asteroidwill virt-manager be update soon ?00:00
buckyteadict, most user apps do have a similar file i would just assume00:00
master_is vbox better than wine?00:00
asteroidwe are on 0.8.0 and 0.6.1 is provided in ubuntu-last00:00
xiongdare i ask if there is a batch file renaming tool?00:00
buckyis there any ideas in /usr/share/doc/links00:00
asteroidmaster_, vbox is different than wine00:00
aljoshkaI'm running openbox and have another  USB flash drive that mounts as it should00:00
darkhamhey, i've http://pastebin.com/m452fdbc0 this smb.conf, is very very simply, only for share some movie in mediacenter00:00
darkhambut in mediacenter i've a request of user and password00:01
master_asteroid im trying to install adobe cs3 and filezilla wont work on 9.04 connection errors is vbox for a os system00:01
Zappohi im having a problem installing Aleph One. http://pastebin.com/m41000fbf thats what i get when i try to install it. anyone know what to do?00:01
buckyteadict, i found a user's manual http://links.sourceforge.net/docs/manual-0.82-en/00:02
quantumhelp? /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf line 90: unknown key rndc.key00:02
teadictbucky: I'll give it a check00:02
asteroidmaster_, wine provide a "windows environement" in your linux. Vbox (and qemu, kvm, vmware, xen, ...) provides you a _complete_ virtual machine (hardrive, dcrom, net, display, ...)00:02
master_vbox is for windows7 example00:02
quantumkey rndc.key;00:03
master_i dont want a vbox i use linux00:03
master_thanks though hybrid00:03
teadictbucky: Oh lawd.. Hehe.. Not links the application for text-based web browsing.. Just links.. As in make a link to an executable file and make it Run by default (I want to avoid that pop-up question: [Run in terminal] [Edit] [Cancel] [Run])00:03
master_Do we have to wait for wine to configure cs3 adobe00:04
asteroidsee it with wine team master_00:04
natrixnatrix89Hi. Which software do you use for screen capture? (making videos)00:04
zagabar1Hi! I need a way to automatically upload a file that appears in a directory to my ubuntu server in a specified folder. It is from a windows environment. Do you know a way to do this? It should delete the file after it has uploaded it also.00:04
asteroidzagabar1, upload where ?00:05
buckyteadict, is the file executable?00:05
zagabar1asteroid: From my windows computer to my ubuntu server.00:05
FirstSgthey, whats that movie with the "couples theapy" on a remote island00:05
master_haa i see what vbox can do so how do i configure#00:05
mar-sarawhy would "df" be showing an out of date values?00:05
asteroidzagabar1, ssh ? ftp ? sftp ? rsync ?00:05
teadictbucky: Yes.. I've never known when Ubuntu asks for the action...00:05
yoniHi all, I'm writing a monitor script for my network traffic.00:06
zagabar1asteroid: ftp would be great, but any would do.00:06
mar-sarai just resized my LV but itsnt showing like that on "df" output00:06
FirstSgtdoes anyone remember that movie, its coming our or just came out...00:06
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yoniWhile getting values from /proc/net/dev does the counters there as well on 4G are resetting?00:06
buckyteadict, how are you running it? by clicking on it?00:06
asteroidzagabar1 this is your choice : if you have an ftp server running on ubuntu, get a ftp client like ncftp (which is provided with ncftpput) helping you upload the file in one liner00:07
teadictbucky: Made the executable file, and made a link, normal procedure. Double clicking pops up the question00:07
mar-sarahow can i make a backup of my current X and video setup, so I can go back to it, in case the Driver manager screws my vide ?00:07
buckyteadict, did you make a launcher on the desktop? and that's what your clicking?00:08
teadictbucky: Yeap00:08
master_on vbox do i need to install windows?00:08
zagabar1asteroid: But it is uploading from a windows environment.00:08
asteroidzagabar1, just find a client which can do it00:08
buckyteadict, you made a link with ln -s ?00:08
HydridYES you need00:08
FirstSgtCouples Retreat!!00:09
asteroidor4n_, run your ftp server on windows zagabar1 and use ncftpget to GET the file from windows00:09
teadictbucky: No, graphically interfacing00:09
buckyteadict, with a path directly to the exectuable?00:09
buckyfrom the launcer00:09
zagabar1asteroid: Okay. Thanks fo the advices, I will look at them.00:09
teadictbucky: Yes..00:10
danbhfive1mar-sara: I think the best you can do is to backup xorg.conf00:10
mar-saradanbhfive1: but ubuntu doesnt use it any more ? am i right00:10
natrixnatrix89guys.. Is there a way to do screen capture and save a video in ubuntu? There is one software in the packages list, but the quality of the video is very poor..00:10
natrixnatrix89i mean to capture screen.00:11
danbhfive1mar-sara: well, that's still the only place that anything is hard configured.  If it isn't in xorg.conf, it is autoconfigured00:11
asteroidwell, if someone from staff see that, "we need virt-manager-0.8.0 please"  :)00:11
asteroidsee you00:11
danbhfive1!screencast | natrixnatrix8900:11
ubottunatrixnatrix89: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.00:11
mar-saraand would i have to do to use my current running driver for vga?00:11
mar-saraor most important how do i find out which one is it00:11
danbhfive1mar-sara: what?00:12
mar-sarawhat driver for my vga am i currently using ?00:12
sekyourboxwhats a good realtime wireless network connection status program for ubuntu?00:12
Gouda!xmss | Gouda00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xmss00:13
teadictmar-sara: Watch out! Zerling invasion! RUNNN00:13
Gouda!Audacious | Gouda00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Audacious00:13
teadict!audacious | Gouda00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audacious00:13
teadictOh lol00:13
Gouda!Songbird | Gouda00:13
ubottuGouda, please see my private message00:13
mar-sarateadict: lol00:13
danbhfive1mar-sara: sudo lshw -C display | grep driver00:13
mar-saradanbhfive1: that came back blank00:14
mar-sarai did without grp, and showed my vga information00:14
mar-sarabut not any driver00:14
danbhfive1mar-sara: I dunno then.  Maybe its just the vga or vesa driver or whatever the generic is00:15
mar-saraok thanks00:16
mar-saraanyone know how to find out what driver am i using for my vga now ?00:16
ctmjrmar-sara: try this egrep "Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers" /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:16
mar-saraegrep "Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers" /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:17
mar-saraLoading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//nv_drv.so00:17
mar-saraso now ,  how can i go back to using that module if Driver manager crashes my X setup ?00:18
master_hi all is there a way of uninstalling a dualboot one with kubuntu?00:18
salty-horseis it normal for an ubuntu box *not* to have usbfs mounted? i.e. /proc/bus/usb/devices is missing00:18
think_linuxhello everyone00:19
salty-horsemaster_, what's a "dualboot one"? can you be more specific?00:19
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think_linuxhow can I upgrade ubuntu 8.4 to ubuntu 9.4 ?00:19
erUSULsalty-horse: yes it is normal... iirc i added a line to fstab by hand to mount it00:19
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salty-horseerUSUL, ok. thanks00:19
erUSULthink_linux: 8.04 --> 8.10 --> 9.04 two step process00:20
master_salty-horse i have a acer with kubuntu and ubuntu 9.04 installed in a dualboot...the kubuntu side is not working correctly00:20
erUSUL!upgrade | think_linux00:20
ubottuthink_linux: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading00:20
Aijsethink_linux, go to system administration software sources00:20
think_linuxerUSUL: thanks00:20
salty-horsemaster_, so you want to remove kubuntu? and prevent the grub menu from showing?00:20
think_linuxAijse: yes... :)00:20
erUSULthink_linux: no problem00:20
Aijsethink_linux, then under updates Make release upgrade normal releases00:21
buckyteadict, i can't reproduce the problem, i don't get that pop up box.. tho i have heard of this in this channel before00:21
think_linuxAijse: is that it?00:22
teadictbucky: No problemo. It won't kill me. Ty00:23
Shasirax1How to boot up Ubuntu 9.04 in safe mode?00:24
GoudaReboot and press I believe F8 if you have Grub running00:24
GoudaShould give a menu of boot options00:25
Shasirax1ok, thanks00:25
Shasirax1i'll try it :)00:25
techtronicany1 ever had firefox prevent you from clicking back/forware/refresh etc?00:26
MindVirusSlart, bucky: I wrote a script that made any file that dpkg wanted.00:27
MindVirusThey're gone now.00:27
techtronicive purged it and reinstalled it00:27
MindVirustechtronic: yeah, when I don't have history.00:27
techtronicive deleted the .firefox directory in my home directory and ran firefox --safe-mode00:27
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techtronicvery good MindVirus, good to see you have a sense of humor but, no im not that stupid, thanks for the input though00:27
=== LesPaul is now known as nannes
SirFunkhey.. my ubuntu-notify is appearing in the wrong place... it keeps showing up 1/2 way down my screen. I've rebooted a couple times and still does it, it's kinda of irritating any suggestions?00:28
MindVirustechtronic: I answered your question. Don't be a punk.00:28
techtronicMindVirus: im not i enjoyed the laugh00:28
techtronicMindVirus:  and you could still refresh regardlessd of history00:29
MindVirustechtronic: don't forget about .mozilla.00:30
techtronicMindVirus: never though of that, thanks00:30
MindVirusNo problem.00:30
ninjaslimhey how to enable terminal dir colors00:30
MindVirusninjaslim: where? In your prompt?00:30
MrDarkUserhi, I'm trying to get ubuntu  netbook remix to work from a partitioned sd card.  all I have is one sd card, and I need half of it to download the image... I already split it into two partitions,  now I want to write the image to the first partition and boot from it... but I'm reasonably sure that it won't work00:30
ninjaslimMindVirus: yes in prompt00:30
MindVirusninjaslim: .bashrc.00:31
MindVirusGoogle it.00:31
MindVirusninjaslim: mine is http://pastebin.com/f77e4c2d800:31
ninjaslimMindVirus: i use zshrc, on FreeBSD i just did "export CLICOLORS=1"" in .zshrc but that doesn't work on Ubuntu00:31
Hydridhow to log in and test my vsftpd????????????????/00:31
MrDarkUseranybody know about booting from sd cards?00:32
MindVirus!punctuation | Hydrid00:32
ubottuHydrid: Punctuation is good, but its overuse hurts readability:  Please refrain from adding many ?'s or !'s to the end of your sentences.  See also !enter00:32
MindVirusHydrid: ftp localhost00:32
MindVirusninjaslim: just curious -- why zshrc instead of bash?00:32
HydridMindVirus: thanks00:32
emmaHi --- I have an x31 thinkpad with an aironet cisco wireless device. I have intrepid installed on the computer but the networkmanager does not connect to anything.00:33
MindVirusHydrid: make sure you understand the command before running it.00:33
ninjaslimMindVirus: zshrc?  i use zsh over bash, beter completion features, etc and more powerful00:33
biovoreyay..  I love zsh00:33
MindVirusninjaslim: OK. I am not well-versed with zsh, and I was copying "zshrc" from your line.00:34
DaZ-zsh completition lags for me  :f00:34
ninjaslimbiovore: you wouldnt happen to know how to get dir colors in prompt?00:34
biovoreninjaslim: in zsh? or bash?00:34
ninjaslimbiovore: in zsh00:35
biovoreninjaslim: you looking to add some color to your zsh?00:35
biovoreI have a nice looking one you can take and work from :-P00:35
Milos_SDhello to all00:35
ninjaslimcould you please post your zshrc00:35
ShasiraxF8 didnt get me in to safe mode boot00:36
ntemisi need some help00:36
MindVirusShasirax: do you need a recovery console?00:36
teeheehow com deluge says no incomming connections when the ports are open in the router and firewall is disables00:36
ntemismy volume is not loud enough00:37
genii"f8 safemode" is Windows00:37
Milos_SDI have openssh server setup so only one machine in lan can access it, but I want to enable login with a different username and pass then mine is... is there a way to do that and not create another user in my system?00:37
ntemisand i cant do anything about it00:37
MindVirusShasirax: select (recovery mode) in GRUB.00:37
ShasiraxMindVirus: I have00:37
Bigshot_gtk+ 2.4 or later (2.6 recommended)  libgnomecanvas 2.4 or later- libgnomeprint and libgnomeprintui 2.2 or later , what names should i give to apt-get to install these packages?00:37
ShasiraxMindVirus: What next?00:37
newserwhere can I get a good basic html tutorial?00:37
MindVirusShasirax: there is no safe mode GUI.00:37
MindVirusnewser: don't ask here; try #html.00:37
ShasiraxMindVirus: Fuck...00:38
MindVirusShasirax: do you need help with the command prompt?00:38
ntemisis there anything it can be done to increase the volume levels?00:38
techtronicMindVirus: thanks for your help, that solved it - thanks alot, sorry for the confusion of us getting off to the wrong start!00:38
MindVirusntemis: are your volume levels set?00:38
ntemisis on max00:38
MindVirusShasirax: well, you need safe mode to do something. Perhaps I could help.00:38
MindVirusntemis: all of them? Make sure you're not hiding any.00:38
ShasiraxMindVirus: Yes, please :)00:38
danbhfive1Bigshot_: there is a --install-recommends listed in the man page for apt-get.  maybe what you are looking for00:39
MindVirusShasirax: what do you need to do?00:39
MindVirusntemis: what program are you using to see volume?00:39
biovoreninjaslim: http://files.biometal-servers.com/redirect/biovore-zshrc00:39
ntemisuper corner volume00:39
ShasiraxMindVirus: http://www.gamespot.com/users/AirGuitarist87/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-2569996200:39
ShasiraxThis is my problem...00:39
MindVirusntemis: right click it and go to Volume Control Panel.00:39
ntemisall top level00:40
biovoreninjaslim: rename as .zshrc and stick in your home00:40
MaGicMaX1guys, i was wondering if there was a way to relay my mics sound input into my speakers, so i could hear myself talk?00:40
Shasiraxnot exactly, but almost anyway :)00:40
MindVirusShasirax: I have heard of this problem.00:40
MindVirusntemis: it hides some.00:40
ShasiraxGreat :D00:40
MindVirusShasirax: alright. Get into a root console.00:41
ntemisis there a pastebin for pictures i can take a snapshot00:41
SirmimerHi, i need some help with my network. I want to see my browsers pc (windows pc), so he can transfire a file over to my ubuntu pc - can anyone help?00:41
MindVirusntemis: one second.00:41
ShasiraxI have a x1950 ATI card, installed som package from synaptic and now my login screen wont work -.-00:41
Sp0tteranyone upgrade from a Q6600 to a Core i7 ?  see much difference in Ubuntu?00:41
Shasiraxsry bad eng00:41
MindVirusAt the bottom right, ntemis, there should be a Preferences button.00:41
MindVirusClick it and enable all sliders.00:41
MindVirusAlso, ntemis, make sure you select the right device at the top.00:42
ntemisi have only : master playback and is ticked00:42
ShasiraxMindVirus: im on a Live cd for Ubuntu 9.04 right now so you know...00:42
GneaSirmimer: you can do that with samba00:42
MindVirusShasirax: sure.00:42
Gnea!samba | Sirmimer00:42
ubottuSirmimer: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:42
MindVirusntemis: go through your devices then.00:42
SirmimerGnea, shouldnt i be able to see it when i press on network?00:42
ironfoot_495Hello : I'm trying to remove windows vista os and install ubuntu 9.04 but I can't get rid of vista is there a way to accomplish this???00:42
ShasiraxMindVirus: Open terminal, and then what?00:42
GneaSirmimer: from where?00:42
MindVirusSp0tter: you can but there won't be much performance difference as there should be almost no lag anyways.00:42
GneaSirmimer: samba isn't installed by default00:42
ironfoot_495on a M1530 XPS00:43
SirmimerI press on places (in the top), and find a folder/driver called network00:43
MindVirusShasirax: I would highly recommend you get on a different computer.00:43
ntemiswhat do you mean ?00:43
ntemisthe device is correctly choosen00:43
Bigshot_i am trying to install xournal i have that package downloaded how can i install it using apt-get?00:43
ntemisothers are not ok to choose00:43
MindVirusntemis: please, if you're talking to me, type my name (easy way to do this is by typing the first few letters of my name and pressing tab). This way I know you're talking to me.00:43
MindVirusntemis: why are they not OK to choose?00:43
Shasiraxok, but my brothers computer doesnt have any irc client00:43
MindVirusShasirax: Pidgin has an IRC client, if he has that.00:44
MaGicMaX1 guys, i was wondering if there was a way to relay my mics sound input into my speakers, so i could hear myself talk?00:44
ShasiraxHe runs Vista...00:44
geniiBigshot_: If you downloaded a .deb package, apt-get isn't the tool. dpkg is00:44
GneaSirmimer: well, you'd need to make sure the windows pc is setup correctly to accept the smb connections like that. samba can help by makin the ubuntu pc accessible to the windows pc.00:44
MindVirusShasirax: Pidgin is for all major operating systems. :) If he uses IM without Pidgin then he is missing out.00:44
Bigshot_genii: how can i install the dependencies?00:44
Sirmimerooh okay00:44
SirmimerI'll try installing it00:44
ntemisMindVirus: hda nvidia (alsa mixer)00:44
ShasiraxMindVirus: He's a noob :)00:45
MindVirusntemis: why can't you pick the others?00:45
GneaSirmimer: is the windows pc part of a domain or is it a home edition?00:45
ntemisMindVirus: i can00:45
ntemisbut the one selected is the correct00:45
MindVirusShasirax: It is of no consequence. We need a place where you can talk without being disconnected on reboot.00:45
geniiBigshot_: Usually there will be a readme or similar. Find out what the deps are and install them separately00:45
MindVirusntemis: you'd be surprised.00:45
SirmimerGnea: home edition00:45
ntemisok let me check00:45
Bigshot_gtk+ 2.4 or later (2.6 recommended)  libgnomecanvas 2.4 or later- libgnomeprint and libgnomeprintui 2.2 or later , what names should i give to apt-get to install these packages?00:45
ShasiraxMindVirus: Installing Pidgin on vista... :D00:45
teeheehow com deluge says no incomming connections when the ports are open in the router and firewall is disables00:46
MaGicMaX1 guys, i was wondering if there was a way to relay my mics sound input into my speakers, so i could hear myself talk?00:46
geniiBigshot_: this is ugly but necessary when installing things outside of normal methods00:46
Bigshot_yeah what to do man gotta have it :D00:46
joakoIs there a way to create an Ubuntu install disc adding packages and customizing settings?00:46
MindVirusShasirax: please, tell your brother to use it, too.00:46
danbhfive1Bigshot_: did you try install-recommends?00:47
Bigshot_danbhfive1: it's not an apt-get package00:47
ShasiraxMindVirus: i will :)00:47
MindVirusjoako: not yet, I don't believe, but with Karmic you will be able to add packages.00:47
Bigshot_i have tar.gz package00:47
biovorejoako: yes..  not all the simple though..00:47
MindVirusjoako: Karmic allows you to make a "service pack" -- that is, a package with packages, basically.00:47
ntemisok fixed00:47
ntemisMindVirus:  thanks00:47
MindVirusntemis: volume's set?00:47
SirmimerGnea, does it matter if its home edtion or domain?00:48
MindVirusGreat, man.00:48
MindVirusI'm 3/3 so far today.00:48
Bigshot_genii: you there bud what should i do?00:48
MindVirusShasirax: you're next.00:48
geniiBigshot_: tar.gz is not a package. It's usually source code00:48
joakoMindVirus: What I need is an install disc that has ssh, ldap/nsswitch/pam packages,  certain username/password already created, and enabled by default ssh service and ldap logins00:48
MindVirusjoako: it's pretty tricky.00:48
ShasiraxMindVirus: my brothers computer = Slow!00:48
MindVirusShasirax: as long as it works.00:49
joakoI thought there was something like www.susestudio.com for ubuntu....00:49
ShasiraxMindVirus: + i hate vista... :P00:49
biovorejoako: there is ubuntu studio00:49
Bigshot_genii: so how to install it and the dependencies00:49
MindVirusDon't we all, Shasirax?00:49
danbhfive1Bigshot_: I see.  Well, you can always just use apt-cache search <term>    That has worked for me in the past to find those kinds of packages, but I've only done it once or twice00:49
ShasiraxMindVirus: Yes we do :)00:49
ntemisMindVirus:   hda nvidia (alsa mixer) chosen before was hda nvidia -alc883 analog (pulse audio)00:49
O__ohi i have question about ssh00:49
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:50
geniiBigshot_: It's not something I'm ready or interested in to give support of.00:50
MindVirusntemis: yes, don't forget about those other devices.00:50
ntemisMindVirus: and i thought was correct because indeed my soundcard is alc88300:50
O__oRSA host key for has changed and you have requested strict checking00:50
MindVirusntemis: the state of sound support in Linux is a shamble.00:50
joakobiovore: I don't think we are talking about this same thing... if you look at http://www.susestudio.com it isn't anywhere near the same concept as http://ubuntustudio.org/00:50
alanpananyone knows how to switch consoles, i tried ctrl+alt+F(1-6), but it is not working.00:50
ntemisMindVirus: what shamble means?00:50
MindVirusntemis: think of a collapsed building.00:51
Bigshot_genii:  do you know any pdf annottator?00:51
biovoreO__o: then when connecting?00:51
joako"SUSE Studio builds: Your software and everything it needs, in one appliance; A custom distro, with your own software and branding"00:51
MindVirusntemis: we need a daemon (PulseAudio) to delegate sound to a proper daemon because there are so many of them now that developers can't code for a specific one.00:51
O__obiovore, how to fix?00:51
ShasiroxMindVirus: Done00:51
geniiBigshot_: Not off the top of my head00:51
biovoreO__o: havn't got a clear picture of what your problem is..00:51
MindVirusShasirox: I will talk to you here, yes?00:51
ntemisMindVirus:  why the dont fix it after so time pulse audio is out and all distros use it?00:52
O__oi try to ssh into other computer but cant because i have use that IP on different network00:52
ShasiroxMindVirus: Yes, im on my brothers comp now :)00:52
MindVirusntemis: fixing is harder than talking. There is a lot that needs to be done.00:52
MindVirusntemis: it's amazing that sound even works.00:52
O__oasically, the SSH erver you contacted either renewed the authenicated/encyption key or reinstalled, which would also renew the key. If you're sure that the server is who/what you're contacted then deleted the known_hosts file and continue.00:52
biovoreO__o: when you ssh.. is it saying something about the RSA key not matching?00:52
MindVirusShasirox: great.00:52
ntemisMindVirus:  lol00:52
O__ohow to delete known_hosts file?00:52
MindVirusShasirox: now we'll need to take a look at xorg.conf. Do you know where that is?00:53
ntemisMindVirus: thanks again00:53
LachlanHi guys. Trying to get embedded video player working in Firefox. I've installed xine and the mozilla plugin. Quicktime vids work everywhere but the Apple website. What's special about the Apple website that it doesn't recognise the Xine plugin?00:53
biovoreO__o: its in your homedirectory in a hidden folder..  cd ~/.ssh/00:53
ShasiroxCan i join a 1 on 1 chat with you or do you want to stay in this chat? :)00:53
MindVirusntemis: any time.00:53
biovoreO__o: probably only need to delete the offending entry..00:53
Bigshot_i want to execute jarnal.jar file what package should i install?00:53
MindVirusShasirox: if we stay in this chat then others can help, and I can help others.00:53
O__obiovore, thx dude00:54
ntemisbye all00:54
ShasiroxMindVirus: Ok :) What shall i do now?00:54
MindVirusShasirox: do you know about xorg.conf?00:54
Shasiroxa little00:54
SirmimerI cannot see my brothers windows pc on "network" i just installed Samba, what can be the problem?00:54
ShasiroxSirmimer: Does you brother have samba?00:55
SirmimerI do not know, do he have to have that?00:55
raphaIs there little GUI program for making couple of JPGs into one PDF with one A4 page per JPG?00:55
Sirmimer(Also do i have to set something up or just install samba, and thats it?)00:55
Shasiroxlocal networks are a mistory, try installing it on his comp :)00:55
MindVirusShasirox: alright. Do you know where your hard drive is located in that LiveCD?00:55
SirmimerI will ask him to do so00:55
ShasiroxMindVirus: Yes :)00:55
MindVirusShasirox: could you tell me the drive so I don't have to guess?00:56
MindVirusDrive. I mean folder.00:56
SirmimerShasirox: brb ill tell you when he installed it/if he already have it00:56
Bigshot_ok nvm00:56
syntaxwhy is it when i play a song from the home foldier its streaming..I cant ff or rewind..00:56
ShasiroxYou mean the installed Ubuntu...00:56
syntaxand im useing totem00:56
MindVirusShasirox: yes.00:56
ShasiroxMindVirus: W800:56
MindVirusShasirox: hold on, you want to do those commands?00:57
MindVirusThat you have in your blog?00:57
MindVirusThose fix the issue, right?00:57
ShasiroxMindVirus: No, not exactly...00:57
MindVirusShasirox: please then explain the issue further.00:58
ShasiroxMindVirus: Pretty new to ubuntu00:58
MindVirusShasirox: also, I wouldn't recommend removing fglrx.00:58
ironfroggy_I am awaiting a fsck on an external drive, but the CPU of the fsck.ext3 process is listing as "disk sleep"00:58
MindVirusKeep it around for safe measure.00:58
Shasiroxi dont know how00:58
ironfroggy_shouldn't the process being doing something with the disk, if its checking it?00:58
MindVirusShasirox: "sudo apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx"00:58
MindVirusShasirox: that removes it.00:58
MindVirusShasirox: you shouldn't do that.00:58
ShasiroxI wanted to have dual screen, my comp screen and my tv00:58
MindVirusShasirox: OK, hold on. Start over. What is your problem?00:59
Shasiroxso i fallowed some fucking guide how to install drivers for my video card (ATI x1950)00:59
MindVirus!language | Shasirox01:00
ubottuShasirox: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:00
Shasiroxthe login screen on ubuntu wont work, i cant login....01:00
SirmimerWould it be possible to use Hamachi to connect an Ubuntu computer with a Vista Home Edition computer?01:00
SpudsterCan someone help me troubleshoot an init.d problem (Trying to get a drqueue script to start on boot)01:00
MindVirusShasirox: OK, before we deal with dual screen, let's get the login screen working first.01:00
Shasiroxits just a black screen, but the videocard is sending to the screen...01:01
MindVirusShasirox: open, on the installed Ubuntu partition, the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.01:01
=== bizkut-miau is now known as bizkut
raphathx for answering me found it01:01
MindVirusShasirox: that means use gedit.01:01
ShasiroxMindVirus: Done :)01:02
MindVirusShasirox: OK. Put into a pastebin, now: http://pastebin.com, for example.01:02
queso_How can I safely end a remote ssh session that is connected to my computer?01:03
MindVirusqueso_: that is a great question.01:03
borbosha_laptopOk, I can't for the life of me remember the command to automatically create init.d scripts in ubuntu server.01:04
borbosha_laptopCan someone help refresh my memory.01:04
MindVirusShasirox: ooh, a clean slate.01:05
