Abdullah9any one can help me ?06:47
Abdullah9so no help  ?06:50
Abdullah9any one?07:20
rugby471MadsRH: I saw your software store icon07:24
rugby471pretty cool07:24
rugby471however I think the ubuntu logo needs a border and to be smaller07:24
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MadsRHrugby471: hi, I think you are right - I really hate drawing vector :P. Sebastians look *much* better. Besies, I'm not sure who well the shopping bag idea works a icon for a software store :-/08:06
rugby471the idea  you had of the application wall behind (like the blackberry store) will work really well08:07
rugby471MadsRH: you should try it08:07
MadsRHrugby471: What color would you suggest?08:07
rugby471different colors for the apps in the background08:08
rugby471and then experiment with what to put infront of them08:08
rugby471the smaller icon sizes would have to be a 2d perspective08:08
rugby471but for the larger ones you could have the sideview 3d perspective08:09
MadsRHrugby471: that's a good idea. I saw also thinking about a shopping cart http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175241/tango_basket.png08:15
rugby471yeah that is also a good dea!08:16
rugby471just experiment I know you will produce a great one :-)08:16
rugby471dea > idea08:16
MadsRHrugby471: not sure I will spent more time on it. I think I'll leave icon to the icon creators ;-)08:17
rugby471madsRH : that's fine :-)08:19
rugby471MadsRH: I might have a go at it myself :-)08:19
MadsRHrugby471: You should08:19
MadsRHrugby471: ...do that :-D08:20
rugby471:-) thx08:20
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mac_vrugby471: lol! it was your folder we'v used for Breathe right?10:38
rugby471yup :-)10:38
mac_vrugby471: hehe , looking back at my question "Do you know how to export to png" ! lmao ;)10:39
rugby471yeah :-)10:39
rugby471I was going to tell you, but I thought you might find out :-)10:39
mac_voops... well played ;)10:40
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Laneyrugby471: are you aware that the memaker update is broken?12:07
rugby471damn it12:11
rugby471Laney: thanks I thouight that bug had been fixed :-)12:11
rugby471I shall fix it right away12:12
Laneyi'm testing a fix12:12
Laneyyour fix is probably better12:12
Laneyi was just going to make it not build for 2.412:12
rugby471wait a min12:12
rugby471Laney: the fix is described here :https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/memaker/+bug/21440112:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 214401 in memaker "Installation of 0.9.4-0ubuntu1 failed" [High,Fix released]12:13
Laneyyeah i thought about doing that12:14
rugby471Laney : could you do your fix? i don't have time to work on a patch today12:14
Laneyfixing it properly is a better idea12:14
rugby471this is the type of fix we need12:15
rugby471can you fix it like that?12:15
Laneyalready done12:15
Laneyplease fix it in trunk12:15
rugby471I shall mention your contribution on the mailing list12:16
rugby471will you upload the packge (or is it uploaded?)12:16
Laneyvery soon12:16
rugby471well I'll have lunch now and then i'll fix it in trunk12:16
rugby471see ya12:16
rugby471Laney: is it going all right with that bug?12:42
Laneyi hit upon an sbuild bug and started investigating12:42
rugby471I have fixed it upstream in the trunk branch12:43
rugby471do you need me to release 1.5.1 or can you just do the patch as a dpatch?12:45
Laneyalready uploaded12:47
Laneyits not worth a release imo12:47
Laneyby the way the maintainer of the package is still listed as pete savage12:48
Laneyso we really shouldn't be uploading it12:48
rugby471ah okay14:03
rugby471Laney: should I tell pete what has happened?14:03
Laneyjust confirm he's not interested in it any more14:04
Laneyand fix it for the next time14:04
mac_vawalton: hi... got a min? could you have a look at a weird nautillus bug?14:06
awaltonmac_v: #?14:06
mac_vawalton: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/416251 , i'v also filed it upstream14:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 416251 in nautilus "Nautilus does not show Desktop thumbnails" [Low,Triaged]14:07
