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ZinnSorry I don't know about hapless00:41
* NOTGuru someone who forgets what ports are what for their speakers00:42
NOTGuruquiet room  I haven't been in a room this quiet since my honeymoon00:43
kaelesok, I'm running my backend on vmware, it was running mythbuntu 8.04 until today because I had older machines for my front ends, everything is working fine on the frontends , but since I've updated to 9.04 I cannot access the mythbuntu backend setup, is there a commandline version, or can I just edit the files manually or something, this is the only thing thats been keeping me from updating to the newer version01:50
kaeleswas trying to load it just now with compositing and it throws some errors in the terminal saying bad picture parameter with some other error elements (major minor something and opcode) didn't catch it, going too fast, I'll try it in the command line and see if I can figure out whats going on mroe there01:52
kaelesit seems to be an error in the x-server02:08
kaelesif I do , "  sudo XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS="1" mythtv-setup.real" it works fine02:13
kaelesjust in case anyone else has the same issue02:13
caseydis there a way to get mythbunto back to default settings.. i'm not sure how but mine has got a bit misconfigured02:13
Purpleyhey guys i have a question on a HTPC, would i be able to have a touch screen monitor but then have that connected wirelessly to the main computer using infrared?03:33
Seguerhey guys, does mythbuntu come with alsa installed? aplay -l | grep snd only seems to result on OSS results06:57
Segueranyone able to help with modifying access to mysql for multiple systems? http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-6.html07:49
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sebrockrhpot1991 you there?10:23
caseyd2 questions =) .. 1) Is there a way for me to adjust brightness or contrast.. the video seems a bit washed out. 2) Can I adjust the sensitivity of my remote, it acts like I pushed a button twice sometimes when I only pushed it once14:48
plb_Anyone using the WinTV HVR 1950?17:41
caseydis there an easy to edit a lirc config to get my extra buttons to work?23:47
tgm4883caseyd, if lirc is seeing the button presses, then you should just need to either use mythcontrols (or is it mythkeys) to configure it in MythTV23:51
caseydok will look for mythcontrols or mythkeys23:52
tgm4883if you want to configure it for another program, you will need to edit the ~/.lirc/filename file by command23:52
tgm4883thomas@ares:~/.lirc$ ls23:52
tgm4883elisa  mplayer  mythtv  totem  vlc  xine  xmame  xmess23:52
tgm4883if you take a look in those files, you should be able to figure out how it works23:52
caseydnewby linux question: how can I open up a folder with a .at the start of it.. it doesn't show up in the file browser23:56

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