATTERN is the text to search for, or the file filter?18:20
cinexstring to search for18:20
rosco_yk, thanks18:20
ubunturosco_y: the pattern to search for18:20
cinexegrep -e lee_ -f *log*18:21
cinexworks too18:21
corrosco_y, "find"18:21
rosco_y:) sheesh, I had a buddy who thought tech support might be better for windows than for linux, was he ever wrong18:22
rosco_ycor: wouldn't find be more for finding files than searching in them?18:23
cinexrosco_y: cat *.log |grep lee_18:24
corahh I musta misread your initial question18:24
cinexcat *.cs |grep that-word-u-wanted18:24
corI use mc for that, it's quicker18:24
corit basically uses grep, but without you having to think about the switches18:25
corsudo aptitude install mc18:25
rosco_yintuitively, I thought fgrep would be the one I want (as in "file" grep)18:25
coror the Dolphin find command, of course, which has content search, and the back-end is already running18:25
cinexrosco_y: is it not just shorthand for "grep -e"18:26
rosco_ycinex: I wouldn't be surprised to learn that you're right--it seems like I did see that before18:26
rosco_ywell, I have to run and pick up my daughter from her cousin's house, Thanks a Lot Everybody!18:27
aerorawho has a good alternative for ubuntu18:28
rosco_ysee you on the go-round18:28
=== J is now known as Guest58996
cinexaerora: debian18:28
aeroracinex: it must be stable and easy to work with18:28
cinexwell ubuntu is very much just a preconfigured debian18:28
aeroramaybe suze or fedora?18:29
Brian__i need some advise i am running kubuntu kde 4.3 and i aloso have gnome installed, ok so i installed kxdocker onto my desktop and when i run the docker it opens but insted of seeing the dock i see a outline of the dock and in the outline i see my wallpaper to my gnome desktop ,kinda like ab little dock shaped window to my gnome desktop any ideas how to fix this18:29
cinexhave u tired ubuntu and kubuntu and xubuntu18:29
cinexto see if there is one you prefer?18:29
aeroralike the gnome desktop18:29
cinexaerora: i prefer kde to gnome18:29
cinexits easy to install18:30
aerorakde is to windowsy:P18:30
* ubuntu is back18:31
aerorawhat to you advise me?18:31
aeroraan alternative for ubuntu18:31
aerorai like the gnome desktop and it must be easy to use18:32
ubuntuaerora: ??? what? did i miss anything?18:32
aeroraubuntu is simply not working with my video card18:32
ubuntuaerora: would it be proper to suggest a different distro for you in this channel ;)18:32
ubuntuaerora: try fedora18:32
cinexi was about to say fedora18:32
cinexbut u should google around about the video card first18:33
aeroraalso an active community?18:33
aerorai know;)18:33
* ubuntu waits to get kicked out of the channel18:33
cinexit might be one of those ones that will never work18:33
cinexmandriva too18:33
aerorayou know what18:33
aeroraill ask google this one;)18:33
aeroradownload everything18:33
aeroraand instal them in virtualbox18:33
ubuntuaerora: don't install the unbuntu /kubuntu desktop...install the server instead18:34
cinexgoogle your graphics card18:34
cinexcheck for linux support18:34
aeroraubuntu: server edition doesnt work18:34
ubuntuaerora: wow...that's a surprise18:34
aerorait crashes then the terminal appers18:34
cinexat distro will work with my graphics card and is easy to use - dont worry ill not tell u what my card is - you can guess"18:35
ubuntuaerora: don't use X1118:35
ubuntuaerora: try xfce18:36
aerorai get serveral options18:36
ubuntuaerora: you don't need a desktop if you run a server...use a terminal18:36
KDeskAmarok 2.1 starts slow in my computer, like ~20 seconds, any one else with this slow startup?18:37
aeroramandriva, fedora, suse, red hat, knoppix, mepis, slackware, debian, gentoo, linspire18:37
ubuntuaerora: pardus18:37
aeroraluckly for me i got a fast connection18:38
aeroraill try them al;)18:38
aeroralong live virtualbox18:38
ubuntuaerora: hallelujiah! :D18:38
KDeskaerora: look at distro watch, they have a big +100 list of distros :)18:38
aeroraim looking at iso.linuxquestions.org18:38
ubuntuKDesk: upgrade your kde18:38
KDeskubuntu: why do you say that? I have 4.3.018:39