ShasiroxMindVirus: What? :S01:05
queso_MindVirus: Does that mean you have an answer? ;)01:05
MindVirusqueso_: it means you've piqued my interest and I'm looking for one.01:05
Bigshot_is there anything like floating stylus bar in ubuntu for writing with stylus???01:05
MindVirusShasirox: see where it says Section "Device"?01:05
ShasiroxMindVirus: Where are you from btw?01:05
MindVirusShasirox: I am currently in Cleveland, OH.01:05
queso_MindVirus: Yeah, I just connected to my home box from work, never closed the connection, and now I just want to end it.01:06
Shasiroxoh, nice. You o not speak swedish then :)01:06
MindVirusShasirox: see how it says Identifier "blah"? In the exact same format do Driver "vesa".01:06
JesusCakei need halp01:06
MindVirusqueso_: check for ssh processes that are open on your box.01:07
MindVirusqueso_: if I were you I'd just restart the SSH daemon.01:07
JesusCakewhen i try and run a full screen game, i get immense lag, 5 fps, and when i run it in windows mode, i also get immense lag, 3 fps01:07
MindVirusI don't think there's an easy way.01:07
ShasiroxMindVirus: vesa?01:07
MindVirusJesusCake: what video card are you running?01:07
MindVirusShasirox: I'll post it for you.01:07
JesusCakeAti radeon x140001:08
GoudaJesusCake: Also what game are you trying to run01:08
MindVirusShasirox: http://pastebin.org/1302301:08
JesusCakewarcraft III the frozen throne01:08
MindVirusJesusCake: Have you installed restricted drivers?01:08
queso_MindVirus: That doesn't sound like an orthodox method, though. There ought to be a way to end user sessions without restarting daemons, no?01:08
JesusCakeim very new to linux01:08
ShasiroxMindVirus: Should i copy that any save in the file?01:08
Bigshot_is there a floating keyboard in ubuntu for TAblet pc?01:09
MindVirusqueso_: the client connects to the daemon. The daemon takes control from there. If you can figure out a way to tell the daemon to kill the connection safely then by all means do it.01:09
JesusCakeubuntu was the only thing that would install on my hard drive.. so im trying to make stuff work :D01:09
MindVirusShasirox: save what I wrote into xorg.conf.01:09
GoudaBishot_: A character map?01:09
ShasiroxMindVirus: I will01:09
MindVirusShasirox: xorg.conf is the de-facto Xorg configuration file.01:09
MindVirusShasirox: you will be screwing with this file a lot.01:09
Bigshot_what no for writing and inputting text with stylus Gouda01:09
GoudaNot sure01:10
Bigshot_i installed wacom-tools but then waht?01:10
MindVirusJesusCake: Linux is not the best with games.01:10
JesusCakei know01:10
MindVirusJesusCake: but only because game vendors have not begun to support Linux as widely yet.01:10
JesusCakeits my only optoin right now01:10
JesusCakeuntil i can afford a new hard drive01:10
MindVirusJesusCake: System->Administration->Hardware Drivers.01:10
GoudaJesusCake: are you using WINE to run War3?01:10
JesusCakeand there is nothing in the drivers01:10
ShasiroxMindVirus: Permission problem -.-01:11
ShasiroxCant save it....01:11
MindVirusShasirox: how did you open the file?01:11
ShasiroxDouble click :D01:11
MindVirusShasirox: no, no.01:11
MindVirusShasirox: here's what you need to do.01:11
MindVirusType in "gksudo gedit /path/to/file".01:11
JesusCakeso now what..01:12
GoudaJesusCake: When you run it do you use the -opengl flag?01:12
SirmimerHi i need help to install Hamachi (To install a program)01:12
JesusCakewhat is that01:12
GoudaJesusCake: try doing it like this wine "Warcraft III.exe" -opengl01:13
noobezguys, if my desktop gets stuck cuz of an app, how do i launch the gnome system manager with a combination of keys? like ctrl+alt+canc was for task manager in windows (ctrl+alt+esc already tried, it wont work)01:13
ShasiroxMindVirus: Done01:13
ShasiroxMindVirus: Saved it01:13
MindVirusShasirox: great.01:13
JesusCakeis there no alt tabbing on linux?01:13
MindVirusNow try to boot up.01:13
MindVirusJesusCake: there is.01:13
MindVirusPlenty of it.01:13
FloodBot2MindVirus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:13
duhuHey guys , whats the best version of flash to install in ubuntu 9.04 (on a macbook pro)? thanks01:14
JesusCakewhen i alt tab, it just goes back into the fullscreen game01:14
JesusCakebut brb checking this01:14
pauljwnoobez: try ctrl-esc01:14
noobezpauljw: tried, nothing happens01:14
MindVirusduhu: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer.01:14
GoudaYou are on fire MindVirus01:15
noobezpauljw: cant i just decide what combiantion of keys to use in order to run application? how do i do that?01:15
MindVirusGouda: :)01:15
MindVirusI try to give back to the community.01:15
ShasiroxMindVirus: :(01:15
MindVirusShasirox: still doesn't work, eh?01:15
MindVirusDon't fret!01:15
JesusCakeworks much much better01:15
ShasiroxMindVirus: no01:15
JesusCakebut when i alt tab01:15
JesusCakeit does not go to the desktop01:15
Bigshot_how can i use stylus to input into ubuntu?01:16
MindVirusShasirox: did you already restart? If not, don't.01:16
pauljwnot sure noobez, i'm in a kde envir right now, but i'm sure there is someplace to set hotkeys01:16
GoudaYeah not sure about the alt+tab thing JesusCake but glad the game is running better :)01:16
salty-horsehi. master_ here installed both ubuntu and kubuntu from different live cd's into different partitions. his grub menu now has both kubuntu and ubuntu. what's the best and/or simplest way to remove the kubuntu partition?01:16
ShasiroxMindVirus: Im at "login screen"01:16
JesusCakenow if i only had a mouse i could test it out01:16
MindVirusJesusCake: That means that the game is controlling the keyboard input and not responding to Alt+Tab.01:16
MindVirusShasirox: so it does work.01:16
JesusCakehow do i fix01:16
ShasiroxMindVirus: no, it black...01:16
MindVirusJesusCake: this is the fault of the game, not of Linux.01:16
Bigshot_hey pauljw is there a floating keyboard or stylus input in ubuntu for tablet pc?01:16
JesusCakeah okay01:16
MindVirusShasirox: what do you mean?01:16
JesusCakeso only way to alt tab01:16
JesusCakeis to01:16
FloodBot2JesusCake: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:17
MindVirusJesusCake: there may be a different way but I don't know it.01:17
JesusCakegod blizzard, way to ruin everything01:17
GoudaWINE supports alt tabbing but War3 may not01:17
JesusCakeon windows01:17
JesusCakeyou can alt tab01:17
queso_MindVirus: Figured it out. Just do 'w' to find which TTY the connection is. Then01:17
JesusCakewith war301:17
pauljwsry Bigshot_ i really don't know01:17
ShasiroxMindVirus: Just a black screen... But it should be loginscreen, if i had not had the problem...01:17
MindVirusqueso_: of course; I forgot it's still a TTY.01:17
JesusCakewhat if i just used a windows loader, and installed it from there01:17
MindVirusShasirox: so you don't have a login screen or you do?01:17
JesusCakewould i have performance issues?01:17
MindVirusJesusCake: what do you mean, Windows loader?01:18
queso_MindVirus: (sorry, accidentally hit enter) then 'ps -u username' to find the process id for bash.  then 'kill -9 processid'01:18
ShasiroxMindVirus: I dont have a loginscreen01:18
JesusCakevirtual machine01:18
MindVirusShasirox: Ctrl+Alt+F1.01:18
MindVirusJesusCake: Virtual machines run better with less incompatibilities. You can try one.01:18
ShasiroxMindVirus: Nothing hapens...01:18
JesusCakeah okay01:18
queso_MindVirus: I guess that's basically the safe way to log someone out, kinda, by just killing their bash process.01:18
JesusCakeimma pump up the resolution on this game01:18
Sirmimer****I need help to installing a program, i got a guide to it, but im not sure on how to use the terminal codes right - Can anyone help me?01:19
MindVirusqueso_: right-o.01:19
MindVirusShasirox: Hmm. You're at a black screen with no text, right?01:19
i00nsuSirmimer, dpkg -i file.deb01:19
GoudaMindVirus, how long you been using Linux?01:19
Sirmimeri00nsu: It's not a .deb file01:19
MindVirusGouda: 'bout 5-6 years.01:19
MindVirusGouda: I started on Gentoo, though.01:20
ShasiroxMindVirus: Yes, but it's smal colour parts here ant there01:20
MindVirusShasirox: nothing that makes any sense, though, right?01:20
SirmimerI00nsu: hamachi- (Thats what its called)01:20
ShasiroxMindVirus: no :/01:20
GoudaMkay. I started on redhat and tried out mandrake back around 2000 but haven't dealt with Linux since until now01:20
MindVirusAlright. Go to the LiveCD, or the recovery command prompt (which I prefer; I don't know about you).01:20
i00nsutar zxf for tar.gz or tar xjf for bz2 and ./configure --help for advanced options.. you should read the readme file before01:21
Dr_Willis!info unp01:21
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (jaunty), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB01:21
ShasiroxMindVirus: It's a little text in the bottom01:21
MindVirusGouda: Gentoo really teaches you.01:21
Dr_WillisIm lazy and use the 'unp' command :)01:21
MindVirusShasirox: pardon?01:21
GoudaMindVirus: How does it teach you? Is it very particular about how things are done?01:21
MindVirusGouda: it is the least user-friendly operating system ever.01:22
MindVirusAnd I had to start with it.01:22
Sirmimeri00nsu: Download the hamachi Linux package (I did that) Extract the package to a temp directory (I did at /Home/Christian/) Change to that directory in terminal (I tryed cd /home/christian/ but that didnt work, im stuck here)01:22
ironfroggy_if I do `dd if=/dev/sdb of=backup.img` where /dev/sdb is a 120GB usb disk, why might dd say it completed copying only 2.2meg?01:22
GoudaMore power to you brotha01:22
ShasiroxMindVirus: 01/25/2008-1945-6a79tg0ac-0001:22
MindVirusironfroggy_: make sure your block size is correct.01:22
ShasiroxMindVirus: Thats the text...01:22
ShasiroxMindVirus: makes no sense at all01:22
MindVirusShasirox: I don't know what that even means, dude.01:22
ironfroggy_MindVirus: how do i know that?01:23
a514Where can i get Xplash for 9.04?01:23
ShasiroxMindVirus: It's creapy...01:23
MindVirusGouda: installation consists of being dropped into a root terminal with an Internet connection and asked to untar a big archive.01:23
ShasiroxMindVirus: I'll boot in recovery mode01:23
MindVirusironfroggy_: I'm guessing /dev/sdb is a CD, right?01:23
GoudaVery interesting01:23
ironfroggy_no, its an older IDE harddrive connected via a USB adapter.01:23
ShasiroxMindVirus: Now im in the recovery mode :)01:24
ironfroggy_im trying to backup some discs from a defunct machine i was using as a sambda server01:24
MindVirusShasirox: OK, in the root prompt, yes?01:24
JesusCakeso i tried to join a game01:24
JesusCakeand it crashes and my comp freezes01:24
MindVirusironfroggy_: there are probably filesystem corruptions.01:24
ShasiroxMindVirus: Pardon?01:24
MindVirusironfroggy_: try to fsck.01:24
GoudaJesusCake: Tried joining a WAN game?01:24
Dr_Willisironfroggy_:  if yoy use the 'BS' option with dd - it will copy much faster. theres also a 'dd_rescue' variant for  drives with  read errors.01:24
JesusCakea battle.net game01:24
ironfroggy_MindVirus: fsck frightens me when it asks lots of questions.01:24
MindVirusShasirox: the recovery console gives you a few options.01:24
a514Has anyone tested Ubuntu 9.10 alpha 4? I want to d/l Xplash for 9.0401:24
MindVirusironfroggy_: me too. You get over it, though. :)01:24
i00nsuSirmimer, did you read the README file? did you make (1. make install, 2. hamachi-init, 3, hamachi start, etc) ?01:24
MindVirusironfroggy_: I'm happy I can finally help you after you helping me so many times in #python.01:24
ShasiroxMindVirus: Yes, witch one should i take?01:24
ironfroggy_MindVirus: it asks me to start overwriting blocks starting at block 1001:25
ironfroggy_and every single block after that01:25
MindVirusironfroggy_: extreme data corruption.01:25
Dr_Willisironfroggy_:  and you may want to 'dd' the individual partitions if you wish to access them via the loopback mount feature later..  you can do it with  the whold 'disk' image. but its a little more involved.01:25
ShasiroxMindVirus: Sry, i cant spell....01:25
MindVirusShasirox: it's no problem. As long as I can read what you're writing.01:25
i00nsuSirmimer, is all there.. all instructions01:25
=== yuvipanda is now known as YuviPanda
JesusCakeso.. any ideas now?01:25
ShasiroxMindVirus: :)01:25
MindVirusShasirox: go to the root prompt.01:25
Dr_Willisironfroggy_:  ive seen people 'dd' a drive to a file then fsck the file. :) that way they keep the original data/drive 'safe' and can attempt other recovery  methods on the original data01:25
ironfroggy_thank you for all the suggestions01:25
ShasiroxMindVirus: Yes01:26
MindVirusironfroggy_: I'm fairly certain your drive's busted.01:26
ironfroggy_the worst thing is I started with the newest drive in the box, as a test run before i tried the ones i though tmight actually be faulty :-(01:26
MindVirusironfroggy_: please tell me if this is not the case so I can keep trying to help.01:26
ironfroggy_MindVirus: ill try a few more things and come back if i can continue01:26
ShasiroxMindVirus: Time here is 2:26 in the morning :)01:26
MindVirusShasirox: give me a moment to think.01:26
ShasiroxMindVirus: No, problem :)01:27
MindVirusShasirox: you need to be heading to bed soon?01:27
GoudaJesusCake: You changed your resolutions to high resolotion right?01:27
ShasiroxMindVirus: Naaa...01:27
JesusCakei get to the dl map screen.. and it just freezes / crashes01:27
GoudaTry again with a lower res. Try the lowest res and joining a game and see if it crashes01:27
MindVirusShasirox: OK, good.01:27
mattwj2002hi guys01:27
MindVirusShasirox: now, type `less /var/log/Xorg.0.log`.01:28
mattwj2002I am looking at buying a new motherboard01:28
MindVirusShasirox: actually...01:28
mattwj2002I was wondering what compatiblity it would have with ubuntu01:28
MindVirusShasirox: `grep "(EE)" /var/log/Xorg.0.log`.01:28
MindVirusShasirox: tell me what prints out.01:28
MindVirusShasirox: no problem.01:28
coz_hey guys I asked this i #kubuntu with no results  ... I installed  kde 4.3 on ubuntu 9.04 on two systems via synatpic  and I had this error on both system  E: kubuntu-docs: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 101:29
MindVirusmattwj2002: almost all motherboards work with Linux.01:29
ShasiroxMindVirus: starts with a     '01:29
MindVirusmattwj2002: you'd be hard-pressed finding a mobo that doesn't.01:29
MindVirusShasirox: pardon?01:29
mattwj2002how about the onboard graphics?01:29
mattwj2002it has GeForce 8300?01:29
MindVirusmattwj2002: it will most likely (90%) work.01:29
ShasiroxMindVirus: `grep "(EE)" /var/log/Xorg.0.log`      What "thing" does it start with ?01:29
mattwj2002acceleration too? :D01:29
Shasiroxthose    '   alike things...01:30
MindVirusShasirox: don't include the backticks.01:30
mattwj2002this will go in mythtv box :D01:30
mattwj2002also what about hdmi support?01:30
MindVirusShasirox: you can type them right above the tab key. They mean `this is a command`.01:30
mattwj2002sorry about all the questions?01:30
MindVirusmattwj2002: HDMI is supported AFAIK. I don't know very well about this, though.01:30
JesusCakealt tab works now..01:30
JesusCakebut i cannot host01:31
JesusCakelike i used to be able to01:31
MindVirusmattwj2002: the card will work, guaranteed. Acceleration, however, is the 90% thing.01:31
MindVirusmattwj2002: as far as I know.01:31
mattwj2002oh okay01:31
mattwj2002thanks :D01:31
JesusCakewhere is the firewall settings01:31
JesusCakeand crap01:31
mattwj2002!beer MindVirus01:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beer MindVirus01:31
Shasirox(EE) ?01:31
JesusCakelike internet ports for ubuntu01:31
mattwj2002!beer | MindVirus01:31
ubottuMindVirus: Beer is always appreciated.01:31
GoudaThat is going to probably be in your iptables file jesus01:31
mattwj2002dang it that isn't what I wanted01:31
MindVirusmattwj2002: I'll pull one out for you. :)01:31
Shasiroxit says that "(EE)" thing is wrong...01:31
MindVirusShasirox: what do you mean, wrong?01:32
ironfroggy_dd_rescue running now01:32
ironfroggy_succxfer: 32K01:32
GoudaJesusCake: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo01:32
MindVirusironfroggy_: the drive was dead?01:32
ironfroggy_errxfer keeps going up01:32
MindVirusJesusCake: iptables is a very powerful firewall, if you configure it to be one.01:33
ironfroggy_MindVirus: no matter the case i felt it best to get a copy of the image before touching the drive any further. if its any mechanical issues i dont want to risk something failing permanently before i get the raw image off01:33
MindVirusironfroggy_: yes, good call.01:33
ShasiroxMindVirus: it stands    (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implement, (??) unknown01:33
MindVirusShasirox: and that's it?01:33
mattwj2002thanks guys!01:33
JesusCakeyeah i dont get it01:33
ShasiroxMindVirus: Dont know...01:33
MindVirusShasirox: sudo apt-get install pastebinit01:33
Shasiroxi wrote it exactly01:33
JesusCakei need no firewall01:33
JesusCakei need all my internet ports01:34
JesusCaketo be open01:34
JesusCakei have all the ones i need open on the modem right now01:34
GoudaThen you have to edit your iptables file01:34
ironfroggy_this is gonna take forever and its only the first drive. at least its also the largest.01:34
JesusCakewould would i put in there01:34
=== gnome is now known as lawford_
GoudaDid you click on the link I gave you and read?01:34
MindVirusironfroggy_: how many do you need to copy?01:34
GoudaJesusCake: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo01:34
ShasiroxMindVirus:  Yes01:34
MindVirusShasirox: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit01:35
MindVirusShasirox: tell me the resulting URL.01:35
quantumwhere does shorewall install itself?01:35
ironfroggy_i tried to dump 100 gigs of this onto S3 a few months ago, but something failed in the transfer and i never worked it out. at least ive got a good chunk already up there01:35
=== fred_ is now known as Guest40660
ShasiroxMindVirus:  |01:35
ShasiroxWhere do you find to wright  |  ?01:35
ironfroggy_and yes, you're reading that write, my eventual goal is uploading about ~150GB!01:35
MindVirusShasirox: shift \01:36
Shasiroxoh no, thats ? for me -.-01:36
JesusCakeits not even letting me get into it01:36
packetloss451Can anyone help me improve the sound level output on jaunty?  It is extremely low..almost enough to go back to windows.01:36
JesusCakei need to be in the terminal correct?01:36
Shasirox MindVirus: Found it01:37
O__ohow to install skype?01:37
MindViruspacketloss451: have you changed your volume settings?01:37
MindVirusO__o: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list01:37
packetloss451MindVirus: I am assuming not..other than the volume control in task bar01:38
O__oMindVirus, then?01:38
MindVirusO__o: one minute.01:38
MindViruspacketloss451: right click it and click Open Volume Control.01:38
O__oMindVirus, should I just goto skype homepage and download from there?01:38
MindVirusO__o: no.01:38
MindVirusO__o: this is the worst way.01:39
Dr_WillisO__o:  skype is on the medibuntu repositories i think.01:39
O__oMindVirus, they have one for 8.04 or 8.10 but dont have 9.0401:39
ShasiroxMindVirus: It says that pastbinit isn't installed... but it is!01:39
ironfroggy_while im waiting for this i have a completely unrelated question!01:39
jMylesEverybody who is not a sudoer is a......?01:39
MindVirusShasirox: type it in correctly.01:39
Dr_WillisjMyles:  'non admin-rights user' :)01:39
O__oDr_Willis, how to get mediubuntu repos?01:39
ShasiroxMindVirus: I have01:39
packetloss451MindVirus: Ok...that is where I am stuck I suppose...not exactly sure where to go after the dialogue opens..01:39
JesusCakeso no help on this..01:39
derwinam I totally blind, or is there no "system" menu on Ubuntu live USB "MID" edition? If so, how am I supposed to go to "open System > Administration > Software Sources." /01:39
Dr_Willis!medibuntu | O__o01:39
ubottuO__o: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:39
jMylesDr_Willis: Is that the least awkward name?01:39
MindViruspacketloss451: one minute.01:39
MindVirusO__o: deb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free01:39
Dr_WillisjMyles:  'normal user' :)01:39
MindVirusO__o: add that to the bottom of /etc/apt/sources.list01:39
jMylesDr_Willis: OK, thanks :-)01:39
Kapacewhere can i learn about the policies in policykit autorizations?01:40
MindVirusO__o: then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype01:40
packetloss451MindVirus: absolutely....  :-D01:40
Dr_WillisjMyles:  which says very little.. may as well call them a user.01:40
ironfroggy_Is it possible to setup audio in a way that I can globally swap between two audio devices?01:40
emmaI just saw a racoon and I got a photo of it!01:40
emmaOh woops, wrong channel :P01:40
jMylesDr_Willis: I was thinking "simple user"01:40
ironfroggy_I have an integrated audio and a usb headset and at different times need to use one or the other.01:40
MindViruspacketloss451: turn the volume up on each device. Click Preferences and enable everything so you can turn the volume up on other channels.01:40
O__obash: deb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free: No such file or directory01:40
MindVirusO__o: copy and paste.01:40
MindVirusdeb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free01:40
derwinO__o: � is not space01:41
MindVirusThose should be spaces, not ?.01:41
derwinO__o: it is some character other than space, it is ����01:41
ShasiroxMindVirus: i think i will sleep now...01:41
MindVirusShasirox: I'm sorry I am not devoting my attention to you.01:41
O__oi did01:41
MindVirusI should be.01:41
O__odeb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free01:41
O__obash: deb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free: No such file or directory01:41
ShasiroxMindVirus: No, its not a problem :)01:41
ShasiroxMindVirus: I understand why01:41
Dr_WillisO__o:  thats not a 'command' its an entry for your sources.list file01:42
packetloss451MindVirus: Beautiful.....Thank You!01:42
MindVirusShasirox: I will try to find you tomorrow when you wake up.01:42
MindVirusO__o: no, no.01:42
MindVirusO__o: into /etc/apt/sources.list.01:42
ShasiroxShasirax or Shasirox :)01:42
MindVirusShasirox: bye.01:42
ShasiroxThanks for you help :)01:42
FAJHi I am trying to Print with CUPS but it keeps telling me that I am unauthorized, help?01:42
rhoHi, somebody know where/how/when is created the default directories Documents,Photos,Desktop, etc. in home directory? I need to add a default desktop shortcut to every user created01:42
MindVirusShasirox: we will get to the core of this tomorrow.01:42
ShasiroxMindVirus: Great :)01:43
ShasiroxBye all :D01:43
MindViruspacketloss451: no problem.01:43
Flannelrho: Throw them in /etc/skel/01:43
Dr_Willisrho:  from /etc/skel    that skeleton dir gets copied as the template for the 'new users' home dirs.01:43
thiblahuteHi, I applied this  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 tuto (optimal), evrything is fine but I get my mouse very slow sometimes (not always). I had already applied this tuto on another computer and have had the same issue but I had found a way to correct it. But I can't fine it again now. Anyone knows what to do please???01:43
Dr_Willisrho:  changes to /etc/skel will only affect new users made after the skel changes.01:44
MindVirusO__o: hello?01:44
O__osudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype01:44
O__oE: Type 'deb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free' is not known on line 54 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list01:44
MindVirusO__o: you typed it in wrong, again.01:44
MindVirusO__o: those should not be weird symbols.01:44
O__oi copy paste01:44
MindVirusThose should be spaces.01:44
derwinlike, seriously, how can every document instruct me to "Step 2: On your Ubuntu computer, open System > Administration > Software Sources." when there is no "System" menu on my ubuntu MID system?01:44
MindVirusO__o: replace the symbols with spaces.01:44
O__owhat symbol?01:44
O__othere is no symbol here on my screen01:45
ironfroggy_i see no symbols01:45
Dr_Willis'ubuntu 'mid' system>?01:45
=== Paddy_EIRE is now known as Paddy_NI
Dr_Willis O__o | E: Type 'deb?http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/?stable?non-free' is not known on line 54 in01:45
Dr_Willisi see funny ? ? here...01:45
MindVirusMe too.01:45
O__oi see no ?01:45
derwinDr_Willis: yes, there is an official supported distro of ubuntu called "Ubuntu MID"01:45
O__ohere is space01:45
MindVirusO__o: replace the spaces with spaces.01:45
=== matteo is now known as Guest84804
ironfroggy_computers are awesome!01:45
MindVirusDelete each space and put a space instead.01:45
marquialguien habla español?01:46
ichigogoci ci01:46
bastidrazor!es | marqui01:46
ubottumarqui: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:46
rhoDr_Willis, Flannel i thought that, but that directories are translated into system language. I'm using spanish locale and Desktop is "Escritorio". I wish to know which script creates that directories, i don't wish to grep trough all system files :(01:46
O__oWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!01:46
O__o  skype01:46
O__oInstall these packages without verification [y/N]?01:46
marquime instale ubuntu ayer, y estoy aprendiendo a usarlo01:46
MindVirus!english | marqui01:46
ubottumarqui: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:46
MindVirus!english | ichigogo01:46
ubottuichigogo: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:46
O__oshould i enter Y ?01:46
Dr_Willisive neard of mini. but never a 'mid' Hmm.. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mid/   is epmty also.01:46
jerbeari have my router domain set to "local" and nslookup <host>.local gives me an ip, but I can't ping it. I can ping the ip directly, however. Any suggestions?01:47
MindVirusO__o: what now?01:47
thiblahuteHi, I applied this  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 tuto (optimal), evrything is fine but I get my mouse very slow sometimes (not always). I had already applied this tuto on another computer and have had the same issue but I had found a way to correct it. But I can't fine it again now. Anyone knows what to do please???01:47
MindVirusO__o: yes.01:47
Goudajerbear. What are you trying to ping? your router?01:47
Dr_Willisrho:  the translating of directory namdes into languages and stuff is handled by some other service I recall. (ive neer looked into it)01:47
MindVirusO__o: you will install skype soon.01:47
jerbearGouda: no, <host>.local01:47
marquime gustaria que me recomienden algunos juegos para instalarle, porque mis hijos no se acostumbran a no usar la maquina par ajugar....01:47
MindVirusO__o: it will be in Applications->Internet->Skype.01:47
O__oMindVirus, it is installing now thx01:47
=== matteo is now known as Guest90596
derwinanyone? ubuntu mid has no "system" menu? how can I add apt sources, short of just manually adding them to /etc/apt/sources.list?01:47
MindVirusO__o: no problem.01:47
MindVirus6/7 today.01:47
MindVirusNot bad.01:47
marquiy tengo entendido que hay muy buenos juegos en linux01:48
marquies asi?01:48
O__owhy ubuntu doesnt include all those stuffs?01:48
MindVirus!english | marqui01:48
ubottumarqui: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:48
MindVirusO__o: Skype is closed-source software. Closed-source software is frowned upon.01:48
