penguin42connex: I wouldn't be surprised if you needed to bring up a bunch of other stuff first, dbus at a guess and maybe all the stuff that handles sessions00:00
natewiebe13Neonexus: no kidding.. they only gave us a new splash that doesnt even work right00:00
Neonexussome of the examples on utube was amazing00:00
natewiebe13real or mockups?00:01
Neonexusnate u know anything about firestarter?00:02
connexdbus is running.00:03
natewiebe13http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jkocGPBqhc <--- how does his splash work properly?00:03
simba_my splash do that to00:05
NeonexusIts still pretty lame!00:05
natewiebe13really? its supposed to be bugged00:05
simba_lol....plenty of other buggs00:05
natewiebe13like that00:05
natewiebe13thats how mine looks at least00:06
natewiebe13simba_: thats what is is supposed to look like ^00:07
natewiebe13am i the only one with the throbber moving vertically instead of horizontally?00:08
Neonexusmine does that too00:08
natewiebe13good.. im not the only one00:08
penguin42I get that as well - vertical00:09
natewiebe13simba_: yours moves horizontally and not vertically?00:09
penguin42it looks erm odd00:09
natewiebe13yeah.. and in the first video.. that guy's works00:09
natewiebe13anyone know how?00:10
* penguin42 guesses it's some combination of graphics driver and phase of the moon00:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420217 in xsplash "There are 51 frames in xsplash-throbber.png" [Low,New]00:13
natewiebe13looks like xsplash-throbber.png was made wrong00:13
natewiebe13or you need to change the amount of frames and recompile.. that probably what the other guy did00:14
natewiebe13i'll try it tomorrow and release a .deb for a temporary fix00:14
* penguin42 is left wondering why it need pre-rendering00:14
Neonexushas anyone elses firestarter stopped logging firewall events?00:18
natewiebe13penguin42: just got the source.. the throbber has 51 frames.. and the xsplash config calls for 50 frames.. thats why its glitching00:20
natewiebe13im at home and have no karmic, otherwise id recompile it right now00:20
penguin42ah, but still, I don't quite understand why it doesn't just draw the throbber there and then rather than pull it in from pics00:21
natewiebe13my guess is its using transparency and a gaussian blur.. most video cards cant render it that fast00:21
geniiIs there any GRUB load option for vga=### which would do 1920x1080  ?00:22
ali1234genii: possibly with KMS00:22
penguin42natewiebe13: It's only tiny00:22
natewiebe13thats the best way to have it look good and still be smooth on onboard video and old cards00:22
penguin42genii: I think the vga= only does stuff your video bios knows00:22
natewiebe13genii: there is an option for that00:22
natewiebe13i'll find it00:22
Neonexusanyone having issues with GRUB2?00:23
geniiCool, thanks00:23
NeonexusI keep getting a failed to boot because of device ID something or other00:23
Neonexushave to delete the line search ......00:23
natewiebe13genii: i cant remember, but there was a file and all it had in it was x=1440 y=90000:28
natewiebe13and it was for grub00:29
natewiebe13genii: if i was on my karmic computer at work i could find it00:29
natewiebe13im not going to get on it until tomorrow00:30
geniiNo worries00:30
maccam94metacity keeps crashing on me00:30
maccam94error in pulse/context.c00:30
natewiebe13genii: i can let you know tomorrow00:31
maccam94is that a known problem?00:31
geniimaccam94: Not sure. Couldn't find it on the Karmic known issues list. But for me, the splash screen is like a teensy thing in the middle00:32
geniinatewiebe13: I'd appreciate it and I'll be here00:33
maccam94genii: i'm talking about the metacity crash00:33
geniimaccam94: Ah... no idea00:33
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billybigriggerhas anyone here figured out how to change the torrent application in chromium?01:04
* billybigrigger hasn't01:04
billybigriggerand it's bugging me01:04
krushiais it possible to make the kde 4.3 "report bug" feature work as intended in karamic, instead of using the apport thingy?01:17
Prettowhy my rule that worked on jaunty does not work on karmic01:31
Prettowhat changed in udev?01:32
dtchenwithout knowing what the rule is...01:33
Prettodtchen http://paste.ubuntu.com/261228/01:35
Prettodtchen it is md300 modem that works like a storage device too, so ubuntu only recognizes it like usb storage divice01:36
Prettodtchen i have used that rule since intrepid, but now it doesnt work on karmic01:37
dtchenSUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0fce", ATTRS{idProduct}=="d0cf", PROGRAM="/bin/sh -c 'echo 3 > /sys/%p/device/bConfigurationValue'"01:38
Prettodtchen i will try, thank you01:39
mpontillox1250: I filed bug 420578 regarding the pulseaudio problem we were talking about last night. you said this happened to you too - so please jump into the discussion if you have anything to add01:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420578 in pulseaudio "Karmic: PCM volume (as seen in alsamixer) "stuck" at 100% with pulseaudio enabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42057801:41
dtchenmpontillo: it's probably a codec-specific bug, but you'll need to move PA out of the equation to test01:42
dtcheni.e., verify that ALSA is fine without it and that you need to tweak the profiles for PA01:43
mpontillodtchen: I have - when I take pulseaudio out of the picture, I can adjust the volume. as soon as I turn it back on, it's locked in place at 100%01:43
dtcheninteresting, i don't have that symptom01:43
mpontilloright, I saw your comments. I am using a system upgraded from Jaunty. maybe I should try a USB key at some point to see if it happens on a fresh install01:44
bjsnideryes but you're using a different sound card i'd bet01:44
dtchenmpontillo: can you try killall pulseaudio;mv ~/.pulse ~/.pulse.bak01:45
mpontillodtchen: oh, I already tried that. I was more worried about the files in /etc. though they should be fine since I never modified them under Jaunty(--)01:46
mpontillo(in fact, I followed the directions in bug 410446 and removed ~/.pulse_cookie as well)01:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 410446 in pulseaudio "[regression] karmic: pulseaudio doesn't remember last volume, sets to 0 every boot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41044601:49
dtchenmpontillo: ok, so you probably want to look at /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths/analog-output*01:50
itswhatevsomething weird is afoot.  my intel 965gm is freezing like a mf.  it was fine, and then i had to do a re-install with alpha3 cd (didn't format), now it's unstable.  seems odd.01:50
DanaGoh yeah, this reminds me... I still need to report my issues with the USB sound card.01:51
DanaGAnd I still have that udev "device does not exist" issue.01:52
dtchenit's known01:53
DanaGThe udev one?  Cool.01:53
dtchenif you can get pulseaudio -vvvv attached, that would help01:53
mpontillodtchen: thanks; I'm checking it out but I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. it looks like a default config. I don't see anything in there that should obviously cause my problem01:54
DanaGIs there an existing report to attach it to?01:54
dtchenmpontillo: IF it turns out not to be a codec (driver) issue, you may try changing the volume = merge01:55
mpontillodtchen: the pulseaudio -vvvv output is a bit interesting. has some clues on where to look in the code, potentially. I'll attach it.01:56
DanaGugh, have to reboot -- I got an oops.01:57
Prettodtchen no success?01:58
Prettodtchen i got the same result01:58
dtchenPretto: is /sys/%p/device/bConfigurationValue valid?02:00
dtchen(assuming %p is substituted appropriately)02:00
Prettodtchen it was since intrepid02:00
HazRPG1hey guys02:01
dtchencan you try with udevadm trigger, then?02:01
Prettodtchen to be honest i dont know the value of that, but worked on intrepid and jaunty02:01
dtcheni'll be back later02:02
Prettoanyone else would help?02:02
HazRPG1has anyone else noticed that karmic (with all current updates) doesn't shutdown or restart properly anymore?02:02
HazRPG1it just freezes with a    _    blinking02:03
HazRPG1(and kinda like a 4-way split screen thing going on too, cos there's four of the same things, but as in their in their own windows)02:03
bjsnideris there a ppa for this new skype release?02:04
bjsniderif not maybe i'll throw it into mine02:04
mpontilloHazRPG1: yeah I have the same issue. if I hit control-alt-F8 while it's happening, I can see that it's waiting for all processes to terminate...02:06
DanaGokay, I got a vvvv log, but now it's taking ages to pastebin it.02:11
DanaG2243 lines.02:11
Lars_GHey all.02:12
Lars_GQuestion, what kernel are you guys sending out now for karmic?02:12
DanaGLinux EliteBook 2.6.31-8-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Thu Aug 27 14:42:57 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:13
DanaGthat's what I've got.02:13
Lars_GDanaG: compiled yourself or pulled from the alpha builds?02:14
DanaGIt's the one from the repos.02:14
Lars_Gwould you do me one last favor please?02:14