ubuntuKDesk: i thought you didn't have the latest...amarok should work with the latest18:39
ubuntuKDesk: "should" and when it doesn't we scratch our eyeballs18:40
KDeskubuntu: ah, I have the latest, both, but amarok is slow since 2.1 or 2.018:40
ubuntuUptime: 2 hours and 1 minutes18:41
crazycodershi, anyone can help me fix a problem with my apache server please?18:41
ubuntuwow! not bad uptime for Live CD :D18:41
KDeskubuntu: hehe, maybe in git it is better..18:41
ubuntucrazycoders: man httpd18:42
crazycodersubuntu: common, it's not a man page i want18:42
crazycodersi have a problem with it18:42
crazycodersi have setup webmin, and when i create vhosts, only one respond for the two of them although i specified a hostname in both18:43
ubuntucrazycoders: you have a problem with "man" pages???18:43
ubuntucrazycoders: ah. ok18:43
crazycodersfor example, i set up svn.7dfx.com and cmdb.7dfx.com18:44
ubuntu[23:12] <crazycoders> i have setup webmin, and when i create vhosts, only one respond for the two of them although i specified a hostname in both <<< vhosts work best with bsd18:44
crazycodersand both respond on the VNC18:44
crazycodersahhh man, wtf... it works now18:45
crazycodersit didn't work this morning when i set it up18:45
aeroradownloading opensuse fedora and mandriva now anyone else with a good advise?18:45
crazycodersi messed with it for like 2h18:45
ubuntucrazycoders: call that "glitch" :D18:45
crazycodersohhhhhhh it came back, no that problem i had fixed, it's a problem with svn i keep getting now18:45
crazycodersdo you know anything about SVN?18:45
ubuntucrazycoders: i know less, google knoew more???18:46
crazycodersobviously, but that error is very unspecific18:46
crazycodersOPTIONS OF <<svn.7dfx.com>> resulted in 200 ok...18:46
crazycoderssends back ok18:47
ubuntucrazycoders: tinker, tinker and tinker some more18:47
crazycodersbut it says its an error18:47
ubuntucrazycoders: 2 hours is like hey, what's 2 hours???18:48
crazycoderslol, whats the point of an IRC channel no-one helps? I don't need MAN or Google advice, i can do it myself and if i came here it's probably because i already tried that18:48
ubuntucrazycoders: everything comes with a documentation including httpd or whatever18:49
ubuntuthis cahnnel if for coffee and things ephemeral...nobody ever gets help from this channel :P18:50
corexcellent news! I must go read how to create dolphin service menus. Doh!18:50
=== kaddi is now known as kathrin
geniicrazycoders: webmin is no longer provided with (k)ubuntu, or supported. It was replaced with ebox18:52
geniicrazycoders: You *may* find someone in #ubuntu-server who could help18:52
aerorai cant find fedora with gnome ?19:00
geniimaybe you want a fedora channel :)19:00
crazycodersok so webmin not recommended, i'll try to apt-get ebox, brb19:01
=== warren is now known as htrejh
crazycodersalthough i doubt it's what is causing my svn problems19:01
MeowKIttenHi im on step 5 here:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=942664 and im getting these errors:nord@fnord-desktop:~/git$ make depend19:26
MeowKIttenmake: *** No rule to make target `depend'.  Stop.19:26
MeowKIttenfnord@fnord-desktop:~/git$ make19:26
MeowKIttenmake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.19:26
MeowKIttenfnord@fnord-desktop:~/git$ sudo make install19:26
MeowKIttenmake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.19:26
FloodBotK1MeowKItten: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:26
MeowKIttenHi im on step 5 here:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=942664 and im getting these errors: http://pastebin.com/m41b5a74119:27
kathrinhola :)19:30
javier_que tal?19:31
javier_de donde eres?19:31
kathrinbien, gracias. pero:19:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:31
javier_where do you come from?19:31
javier_are you there?19:32
kathringermany, but this is a support channel only, if you want to chat, please go to #kubuntu-offtopic19:32
javier_have a good day19:33
=== warren is now known as Guest63397
kathrinyou too19:33
=== Guest63397 is now known as htrejh
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz19:35