ninjaslimdoes "export CLICOLORS="YES"" not work on linux01:48
marquiok, sorry, and really thanks01:48
Dr_Willisrho:  here obn my gnome 'startup apps' theres one listed as --> xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update   -> Update common folders names to match current locale01:49
FlannelO__o, MindVirus: more specifically, if Skype was included in the official repos, there'd be no way for the people tending to those repos to fix bugs ni it01:49
MindVirusmarqui: I do not mean to offend you.01:49
Dr_Willisninjaslim:  never heard of that variable befor.. whats it supposed to do?01:49
MindVirusDr_Willis: it's for zsh.01:49
ninjaslimMindVirus: yeah, it works on both FreeBSD and Mac OS X, but does not work on Ubuntu01:50
ctmjr!es | marqui01:50
ubottumarqui: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:50
thiblahutemarqui porque no vas en #ubuntu-es no mas?01:50
marquino, its all rigth, but mi english is no good.....01:50
MindVirusmarqui: join #ubuntu-es01:50
MindVirusninjaslim: perhaps the variable is renamed in Ubuntu.01:50
thiblahuteOk, sso nobody has haad mmy issue with an intel GC on ubuntu Jaunty applying this tuto: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582  ??01:51
jerbeari have my router domain set to "local" and nslookup <host>.local gives me an ip, but I can't ping it. I can ping the ip directly, however. Any suggestions?01:51
tbryantHow do I keep Compiz from making the Metacity titlebar on windows transparent when they lose focus?01:52
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.01:52
Dr_Willisthiebaude:  that guide has worked for me on 2 of my laptops fine.01:52
vasslerHave you ever heard a keyboard keys (some buttons work and some do not!!) any ideas?01:52
thiebaudeDr_Willis, yea, i had to add "DRI" "off"  which worked for me01:53
MindVirusFlannel: do you lurk a lot in this channel?01:53
thiblahuteDr_Willis: and you never had mouse sslowinf down sometimes? I applied this tuto 2 time (different computer) and got this touchpad slowing issue on both.01:53
thiebaudeDr_Willis, did your x freeze before?01:54
Dr_Willisthiblahute:  never noticed that problem.01:54
Dr_WillisX was just sluggis befor. No compiz either.01:54
thiblahuteubottu: I know, but I solved it, just getting slow mouse somtimes.01:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:54
hlfshellHello - I have a webcam that works in Ubuntu (see things fine in Cheese, the webcam program) but when I hit "test" in the video section of skype, i get "video static" of multiple colors. no discernable image. Does anyone know how to get the camera working in skype?01:55
leaf-sheepMindVirus: Yes, Flannel is a lurker.01:55
FlannelMindVirus: I'm in here often, yes.01:55
MindVirusFlannel: you come up at random times and say a single line, then go back into hiding. Just very interesting.01:55
thiblahuteHey, good idea the bot on the channel!!!01:56
Paddy_NIhey I woke up this morning to "grub error 25" I can no longer boot the live cd either.. I wonder if the laptop HDD is broken or possibly something else in the laptop is broken01:56
=== matteo is now known as Guest42077
redvamp128Paddy_NI:  possibly could be a bios setting-- I saw one that would often forget the boot order-- Most of the time on some you can hit the f12 key to get to the boot menu.01:57
vasslercaps lock does not work, enter button does not work, letter "b" does not work other buttons work and others do work?? any idea what is happening??01:57
Guest42077non riesco a capire come si scarica01:57
vasslerHave you ever heard a keyboard keys (some buttons work and some do not!!) any ideas?01:57
Dr_Willisvassler:  do they work in the alt-ctrl-f1 console?01:57
Dr_Willisvassler:  and/or on the login screen?01:58
Lars_Gis there any way I can get 2.6.29 or .30 compiled and packaged for jaunty?01:58
vasslerdr_willis: no01:58
Dr_Willisvassler:  if they dont even work on the console.. do they work in the BIOS menus?  This is a desktop or laptop machine?01:58
vasslerdr_willis: Id have to check that out01:59
Dr_Willisvassler:  also check with a live cd if you have any01:59
Dr_Willisnever mind...01:59
caseydim trying to add some entries to my fstab that i just can't seem to figure out.. they used to mount themselves and lately i've been manually doing it in terminal02:00
david__guys i just installed a Turtle beach pci sond card how can i get ubuntu to use this instead of my onboard card?02:00
=== linda_ is now known as mralexandro
Dr_Willisdavid__:  disable onboard sound card in teh bios is a good idea.02:00
caseydi have their uuid, so in fstab i put: UUID=2039849283 /storage ntfs02:00
eljefe_what application opens .deb files?02:01
redvamp128david__:  you could go into sound under preferences and it should be in the selection on the drop down.02:01
mralexandrohi i was wondering if anyone know some good radioprograms?02:01
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.02:01
Lars_Gis there any way I can get 2.6.29 or .30 compiled and packaged for jaunty?02:01
OpensourceFTWanybody know the status on the intel driver for 9.10?02:01
eljefe_thanks ubottu02:01
Dr_Williscaseyd:   I think you need more to the 'fstab' line then what you just gave...  (or did you trim it down for us)02:02
mralexandroi stay corrected  i mean radio software, where you can choose differendt channels02:02
caseydno that's all i put02:02
thiebaudeeljefe_, np02:02
eljefe_thiebaude: yes you, not the bot, sorry!02:02
Dr_Williscaseyd:  then you are missing part of the fstab lines.. im supirsed they work at all.02:02
thiebaudeeljefe_, :d02:02
Dr_Williscaseyd:  exapme on this box --> /dev/sda1 /media/Windows ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 102:02
caseydit doesnt ;-)02:02
redvamp128Lars_G:  you could check the following-- under software sources--  Pre-released updates as well as unsupported updates-  then close and let the list reload (it is possible that what you are looking for may be in those)02:03
david__i dont see it under sound prefrences02:03
Dr_Willisyou can replace /dev/whatever with  UUID=XXX-XXX-XXX02:03
rhoDr_Willis, thanks for the hint. xdg-user-dirs package is what i was looking for :)02:03
redvamp128david_: where it says sound in preferences (also it may say alsa)02:03
Dr_Willisrho:  i just stumbled upon that one day while cleaning out my 'startup apps'  :)02:04
Lars_Gredvamp128: Ok, is this the same as backports?02:04
Dr_Willisrho:  one of the things i disable. :)02:04
redvamp128Lars_G:  I think I remember on my other install that it updated to the 2.6.28  when I clicked the pre-released02:04
Lars_Gredvamp128: 2.6.28 is not enough :(02:05
redvamp128Lars_G:  it may have the 2.6.29 or .30 there but only way it to check02:05
Lars_Gredvamp128: I will. thanks02:06
redvamp128David_: under the sound options there should be a way to select the sound output02:06
redvamp128Lars_G:  only other way is to download the compiler and compile it yourself02:06
redvamp128Lars_G:  I have yet to compile my own kernel - (only done it for a few apps as well as wine)02:07
RPG_MasterHow do I set my internal IP as static?02:07
livingdaylighthey... i installed wine, something didn't work out, so i wanted to start from the beginning and removed /purged wine. However, when i re-installed it, it isnot longer in the Menu?02:08
redvamp128livingdaylight:  open up your synaptic package manager and find wine-- then right click and choose completely remove then apply , then try again.02:09
i00nsuRPG_Master, ifconfig eth0 down || ifconfig eth0 up || ifconfig 192.168.?.? netmask
redvamp128livingdaylight:  sometimes you need to log-off for menu changes to show02:09
Lars_Gredvamp128: I've done it lots of times but long ago and I wanted to avoid it right now02:09
Lars_Gredvamp128: specially since this is for/in a netbook02:09
livingdaylightredvamp128: odd... i did cotr. alt backspace02:09
Lars_Gand it seems the driver I need from 2.6.29 uses net structre changes from 2.6.28 wont compile well in 2.6.2802:10
ZappoHi i'm trying to install a app from source and it is not working. this= http://pastebin.com/m41000fbf is what im doing im trying to install Aleph One02:10
RabbitbunnySo... a Lower nice number does mean more processing time right?02:10
Zappoany help?02:10
redvamp128Lars_G:  If it exists it is possible it is in the Pre-release updates in the software sources02:10
i00nsuRPG_Master, you can go to services and stop runing dhcpd services02:11
redvamp128livingdaylight:  you could also try the following in the synaptic package manager-- right click on wine and choose reinstall02:11
=== I is now known as Guest47668
Lars_Gredvamp128: sigh it's not, they're all 2.6.28 there02:11
Lars_Gthanks though02:11
Lars_Gmaybe it is time to pull my .30 and compile it02:11
redvamp128Lars_G:  one thing you may or may not want to do02:12
redvamp128Lars_G:  go into room #ubuntu+1 and ask them what kernel karmic is02:12
david__i just tried the disabling of the onboard audio by bios but ubuntu still dosent recognize the turtle Beach pci soundcard02:12
Lars_GI might want to go karmic02:12
catmandoHey what kernal is karmic?02:12
redvamp128Lars_G:  then you may want to update to the Alpha of Karmic--02:12
rwwcatmando: 2.6.3102:13
trotisalguem sabe de algumapagina onde possa sacar programas para ubuntu02:13
redvamp128catmando:  it is the next release of Ubuntu though it is last I looked Alpha 4 stage02:13
RPG_Masteri00nsu, I get a bunch of permission denide erros :(02:13
=== Guest47668 is now known as lukszc
redvamp128Lars_G:  though it may be your only option to get that kernel short of compiling02:14
lukszcwitam all02:14
Lars_Gredvamp128: yeah, thanks02:14
RPG_MasterHow do I set my internal IP as static? So it will never change02:14
i00nsuRPG_Master, u are in ubuntu . and trying to configure administrative stuff, so you need to use the prefix sudo command02:15
redvamp128i00nsu:  I would try gksu instead02:15
catmandowhat is gksu?02:15
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:15
RPG_MasterI did that next and then I didn't get any feedback at all02:15
i00nsudon't know that ;) but hey, is another solution, is what ppl want :P02:16
redvamp128i00nsu:  it is preferable to try gksudo before using sudo -- (I had to learn that one the hard way myself)02:16
catmandowhy is that?02:17
i00nsubut can you tell me the diference?02:17
Rabbitbunnysudo will mess up permissions, gksudo wont.02:17
catmandohow will sudo mess with permissions?02:17
=== uman_ is now known as duhi
redvamp128i00nsu:  only differences I saw is that sometimes sudo won't give you a choice for something -- like click it -- but gksudo will02:17
catmandosudo doesnt mess with permissions does it?02:17
duhiHey guys do you know how i can monitor the temp of my macbook pro running 9.04? thanks02:18
RPG_MasterOK, so now my internal IP will never change?02:18
i00nsuRPG_Master, did you stop DHCP server?02:18
david__how can i compule a driver that is opensource?02:18
RPG_Masteri00nsu,  I didn't see that in services02:18
i00nsuredvamp128, hmm.. i thought it was just a interface02:19
redvamp128catmando:  you should really use sudo just for things like getting and installing updates (as in sudo apt-get update / upgrade)02:19
RabbitbunnyRPG_Master: It's running on another box, or in a router.02:19
redvamp128catmando:  though never use sudo natilus (as to file changes will make it root and you have to change permissions to get it back)02:19
RPG_MasterRabbitbunny, What do you mean?02:19
RPG_MasterI should put that command into the desktop that's wired to the router02:20
duhiHey guys do you know how i can monitor the temp of my macbook pro running 9.04? thanks02:20
redvamp128catmando:  or even worse the sudo firefox02:20
i00nsuRPG_Master, Oo thats wierd.. every ubuntu box have dhcp server.. try sudo dhclient3 stop and if stoped add that line to rc.local in /etc02:20
catmandoah I see02:21
catmandoThis page is quite informative http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo02:21
redvamp128catmando:  what i00nsu is telling him to do is a system wide change and should be done as root (but other tasks do not need root run or configure)02:21
IvisI need to make statistics of middle age ( linux users) wery apreciate who can help, just say your age :)02:21
i00nsui am a litle bit new to ubuntu .. i do as i did in other linux version, but maby is wrong..02:22
redvamp128Ivis:  35 tomorrow02:22
centinulWhat would prevent a user from writing to a samba share, if at the filesystem level they are a member of the group that has write privileges on the directory and the user is specified in the write list of the samba share? I'm running Jaunty02:22
i00nsuanyway, we learn making mistakes ;)02:22
GSF1200Sanyone know how to make apps on one workspace dissapear from the taskbar when on another workspace in gnome? Im used to KDE..02:23
catmandoi00nsu, That is true lol!02:23
catmandoi00nsu, especially with linux.02:23
bankixGood eavening02:23
duhiHey guys do you know how i can monitor the temp of my macbook pro running 9.04? thanks02:23
redvamp128i00nsu:  I ran RH 6,7 and Mandrake 8 before going to window land for a while -- now back with Ubuntu (with Xubuntu , LXDE desktops installed) and am currently on XUbuntu desktop02:23
i00nsuoh yea02:23
SirStanduhi: you can safely assume "holy shit thats hot"02:24
IvisThanks you good people :) and still need ages02:24
RPG_Masteri00nsu, This is what I got :/  http://paste.ubuntu.com/261247/02:24
i00nsui was in slackware for years, but is true that ubuntu have many many solutions and better kernel update02:24
duhiSirStan, do you have a mbp?02:24
Ivisactualy this statistic can help to improve linux a lot02:25
i00nsuRPG_Master, what command line you use?02:25
zero-cooli have problems with wubi02:25
youneshowto install  kernel source02:25
zero-cooli don't have menu.lst02:26
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
ctmjr!info lm-sensors | duhi02:26
ubottuduhi: lm-sensors (source: lm-sensors-3): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component main, is extra. Version 1:3.0.2-2ubuntu4 (jaunty), package size 122 kB, installed size 556 kB02:26
RPG_Master sudo dhclient3 stop02:26
zero-coolmy friend02:26
redvamp128zero-cool:  I would try if you have windows installed -- try wingrub - http://members.iinet.net.au/~herman546/p9.html02:26
duhictmjr ive already installed lm-sensors but i cant right click the panel and add a sensor...02:27
RPG_MasterI also forgot to take out  "and if stoped add that line to rc.local in /etc"02:27
youneshowto install kernel source on ubuntu02:27
RPG_MasterI re-did it and still I get a bunch of errors02:27
zero-coolo tnx today i was installed friend wubi02:27
=== NAkeidosan is now known as TimothyA
ctmjrduhi: it's one of those programs you need to read up one from terminal run sensors-detect02:28
redvamp128zero-cool:  though if you installed wubi -- it could be as simple as going into windows and turning on the boot menu to show02:28
i00nsuRPG_Master, hmm.. go to system / admin / services ... you should have one service named (DHCP server \ dhclient3-server)02:28
duhictmjr, thanks... did that already02:28
zero-cooli will t tell him02:29
redvamp128zero-cool:  it could also be in the boot.ini02:29
redvamp128zero-cool:  where the timeout is set to 0 which auto loads windows02:29
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
ctmjrduhi: and if you run sensors from terminal nothing shows?02:30
zero-cooli know on my computer that is works02:30
zero-coolbut he would linux for game02:30
zero-cooland i put wubi02:31
duhictmjr i see some temps but i wanted to add an applet to the panel...02:31
Parselexcuse me, has anyone had using Ubuntu 9.04 LiveCD installer past partitioner stage?02:31
Parselhad trouble*02:31
bankixParsel: What do you mean with "past partitioner stage"?02:31
mnainesParsel, what did you have trouble with?02:31
ParselAfter it gave me "loading partitioner" dialog in installation wizard, it gets stuck with loading icon02:32
Parselit keeps loading but nothing happens02:32
Parselwaited 1/2 hour02:32
duhiAnyone know how to completely disable bluetooth on ubuntu 9.04? Im using a macbook pro latest gen02:32
bankixSo you don't get into partitioning?02:32
ctmjrduhi: oh i see did you install sensors-applet? it is for gnome panel02:32
mnainesParsel: What are the specs of your system?02:32
duhictmjr actually i did, but i dont get a new applet for the panel...02:33
bankixParsel: Specs, and current partitions would help02:33
kevdogWith the broadcom sta driver being distributed, there is a kernel patch for versions 2.6.29?  What is this patch for?02:33
bankixParsel: Current partitioning scheme.02:33
david__how can i get ubuntu to recognize my riviera pci card?02:33
mmorrowthis worries me very very much (this is regarding the ToshibaNB205, i have a Gateway blahblah with the same wireless card) "Wi-Fi must be enabled in Windows XP before installing UNR or else it is impossible to enable it."02:33
mnainesParsel: Specs are especially helpful because they will help us pinpoint the bottleneck02:33
mmorrowso windows was wiped immediately. am i screwed? how can this even be possible?02:33
Parsel1.5GHz, 700MB RAM, 60GB.  Current machine has 30GB XP part, 30GB Ubuntu, wanted it on 60GB external HDD02:34
mnainesmmorrow: Did you reinstall Windows?02:34
miguelonnnnplease 1 quick question,02:34
Dr_Willismmorrow:  interesting. you could try one of those not-quite-legal windows live cd's02:34
bankixParsel: Could you paste a "fdisk -l" from within the ubuntu live system?02:34
mmorrowmnaines: i can't, since it didn't come with any sort of restore anything, nor does the laptop have a cd-drive (nor do i have a windows cd)02:34
Parselbank: what do you mean?02:34
miguelonnnnit is said that to make a disk dump (dd) you first need to u mount the device. But then, how can you dump a file if it isn't mounted? i can't get it02:35
bankixParsel: Preferably as root, so enter "sudo fdisk -l" on the command line.02:35
mnainesmmorrow: Does it have a USB port and can it boot from USB?02:35
mmorrowDr_Willis: ooh nice. so it *is* possible to boot windows from a usb key?02:35
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  you are dumping the DEVICE.. not a filesystem on the device.02:35
mmorrowmnaines: yes and yes02:35
Dr_Willismmorrow:  ive heard it is.02:35
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  and normally you do this on 'un mounted' filesystems.02:35
jgouldI have a question about fstab:  my root, /home and  /boot all are mounted with the option of 'realtime' what exactly is the option of realtime?02:35
NubosalIs possible to have DIrectX9 or 10 in Ubuntu?02:35
mnainesmmorrow: May I interest you in a Linux Live install?02:36
miguelonnnnok Dr_Willis02:36
Dr_WillisNubosal:  wine handles that itself. its not 'in ubuntu' its In 'wine' :)02:36
miguelonnnnand where is the fs mounted? Dr_Willis ?02:36
redvamp128Nubosal:  yes in a way-- in wine using -- something like winetricks02:36
miguelonnnni know the "device" is on /dev/sda102:36
mmorrowmnaines: i've got fedora on it now, but can't seem to get the wireless card to work. so i'm now trying to install ubuntu since i've read that there's a prepackaged working solution in linux-backports-modules-jaunty02:36
Sirmimer**How do i install a .exe program using wine?**02:36
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  its Not..  you are dumping the 'raw' device.  which is everything to a file02:36
Flannelmnaines: That won't work to enable his wifi card02:36
NubosalSo, If I want to get completely rid of Windows with WInetricks I can play my games02:36
Dr_WillisSirmimer:  wine path/to/whatever.exe    is what i do02:36
Dr_WillisNubosal:  wine may or may not work properly for all games.02:37
mnainesmmorrow: Hmm...What wi-fi card is it?02:37
Dr_Willis!appdb | Nubosal02:37
ubottuNubosal: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:37
mdgmmorrow: what kind of wifi card you have? - just curious02:37
miguelonnnnyeah Dr_Willis  but where is the mounted fs so i umount it?02:37
duhiAnyone know how to get sound in ubuntu 9.04 on a latest gen macbook pro 15"?02:37
SirmimerDr_Willis: sudo wine /home/Christian/program.exe etc?02:37
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  whever its at.. check the 'mount02:37
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  whever its at.. check the 'mount' command02:37
miguelonnnnok thanks jeheh02:37
mmorrowmnaines: atheros AR928502:37
redvamp128Sirmimer:  What I do is create a prefix of wine and associate it with .exe files02:37
Dr_WillisSirmimer:  i never said to use 'sudo' :) you dont need sudo02:37
mmorrowmdg: atheros AR928502:37
mnainesmmorrow: Would you benefit from a Linksys Wireless USB Dongle?  I hear Ubuntu has better compatibility with those02:38
Sirmimeroooh okay i think its installed now. How do i open it with wine?02:38
mmorrowmnaines: right, i just tried the ubuntu live usb netbook image, and that dies with "can't find module/something"02:38
Dr_Willisi find running wine whatever.exe from the command line gives me better resul;ts. because i can 'see' any error messages wine may give.02:38
luiferaresubuntu en español??02:38
Dr_WillisSirmimer:  wine path/to/whatever.exe02:38
Dr_WillisSirmimer:  it may have an icon in the menus02:38
NubosalSirmimer: You can do it like Windows double click, or like the doctor says02:38
Admin_room sexy02:38
mnainesmmorrow: If you can get the exact error message, we may be able to help you with that02:38
miguelonnnnDr_Willis, please tell me /dev/disk2s1 is on /Volumes/USB_XP_710 means that the device disk2s1 is mounted on the filesystem folder /volumes/usb? so i should umount /volumes/usb_xp_710¿02:38
redvamp128Sirmimer:  what I do is this open - up nautilus then click the one that makes the menu into path instead of icons02:38
Dr_WillisSirmimer:  and by default wine stuff instlls to a 'fake' windows setup in .wine02:39
redvamp128then goto /.wine then find /drive_c and drag it to the left bottom and rename it as wine drive02:39
SirmimerDr_Willis, its cause i got a full installed program, on cd. And i just need to open it with wine02:39
redvamp128then find the exe/s tere02:39
FlannelAdmin_: Please stop that02:39
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  what sort of setup you have thats using such odd names? ive never heard of anything getting mounted to /volumes/ befor.02:39
NubosalAdmin_: Invite only02:40
Dr_WillisI alwyas make a link from .wine to 'Wine' in my Home dir - makes it easier to find. :)02:40
Admin_Go To irc://freenode/sexy Room Sexy02:40
Sirmimerredvamp128: I found the .exe file, what i do then?02:40
miguelonnnnits crapintosh xd, i'm trying to mount an ubuntu iso to my usb so i get rid off it02:40
Admin_Go To irc://freenode/sexy Room Sexy02:40
redvamp128Sirmimer:  pm?02:40
poenthow do i find the default gateway for a Internet connection?02:40
Sirmimeryes please02:40
mmorrowmnaines: retrying boot now (i build the current snapshot of the drivers from linuxwireless.org, and still no dice. i think this is a hardware-being-disabled-somehow thing)02:40
SirmimerIm so confused :D02:40
Dr_Willis!wine | Sirmimer02:40
ubottuSirmimer: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:40
miguelonnnnbut am i right? willis?02:40
duhiIs there any way to know if the ufw firewall is running at startup? im pretty sure i saw a whole lot of white text on a black background when i booted up that said ufw was NOT starting... thanks02:40
paissad-hphi everybody02:40
SirmimerI know what wine is, its just what i should do, when the .exe program is already installed :S02:40
mmorrowmnaines: as in, somehow it needs to be enabled from windows (which strikes me as a huge wtf)02:40
mdgmmorrow: did you say you installed 9.04?02:40
JohnCorbeauhi there02:41
robert__is there any way to make my webcam work? i have an msi laptop and gyachi gave me error message: 'ioctl VIDEOSPICT' Could not set camera properties. any ideas?02:41
paissad-hpis it bad to unplug a graphic card when the computer is on power ?02:41
jriachiis there a vmx (vmware file) with ubuntu installed (and the drivers/vmware-tools configured) that i can download?02:41
paissad-hpthanks in advance02:41
JohnCorbeaummorrow : what laptop model do you have?02:41
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  you are using 'dd' on a mac machine? ive no idea where/how they mount things..  Ive no idew what you mean by mounting an 'iso' to a 'usb'02:41
poentpaissad-hp: yes it's bad02:41
gwildorpaissad-hp, its bad to unplug anything when computer is on power...02:41
paissad-hpok thanks02:41
Dr_Willispaissad-hp:  thas one way to blow a card...02:41
mnainesmmorrow: do you know how to configure the BIOS?02:41
gwildorpaissad-hp, if you are asking that question.... you shouldnt have the cover off when computer is on power02:41
poentor a motherboard02:41
poentor a powersupply02:41
duhiIs there any way to know if the ufw firewall is running at startup? im pretty sure i saw a whole lot of white text on a black background when i booted up that said ufw was NOT starting... thanks02:42
paissad-hpgwildor, why ?02:42
Dr_WillisUnplug the PC from the wall paissad-hp  when wqorking on it.. dont just 'power it off'02:42
paissad-hpthe cover is already off02:42
mmorrowmnaines: yes, there doesn't seem to be any options in the bios setup related to the wireless card02:42
RPG_Masteri00nsu, avahi-daemon?02:42
NubosalIf I have 2 Drives, C: and E: (In Windows), and Unbutu is installed in the main (E:) is impossible to see the files in the E: drive, right?02:42
mnainesduhi: Are you talking about Ubuntu's built-in firewall?02:42
RPG_Master That's as close a name I could find02:42
miguelonnnnDr_Willis, i'm just asking if the phrase "/dev/disk2s1 is on /Volumes/XP_710" means that the device is mounted on the filsystem folder /Volumes/XP_71002:42
i00nsuthat is for DNS02:42
duhimnaines yes02:42
duhimnaines, yes02:43
i00nsuthats really wierd02:43
mmorrowmnaines: the reason i think it's hardware or something is that i just read "Wi-Fi must be enabled in Windows XP before installing UNR or else it is impossible to enable it. "   here    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks/ToshibaNB20502:43
jumbersDoes anybody know of a VPN server that's easy to set up? Doing some packet sniffing on my local network has made me paranoid of what could be accomplished in public02:43
mnainesduhi: I just use firestarter, as its the GUI for the kernel firewall02:43
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  looks like it.. but  those are not  now linux names devices..  so i just guessing..02:43
poentpaissad-hp: the cover is there for a reason. It should only be off if your working on the system hardware. And if you;re working on the hardware you need to unplug and discharge the system before doing anything. Unless the task specifically requires the system to be on02:43
mdgmmorrow: did you say you installed 9.04 and tried the sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-jaunty?02:43
duhiyes but how can i know if ufw is starting at boot up02:43
miguelonnnnok i'll have a little faith02:43
duhiAnyone know how to get sound working on ubuntu 9.04 on a latest gen 15" mbp? thanks02:43
Dr_Willisufw is just a gui config tool that generates the proper firewall rules..  'ufw' dosent start at boot.. the rules do. (i think i got that right)02:44
