lordmetroidbug 42087302:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420873 in ubuntu "Eclipse is missing required dependencies and will not install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42087302:14
lordmetroidbug 102:28
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)02:28
lordmetroidbug 42088902:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420889 in ubuntu "Nautilus do not like shutting down" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42088902:48
ScottKlordmetroid: There's really no point in tossing random bugs into the channel.  People likely to work on a particular package likely get the bugmail too.02:49
lordmetroidI see, cause I toss UbuntuOne bugs into the UbuntuOne channel and they seemed to like it so I thought I would do the same here02:50
lordmetroidThanks for clearing that up02:50
ScottKWe get a few more than they do.02:51
lordmetroidI understand02:51
ScottKWe have an entire IRC channel for this if people want it.02:51
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TheSteve0 I keep trying to download the dailys of karmic and it can't get past 100 megs before bombing out06:38
TheSteve0are there torrents or somewhere else other than cdimage to download nightly images?06:38
sbeattieTheSteve0: there are torrent files published alongside of the isos and you can also use rsync/zsync/wget -c to continue an aborted download.06:51
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TheSteve0sbeattie: I do not see the torrents listed here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/20090828/06:53
TheSteve0where should I look for the seeds06:53
wgrantTheSteve0: Do you want the alternate CD, or the desktop CD?06:54
wgrantThe former is probably easier to get.06:54
TheSteve0wgrant - I don't care - I just want to use the nightlies for karmic06:54
TheSteve0I am nuking my laptop and figure alpha 5 is close enough that I should just go with nightlies06:55
wgrantTheSteve0: Grab the .jigdo and .template for the CD you want from that page, heeding the warnings in red at the top.06:55
TheSteve0wgrant: and then what do I do?06:56
wgrantThen 'jigdo-lite whateveritis.jigdo'. That will try to grab all the files from a mirror, which should be faster than cdimage and more likely to work than a torrent.06:56
TheSteve0wgrant: rock - thanks06:56
wgrantTheSteve0: Some files might no longer be present on the mirrors. If jigdo tells you that, finish the image off by rsyncing from cdimage.06:57
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mdkekees: I saw the slight edit war on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo - I'd say that the best option is to revert it again if you aren't convinced by the user's arguments and contact him (cc ubuntu-doc@) to explain08:40
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lifelesswhats current best practice for automake* as a build-dep09:25
lifelessjust a versioned dep on it?09:25
keesmdke: yup, though given it's always on a timed out wiki lock, I wonder if he hasn't realized it yet.  was going to email him anyway.09:36
keessuperm1: so... fglrx-installer and nvidia-173 didn't work at all on karmic to start with?  :P09:38
mdkekees: cheers10:41
manueli have a problem with hal when i use my laptopp for 1 or 2 hours hal is using my hdd to 100 percent and i cant work anymore11:29
manueli tracked it down to hal-acl-tool --reconfigure11:30
manuelthis command is called every milisecond or so and cause the hdd spin11:30
manuelwhy and how can i stop this?11:31
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joaopintomanuel, have you checked launchpad for bug reports  ? If not please report it11:40
maxbHi, LP 406245 is an upstream update that's been waiting for main-sponsorship for some time. It was filed before FeatureFreeze, missed FeatureFreeze whilst waiting for sponsorship, and now has an approved FFe. Is there anything appropriate to do to draw sponsors attention to it?11:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 406245 in subversion "Merge subversion 1.6.5dfsg-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40624511:41
manuelhow could i search efectiflyy after my bug?11:46
joaopintomanuel, https://bugs.launchpad.net/, if you can't find it, report it11:54
manuelok thanks11:54
larsiviI get following errors when upgrading today, in the configuration of dkms12:28
larsivi/etc/init.d/dkms_autoinstaller: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `)'12:29
larsivi/etc/init.d/dkms_autoinstaller: line 1: `invalid GC parameter) 13'12:29
larsivia warning says it is missing LSB information12:29
manuelwhat should be in the bugreport?12:32
larsivimanuel: good question ...12:36
manueli will pastebin it here so you can have a look12:38
