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jumbersDoes anybody know of a VPN server that's easy to set up? Doing some packet sniffing on my local network has made me paranoid of what could be accomplished in public02:49
qman__jumbers, I use openVPN, though I wouldn't say it's particularly easy to set up03:07
qman__it helps if you understand how SSL and certificates work, and routing03:08
qman__if you're just looking for something simpler for a particular use, ssh tunneling goes a long way03:09
twbHear, hear.03:10
jumbersIf I SSH tunnel, can I do it so that it tunnels traffic on all ports?03:36
jumbersI know it can be done on a single port basis03:37
qman__no, only one port per tunnel03:38
qman__for more than a couple, you'll need a full-on VPN, like openVPN03:38
qman__SSH tunneling also can't do UDP ports (to my knowledge)03:39
jumbersHmm, then it looks like I'm going to need openVPN03:40
twbssh is also tcp-based, so you get the tcp-over-tcp resend hysteresis problem.03:43
twbHowever you CAN do UDP over ssh tunnels (-w), but not simple port forwarding (-R/-L).03:44
twbI did that for syslog once, it was fugly.03:44
* ScottK waits impatiently for lamont to upload the new Postfix release.04:05
phylogenesisI have a server setup with ubuntu server edition, but I'm having trouble with the network.  I connected directly to it via a crossover ethernet cable, but when I copy more than a few hundred megabytes of files, somewhere randomly in the middle, the connection will drop and I get a "No route to host" error until I restart the server.  (I've tried restarting ntp, ssh, and proftp all to no avail)  I've used sftp to try to copy files as well as04:36
phylogenesisscp and both freeze and drop connection.04:36
phylogenesisHow do I stop it from freezing?  Is there a setting which prevents more than a certain amount of data?04:37
phylogenesisI still have 30GB of hdd space on the server, and I've only used about 16 so far copying on to it.04:37
phylogenesisThe server is running Ubuntu Server edition 9 I think, and I'm trying to copy data onto it from Fedora 11.04:39
ScottKUbunty versions have a month and a year.  Do you mean 9.04?04:41
phylogenesisI believe so04:45
phylogenesisYes, cat /etc/issue says 9.0404:46
ScottKThis is generally a pretty quiet time of day.04:46
ScottKI'd recommend seeing what network card you have using lspci and then Google.04:47
phylogenesisIs 802.11bg a wireless thing or just a network thing?  (I see two, and I want to see which is for the wired)04:48
PhotoJim802.11bg is WiFi (wireless)04:50
PhotoJimlspci | grep Ethernet04:51
phylogenesisNothing online will tell me what the ethernet card is, I suspect it's onboard.  lspci tells me "Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139...04:53
phylogenesis(It's a Toshiba Satellite A105-S2061 btw)04:53
PhotoJimthat's a common on-board chipset.04:54
PhotoJimmy old router has an RTL-8139 apparently.04:54
phylogenesisI don't suppose there's simple setting I can change that will allow me to copy lots of data onto the server without disconnecting?  (As in, is there something that prevents large data transfer?)04:55
PhotoJimover a LAN?  you need to figure out what's causing the disconnections first.04:56
phylogenesisover a direct cable connection via a crossover ethernet cable04:56
PhotoJimthe obvious thing to check is the cable.04:57
PhotoJimI can move gigabytes of data on my LAN (through a switch, mind, not computer-to-computer) without interruptions.04:57
phylogenesisDo you have any ideas as to what could be doing it?  Any ideas on how I could test it in other ways?  What can I check about the cable?  It's hardly been used, it should be in great shape.04:57
PhotoJimthere's nothing wrong with the RTL-8139.04:57
PhotoJimIt could be a defective cable.  It's not a common fault, but it's possible.04:58
PhotoJimI gues one thing you could do is to install ethtool, and see if your NICs are in full duplex mode.04:58
PhotoJimconnecting directly, they might have issues autonegotiating speed and duplex.04:58
PhotoJim(just a theory.)04:58
phylogenesisIf it were the cable, wouldn't it be an all or nothing thing, rather than failing after copying tons of data successfully?04:59
PhotoJimnot necessarily.04:59
PhotoJimbut usually, you're right.04:59
phylogenesisI'll switch to a standard cable and try again04:59
twbIf neither NIC is 1000baseT, you can't rely on them to autonegotiate sensibly04:59
PhotoJima standard cable won't work unless you use a hub or switch.04:59
twbPhotoJim: wrong04:59
PhotoJimtwb: did your mother not teach you how to be polite? there are more respectful ways to disagree.05:00