awaltonugly problem.. but the label thing is a red herring.. changing the label is just causing the icon view to be updated by the file monitor callback14:09
awaltonit's probably related to the problem we've seen with nautilus loading whole video files into memory and crashing14:11
awaltonsomeone provided a really good trace for that bug the other day, but I haven't had time to go back and look at it until now14:12
mac_vawalton: do you have the bug # , pls :)14:12
mac_vso i could follow it14:13
awaltonehh.. not off the top of my head no, I just got a new laptop and I'm in the process of transfering everything over14:13
awaltonbut searching lp for "nautilus video crash" should find you it or one of its half dozen duplicates14:13
mac_voh... ok14:13
* awalton is looking for it now14:13
mac_valso , i find nautilus has memory leaks in Karmic , when i keep the system running for long hours , it starts to consume memory... how do i debug it? run valgrind from the begining?14:15
awaltonpretty much. kjmaaras has a pretty neat setup where he runs the whole session in valgrind, it might be worth tracking him down for that14:16
* awalton just nautilus -q && valgrind (ton of options) nautilus14:17
mac_vso i have to run valgrind as root right?14:17
awaltonshouldn't have to, no14:17
mac_voh ok... was just wondering about the desktop14:18
awaltongnome bug 588446 is the large video crashing bug14:20
ubottuGnome bug 588446 in Thumbnails "Preview of large video files freezes nautilus" [Blocker,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58844614:20
* mac_v reads14:21
awaltonI think that one's being caused by one of the more recent changes to the thumbnailing code where we simply use the mime types returned by gdkpixbuf as capable of being thumbnailed, I think for whatever reason it's being stupid and thinking video can be thumbnailed that way14:22
* awalton originally thought it was attempting to make a text thumbnail of it, but that was proven wrong by the newer trace14:22
mac_vyeah that looks like the video thumbnail part of my bug...14:24
mac_vawalton: BTW why has the desktop layout been changed? why are all icons smaller now? and the thumbnails are not shown at a fixed size of 96px?14:25
mac_vrather at their own sizes if smaller than 96px14:25
awaltonsomeone poking with gconf keys?14:25
awaltonthat's all controlled by gconf, you can set the thumbnail size and the icon size independently (I have them set to equal, looks better that way IMO)14:26
mac_vare you asking if i changed the gconf?14:26
awaltonyou, ubuntu, someone14:26
mac_vawalton: actually i havent changed gconf manually for that , maybe th esetting has now been changed in the gconf... hehe nice to know its change-able somewhere ;)14:27
awaltonif you're wondering about the borders around small images (like e.g. icons), that was a bug (and a regression) that we had a patch for14:27
awaltonthat was a regression that sneaked in whenever alex did the gio migration, and iirc jaap fixed it.14:29
mac_vnice... thanx for the info... , regarding my Karmic memory leak bug , bug #417589 , do i have to file this upstream or is lp enough?14:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 417589 in nautilus "Nautilus memory leak on regular usage for long hours" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41758914:30
awaltonusually fine to leave it as an lp bug until we can track down a cause or reproduce it on e.g. fedora14:31
mac_voh... ok , thanks for the help :)14:31
awaltoneven that isn't needed sometimes, if I'm looking through lp bugs and find an easy fix I'll upstream it.14:31
mac_vah , nice14:31
mac_vawalton: i run valgrind using > $ nautilus -q && G_SLICE=always-malloc G_DEBUG=gc-friendly  valgrind -v --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full --num-callers=40 --log-file=valgrind.log nautilus14:37
mac_vi get this error > (nautilus:1783): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: Could not initialize inotify14:37