Vox1Anyone know why trying to open display preferences freezes me up?  Using the ATI proprietary drives.  Doesn't freeze if I turn the drivers off.02:44
miguelonnnni'm wishing to remove all this piece of *** OS and install a brand new xubuntu02:44
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
i00nsuI don't know how to help you RPG_Master... that should be very very simple.02:44
mnainesduhi: The changes you make to the Linux Kernel firewall are saved and load at bootup, so even if the GUI does not load at boot, your last saved settings do02:44
mdgduhi: did you try double clicking the sound icon and checking all the settings to see if they are turned up?02:44
NubosalIf I have 2 Drives, C: and E: (In Windows), and Unbutu is installed in the main (E:) is impossible to see the files in the E: drive, right?02:44
RPG_Masteri00nsu, Well poop :(02:44
mmorrowmdg: no i was in the process of trying that when the live image errored out at boot-time02:44
mnainesmmorrow: Can you try the Ubuntu Desktop version and see if that works?02:44
Dr_WillisNubosal: if you mean frrom a 'wubi' install (installed inside windows) i think thats correct.02:45
poenthow do i find the default gateway for a Internet connection?02:45
gwildorNubosal, if you used ext3 for ubuntu, there is a driver for ext3.. your results may vary.02:45
mdgmmorrow: what kind of error?02:45
NubosalDr_Willis: Yes, I used a Wubi install. Well, Ill have to move all the E: files to my external drive02:45
duhimdg, but i saw this message saying ufw was NOT starting before i even installed firestarter.. is there a way to know if its running at startup or if its not?02:45
mmorrowmnaines: hmm, is there any way to transfer that .iso to a usb key for boot?02:45
Nubosalgwildor: THanks02:45
gwildorNubosal, you can also boot ubuntu, transfer files to windows... then boot windows..02:45
Dr_WillisNubosal:  i hate wubi. :) good luck withit.02:45
youneshowto install kernel source on ubutnu02:45
mmorrowmdg, mnaines: one sec, trying the boot again (have to re-dd the image..)02:45
mnainesmmorrow: I cannot help you there...Someone else in here may be able to tell you how to do that02:46
Flannelmmorrow: If you have an Ubuntu install (or a CD) you can use the USB creator (under system, admin) to convert/write an ISO to a USB for booting02:46
mmorrowFlannel: cool, thx02:46
Vox1Does anyone know a work around for the display preferences locking up my computer when  have the ati proprietary drivers on?02:46
Dr_Willisthat usb-creator tool is very handy :)02:46
mnainesFlannel, he's trying to install Ubuntu from a USB drive.  He has Fedora right now, though02:47
miguelonnnnNO nmorrow! that's the easy way make it my way, make it by hand02:47
miguelonnnni'm making the same, but with dd02:47
miguelonnnnand syslinux02:47
poentVox1: is it locking up on boot?02:47
miguelonnnnyou'll learn a lot more02:47
Vox1no, only when I try to open display preferences02:47
mnainesmiguelonnnn: Can you talk him through it, then?  That would help02:47
miguelonnnnusing simple programs is for lusers02:47
jriachi(answer to myself and for the log: in http://chrysaor.info/?page=ubuntu  i can get vmx files of ubuntu)02:47
FrozenFire[work]Is there a way to read Nautilus' stored passwords for things like sftp and ftp?02:47
mnainesmiguelonnnn: I am sure other people in here would benefit from the lesson as well02:48
FrozenFire[work]From the terminal.02:48
miguelonnnni havn't done it yet though02:48
mmorrowmiguelonnnn: ah right, /me googles for the incantation since i can't remember02:48
lordmetroidbug 42088902:48
macomiguelonnnn: not everyone needs to be a guru02:48
miguelonnnnbut at least i know a little02:48
poentVox1: If you havn't already tried redownloading the latest driver from ATI's site i would try that.02:48
Vox1I'm affraid I odn't remember how to install them.  Been a year or so since I've used ubu02:48
mnainesmiguelonnnn: maco is right.  As long as you have done something at least once and succeeded at it, you can teach someone else02:48
miguelonnnnmaco, i know but info is always good02:48
bankixmmorrow: UNetbootin(.sf.net) will write ISO images t usb devics and make them bootable.02:48
macomnaines: i also mean there's no reason that the easy way should be considered "bad" or why people who like things easy should be called losers02:49
mdgmmorrow: +1 for unetbootin!02:49
miguelonnnnand the feelling of having made a thing on your own, with little help is such a good one :)02:49
bankixmmorrow: Available for Windows and Linux. No installation requred, just start the binary after downloading from the homepage.02:49
poentVox1: if you go to ATI's website and navigate to support/downloads you should be able to find your gfx card there02:49
=== kevdog_ is now known as kevdog
poentFrom there you just need to see if its directly supported by ATI for linux02:49
mdghi kevdog !02:49
Vox1I have the file downloaded, it's just getting it installed that's the problem lol02:49
* mmorrow notes all the suggestions :)02:49
mnainesmaco: I still require a GUI myself for everything because of my past experience with Windows, so I agree that even "the easy way" can still be a good way02:49
NiklasHey guys! I have a very nerdy question...02:50
bankixmmorrow: I'm using unetbootin as main tool for getting a ubuntu-based distro onto an usb stick.02:50
miguelonnnnyeah, but what you'll do whenever you need unetbootin and don't have internet?02:50
mnainesmaco: Sometimes its just a matter of which feels most comfortable to the user02:50
miguelonnnndd will always be there....02:50
malvI have an encrypted home driver through the alternate installer. How do I reinstall Ubuntu and access the encrypted data?02:50
miguelonnnnor cat02:50
mdgbankix: me too!02:50
bankixmiguelonnnn: Sure.02:50
miguelonnnn;) bankix02:50
NiklasDo anyone know where i can find the lyrics for "After darks" The Flying Toasters?02:50
bankixmiguelonnnn: But then you wouldn't see this advice ;-)02:50
Kapace!ot | Niklas02:51
ubottuNiklas: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:51
paissad-hpi have a matter with getting images from one pc, actually, the LCD screens works nice, i tested it onto another PC, i wanted to know if the matter came from the graphic card, btw, i removed it and plugged another graphic card which works onto it, but i still have no image, so i just want to know where the matter may come from, or how to proceed in order to know the problem, thanks in advance02:51
poentvox1: either within the file you downloaded or on the ati website they have install instructions02:51
mnainesNiklas: Google, perhaps?02:51
jgouldI'm adding a partition to my box and I'm trying to make sure that I have the fstab set right.  I have /dev/sda1 /srv ext3 realtime 0 2  I think that's what I want for this share, any input?02:51
mnainesjgould: What are you trying to set up>02:51
exapid_What's a good irc client (GUI) that can connect to multiple servers?02:52
Flannelexapid_: Most people like xchat02:52
bankixpaissad-hp: Is there anything on the screen after the bios when booting?02:52
jinnstarexapid if you want easy: xchat. if you want flexible irssi02:52
jgouldit's the partition that was fat32 so I could migrate around 400 GB of data to the new linux servier02:52
mdgexapid_: +1 for irssi!02:52
catmandoexapid,  Xchat02:52
exapid_Yeah I dont mind chat, just cant find how to get multiple servers going02:52
paissad-hpbankix, i even don't see the bios on  the screen02:52
mnainesexapid_ I haven't tried it with Pidgin, but I can do that here...Just a sec02:52
exapid_I use irssi now XD02:52
paissad-hpi see nothing02:52
bankixpaissad-hp: Or is just the graphical desktop missing and you get stuck with a text console?02:52
Dr_Willisjgould:  you wish to mount the fileysstem on /dev/sda1 to  the location /srv  - that looks bout right.. You may want to try diffrent options  (i dont recall what realtime does)02:52
catmandoexapid,  Xchat02:52
macoexapid_: irssi can do that02:52
ParsleyCan I start an Ubuntu install on an external HDD from within an already installed and working version of Ubuntu?  I want to skip the LiveCD02:52
macoexapid_: instead of /server use /connect02:53
miguelonnnnwell let's start. Disk drives are divided in physical sectors. A hard disk consists of a number of disks named platters, which are read on both sides by "heads" a kind of laser's . Each side is divided in concentric circles named tracks, and each track is divided in the forementioned sectors02:53
exapid_I'm already doing it in irssi :)02:53
bboruhas anyone heard of a solution to the kodak easyshare compatibility issue with linux?  i would love to get it working.02:53
catmandowell exapid Xchat is the best.02:53
jinnstarexapid,  for xchat just click the xchat menu and choose network list02:53
exapid_Want a gui ^_^ and cant work out how to setup multiple servers in xchat02:53
bankixpaissad-hp: No bios screen either? Is the monitor definitely working?02:53
catmandosudo apt-get xchat02:53
SDuensinGood evening all.  Anyone have a few minutes to point me in the right direction with some networking issues?  I need to do the following:  10.x.x.x --> 192.168.0.x --> Internet02:53
mnainesexapid_: You should be able to do it in Pidgin as well.  I don't see why pidgin won't let you02:53
NiklasParsley, do the DD command in terminal to copy into ext HDD02:53
exapid_I have xchat, how do I get multiple servers through it?02:53
paissad-hpbankix, the monitor is working nice,02:53
poentpaissad-hp: sounds like you either have driver issues or motherboard issues.02:53
Flannelexapid_: /connect [server] should work02:53
Parsleyok nik02:53
jinnstarexapid,  for xchat just click the xchat menu and choose network list02:53
bankixpaissad-hp: How do you know?02:53
NiklasNo probs Parsley02:54
paissad-hppoent, bankix the matter is not the monitor, not the graphic card too02:54
mnainesParsley: Is Ubuntu already installed on the drive or are you trying to install it on the drive through Ubuntu?02:54
NiklasParsley, if your new, try just "dd --help"02:54
mmorrowso the error the netbook img booted from a usbkey dies with is (and this is after the selection screen "boot from usbkey, install to harddrive, verify, etc"): "modprobe: FATAL Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory"02:54
kevdogAnyone know anything about bcmwl-kernel-source02:54
bankixpaissad-hp: Why is there no bios screen then?02:54
poentpaissad-hp: i said driver or motherboard not graphics card02:54
paissad-hppoent, ok02:54
halberdI seem to be having a problem playing a dvd02:54
halberdit is playing but very slowly02:54
Parsleymnaines:second one02:54
halberdlike 2 fps02:54
mnainesmmorrow: Have you tried the Ubuntu Desktop image?02:55
halberdand dvds have played fine before02:55
mdgmmorrow: did you USB key boot on any other machines?02:55
poentpaissad-hp, does your motherboard have an onboard video card?02:55
robert__is there any way to make my webcam work? i have an msi laptop and gyachi gave me error message: 'ioctl VIDEOSPICT' Could not set camera properties. any ideas?02:55
paissad-hpbankix, don't know how to explain that, but when i plug the monitor, i see nothing :)02:55
bankixpaissad-hp: Is there a second graphics card or onboard monitor connector?02:55
miguelonnnnoperating systems reside on those sectors. When bootstraping the system, the processor calls a little ROM memory installed at the chip, named BIOS,which in turn after a hardware test (POST) looks for a drive. When it founds one, it'll read it's first sector, looking for what it's called an active partition, flagged with an 0x80 hex mark02:55
mnainesmdg: Its a problem with his netbook's wi-fi card...02:55
paissad-hpbankix, no02:55
poentpaissad-hp, sounds like a motherboard02:55
bankixpaissad-hp: There absolutely must be a bios screen.02:55
Vox1Thanks Poent02:56
mdgmnaines: sorry was unclear he got the computer booted to a desktop...02:56
poentvox1: yw vox02:56
bankixpaissad-hp: If not, it might be something wrong with the bios or the board or another component.02:56
paissad-hpbankix, i promise that i even get the bios screen :)02:56
macobankix: my laptop has an option for "fast boot" to not show the full bios screen02:56
Dr_Willisit still shows a post msg or 2 i belive...02:56
ParsleyAm I supposed to copy my entire HDD image over to the blank HDD using dd?02:56
paissad-hpbankix, don't get *02:56
mnainesmdg: His netbook wi-fi card had to be enabled through Windows before it could be used, but he didn't enable it before uninstalling Windows, and now he can't get it working02:56
macobankix: so it flashes the intel logo in the bottom right corner momentarily and starts to boot without even saying the "press f2 for setup" stuff02:56
bankixpaissad-hp: I'm puzzeled now.02:56
miguelonnnnif it don'est found anyone, it'll search for another disk, if it finds, it'll execute a binary code recorded at it's first sector of that drive, which will point to a loader. In linux it's called grub, or lilo or anyone else. That loader will finally let you choose what you wan't to load.02:57
mdgmnaines: I got that part - I thought he had trouble booting into ubuntu as well as a problem with wifi card...02:57
bankixpaissad-hp: When you power on your PC, is there a bios screen on your monitor, or could you enter the bios setup?02:57
kevdogopenfwwf == anyone using it for the bcm cards?02:57
mnainesmdg: Yes, he tried the Ubuntu Netbook Remix with no success, so I suggested Ubuntu Desktop02:57
mmorrowmnaines: not yet, downloading the desktop version02:57
jgouldF2, F10 and Del are the common keys to try to get into the bios02:57
bankixmaco: But there is something on your screen. At least the logo. It's not totally blank.02:58
macoF12 too02:58
mmorrowmdg: i haven't tried booting from that image on any other machines02:58
paissad-hpbankix, no i can't02:58
mmorrowmdg: that's a good idea though02:58
macobankix: true. annoying that i had to smack keys til one worked though ;)02:58
* Dr_Willis wishes these MB makers would all agree on what F keys for what features.. its annoying haveing to rember its Del for this box.. but F2 for this other one...02:58
jgouldyes, F12 also :D02:58
mnainesmmorrow: It probably will not give you the results you want, however02:58
paissad-hpbankix, it's totally blank02:58
miguelonnnnso in order for you to make a bootable usb , you must dump an iso cd mounted onto your system to an usb, and make that piece of code and put the loader syslinux or grub or any other else into it, so when your bios looks for your drive active flag it founds it, and loads the grub which will load linux02:58
bankixpaissad-hp: Okay. Got that.02:58
mdgmmorrow: how did you make the USB key you were trying to boot from?02:59
bankixpaissad-hp: You could try to remove all RAM modules. Then the mainboard should beep a lot at power on.02:59
miguelonnnnto make it , it's easy, just mount -t iso9660 /dev/yourcdrom02:59
bankixpaissad-hp: If not, I'd think of a defective mainboard.02:59
a1Does anyone know where i can get blue ray support?02:59
bankixa1: In which way "support"?02:59
paissad-hpbankix, i first try removing ram modules02:59
miguelonnnnthen dd if=/media/yourMountPoint of=/yourUsbFAT16orFAT32FormatedUsbDrive02:59
mmorrowmdg: that one is an "asdf.img", which apparently is a directly-dd-to-a-usb-key-able img03:00
dihiAnyone know how to disable bluetooth on 9.04? (im using a macbook pro btw if thats relevant)03:00
mnainespaissad-hp: Remove the RAM modules then replace them one at a time to see which one is causing it03:00
mmorrowmdg: whereas the desktop one is an .iso03:00
a1Getting codex and recognizing the drive itself03:00
miguelonnnnfinally, run fdisk and there you can make it bootable and write an mbr sector (the first sector i said before, which will map your hardrive so bIOS can read it)03:00
bankixa1: The drive should show up as normal DVD writer/reader drive.03:01
IdleOnewhat can I use to split a large .iso file?03:01
mdgnever used as asdf.img...03:01
bankixa1: Without any modifications.03:01
mmorrowmdg: heh03:01
mmorrowmdg: s/asdf.img/ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img/03:01
miguelonnnnand that's all, now you can make it on your own, without the need of unetbootin and such programs, which are good for repetitive tasks, but can't beat the work made by oneself03:01
a1so what do I do to make it recognize it as a blue ray drive? if its possible03:01
mnainesdihi: System>Preferences>Main Menu>Preferences>Bluetooth then uncheck the box03:01
miguelonnnndid you get it nmorrow?03:02
mdgmmorrow: how do you prepare the USB for that?03:02
dihimnaimes that sounds like it simply removes the icon from the panel... not turns it off..03:03
mmorrowmdg: sudo dd if=ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img of=/dev/sdb03:03
miguelonnnni'm fond you got it hehe03:03
miguelonnnnanything else, just ask03:03
miguelonnnni'm happy to help03:03
mnainesdihi, is it a laptop?03:03
bankixa1: For the system, there is no difference between a normal DVD drive and a BluRay drive.03:03
paissad-hpbankix, i've removed all ram modules, i booted, but i have no beep, nothing03:03
ParsleyIs it feasible to fix the bugs generated from installing Ubuntu on one computer, then putting the HDD in another computer with different hardware?03:03
bankixpaissad-hp: I fear you have a dead mainboard...03:04
a1What do i need to do before it will play the movie?03:04
miguelonnnnhey Dr_Willis  are u ther?03:04
bankixpaissad-hp: Are there any LEDs on your board? E.g. at the network connector?03:04
paissad-hpbankix, let me check03:04
bankixa1: So you're able to mount BluRay discs the same way as normal DVDs.03:04
alinicricAnyone know of a webcam to apache page streaming program?03:05
dihimnaime yes a macbook pro03:05
jMylesI want to, for all future logins, disable compiz and enable metacity.  I want to do this from the CLI.  Effectively, I want to set preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects to none from the CLI.  How can I do this?03:05
a1No not at all03:05
a1but it will recognize regular CDs and DVD's03:05
bankixa1: Ah. Okay. What happens when inserting a quite normal DVD into that drive. Will this show up?03:05
miguelonnnnnice question jMyles let's see if anybody know it hehe i'm intersted too03:06
bankixa1: Ah, it doesn't recognize BluRays.03:06
a1when vista was previously installed, it played'em without a hitch03:06
mnainesParsley: Generally, the answer is no...Most operating system installs are set for the hardware on the machine they are originally installed on.  However, if you do a live install, you can do that03:06
Lythandegreetings, anyone has info or a script about iostat used for checking activity of a partition? idea behind it : want to automatically set the pc to halt of no traffic is on that partition. other solutions welcome03:06
bankixa1: What kind of BluRays did you put in?03:06
bankixa1: Films?03:06
MrKeunerhello, how can I limit the memory a certain application can use?03:06
a1i've tried several, mostly blockbuster flavors03:06
a1nothing brand new though03:06
macojMyles: i think somewhere in gconf. lemme look it up03:07
paissad-hpbankix, no03:07
paissad-hpno led03:07
paissad-hpthe motherboard's dead :-(03:07
bankixa1: The films are copy protected. You can't read them without some very strange software.03:07
bankixpaissad-hp: No LEDs at all?03:07
bankixpaissad-hp: Not even link LEDs on your ethernet port?03:08
paissad-hpbankix, no led when i plug the RJ45 ethernet03:08
a1i'm aware that it needs special DRM keys and etc.03:08
bankixpaissad-hp: Ah, there are LEDs, but they are not lit, correct?03:08
bankixa1: Indeed.03:08
a1but the Dell studio XPS 1640 is also shipped with ubuntu and has support for blu-ray03:09
bankixa1: Sorry that I'm not able to help you with that special topic.03:09
paissad-hpbankix, lit ??03:09
a1i can't find any documentation though in regards to it03:09
bankixpaissad-hp: There are LEDs, but none of them is illuminated/flashing.03:09
paissad-hpbankix, it should have the green and orange led     blinking or something like that, but nothing !03:09
bankixpaissad-hp: Okay. If you're lucky, it's just a matter of the power supply. Under-voltage or something.03:10
Parsleyok, something is weird with my unetbootin now, it skips extraction of files as if i dont have 7zip, but i know i do03:10
ctmjra1: see if this helps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD say's it's for 8.10 so might be old03:10
Flannelalinicric: There's a few of them.  Search the repos for "webcam" and you'll get a bunch.03:10
bankixParsley: Just install that package.03:11
Parsleyinstall 7zip?03:11
a1ctmjr: i've seen that link, but its not much help03:11
bankixParsley: Yes.03:11
Parsleyit's in my add/remove list already, i think it's installed03:11
macojMyles: ok so i *think* this will output the current wm: gconftool-2 --get /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/current03:12
macojMyles: and to set it to metacity: gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/current "metacity"03:13
macojMyles: that help?03:13
bankixparsley: You need the package 7zip-full.03:13
mnainesIf I am going to do system and network administration, what programs do I need?03:13
Parsleyah ok03:13
jMylesmaco: You are correct that the first command gave me my current wm03:13
bankixparsley: Try "dpkg -l 7zip-full" to see the status of that package.03:13
nnullmnaines, if you use Synaptic there even a Tab just for that, even Add/Remove has it i believe03:14
Parsleyya none found, gotta get the full one i see03:14
macojMyles: hmm or maybe its /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/default that you should set..... mine is "/usr/bin/xmonad" because its what i use, but i guess "/usr/bin/metacity" if thats what you want. well if current doesnt do it, try that one. one of the two should get it03:15
mnainesnnull: are there any specific programs that will help?03:15
jMylesmaco: "must specify a type when setting a value"03:16
lowlycoderi want to buy a tablet for linux; but it doesn't need 2048 levels of sensistivity like wacom; in fact~ just a few levels like 8 or so would suffice03:16
nnullmnaines, what are you trying to do?03:16
nnullmnaines, specifically03:16
mdgmmorrow: how is it going?03:17
macojMyles: --type=string03:17
macomnaines: you need a shell. and you need to learn to use it. linux and unix servers dont have guis03:17
mnainesnnull: Well, basically, I started up my own computer company and I plan to offer a variety of services ranging from simple maintenance to system and network security to disaster recovery to data backup/encryption and secure storage and file deletion03:17
jMylesmaco: Yeah, I figured that after a quick bout of googling.  :-)03:17
macojMyles: ok03:18
bankixmaco: Interesting idea.03:18
bankixmaco: Did it work out good?03:18
macobankix: what?03:19
bankixmaco: Your company.03:19
macobankix: mnaines dude03:19
mnainesmaco: Most of the systems I would be dealing with would be Windows machines03:19
mmorrowmdg: i'm sidetracked with something else for a bit, but my plan is to get the desktop .iso (x86_64, since this little laptop has an athlon64) onto a usbkey bootably (a word?;), and see if i can get ubuntu installed that way. if that works i'm going to try the linux-backports-modules-jaunty pkg.03:19
Parsleysudo apt-get install 7zip-full did not find any, am i supposed to use p7zip-full?03:19
macobankix: my business idea is very low tech03:19
bankixParsley: Yes. Or just use Synaptic.03:19
mnainesbankix: I just started it up, so I haven't had any interest yet...One person called to inquire about the services I offer, but I haven't been able to reach him to return his call03:20
mmorrowmdg: i'll report back with the outcome, however it goes03:20
GatorAlliHow do you get packages from a list? eg. ("aconnectgui alsa-tools alsa-tools-gui audacity audacious") without having to enter each?03:20
bankixmnaines: Then good luck!03:20
mdgmmorrow: good luck - looking forward to your report :)03:20
simpatico<º))) )>< hola ><(((( º>03:20
Parsleyok, pzip-full installed, so i guess unetbootin is fine now.  i used it to put super grub on an empty HDD, then when I tried booting from said HDD, computer turns itself off instantly03:20
mmorrowmdg: thanks! :)03:21
bazhang!es | simpatico03:21
ubottusimpatico: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:21
JohnCorbeaumnaines: as I'll be doing the same very soon, good luck!03:21
mnainesbankix: Thanks.  I am trying to get used to CLI, but I moved to Linux from Windows and am not used to CLI.  I still need a GUI to help me03:21
jMyles....sorry, how to restart X from the CLI?03:21
bankixmnaines: CLI = command line interface? Or something different?03:21
jMylesbankix: yep03:22
mdgmnaines: I'm learning CLI too - been using an INX live CD for the basics03:22
mnainesbankix: Aff...I need to learn that03:22
AhadieljMyles, sudo /etc/rc.d/?dm restart03:22
bankixmnaines: Indeed, you'll have to get very familiar with the cli.03:22
bankixjMyles: Real question? How to restart X?03:22
mnainesbankix: I only recently came to Linux (I have been using Linux full-time since July 1), so I still need a GUI to help me03:23
jMylesbankix: Are you asking me?  :-)  Because I'm asking that right now./03:23
bankixjMyles: I wanted to know if this is a real question. Seems to be.03:23
bastidrazorjMyles, type sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:23
mostafa_how can I use samba to share files?03:23
bankixjMyles: bastidrazor was faster than me.03:23
poentdont use samba03:24
poentits a pain in the ass03:24
bankixmostafa_: Just install system-config-samba via synaptic.03:24
poentmostafa_,  are you using 9.04?03:24
jMylesbastidrazor:  That restarts X?  I'd think that would only restart gnome.03:24
bankixmostafa_: Then select "Samba" from the system settings menu.03:24
mostafa_poent: yeah03:24
Jooder492Why does Ubuntu make my access my internet very slow and any other OS runs the internet fast?03:24
bastidrazorjMyles, that restarts X.03:24
AhadieljMyles, gdm/kdm start X03:24
bankixjMyles: bastidrazor is right.03:24
mnainesJohnCorbeau: My advice:  Try to separate yourself from the competition.  The way I do that is in the business strategy - I work by myself, which helps me ensure the best possible quality03:25
mostafa_bankix: I install it via this command "sudo apt-get install samba"03:25
poentmostafa_, just make a folder that you wanna share andright click it. then go to sharing options03:25
mostafa_bankix: is it right?03:25
Jooder492Why does Ubuntu make my access my internet very slow and any other OS runs the internet fast?03:25
jMylesHmmm, the solution proposed by Maco to disable visual effects (essentially make metacity the default instead of compiz) from the CLI was not effectual.03:25
bankixmostafa_: Nope, the packae is named system-config-samba.03:25
bankixmostafa_: So "sudo apt-get install system-config-samba".03:25
mostafa_bankix: ok thnx03:25
bankixJooder492: GIgabit ethernet or 100MBit/s?03:26
mostafa_bankix: k I get it then what should i do?03:27
poentmostafa_, i'm telling you samba isnt the way to go03:27
bankixmostafa_: Have a look at you system settings menu in the system menu.03:28
bankixmostafa_: There you'll find samba. This will help you configuring your shares.03:28
bankixmostafa_: Of course, here are different solutions sharing files.03:29
mostafa_bankix: I can't find it can I use it by a command?03:30
bankixmostafa_: you can. the command is system-config-samba03:30
=== iyunkateus_ is now known as Iyunkateus