Lars_Gcheck your /lib/modules in kernel/drivers/net to see if you have the atl1c dir/module02:14
Lars_Gnot atl1 or atl1e or atl1x, but atl1c02:15
Lars_Gthanks beforehand :)02:15
DanaGlinux-image-2.6.31-8-generic: /lib/modules/2.6.31-8-generic/kernel/drivers/net/atl1c/atl1c.ko02:15
DanaGdpkg -S gives that.02:15
Lars_GOk then I'll take the plunge02:15
Lars_GI'm going karmic alpha02:15
DanaGJust watch out: preceding kernel version rendered LVM unbootable.02:15
Lars_Gcan jaunty be dist-upgrade ed into karmic?02:15
Lars_GNot using lvm02:15
DanaGBe prepared to run into these sorts of issues -- and have backups.  =þ02:15
Lars_GI've used alphas before.02:16
Lars_Gand this is on a netbook so it might get worse02:16
billybigriggerLars_G, run update-manager -d via alt-f202:16
Lars_Gbut I want to have my nic working as well :P02:16
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:16
DanaGhmm, might wanna go to console and do-release-upgrade instead?02:16
billybigriggerLars_G, you should read the release notes if your going to take the plunge02:16
billybigriggerdo-release-upgrade eh02:16
billybigriggerthats new to me :P02:17
Lars_Gbillybigrigger: Well years ago I used to live on the edge on all my distros.02:17
DanaGBonus points if you run it in 'screen'.02:17
Lars_GI always run it in screen02:17
Lars_Git's on my .bashrc02:17
Lars_GI forget stuff running so ofter I placed it there. so I can reattach from home02:17
Lars_Gbillybigrigger: will do02:17
Lars_Gwow lots of huge changes in karmic02:19
Lars_Gheh normally there's small "we have newer version of xxx" changes02:19
Lars_Gbut, ext4 default, hal is deprecated, new inter driver, wow02:19
billybigriggergrub2 by default02:19
Lars_Gthis is so big I'm thinking I might want to get and install the remix from scratch02:21
Lars_GI'd like to be on ext4 and grub202:21
Lars_GI guess those ain't pulled with a dist-upgrade02:21
Lars_GDon't go!02:23
Lars_GIs there no user provided or something, .img image for the netbook remix of alpha4?02:26
Lars_GI kinda misstrust burning an iso to pendrive02:26
HazRPG1mpontillo: does that mean something isn't shutting down properly02:39
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mandaraHow to download gwibber's 2.0 branch with bzr?03:06
MindVirus1My sound is retarded.03:11
MindVirus1I heard the first split second of the sound and then it goes blank.03:12
MindVirus1And I don't hear anything for a while again.03:12
DKcrosshello people03:24
Lars_GNow, if I go ahead and plunge on the alpha, I can update with new packages as they're pushed, right?03:31
BluesKajLars_G, if you have the right repos in your sources.list , yes03:33
Lars_Gthanks BluesKaj03:33
Lars_Gwhere can I get the list of the right repos?03:34
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:34
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:35
Lars_Gthank you03:35
BluesKajLars_G,and here , http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha403:38
Lars_Gdoing home now, be well all.03:39
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BluesKajmythtv , is a steep learning curve for a linux starter app04:14
Prettodtchen http://paste.ubuntu.com/261277/04:18
Prettodtchen still not able to use the modem04:19
DanaGdtchen: my pulseaudio log of hotplugging USB sound card: http://pastebin.ca/154661804:20
dtchenDanaG: with 1:0.9.16~test6-38-g8bf2-0ubuntu1~ubuntuaudiodev1, correct?04:22
DanaGI: main.c: This is PulseAudio 0.9.16-test6-30-g30038404:22
dtchen38-g8bf2-0ubuntu1~ubuntuaudiodev1 built some thirty minutes ago04:23
DanaGah, I'll check for updates right now.04:23
dtchenPretto: oh, sorry, brainfart on my part04:26
dtchenPretto: s/PROGRAM/RUN+=/04:27
DanaGoh yeah, that reminds me... something in udev broke the Xilinx USB JTAG  cable.04:27
DanaGIt used to use a "$TEMPNODE" variable, that now no longer exists.04:27
DanaGI had to change it to $env{devname}04:27
Prettodtchen :D  i've changed the modem-switch rule using that, no success at all too04:28
dtchenPretto: are you positive your path is valid?04:28
Prettodtchen yes04:28
dtchendo you absolutely need to invoke it with /bin/sh ?04:29
dtchenDanaG: udev moves pretty quickly, (un)fortunately04:29
DanaGParticularly bad for closed-source stuff like that WinDriver.04:30
Prettodtchen that is the problem, i only know that it worked on intrepid and jaunty, and did an echo %p to a file that results in an empty file04:30
dtchenPretto: it's not really "empty", since sysfs is (like proc) a pseudo-fs04:32
dtchenPretto: what happens if you insert the device and run the echo command manually?04:32
dtchenthere are all sorts of things that could be happening- race condition, etc.04:32
Prettodtchen i mean, is the %p like a variable?04:32
dtchenPretto: well, that's a completely different matter, but yes, that's another thing to debug- whether %p is valid at that point04:33
Prettodtchen that is what i meant, i tryied to echo %p to a file in the rule, but got an empty file04:34
dtchenPretto: ah! then %p is undefined04:34
dtchenwhat was %p supposed to be in the original?04:35
Prettodtchen i think it will have the devpath value04:35
Prettodtchen just guessing04:36
dtcheni really think that path is invalid in Karmic04:37
Prettodtchen how can i debug it?04:37
dtchenPretto: then pass devpath04:41
dtchenbecause %p clearly is wrong04:42
Prettodtchen hehhehhe... if i guessed right, devpath would work04:43
Prettodtchen i will try that... brb04:44
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dtchene.g., RUN+="/bin/sh -c 'echo 3 > /sys/$env{DEVPATH}/bConfigurationValue'"04:44
dtchenhave you tried that?04:45
Prettodtchen no04:45
Prettowill try it now04:45
Prettodtchen let me boot on karmic again04:45
mac_vdtchen: hi... regarding Bug #411274 ,I tried turning off shm , but still memory keeps increasing ,  is there any other info that needs to be added?04:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 411274 in pulseaudio "Pulsaeaudio hogs memory" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41127404:59
MindVirus1My sound is retarded.05:06
MindVirus1And I don't hear anything for a while again.05:06
MindVirus1I heard the first split second of the sound and then it goes blank.05:06
MindVirus1Those last two should be switched in order.05:06
MindVirus1Any suggestions?05:08
mpontillodtchen: updated bug 420578. setting volume = ignore where it was volume = merge in analog-output.conf works around the issue05:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420578 in pulseaudio "Karmic: PCM volume (as seen in alsamixer) "stuck" at 100% with pulseaudio enabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42057805:10
MindVirus1I found out the problem.05:13
MindVirus1It plays sound at 100% volume, then brings back down to my requested volume.05:13
MindVirus1This is stupid.05:13
bjsnidercan somebody who's using a 32 bit system tell me which package is providing libXi.so.6?05:23
alteregoaxorg x1105:28
alteregoadamn google it05:28
bjsnideri did05:28
crdlb!find libXi.so.605:28
ubottuFile libXi.so.6 found in ia32-libs, libxi6, libxi6-dbg05:28
bjsniderspank you very much05:29
MindVirus1I see that packagekit-gnome is installed for Karmic; can't this be a dep of ubuntu-desktop instead of update-manager?05:45
MindVirus1It is obviously better.05:45
MindVirus1As well as software-properties-gtk.05:46
MindVirus1And gnome-app-install.05:47
MindVirus1We don't need two versions of the same thing.05:47
gletobAnyone here able to help me?  I'm running Karmic and have a ton of packages being held back06:14
buckyi just made them install one by one with sudo apt-get install <package>06:16
buckyi ran into that06:16
buckyhow ya doing glen06:16
MindVirus1gletob: try dist-upgrade06:16
MindVirus1bucky: you screwed up, dude. A lot of those packages were deps and are now pulled in as manually installed.06:17
MindVirus1Why does grub-pc try to remove grub?06:17
gletobSorry I slipped away for a second.06:18
gletobMindVirus1, I did it try to remove some stuff that I don't want removed06:18
gletobCan I just copy and paste the stuff that it removes into apt-get install?06:19
buckyMindVirus1, grub-pc is the new grub... grub06:19
gletobMindVirus1, Btw I think the grub-pc package is grub206:19
MindVirus1gletob: it's grub-pc.06:19
buckyfor some reason it never tries to update that on my system.. and it's just as well with me06:19
MindVirus1bucky: I know, but the guide says to upgrade from grub, install grub-pc and it won't touch grub.06:20
MindVirus1Should I chance it?06:20
gletobPull it up in synaptic: GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version)06:20
buckyi don't like grub2 because it doesn't like ext406:20
gletobMindVirus1, it add a entry into grub to chainload grub 206:21
buckyand people like all the latest crap like that and run into a brick wall06:21
MindVirus1gletob: it removes grub though.06:21
gletobI tried it but didn't like the way it works.06:21
MindVirus1gletob: grub2 is a dummy package.06:22
buckyMindVirus1, i never issued a dist-upgrade on my system06:22
gletobMindVirus1, read this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Grub2Testing06:22