twbEven recent 100baseT NICs will negotiate crossover correctly.05:00
PhotoJimtwb: unless you know he has two of those, then you don't know that that's relevant.05:00
twbA standard cable *might* work as a crossover cable, if at least one NIC is sane.05:00
PhotoJimalright.  might, not won't.05:00
ScottKtwb: Well since he HAS a crossover cable, how is that relevant.05:01
twbScottK: because the cable might be bad.05:01
PhotoJimI suspect it's a speed/duplex mismatch.  probably duplex.  ethtool will tell us.05:01
twbPhotoJim: I agree.05:01
phylogenesisI do have to do "sudo ifconfig eth0" to get my IPs to match so that I can connect at all.05:02
twbphylogenesis: nothing wrong with that05:02
PhotoJimI'm not a big fan of connecting NIC to NIC, but I can't tell you that I feel that way based on logic.  I just like the flexibility of being able to add additional machines to the network.05:02
twbPhotoJim: I don't like it because all my gear is too old and shit to autonegotiate, and a switch is easier to find than a crossover cable05:03
phylogenesisDoes the fact that I have to completely restart the server after a failed transfer say anything?05:03
phylogenesisIf I don't I just keep getting a "No route to host" error05:03
twbphylogenesis: are you running NetworkManager?05:03
phylogenesisMan I wish I hadn't left my router at home :-/05:04
PhotoJimtwb: good reason.  I have everything from stuff on AUI 10BaseT to gigabit stuff on my switch.05:04
phylogenesistwb: on the server I only have command line so I'm not sure.  I'm not specifically running that but it may be running automatically.05:04
PhotoJimphylogenesis: you need to get yourself a small switch and keep it in your bag o' bits. :)05:04
twbphylogenesis: pgrep Network05:04
twbphylogenesis: do you get a number?05:04
PhotoJimI think Network Manager runs by default on Ubuntu.05:04
phylogenesisone sec, gotta wait to the machine starts back up05:04
twbPhotoJim: only on desktop installs IME05:05
phylogenesisproftpd is taking a very long time to start now05:05
twbUse SFTP and/or vsftpd, not proftpd.05:05
PhotoJimtwb: that could be.  I'm not 100% sure it installed on my server.  I had issues with it, so I think it did but I didn't make notes.05:05
phylogenesisI was, but I installed proftpd when I set up the machine05:05
phylogenesisso it starts up at startup05:05
phylogenesis"pgrep Network" returns nothing05:06
twbphylogenesis: good.  Then the problem is probably something NEARLY as dumb.05:06
PhotoJimDHCP?  could it interfere?05:06
PhotoJimit should fail elegantly.05:06
twbphylogenesis: instead of doing ifconfig, configure the static network in /etc/network/interfaces05:06
phylogenesisOh, my server is using a static IP, I set it to use when I had my router, and it seems to have kept that up (I don't see why it wouldn't just pointing it out)05:07
twbPhotoJim: dhclient will break him if he's doing-it-wrong, though it's surprising that he's tripping it.05:07
PhotoJimtwb: might be wise to disable it here, to rule it out.05:07
twbphylogenesis: "no route to host" means that something is eating your point-to-point route05:07
phylogenesisI'm getting behind here:  What should I try next?05:08
phylogenesisedit /etc/network/interfaces?05:08
twbphylogenesis: yes.05:08
twbBack it up first05:09
twbphylogenesis: oh, first: do you have physical access to this machine?05:09
phylogenesisEdit it how?  should I just comment out the iface eth0 inet static and following lines?05:09
phylogenesisI have two laptops in front of me, this one is my main one (client, running Fedora 11), and the other is the server (running Ubuntu Server 9.04)05:10
twbYou want it to basically contain a single interface, "iface eth0 inet static" "address" "pointtopoint" where .2.101 is your other box's IP05:10
twbAh, I guess you need "netmask" or so, too.  It's a bodge, but it should suffice for now.05:11
phylogenesisCan you pastebin what I should have in it?  I have pretty close to what you said already.05:11
twbphylogenesis: pastebin what you have now05:12
phylogenesisMy router was when I had it here05:15
phylogenesistwb, should I install that eth tool?05:17
twbNo, that makes sense.05:18
twbI dunno what's going wrong.05:18
twbYou definitely got "no route to host", and DIDN'T get "destination host unreachable"?05:18
phylogenesis"scp -r /files/Music phylogenesis@"   returns   "ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host\nlost connection"05:19
PhotoJim"ip route" ... ?05:19
phylogenesis192.168.2.0/24 dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src dev eth1  proto kernel  scope link  src  metric 2         default via dev eth1  proto static05:20
phylogenesisI'm sorry, that's on my client machine05:21