ParsleyI wish to make a a partition on a HDD to boot Ubuntu installation from, basically store the LiveCD on a seperate partition on a HDD without anything on it, so when computer starts, it goes to grub and asks me to install Ubuntu.  What do I need to do besides use Unetbootin to place the LiveCD image and bootloader on to this "recovery partition"? (Did this and said "missing OS")03:31
Jooder492why is my ubuntu internet slow?03:31
bankixJooder492: Gigabit or 100MBIt/s ethernet?03:32
Jooder492?  im on wireless.  it dosent matter if im wired or not03:32
bankixParsley: You want to boot the ISO image?03:32
bankixJooder492: Okay.03:32
bankixParsley: No way AFAIK.03:32
hajarhi .. can any one give me software for blind people?03:32
bankixJooder492: Which is you network device? wlan0? something different?03:33
nnullhajar, lookup braille03:33
Jooder492i only seem to have problems on my network though.  i have completly reset my router and everything.  what settings do i need to change?03:33
nnullhajar, not to sure otherwise :s03:33
mdgjMyles: have you tried gconf-editor?03:33
macojMyles: dang. maybe thats what that "note: deprecated" meant. so it must live somewhere else...03:33
macomdg: either i gave him the wrong gconf key or its not in gconf03:33
bankixJooder492: I did get that. What is you network device for wlan?03:33
mostafa_bankix: K I opened it then what to do?03:33
Parsleybankix: can it work if I actually extract the ISO to the recovery partition?  I don't understand why having the install files and a boot loader doesnt work...03:34
bankixmostafa_: Configure your samba. Sorry, no samba basics lesson today...03:34
hajarthanks nnull ... I need software to say the name of place where the cursor on .. in ubuntu03:34
Jooder492im useing a linksys router03:34
poentmostafa_, add a share. Create a new folder in your home directory or user dir03:34
bazhanghajar, you mean something like a screen reader? gnome-orca does that03:34
bankixParsley: Another question: Why not installing Ubuntu on that second partition?03:34
hajaryrd bazhang03:35
bankixJooder492: Okay, a linksys. But what I need to know is the networking device name in Ubuntu.03:35
Parsleybankix: I want to, but my LiveCD is corrupted03:35
jMylesmdg: But where oh where?03:35
bazhanghajar, the package name is gnome-orca03:35
bankixJooder492: You get a list of them (and their settings) when calling "ifconfig" on the comman line.03:35
Jooder492ok just a second03:35
Parsleybankix: I made a LiveCD on a DVD and on a Flash Drive, both came out corrupted, both using manually downloaded 9.04 LiveCD ISO03:36
mdgjMyles: gconf-editor:  Desktop> Gnome> Applications> Window Manager and change default to metacity from compiz03:36
Jooder492sorry im kinda new at ubuntu03:36
hajarthanks bazhang03:36
bazhangParsley, you need to md5 the iso and re download if it is corrupt03:36
ParsleyI mean they worked up to a point then froze up installation03:36
bazhang!md5 | Parsley03:36
bankixParsley: Did you check the checksums before writing them?03:36
ubottuParsley: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:36
bankixJooder492: No problem. Just open a terminal, then enter "ifconfig"03:37
mostafa_poent: I've done that and you mean each folder I wanna share I add it with "Add Share"03:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ifconfig03:37
=== levi1 is now known as Levi1
mdgjMyles: you having trouble getting to gconf-editor?03:37
bankixJooder492: THis will produce a list. In the first column, there are names like "eth0" or "lan0" or "ath0".03:37
Jooder492this is all im getting "bash: ipconfig: command not found03:37
poentmostafa_, yeah03:37
bazhangJooder492, iFconfig03:37
=== Levi1 is now known as idiot_newbie
Ahadieljordo2323, ifconfig03:37
nnullJooder492, try "ifconfig" ;)03:37
poentmostafa_,  are you trying to share it with awindows computer over the network?03:37
bankixJooder492: In the second column is a block with the settings of the device listed on the left.03:37
idiot_newbieAnyone out there have any success getting Catalyst::Devel installed on Ubuntu?03:38
Jooder492oops... use to windows.  second03:38
mostafa_poent: yeah yeah exactly I want to say that03:38
bankixJooder492: I need the contents of the left column, so eth0, wlan0, lo, whatever shows up there.03:38
idiot_newbieCatalyst :: Devel03:38
nnullJooder492, or if that becomes too problematic, "alias ipconfig='ifconfig'"03:38
poentmostafa_, what version of windows are you using?03:38
RPG_MasterI used the pre-config settings for deluge with the Firewall app GUFW... but then I change deluge's ports and now when I press the button it just adds the old ports... how do I fix this?03:38
miguelonnnnhey 1 question please, i read that to dd my usb, i need to umount it first, but if i umount the mount point, the disk gets umounted too. How can i umount just the filesystem?03:39
jMylesmdg: well now I am.  I can't seem to connect via SSH.03:39
Jooder492you need all the contents that are beside the eth0 and the lo?03:39
mostafa_I have 2 PCs one with vista and the other one with XP03:39
Jooder492thats all thats listed is the eth0 and lo03:39
mostafa_poent: I have 2 PCs one with vista and the other one with XP03:39
mdgjMyles: oh you are doing this on another machine?03:39
jMylesmdg: yep.03:39
bankixJooder492: Okay, eth0 and lo.03:39
bankixJooder492: Below etho, is there some "inet address" followed by an IP address?03:40
mdgjMyles: and you don't want to start X on that machine to fix this, right?03:40
poentmostafa_, on the vista computers you'll need to dissable password protected sharing in the network configurations03:40
jMylesmdg: true.03:40
poentmostafa_,  otherwise after rebooting the ubuntu system the share should be set up03:40
jMylesmdg: Well, it seems that compiz is messing the machine up.  I don't mind starting X and using X forwarding.03:40
Parsleyubottu: what do I do with the numbers in the download link provided on that first page you showed?  I don't get how that downloads md5; sudo apt-get md5 or md5sums didnt work03:40
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:40
jMylesmdg: But I can use gconftool-2 instead of gconf-editor, no?03:41
poentmostafa_,  i had issues setting up the network share, which is why i did it the other way and used the sharing option thats built into ubuntu03:41
Jooder492inet addr:  Bcast:
Parsleyubottu: do you feel love?03:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:41
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  dd if=/dev/DEVICENAME of=outputfile   the device does not in any way need to  me mounted. check sudo fdisk -l   - to tell what the device name is03:41
bankixmiguelonnnn: As long the device is connected, there is a device name associated. Such as /dev/sdb1 or simmilar.03:41
mostafa_poent: it has no difficulty with xp?03:41
bankixJooder492: Great. Is that your wireless IP adress?03:41
TeslaTravanyone good with LIRC?03:41
Jooder492im running this on vertualbox right now if that makes a diffrance03:41
miguelonnnnyeah but when i umount it /dev/devicename gets out too03:42
poentmostafa_,  no windows xp doesnt demand a password to login with like vista and windows 7 do03:42
bankixJooder492: In that block, below the IP adress, there is a "MTU:" followed by a number. Which number? Probably 1500.03:42
RPG_MasterI used the pre-config settings for deluge with the Firewall app GUFW... but then I change deluge's ports and now when I press the button it just adds the old ports... how do I fix this?03:42
bankixmiguelonnnn: When you just unmount a drive, the device handle will not get lost.03:42
mdgjMyles: I've not used gconftool2 before - where did you find it?03:42
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:   see if 'fdisk -l' shows the device.. You can 'dd' things while they are mounted.. just be sure to not access it any othe way at the same tiome03:42
Jooder492yes it is 150003:42
miguelonnnnyeah it gets :S sadly03:42
bankixmiguelonnnn: Only when removing the device physically it gets lost.03:42
mostafa_poent: thanks bro and another question how can i share sth from windows and get it from ubuntu?03:43
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  use the umount command, not the icon/safely/remove/eject option03:43
bankixJooder492: Okay. Then try "sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 999" Please no typing errors.03:43
miguelonnnni can't ummount by umount03:43
miguelonnnni just can do it the "remove button" way03:43
mdgjMyles: you want to use gconf203:43
catmandotry umount -f03:43
miguelonnnnit's impossible03:43
catmandomiguelonnnn,  try umount -f03:43
miguelonnnnsome processes are running on my disk03:43
bankixJooder492: This will lower your MTU (maximum transfer unit) to 999 bytes, which is a number guessed by random.03:43
miguelonnnni kill them  but reappear03:44
catmandoASShole, hi!03:44
bankixJooder492: So ubuntu will sen smaller packages.03:44
miguelonnnnok catmando03:44
=== novneb is now known as zz_novneb
Dr_WillisIts not impossible.. :) gnome-s auto mounting stuff is just confuseing things..03:44
=== ASShole is now known as Guest94323
mdgjMyles: within gconf2 is the app gconftool03:44
mostafa_poent: thanks bro and another question how can i share sth from windows and get it from ubuntu?03:44
mdgjMyles: or did you already install that03:44
bankixJooder492: If this helps a bit, you can increase the number, close to 1500, till you get a good performance.03:44
mandaraHow to download 2.0 branch with bzr? thnx03:45
mandaragwibber's branch03:45
miguelonnnnoh man!!!!! i did it03:45
miguelonnnni did itttttttt03:45
Jooder492ok thank you.  i will see if that helped03:45
bankixJooder492: Some routers wil create empty packages when ubuntu sends 1500 bytes packages, which will slow down the transfer a lot.03:45
mostafa_poent: I mean how can I get the shared files with ubuntu?03:45
miguelonnnnwith the -f flag03:45
catmandomiguelonnnn, great job!03:45
miguelonnnnthanks cat !03:45
miguelonnnni 've been trying it an hour03:45
catmandomiguelonnnn, you are welcome.03:45
=== udk is now known as BlackKnight
miguelonnnnby killing the processes03:46
Abdullah9any one03:46
Abdullah9i need help03:46
miguelonnnnbut they did appear again03:46
Abdullah9guys ?03:46
miguelonnnnthe fseventsd daemon03:46
acuI need to see some CBT in Project Management videos - the cd has some Wmv asf video and I cannot see anything - just sound - and get some message "video/x-asf-unknown decoder" not installed03:47
mostafa_bankix: poent: sharing files with ubuntu solved but how can I get the shared files from windows with ubuntu?03:47
RPG_MasterI used the pre-config settings for deluge with the Firewall app GUFW... but then I change deluge's ports and now when I press the button it just adds the old ports... how do I fix this?03:47
miguelonnnni killed it but came again03:47
bazhangAbdullah9, ask a question03:47
bankixJooder492: If you did find the best value for your router, edit your connections via network manager (the signal strength symbol in the upper right panel) via right-click, in the first register card there is the setting "MTU".03:47
RPG_Mastersomeone :(03:47
Abdullah9thanks man03:47
Abdullah9i cant open os/linux/config.mk03:47
poentmostafa_,  go to places>network03:47
bankixJooder492: Then the MTU will be restored after the next reboot.03:48
Abdullah9i cant open os/linux/config.mk03:48
bazhangAbdullah9, what version of ubuntu are you using, and what are you trying to do03:48
tomlikestorockWhere can I download an image to boot from usb for ubuntu server 8.10?03:48
tomlikestorockCan't seem to find it on the website03:48
ubajasUbuntu 9.04 with all updates. System - Preferences - Keyboard. Disabling "Cursor blinks in text fields" no longer works, nor does adjusting the cursor's blinking speed. No desktop effects. Not exactly sure when it started (ie. can't say "right after applying this update"). Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot it?03:48
bankixtomlikestorock: You want a bootable USB stick with ubuntu on it?03:48
veinorWhy doesn't sudo apt-get build-dep mpd work? :/03:48
poentmostafa_,  you should see the windows computers on the same subnet in there. just use a username and password (if its vista, if its xp you shouldn''t need a password) and you'll be all set03:49
tomlikestorockbankix: yup03:49
tomlikestorockto install on my new box03:49
Abdullah9it sayes there no such file by that name03:49
tomlikestorock...without a cdrom03:49
bankixtomlikestorock: Either "usb-creator" or have a look on unetbootin(.sf.net)03:49
alinicricI have a problem with my webcam.  I've tried several programs and they just come up with black screens.  When I close the program my webcam light flashes for a second but amsn is the only program that works.  Anyone have this problem?03:49
bazhangAbdullah9, what are you trying to do, please keep your info on ONE line03:49
tomlikestorockbankix: can I use that on osx?03:49
mostafa_poent: where is "places"?03:49
bankixtomlikestorock: These will create a bootable usb stick out of a ISO.03:50
bankixtomlikestorock: Sorry, usb-creator is linux only, and unetbootin windows and linux.03:50
poentmostafa_,  upper left corner right next to the applications toolbar03:50
bankixtomlikestorock: I don't know any tool for macos.03:50
miguelonnnnplease one more question03:50
poyntz!info alpine03:50
ubottualpine (source: alpine): Text-based email client, friendly for novices but powerful. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.00+dfsg-2ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 2844 kB, installed size 6480 kB03:50
miguelonnnnlast i hope hehe03:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about alpine03:50
catmandoWTF IS APLINE?03:51
poyntzpine client03:51
poyntzlatest pine client03:51
tomlikestorockbankix: well if I can find an img, I can write it to the drive on osx... just can't find the img. Which is weird, if you ask me03:51
poyntzI need support but dont know where to get it03:51
miguelonnnnin dd, when input file is an iso mounted image, what should i do? should i umount it too?03:51
Abdullah9Ok , i am trying to install a driver " rt2870 " , for my wirless card , when i plug it into the USB port nothing hapend,03:51
poyntzwant to enable click in pine on xterm03:51
catmando!info ifconfig03:51
ubottuPackage ifconfig does not exist in jaunty03:51
poyntzI think ubottu needs an update03:51
catmandodont laugh at me!03:51
bankixtomlikestorock: Sorry, I don't know where to find such an image either.03:52
poyntzcatmando: I'm laughing at ubottu :P03:52
* tomlikestorock just realized he has a vm with ubuntu on his mac!03:52
bankix!info net-tools03:52
ubottunet-tools (source: net-tools): The NET-3 networking toolkit. In component main, is important. Version 1.60-21ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 180 kB, installed size 852 kB03:52
bankixpoyntz: That's the package providing ifconfig03:53
poyntzcatmando: but until you did that, I didn't realise ubottu had flaws03:53
bankixtomlikestorock: That'll do.03:53
Flannelpoyntz: Feel free to suggest factoids for ubottu (in a query is best)03:53
miguelonnnnplease, tell me03:53
Abdullah9 Ok , i am trying to install a driver " rt2870 " , for my wirless card , when i plug it into the USB port nothing hapend,03:53
catmandoubottu has many flaws03:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about has many flaws03:53
miguelonnnnif my input file at dd is a mounted iso image, should i umount it?03:53
Flannelmiguelonnnn: Yeah, that'll work.03:53
bankixmiguelonnnn: One question either: What are you trying to do? Read a CD and store it as image file?03:53
poyntzFlannel: I wouldn't know how to explain it other than what's in the man file :/03:53
Flannelpoyntz: What?03:54
miguelonnnnbut then what should i do? set the "file.iso" straight into if?03:54
=== stevie is now known as heHATEme
Flannelmiguelonnnn: Yeah03:54
miguelonnnni thought i had to mount the iso first03:54
poyntzFlannel: in regards to suggesting factoids...03:54
Abdullah9any one can help me  ?03:54
miguelonnnnno bankix i'm trying to dump an iso image to an usb to make an installer usb03:54
poyntzso does anyone here use alpine and would they know how to enable click? (I can't find a pine/alpine support channel)03:55
bankixmiguelonnnn: Ah, then unmount and use dd.03:55
Flannelpoyntz: Lets take the ubottu discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic03:55
miguelonnnnbut dd directly from the iso image? without mounting it?03:55
Flannelmiguelonnnn: Yes03:55
bankixmiguelonnnn: But with a CD, it shold work also mounted.03:55
yinlongAbdullah9,what's the matter?03:55
miguelonnnnwill dd know how is an iso image interally without setting a file system for it ?03:55
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  that wont work.03:55
Abdullah9i have a proplem   ,  :  Ok , i am trying to install a driver " rt2870 " , for my wirless card , when i plug it into the USB port nothing hapend,03:55
miguelonnnnit isn't a cd, is a downloaded iso in my computer03:55
bazhangAbdullah9, please keep questions in here, ie not via PM; if someone knows they will answer.03:55
Dr_WillisYou dont just 'dd' or copy an iso to a flash and make it bootable. theres other things needed03:56
bankixmiguelonnnn: dd doesn't know anything about filesystems.03:56
bankixmiguelonnnn: And it doesn't care for it either.03:56
miguelonnnnok i know i need more things to do drwillis03:56
bankixmiguelonnnn: All dd does is to read data from one file and write it to another file.03:56
Abdullah9so you don't now ?03:56
yinlongAbdullah9,sorry ,i am always using ubuntu without any driver.03:56
miguelonnnnfirst i need to format it and then make it fat3203:56
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  check out 'pendrivelinux.com' web site.. or use unetbootin tool.03:56
Abdullah9when i plug it , nothing happend  ?!03:57
miguelonnnn i know that Dr_Willis , but i want do it manually03:57
Dr_WillisYou have to put a boot loader and get the proper kernel and initrd on there for starters.. then i dont even know IF they can handle a .iso file on the disk03:57
bankixmiguelonnnn: So dd writes byte per byte into a file or onto a device. Wiping any previous informations, inlcuding filesystems etc.03:57
miguelonnnnmy plans are format usb to fat32, dd the iso to it, and then install syslinux03:57
miguelonnnnwon't that work?03:57
bankixmiguelonnnn: No.03:57
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  the pendrivelinux site often has guides on doing it 'manually' or with scripts that do the commands.03:57
mdgpoyntz: what do you mean "click" - just curious03:57
eurythmia_so ... anybody know any reasons why I might not be able to connect to gmail with firefox-3.5, arora, *or* links2?03:58
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  formating, then 'dd' will erase the formating... you are going in circles03:58
bankixmiguelonnnn: Formatting and writing the image afterwards will destroy the formatting. So save the time or formatting.03:58
miguelonnnnwhy will dd erase it?03:58
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  because 'dd' is a IMAGE dump of a filesystem.03:58
bankixmiguelonnnn: Because dd just writes bytes.03:58
Dr_Willisyou could 'dd'  a floppy disk to a  flash drive.. and it wouldent be bootable. :)03:58
bankixmiguelonnnn: dd won't copy files, it will copy pure data.03:59
Abdullah9SO any one can tell me where i can find " os/linux/config.mk "03:59
Abdullah9SO any one can tell me where i can find " os/linux/config.mk "03:59
bankixmiguelonnnn: Byte per byte, sector per sector03:59
Dr_Willis!find config.mk03:59
ubottuFile config.mk found in dmake, gnustep-make, ivtools-dev, kernel-package, r-base-core (and 1 others)03:59
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!03:59
miguelonnnnwhat i want to do is put the iso in the usb, make an mbr at sector 0 and then set it bootable03:59
Dr_Willisin oneof those packges it seems Abdullah903:59
poentdoes ubuntu have a firewall included with the default install?03:59
bankixmiguelonnnn: I think you want to do something different:03:59
poentyinlong, thanks03:59
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  that wont work.   you need to set up syslinux to boot the thing.. after you copy all files from the iso to the flash drive.04:00
bankixmiguelonnnn: You want to copy the _contents_ of the ISO to the USB stick.04:00
Abdullah9what  packges04:00
* Zappo leaves04:00
* Dr_Willis seconds what bankix says04:00
bankixmiguelonnnn: And then installing a bootloader, e.g. syslinux.04:00
mdgpoyntz: ??04:00
Dr_Willisand getting syslinux working right.. will be the harder part.04:00
miguelonnnnyeah that's what i want to do04:00
miguelonnnni want to make my usb just like the cd04:00
mejobloggsi have an ubuntu server at home, does anyone know if it's possible to check the hdd space from a Windows pc?04:00
bankixmiguelonnnn: So, first you have to mount the ISO, then copy all the files form below the mount point to your freshly formatted stick.04:00
miguelonnnnbut on my own, that is, without script programs help04:01
Dr_Williswhichis why the tool like unetbootin, and the tutorials at pendrivelinux.com  are worth reading04:01
bankixmiguelonnnn: As last step, you'll want to install syslinux.04:01
miguelonnnnbut i heard that copy won't work well04:01
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  you will proberly be spending the next day+ trying to figure out how to do it.04:01
bankixDr_Willis: Ack!04:01
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  what 'that copy' ?04:01
miguelonnnnthat dd is the way to go to make an exact copy of the cd04:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audacious04:01
Pawanhow to install audacious04:01
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  theres making a copy of the IMAGE.. of the cd.. then theres making copy of the CONTENTS.. 2 simier yet differen tthings04:01
bankixmiguelonnnn: What do you want with an ISO9660 filesystem on your usb stick???04:02
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  you will have a uphill battle untill you understand that differance04:02
miguelonnnni duno bankix xdDD04:02
yinlongPawan,what's your problem?04:02
miguelonnnnthen i'll format it to fat3204:02
bankixmiguelonnnn: When you take a CD, put it down on a photo copier, will this make you a copy of that CD?04:02
Pawani want to install audacious04:02
miguelonnnnand then cp? or xcopy or what?04:02
catmandosudo apt-get install audcious04:02
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  yes.. Normally the live-flash things are fat16 or fat3204:02
catmandomake sure spelling is right.04:02
catmandoshould be in the repository04:02
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  then you mount the iso and copy the CONTENTS to the flash04:02
miguelonnnnok, then what to copy? xcopy, cp? what?04:03
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  then you get to learn about syslinux04:03
=== PuTrA_caem is now known as andre_cool
bankixmiguelonnnn: copy = cp.04:03
kevdogHate pulseaudio04:03
miguelonnnni must ensure anything gets copies04:03
yinlongPawan,movile player is ok.04:03
bankixmiguelonnnn: Don't miss the hidden .disk directory included in the ISO04:03
miguelonnnncopy will work right?04:03
=== andre_cool is now known as andree_culens
poentis there a utility to access the airport express configuration menu?04:03
miguelonnnnyeah bankix, that's why i'm asking which command to use04:03
miguelonnnni want a command or at least an option to cp to make an exact copy04:04
bankixmiguelonnnn: cd /where/you/did/mounted/the/iso04:04
miguelonnnni want every existing file on the cd to get copied to the usb04:04
canthus13poent: Might check with a Mac channel...04:04
bankixmiguelonnnn: cp -a .disk * /where/your/usb/stick/is/mounted04:04
mostafa_Does anybody know how should I install my VGA driver (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650)?04:04
miguelonnnnyeah that's easy bankix04:04
canthus13canthus13: Although the first thing I'd try is to browse to your default gateway.04:04
miguelonnnn-a will make all? just like ls -a?04:04
poentcanthus13, know any off hand? channels that is04:04
mostafa_Does anybody know how should I install my VGA driver (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650)?04:05
bankixmiguelonnnn: Nope. -a has a completely different meaning here. See the manpage if you're relly interested.04:05
catmandoI am getting a very aggrevating beeping noise how can I stop it04:05
canthus13poent: #mac04:05
miguelonnnnand what aobut .disk?04:05
miguelonnnnwhat does that mean?04:05
poentmostafa_,  go to ATI's website04:05
bankixmiguelonnnn: .disk is that hidden directory.04:05
Dr_Williscatmando:  rmmod and blacklist the  pcspkr module (i think) is one way04:05
poentmostafa_, you should be able to find and download a linux driver from there04:05
bankixmiguelonnnn: Files and directory starting with a dot are hidden.04:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beep04:06
miguelonnnnf*ck!!!! on my mac there isn't the -a option, i f*king hate thisssssssss oh he*l!!04:06
mostafa_poent: I check there but there is not my driver there04:06
Dr_Willisnormal cp should work i think....04:06
mnainescatmando: Is it a steady beep or a series of beeps?04:06
poentmostafa_,  gimme a sec i'll look04:06
bankixmiguelonnnn: Okay, "cp -r .disk * /whereever" should do it as well.04:06
miguelonnnnok i hope it does04:06
catmandoWell depends if I hold the delete key down on a empty form it will beep continuously until i release it mnaines04:07
mnainesDr_Willis: On some machines, the beeping is a code, and the beeps indicate faults on boot04:07
Dr_Willismnaines:  thats not what hes talking about it seems...04:07
bazhangmiguelonnnn, watch the language04:07
mostafa_poent: thank you bro you r so generous04:07
miguelonnnnbut what does .disk * /wherever mean? cause i would just put cp * /wherever why two input arguments?04:07
catmandoNo no Its no fault.04:07
Dr_Willismnaines:  thers the 'gnome alert beep' then the 'system beep'04:07
catmandoits defaintly annoying however04:07
mnainescatmando: That's not a problem...Its like the "idiot lights" on the dashboard of a car04:07
miguelonnnnyeah, i did put wildcards so i don't use expicit words bazhang04:07
poyntzmdg: basically, instead of using the keys to navigate alpines functions, I could click instead - like you can do with Elinkgs04:07
Dr_Willismnaines:  the pcspkr handles one of the beep methods04:08
bankixmiguelonnnn: "cp .disk * /whereever" == "cp .disk /wherever" + "cp * /whereever"04:08
catmandomnaines, well how can i turn the idiot lights off04:08
miguelonnnni'm sorry anyway, this system is driving me crazy04:08
poentmostafa_: try, instead of going to mobility radeon, downloading the normal radeon driver for the 3xxx series04:08
bazhangmiguelonnnn, we know what they mean, dont do any of them thanks04:08
mnainescatmando: In some cases, you don't want to04:08
poentmostafa_:thats what i did04:08
miguelonnnni'm dying to get ubuntu finally,04:08
Dr_Willismnaines:  see if -->  sudo modprobe -r pcspkr    stops the beeping04:08
mdgpoyntz: didn't know that was possible ...hmmm04:08
miguelonnnnok sorry04:08
catmandomnaines, IDK if you realize how annoying this is04:08
catmandoI am glad you told me to use modprobe04:08
=== heHATEme is now known as vorian
catmandoI know nothing about rmmod04:09