buckyMindVirus1, i used update-manager -d  which is better06:23
MindVirus1gletob: I am, trust me.06:23
MindVirus1bucky: if you had packages being held back then dist-upgrade would have fixed it.06:23
MindVirus1dist-upgrade doesn't upgrade your distribution.06:23
buckyoh really06:23
gletobOn A side note how do you upgrade a server install when a new release comes out?06:24
buckyi know why it held mine back.. i used aptitude why and aptitude why-not06:24
buckygletob update-manager -d06:25
MindVirus1What does "elevator=noop" mean?06:25
gletobbucky, keyword: Server Meaning: No Gui06:26
buckyoh crap it's holding python-launchpadlib back06:26
gletobI really need to update though I'd really like to stop using alsamixer to control volume.06:27
buckyyou guys have been using linux for six weeks and you already know everything.. why bother asking06:28
jmlungh, sound juicer has been saving files as '1 - Foo', not '01 - Foo'06:31
MindVirus1I don't have update-from-grub-legacy.06:44
MindVirus1Someone help me find it.06:44
MindVirus1Typing it in wrong. Oops.06:47
buckyMindVirus1, aptitude hold grub06:47
Abdullah9 need help guys06:47
MindVirus1bucky: it was supposed to be upgrade, not update.06:47
Abdullah9i need help06:48
Abdullah9with my wifi card06:48
Abdullah9wifi adapter06:48
buckyacutally i installed update-manager-core and sudo do-release-upgrade06:48
buckyAbdullah9, is this on a new install or an upgrade?06:48
Abdullah9look , i have a wifi adapter that use rt2870 driver , but when i plug it in the USB port , nothing happend06:50
buckyAbdullah9, you need the rt2870 driver06:54
buckyi think it's in linux-restricted-modules-generic if you have the latest kernel if not you need linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`06:55
buckyand i'd install linux-restricted-modules-common too06:55
buckythen modinfo rt2870 to make sure you got it and sudo modprobe rt287006:56
Abdullah9i am new in ubuntu06:56
MindVirus1Abdullah9: you shouldn't have started with Karmic.06:57
Abdullah9look to this site  :06:57
Abdullah9i am stuck in the 4th step06:57
Abdullah9the thing that i coludn't understand is " sudo make " and " sudo make install "06:58
buckyAbdullah9, did you cd into the directory that was made when you untared the file?06:59
buckyAbdullah9, type pwd    .. where are you?07:00
buckyAbdullah9, what is the working directory you're in?07:00
buckytype ls  .. what's the name of the driver directory?07:01
bucky2008_0925_RT2870_Linux_STA   or something07:01
Abdullah9/home/user/سطح المكتب/2007_1220_RT2870_Linux_STA_v1.2.1.007:01
Abdullah9this is the directory : /home/user/سطح المكتب/2007_1220_RT2870_Linux_STA_v1.2.1.007:02
buckygood.. cd RT2870_Linux_STA_v1.2.1.007:02
buckywhat does pwd say now?07:03
buckygood now " sudo make " and " sudo make install "07:04
buckyAbdullah9, did you do step 3 ?  Now the support of wpa_supplicant should be enabled in the file os/linux/config.mk of the driver package.07:05
buckygedit os/linux/config.mk07:06
Abdullah9make: *** [LINUX] Error 207:07
buckyAbdullah9, ah.. i just googled and you need a newer version of RT2870_Linux_STA_v1.2.1.007:09
buckyAbdullah9, get the latest version07:09
Abdullah9i will download07:10
Abdullah9any one ?07:19
buckyAbdullah9, you might have this driver already... modinfo rt2870sta07:21
buckysome people have better luck building one07:22
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Michalxoanyone having a problem with cdrom drive? Like unable to eject it?09:23
MichalxoI've just burnt a cd and had problem to open it manually.. I opened it via "eject" command, but now.. I am stuck at all with it09:24
* Dr_Willis is testing Alpha4 Kubuntu today. :)09:53
Michalxoyes.. help me please someone09:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395814 in ubuntu "CD drive eject button does not eject cd" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:54
Dr_WillisI cant say that i ever use the 'eject' button on the cd...09:55
Michalxoso.. how to open cdrom drive?09:55
Dr_Willisif its mounted.. it shouldent eject it.. if its in use.. it wont unmount it... so.....09:55
Michalxobut there is no cd inside..09:56
Dr_Willisheh.., :) thats amuzeing09:56
Michalxowell.. I am stuck09:56
Dr_Willistry eject, and see if theres an error. see what dmesg command does09:56
Dr_Willissee if it shows any errors.09:56
Michalxo:( nothing at all09:58
Dr_Willisget a paper clip... stick it in that little hole....10:08
Michalxowell.. I am sure after reboot it will work :-/10:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395814 in ubuntu "CD drive eject button does not eject cd" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:29
mnemodoes "gnome-terminal --geometry=100x3" launch a very wide but think gnome-terminal for you guys in karmic??? it works well for me in jaunty but it gnome-terminal always comes up in 80x24 for me in karmic since last updates...10:30
Dr_WillisUsing Kubuntu here. :()10:31
Michalxomnemo, I see no difference :)10:31
Michalxowhat should that geometry do? I have regular window.. not 100x 3 :-/10:31
mnemook so maybe its a bug in karmic then10:32
mnemo"gnome-terminal --geometry=100x3" should create a terminal window which is 100 chars wide and 3 lines high10:32
Dr_Willisor somthing else is rembering the location/size/position of the terminal10:32
mnemo"xterm -geometry 100x3" still works10:33
Michalxoagree mnemo10:34
mnemook I will open a bug then10:34
mnemoah someone already noticed this it seems10:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 418555 in gnome-terminal "geometry option isn't applied" [Medium,Triaged]10:35
Michalxois gnome do good thing?10:36
Dr_WillisI like gnome-do10:36
Dr_Willisits handy.  and also has a decent 'dock' theme it can use10:36
Michalxodock theme?10:42
* mac_v doesnt like gnome-do dock doesnt offer customization , cairo-dock awesome10:43
shappieHi, i read that kubuntu 9.10 is using grub2 but i cant locate the menu.lst anymore?10:45
Michalxoshappie, correct ;)10:46
shappieNormally its located in /boot/grub/menu.lst10:46
shappieMichalxo: Where can i find/edit it now?10:46
Michalxowell... it's kinda "harder" different now10:47
Dr_WillisGoing to have to read up on GRUB2 myself soon10:47
Michalxosearching for webpage for you10:47
shappieI like to remove some old kernels and edit waiting time...10:47
Michalxoyou can edit files in /etc/grub/defaults/number_info or where it is10:48
Michalxothen you run update-grub(2) and the read only file is generated10:48
Dr_Willis /etc/grub.d10:48
Dr_Williswe need more .d drectories! :)(10:48
Dr_Willisvi /etc/default/grub10:49
Dr_Willishas some seettings it seems  also10:50
shappiewhy they didnt make this simple?10:51
Dr_WillisI find it simple. :P10:51
shappieIm reading that adding an entry you need to made a new document with a specific name :(10:51
Dr_Willisthats how the  various X sessions also work.. and other things...10:51
shappieDr_Willis: If i need to edit timeout + hiddenmenu + less kernels in the list10:52
shappiewhat to do?10:52
Dr_Willisshappie:  several of those settings are in the /etc/efault/grub file10:52
TatewakiDr_Willis, You should only edit /etc/default/grub now10:52
Dr_Willisas for less kernels in the list.. if they are in    /etc/grub  youjust delete the file10:52
Dr_Willisthats how i am reading the docs...10:53
Dr_WillisI imagien you have to run 'update-grub' after changing the configs10:53
shappieBut you are allowed to edit /etc/default/grub ?10:53
apparlehas the ati open source driver been improved in karmic?10:53
shappieCoz the other configs are not to edit i read...10:53
Michalxoshappie, yes edit it;)10:53
shappieapparie: I wanna konw that to10:54
shappieok ty :)10:54
Dr_Willishow else ya goitn to chagne it? :)10:54
shappieI dont know :D10:54
Michalxoyou can all apart from the one autogenerated...10:54
Dr_Willis' and then adjust the default setting via /etc/default/grub.'10:54
Dr_Willisit says in the  README10:54
shappieI read in the top of the file to run: update-grub afterwards?10:55
shappienot update-grub2?10:55
Michalxoit's same10:56
Michalxoworked both for me :)10:56
shappieIf i uncomment hidden_timeout do i have to comment timeout?10:56
Michalxodunno what is stub,10:56
apparledoes anyone know whether ATI open source driver has undergone any change?10:56
Michalxoshappie, i assume it does not interfere :)10:56
shappieOk ty10:57
Dr_Willis!info grub-invaders10:57
ubottugrub-invaders (source: invaders): multiboot compliant kernel game. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-8 (karmic), package size 6 kB, installed size 80 kB (Only available for i386 hurd-i386 kfreebsd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64)10:57
Dr_Willis!info grub-invaders:)10:57
ubottugrub-invaders (source: invaders): multiboot compliant kernel game. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-8 (karmic), package size 6 kB, installed size 80 kB (Only available for i386 hurd-i386 kfreebsd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64)10:57
Dr_Willisoops.. heh.10:57
shappieI have an ATi radeon HD3850 card which opensource driver is better to use? (radeon or radeonhd)?10:59