awaltonodd error, haven't seen that one.. but it shouldn't stop you from using nautilus14:38
awaltonthere's always the polling monitor and fam/gamin (idk if ubuntu builds with fam support though, but I do personally)14:38
mac_vi can use nautilus , but valgrind stops14:38
mac_vthats another problem i have ! when i logout or shutdown , nautilus keeps telling that old file operations are still running14:38
awaltonmac_v: fixed that one monday14:39
awaltonor tuesday.. just hasn't made it to ubuntu yet14:39
awaltonbug 41918414:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419184 in nautilus "nautilus inhibits logout" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41918414:39
awalton(I was apparently off a couple of days, looks like thursday)14:40
mac_vhehe ;)14:41
mac_vhmm... now i'm stumped about valgrind :(14:41
awaltonit might be yet another case of the pathological session manager respawning nautilus.. you could try chmod -x /usr/bin/nautilus, killing it, adding back the exec bit and then running it in valgrind14:42
awaltonI think that's what davidz does14:42
* awalton has been dev'ing on intrepid, missing out on evilness like that.14:43
mac_vawalton: \o/ that worked just perfect :) , now valgrind is working... of course for some reason i got kicked out of the session , now valgrind is running14:56
mac_vthanks :)14:56
awaltonmac_v np14:57
Laneyrugby471: f-spot debs soon15:48
Laneywill you test for me?15:48
rugby471Laney: hehe I'll do anything to get that deb uploaded :-)15:49
Laneyi need to add the other patch15:49
Laneyjust sweated it out over forest's narrow victory15:51
Laneyrugby471: what is the effect of your patch on existing users?15:58
Laneyno change, right?15:58
rugby471if the gconf settting for where the photos should be stored has been set, then it does nothing15:59
rugby471however if that gconf entry has not been set15:59
rugby471then it does x, y and z...15:59
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LaneyWow. A hard-coded photos folder.16:02
LaneyCultural imperalism at its finest.16:02
LaneyPlease remove f-spot from Ubuntu main. It clearly doesn't follow guidelines.16:02
LaneyAt least not when it comes to respecting languages and culture.16:02
* Laney rolleyes16:02
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rugby471Laney: hehe yeah16:29
rugby471that guy commented upstream16:30
rugby471welll when I say commented, he ranted16:30
rugby471broke the code of conduct, got banned and his comments removed :-)16:30
mac_vrugby471: they do that o.0,ban if you rant , cooool16:31
rugby471ironic thing is, his rant made the bug getting fixed go even slower16:31
mac_vlp should have a feature like that16:31
Amaranthmac_v: Ever since we signed onto a GNOME Code of Conduct people not following it get reprimanded16:31
rugby471well I didn't see it, but if he broke the Coc he obviously was quite out of line16:31
rugby471mac_v : I think the admins can do it16:32
AmaranthSeems at least once a month someone gets banned from a GNOME mailing list for such things16:32
mac_vAmaranth: we have the COC , but could someone ban the guys ranting on th epapercut bugs !16:32
Amaranthmac_v: hehe, I think I'm getting a rant on the compiz shadow fix too16:33
mac_vbecause of papercuts , lp has become worse than the comment section of blogs16:33
AmaranthEither this guy has a legitimate bug I can't reproduce or he just wants the old style back because it made sense with his autohide panels16:33
mac_vbug #16:34
Amaranthhe originally seemed upset we were ruining his experience to make users of awn and gnome-do happy due to a misunderstanding16:34
Amaranthbug 42105616:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421056 in compiz "Compiz patch broke gnome-panel shadows when auto-hidden panel slides out" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42105616:34
AmaranthI guess I should mark it back to incomplete16:35
Amaranthwhen I took the bug I wasn't near my ubuntu machine to see what he meant and figured it was a silly mistake on my part16:35