mnainescatmando: Why is it annoying?  I just leave the default settings and its not annoying...04:09
JohnPyleProblem don't know what to search for: Listening to songs, certain 'parts' of the song are missing, entire instruments for example. MP3 songs that I know are good. I have tried pulse, oss, etc. What should I look for? Thanks04:09
bankixmiguelonnnn: We'll help you with that...................... I mean, dying at last ;-)04:09
miguelonnnnbut then why cp .disk and cp *? isn't cp * sufficient?04:09
mnainescatmando: That beeping reminds me to stop hitting the delete or backspace key04:09
poyntzmdg: I'm private messaging you04:09
bankixmiguelonnnn: No.04:09
catmandolol I dont want it04:09
macocatmando: system -> preferences -> sound04:09
bankixmiguelonnnn: Because "*" will not catch hidden files or directories.04:09
miguelonnnnahaha bankix thanks a lot, you don't know how desperating is this system, i'm mad haha04:09
mostafa_poent: mobility is for notebook if I'm not mistaken and normal one is for desktops04:09
macocatmando: you should be able to turn off the audible beep and theres an option to replace it with a visual bell as well04:10
Dr_WillisI dont think thers any  hidden files on the iso image normally..04:10
jmad980hi catmando04:10
macomnaines: dude, just chill. he doesnt want it, thats his deal04:10
bankixDr_Willis: On a Ubuntu CD, there is the .disk directory.04:10
mostafa_poent: can I use them instead of each other?04:10
bankixDr_Willis: Without, the ubiquity won't work.04:10
catmandohi jmad98004:10
poentmostafa_,  correct. some laptop makers like sony dont use mobility drivers. I mysely have a 3xxx series card in my laptop and i'm using the standard desktop driver04:10
bankixDr_Willis: The more, the system won't even boot beyound busybox.04:10
=== novneb is now known as zz_novneb
thiebaudesebsebseb, wake up04:10
Dr_Willisbankix:  i see a Disk. but dont notice a .disk on the flash i just made.. lets double check :)04:11
poentmostafa_: i'm not sure if it works like that for all the ATI cards. but the 3xxx series seems to work like that at least04:11
Dr_Willissetting up a ubuntu live flash disk by hand from an ISO file - is going tobe quite a challange.04:12
nnullmiguelonnnn, "man cp | espeak --stdin ; man cp | grep -e '-R' | espeak --stdin" -- terminal04:12
Dr_Willisaha . there is a .disk :)04:12
topowhy is the gnome volume control applet so inaccurate04:12
* Dr_Willis finds the use of .Hiddenstuff - to be very annoying04:12
bticeGreetings. I have Hardy on an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T43. I have previously played MP3s on this through VLC, but now none of the media players produces any sound. I would appreciate any pointers on what I need to fix.04:13
miguelonnnnwhat do you mean nnull ?04:13
miguelonnnnwhat should i read there?04:13
alanpanwhat is the name of irc on Mac?04:13
bdelin88I was using the cd mode of ubuntu and all of a sudden it restarted and now I cannot boot into the ubuntu boot menu from the cd or into the ubuntu cd os... what gives??04:13
* catmando agrees with Dr_Willis 04:13
bankixDr_Willis: I only know about because I recently remastered ubuntu and forgot that directory.... took me hours till I found out why it wouldn't boot.04:13
miguelonnnnalanpan, use xchat04:13
bdelin88I was just moving some files around04:13
miguelonnnndownload fink04:13
nnullmiguelonnnn, i made it so you don't need to read ;)04:13
miguelonnnnand apt-get xchat04:13
alanpandoes mac support xchat?04:13
miguelonnnnanyway, go for ubuntu it's far better04:13
nnullmiguelonnnn, just "man cp"04:13
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  you do know theres a Ubuntu netbook remix 'usb flash' image. that Might work? :) then again it might not...04:13
poentDr_Willis: better than hiding it with $sys$ :-P04:13
miguelonnnnhhaha thanks :)04:14
bdelin88anyone know? i can't even get the cd running now04:14
MuzoI'm trying to get vnc running on a headless machine but having a heap of problems.. Is it possible to make ubuntu think it has a screen plugged in which will make the standard screen sharing program on ubuntu work?04:14
bankixbtice: Check all the sound channels of your soundcard and set them to maximum, and unmute them. Then give it another try.04:14
miguelonnnnthis computer is strong enough to bear with ubuntu04:14
topo gnome volume control applet shows its down to 44% percent but i have no sound any IDEAS??04:14
miguelonnnnbut i'll look for the netbook remix for my mothers netbook04:14
Dr_WillisAlli can say on about the ubuntu live-flash stuff.. it its using a WAY WAY WAY too complex setup of syslinux for my tastes.. I can understand what most other disrto/flash installs do.. but Ubuntu's is just layers and layers of syslinux configs.. :)04:14
sparrWhat is "HTTP Cache Cleaner" and how do I stop it from launching at random?04:15
bankixDr_Willis: Hey, don't stop the fun by mentioning that...04:15
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  use the UNR to install.. then upgrade/update.... is the idea.04:15
bankixDr_Willis: I longed for seing him instaling syslinux with macos...04:15
bankixDr_Willis: ;-)04:15
Dr_Willisbankix:  :) I made my own Uber-flash the othe rday with TinyCore, Puppy, Slax, slitaz, and others.. but Putting Ubuntu on there.. was out of the question.04:15
miguelonnnnwell,i'm now going to make the copy04:15
Dr_Willisbankix:  yea. that will be amuseing.04:15
bticebankix: I'm looking at my Sound Preferences page, and see nothing that sets levels. Sound Events and Music and Movies04:16
mnainesDr_Willis: I got a 16GB Flash Drive...Is that big enough for an Ubuntu Live setup?04:16
bankixbtice: right-click the volume icon in the upper right panel.04:16
Dr_Willisbankix:  i still wonder why the  syslinux guys couldent go with  the same sort of config format as grub uses.. translating the 2 - is a hassle.04:16
bticebankis: "Sound Events" and "Music and Movies" are both set to Autodetect.04:16
bankixbtice: Then choose settings from the menu.04:16
Dr_Willismnaines:  thats plenty big.. gettting it installed/working 'by hand' will be the BIG challange.. ive tried it and failed...04:16
miguelonnnnwhish me luck please! ;:)04:17
caseydhow much should i space should i use for my swap partition04:17
Dr_Willismnaines:  and ive done similer tasks with many other disrtos.. and succeded.... so i sort of kjow what im doing. :)04:17
* nnull holds miguelonnnn's hand as he copies a file ;)04:17
mnainesDr_Willis: That's always the hard part...But drives that size come cheap these days04:17
bankixbtice: Sorry, my fault. _left_ click the volume icon.04:17
bticebankix: Thanks for the help. Master, Headphone, PCM, CD are all high. Line-in and Microphone are both muted.04:17
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  this is why i suggested looking at the pendrivelinux web site. they proberly got some guides/tutorials04:17
DigitalKiwicaseyd: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-swap-space.html04:17
bankixbtice: THere are more sliders.04:17
miguelonnnnyeah drwillis but they use some tweaks as copying the boot directory files to the root directory04:18
bankixbtice: In the window with all the sliders for line-in and so on, there is a settings button.04:18
miguelonnnnand such things, i don't want that, i want do it well on my own04:18
alanpanwhere is the friend list?04:18
miguelonnnnfriends lists? what's that hehe04:18
bankixbtice: This will open a selection for the sliders displayed. Select them all.04:18
bankixbtice: Probably it's the "front" slider you#re looking for.04:19
nnullalanpan, press ALT + V04:19
alanpanlets say i just added you as a friend in my friend list, where can i find that list?04:19
nnulland select Userlist04:19
Dr_Willisalanpan:  check your irc client docs/menus..  most irc clients dont have a 'friends' list04:19
nnulloh no idea about that heh.04:19
bankixbtice: When you unmuted all channels and set them to maximum, your soundcard _should_ work.04:20
RPG_MasterI used the pre-config settings for deluge with the Firewall app GUFW... but then I change deluge's ports and now when I press the button it just adds the old ports... how do I fix this?04:20
nztalalanpan, you can use /notify to see when nicks come online04:20
LogicFanhaving a very strange problem on ubuntu 9.04 64-bit.  sometimes, when i have an app maximized and in focus, i cannot make any app that is minimized in the notification area (like pidgin) come to focus.  it will show up in the taskbar but never grab focus04:20
bankixbtice: The thinkpads are normally supported pretty well.04:20
harry97is htere a way  to make a weak wifi on an old laptop grap a connection more readily?04:20
miguelonnnnhey again please *lol* xd, how can i know the partition format of a /dev/disk so i can mount it well?04:20
miguelonnnni need to mount the usb to copy to it haha04:20
bticebankix: Everything now on max except Microphone and Phone are maxed, but still VLC is silent.04:20
bankixbtice: And you enabled really all of the channels?04:21
bankixmiguelonnnn: If I were you, I would leave my fingers from /dev/disk...04:22
bticebankix: Playback tab: Master, master Mono, Headphone, PCM, Line-in, CD, Aux are all at max. Microphone and Phone at min and muted.04:22
alanpancan you see it.04:22
bankixbtice: What about front?04:22
bticebankix: Recording tab has only Capture, which is at max.04:22
bankixbtice: And SPDIF?04:22
miguelonnnnbut i need to mount a partition on it, /dev/disk2s104:22
ubuntuCan someone help me understand what I'm reading, regarding my harddrives (did fdisk -l)04:23
ubuntunick alex04:23
bticebankix: I do not see those listed. Let me take a second look at the options...04:23
miguelonnnnhow can i know its format to make mount -t format /dev/disk2s1 /mnt/point04:23
rameshworhello, my wireless is not recognized by the ubuntu... may be i should use ndiswrapper or what.. but i dont know how to configure/ install  it.. ??04:23
ubuntunot sure I'm getting what I'm reading04:23
bankixbtice: in the sliders window, klick on settings.04:23
bticebankix: I've confirmed everything is checked on the options.04:23
bankixbtice: Then you'll have a dozend sliders now.04:23
bticebankix: There is no Settings button in the sliders window. There is a Preferences option from the Edit menu. I have gone there and checked everything.04:24
bticeHowever, still I have only the options I listed.04:24
gabaksomebody knows who to convert pst to mbox ????????????????????04:24
bankixbtice: Sorry, I have a German ubuntu, so I don't really know what the name of the button is.04:25
gabaksomebody knows HOW to convert pst to mbox ????????????????????04:25
froeshi, is there a shell application to check/select which apps/services starts on each init??04:25
poentwhats the command to see your video card? modprobe?04:25
bticebankix: Thank you for your assistance. There are no buttons at all. I am in Gnome. Are you in something else?04:25
bankixbtice: Its the middle one, with the tool icon on it.04:25
bankixbtice: Gnome here as well.04:25
caseydgabak, http://outport.sourceforge.net/04:25
bankixbtice: Just start from scratch:04:26
bticebankix: The sliders window I have is labeled "Volume Control: Intel ICH6 (Alsa mixer)". Am I in the right place?04:26
bankixbtice: left-click the small loudspeaker icon in the upper right corner of the screen.04:26
nztalfroes, sysv-rc-conf04:26
phylogenesisI have a server with Ubuntu Server 9 on it.  I plugged my computer in to the server via a crossover ethernet cable, and used scp to copy files to it.  I also tried to copy using sftp and nautilus.  Either way, if I copy more than a few hundred megabytes, I randomly get disconnected, after which I receive the error: "No route to host" if I try to reconnect.04:26
bankixbtice: Yes, that's the one.04:26
bticebankix: If I left-click, I get a volume slider. It is at max.04:27
gabakcaseyd are u sure? i think i have been reading about it04:27
bankixbtice: Below the sliders, you have on the left a help button, on the right a cloose button, and one in the bidle.04:27
phylogenesisIs there something that might disconnect me for copying too much data to the server?04:27
alanpanQuestion: can we have private chat in this server?04:27
bticeI also _do_ get sound from, for example, YouTube videos.04:27
alanpanwhat are the restrictions?04:27
gabakcaseyd and it is for outlook express for dbx only04:27
bankixbtice: Below the volume slider, there is one singe button. Left-click on that button.04:27
bticebankix: I do not have those buttons. Perhaps you are on something newer than Hardy Heron?04:27
bankixbtice: Will open the "Intel ICH6" window04:28
DigitalKiwialanpan: yes, though some people don't like it04:28
bankixbtice: Oh -- hardy? I didn't get that, sorry.04:28
bankixbtice: Could be the problem...04:28
bankixbtice: I'm on Jaunty here.04:28
bticebankix: MP3s used to play on this laptop before -- though I would sometimes get one that wouldn't play, especially if playing over the network.04:29
alanpanyeah ture, this is not aim nor msn.04:29
ramiroI have two computers on the same network running ubuntu 9.04. I have set both of them up following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime to use ntp, but their times differ.04:29
sarthorkshow to copy every file, including hidden files, symbolic links etc, from a folder?04:29
bticebankix: However now I'm unable to play anything, it seems.04:29
phylogenesisI also have to restart the server before I can connect again.  I tried /etc/init.d/proftpd restart and /etc/init.d/ssh restart but I still couldn't reconnect until I restarted the server.04:29
JohnPyleHelp I don't know where to look: music and sound playback are abnormal! For example, songs are missing entire instruments. Can anyone point me in the right direction?04:29
ramirohow do I force both to update? (I've selected the same ntp source for both)04:29
alanpanhow to answer somebody back?04:30
ramirosarthorks: doesn't cp -r do that?04:30
bankixbtice: One common problem was, that the main volume slider would have to be "Front" and not PCM or "Main".04:30
catmandocan you hide your mac address?04:30
ryanrhee90hi all04:30
bankixbtice: By raising all to max, and later switch the main slider to "Front", I solved this.04:30
sarthorksramiro, i don't know. it will do it?04:30
bankixbtice: But I don't remember how to do this in hardy.04:30
bticebankix: I see no place to set "Front" on any slider.04:31
ryanrhee90does anyone have experience with setting up openvpn on 8.04LTS?04:31
alanpanso xchat can also be used on mac right?04:31
ryanrhee90Fri Aug 28 22:18:49 2009 Note: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: No such device (errno=19)04:31
ryanrhee90 is the error i keep getting04:31
bankixbtice: Got that. Maybe you could install "aumix" if it's in the repository. It's a commandline frontend, maybe this will give you access to the other channels.04:31
macoalanpan: yes, its called xchat aqua04:31
bticebankix: Perhaps I just need to upgrade to 10.04...04:31
ryanrhee90bankix: if you want IRC, adiumx 1.4 beta has IRC.04:32
macobtice: development for 10.04 hasnt opened yet04:32
alanpanare you using mac?04:32
ryanrhee90**alanspan: if you want IRC, adiumx 1.4 beta has IRC.304:32
johjkanyone here know how to install driver for intel GM4 series?04:32
bticebankix: Um, I meant 9.04.04:32
nztalbtice, i use alsamixer, to enable certain settings, that would otherwise not be available to me04:32
ramirohmm, time seems to be slowly getting better on both machines...04:32
ryanrhee90does anyone have experience with setting up openvpn on 8.04LTS?04:33
ubuntuI'm just getting ready to install ubuntu. I have 2 320 gb harddrives installed. However, one of them is reporting a size of 128gb ... where the heck is the rest? (currently have windows installed)04:33
ramiroyep, ntp time is fine now, thanks, bye...04:33
mogunusHello. Is there a good command-line or otherwise non-gnome-dependant frontend for cpu frequency scaling in ubuntu netbook remix? I would like to scale my CPU from a non-gnome window manager04:33
johjkin 9.04 jauntu04:33
johjkmogunus: maybe cpufreq?04:33
StupidWeasel_Humm I've been getting crashes recently that require a hardreset, possibly triggered by opening a new Nautilus window. How should I go about tracking down the issue.04:34
bticebankix: Thank you for your help.04:34
macomogunus: you can use gnome apps without running gnome. and gnome isnt a window manager.04:34
johjkcan anyone here tell me how i can install the latest intel GM4 series driver on 9.04 jaunty?04:34
angieStupidWeasel: run a debugger?04:34
WhiteCrowhi guys04:34
StupidWeasel_angie: For the whole system?04:34
angieStupidWeasel: nautilus04:35
nztalStupidWeasel, that happened to me in jaunty, and was fixed by switching from ath5k to madwifi.  it would force me to reset my machine after so long04:35
StupidWeasel_Humm, might be worth a try. Also how would I go about debugging Nautilus angie, do you know of a guide/tutorial?04:36
StupidWeasel_On how to attach a debugger etc.04:37
johjkcan anyone here tell me how i can install the latest intel GM4 series driver on 9.04 jaunty?04:37
mogunusmaco: sorry, gnome desktop environment? (is that correct?). What I want to avoid is running the gnome panel.04:37
angieStupidWeasel: gdb nautilus04:37
angiei think theres a nautilus option for debugging04:37
angiebut i dunno being as i dont run it04:37
mogunusI'm going to try the binary package "cpufrequtils," that looks promising.04:37
macomogunus: ooooh youre referring to the little applets?04:37
=== jefinc_ is now known as jefinc
mogunusmaco: Yeah, the little applets are what I don't want to deal with, the gnome-panel is a terrible match for my window manager.04:38
RPG_MasterI used the pre-config settings for deluge with the Firewall app GUFW... but then I change deluge's ports and now when I press the button it just adds the old ports... how do I fix this?04:38
nztalStupidWeasel, in my case, it was my wifi card's module04:38
johjkum, can anyone see my text?04:38
RPG_MasterI am about to give up04:38
=== Guest25524 is now known as Ekushey
macojohjk: no. you're invisible.04:38
RPG_Masterjohjk, Yes04:38
RPG_Mastermaco :P04:38
johjkhaha, all right04:38
=== Ekushey is now known as Guest51085
nztalRPG_Master, manually define the ports.  you should not be limited to preconfigured values04:39
johjki was just wondering ubuntu auto install my video driver, but there some applications dealing with graphics doesn't seem to work with it correctly04:39
mogunusah, cpufrequtils has exactly what I want! cli programs to manipulate it.04:39
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johjklike beryl04:39
macoRPG_Master: annoying neighbor kid came over one day and knocked "anybody here?" "no, we're not home!" "oh. when will you be back?"04:39
miguelonnnnsorry i can't help don't know the program :(. I have a question, i try to mount  mount /dev/disk2s1 /mnt/point04:39
TheStonecan i update my firefox to firefox 3.5 ?04:39
miguelonnnnbut i get "incorrect superblock"04:40
Dr_Willis!ff3.5 | TheStone04:40
ubottuTheStone: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY04:40
macojohjk: yikes i hope you mean compiz cuz beryl went away a long time ago04:40
johjkmaco: yes, sorry, compiz04:40
WhiteCrowwhy wine can't update ???? i see this site http://www.winehq.org/download/deb but Problem is  the key !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls help me.04:40
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  perhaps you need to tell it the filesystem.. since you are using OS-X (right?) the options  may not be the same as linux uses04:40
johjkmaco: do you know how to update to the latest intel driver?04:40
macoWhiteCrow: calmly, and with sentences, please04:40
miguelonnnndo apt-get upgrade whitecrom04:40
macojohjk: nope04:40
miguelonnnnit will update all downloaded packages04:41
miguelonnnnsorry update04:41
Dr_Willissudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:41
miguelonnnnbut you'dd better run upgrade first, it will update apt-get before so  it'll run better04:41
bankixmiguelonnnn: ????04:41
ubuntucome on guys someone help me out here; what happened to my harddrives ?04:41
ubuntuI'm just getting ready to install ubuntu. I have 2 320 gb harddrives installed. However, one of them is reporting a size of 128gb ... where the heck is the rest? (currently have windows installed)04:41
miguelonnnnyeah Dr_Willis , but i duno the fs04:41
Flannelubuntu: Please pastebin the output of `sudo fdisk -l`04:42
bankixmiguelonnnn: "apt-get update" will update the package list of availiable packages04:42
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
WhiteCrowmiguelonnnn : i do it , but repository fail.04:42
bankixmiguelonnnn: "apt-get upgrade" will install newer versions of installed packages, if available.04:42
miguelonnnnhehe bankix , Dr_Willis i'm making this because i do not know the fs, i don't know how can i know if. If i knew i'd put mount -t fs but i don't know.04:42
miguelonnnni asked before how can i know the format of a partition but didn't get response xP04:42
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  fdisk -l,04:43
ubuntuDisk /dev/sda: 320.0 GB, 320072933376 bytes04:43
ubuntu240 heads, 63 sectors/track, 41345 cylinders04:43
ubuntuUnits = cylinders of 15120 * 512 = 7741440 bytes04:43
ubuntuDisk identifier: 0x0000000104:43
miguelonnnnyeah sorry bankix04:43
nztalubuntu, look in gparted.  there is likely another partition, or free space.  sounds like a partitioning problem.  you can switch between hard drives and look at what is/isn't taking up space04:43
FloodBot2ubuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:43
ubuntu   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System04:43
bankixmiguelonnnn: What filesystem did you write onto that stick?04:43
ubuntu/dev/sda1   *           1       41346   312568832    7  HPFS/NTFS04:43
miguelonnnni don't know bankix, that's why  i need a command to know its filessystem04:43
something_hereDoes anyone know how to fix the following problem? If I want to create my own mount point, I go 'mkdir /mnt/new'. The problem is, if I go 'mount /mnt/new' I receive the message "mount: can't find /mnt/new in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab".04:43
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  'fdisk -l'04:43
bankixmiguelonnnn: You have an usb stick, right?04:43
miguelonnnni suppose it's fat32 or fat16, but i'll try fdisk thanks driwillis04:43
Dr_Willisif you just formated it to fat32 then it may be vfat.04:44
nztalsomething_here, i believe mount /mnt/new is insufficient04:44
=== arvind_k is now known as arvind_khadri
Dr_Willisbut thats linux terms.. Apple uses BSD.. so it may not be the same04:44
something_herenztal:  Oh?04:44
miguelonnnnWINDOS_FAT_16 partition?04:44
miguelonnnni don't even have window slol04:44
bankixmiguelonnnn: Did you _ever_ format that usb-stick?04:44
miguelonnnnno haha, why does it have a windows fat 16 partition?04:45
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  so?  if you foramted it to fat16 its using a windows filesystem04:45
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  you seem to be missing the point. :)04:45
miguelonnnnyeah, but why windows fat 16?04:45
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  becase you formated it to that?04:45
bankixmiguelonnnn: _HOW_ did you format that stick? Which command?04:45
Dr_Williswhat filesystem did you expect?04:45
miguelonnnni didn't, but why is it WINDOWS fat 16?04:45
miguelonnnni've never formatted it04:45
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  becasue there is no LINUX fat 16?04:45
Dr_Williswould it mnake you feel better if it said 'MacOS Fat16' ?04:46
bankixmiguelonnnn: Why did you tell me you did format it then?04:46
miguelonnnnok Dr_Willis  hehe i thought fat16 is universal, not "windows"04:46
ubuntugparted is useless04:46
bankixDr_Willis: I bow before your patience...04:46
miguelonnnni didn't, i said  i was planning to format it to fat3204:46
miguelonnnnwith fdisk04:46
bankixmiguelonnnn: Then _please_ format it to fat32.04:46
bankixmiguelonnnn: fdisk is _NOOOOOO_ formatting tool.04:46
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  and your point is?04:47
miguelonnnnthat's what i'm going to do just after i mount it04:47
miguelonnnnmount -t fat32 right?04:47
miguelonnnnsorry mount -t fat1604:47
bankixmiguelonnnn: mount will mount, not format it04:47
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  mount command on  your Non-Linux OS may be different . check its man pages..04:47
miguelonnnnisn't it bankix ? so what should i use to format?04:47
bankixmiguelonnnn: _after_ you did format, you can mount it.04:47
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  it may or may not worj with -t vfat04:47
Dr_Willisfdisk, format, mount... thats the order... :)04:48
bankixmiguelonnnn: mkdosfs vor example. But I don't expect it under macos.04:48
miguelonnnnok, sorry i'm costumed to windows where you format it after it's mounted hehe04:48
* Dr_Willis thinks it may be time to point to #OSX04:48
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  err.. techically you dont under windows either. :) it unmounts it then formats it..04:48
bankixDr_Willis: dd for copying files, fdisk and mount for formatting... sounds like a tale ;-)04:48
Dr_Willisdd for copying 'filesystems' :)04:49
Dr_Willisdd can do it all!04:49
* Dr_Willis bets miguelonnnn will still be working on this by next week04:49
bankixDr_Willis: Yes, and if dd fails, there is still dd_rescue, even better dd...04:49
nztali'm afraid to use dd.  i've seen too many people in here, lose data :)  i've not ever touched it because of the horror stories04:49
myrondoes ubuntu create .spl files when spooling to a printer?04:49
gartralhow does one make a "blank" iso?04:49
miguelonnnnok i'll try willis, but i'm a little concerned about mac sites, they usually are mac fanatics04:49
miguelonnnnbe right back!04:50
CoJaBo-Aztecgartral: Uh, why?04:50
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  the command line on OS-X is the bsd 'stuff'   not really OS-X specific..04:50
adantehi guys, how do i set the preferred media viewer in linux?04:50
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  and BSD is not linux... so there are going to be differances that we are not aware of in here.04:50
miguelonnnnthen, is there any #bsd channel?04:50
bankixgartral: Just create an empty directory, put in everything you like, then burn that directory to a CD.04:50
ArkoldThosadante, depend on what desktop04:50
gartralCoJaBo-Aztec: ease of archiving04:50
Dr_WillisTry #bsd ? :)04:50
miguelonnnnok heheeh04:50
ArkoldThoswhat are you using, Gnome or KDE?04:50
miguelonnnnthanks a lot Dr_Willis  and all you :)04:51
myrondoes ubuntu create .spl files when spooling to a printer?04:51
gartralbankix: id'e rather have a way of making "template" isos04:51
adanteArkoldThos: gnome... i've tried system -> preferences -> preferred application -> multimedia -> custom set to vlc, but when i double click media files they still open in totem?04:51
Dr_Willismiguelonnnn:  i would of just grabbed  that UNR img file and tried it..  You proberly could of had it installed by now...04:51
myronor is that a windows proprietary file type...04:51
ArkoldThosadante, does Gnome includes stuff to specify the file extension?04:51