mnemoapparle: since jaunty the ATI open source driver got better power management, you can see the changelog for any package using "aptitude changelog PACKAGE_NAME"10:59
shappiemnemo: the radeon driver?10:59
apparlemnemo: but I don't know the package name for ati driver10:59
mnemobut the code for "HD" cards is not finished yet afaik11:00
mnemoapparle: find it using "apt-cache search SOME_WORD"11:00
mnemoapparle: in this case its "aptitude changelog xserver-xorg-video-radeon"11:01
shappieI dont use kubuntu for 3D things so i just need a fast stable 2D driver i guess11:01
mnemoshappie: http://nhaehnle.blogspot.com/2009/08/radeon-good-news-in-3d-country.html11:01
shappie(with dualscreen support)11:01
shappieIn KRandr i cant setup dualscreen...11:02
shappieInteresting link: http://www.botchco.com/agd5f/?p=4711:04
shappieAbout ATi opensource drivers and new HD cards11:04
apparlemnemo: can you tell me the changelog because I am in jaunty..........now11:05
Michalxook i'll repeat my probelm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/395814/comments/811:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395814 in ubuntu "CD drive eject button does not eject cd" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:06
shadeslayerMichalxo: hi11:06
Michalxohi (?) :)11:07
mnemoapparle: changelog is also available in LP actually, so just look there --> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+changelog11:07
shadeslayerMichalxo: i thought you didnt state your problem... im looking at it right now...11:07
Michalxogreat thanks :)11:08
apparlenow getting to the problem............sometimes the desktop effects start and sometimes they donot...........why doesn this happen11:09
shadeslayerMichalxo: well the eject command works here11:10
Michalxoworked here too.. once...11:10
Michalxoor twice11:10
mnemoapparle: probably because compiz runs into some problem when its startup... you can see what the problem is by A) turning off desktop effects and then B) running "compiz --replace" from a terminal11:11
shadeslayerbut... my touch sensitive button doesnt....11:11
Michalxoeject -t does some things with cdrom (should be insert)11:11
Michalxobu eject is stuck.. nothing at all11:11
apparlemnemo: I am using kubuntu and kwin.............but I used to get the same problem in ubuntu also.........even with the fglrx drivers earlier.........and also in windows vista11:13
mnemoapparle: ah, well I never used KDE but I think you can run "kwin --replace" from a terminal as well (or something similar)11:14
mnemoapparle: also check the bottom of "dmesg" if there is any ATI related errors there11:14
shadeslayerMichalxo: have you tried that command with sudo?11:14
shappieHow do i install radeonhd driver?11:14
apparlemnemo: ok11:15
Michalxoshadeslayer, yes11:15
apparlemnemo: Next time it doesn't start I will check dmesg11:15
mnemoapparle: and check /var/log/Xorg.0.log as well ... and if you file a bug do it using the terminal command "ubuntu-bug xorg" because that will automatically attach all those graphics drivers logs and stuff to the bug report11:15
Michalxoshadeslayer, I see it on reboot :(11:15
shadeslayerMichalxo: did it work?11:15
apparlemnemo: thanks11:15
Michalxoshadeslayer, nope :( but reboot should make it work.. always did so far11:16
shadeslayerbtw whats the command to start powerdevil and dbus?11:16
shappieIm trying to install radeonhd (i allready installed the package) but my xorg.conf is empty... So what do i need to put in there?11:30
Laneyanyone else's notifications appearing half way down the screen?11:31
Laneybug 42096111:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420961 in notify-osd "notifications appear mid screen instead of on top" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42096111:31
MichalxoLaney, :))11:32
Laneyit's quite disconcerting11:32
Michalxogot better bug/solution for you11:32
Michalxohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/notify-osd/+bug/419894 Laney11:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419894 in notify-osd "notify-osd images appear at the middle right of screen" [Undecided,Invalid]11:33
JanhouseHello! I am interested in karmic encrypted drive mounter in nautilus.11:33
Janhousecan I get the same functionality on jaunty?11:33
MichalxoLaney, managed to get old packages ;)11:33
JanhouseIn karmic nautilus shows and offers to mount all of my encrypted drives.11:33
MichalxoLaney, use that packages provided by nate ;)11:37
Laneythat's not a proper solution11:37
Michalxothe best one so far :(11:41
d6chungIs there a way to revert gnome-volume-control or at least access options such as "analog loopback" as I was able to in 9.04?11:42
d6chungOr, maybe I should state my goal, listen to the mic input?11:43
huwenfengbetter driver for Inter 4500M HD video card???? in 9.10????11:43
d6chungI know there's audio signal since I can run audacity and record and get something recorded! Also, pulse's volume meter is showing signals.11:43
mnemohuwenfeng: try installing a newer version using xorg-edgers PPA or from upstream GIT master (also try upgrading kernel)11:44
huwenfengmnemo: oh, good, i will try it, i am still using 8.04 now11:45
mnemohuwenfeng: 9.10 has _a lot_ better drivers for intel 4500 HD11:46
mnemohuwenfeng: if you just want something good and stable, use the 9.10 default driver11:47
huwenfengmnemo: can i use that driver in my 8.04 system now??? ?11:47
mnemohuwenfeng: unfortunately no11:48
huwenfengoh, then i have to reinstall my system,11:49
huwenfenggood, thank you, i will be using 9.10 next week,11:49
Michalxohuwenfeng, but try liveCD first :)11:50
huwenfengoh, i got no CD here, i can install it on my removable hard disk, and try it some time11:51
huwenfengUbuntu is good, i love it , after installation, it almost usable, not too much tweak11:52
Michalxoif you're lucky with HW enough :)11:52
huwenfengHW?? HW stands for what??11:53
huwenfengOK, understand, pretty new user here11:54
Michalxonp :)11:54
dupondjenetwork-manager VPN tab broken ?11:57
dupondjecan't add any vpn connection :s11:57
mnemoadd button disabled here as well11:57
mnemonever used it though11:57
Michalxoworks for me..11:57
MichalxoI can press add and see configurations.. but never tried it too...11:58
d6chungdupondje: I assume you need to install network-manager-pptp?11:58
dupondjenetwork-manager-openvpn ?11:58
d6chungOr openvpn.11:58
d6chungYeah, that one.11:58
dupondjeits installed11:59
mnemothats like a usability bug, the user shouldnt have to know that.. it should ask on first click "install needed needed stuff? y/n"11:59
mnemopapercut maybe11:59
dupondjebut still, its installed11:59
dupondjeand can't add vpn connection :(12:00
d6chungWhen you see you don't see any connections, is it that you can't add?12:00
dupondjehow you mean ?12:01
d6chungdupondje: For me, I don't have network-manager-openvpn installed.12:01
d6chungI've been using network-manager-pptp./12:02
Michalxowell.. I have no vpn installed at all :-/12:02
d6chungAnd connecting with "Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)" with network manager.12:02
d6chungIs there a way in pulse to direct input streams to output devices?12:03
dupondjeinstalled vpnc plugin12:03
dupondjeand now I can add VPN connections12:04
dupondjebut only vpnc connections :s12:04
dupondjeno openvpn connections12:04
dupondjedid purge12:04
dupondjeand tadaa ! its back :P12:04
d6chungI can't figure this out. I hope they fix gnome-volume-control and in the mean time, I think I'll revert back to 9.04.12:12
d6chungActually, you know what would satisfy me? Does anyone know of some program that lets me listen to the mic's input?12:16
eagles0513875d6chung: audacity12:16
eagles0513875will record the input for playback to hear it12:16
d6chungI want it in real-time though.12:16
cdE|Woozygnome-session just segfaulted :(12:18
cdE|Woozyhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/261424/ <- at least it had company while it crashed12:19
shadeslayerheh... gues what,i dont have kubuntu-desktop installed in kubuntu 9.10 :P...12:48
scizzo-shadeslayer: you made a partial upgrade and the package was removed?12:59
nocturnAnyone like the new notification bubbles in the middle of the screen?13:22
* shadeslayer uses KDE so i wouldnt know13:27
ikonianocturn: it's been commented on negativly a lot yesterdat13:29
nocturnikonia: I can imagine, I got it with this morning's updates...13:30
nocturnDo you have any idea why they did this?13:30
ikoniaapprantly it's an intentional update, from my point of view it's not a positive update, my suggestion would be to log a low priority bug for it, or a feature upgrade and get anyone who's not happy with it to post a comment on it so they can guage user experience13:31
shadeslayerikonia: theres already a bug on it.....13:31
ikoniashadeslayer: ahhh excellent, can you point nocturn at it13:32
shadeslayerikonia: unfourtunately i dont know the bug number :P13:32
nocturnfound it, but in the bug report it doesn't say why they did this13:32
shadeslayerill have a look at the logs13:32
ikonianocturn: it's supposed to be a better user experience13:32