manuellarsivi: can i attach a file on the bug report?12:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421051 in hal "hal-acl-tool --reconfigure bother hdd -> work impossible" [Undecided,New]13:05
Q-FUNKhi! I'm wondering if there's any plan to fix GDM to be able to use themes for gdmgreeter again?13:20
Lutinis requestsync known to be broken in karmic ?13:27
Q-FUNKLutin: in what way?13:28
LutinQ-FUNK: http://pastebin.ca/154706513:28
Q-FUNKI was gonna say that the only breakage I've seen is when Debian's log server hasn't been updated, but what you've pasted is Python crashing.13:30
Q-FUNKmind you, I've had a lot of other Python apps crashing in Karmic, but not requestsync13:30
Q-FUNKstill, I'd venture that it's cuased by yet another generic breakage in Karmic's Python13:30
wgrantIt's the launchpadlib split.13:31
Lutinoh, and when trying to launch it from within a schroot I get this: http://pastebin.ca/154706913:31
Q-FUNKwgrant: ah?  so requestsync needs to have its depends adjusted?13:31
wgrantA couple of days ago we got the new launchpadlib, where most of the code now lives in lazr.restfulclient.13:31
wgrantQ-FUNK: No - ubuntu-dev-tools code needs to be fixed to work with the new one.13:32
Q-FUNKwgrant: ah,ok. it's a known issue then.13:32
wgrantLutin: That's caused by an incompatible version combination of launchpadlib, lazr.restfulclient and wadllib. How'd you install them>?13:32
wgrantQ-FUNK: I don't think it is.13:32
wgrantQ-FUNK: I hadn't seen it mentioned before now.13:33
Lutinwgrant: huh, "apt-get install ubuntu-dev-toolsé13:33
Q-FUNKwgrant: ok, can you file a bug for it?13:33
wgrantLutin: Hm, odd.13:33
wgrantQ-FUNK: I can't reproduce right now, so I'd rather somebody who can did.13:34
Q-FUNKLutin: would you file the bug, then, please? include wgrant's explanation about what causes it13:35
LaneyInstalled-Size: [-10024-] {+8728+}15:49
Laneyanyone want to save some CD space? ;)15:49
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hyperairooh O_o15:57
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Abdullah9any one can help me ?17:36
Abdullah9any 1?17:38
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ldlework_YokoZar: are you around?17:56
superm1kees, no idea on nvidia-173, but fglrx is getting support from AMD later in the cycle. you'll be better off evaluating your change on jaunty until that happens I believe18:24
keessuperm1: okay, noted.  thanks!18:25
Rocket2DMnkees, this RootSudo stuff is going to turn into a digital shouting match19:01
keesRocket2DMn: yeah, I've emailed him via LP now.  I figure the docs team plus the security team is more than enough weight.  :P19:02
Rocket2DMnkees, I had hoped my note would be enough, but I guess not.  I pinged mdke in the doc team channel to get his feedback as he is also a CC member, but he hasn't responded yet.19:04
Rocket2DMnkees, for the record I don't really like the idea of that info being on that page, I know we don't allow it on the forums, but I was overruled by the doc team and matthew, so I will support that decision19:05
keesRocket2DMn: yeah, mdke and I chatted somewhere in scroll-back there -- he asked me to email him.19:05
Rocket2DMnI think I was offline when you chatted with him19:05
keesRocket2DMn: ah, didn't know about the ban on that in the forums.19:05
keesI think it's useful information especially for server admins with an existing fixed admin process in a heterogeous data center.19:06
keesstrictly speaking, it's fundamentally no more or less secure -- it's a usability characteristic, and people can get themselves into odd situations on the desktop if they actively log in as the root user.19:07
Rocket2DMnyeah, there is info in the serverguide about enabling root on servers.  I think the community docs are primarily for desktop users though, and not those in a managed environment19:07
keesYou have a fair point.  Perhaps link to the server docs then?19:08
Rocket2DMnhowever, I'm not here to argue the point, I'll back the decision that the doc team and security team reach.  I made my argument and it was heard, that is enough19:08
Nafalloman sudo_root <-- both desktop and server have this one AFAIK19:08
keesRocket2DMn: sure, yeah, I didn't know about the forum ban on it.  regardless, thanks for watching the page.  :)19:09
keesNafallo: hunh, good point.  :)19:09
Rocket2DMnhehe, "rtm" isn't very useful on the wiki19:09
keesit demonstrates parity between on-system docs and wiki docs.  :)19:10
Rocket2DMnyeah kees , it's no problem, the situation is above me.  Now I just watch it unfold :)19:10
keesheh, cool.  I gotta run...19:10
Rocket2DMnok, cool, thanks kees19:10
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