phylogenesisso is the "no route to host" message05:21
phylogenesisis that what you were asking for?05:21
phylogenesison the server I get:  " dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link   src\ndefault via dev eth0  metric 100"05:22
phylogenesistwb, someone in #fedora suggested that it's an sshd issue05:31
twbSorry, I'm a bit busy05:32
twbphylogenesis: I assume you try ping(1) when ssh fails.  Does ping work?05:32
twbDoes your route table change before vs. after the failure?05:33
twbAre you transferring data with scp, or doing something more involved with ssh directly?  In the latter case, perhaps you have an idle connection that is being interrupted.05:33
phylogenesisping returns "Destination Host Unreachable"       whereas it works when I first setup the connection, before I transfer any files05:34
twbI'm also assuming you're checking BOTH ends of the connection -- have you confirmed that the machine you're connecting the Ubuntu server *to* is not borked?05:34
phylogenesisnp about being busy, I'm patient05:35
phylogenesisYeah I went and asked about that, and am trying to talk to them at the same time, which is pretty hard :-P05:35
phylogenesistwb, How can I check my routing table?  I have standard internet going via wireless at the same time (on the client (fedora) machine only).  I'm transferring with scp and not doing anything else with ssh.05:37
twbphylogenesis: route -n05:37
phylogenesisWhat should I see there?  I see two connections:  Destination= and (I don't see anywhere)05:38
twbpastebin it05:51
twbOr better, compare it before and after the failure05:51
phylogenesisOkay, but that'll take a bit.  (gotta restart, get it to work, and then fail)05:52
phylogenesisI'll post when I have that05:52
phylogenesistwb, sigh... How can I tell if my computer can connect to the internet?  I tried sudo apt-get install ethtool and it failed to connect.  I'm thinking, gee maybe this has something to do with it?  I'm connected to the internet via an ethernet cable (yet another one).06:05
phylogenesisping www.google.com gives me "Destination Host Unreachable" error06:06
twbYou have two NICs?06:07
phylogenesisNvm, it gives me nothing, but ping does (which is googles IP according to this computer)06:07
phylogenesisI have one onboard ethernet nic and a wireless one06:07
phylogenesisI dare not try to connect wirelessly as the school's wireless is very difficult to get working on any OS06:08
phylogenesisand so far I can't connect with my own school credentials (right now I'm on wireless with my client machine thanks to a friend putting his in).  However, the wired connection works immediately and easily on my client machine when I use it.06:09
phylogenesistwb, it failed again.  I plugged in my server to the internet via ethernet.  I changed /etc/network/interfaces to use iface eth0 inet dhcp, then downloaded updates and ethtool.  I then restarted the server and ran sudo ifconfig eth0  On the client I ran sudo ifconfig eth0, then "scp -r /files/backup phylogenesis@".  It ran for about ten minutes then stopped with: "[DB]_Bleach_182_[07:10
phylogenesis1BD395A7].avi                  80%  117MB   0.0KB/s - stalled"  The routing table on the server was the same before and after, I forgot to check the routing table on the client before, but the after one is listed:  http://pastebin.com/dbcf82307:10
phylogenesisifconfig on the client still tells me inet: for eth007:13
phylogenesisneither routing table changed07:17
samdhi, im trying to setup a irc server, but i cant conect to it from the outside , ive already forwarded port 6667, any ideas?07:19
twbsamd: forwarding the port, and then connecting to, should be sufficient.07:20
twbsamd: assuming, of course, that the IRC daemon is running and listening to lo07:20
samdtwb, i have  to be connected to, from the server in order to connect from the outside?07:21
twbsamd: OK, suppose your server's name is "fs", and it's accepting ssh connections from anywhere, but only accepting loopback connections to the IRC server.07:23
twbThen ssh fs -xfL 6667: && irssi -c
samdill try that07:24
Boohbahtwb: if samd connects to the irc server on the localhost interface there is no routing or port forwarding needed. unless you want it accessible outside07:35
samdight, so that command basicly connected me trough ssh then connected to the irc as local?07:35
samdBoohbah, twb, yea, i want it to be open to some friends,, is there any other port supposed to be opened/routed apart from 6667?07:37
twbsamd: the command I gave will connect you to the IRC server from anywhere, without opening access to the IRC server to the world.07:39
twbIt assumes you already have a shell account on the box, of course.07:39