ikonianocturn: there was a post yesterday to the mailing list detailing this13:32
Prettowho could help with this?w http://paste.ubuntu.com/261295/13:33
nocturnIt's so horrible that I have a difficult time to imagine it was intentional, that's why I'm trying to find the reason :-)13:34
ikonianocturn: you've almost excactly echo'd the statments made yesterday, most people seem to feel it a bug13:34
nocturnSo that means there's a good chance they'll revert it13:36
ikonianope, it just means others have passed that same comment13:38
vigoHello, is 10 in Alpha?13:51
richardcavellAnyone out there upset about the new placement of the notify-osd?13:53
vigoI have no idea what that is, yet, I was looking for a 10 Alpha torrent or whatever.13:54
arandrichardcavell: not sure what to think really, but yea there was quite ariot here yesterday ;)13:54
richardcavellI submitted a bug report to launchpad13:54
richardcavellI didn't realise it was intentional13:54
richardcavelland people have been responding to it13:54
richardcavellI've uninstalled Karmic13:54
richardcavellI've had enough of the antics13:54
arandvigo: I'm not sure they do torrents for pre-releases..13:54
richardcavellto do something like that and defend it against protests is not in the spirit of Linux13:55
vigoThank you.13:55
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/13:55
arvind_khadririchardcavell, its been fixed13:55
richardcavellno it hasn't13:55
arvind_khadririchardcavell, it has been fixed... the corrected version was released today in the morning...13:56
richardcavellwell do you want to close my bug then?13:57
richardcavellbug 41989413:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419894 in notify-osd "notify-osd images appear at the middle right of screen" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41989413:57
arvind_khadririchardcavell, yes close it, as in it michalxo has given you a build and also someone else also... and again its been fixed in the upstream version also13:59
richardcavellarvind_khadri: can you confirm for certain that the upstream version is fixed?14:02
richardcavellI'm not running Karmic right now14:02
richardcavellso I can't check it14:02
shadeslayerwhats the diff. b/w a daily build and a normal karmic install?14:03
richardcavellshadeslayer: the daily build is an up to date version14:04
richardcavellkarmic alpha 4 will give you the most recent alpha release14:04
shadeslayerrichardcavell: and the normal install isnt?14:04
richardcavellwhich is kind of stable14:04
richardcavellThe daily build may crash for all anyone knows14:04
richardcavellat least with alpha 4 it's a bit of a milestone14:05
shadeslayerbut after a upgrade its like a daily build14:05
richardcavellif you have already applied all updates, then you have the equivalent of a daily build14:05
nocturnThe notify-osd thing has been fixed!14:12
nocturnthey are reverting to the old on-top behaviour14:13
Machtinhttp://img55.imageshack.us/img55/609/image029d.jpg <- any suggestions? :/14:14
Machtinalways happens after upgrading14:15
Machtinalpha 4 is okay.. a week ago or so something must have been released which broke it.14:15
unksiMachtin: that happened to me too after each shutdown, it got fixed by last kernel update tho14:19
shadeslayerMachtin: its fixed in the new kernel14:20
Machtinhm.. can't imagine.14:22
Machtini just did that update half an hour ago or so14:22
Machtinvia update-manager -d (on a machine where 9.04 was installed)14:23
unksiMachtin: the change comes in effect only after you boot the new kernel14:23
Machtini did - it's 2.6.31-8 i think14:23
shadeslayerMachtin: and it still hangs?14:23
Machtini never had 2.6.31-7 on that machine.. i just updated to 9.10 half an hour (let it be an hour) ago14:24
shadeslayerMachtin: file a bug14:25
Machtini'll try to update this machine as well.. wondering whether it will work.14:26
Machtin(it's already alpha 4.. i had the same issue here..)14:26
NeonexusIm having serious issues with GRUB2 and uuid's, anyone able to help?14:27
Machtinwhat do you mean with serious issues?14:27
Neonexuswont boot!14:27
Machtinwhere does it hang?14:27
Machtindoesn't even start booting?14:28
Neonexusat GRUB14:29
Neonexuserror no such device14:29
Machtinmight grub be correct?14:29
Machtini mean.. when you say uuid, you gave the partition name via /dev/disk/by-uuid/bla, no?14:29
Neonexusif I bring up the grub menu and edit the entry, deleting the following string I can get it to boot14:30
Neonexussearch --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set 6c4ecf54-9eb6-47b2-928d-078f460a7ea614:30
NeonexusI checked in gparted, the uuid is correct14:31
Neonexushowever the command blkid, lists nothing!14:31
NeonexusI read somewhere that the problem maybe I dont have a /boot partition14:32
Machtinand ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid shows 6c4ecf54-9eb6-47b2-928d-078f460a7ea6 as the correct partition?14:33
Neonexuswell that examle is one I took off the web, but it matchs the one in grub yes14:34
Machtinhm, strange.. no clue then.14:34
Machtinthough that search-line is strange anyway.14:35
Machtinwhy don't you just edit menu.lst if it works that way?14:35
Neonexushow do i ommit is?14:35
Neonexusgrub2 doesnt have menu.lst !!14:35
Neonexusif it did it would be easy!14:35
Machtinah, sorry.14:35
Neonexusits got grub.cfg14:35
Neonexusbut I cant edit it directly14:36
shadeslayerNeonexus: yep14:36
Neonexusif I could just get it to ommit the line beginning with search14:36
shadeslayerNeonexus: cant you edit out the word at the boot time?14:37
Machtinguess he can, but he can't save it.14:37
Neonexusyeah, but I wanna know whats up14:37
Neonexusthe uuid is correct14:37
shadeslayerNeonexus: try #grub14:37
Machtinso.. i just updated.. will try to reboot now (i hope i don't have to reinstall alpha 4 then :( )14:38
Neonexuswatch out for the amazing boot images, they are mind blowing14:39
alkisgSo... features frozen - where can we see them? E.g. empathy or pidgin?14:43
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Machtinback :) worked!14:53
Neonexushow you finding it?14:53
Machtinme? pardon?14:53
Neonexusany problems?14:54
Machtinwell.. on the first boot it gave me my old error.. then i rebooted and it worked.14:55
Machtin(did fsck..)14:55
Machtinwhere old error is something like that: http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/609/image029d.jpg14:55
Neonexuswas you impressed by the boot screen?14:56
=== shadeslayer is now known as Guest89686
Machtinno :(14:59
Machtinon the other machine the error still exists.15:00
Machtincan i somehow get it working again? like at least not mount the /dev/sda1 as read only?15:01
BluesKajhi folks15:08
penguin42Hi BK15:08
BluesKajhi p4215:08
penguin42anyone had problems with external keyboards sometimes not getting reenabled after boot/hibernate on laptops?15:10
NielsEI'm developing something and I want to know if the package python-notify is installed as default in the latest ubuntu15:10
* penguin42 isn't sure if there is a list of default packages15:11
natewiebe13so notify-osd has officially been fixed?15:16
natewiebe13mac_v: have they reverted the centering change yet?15:16
mac_vnatewiebe13: you sound like a kid , asking "Are we there yet?" .... ;)15:17
mac_vnope they havent15:17
natewiebe13richardcavell said they did15:17
NielsEpenguin42: any idea on how I can find out? maybe a list of packages that is on the cd?15:17
natewiebe13on the bug report15:17
mac_vlet me update and check again15:17
penguin42NielsE: Find someone who has just done an install; or do an install yourself in a VM15:17
penguin42NielsE: If you're lucky someone will appear on here having just done an install15:19
Neonexusmy notify-osd is still centring15:20
natewiebe13there was a new update..15:23
natewiebe13i just thought about it.. i had a modified version of notify-osd, so it probably just replaced with the version from the repos15:24
natewiebe13i just changed xsplash to hopefully fix the throbber.. im going to go test it out..15:26
natewiebe13xsplash is now smooth, but its still moving vertically15:30
natewiebe13(the trobber isnt jumpy)15:30
Neonexusmy firewall events started to work again15:32
penguin42natewiebe13: You said it had the wrong number of frames in the code? What about the size of the image?15:36
natewiebe13penguin42: i changed the frames.. so now it isnt jumpy, its a smooth transition.. as for the actual image.. i have no clue.. the image is 266x800 px15:37
penguin42would be worth checking15:38
penguin42screwing the height up could cause a vertical scroll15:38
natewiebe13im not an expert on code though..15:41
penguin42what package is it in?15:41
natewiebe13im going for a bit.. (30 mins)15:44
penguin42looks at it and wonders why they've done it in such a weird way15:45
penguin42what was wrong with using an animated image file?15:47
NielsEpenguin42: with apt-rdepends you can also do reverse package dependency checking, I found out that ubuntuone-client (which is installed by default) depends on python-notify :-)15:48
penguin42ah cool15:48
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fixxxermetJust installed 9.10 Alpha 4 on my notebook with an intel display device.  How do I use the new intel video driver?15:55
