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zj3t3mjubohrium is freeze again03:51
zj3t3mjuanyone can help?03:51
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zj3t3mjuwgrant: it's freezing again!09:41
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gourhi, something is wrong with the site?16:17
[lan3y]dont think so why?16:17
gouri'm getting  Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.16:18
wgrantgour: What URL?16:18
gourand http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openerp/openobject-client/5.0/annotate/head%3A/doc/Changelog16:18
[lan3y]bazaar then16:19
gourahh, the same url :-/16:19
wgrantbazaar.launchpad.net is having some issues at the moment. Try refreshing in a couple of minutes.16:19
wgrantIf that doesn't work, you might just have to wait.16:19
gourthat's what i do :-)16:19
gourhuh...now it works...16:31
shiki-what is the easiest method to make launchpad a compile for every series?17:35
shiki-split the package or upload without any extra name (no ~ppaX~%distroY) and copy it to X series? is it possible?17:35
mzzerr, sec17:36
mzzshiki-: you may be looking for https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions17:36
shiki-I used the split method. Created jaunty packages first from karmic, sid, scratch. Uploaded them. Then copy jaunty folder, wrote a script which renames them.17:36
shiki-ah ty17:36
shiki-hmm.. dont know..17:37
mzz(disclaimer: no firsthand experience with that)17:37
shiki-maybe the split is still better choice17:37
shiki-(since if one breaks, I can fix it easily)17:37
shiki-I'll use this from now on anyway. Ty.17:37
shiki-(once a problem occurs, just make a split for series X :))17:37
shiki-wondering about this command:  dput my-ppa-force-hardy  P_V_source.changes17:44
shiki-correct syntax is: dput ppa:shiki/personal-force-hardy ? oO17:44
shiki-ehm..okay this is not the correct one..17:45
mzzshiki-: no, ec17:57
mzz"create a new dput configuration section using incoming = ~<lp_name>/ppa/ubuntu/<a ubuntu suite>"17:57
mzzlemme pastebin17:57
mzzshiki-: paste.pocoo.org/show/136978 is what's in my ~/.dput.cf. I don't think you can do this without a ~/.dput.cf conveniently.17:58
mzzshiki-: (just look at the [ppa] section in /etc/dput.cf, if I understand the syntax correctly you can't append the suite if you use the "ppa:" shortcut)17:59
maxbshiki-: If you want LP to compile the same packagename for different series within the same PPA, you absolutely must change the version for each series18:10
maxbLet me pastebin the script I use18:11
shiki-then the way I used is OK..?18:11
maxbis what I wrote to automate the process of building additional source packages for upload one to each series18:14
maxbForcing a series different to that appearing in the changes file is not useful here, since you still need to change the version18:15
maxb(Because the name+version needs to be unique for every binary package which is built)18:15
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mzzah, so what I said was wrong then. Sorry!19:24
cyberixWhen will the new overview page be released?21:11
cyberixIs it going to happen before next saturday or after it?21:12
\u03b5:o that completely changed21:41
\u03b5lacks colors :<21:41
\u03b5especially the Report a bug button21:44
\u03b5it's in stealth mode, litterally21:44
blizzkidHow long does it take for packages to appear in ppa after dput?22:50
maxbup to 5 minutes for the upload processor to notice the new source22:51
maxbThen whatever time it takes for the builds to happen22:51
blizzkidok cool, I thought it would be longer22:51
maxbresults of builds are published to the download site at 0, 20, and 40 minutes past the hour22:52
blizzkidso prolly I see something in couple of minutes?22:52
blizzkid(it's basically only 1 python script in a package)22:52
maxbyou should be able to see the status on your PPA's webpage once the initial 5 minutes have passed22:53
maxbplus you should also get a confirmation email at that point22:54
blizzkidthat should be about now :)22:54
blizzkidUnable to find distroseries: unstable22:55
blizzkidshould that be Distribution: Karmic?22:55
maxblowercase, but yes, assuming you actually want to build in the development distroseries22:57
blizzkidmaxb: I'm on karmic, but it *should* work on jaunty too22:58
maxbah, if you're already running karmic, makes sense to upload for that22:59
maxb(I am too, but most people don't like to live on the bleeding edge)22:59
blizzkidhmmz, how do I tell dpkg-build to build for karmic instead of unstable? Can't seem to find it in the man page23:08
blizzkiddpkg-buildpackage that is23:14
maxbblizzkid: it's controlled by the header line in debian/changelog23:19
wgrantmaxb: Actually, publishing has been */5 (not */20) for some months now.23:23
blizzkidmaxb: I found it indeed, but now I have another issue... it got rejected because it contained binaries, so I did dpkg-buildpackage -S, but then dput complains it can't find the .changes file because that's now .source.changes23:32
wgrantblizzkid: dpkg-buildpackage -S will create a *_source.changes. You need to upload that.23:33
maxbWhat do you mean "dput can't find"? dput doesn't find changes files, you tell it where they are on the command line.23:33
blizzkidmaxb wgrant my bad, I forgot to change the dput command :23:34
blizzkidyay it worked23:58

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