twbIf you WANT to let arbitrary people connect, you only need port 6667 open AFAIK.07:40
samdtwb ight, ill chek on that then, yeah,i have ssh acc on the serv, its a old computer running as personal server here at home07:41
* Boohbah missed the ssh proxy part07:58
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roxy09hi there somebody now about pount or another web proxy server11:51
matttroxy09: a little?11:56
roxy09i need to install a web mail server and i would like to know wich proxy or another extra web tools i need to install to make safety and fast the access11:58
matttroxy09: web mail server?12:25
matttroxy09: are you talking about squirrelmail or something to that effect?12:28
roxy09hi there somebody have experience setting a email server with security staff ? i mean antivirus, antispam, etc?13:33
roxy09also which is the best mail delivery agent?13:39
roxy09ao┬┐nother question amavis-new or greylisted?13:40
NorthByNorthWestAnyone here who can help me with an SMB-issue... the samba channel is pretty dead...14:06
lamontScottK: 2.6.5 already?  sigh14:32
lamontthis weekend is swamped - prolly early next week14:32
slapI'm reading the manual, and i'm not sure to understand what the line ( domain Local domain name ) is for in the resolv.conf. Can someone help ?14:40
slapI understand that nameserver retrieves the server by its IP14:41
Boohbahslap: that is the search domain appended to any domain names not found at your resolver14:42
Boohbahslap: for example, an internal domain14:42
slapthat's waht i'm trying to do...14:43
slapSo if I have a mynetwork.lan...14:43
Boohbahsearch my.local int.my.com14:43
slapAnd I look for mycomputer, the resolver will try to resolv mycomputer.mynetwork.lan ?14:44
slapBut if there's already a nameserver, do I still need the line domain, or resolv will try with the default server address to map a local machine?14:46
Boohbahno, if you have DNS records for mynetwork.lan on your NS at you don't need the search line14:47
slapRight to the point. Thanks a lot.14:48
mini_tisany one here having odd Pam login issues since latest patches in LTS 8.10?14:55
mini_tishmm I mean 8.0414:57
toshhi everyone15:51
ScottKlamont: Yep.15:51
toshanyone know how to get procmail to run on messages after amavis has filtered them?15:52
toshI want spam messages to go into user's junk mail folder15:52
MatBoyI have a VPN router in front of a ubuntu box and I want to give users rights on shares and so on when they VPN to it... what should be the best way for this ? users use windows clients16:27
toshdoes the router handle all the vpn login stuff?16:37
toshanyone know how to get procmail to run on messages after amavis has filtered them?16:47
_rubentosh: that'd be default behaviour for postfix configured with amavis as content_filter and procmail as delivery agent16:57
tosh_ruben, I don't think the issue is with amavis, but that postfix isn'ta using procmail for the virtual mailboxes17:08
Abdullah9i need help guys17:40
Abdullah9any one ?17:41
Abdullah9 ?17:41
toshAbdullah9, whats the problem?17:54
Abdullah9i installed a new drive for my wireless adapter , "rt2870 " , it seems it don't work17:57
toshwhere did you get the driver?17:57
toshdid you try just going to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers to see whats there?18:00
toshis it listed there?18:03
Abdullah9i can't find it18:03
toshis this a laptop?18:03
Abdullah9but i am useing USB port18:04
helix2301whats up guys?18:04
phylogenesisHi, I'm having trouble with a connection timing out.  I have a laptop running Ubuntu Server 9.04 (server).  I have another laptop (client), this one, which runs Fedora 11, that I try to connect to the server with via a direct crossover ethernet cable.  Both machines use dhcp so first I run sudo ifconfig eth0 on the client and sudo ifconfig eth0 on the server.  I then use scp to move files from the client hdd to th19:20
phylogenesise server hdd, and it works for about five minutes, but then stalls.  If I attempt to rerun the command, I get "No route to host".  How can I prevent the connection from timing out?19:20
phylogenesisBoth machines are fully updated, and I'm attempting to copy over 20GB of data.  However, I've also tried using Nautilus in Fedora 11 to transfer data via ssh and it works the same way.  Just as with scp, it can copy up to a couple GB before stalling, but even if I copy small chunks at a time, it will eventually stall on one of them.19:24
simplexiophylogenesis: .. could be few things19:25
phylogenesisI attempted the copy with neither computer connected to the internet and both having the wireless cards switched off, but the exact same thing happened.19:25