penguin42it should just use the latest - which 'new' were you after?15:55
fixxxermetSo I should just use xserver-xorg-video-intel?15:56
fixxxermetReferring to "New Intel video driver architecture available for testing" @ http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha415:56
fixxxermetok, sweet15:56
penguin42fixxxermet: If you grep -i uxa /var/log/Xorg.0.log  you should see it's using uxa15:57
fixxxermet(II) UXA(0): Driver registered support for the following operations:15:57
fixxxermetSo I'll follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/KernelModeSetting then?15:57
ActionParsniphey guys.15:58
penguin42fixxxermet: I'm not sure, but I think that's all by default - you don't need to do anything15:59
ActionParsnipI have an img file I'd like to add to my grub config, the /boot/grub/grub.conf says the file is not to be editted and that it reads some other config15:59
ActionParsnipcan anyone please avise? do i just edit the grub.conf file or is this not the way to do it?15:59
TwigaathyAnybody using mpd here? Can't seem to upgrade it cleanly.... http://paste.lisp.org/display/8622915:59
Twigaathyoh :o16:00
TwigaathyWeird, the mpd stop init script doesn't seem to work properly16:00
ActionParsnipTwigaathy: log a bug16:01
Twigaathyhm, but now it does16:01
TwigaathyVeeery strange16:01
TwigaathyActionParsnip: planlike :)16:01
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
ActionParsnipgrub2 is so overcomplicated16:03
TwigaathyI'm still using old-flavour grub...16:04
ActionParsnipis there a gui for it. I'm great with command line. i just cant wrestle how to add an entry16:06
AmaranthActionParsnip: it's all done automatically via scripts16:06
ActionParsnipAmaranth: yeah in /etc/grub.d16:07
AmaranthActionParsnip: os-prober isn't picking up the OS you're trying to add?16:07
ActionParsnipbut the thing is..how16:07
ActionParsnipi think i found a guide16:08
tazdanyone managed to get wireless working . 9.10 alpha4 wont even install the broadcom driver16:16
ActionParsniptazd: sure did, worked out of the box as always16:17
tazdlucky u :) tried 2 wireless nics here and it dont use either. infact it een tells me wireless is disabled..16:17
ActionParsnipAtheros AR5001X+ works out of the box since gutsy when i started with ubuntu16:18
ActionParsnipi dont buy anything else, its none-sensical16:18
rangel anyone managed to get Sony Ericsson MD300 working . 9.10 alpha4??? it worked on intrepid and jaunty16:19
=== rangel is now known as Pretto
tazdmy other box with the atheros nic is fine but the broadcom built into the dell lappy dont work in 9.10 nor do the belikin usb adapters, but they work in 9.04 :(16:20
bazookatoothKarmic has really come a long ways in the last week or so16:21
penguin42some of the nastier bugs seem to be settling out - I still have a few annoying ones though16:22
BluesKajtazd, I have a belkin usb wifi working on this pc , but I'm using wicd network manager ...it's more reliable on my setup16:23
penguin42like, it's stopped screen locking on hibernate16:23
BluesKaj!info wicd | tazd16:23
ubottutazd: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-3 (karmic), package size 415 kB, installed size 2484 kB16:24
bazookatoothMy mighty mouse (Bluetooth) still doesn't work... That's annoying. But its worth it for the speed I feel like its gained. My CPU idles at 3% instead of the old 25-30%16:24
tazdBluesKaj cheers i'll drag the lappy to the router later and try it..16:25
penguin42bazookatooth: Is the bluetooth built in or ina  USB dongle?16:25
bazookatoothI think it had something to do with that 'exec-stack' pkg, but no way of really knowing.  penguin42: built in. Worked before.16:26
shadeslayeranyone who uses krecordmydesktop?16:29
popeyshadeslayer: i use recordmydesktop without the gui..16:29
popey(on karmic)16:29
shadeslayerpopey: hmm16:29
shadeslayerpopey: can you run recordmydesktop in KDE?16:31
shadeslayerit gives me a buffer overrun....16:31
popeyshadeslayer: no, i dont run kde, but i suspect i know what it is16:32
shadeslayerpopey: can you tell me?16:32
popeyi suspect it's an audio issue16:32
popeydo you have multiple audio devices?16:33
popeysound card and usb headset?16:33
shadeslayerpopey: so i should run it with --no-sound16:33
shadeslayerpopey: i have soundcard16:33
popeyyou can try that, yes16:33
popeyshadeslayer: cat you pastebin "cat /proc/asound/cards" please?16:33
popeyrecordmydesktop --width 1024 --height 768 --full-shots --fps 15 --channels 1 --device hw:0,0 -v_quality 63 -s_quality 10 -v_bitrate 2000000 --no-frame --no-cursor --delay 1016:34
popeythats what i do to record16:34
shadeslayerpopey: http://pastebin.com/f521a3f5116:34
shadeslayerno buffer overuns16:34
popeytry that command line16:34
popeyit will record only the top left 1024x768 of your display16:34
shadeslayeri wanted to record the bkodama on my screen :P16:35
popeyno idea what that is16:36
djilksHey all! I have asus 701sd, just installed 9.10 alpha4, and wireless is a no go. There's no obvious "connect now" and I don't know a cli tool to make it connect like it should. See the network, just won't connect. Any ideas?16:36
shadeslayerpopey: its a KDE widget ;)16:36
popeyi think if you miss out --width and --height it records the whole screen16:36
shadeslayer!info plasma-widget-bkodama16:36
ubottuplasma-widget-bkodama (source: plasma-widget-bkodama): Friendly kodama wandering on the desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 122 kB, installed size 608 kB16:36
xray7224is anyone having problems with logout and gdm starting after logout and such16:39
xray7224when i try and log out and id expect gdm to start ? erm it doesn't16:39
shadeslayerwhere are the KDE devel libs installed?16:51
djilksHey all! I have asus 701sd, just installed 9.10 alpha4, and wireless is a no go. There's no obvious "connect now" and I don't know a cli tool to make it connect like it should. Sees the network, just won't connect. Any ideas?16:52
ajamison5579is the 9.10 release the one that include Plymouth16:54
nemohm. I think I'm going to take the plunge on my main desktop16:57
nemoFirefox 3.5.x is default in Karmic right?16:58
nemogetting tired of running firefox out of ~16:58
natewiebe13"firefox" starts 3.0 "firefox-3.5" starts 3.516:59
nemoah. so not default, but at least installed.17:00
nemowell. that's not so bad17:00
natewiebe13i think its planned to make 3.5 default17:03
shadeslayerdjilks: have you tried nm-applet?17:04
BluesKajno FF is default on alphas17:04
IdleOneoh BTW the UbuntuStore app I have been hearing about has a truly horrible name17:05
djilksshadeslayer, how do i kill the one kde starts up automatically?17:05
IdleOneimplies I will have to pay for the apps17:05
shadeslayerdjilks: if you have karmic koala,nm-applet is the default n/w manager17:05
bjsnideryou will have to pay for some of it17:06
d1bbjsnider: yuck17:07
djilksshadeslayer, yeah, it sucks. no connect button. if it supposed to connect automatically, it's broken. sees wireless point, won't connect. Do i have to waive the mouse around to form a "C"?17:07
shadeslayerdjilks: umm...just turn the wifi button on and right click the nm-applet17:08
shadeslayerdjilks: and then,click on the network you want17:09
djilksshadeslayer, it is on. however, i kill -9 the mofo and restarted from the command line. Connected ... wait wait wait17:09
djilksshadeslayer, that's not the same applet17:09
shadeslayerdjilks: which applet are you talking about?17:10
djilksshadeslayer, the KCM network management thingy was there. I killed THAT. you can't even right-click->quit that shit. Why's it start up after install?17:10
djilksshadeslayer, the nm-applet works fine. thanks for that. BUT wtf is up with it not starting up after install?17:11
shadeslayerdjilks: just add a startup script....17:11
BluesKaj!language | djilks17:12
ubottudjilks: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:12
djilksshadeslayer, where? and how do i prevent the KCM module from starting up?17:12
shadeslayerdjilks: if you have the command to kill KCM i can help you with the start up script17:12
djilksshadeslayer, what would be calling up the KCM module? It was up when I ran from the USB stick, still there after startup, up until i killed it a min ago17:14
shadeslayerdjilks: you killed it by clicking on the x at the top?17:15
djilksshadeslayer, no, kill -9 PID17:15
djilksshadeslayer, there's no X, no quit, no ACTION about that thing. Just listed networks and wouldn't do anything.17:16
shadeslayerdjilks: that kills just KCM right....17:16
shadeslayerdjilks: go to K > system settings > advanced tab > autostart   and add the commands to start nm-applet and kill KCM17:17
djilksshadeslayer, um, okee thinks i did it. much thanks. :-)17:21
shadeslayerdjilks: no problems17:21
djilksBluesKaj, :-P17:22
natewiebe13but i can see his point17:22
natewiebe13some people find language offencive, so the best way to please everyone is not to use it17:23
BluesKajdjilks, lame maybe, but those are the rules..i didn't make them and most agree to follow them17:23
