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moks107Hi is anybody here17:18
moks107umm its just that i have a question17:18
moks107coz i was planning on setting up a server its just that i dont know which distro to select17:18
moks107the choices ive been choosing from is ubuntu,redhat or arch17:19
moks107wat do you guys think?17:19
b_wilsonRed Hat.17:48
b_wilsonWait, is this for work or at home?17:49
moks107umm for home actually17:55
moks107so ill still stick wid red hat17:55
b_wilsonFor home maybe you want to use ubuntu, since it wouldn't cost any money.17:56
moks107hmm yeah i guess so18:09
moks107wait i taught that red hat was for free also18:09
b_wilsonFree speech, not free beer.18:11
b_wilsonYou could use fedora for free.18:14
moks107so how are you18:16
moks107thanks for the tip18:16
moks107fedora hmmm yeah i was thinking about it18:16
moks107its just that i prefer gnome GUI18:16
moks107well i guess ill get started on the download18:16
b_wilsonNo prob. Personally, I use ubuntu for my home server.18:17
AlvinwareWhere's the #ubuntu channel now?18:41
doctormo__although a server shouldn't have any GUI18:49
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bodhi_zazenmoks107: Fedora uses Gnome , kde, or xfce20:47
bodhi_zazenServer side I have always preferred Centos to Fedora (more stable) , but now I question the viability of Centos moving forward20:50
bodhi_zazenRHEL may be including some proprietary packages, especially with virtualization technology and there has been some unrest in the Centos community20:50

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