MeowKIttenum how come kubuntu claims deb is not a command?19:37
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.19:38
MeowKIttenfnord@fnord-desktop:~/git$ deb http://www.beerorkid.com/compiz/ dapper main19:38
MeowKIttenbash: deb: command not found19:38
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »19:38
FloodBotK1MeowKItten: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:38
kathrinMeowKItten: deb is not a command19:39
sumanguys, i am trying to set up vpn in kubuntu 8.0419:39
sumanbut have heard that there are bugs with the knetwork-manager19:39
sumananyone knows a fix for this19:39
kathrinMeowKItten: if you want to add an additional repository, you need to write the line you mentioned into your /etc/apt/sources.list ,then you can update your sources with apt-get udpate and you can afterwards download compiz like a normale package19:40
kathrinMeowKItten: If you want to install a *.deb package you can do so through commandline, using the comand dpkg19:40
crazycodershey i'm back19:42
crazycodersi removed webmin and installed ebox, but i can't seem to edit my users or even access my httpd vhosts19:43
crazycodersam i missing something19:43
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JeffH-Is 10gb enough space to install kubuntu and take it for a test drive?20:37
StupidWeaselYes JeffH, that's plenty :)20:38
JeffH-StupidWeasel: Thanks20:38
StupidWeaselWell not "plenty". But enjoy to give it a good spin =P20:39
JeffH-My father just want to see how it looks.  I now need to figure out if I can install from usb rather than burning a cd20:41
kathrinJeffH-: you should even be able to install it and boot from your usb ;)20:43
JeffH-will it be slow?  I tried installing OS X to a usb stick and it was SLOW!20:44
kathrinJeffH-: yeah it'll be slower20:45
JeffH-Is there a way to install it to a usb stick from OS X? ( don't have Windows)20:45
kathrinthese are instructions to install from a usbstick: http://www.pcwelt.de/start/software_os/vista/news/130336/windows_vista_64_bit_digital_signierte_treiber_werden_pflicht/20:46
FloodBotK1kathrin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:46
DragnslcrIf you burn it to a CD, you can also run from the CD without installing anything to a hard disk20:46
DragnslcrNot sure if you can do a Live run from USB20:46
JeffH-that's a good point.  I guess I can just burn a cd20:47
gr8expectationsI am looking for some help with ubuntu. New user, cannot get sound to work on web, tried lots of solutions from the support boards20:55
gr8expectationsnever used irc before either, am i even in the right place to ask for help?20:56
Mamarokgr8expectations: what exact version of Kubuntu are you using?20:56
gr8expectationsah, I am not using kubuntu, ubuntu 9.0420:56
Mamarokoh, then you should better ask in #ubuntu, I no nothing about Gnome, sorry20:57
gr8expectationsthank you20:57
Mamarokyou are welcome :)20:57
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MeowKIttenhi idlike a terminal on my desktop,like  a wiget or other sort of program,isthis possible?21:18
MeowKIttena keybored shorcut to bring it to the top or displaythe desktop would be nice too21:18
DragnslcrYou could set a global shortcut to launch Konsole21:19
devilsadvocateMeowKItten, look at yakuake21:20
DragnslcrOr use a Quicklaunch widget21:20
navetzcan someone help me I cannot get my krunner to work21:49
navetzi was having lots of issues when i upgraded from 8.04 to 9.0421:49
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navetzdoes anyone know how to reinstall the run command ?21:58
geniinavetz: apt-cache search krunner     shows some possibles22:06
navetz genii: I didn't  know about that thanks. I also didn't know the run command was a plasmoid widigt22:07
geniinavetz: dpkg -S /usr/bin/krunner shows: kdebase-workspace-bin: /usr/bin/krunner          (the originating package of krunner)22:08
geniiSo conceivably you could do something like a sudo apt-get install --reinstall debase-workspace-bin              ....but I wouldn't chance doing it when in KDE22:09
geniibah, the "k" dropped from kdebase when I copy/pasted22:10
navetzgenii: okay I'll go to a tty session and try it out22:10