djilksnatewiebe13, or minding your own business.17:23
natewiebe13djilks: just showing that i agree, but that i can see why he said it17:24
BluesKajdjilks, if you don't like the rules fine, but you have to agree to follow them , if not, then you can take you curse euphamisms elsewhere17:25
shadeslayerhmmm.... powerdevil isnt starting any ideas? i think its due to the dbus upgrades17:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dbus17:29
Prettohow to disable ipv6 on karmic?17:34
Abdullah9any one , i need help17:36
shadeslayerAbdullah9: go ahead,were all ears17:36
shadeslayerbtw i got power devil back up via the service manager17:37
Abdullah9i installed a rt2870 driver in my ubuntu . but it don't work17:37
shadeslayerAbdullah9: this driver is for...... and the problem you are facing is.....17:39
Abdullah9this drive for wifi adapter , and the problem is when i reboot the seystm ,nothing happend17:40
shadeslayerAbdullah9: have you tried modprobing it?17:40
Abdullah9modprobing ? what is that ?17:41
shadeslayerAbdullah9: modprobe loads the driver.....17:42
Abdullah9pls , how can i do that17:43
shadeslayerAbdullah9: modprobe driver_name17:43
shadeslayerin a konsole17:43
Abdullah9FATAL: Module rt2870 not found.17:44
shadeslayerAbdullah9: no you need the proper module name or the module itself to load it17:44
shadeslayerAbdullah9: do you have the module downloaded as a file?17:45
cdE|Woozyrt2870sta probably17:45
shadeslayerAbdullah9: then modprobe rt2870sta17:46
Abdullah9i traied rt2870sta17:46
Abdullah9FATAL: Error inserting rt2870sta (/lib/modules/2.6.28-15-generic/kernel/drivers/staging/rt2870/rt2870sta.ko): Operation not permitted17:46
cdE|Woozysudo modprobe rt2870sta17:46
shadeslayerAbdullah9: use it with sudo17:46
Abdullah9WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper, it will be ignored in a future release.17:47
shadeslayerAbdullah9: now try lspci and see if you can find your wifi adapter17:48
Abdullah9i can't find it17:50
Abdullah9what you think17:52
Prettoshadeslayer, can you take a look  at http://paste.ubuntu.com/261529/ ??? i got this modem working on intrepid, jaunty but bot karmic17:53
cankoyAbdullah9: ifconfig -a17:53
cankoydo you see a ra0 interface?17:53
Abdullah9there are : wlan0 rth0 pan0 lo wmaster017:55
cankoyAbdullah9: do you have multiple wlan cards on this system?17:56
cankoyif not, then wlan0 is the interface17:57
Abdullah9i have on in the laptop17:58
Abdullah9but its very low17:58
alteregoawhy in nautilus the icons are so insanely wide?18:01
alteregoathe distance btw the icons is a waste of space18:01
Prettoany help?18:01
alteregoael abdullah18:07
Prettono udev master here that would help?18:10
Prettoi really need to make that modem work :(18:10
luis_lopezhi, quick question: how do I enable xsplash on karmic? I installed the package but no luck...18:10
cdE|Woozyluis_lopez, what gdm version do you have? if xsplash is installed, it should be called from /etc/gdm/Init/Default and /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default18:15
KDeskhi, do you know any amarok git repo?18:16
Prettocan anyone take a look  at http://paste.ubuntu.com/261529/ ??? i got this modem working on intrepid, jaunty but not on karmic18:16
penguin42Pretto: Sounds like it needs bugreporting either way, if it used to work and then broke; sorry I don't have any experience of debugging them18:20
Prettopenguin42, thank you anyway18:20
alteregoawhats a serif monospace font?18:26
alteregoai need that now18:26
alteregoawithout the serifs18:26
alteregoalike helvetica monospace18:26
shadeslayerhas anyone got the usb-creator to work?18:30
shadeslayeri need to get usb-creator to work :P18:44
fixxxermetAnyone using 9.10 with a Latitude D520?  I'm trying to configure my xorg.conf file but don't know which driver to use.  i915 and i810 do not seem to exist on my system19:00
LunisI decided to upgrade to karmic. karmic has a bug that fails catastrophically concerning usb devices. my hard drive that i boot from is usb. there's no fixing this. i can get into single-user mode on an older kernel, so i can use dpkg, apt, etc. how can i force a sort of "dist-downgrade", so i don't have to reinstall completely?19:00
penguin42Lunis: downgrading a distribution is normally a no-go19:03
Lunispenguin42: i know, but that doesn't mean that it _can't_ be done19:04
penguin42fixxxermet: intel is the one you want if it's intel graphics; which one do you actually have - you shouldn't need to create an xorg.conf at all19:04
penguin42Lunis: probably true; but I'm not sure it's going to be any easier than working around the USB disc issue19:04
fixxxermetpenguin42: I am using 'intel' right now, after installing the xserver-xorg-video-intel package.19:04
penguin42fixxxermet: Yep that should do it19:05
fixxxermetHmm.  OK.19:05
fixxxermetI guess I don't need to 'options i915 modeset=1' modprobe19:05
fixxxermetWhy do you say that I shouldn't need to create an xorg.conf file?19:06
Lunispenguin42: i'd love to do that, but i can't figure any way to do it. the bug report seems to have been more or less abandoned, and there's no real fix19:07
Lunispenguin42: and there's not usually anyone around here with the time and knowledge to help me work through it19:08
penguin42Lunis: Since I don't have experience of this bug the best I can suggest is a reinstall - I doubt a downgrade is the right thing to do19:09
penguin42<food has landed - bbs>19:09
Lunispenguin42: i'd venture to say that a downgrade is never the right thing to do xD19:09
yofelhey folks, back from vacation :)19:15
RagnarokAngelHmm, this probably isn't the correct channel to be asking about android/ubuntu app compatibility in is it?19:24
shadeslayerhi anyone willing to help me out on usb-creator-kde?19:26
alteregoacompiz still deosnt wurg19:26
alteregoai ding ids somedink nasby19:27
yofelshadeslayer: what's your problem?19:27
shadeslayeryofel: when i choose the iso it abruptly crashes and tells me to see the log file19:30
penguin42</food> Buuurrrrp19:31
=== _PlaYStatiON is now known as PlaYStatiON
guntbertshadeslayer: first thing that comes to my mind: are you certain that the iso is ok?19:37
RagnarokAngelIs Binder enabled in the current kernel/19:38
shadeslayerguntbert: yep19:39
shadeslayerguntbert: i used it to install 9.10 ;)19:39
yofelguntbert: you're suffering from bug 420155 I guess19:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420155 in usb-creator "usb-creator-gtk won't allow an ISO to be selected" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42015519:39
yofelerr... shadeslayer: ^^19:39
guntbertshadeslayer: ok then - it was just an idea - ah yofel :-)19:40
shadeslayeryofel: its usb-creator-kde19:41
shadeslayeri guess the problem lies in usb-creator-common19:42
yofelshadeslayer: as told in the bug the problem lies in a not implemented functionality in the devicekit-backend that is used sincd usb-creator 0.2.319:43
shadeslayeryofel: do you have more info on the bug? (when itll be resolved and such?)19:47
yofelnope, sorry19:47
shadeslayerhmm... i really wish itll be resolved by monday...19:48
aboSamoordoes anyone know if globalmenu available in the repo ?21:25
penguin42aboSamoor: apt-cache search globalmenu doesn't find anything21:27
shadeslayer!info globalmenu21:27
ubottuPackage globalmenu does not exist in karmic21:27
aboSamoorshadeslayer, penguin42  this is weird ! it was there in jaunty and I thought that it gets more users !21:28
shadeslayer!info globalmenu jaunty21:29
ubottuPackage globalmenu does not exist in jaunty21:29
shadeslayeraboSamoor: lol21:29
aboSamoorshadeslayer, o_O21:30
aboSamoor!info gnome-globalmenu jaunty21:30
ubottuPackage gnome-globalmenu does not exist in jaunty21:30
arvind_khadri!find globalmenu jaunty21:31
ubottuFile globalmenu found in xubuntu-artwork21:31
arvind_khadri!find globalmenu karmic21:31
ubottuPackage/file globalmenu does not exist in karmic21:31
shadeslayeri guess motu didnt package it21:32
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=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
bjsniderBUGabundo, how old is that laptop?22:15
BUGabundomuch less use now that I spend most of my time on my HTC Magic, android powered bjsnider22:16
bjsniderBUGabundo, yes but for arguments sake how old is it?22:16
BUGabundo16 months old22:17
bjsniderpurchased in april 200822:17
bjsniderand it has an nvidia 8k m chip22:17
* penguin42 thinks this guy is about 2.5 years now22:18
penguin42yeh, /lost+found is dated April 0722:18
* shadeslayer is testing out the new pirc widget....22:19
penguin42what's a pirc?22:20
shadeslayerpenguin42 its a IRC widget22:20
shadeslayerfor KDE22:20
penguin42ah, for when you desperately need to embed irc in a random other app?22:21
shadeslayerpenguin42 its not an app...... its a widget22:21
penguin42oh, when you mean widget you mean thingy that sits on the background as opposed to a widget that's used as part of an app?22:22
penguin42ah right22:22
shadeslayeri practically do everything via widgets..... i hardly open anything :P22:22
BUGabundobjsnider: more around march22:24
BUGabundosoooo some one put me to speed22:24
BUGabundowhat discussion is this?22:24