mac_vooh , i forgot about that patch , still havent removed the exclusion :)16:36
mac_vAmaranth: perfect! works like a charm :)16:37
mac_vAmaranth: why havent you marked the bug fix released? just forgot? shall i ?16:39
Amaranthmac_v: which?16:40
mac_vBug #9178616:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 91786 in compiz "Compiz's Panel shadows show on top of other windows" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9178616:40
AmaranthThought I included the LP: # thing in my changelog :/16:40
Amaranthwait, is that package out?16:41
mac_vi'v seen the changelog entry a few days back , let me get it , i can see the patch works16:42
Amaranthmac_v: hey, just in time for round 916:42
Amaranthwas hoping to get that one fixed ahead of time ;)16:42
mac_vcompiz (1:0.8.2-0ubuntu16) karmic; urgency=low16:43
mac_v  [ Travis Watkins ]16:43
mac_v  * debian/patches/015_draw_dock_shadows_on_desktop.patch:16:43
mac_v    - change decoration plugin to draw dock shadows only on the16:43
mac_v      desktop window instead of on top of all other windows16:43
mac_vyou forgot the lp#16:43
Amaranthyeah, oops :P16:44
AmaranthI should probably use more user speak in things like that too16:44
Amaranthmost of them don't know their panels are actually dock type windows :P16:44
mac_vwrong ;p , compiz devs should label properly ;)16:45
rugby471mac_v : did mvo tell you that we have very nearly got your icon working in software-store?16:46
Amaranthmac_v: Blame the guys back in 1990 or so who named them ;)16:46
mac_vyeah i blame them only ^16:46
mac_vrugby471: let me check the rev \o/16:47
Amaranthoh, I guess that was defined in the EWMH spec16:47
rugby471it's not working completely yet16:47
rugby471we have the code, we just need to put it into software-store itself16:47
Amaranth2005 or so in that case16:47
rugby471mac_v if you download my branch and run16:47
Amaranthalthough if you think about it dock makes since as it docks to the side of your screen16:48
* mac_v hates memcheck! hogging memory 16:48
rugby471python softwarestore/view/animated/animatedimage.py ../../data16:48
* Amaranth gets more caffeine16:48
rugby471then you can see it working (but in a seperate window)16:48
mac_vAmaranth: lol! you commented too16:49
mac_von the bug , i didnt notice now double fix ;p16:49
mac_vrugby471: where is your branch?16:50
rugby471Laney : how is f-spot coming along?16:53
Laneythere is no link16:54
* mac_v needs to learn to build and not to be selfish16:54
rugby471Laney: what is matrix?16:54
Laneynever mind :(16:54
rugby471sorry being a bit clueless16:54
Laneyi'm building it on my computer16:54
* hyperair chuckles16:54
hyperairrugby471: you ever heard of this dude called neo?16:55
* rugby471 feels like he just made an ass of himself but doesn't know how16:55
rugby471hyperair: haha very funny16:55
hyperairrugby471: what?16:55
rugby471I thought he was referring to a build machine called matrix or something16:55
rugby471yes I know of a guy called neo :-)16:56
hyperairi'm sure you've heard of "there is no spoon"16:56
* mac_v heard about spooning ;p16:56
rugby471there is no spoon!? THEN WHAT HAVE I BEEN USING FOR CEREAL?16:56
hyperairtelekinesis, obviously16:57
rugby471i need to watch the matrix films, for some reason just never go around to it16:57
rugby471go > got16:57
hyperairit's in the first one16:57
hyperairthe whole spoon business16:57
* mac_v tries to ban rugby471 for saying that16:57
hyperair/mode +b mac_v16:58
hyperaireh whoops ;-)16:58
mac_vhyperair: have you run nautilus with valgrind?16:59
hyperairmac_v: never tried, why?16:59
hyperairwhen i was debugging nautilus-share, i ran it with a tailored LD_PRELOAD library16:59
mac_vi'm running it right now and the darn thing is killing me with its slow respinse :(16:59
hyperairheh yeah valgrind does that kind of thing16:59
hyperairif you're attempting to catch a segfault, try gdb first17:00
mac_vi need to run this for 24 hrs!17:00
hyperairif that doesn't give you enough info, then do valgrind17:00
hyperair24 hours?!17:00
hyperairthat a pain, yes.17:00