phylogenesissimplexio, please, any ideas are welcome19:25
simplexiophylogenesis: is dhvp server still running, sound like you manually define ip, and did you define default route19:25
simplexioif those net stuff is ok, i would check next that you are moving files to linux fs ( those all support big files ) and not something like fat )19:27
phylogenesisI don't think I did.  Although, initially the server was using iface eth0 inet static\naddress\n etc19:27
phylogenesissimplexio, both machines are linux, with the client having a Windows 7 partition, but that isn't where the files are (they are on an ext4 partition I believe)19:28
simplexiophylogenesis: but it should affect actually.. if you define ip + mask for inerface then that interface is default route for it19:28
simplexiophylogenesis: does dmesg give anything funny about network interfaces19:29
phylogenesisCan you explain what exactly to do?  (I just spent about 10 hours on this yesterday, so clearly I don't know exactly what to put where)19:30
phylogenesisCan I try dmesg without the connection being in place?19:30
phylogenesisUnfortunately, my wireless reset on me and I cannot reconnect so I either have my internet connection here, or the crossover connection.19:30
simplexiophylogenesis: at anytime.. dmesg tell about stuff that happens in kernel. so if somereason network interface dies or something it there19:30
phylogenesison which machine, the server?19:31
simplexiophylogenesis: or both19:31
phylogenesiswhat am I looking for, and would there be anything considering I have not retried the transfer since both computers were restarted?19:32
phylogenesis(Btw I have physical access to the server)19:32
simplexiophylogenesis: something about eth0/1 .. or about ssh server19:33
simplexiophylogenesis: then you could offcourse use mii-tool to check that cards have negotriated right speed19:34
phylogenesisI did dmesg | grep eth0 and I got this line for some reason: "eth0: Broadcom BCM4328 802.11 Wireless Controller"    even though this is my ethernet card that I'm connected to the internet with right now19:35
phylogenesisiwconfig says: "eth0      no wireless extensions."19:35
simplexiophylogenesis: you probably have eth0 and eth1...19:36
phylogenesison my client machine, yes19:36
phylogenesisI'm checking the server dmesg output now19:37
simplexiowhat mii-tool says about speed19:37
simplexiophylogenesis: btw... ubuntu changes interface names after boot, so that they can be same at every boot19:38
phylogenesisClient:  "SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth0' failed: Operation not supported"   (even as root):   Server:  "eth0: no link"19:38
simplexiophylogenesis: you should get link up down notice from dmesg if you take wire off19:39
phylogenesisifconfig on the server gives eth0 and lo.  on the client it gives eth0, eth1, and lo.  I have no idea what eth1 is for.19:39
simplexiophylogenesis: client probably has wireless and wire network cards on19:40
phylogenesisyes, but wouldn't that be wlan0?19:40
simplexiodunno.. its dosent need to be names as wlan19:41
phylogenesisOh, you're right, even iwconfig shows it as eth1, anyway:   On the client dmesg gives me "eth0: link down\neth0 link up", and the server gives "eth0: link down".       However, they are not connected right now.  I'd have to disconnect from the internet to connect them.  Should I test it now?19:42
phylogenesisMore specifically: the last lines of dmesg on the server are:  "[##.###] eth0: link down" then "[###.###] ACPI Error (evevent-0303): No installed handler for fixed event..."19:43
phylogenesisAnyway, I think I'm getting off track.  What should I test?  Perhaps connect the computers, then set the IPs as before, then run mii-tool and pastebin the output?19:45
phylogenesisshould I set my server to have a static IP (in /etc/network/interfaces) instead?19:45
simplexiophylogenesis: probably better19:46
phylogenesissimplexio, should I also do that on the client?19:47
simplexiophylogenesis: yeah19:47
phylogenesisAny idea where to set it in Fedora 11?19:47
phylogenesisI'll figure it out or ask elsewhere if not, I'm just wondering19:47
simplexiophylogenesis: just call /etc/init.d/networking stop, then do ip addr add dev eth0 (or what eth interface it is ) and same in server19:48
simplexiophylogenesis: no idea.. easiest way probably is just call network starting init script to stop19:48
simplexiophylogenesis: or if you want you could just add eth alias to those interfaces and define your own network into that19:49
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phylogenesisHow would that help?  (I really mean to ask, not to suggest you are wrong)19:50