Dr_WillisDoes Linux on the new Apple Machines use grub? or some other boot loader?04:51
bankixgartral: Okay, what are you planning to do?04:52
adanteArkoldThos: nope04:52
bankixgartral: There is nothing such as a "blank iso".04:52
nnullis grub2 working yet?04:52
miguelonnnnhehe i'm back, nobody at bsd04:53
miguelonnnnwell actually the channel exists, but everybody's away04:53
bankixgartral: Often, the better answer is to show a better approach than to answer that direct question.04:53
miguelonnnnand #osx asks for id04:53
ArkoldThosadante, no clue then :P i use kde04:53
gartralbankix: it would be nice if i could have a iso mounted with the archive mounter, that "burns itself" when i dismount it...04:54
bankixgartral: That's why I'm askin what you're planning to do.04:54
miguelonnnngreat true bankix  hehe04:54
bankixgartral: Ah, like under macos?04:54
gartralbankix: wouldn't know, i never use mac04:54
bankixgartral: Just say "new CD", drag everything there, and burn it when ejecting?04:54
gartralbankix: ya04:54
ctmjradante: open the folder with the file right click the file then properties then open with and chose vlc or whatever player you want04:54
adantectmjr: hm so i just do this for every file type? is there no way to set the global?04:55
chezhow do i find out which program is acessing the internet?04:55
bankixgartral: Hmm, I fear that's actually not implemented that way.04:55
robert__how do i get kopete to connect to yahoo messenger?04:56
bankixgartral: You yould open brasero, create a new CD project, drag everything to that window and press burn when you're finished.04:56
bankixgartral: Hmmm, wait a moment...04:56
gartralbankix: kinda defeats the point, seeing as i was hoping to use this to backup a headless server (eventually_04:56
bankixgartral: Nope, then that's no solution for you.04:57
bankixgartral: The way is to create an empty directory, copy (or link) everything there you want to backup, and then start burning04:57
bankixgartral: Why do you need this "burn on eject" feature?04:58
ctmjradante: if it is an avi it will set it globally or whatever file type that it is.04:58
gartralbankix: primarily causer i backup twice a day due to frequency of power failure in my building lately04:59
adantectmjr: ok, thanks04:59
DigitalKiwi===Making an iso-image from existing files on harddisk===04:59
DigitalKiwiTo make an iso-image just copy the needed files to one folder, then do a04:59
DigitalKiwi$ mkisofs -V volume_name -J -r -o isoimage.iso ~/folder04:59
sarthork1how do i copy symbolic links? using "sudo cp -r from to" gives the error of "not able to create symbolic links". permission denied.05:00
bankixgartral: _maybe_ there is a way. But you'll have to script this all yourself.05:00
ctmjradante: are you looking to set the player for all videos no matter what format?05:00
adantectmjr: was hoping to yeah05:00
bankixgartral: AFAIK there is a signal, maybe from hal, dbus or even udev, when pressing the open button of the drive. Which normally unmounts the disk and ejects it.05:00
graysilverhave you tried just sudoing the cp05:01
wersis there an automated way to install the iwlwifi for intel 4965 driver? :D05:01
bankixgartral: Instead of unmounting, you could start burning and eject the disk afterwards.05:01
ctmjradante: ok hold on will find it, it gets kinda of tricky05:01
DreamgliderDiscovery t- 31sec :)05:01
bankixgartral: But you'll have to find that signal first, catch it, and write the scripts for burning.05:01
bankixgartral: What about running the backup and burning the CD on certain times? Let's say, on 10am and 16pm?05:02
butokadoz any one no how to  enable compiz settings05:02
robert__how do i get kopete to connect to yahoo messenger?05:03
ubuntuclick on it05:04
graysilverbutoka>right click on desktop then change desktop background05:04
graysilverits in there05:04
butokagraysilver> i have dun that but it is saying no drivers can be found05:05
miguelonnnnlol i've made a sudo cat to my hard disk ahah05:05
ichigogoanyone know anything about decompiling vb6? im willing to pay MO, paypal, check etc PM me05:05
graysilverbutoka>u got nvidia05:05
graysilverbutoka>u got nvidi05:06
miguelonnnnbrb boys05:06
graysilverbutoka>u might have to install the restricted drivers05:06
ichigogoanyone know anything about decompiling vb6? im willing to pay MO, paypal, check etc PM me05:07
butokagraysilver>i am new to this how to i do that05:07
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=== root is now known as Guest37730
chezHow do i find out which program is accesing the internet?05:08
butokagraysilver>>i am new to this how to i do that or have u got a link so i can get them05:09
graysilverbutoka>do you have an icon in the tray which is nagging you to install drivers?05:10
ltlchez: try netstat -tuap   the right column is the pid/program05:10
graysilvernah. I have a dvorak kb too so that is why i am typing slow atm05:10
butoka graysilver>no notthink05:11
Snaresgraysilver: Oh man I don't know how anyone can do that.05:11
* Snares barfs05:11
butokagraysilver>no notthink05:12
graysilverSnares>its anoying to start.05:12
=== toter is now known as toter_
robert__how do i get kopete to connect to yahoo messenger?05:13
graysilverbutoka> try the forums. sorry i'm not more help05:13
NoCodeOh sweet. I can use totem with Jamendo, and youtube, etc..05:14
waynemmI have two ubuntu computers, i activate remote desktop on one of them, what program do i use or where do i type on the other computer to connect to the first computer?05:14
sparrWhat is "HTTP Cache Cleaner" and how do I stop it from launching at random?05:14
butokagraysilver>>ok thank's any way05:15
NoCodewrong channel. :(05:15
MattCampbellI have an ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card, and I chose the free-software-only installation option.  Is the free-software driver for this card reasonably efficient?05:16
techtronicwhen changing the sound preferences for startup/shut down is wav supported?05:16
mankashI have a dual boot with windows xp, how to make winxp default05:16
techtronicwhat is and isn't supported05:16
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techtronicmankash: edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst file05:18
chezltl: thanks05:18
techtronicmankash: suggest using nano instead of vi05:18
DigitalKiwivim > vi > nano05:18
DigitalKiwithis is undeniable.05:18
techtroniceg sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst05:18
techtronicsorry DigitalKiwi i dont understand what are you saying that nano is crap?05:19
ctmjradante: sorry i had the link bookmarked but cannot find it there is a way to change it globally to change the default dvd player open system preferences removable drives and media and change that for the others the only thing i can say is do it manually on each file type or google it05:19
DigitalKiwiwell i wouldn't say it's crap, but vim is superior in all aspects05:20
adantectmjr: no worries thanks, sorry i hope you didn't spend too much time on it, appreciate your effort05:20
techtronicas a new comer to linux however vi is not very "user friendly"05:20
techtronici havent tried vim so can not comment on that05:20
DigitalKiwii'm a user and vim is more friendly to me than nano05:20
Scunizitechtronic: gedit, nano are alternatives.. nano for cli05:21
graysilverI like nano over vim05:21
techtronicvery true05:21
techtronici appear to have let the cat out on this one05:21
FirefisheMyself, I use gedit in X, so I guess I'm on the 'evil gui' side ;) hee05:21
techtronici didnt mean to start a full on debate05:21
FlannelDigitalKiwi: This isn't the place for editor wars.  As a general rule of thumb, nano is the best editor to recommend to people here who need to edit something in a terminal05:21
kevdogthose that don't understand vim = hate vim05:22
kevdogWhat about xedit?05:22
DigitalKiwioh i'll give you that nano is "easier" than vim when you know nothing about it, but it's worth learning, just saying05:22
DigitalKiwinot even that hard to learn05:22
graysilverI dont hate it but having grown up on note pad nano is easier for what i do.05:23
mralexandroif i wanted to easily create a dhtml menu in ubuntu. is there any software i could use. to create these visually without the coding knowledge?05:23
techtronici totally agree its work learning vim and vi, but it takes time to learn05:23
graysilverI should get to know vim better though05:23
DigitalKiwivimtutor command is alright, i like that guide better though05:23
Scunizimralexandro: yes.. it's kde based but will work in ubuntu.. I'll look hang on.05:23
NFischerHi all, i try to set a custom LogOn Soundfile but it does not work although its an .wav file <1MB.. anyone knows about what the problem could be?!05:23
chezgedit> {lim (n->0) 1/ n}05:24
chezfor all n05:24
FloodBot2chez: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:24
techtronicso can some one tell me if i can use wav files for startup and shutdown sounds05:24
mralexandroScunizi, thanks:)05:24
waynemmtry again, I have two ubuntu computers, i activate remote desktop on one of them, what program do i use or where do i type on the other computer to connect to the first computer?05:24
techtronicNFischer: im after the same thing05:24
techtronicNFischer: i cant get wav to work05:24
Scunizimralexandro: kompozer is the substitute for nvu which is no longer maintained.05:25
NFischertechtronic, i read that the .wav file has to be in 16 Bit.. do you know how to convert it?05:25
mralexandroScunizi, so i can make dhtml menus in kompozer? :)05:26
ScuniziNFischer: you could use audacity05:26
Scunizimralexandro: what's the "d" in dhtml stand for?05:26
techtronicNFischer: sorry i dont i downloaded some star treck voice saying initiating startup / shut down procedure, just want it to work, know they have it working on knoppix05:26
Firefishe"Initiating Startup Sequence"05:27
techtronicFirefishe: thats the one05:27
NFischerScunizi, do you know the commands, didnt find it anywhere05:27
Scunizimralexandro: kompozer will do lots as an html, css etc editor.05:27
NFischertechtronic, mine is HAL9000 ;)05:27
mralexandroScunizi, i am not sure excactly. all i know is that it is some sort of javascript menu creator. have a look at my page. www.home.no/armani   and you will see the blue menu on top. i have a software for that in windows,  but i a have for the last week converted all my needs to ubuntu.05:27
Firefishetechtronic:  Did you siphon that sound file off of knoppix?05:27
ScuniziNFischer: sudo apt-get install audacity.. it's gui based.. not cli05:28
techtronicFirefishe: no i didnt i know they have it running in their thats all05:28
techtronicNFischer: not sure what HAL9000 is05:28
Firefishetechtronic:  I wonder at what point in knoppix--with an eye to solving your own issue--the  sound file gets called and executed.05:28
Scunizimralexandro: in that case I'm not sure if it will work.. easy enough to install and check out though05:28
miguelonnnnhey boys i got  another question05:29
miguelonnnni've just formated to fat32 the usb05:29
mralexandroScunizi,  i have it. will take a exxtra detailed look:)05:29
DigitalKiwitechtronic: 2001 a space odyssey05:29
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DigitalKiwi Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle05:29
DigitalKiwi              built for two.05:29
FirefisheNFischer:  HAL 9000 is the name of the fictional computer that goes haywire in Stanley Kubric's film "2001 A Space Odyssey"05:30
DigitalKiwithat should be the factoid for hal, kthankx05:30
techtronicDigitalKiwi: still none the wiser05:30
MindVirus1Hello. How do I change the default action Ubuntu takes when I plug in my iPod?05:30
NFischerFirefishe, uhm.. i know...05:30
lord_is via's vt1708a chipset fully supported or am i crazy05:30
FirefisheNFischer:  k, no probs05:30
miguelonnnnbut now i'm going to copy the mounted iso and i need to make a cp. The problem is if i make cp -r .* , ./ and ../ are upper folders, so i will copy folders out from the cd05:30
MadpilotDigitalKiwi, others - offtopic chat to #ubuntu-offtopic, pls. Try to keep #ubuntu for tech support only.05:30
NFischerFirefishe, techtronic wasnt sure ;)05:31
MindVirus1Anyone know?05:31
lord_MindVirus1: does a box pop up when you plug it in?05:31
MindVirus1lord_: no; I just see a nautilus window showing the iPod directory.05:32
techtronicSo does anyone know what sound formats are supported at startup/shutdown etc>05:32
musikgoatmiguelonnnn: .* != ../05:33
MindVirus1Any suggestions?05:33
lord_MindVirus1: in nautilus preferences you may be able to change default behavior when plugging in a media player05:36
kevdogany known problems removing pulse audio?05:36
lord_edit->preferences, last tab of dialog box05:37
lord_kevdog: i haven't had any problems since i removed pulseaudio05:37
lord_it didn't solve my no headphone sound problem though05:38
lord_which i can't seem to figure out05:38
kevdoglord_: No conflict removing the ubuntu-desktop metapackage?05:38
lord_no kevdog05:38
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FirefisheNFischer:  scrolling up after long netsplit ;)   Ahhh, I see.  techtronic :)05:38
FirefisheNFischer:  I thankee you veddy much.05:38
musikgoatkevdog: your going to remove the ubuntu-desktop meta package?  are you going headless?05:39
kevdoglord_:Hating pulse audio05:39
lord_musikgoat: as i said, i removed pulseaudio with apt several reboots ago and have had no problems with it05:39
techtronicFirefishe: i dont understand your last comment, sorry05:39
kevdogkevdog: No -- known history of problems with gstreamer/pidgeon vv with pulseaudio -- it was recommended I remove the package05:39
test34pulse audio... not very stable05:40
kevdogkevdog: IDEA for Karmic -- get rid of pulse audio05:40
lord_has anyone had any problems with sound from headphones05:40
lord_everything google turns up about it is either irrelevant or outdated05:40
musikgoatkevdog: the ubuntu-desktop metapackage includes your gnome desktop, do you want to remove that?05:41
Firefishetechtronic:  forget it, I'm getting confused tonight.05:41
kevdogmusikgoat: I dont think removal of the meta package will actually remove the individual packages listed in the meta package05:41
techtronicFirefishe: cool, no worries, im getting the same way its 5.41am and im still at work from 7pm last night05:42
miguelonnnnhey please, how can avoid that cp -r .* goes up and copies .. (the parent directory)and recursively again its parent directory and so on?05:42
miguelonnnni want to copy just the dot files (.file) at a directory05:42
miguelonnnnbut not . and ..05:43
Firefishetechtronic:  It's only 11:42pm here (missouri, us) and I'm just getting started for the night ;).  Guess I'm off to a 'greaaaat' start, eh? :P hee05:43
techtroniclol, im over in scotland05:43
techtronicdeperatly want to go back to my bed05:43
techtronicbut im here till 7am05:44
Firefishetechtronic:  at work?05:44
techtronicfirefishe: 4yup05:44
TeeSixmy ubuntu wont let me in xD05:44
TeeSixi get to load screen then a busybox prompt comes up05:44
techtronicFirefishe: 12 hour shifts05:45
Firefishetechtronic:  tech support, perhap?05:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about busybox05:45
miguelonnnnme too techtronic xd i must work at 8 am  and look at the time, i'vent sleep at all xd05:45
TeeSixim so lost05:45
TeeSixcant find anything on the support either05:45
techtronicIT Security Analyst at a Security Operations centre05:45
FirefisheBusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilIties into a single small executable.  It provides minimalist replacements for most of the utilities you usually find in GNU coreutils, util-linux, etc.05:46
TeeSix:D i get the initramfs prompt05:46
chaabanesa va malika05:46
FirefisheCredit goes to the dpkg bot at #debian05:46
TeeSixand it wont let me boot in05:46
ichigogoanyone know anything about decompiling vb6? im willing to pay MO, paypal, check etc PM me05:47
FirefisheTeeSix:  If you're not getting past initramfs, then there may be a configuration problem, or just a plain, corrupt boot image or something...05:47
FirefisheTeeSix:  Can you boot into terminal?05:48
TeeSixhmnn i dont think the image is corrupt05:48
TeeSixi checked the hashes05:48
ctmjrichigogo: where you not told earlier to stop that05:48
anielsenjust intsalled ubuntu onto a ZOTAC IONITX-A-U, has an atom n330 and a GeForce 9400M. nothing shows up when i go to hardware drivers. did i miss a step? total noob btw05:48
mralexandrohow can i add sources to streamtuner05:49
TeeSixFirefishe, how do i boot into terminal?(im noob :D)05:49
Scunizianielsen: you should probably update .. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:49
FirefisheTeeSix:  Are you having trouble with something like this: http://tinyurl.com/forteesix05:51
techtronicany1 know a good gui irc i can use over ssh05:52
techtronicpreferably using SOCKS05:52
TeeSixyeah something like that05:52
mralexandromayday mayday i have two firefox. one named shiretoko and one named mozilla firefox05:52
TeeSixexcept i get no errors05:52
TeeSixi just get busy box message05:52
TeeSixand initramfs prompt05:52
Scunizitechtronic: does it have to be gui?  cli irssi and screen.. run screen first then irssi on top so you don't have to have multiple ssh sessions into a box.05:52
anielsenScunizi: thanks man - think youre right05:53
techtronicScunizi: whats screen05:53
Firefishe!screen | Scunizi05:54
ubottuScunizi: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen05:54
techtronicubottu: thanks ill look into it05:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:54
ScuniziFirefishe: thanks but techtronic needed that05:54
FirefisheScunizi:  Ya...just saw that :P  Gaaaads...my eyes, my eyes05:54
Dr_Willismralexandro:  err... thats normal.05:55
ScuniziFirefishe: np :)05:55
Firefishesorry Scunizi05:55
techtronicwhy do most people use seem to use cli irc instead of gui irc05:55
Dr_Willismralexandro:  run what one you want. :) 3.0 or 3.505:55
mralexandroDr_Willis, oh ok:)05:55
Dr_Willistechtronic:  beause I like the cli better05:55
Dr_Willis!ff35 | mralexandro05:55
ubottumralexandro: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY05:55
Scunizitechtronic: more options, faster.. with screen you can leave it running and log off the machine and come back later..05:55
techtronicDr_Willis: why, whats the advantage05:55
Dr_Willistechtronic: im using 'weechat' right now.05:55
Firefishetechtronic:  Simple, fast, less memory.  Myself, I'm using the latest recently compiled (on my system) of kvirc4 ;), so I'm not one to talk, I guess.05:56
Dr_Willistechtronic:  I find it faster/easier and i can do it over ssh easier.05:56
Dr_Willistechtronic:  some reason i need a big gui to hang in 2 channels? :)05:56
Firefishetechtronic:  svn no less.  It's fun getting to know how to use ccmake :)05:56
haytham-medhi all, in mounting lvm , i used this http://www.linux-sxs.org/storage/fedora2ubuntu.html05:56
Firefisheirssi is a very good, simple to use, easy to switch windows irc client for the command line.05:56
haytham-medbut got an error in : sudo modprobe dm-mod05:57
ScuniziFirefishe: split windows too :)05:57
haytham-medmodule not found, any solution?05:57
techtronicthanks all, im new to linux, been using it for about a week now, loving it05:57
FirefisheScunizi:  You can do that with irssi?  Split windows in the same screen?05:57
ScuniziFirefishe: yep05:57
FirefisheScunizi:  How do you do it/05:58
Dr_WillisFirefishe:  yes.. and weechat can also.05:58
Dr_Willisirssi is very much a 'read the docs' irc client. :)05:58
FirefisheDr_Willis:  I should also try weechat.05:58
Dr_Willisusing the latest weechat from source here.. it has  a few nice features05:58
ScuniziFirefishe: open two channels.. say on window 2 & 3.. then go to window 2 and type /window show 305:58
mralexandroanyone know if possible to remove gray area in open office. it would be much better looking having only the paper visiblie and not a area around it?05:59
techtronicDr_Willis: so do you get screen to run ssh or irssi05:59
mralexandroopen office word that is05:59
techtronicDr_Willis: sorry, as above - noob05:59
fiveHi all.  Just had my Ubuntu server hacked and I'm looking for some guidance on making it more secure when I restore from backup.05:59
emmaSay, I am running Ubuntu Intrepid here, isn't network manager supposed to show the ESSID of wireless connections, especially if you are connected to one?05:59
fiveDoes anyone know of a good howto?05:59
emmathe networkmanager aplet doesn't seem to do anything. It's just entirely greyed out05:59
techtronicFive: look at bastille06:00
fivetechtronic: Thanks!06:00
techtronicrun as little as possible, using damn good passwords eg greater than 16 digits with uppercase lowercase numbers and characters06:00
FirefisheScunizi:  I'll try it next time I'm in irssi06:01
techtronicFive: and look at putting in IDS06:01
kevdogCan you forward an X session through ssh if you are using screen on the remote computer?06:02
techtronicfive: Intrusion detection system - eg snort06:02
fiveThanks :-)06:02
kevdogfive: There is also an extension fwsnort: That helps with the snort analysis06:02
fivekevdog: thanks, I'll take a look.06:03
fiveI had some rootkit checkers in there, but they were kind of lame.06:03
unopkevdog, you mean, you're connected to a remote screen session via SSH and want to forward X back to your client?06:03
FirefisheHello Dan48p06:06
WebcamWonderQuestion: If I don't have compiz enabled, the videos played cannot take advantage of hardware acceleration, right?06:06
FirefisheDan48p:  Do you need help with ubuntu?06:06
Dan48phi, what is this thing that i happened upon?06:06
diz_Childhow to upload more? I have a high speed bandwidth06:07
Dan48pwell, i'm kind of trying to figure out which version to use ubuntu or kubuntu06:07
techtronicDr_Willis: how would i go about using screen over ssh06:07
izinucsDan48p: you can use both on the same machine.. load ubuntu then there's a way to load kubuntu and switch between them on the login screen06:07
Dan48pi have 3 different ones installed now06:08
FirefisheDan48p:  What are they?06:08
Dan48pi have been using ubuntu on this computer for about 6 months now, but in school we use the kde06:08
Dr_Willistechtronic:  ssh in.. run screen...  not too complex. :)06:08
Dan48pubuntu, kubuntu & xubuntu06:08
izinucsDan48p: then sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop and use sessions on the login screen to switch06:09
FirefisheDan48p:  It's really all personal preference.  Myself, I even like to use FluxBox and fvwm when I'm feeling really minmalistic06:09
techtronicso scree is on the host machine?n06:09
izinucstechtronic: yes06:09
FirefisheDan48p:  If you want to be able to control practically every element of your gui, install enlightenment06:09
Dan48pwhat does that do?06:09
Dr_Willisyou could run screen locally... ssh to remote.. run screen there.. have scren in screen.. Ewww :)06:09
leaf-sheepjot down "sudo aptitude install gnome-desktop kubuntu-desktop xubuntu-desktop" to his to-do list06:10
Firefishe!enlightenment | Dan48p06:10
ubottuDan48p: Enlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.06:10
Dr_Willisleaf-sheep:  i had issues with mixxing all the desktops like that recently. :(06:10
izinucsDr_Willis: menu's can be a mess06:10
emmadoes anyone have any idea why the networkmanager applet in Ubuntu Intrepid would show no wireless connections at all, even though im obviously online?06:10
leaf-sheepDr_Willis: That was intended to be an action but I am being forgetful today. :(06:10
FirefisheDan48p:  The current version is also known as e16, although the 'enlightenment' package does install it. (corrections?)06:10
Dr_Willisizinucs:  the default file manager keep getting confused.. was the BIG issue06:10
emmathe networkmanager applet is just all greyed out06:10
sam_samhello can someone tell me how to retrieve data from a formatted HDD ??06:11
Dan48pthe main thing in ubuntu that i use a lot that i haven't figured out is the multi compiz with the multi-desktops with icons in the boxes06:11
Dan48pit seems as though i have 4 boxes with nothing in them and have to guess or remember whats there06:11
sam_samhello can someone tell me how to retrieve data from a formatted HDD ??06:11
Dr_Willissam_sam:  you accidently formated a data drive?06:12
Dan48pam i typing in the main thing or since your text is red should i be typing in a different place?06:12
SirStansam_sam: mount it; copy data from it as needed.06:12
leaf-sheeptechtronic: Yes -- Run screen on the hostmachine.  You'll have to learn how to use shortcut keys.06:12
Dr_Willissam_sam:  or is there some other issue?06:12
emmaDan48p,  if you look down at the lower panel you will see a place where it shows all your workspaces and an idea of what windows are open in them. You can switch workspaces there. It may be by the trash can.06:12
FirefisheDan48p:  My text isn't red...what irc client are you using?06:12
sam_sami had /,/home etc on my HDD and while installing new version of os06:12
* Dr_Willis dont see red06:13
FirefisheDan48p:  That's specific to that client...I'm using kvirc4...somewhat different.06:13
emmaFirefishe, your text is becoming red for him when you highlight him by saying his nick06:13
leaf-sheepDan48p: The text is red for you because that message is highlighted for you.06:13
Firefisheemma...thanks, that explains it06:13
sam_samand these overwrote the previous folders which had my data06:13
vG|qum^gm all06:13
Dan48pwhat do you mean specific to client?06:13
Firefishegm vG|qum^06:13
zvacetsam_sam : do you have separate home partition06:14
emmawould anyone happen to know why network manager applet in Ubuntu Intrepid is all greyed out for me?  It shows no wireless connections at all. But clearly I am online06:14
sam_sami had it06:14
leaf-sheepDan48p: Also, use nickname to specify who you're talking to.. Try typing "leaf" then press TAB key06:14
FirefisheDan48p:  'Client' means, essentially, 'program.'  As emma just pointed out, whenever I prefix my text line with your nickname, xchat recognizes it, and highlights my responses in read so you can easily see them.06:14
sam_samsorry guys i replyed late.. plz help me06:14
Dan48pleaf-sheep, like this?06:14
leaf-sheepDan48p: Yup.06:14
zvacetsam_sam : during installation you probably check it for formating06:14
Dan48pleaf-sheep, that shows up a different color to you06:14
emmaDan48p, we call the program that you use to get on irc a 'chat client'.   There are many IRC chat clients. One of them is Xchat, which is the one you are using. Each do the same basic stuff but they each have unique features also.06:14
leaf-sheepDan48p: Right.06:15
sam_samits already done .. i want the data back ,is there any way  :( ?06:15
Dan48pit's been about 10 years since i've been in a chat room... seems a lot more useful this time around06:15
FirefisheDan48p:  We've come a long way, baby! *blows smoke* ;) hee06:16
vG|qum^ubuntu on lenovo S10E is a good thing, better than xp 4 sure. xD06:16
zvacetsam_sam : somebody else will halp you and you can look at the forums06:16
Dreamglidercan i install ubuntu in an extended partition ?06:16
izinucsDan48p: at least this one is.. there are others too.. as well as the one's that are populated by "other" ventures.06:16
emmaDan48p, nahh... It just depends on what chat room (on IRC they are called channels, not chat rooms) you are in. This is a sort of 'serious' channel since it is strictly for support.06:16