mac_vnot segfault , memory leaks :(17:00
hyperairthat sucks.17:00
hyperairgood luck with that17:00
hyperairi don't have enough patience lol17:00
* mac_v i'v been using it for 1 hr and already thinking about stopping it !17:01
rugby471mac_v : do you work for canonical, I see you everywhere (bug reports etc.)?17:02
mac_vrugby471: hehe , more than you ?17:02
mac_vrugby471: nope dont work for canonical , its papercuts which has me in all places! :(17:03
mac_vrugby471: why would i have had to sign the contributors ? ;)17:03
rugby471good point17:03
rugby471mac_v : did you look at my branch?17:06
mac_vrugby471: i can not see the animation , i'm not sure what is wrong... i'm running nautilus using valgrind so , maybe delay in access to file?17:07
rugby471nothing in the terminal?17:07
* mac_v loosing patience with valgrind :/17:08
rugby471ah wait I think I know why17:08
rugby471mac_v: cd into softwarestore/view and run command17:08
rugby471mac_v : tell me of that works17:08
rugby471of > if17:09
* rugby471 just looks back at the irc log and got Laney 's joke17:12
Laneywant a deb?17:13
Laneyamd64 or i386?17:13
Laneysec then17:14
rugby471Laney : anything special (apart from my patch & the screensaver working) that you want me to test for17:14
Laneynot really17:14
mac_vrugby471: its not working now , :( i'll check later17:14
* mac_v gotta step away from the keyboard before i get really pissed with valgrind17:14
Laneyif you know of any lp bugs that are fixed by this though17:14
rugby471mac_v: hehe17:15
rugby471Laney: sure17:15
rugby471just the two paper cuts for the moment17:15
Laneyjust got a bug on debian about the screensaver not working at all17:15
Laneyis that right? I don't use it17:16
rugby471(and none of that matrix stuff this time :-] )17:16
Laneydebian bug 54420417:16
ubottuDebian bug 544204 in f-spot "f-spot-screensaver not working" [Minor,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/54420417:16
rugby471yeah that is true17:17
rugby471I noticed that earlier actually17:17
rugby471well if this f-spot version doesn't fix it do you want to sneak a quick patch in there :-)17:17
rugby471it is only a ln -s /usr/libexec/gnome-screensaver/f-spot-screensaver /usr/lib/xscreensaver/17:18
Laneyit's the same17:18
Laneynot fixed17:19
rugby471so should we make a patch?17:20
Laneywrong link17:22
rugby471Laney: it's just installing17:23
rugby471first bug - check17:26
rugby471second bug ...17:27
rugby471Laney : okay one bug has been fixed17:30
rugby471however the second one about the screensaver17:30
rugby471has not becuase of the debian bug you mentioned17:30
rugby471the command17:30
rugby471ln -s /usr/libexec/gnome-screensaver/f-spot-screensaver /usr/lib/xscreensaver/17:30
rugby471mentioned on the bug report17:30
rugby471does work17:31
Laneygyes of course17:31
Laneyi haven't done that yet17:31
rugby471can a patch containing that be put in?17:31
rugby471Laney : otherwise not only does it affect one bug17:31
rugby471but at *least* two papercuts17:31
Laneyyes yes stop worrying17:32
rugby471Laney: okay :-)17:32
rugby471Laney : it's just we have debdiffs that have been papaercut bug reports that have been waiting there for a long time and have still not been touched so I wanted to make sure that another debdiff has to be made and that we can do it in one upload17:33
rugby471Laney: BTW thanks for your help and persistance so far :-)17:33
Laneyit's all very good having diffs17:33
Laneybut it doesn't help if the right people don't see them17:33
rugby471I know17:33
rugby471but ubunut-main-sponsors have been subscribed for a while17:34
Laneyforward them to debian17:34
rugby471ubunut > ubuntu17:34
rugby471it's just they are papercuts so specific to ubuntu in some cases17:34
Laneywe keep f-spot in sync17:34
rugby471yup an example is ...17:34
Laneyif this is some kind of branding17:35
Laneythen ...17:35
* Laney turns green17:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204567 in hundredpapercuts "Downloads should go to ~/Downloads" [High,In progress]17:35