simplexiophylogenesis: i have noticed that ubuntu dosent like me if i define manually stuff whit ifconfig, but ip addr works fine19:50
phylogenesisCan I have my old dhcp configuration, then use the alias for a static one?19:50
simplexiophylogenesis: if you still have dhcp call there when you define interface manually, it it could change to some default after it timeouts19:51
simplexiophylogenesis: yes19:51
phylogenesissimplexio, now I'm confused :-/  What should I be trying?  The static IP on both, the dhcp with alias, replacing the dhcp with the alias?19:52
simplexiophylogenesis: in buntu /etc/network/interfaces.. line: auto eth1:1 \n iface eth1:1 inet static .... etc etc .19:52
simplexioin that case attleast dhcp stuff wont be reason why it dosnt work19:53
simplexiophylogenesis: i assume that you wire interface is eth1, in that case you define that auto eth1:1 lines to both systems ( no idea howto do it in fedore )19:53
phylogenesisand I use eth1 even though ifconfig doesn't show eth1, right?19:53
phylogenesismy wire interface is eth0 on both19:54
simplexiophylogenesis: no, you use whatever is you wire interface.. i that ase eth0:119:54
phylogenesisOkay, I will try that and come back.  It'll take a good 20 minutes I think.  Thanks.19:55
simplexiophylogenesis: and chech that wire is ok19:55
phylogenesisI only have one crossover, and I can't even ping each other using standard ethernet.19:55
phylogenesisThis'll be my new interfaces file, is this correct or am I doing something stupid :-P:    http://pastebin.com/d22a5ce8519:59
simplexiopretty much like that20:00
phylogenesisand how do I indicate that the scp should use eth0:1 instead of eth0?20:00
phylogenesiswill the server just know to use that when it receives input from the connection pointed toward the static IP?20:00
simplexiophylogenesis: scp user@host , just like before20:00
simplexioyou justkeep your old dhcp config on side and "working" when you define another ip on same interface20:01
phylogenesisI'm gonna try to figure out the fedora side of this now20:02
simplexiomay or may not fix the problem : ) its computers20:02
phylogenesisShould I use address=, subnetmask=, and gateway=       for the client?  In network configuration, I chose eth0, which is dhcp, but there is a tab "Route" that says: "Static network routes" so I clicked to add one and it asks for those things.20:06
Nafalloandol: what's the magic for disabling recommends to be depends again?20:15
Nafalloandol: nvm. found it.20:17
phylogenesisHere is the output from "sudo ethtool eth0" on both machines:    using mii-tool on the client didn't work so someone suggested ethtool   http://pastebin.com/d54b6387d20:43
phylogenesissimplexio, sorry, I left a different channel and it totally disconnected me instead20:45
simplexiophylogenesis: use irssi ;)20:45
simplexiophylogenesis: its seems that its negotiated just right.. is it still doing those stalls20:46
phylogenesissimplexio, I might, I don't like xchat much.  As for the stalls, yes.  This time it didn't take very long at all, maybe one minute.  I didn't start the scp until being connected for a few minutes.  It seems like it disconnects after a certain amount of time from being connected.20:47
phylogenesisAlso, I still had to do the ifconfig thing on both machines before I could even ping one another20:48
simplexiophylogenesis: it should be that hard...20:50
simplexiophylogenesis: i mean disable dhcp / manually configure interface to same subnet, (maybe restart openssh server ) and use scp * user@host20:51
phylogenesissimplexio, as in, "figures" or literally20:51
simplexiomaybe fedore has some broken config :)20:51
phylogenesisI worked on that last night, according to the people on IRC in #fedora, I have everything set up like I should20:52
simplexioi mean have two buntu in use here and i havent see that kind problem for long time20:52
simplexiophylogenesis: dmesg or cat /var/log/syslog.0 dosent tell anything funny ...20:52
simplexiophylogenesis: do you have TCPKeepAlive Yes in sshd_config ... that pretty muhc only option that could affect20:53
phylogenesisnothing that means anything to me.  the last line of dmesg is eth0: link down, but I had to disconnect the two to get back on here20:54
simplexiophylogenesis: does ifconfig report about collision or overruns20:55
phylogenesisall 020:55
phylogenesis(checking TCPKeepAlive)20:55
simplexiothen i have no other idea that you network cards are bad or their driver are bad20:56
phylogenesiswhere is sshd_config?20:56
simplexio /etc/ssh/20:56
phylogenesisI see "TCPKeepAlive yes" :-/20:57
phylogenesisWell, I'm baffled.  Thank you for all your time.  I'm gonna try it with a friend's switch.  Hopefully that'll help...21:00