penguin42there doesn't seem to have been one22:25
bjsniderBUGabundo, that's one of the ones charlie demerjian says is faulty22:26
BUGabundomy 8400mG ?22:27
bjsniderin other words there's a high probability that it will fail catastrophically22:27
BUGabundothat can't run vpdau?22:27
bjsniderwell that could be a partial failure related to this22:27
bjsniderhowever, as much evidence as charlie seems to have, i'm not sure i buy it22:28
bjsniderhe seems to be an anti-nvidia troll22:28
bjsniderand i cannot believe apple would continue to pick nvidia over ati if their stuff was really junk22:29
=== polter is now known as Guest79568
DSn0wManjust installed 9.10, but it's not using the right video drive. How can I change it from mesa to radeon?22:41
bjsnidermesa is not a video driver22:44
DSn0wManMaybe it's vesa or whatever the generic one is. I really need to change it to radeon, but without xorg.conf I am lost.22:46
=== idleone_ is now known as IdleOne
DSn0wManOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R300 (RV380 5460) 20090101 x86/MMX/SSE2 TCL22:50
DSn0wMan$ lspci | grep VGA22:50
DSn0wMan01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Mobility Radeon X300]22:50
DSn0wManNot sure why desktop effects don't work22:50
bjsnidercheck lsmod22:51
DSn0wManwhich module will I be looking for?22:51
DSn0wMan$ lsmod | grep radeon22:53
DSn0wManradeon                635968  222:53
DSn0wManttm                    36212  1 radeon22:53
DSn0wMandrm                   159584  5 radeon,ttm,i91522:53
DSn0wMani2c_algo_bit            5760  2 radeon,i91522:53
bjsniderthat's odd22:53
DSn0wManyes, it looks like radeon and intel all in one22:53
geniibjsnider: That IS odd. I had the same i915 driver loaded after install which messed up my screen until I removed it and installed the right nvidia one22:55
bjsnideri think DanaG had the same  problem too, and there is a bug report for it22:55
polterhow do I make KMail display messages in HTML format by default?22:57
DSn0wManIs there something particular I should search for on launchpad?22:57
bjsniderit would be better if he was here right now, but he ain't. probably out surfing or some damn thing22:57
bjsnideryou know those cal poly guys22:58
fatalMy laptop has started to suspend as soon as I unplug/plug the power.... anyone got any hints on how to track down what's causing the suspend instead of continue running on batteries?22:58
BUGabundopointer left :(22:59
BUGabundoI had the anwser22:59
BUGabundoohh polter22:59
BUGabundodarn nicks with chars that reseamled other22:59
BUGabundopolter: let me open kmail22:59
BUGabundoyou can set it on settings, but it's a BAD thing :)23:00
BUGabundoyou can also set per account/folder23:00
polterthat might be true :)23:00
polterbut I'll risk it. I'll take a walk on the wild side23:00
polterI have set it to prefer HTML but it still doesn't ;)23:02
BUGabundohumm no??23:02
polterI have to click the HTML file in attachments23:03
BUGabundowhat does View->Fixed font says?23:03
BUGabundoor Folder->Prefer HTML ?23:03
polterno fixed font, and prefer HTML is enabled23:04
polterI asked in #kde if it's broken23:05
BUGabundotry #kontac23:07
BUGabundoand file a bug on LP and link up to bugs.kde.org23:07
BUGabundoeither use kmail->Help->report or ubuntu-bug kdepim23:08
polteryeah I'll try reporting it.. I might not do it right now though. I'm really tired. Thanks for your help anyway23:10
bcurtiswxhey, anyone know how to change which kernel is loaded by default on GRUB223:27
* penguin42 really should upgrade to GRUB2 so I can understand how it works23:28
yofelbcurtiswx: use 'GRUB_DEFAULT' in /etc/default/grub23:29
BUGabundobcurtiswx: where's billybigrigger when we need him?23:29
BUGabundoor yofel. hi compadre23:29
yofelother than that see the wiki page23:29
* bcurtiswx puts duct tape on BUGabundos fingers23:29
yofelhi BUGabundo23:29
* BUGabundo tears tape with teeth.23:30
BUGabundohey dude what's that for ?23:30
bcurtiswxim in a jeftful mood23:30
bcurtiswxin /etc/default/grub its set to 023:30
bcurtiswxhow do I pick which kernel is set to default?23:31
yofelbcurtiswx: yup, that means the default is the first one in the list23:31
yofelset it to 'kernel_you_want_position_in_list - 1'23:32
yofelafaik grub2 doesn't know savedefault yet23:32
penguin42http://grub.enbug.org/Manual is the grub2 manual - fairly readable23:33
BUGabundowhat would it take to get statusnet deb (former Laconica, Identica software) into karmic now that we are past FF?23:35
stlsaintanyone else have issues with compiz and enabling desktop effects23:36
BUGabundonvidia working fine here23:36
penguin42stlsaint: It decided my Intel 945 wasn't usable for desktop effects and declined to turn it on23:37
stlsaintsee i have a nvidia also and its not working at all23:37
stlsainti cant enable desktop effects nor can i use any proprietary drivers...granted its thru a vm23:38
stlsaintbut vbox should just pull what my host is using right?23:38
bcurtiswxyofel: what you said is confusing.. idk what to do still23:38
penguin42oh, a vm is unlikely to see the nvidia stuff23:38
penguin42that's a whole different kettle of fish23:38
stlsaintim not understanding why tho...whats the hold up on it23:39
geniivm creates virtual hardware23:39
penguin42stlsaint: vbox won't use nvidia drivers within the vm, I'm not sure vbox even does accelerated 3d, if it does that will be vbox specific drivers23:39
stlsaintso what driver is it using...23:39
stlsaintwhoa...i feel slow...i knew that but was so mad about karmic that i did think about that...23:40
BUGabundopenguin42: newer vbox has 3D23:40
stlsaintvirtual hardware...23:40
penguin42BUGabundo: Oh cool23:40
bcurtiswxyofel: ohh i get it23:40
bcurtiswxthat was a "minus 1" at the end23:40
stlsaintyea it does but i have to install additional guest which is not a prob...you think that will fix it23:40
bcurtiswxbecause its zerod23:40
yofelbcurtiswx: exactly23:40
* penguin42 wonders what the advantages of grub2 are23:42
BUGabundobcurtiswx: lol23:43
bcurtiswxhey no mocking me :P23:43
BUGabundopenguin42: full disk LVM ?23:43
BUGabundoboot from iso?23:43
penguin42how does boot from iso work?23:43
BUGabundono idea23:43
BUGabundohaven't tested yet23:43
penguin42full disk lvm does sound vaguely useful23:44
stlsaintcurious about lvm...23:44
penguin42stlsaint: It's quite powerful but takes a bit of getting used to23:44
BUGabundoa bit??23:44
BUGabundothat's the understatement of the day23:45
penguin42BUGabundo: Trust me, out of the various volume management systems I've seen on various OSs, lvm is not the worst23:45
* Twigaathy uses straight partitions everywhere, and maybe raid on top of those. Didn't like the look of overcomplicating things and adding an extra level of potention failure with LVM...23:46
stlsaintwhere can i get extensive read up on grub223:46
penguin42yeh, it's overkill for most systems; I had to get used to it since it's RHELs default23:46
penguin42stlsaint: http://grub.enbug.org/Manual23:46
BUGabundoTwigaathy: partitions are *evil*23:47
TwigaathyBUGabundo: you just use full disks?23:48
BUGabundoif I can23:48
BUGabundoswap on file is evean23:48
BUGabundo*if* it worked :)23:48
Twigaathyno, I like partitions. Means I can do all kinds of neat tricks like having 1 disk part of 2 raid groups (2 partitions) c_c23:49
stlsaintthanks penguin4223:49
penguin42lvm can be nice in some cases; especially because you can resize partitions live23:49
BUGabundopenguin42: s/resize/grow/23:50
andresmujicai cannot imagine a server without LVM....23:50
penguin42BUGabundo: True I guess - although I thought it let you shrink? Not that most filesystems let you do that23:51
bcurtiswxyofel: bzzt doesn't work23:51
BUGabundoits a mess to shrink it23:51
BUGabundounmount VG , redo table part, resize VL, reduce FS, check FS, mount23:52
penguin42it's nice being able to grow VMs in some cases though23:52
andresmujicashrink: lvreduce, resize2fs, done.  grow: lvresize, resize2fs, done.  no need to mount/umount23:53
penguin42andresmujica: resize2fs first23:54
penguin42(to shrink)23:54
andresmujicaright right... i don't shrink them a lot really..23:56
penguin42the real pain with lvm is rescue discing stuff - it's not as bad these days23:57
bcurtiswxBUGabundo: look at my most recent message23:57
BUGabundowould be nice to see the LVM shrink *before* the volume :)23:57
bcurtiswxbcurtiswx: yofel: bzzt doesn't work23:57
BUGabundoI m looking23:57
bcurtiswxi even pasted it :P23:58
andresmujicabut with a /etc/lvm backup you can rescue your LVM most of the time..23:58
billybigriggerafternoon all23:58
yofelbcurtiswx: was afk for a moment, sry23:58
yofelworks here tough o.O23:58
yofelhi billybigrigger23:59
penguin42andresmujica: Oh, I've never done that - I normally find with the commands it can find itself23:59
billybigriggeryofel, sup23:59
bcurtiswxi made it 7, because the one i wanted was 8th down23:59
bcurtiswxand it still highlighted the top23:59
andresmujicapenguin42: the metadata is there, the trick is to assign the original uuid to the PV,VG,LV and you -almost always- are ready to go :)23:59

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