rugby471there is a debdiff attached that goes back twowards upstream behaviour17:36
rugby471and it is a one-liner, it is just frustrating :-)17:36
rugby471anyway it (hopefully) will get fixed before ui freeze etc. so I am happy :-)17:37
Laneythat's not an f-spot bug17:38
rugby471no just an example of where it is ubuntu specific17:38
rugby471but I see what you mean as regards to being in sync17:39
rugby471is there a list of packages that are kept specifically in sync?17:39
Laneynot really17:40
Laneyjust check the version number17:40
Laneythat tells you17:40
mac_vrugby471: that bug is scheduled to be fixed before karmic ;)18:15
rugby471mac_v: yup18:18
rugby471hi MadsRH18:38
mac_vawalton: hi , nautilus-memcheck is as of now using 339Mib [~17%] of the memory in just 5 hrs , is the info sufficient? or do i need to run it for a longer period?18:59
rugby471mac_v: in 5 minutes I will the progress icon fully integrated into software-store :-)19:09
mac_vrugby471: was that a pun for my 5hrs :/19:10
rugby471hehe no, but thinking about it it would have been funny :-)19:11
mac_vstupid thing is preventing me from getting anything done!19:11
* mac_v wants to make humanity icons :(19:12
rugby471mac_v: actaully give me 10 mins :-)19:12
MadsRHmac_v: I've heard a lot of Breathe bashing lately, but I actually like it better than humanity (though humanity looks really good)19:14
mac_vMadsRH: hehe... ;) , i think the colors are nicely done in humanity , and the Cory/Sebastien are busy :( so things are just stuck19:16
MadsRHmac_v: right, but at least there's a roadmap now LOL19:17
mac_vlol roadmap!19:17
mac_vMadsRH: so , i'v been doing icons for humanity ;) in the mean time19:19
MadsRHrugby471: any progress on your Software store icon? ;-)19:19
MadsRHmac_v: good call - betting on both horses19:20
rugby471MadsRH: nope I have been coding today :-)19:20
mac_vMadsRH: rugby471 is more all over the place than me , fspot coding , software store coding , and i thought i was everywhere ;p19:20
Laneyrugby471: can you try the deb again? I moved the screensaver19:42
rugby471same link?19:42
rugby471mac_v: I have now added the progress icon :-)19:42
rugby471Laney: yup it all works now19:45
Laneycool beans19:45
Laneyis it possible to rename an image in f-spot?20:02
rugby471Laney : what do you mean?20:07
ubottuDebian bug 530537 in f-spot "[f-spot] in some situation f-spot fails to create new version of" [Normal,Open]20:07
Laneytrying to reproduce bugs20:07
rugby471have you tried it?20:10
rugby471I have to go now20:10
rugby471Laney: however I can try it tomorrow if you want20:10
awaltonmac_v: if we're leaking that profusely it should be pretty easy to see. go ahead and dump the log20:12
LaneyI don't just ask without trying :(20:13
awaltonmac_v: I'll get to the bug when I get back, going out for a bit.20:13
rugby471Laney : gotta go now, but I shall try it in the morning20:14
mac_vawalton: no probs , actually i notice the nautilus leak a20:14
rugby471see ya guys!!20:14
Amaranthapport keeps crash reports around on stable releases even though it doesn't report them, right?20:14
mac_vonly after several hours... but mencheck on its own is bugging me :(20:14
mac_vAmaranth: ^20:15
Amaranthmac_v: hmm, where?20:15
* Amaranth should just look on the wiki20:15
mac_vAmaranth:  i'v had apport crash even if it does not report bug20:16
Amaranthwell I need to get someone to submit a core dump20:17
AmaranthI think they may have told apport to leave them alone since the crash happens when they hit alt-tab20:17
mac_vAmaranth: which release?20:18
Amaranthbut you can tell apport to ignore crashes for this package version20:18
Amaranthit'll still do the dump though20:18
Amarantheither that or the guy freaked at the upload size of the full report, which seems more likely20:19
mac_vlol , which package ?20:19
AmaranthI really need to get into the habit of using email for updating launchpad20:21
mac_vlp is bad , regarding email replies , inconsistent , sometimes mail are add as comments nearly an hr later :/20:23

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