simplexiophylogenesis: im just testing it. and it just works scp -4r user@host: .21:01
phylogenesisWhat is -4r?  (I use just -r)21:02
simplexioforce ipv4 addr21:02
phylogenesisMind that I've had it run for up to five minutes and transfer more than a few GB of data before failing.21:02
phylogenesisAny chance that would help?21:02
phylogenesisAlso, do you know of a way I can test the cable itself?21:03
simplexioif dmesg dosent say that hd timeouts its should be problem21:03
simplexioyou could try run rsync21:04
simplexioattleast it can restart where it left it21:04
simplexiobtw.. id few GB is one big file or many small21:04
simplexioim testing with many small21:05
phylogenesisNo thanks, I want to get it working.  Who knows what other problems it'll cause if I don't.21:05
phylogenesisit's both, I have tons and tons of small files plus several very large ones21:05
simplexioi can test with big file21:05
phylogenesisI may ask you to later, but I'm going to try one more time with -4r and if that doesn't work I'm gonna head to a friends place and have him help.21:06
simplexiobetween 2 ubuntu boxes if it makes same on my computers21:06
phylogenesisThanks a million though, I'll let you know what happens if you wish.21:06
simplexio1% 2148MB  26.7MB/s 1:09:31 ETA....  going strong21:08
phylogenesisnice connection, the best mine showed was 20MB/s, anywho I'm gonna try that -4r thing now, I'll be back on later21:09
linkxshi, i have a few questions regarding mail servers and ubuntu21:42
ScottK!ask | linkxs21:42
ubottulinkxs: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:42
linkxsfirst of all, how would i make my ubuntu server forward to another smtp server, for example, i want to specify smtp.linkxs.org in the mail client, and my server would forward to smtp.sbcglobal.net21:43
ScottKIt depends a lot on what mail transfer agent you select.  We generally recommend Postfix.21:44
linkxsI've just finished installing dovecot21:44
linkxsas far as i understand, dovecot doesn't do smtp21:44
ScottKDovecot is the mail delivery agent.21:44
ScottKPostfix does.21:44
linkxsso should i install postfix alongside dovecot and configure it to forward to another smtp server?21:45
ScottKHowever ....21:45
ScottKAny spam you forward is going to look to sbcglobal like it came from you, so if you don't want to get blacklisted by them, make sure you have that worked out first.21:46
linkxsgood point21:46
linkxsi think i might jsut get lazy and specify smtp.sbcgloabl.net21:46
linkxsthanks though21:46
linkxsanother question, i've just installed dovecot(as i said), and I want to configure squirrelmail. #ubuntu threw this link at me: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html about dovecot, but i don't see anything for squirrelmail tehre21:47
linkxsis there a good tutorial for squirrelmail?21:48
ScottKI haven't setup squirrelmail.21:48
linkxsanother question.. after I isntalled dovecot, I tried doing 'telnet pop3s' from another computer21:50
linkxsConnected to
linkxsEscape character is '^]'.21:50
linkxsis what i got, but i can't quit it now21:50
linkxsctrl+] does nothing, just prints it21:50
linkxssame goes for imaps21:50
linkxsok, another question: i've followed this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/dovecot-server.html , what else do i need to do to be able to use, let's say, imap?21:56
toshdovecot does imap too21:59
linkxsyeah, i know22:00
linkxsi plan to use imaps and pop3s22:00
toshyou have to set up certs for that22:01
linkxsi did22:01
linkxsbut what else do i need to do after that tut?22:01
spowerslinkxs: squirrelmail acts as an imap client22:03
toshhang on22:03
toshthat tutorial doen't have much in it22:04
toshbut it should work22:04
toshyea its got protocols = pop3 pop3s imap imaps22:05
linkxsspowers: i know, but before i deal with squirrelmail, i want to get dovecot to work with, say, thunderbird22:05
linkxstosh: i only enabled pop3s and imaps22:06
toshand and the ssl stuff is there22:06
linkxsyes, i did do the ssl stuff22:06
toshso it should work22:06
linkxsdon't i need to create users?22:06
toshwell yeah22:06
linkxshow would i go about doing that?22:07
toshyou have postfis or some other mta?22:07
linkxsuhm, no22:07
linkxsi was planning on using squirrelmail22:07
toshhow are you actually receiving mail?22:07
linkxsas i understand, dovecot is the pop3 server22:07
spowersdovecot will read mail from a maildir or mbox mail store and serve it to imap or pop clients22:08
linkxstherefore, it handles it22:08
spowersyou need some way to get mail into those mail stores22:08
spowerse.g postfix22:08
toshbut its not a mal transfer agent22:08
