Madpilotinteresting edit war brewing in the help wiki05:24
starcraftmanMadpilot: huh? Where?05:25
Madpilotlatest ^05:27
Madpilotthat's a re-instatement, was added then reverted a while ago05:28
starcraftmanMadpilot: oh not that again. ><05:29
Madpilotironically, one of the few wiki pages I still maintain a watch on05:29
Madpilotya. ardchoille is a nick I'm pretty sure I've seen on IRC05:29
starcraftmanwouldn't know, been doing most of my work on the backup pages.05:31
MadpilotI'm only a docteam member by courtesy these days. :)05:31
Madpilotdamn, I wish moinmoin had discussion pages of some sort, wikimedia-style. Makes this sort of thing easier.05:34
starcraftmanMadpilot: I just keep to the messy noncontroversial pages :).05:36
Madpilotthere's still enough of those to go around05:36
starcraftmanMadpilot: night, I'm off.05:37
Madpilotmdke, when you're up - might want to check into the above entertainment on the wiki...05:38
Rocket2DMnhey mdke, some guy keeps removing the information on the RootSudo wiki page about enabling the root account15:55
Rocket2DMnWhile I agree that such info shouldn' be there, I think the doc team (and you) decided we should leave it there15:56
Rocket2DMnkees and I both reverted the page, and I left a note to that effect, but he still changed it back15:56
Rocket2DMnmdke, I just spoke with kees, I guess you already talked to him.  I'll let you guys do your thing :)19:12
mdkeRocket2DMn: yes Madpilot pointed it out a bit earlier and I pinged kees - he will contact the guy21:53
Rocket2DMnyeah, kees said he emailed the user from LP21:53

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