shadeslayerplasma crash22:24
shadeslayerbye all22:25
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MeowKIttenok so kubuntu starts any program that was left running when the computer shuts down right? what about background processes and other things? wont this evently clutter things up and cause me to have a few hundred running programs/processes/etc?22:49
MeowKItteni mean of coure ill shut down any programs i dont want running but wont ther stillbe some i cant shut down or see? not sure if what im saying makes any sense,i dont realy know how to artiucalte it22:50
baron86Hello there, I got a problem with my CPU Load. Its an AMD Athlon 3200+ and i use Kubuntu 9.04 and in the Idle mode it consumes 33% where as in the System Monitor the total sum is about 8-10.. What else is running and i dont see it?22:56
baron86My Xp CPU Load was 2-3... whats wrong? I am new in Linux community but need assistance22:57
ByronDon't everyone chat at once, please ;)23:13
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pulaskihello, I run kubuntu 9.04 jaunty.  I want to play an audio cd using kscd.  The generat configuration tab only allows me to select if the cd should be ejected after play.  After I have placed a music cd in my drive I must manually bring up kscd but then it doesn't begin to play.How can I configure kscd to recognize my audio cd drive?23:28
Walexwhat does "recognize my audio cd drive?" mean?23:30
pulaskiWalex: Thank you for responding.  In my exerience configuration of a cd player allows one to choose from cd devices.  I have cdrom cdrom0 and cdrom1.  How does kscd know which cddrive contains the music cd?23:32
geniipulaski: I'd try checking off "Autoplay when CD inserted" as shown on this config screenshot of kscd http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdemultimedia/kscd/kscd-options-tab.html23:33
Walexpulaski: "Extras>Configue KsCD>CD-ROM device"23:33
pulaskiWalex: thank you, I appreciate your suggestion23:34
pulaskiI have just used sudo apt-get install kscd.  I can bring the player up but in does not look like the one in the help files.  If I enter kscd -v on the cl it returns QT; 4.5.0 , KDE: 4.2.2 (KDE4.2.2) KsCD: 1.5.  The right click configure brings up two tabs.  General, in wich I can only turn on or off auto eject and Appearance: in which I can only change the font.23:42
pulaskiThis is not the KsCD I'm falmiliar with from earlier versions of kubuntu.23:43
joshua__what it take to get X to respawn after ctrl+alt+bksp?23:47
geniijoshua__: kdm restart23:48
joshua__from where?!?23:48
geniijoshua__: ctrl-alt-f1 usually will still take you to console1 where you could issue something like: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart23:48
joshua__right now, ctrl-alt-f1 goes to a hung console since that getty didn't resapwan eitehr23:49
geniijoshua__: Not good. Did any other respawn ? (tty2-tty5/6)23:50
joshua__I've got one working on tty2 right now23:51
joshua__if that shell dies, that's it23:51
geniijoshua__: Did it go to busybox, or regular shell?23:52
joshua__normal shell23:52
joshua__I am really really considering doing apt-get install sysvinit right now23:53
geniijoshua__: Should still be able to execute the kdm restart from there then23:53
joshua__so bloody what this kind of bug is madness23:53
geniijoshua__: I haven't seen it before.23:54
pulaskiWalex: Gone is the rectangular shape and familiar controls.  The help files provide the screenshot you posted a few moments ago.  That screenshot is unavailable with the version of KsCD that I have recently acquired.  Perhaps I can downgrade to an earlier version.  Can you provide a package name for the version from which you obtained your screen shot?23:54
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geniipulaski: The screenshot is on the kde documentation site, it's not anything I have installed. I tend to use Amarok for my cd-playing23:55
Walexpulaski: that was by 'genii'. I am using KDE 3.5.10 BTW. But it is very likely that whatever version you are using also has a configurati8on dialog.23:55
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