spowerspostfix is the mta, i think people refer to dovecot as an MDA22:08
spowersmail delivery agent22:08
spowersis that correct?22:08
toshit just takes the mail thats on the server and sends it to the user22:08
linkxsso i can use squirrel mail as the MTA?, right?22:08
toshbut you have to get mail onto the server somehow22:08
spowerssquirrel mail is a MUA22:09
spowersmail user agent22:09
toshnah squirrel mail is just a web interface22:09
linkxsso postfix it is22:09
linkxsima go install it then22:09
spowers(rest of world) -> emails you via postfix -> delivers mail to mbox or maildir mail store -> dovecot grabs that and shoves it at the mail client -> thunderbird or squirrelmail shows the users their mail22:09
spowersand squirrelmail will also attempt to use your local postfix server as a way to get outbound mail out, but it's probably configurable in SM just like for thunderbird or eudora or outhouse22:10
toshhey anyone know how to get procmail recipes to work with virtual addresses in postfix?22:12
linkxsi'm using this tut for postfix: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/postfix.html , and soem things in there don't appeal to me22:12
linkxsfor example, i think it wants me to use procmail22:13
linkxsand doesn't think i have a domain name22:13
linkxsso it asks me to put NONE in the spot of a domain name22:13
linkxsshould i just follow the tut?22:13
toshare you using ubuntu 8.04?22:14
MatBoywhat is a good way to use ubuntu-server with windows clients and a VPNbox in front of the server ?22:14
linkxstosh: yes22:14
MatBoyI want to secure folders...22:14
toshis the vpmbox able to get the windows uses on the network or are you going to use ubuntu for that?22:19
MatBoyI'm using the vpnbox for that, I think the linux box would be make it easier indeed22:19
toshok so you have the windows users on the network?22:20
toshnot sure how windows vpn works but it would probably have another network device listed for the vpn22:22
toshmake sure that device gets a proper ip22:23
toshhopefully the vpnbox uses dhcp so your ubuntu server will get an ip on the same network as the the windows users connected to the vpn22:24
toshonce you have that you can set up samba on ubuntu to share files22:25
toshdo you have a windows domain controller on your network?22:26
MatBoytosh: yes, I think I need samba for sure22:30
MatBoytosh: nope, I can let samba do that... but how do I need to login.. that is the question... after the VPN has started22:30
toshyeah you can add users and groups in samba22:35
toshand configure samba to allow different permissions to different shares22:35
toshI think thats what you want22:35
quizmehow do you determine how much ram a process is using?22:59
geniiquizme: "top"  ?23:02
quizmefree -m ?23:02
quizmehow about if i know the PID23:03
quizmehwo do i get memory usage just for that PID ?23:03
quizmein MB ?23:03
jbbarnesI have let my ubuntu server (gutsy) ready end-of-life, so apt-get no longer works. What are my options for upgrading my existing server rather than overwriting and reconfiguring. Is there any way to dist-upgrade?23:33
danbhfivejbbarnes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#7.10%20to%208.04%20(Gutsy%20to%20Hardy)23:34
jbbarnesThank you. I am reading that now.23:35
geniiquizme: top -p###     where ### is pid usually works23:44
quizmegenii thanks!23:44
jbbarnesdanbhfive: Okay, I have ready through the upgrade instructions. It was straightforward. Question: How risky is this? Generally pretty safe, or is there a significant risk of hosing the system with a failed upgrade?23:47
danbhfivejbbarnes: In theory, lot's of people went through upgrades with those packages and did ok.  The only difference now is that those packages are no longer being updated with security fixes23:48
jbbarnesI do not have the problematic kernel mentioned in that section, so I think I will go ahead and do it. Thank you.23:49
giovanijbbarnes: upgrades often break things23:49
giovaniI wouldn't recommend it unless you feel comfortable troubleshooting weird issues for at least a few hours23:50
giovani(it may go perfectly fine -- but rarely does)23:50
giovaniquizme: that's what ps is for23:51
jbbarnesI think I will be sure to image the drive first so I can fail back if necessary. Thanks for the warning.23:51
giovanijbbarnes: sounds like a decent plan23:52
jbbarnesThe alternative is to start from scratch and migrate data. That's a lot of work, anyway. I might as well give it a shot. I suppose it's possible for it to work perfectly or have just a few problems. I can hope, anyway.23:54
quizmegiovanni it lists the processes in memory23:55

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