LLStarksbryce, i think the new intel 2.8.1 driver broke x for every edgers/testers user on intel hardware01:02
LLStarksit superseded the 2.8.0 git01:02
LLStarksand i can't reach sarvatt01:02
brycebroke X in what way?01:02
LLStarkscan't boot x at all01:10
LLStarksthat is, the intel module won't load01:10
LLStarksi don't remember the exact message01:10
brycewhere are you seeing "every edgers user"?  is there a bug id# for this?01:11
LLStarksif i can't boot x with the stable intel driver in a ppa environment, others will probably be the same.01:41
LLStarksand no, i don't think bug 419126 applies01:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419126 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "X fails to start up after mesa+git update - gdm loops after logging in" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41912601:42
LLStarksthe problem was definitely the intel driver since i could boot x after downgrading to the ppa01:42
bryceLLStarks, tormod posted a new 2.8.1 based snapshot, try again.01:43
LLStarkslemme try01:45
tormodgood to see it come to use that quickly :) it's from trunk not from 2.8.1 if that is unclear01:45
brycetormod, seems 2.8.1 caused xorg-edgers users to update to the version on karmic, without updating their mesa/libdrm I guess, which I suppose causes an inconsistency of some sort01:49
brycetormod, btw I'm preparing to update our -ati01:49
brycetormod, the version I'm going to be updating to is sitting in my personal ppa currently01:50
LLStarkstormod, can i mix that driver you uploaded with xorg 7.5?01:50
LLStarksbryce, i've been using sarvatt's xorg-testing ppa01:50
tormodso they got mesa/libdrm from xorg-edgers and -intel from karmic?01:51
LLStarkswith the super xorg crack.01:51
brycetormod, I believe so.  "they" == LLStarks btw01:51
LLStarkswell, my logs suggested a conflict01:51
LLStarksdrm was probably too new01:51
tormodLLStarks, you can pick the same git version form xorg-edgers or card-drivers01:52
tormodsorry no new intel in card-drivers01:52
tormodLLStarks, oh I see xorg-testing... you probably need the -ntel rebuilt there01:54
LLStarksyeah, i'm test the new xserver01:54
LLStarkssarvatt said the abi was different01:54
tormodyeah make sure you get all your stuff from there, mixing will be bad01:55
LLStarkslemme try restarting x01:56
tormodbryce, ati fc74e119 ?01:57
tormodbased on xorg-edgers? I just superseded it now btw.01:58
tormodthere are lots of commits these days, in -ati  and mesa :)01:59
tormodglxgears is broken atm ...01:59
tormodon my card at least01:59
brycetormod, yes based on your xorg-edgers package02:05
brycetormod, I don't mind lagging xorg-edgers a bit, since presumably whatever was in xorg-edgers has had some bugs shaken out02:05
brycegives some room for cherrypicking02:05
tormodbryce, absolutely, right now xorg-edgers is a bit broken for r400 cards...02:06
tormodthe old fc74e119 seems to be fine here at least02:07
tormodbtw do you know about when Brian thinks to branch mesa 7.6?02:08
tormodsince we have a trunk snapshot in karmic now...02:08
brycenope I sure don't02:09
bryceguess we could ask him... maybe if it isn't branched by next week I could drop him an email02:09
brycetormod, btw I put in for a FFe for all this stuff and got it approved today02:10
bryceref. bug 42080302:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420803 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "FFe for updating -ati/mesa/libdrm git snapshots until their individual releases" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42080302:10
tormodbryce, sounds good. there is a lot of activity now, optimizations and fixes, when things calm down this gonna be pretty good02:11
bryceagreed, I'm looking forward to it02:13
brycecurrently I'm preparing a mass emailing for bug reporters to test this -ati and see which of our bugs can be closed with it :-)02:14
brycemaybe we can get -ati down from the #1 most bug reports slot02:15
tormodthanks for the bug link - you mention libdrm 2.4.13 - I missed it because cgit is broken02:15
tormodbut it's too late for to look at it now - good night02:16
tormodoh actually I'll just cherry pick the one commit I am missing. TGIF02:19
brycetormod, btw note that in -ati debian disabled the patch system so I'm not sure your patch 199 is getting turned on02:29
cdE|WoozyX just froze after resume on karmic :/ (gm45) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/261407/11:28
cdE|Woozyfiled bug #421032, if anyone is interested12:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421032 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[GM45] task xorg/i915 blocked after resume" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42103212:15

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