ogralool, http://paste.ubuntu.com/261359/09:34
ograthe best i can do i think09:34
ogralool, i'll upload that later today if you dont object09:56
ograi also need to update flash-kernel-installer.postinst to carry a mxcfb arg ... with the new driver it wont display anything unless a mode is set on cmdline09:58
ograoh, and looking at the code it seems we dont set "splash" at all yet ... that needs adding as well09:59
loologra: Looks good except the grep part13:51
loologra: Either you intended to do "if ! grep" or you want at least "if "$(grep ...)""13:52
loologra: Otherwise it might expand to "if ! &&"13:52
loologra: One way to grep for non-empty lines is grep -qs '^[^#]'13:53
loolI mean non-empty non-comment lines13:53
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