zvacetDreamglider : yes06:16
Dan48pi just clicked on stuff until i ended up here06:16
FirefisheDan48p:  ubuntu-offtopic is for more informal chat06:16
Dan48pi see06:16
NFischerhow do i convert a .wav file into 8-Bit w/ soX?06:17
Dreamgliderzvacet, alright, thanks. i'm gonna try out 9.0406:17
NFischercant find the command anywhere06:17
Dr_Willisclick on stuff till it explodes.. :)06:17
zvacetDreamglider : good luck06:17
emmaDan48p, actually right now you are on the Freenode IRC network. Ubuntu is just one of thousands of open source projects that use Freenode to host their family of IRC channels.06:17
FirefisheDr_Willis:  Heh...sometimes, sometimes...<click> *kaboom!*06:17
Dreamgliderzvacet, thanks, ill need it...06:17
Dr_Willis sox  --bits BITS   (from the sox docs)06:18
emmaDan48p, there are thousands of other worthy channels on this IRC network that have nothing to do with Ubuntu. And some excellent Ubuntu related channels that are unoficial.06:18
Dr_Willis-1/-2/-3/-4/-8           Encoded sample size in bytes06:18
Dan48pso are the different versions of linux pretty much the same functionally?  i tried kubuntu mainly because we have the kde on the machines at school... i like the look a little better than ubuntu but i can't find stuff as quick now06:18
zvacetDreamglider : nothing to be afraid of in it simple procedure06:18
Dan48pi guess what i'm asking is if i use ubuntu or kubuntu will everything transfer between them correctly06:18
Dan48pi'm mainly using kate to program in c, then your standard internet and open office stuff06:19
Dr_WillisDan48p:    kubuntu is ubuntu + KDE.. ubuntu = GNOME06:19
Dreamgliderzvacet, true true, but since 7.10 i have had a very hard time getting x to work after install is done.06:19
Dr_WillisDan48p:  you can install whateer apps you like on both.,,06:19
zvacetDreamglider : didn´t know that06:19
emmaDan48p, ubuntu and kubuntu are very nearly the same exact thing 'under the hood'.  But they are different in that they use different desktop enviroments with a different suite of applications.06:19
Dr_WillisDan48p:  the 2 are just different desktops. the underlaying stuff is still the same.06:19
Dan48pso it's really all preference then?  is there anyway to get a theme or something for ubuntu that makes everything some other color than brown?06:20
Dr_WillisDan48p:  gnome is themable --- check your users settings06:20
leaf-sheepDan48p: You only should worry about your home directory (~) and nothing else.  That's where all your personal files and configuration usually are stored on.06:20
Dr_WillisDan48p:  you want a Hot Pink theme or somthing? :)06:21
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes06:21
Dan48pthat would work... maybe blue06:21
HoodmanIm in need of some help installing cups-pdf to use as a pdf print server, its a short term use, i need it to use a book that i purchaced....im new to ubuntu, but have it installed with the network working, but when i print a test page it tells me the service is idle06:21
Dr_WillisDan48p:  explore your system/settings menus :)06:22
* leaf-sheep yawns06:22
Dan48poh yea i forgot a real important question... i have a laptop in the mail that doesn't have a cd drive but i need to get it to dual boot both windows and linux are there any good tutorials you guys have around?06:22
leaf-sheep!dualboot | Dan48p06:23
ubottuDan48p: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:23
macoDan48p: usb-creator?06:23
Dr_WillisDan48p:  you can set up ubuntu on a bootable flash drive for netbooks :) it works quite well06:23
Dr_WillisDan48p:  then use the usb-flash to install ifyou want.06:23
Dan48pdoes that work for normal laptops too?06:23
Dr_WillisDan48p:  of course.06:23
Dr_Willisor desktops with no hard drive... :) or with hard drives...06:23
Dr_Willisor your Pent 4 Toaster Oven..06:24
emmaDr_Willis, I think that will be a difficult project for someone who's brand new to linux.06:24
leaf-sheepDan48p: Assuming Windows are already installed when it arrive in the mail, you could resize the partition to make room for Ubuntu and install away.06:24
Firefishetoaster oven?  my desktop is a p4..but toaster oven? ;) hee06:24
Dr_WillisDan48p:  or test out Uubntu along side windows with virtualbox.06:24
emmaAnother tall order06:24
FirefisheDr_Willis:  That's usually a safe way to do it.06:24
Dan48pi plan on using the ubuntu more often than windows on this computer... do you do 3 partitions or just 2?06:25
Dan48plike one for each os then one for data06:25
krishnaprasad_hi all i want to install firefox latest version in ubuntu06:25
Dr_WillisFirefishe:  http://www.boingboing.net/2004/06/28/toaster-oven-casemod.html06:25
krishnaprasad_please help06:25
rww!ff35 | krishnaprasad_06:25
ubottukrishnaprasad_: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY06:25
Dr_WillisDan48p:  i normally have (windows)(linux)(home)(swap)06:25
Dr_WillisMan FF3.5 is still a FAQ :) heh06:25
emmaDan48p, the easiest way is to let the Ubuntu installer take care of the partitions. However, some people do like to create the partitions manually so that you can have a separate /home partition. That makes future re-installs potentially smoother.06:25
FirefisheDr_Willis:  I just downloaded 3.5 from the site and store it in my home directory...easier to mess with that way.06:26
Dr_WillisFirefishe:  i find it easiest to just leave 3.5 alone... :)06:27
drygrainhi everyone06:27
LoCoBoi187whats the best partition type for linux06:27
Dan48pcan anyone see what i'm typing it quit showing up on my screen06:27
Dan48poh now it works06:27
LoCoBoi187ext4? ext2? fat32? fat16? jfs? etc...06:27
HoodmanIm in need of some help installing cups-pdf to use as a pdf print server, its a short term use, i need it to use a book that i purchaced....im new to ubuntu, but have it installed with the network working, but when i print a test page it tells me the service is idle06:27
rwwLoCoBoi187: ext3 would probably be a good choice06:27
Dan48pis the /home partition only for linux?06:27
krishnaprasad_i would like to use ubuntu in place of my windows OS for home purpose? So do i need install a antivirus to be installed?06:27
emmaDan48p, yeah06:28
rww!virus | krishnaprasad_06:28
ubottukrishnaprasad_: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2106:28
LoCoBoi187rww can i PM you?06:28
Dr_WillisDan48p:  yes.06:28
rwwLoCoBoi187: no06:28
Dan48pwhat size should all of these partitions be?06:28
LoCoBoi187but isnt ext4 better since its newer?06:28
FirefisheDr_Willis:  That, too.06:28
mralexandroi am creating a flightplan for my schoolwork. i have to  calculate fuel remaing in HH:MM not in etc 9.46 min, is there a easy formula for converting it into that, sorry for my bad math:)06:28
Dr_WillisLoCoBoi187:  use ext4 if you want.06:28
drygraini just got a new acer netbook with intel atom 1gb ram and a 160gb hdd and installed Ubuntu 9.04 on it, with no windows partition06:28
rwwmralexandro: try #ubuntu-offtopic06:28
LoCoBoi187i mean whats the huge difference here06:28
drygrainim doing the peanut butter jelly dance06:28
rwwLoCoBoi187: possibly, but it's not default in Jaunty because some felt it wasn't ready. Personally, I use it and it works fine.06:29
Dr_WillisLoCoBoi187:  ext4 is faster06:29
robert__i got webcam problems can someone help me?06:29
mralexandrorww, isnt there perhaps a more suitable room? any sugestion:p06:29
LoCoBoi187and when i format06:29
emmathe /home partition is where most of the personal settings and all of your data ends up. So if you have a separate /home partition you can re-install but not format /home, and you have all your 'stuff' after the new installation.06:29
LoCoBoi187do i leave Mount point: blank?06:29
LoCoBoi187cuase u can put /, /boot, etc06:29
buckyLoCoBoi187: isn't necessarily better because the utilities for it arent' as mature and grub2 might have an issue with it when you upgrade to karmic06:29
LoCoBoi187im dual boting with 706:29
Dan48pemma, oh ok06:29
robert__my webcam seems to work for gyachi and kopete but none of my friends can connect to a sent/request view06:29
robert__or they say it says webcam not available06:30
Firefishemralexandro:  I'm a flight student (inactive, but still am working on my Private):  Perhaps I can assist?:06:30
robert__enen though the light is on and i see it on myself06:30
christa40Voer tekst hier in...morgen06:30
LoCoBoi187what do i put on Mount point: ?06:30
emmaDan48p, it's kind of like the user\documents and settings folder on windows (I think)06:30
christa40hi all06:30
Dan48pemma, so that should be the largest partition?06:30
robert__enen though the light is on and i see it on myself06:30
mralexandroFirefishe, yeah sure, but this has nothing to do with the aviation itself:)06:30
emmaDan48p, yes.06:30
robert__are these just bugs that will be fixed in karmic or what?06:31
Dan48pemma, what is the swap partition then?  would 10gb each for windows and linux be about the right size?06:31
marcoI have a question... I have problems with my sound, how can I fix it???06:31
zvacetLoCoBoi187 :   for root  /   for home  /home06:31
emmaDan48p, typically you have a partition for windows and then you give your root partition like 12 GB or so, and then make maybe 2 GB for /swap and the rest for /home06:31
LoCoBoi187zvacet: can i leave it blank like it orgiganlly is?06:31
Segueranyone available to help with sound and ALSA? http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=6373084b29a6908e9b608b3038a8ecb778301e2006:32
LoCoBoi187im very new to this06:32
emmaDan48p, how much you give to linux and how much you give to windows depends on your preference and how big your hard drive is.06:32
debio264is there an Ubuntu-based distribution made specifically to replace Windows Server/Active Directory deployments, or should I just install Ubuntu Server and set up OpenLDAP and Keberos manually?06:32
marcoany help???06:32
Dan48pemma, can you not access data like word docs from both?06:32
debio264and/or is there a simpler way to set up clients in such a setup?06:32
christa40a little confusing this new system06:32
robert__can someone help me with my webcam?06:32
buckyLoCoBoi187, you need at least the top level directory called /06:32
zvacetLoCoBoi187 : you must create partitions so you have to tell witch ones and sizes06:32
LoCoBoi187alright got it bucky06:33
emmaDan48p, these days you can pretty well access any of your windows files while you are in linux. But you may not be able to access all your linux files while in windows.06:33
barrytmarco have you checked /system /preferences/sound06:33
barrytmarco did you get any sound06:34
Dan48pemma, ok thanks for the help... any reading material on this sort of thing around here?06:34
sasallihello. does ati support Ubuntu 9.04?06:34
emmaIm not really sure what sort of thing you have in mind in this case.06:34
zvacetDan48p : you can access Ubunt ufrom windows if you install   http://www.fs-driver.org/06:34
leaf-sheepDan48p: Google "Ubuntu Pocket Guide"  It's in PDF form and is free.06:34
Abdullah9i need help pls , any 1 ?06:35
mostafa_does anyone know sth about PartedMagic?06:35
Abdullah9any 1?06:35
Dan48pthanks for all the help guys, i'm gonna click around some more and see where i end up06:36
rww!ask | Abdullah906:36
ubottuAbdullah9: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:36
Segueranyone know why under ALSA Version in the scripts output, there would be nothing next to Driver Version?06:37
Abdullah9i need help with rt2870 wifi card06:37
barrytmarco did you check your volume control06:37
Abdullah9it's not working06:37
mostafa_no one know about parted image?06:37
emmaDan48p, you can also find other channels on Freenode by typing /msg alis list #*-ubuntu06:38
Abdullah9SO ?06:38
Abdullah9i needt help with my rt2870 , any one pls , the system don't reqonuiz it06:40
nnullguys im trying to forward a usb wireless device to XP from a linux host, any pointers? ive tried adding it as a filter, and then selecting USB > device but they are all greyed out once booted.06:40
Seguercan anyone help me get my onboard sound recognised? lspci lists it, but ALSA says no supported sound cards06:40
sam_samhello can someone tell me how to retrieve data from a formatted HDD ??06:41
DylanJAnyone know the _command_ for the login screen manager?06:42
sam_samcan some one tell me what room should ilook for retrieving data frm a formatted HDD ?06:42
Dr_Willisgksu /usr/sbin/gdmsetup06:43
Dr_WillisDylanJ:  i drag/drop the icon to the desktop and see what its launching. :)06:43
Ben64was freenode down yesterday? couldn't connect06:43
sam_samhello can someone tell me how to retrieve data from a formatted HDD ??06:43
emmasam_sam, #st-jude06:43
rww!recover | sam_sam06:43
ubottusam_sam: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel06:43
Ben64sam_sam: depends on format method06:43
Dr_Willissam_sam:  if its really imporntant data. you may need to use a specialzed comercial data recovery service.06:43
sam_samTY all io will try them..06:43
emmaBen64, no it was not down.06:44
Abdullah9any one pls , i need help , i am stock with my wifi card06:44
emmawould anyone happen to know why network manager in ubuntu intrepid does not work or how to make it work? For me it is just all greyed out06:45
emmaIm talking about the network manager applet06:45
DylanJDr_Willis: I can't do that since it's not in my gnome-panel. I've got a terribly small system and i'm looking to install just that package.06:45
zvacetemma : did you upgrade from hardy06:46
marcoI've cheched everything, and I have no sound at all06:46
Ben64emma: you try wicd?06:46
Ben64lots of people say it's a lot better06:46
Hoodman2i need help with cups-pdf, i cant get it to not show as idle06:47
Hoodman2Can someone please help me install this printer06:50
Abdullah9look , i have a wifi adapter that use rt2870 driver , but when i plug it in the USB port , nothing happend06:51
=== abms1116 is now known as abms11116_
marcoI need help here06:53
ghaithHi, i'm trying to set up Dual monitor on my Thinkpad z60m, it has an ATI X300 64MB, which is supported by the open source driver, mirroring is working, however if i want to extend my desktop, the second screen just shuts down, i tried guis for xrandr and the utility provided by ubuntu, any ideas?06:53
Xerranmarco: and how would you be paying today Sir?06:54
Xerranmarco: j/k ... whats up?06:54
marcoghait instal multiple screens....06:54
ghaithmarco: ? an app you mean?06:55
Xerranmarco: do not know that one, maybe someone else knows06:55
jrwrRunning 9.04 - I'm having Audio issues, when i try and make my USB Headset (HS-1200) i can select it in the Sound Preferences, but i get this error when i go to test it audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback06:55
raji have a question .. frostwire 4.17 somehow got deleted using computer janitor in mint. and when i looked for it in package manager it was no ther. i searched everywhere and couldnt find it so i installed the .deb from frostwire.com . but now when i go to my home directory i can see two frostwire folders one for 4.17 and one for 4.18 how can i get rid of the 4.17 ( the one that got deleted by janitor accidentaly) they are under the hidd06:55
raj<raj> en files06:55
marcoyes it's an app06:56
vG|qum^I got lenovo s10E, 1 gb ram - when i try to watch some thing on youtube, i can hear a sound but not a "picturE"06:56
vG|qum^what shoud i do?06:56
Vossvg, are you sure your flash is up to date06:56
vG|qum^no i'm not06:57
vG|qum^how do i chekc it06:57
renyefapt-get install flash06:57
psycho_oreosno you need a plugin that can handle swf06:57
psycho_oreoserr flv, fla06:57
raj i have a question .. frostwire 4.17 somehow got deleted using computer janitor in mint. and when i looked for it in package manager it was no ther. i searched everywhere and couldnt find it so i installed the .deb from frostwire.com . but now when i go to my home directory i can see two frostwire folders one for 4.17 and one for 4.18 how can i get rid of the 4.17 ( the one that got deleted by janitor accidentaly) they are under the hidd06:57
vG|qum^mm, i didnt notice that i'm a newbie with ubuntu06:57
Vossvg, which flash plug in are you using?06:58
legend2440raj: just delete it06:58
ghaithmarco: what's the app called then? sorry didn't quite get it06:58
marcomultiple screens...06:58
vG|qum^so again???..06:58
vG|qum^ty renyef - i'll check it now06:58
Vossvg, u can just go to adobe.com and get the flash plug in06:59
vG|qum^Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)06:59
vG|qum^Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?07:00
lstarnesvG|qum^: put sudo before the command07:00
psycho_oreossudo aptitude install07:00
=== abms11116_ is now known as abms1116
renyefvG|qum^: or try apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree07:00
marcoI need help with my sound...07:01
rajledgend thank you07:02
vG|qum^Flash Plugin installed07:02
vG|qum^let's check youtube07:02
vG|qum^if it's working :)07:02
vG|qum^sam eproblem07:03
vG|qum^i have sound07:04
vG|qum^but no pic07:04
vG|qum^it's like slow streaming07:04
vG|qum^but i have a good connection07:04
vG|qum^so what can it be?07:04
DigitalKiwiis this firefox?07:05
DigitalKiwiyou restarted firefox after installing the new flashplugin?07:05
vG|qum^it was closed07:05
vG|qum^i opened a new 107:05
marcotry with opera...07:05
miguelonnnnhey please one question07:05
Seguerhow do i install ALSA? /proc/asound/version doesn't exist (neither does /proc, /proc/asound, etc)07:06
miguelonnnnwhat does  $ : (){ : |: &}; mean? i know it isn't good, i run it once and got my computers crashed07:06
vG|qum^a solution to my problem - try opera? :)07:06
miguelonnnnbut what does it actually mean?07:06
optimuswhat is the plug in in pidgin that notifies when there is new message from buddy07:06
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=== kdnewton__ is now known as kdnewton
MFeni have this problem with my keyboard .. i use mousekeys to enable one of my keyboard keys as middle click. problem is the stupid setting gets turned turned off when i plug in and then unplug an external keyboard. *so* i figured out how to fix this with gconftool-2, which is great07:13
renyefvG|qum^: did u get it working07:13
MFenthen, because this always happens before i suspend my computer for the night, i figured out that i can put a script into /etc/pm/sleep.d, and that script runs whenever i suspend or resume. great so far!07:13
MFenso, here's the bitch of it: those scripts run as root. i need gconftool-2 to run in the context of my gnome session. anyone know how to do that?07:14
DigitalKiwisu -c ?07:15
MFenDigitalKiwi: to me?07:15
DigitalKiwican run it as your user instead of root07:15
MFenDigitalKiwi: i can try that but i kinda think that won't work either. since that would run as me, but not in my gnome session07:15
unopMFen, i guess what you will need to do is run a daemon as the user in your gnome session and use IPC to communicate with it to run your intended command.07:16
unopMFen, the folk in #bash should get you started -07:16
MFenunop: that makes sense, and i suppose i could write one myself, but ugh. surely there's something already available?07:16
DigitalKiwiwhat is gconftool?07:17
unopMFen, I'm not aware of such a thing (maybe it's my limited knowledge) -- but no, it's not very complex at all -- all you need really is a couple of named pipes, that's it really.07:17
UbiedoodieBack again ... still having wireless issues... now updated to Ubuntu 9.04... Kernel 2.6.29... Not getting connectivity... I c wireless on iwconfig now but doesn't say anything about atheros chipset which is what I have07:17
vG|qum^nyef - nope07:17
vG|qum^still same thing07:17
vG|qum^some1 told me to install opera07:17
vG|qum^should i ?07:18
marcoI have issues withe audio... th07:18
unopDigitalKiwi, it's the command-line interface to manipulating the gconf 'registry'07:18
renyefvG|qum^: grab the .deb file from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/07:18
marcoTry with opera 9.96 or something like that....07:18
vG|qum^what do u mean by grab? :)07:18
renyefvG|qum^: use wget or download it to a directory on ubuntu07:19
DigitalKiwiget, obtain, download07:19
MFeni'll ask in #gnome first07:19
ubuntuwhere you come from ,all07:19
marcoFrom Costa Rica07:19
DigitalKiwiI come from nowhwere, I have always been07:20
renyefvG|qum^: to install i think you can double click the file or run gdebi /path/to/file or dpkg -i /path/to/file07:20
vG|qum^why should i grab if it was installed succesfully ( in terminal )07:21
renyefwho knows if you installed the right thing?07:21
vG|qum^i see07:21
mbnoimisystemsettings shows me empty windows, how I can fix it?07:21
ubuntumarco:nice to meet you.07:22
vG|qum^hmm,i grabbed it.. how do i run it??07:22
renyefvG|qum^: to install i think you can double click the file or run gdebi /path/to/file or dpkg -i /path/to/file07:22
marconice meeting you too "ubuntu"07:22
renyefvG|qum^: place sudo in front if you your not the root user07:23
syntaxwhats the best mp3 player on ubuntu linix07:23
ubuntudo you know about wine?07:23
ubuntudo you know about wine?,macro07:23
drygraini just installed Amarok07:24
drygrainits a nice mp3 player07:24
Andorinfceu (the NES emulator in repos) sometimes completely freezes during gameplay and I have to open the System Monitor to close it, because the window won't otherwise not close. Any idea what's causing it?07:25
marconot much... I'm sorry ubuntu.... but I still need help with my sound...07:26
mbnoimisystemsettings shows me empty window, how I can fix it?07:26
xsebsxanyone here uses xfce? there aint nobody talkin at xubuntu07:27
satishbhagati want to install amarok 1.49 or the latest kde3 amarok please help me07:27
xsebsxive got myself a problem with rebooting and suddenly my panels are gone07:28
xsebsxif i go to the settings and then try to click on panel07:28
xsebsxnothign happens07:28
LucidGuyDoes anyone know how often ubuntu deploys new kernels?07:30
satishbhagatbut how to install older version of amarok07:30
aj_444I have a friend who's wanting to try out ubuntu. She doesn't have a dvd burner or a flash drive. She does, however, have 4gb sd card and an sd card reader. Could she put ubuntu on that, run it as a live image, and install if she wanted?07:31
aj_444LucidGuy: Every six months. Karmic Koala comes out oct. 29th.. i think.07:31
cuddlefishAlright: Asus K8N after a BIOS update, is suddenly getting Black Screens of Death after starting X11. Both on known-good installs and on Karmic.07:32
LucidGuyaj_444,  but thats 9.10.  Don't they put out updated kernel version earlier ..  for like Jaunty?07:32
drygrainaj_444, , no USB?07:32
ubuntuyes, she can install to 4gb07:33
drygrainthen yes07:33
drygraini just did the same this morning07:33
kdnewtonLucidGuy, indeed. He must have mistaken "kernel" for "next OS version number"07:33
aj_444LucidGuy: you mean like running the update manager?07:33
drygrainah i forget what app i used to make the usb stick bootable from the .iso file07:33
aj_444drygrain: unetbootin works. would that work with an sd?07:34
kdnewtonSeems that there is a kernel update once every month or so07:34
cuddlefishAsus K8N after bios update getting black screens after starting X1107:34
drygraini think so07:34
LucidGuyaj_444,  yahh I think i have already got 2 kernel updates since I installed Jaunty.07:34
drygrainif you know what drive it is07:34
drygrainassuming your doing that on windows07:34
hmmwhatanyone know of 3com cards not working ubuntu server?07:34
mbnoimihow I can make styles of KDE's apps just like Gnome/GTK?07:34
aj_444LucidGuy: Just run that every so often. Its under system; administration; update manager07:35
LucidGuyI find it a less stable then Intrepid which is sad . .hopefully and updated kernel will save me.  Or maybe I should never have done an upgrade.. should have blown away and installed fresh.07:35
cuddlefishPlease, somebody help me.07:35
LucidGuyaj_444,  I apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade all the time ... dying for the next kernel update07:35
aj_444LucidGuy: I'm stuck running the alpha 4 of karmic. Jaunty doesn't support my ethernet or wirelss.07:36
LucidGuyaj_444,  did Intrepid?07:36
LucidGuyaj_444,  or hardy heron?07:36
cuddlefishhelp me plz07:36
aj_444LucidGuy: Nope.07:36
hmmwhatur having the same prob too aj?07:36
aj_444hmmwhat: whats your problem?07:37
LucidGuyaj_444,  what system are you on?07:37
aj_444LucidGuy: I'm on the Asus Eee PC 1005ha. Its a netbook.07:37
LucidGuyaj_444,  wow and Jaunty had issues ehh, thats sad.  How do you like hte Eee PC?  thats a 10.1 right.07:38
LucidGuyaj_444,  that netbook got nice reviews.  I would love to get my hands on a Dell Mini.07:38
BerzerkerI had UNR on my EeePC 1000HE07:38
Berzerkerdidn't get as good battery life as on windows 7.07:38
Berzerkerhowever, I wouldn't run any other OS on my HP Mini07:38
aj_444LucidGuy: Yup. It is. I checked out the dell too. The Asus's price was right. and at the time, I wanted XP.07:39
LucidGuyaj_444, Dell minis can come loaded with Ubuntu.07:39
LucidGuyaj_444,  XP .. how dare you!07:39
hmmwhatubuntu server wont recgnize my net card07:39
aj_444LucidGuy: xD. I'm stuck dual booting until Karmic is fully released.07:39
satishbhagat how to install older version of amarok07:39
aj_444hmmwhat: You're best bet is to run the alpha.07:40
LucidGuyaj_444,  wow it feels like Jaunty just came out.07:40
hmmwhataj, sorry how do i just mesg you?07:40
LucidGuyohh boy.07:40
mewayi need someones help07:40
aj_444LucidGuy: its been like four months? Give or take.07:40
mewayi need a complete ubu nerd07:40
aj_444LucidGuy: two more until I can get rid of XP.07:41
LucidGuyI assumed they kept their latest releases out for a year . .since thats how long they support them.07:41
mewayeveryone stoped talking07:41
satishbhagatplz help me how to install older version of amarok in ubuntu07:41
aj_444meway: it would help, if you learned to type.07:41
hmmwhatwell im using a 32 bit version07:41
vG|qum^renyef - r u herE?07:41
mewayaj_444 sorry about that im half awake07:41
vG|qum^how do i run .deb in terminal?07:41
satishbhagatplz help me how to install older version of amarok in ubuntu07:41
LucidGuyohh boy.07:41
LucidGuyand I thought I was a newbie.07:41
vG|qum^yea yeah07:42
renyefvG|qum^: dpkg -i file.deb07:42
mewayim not i total nubie07:42
aj_444meway: I think, you'll get better luck later today.07:42
histoneed big help. I ran a script trying to move a bunch of files in a directory to another. It hosed the files moving them all to /home/blah/\r which wrote them all to a file ? Is there any way to recover the files07:42
satishbhagatplz help me how to install older version of amarok in ubuntu07:42
aj_444I'm a complete ubuntu newbie. xD I had to be explained how to install flash.07:42
mewayaj_444 maybe idk07:42
histoI'm completely screwed need to recover about 3gigs of files07:42
LucidGuyI Never even knew this freenode IRC server even existed til recently .. I used to sit on ubuntu channels on efenet etc.07:42
krishanI was using excel on window, what is the substitute for ctrl+D in ubontu open office07:43
=== Richie is now known as YDdraigGoch
mewayok who here knows anything about windows and remote access????????????????????????????????????<------07:43
MFenunop: thanks, i decided to do it myself. very simple.07:43
echelonhow do i run .deb in terminal?07:43
mewayremote accesss windows ubuntu07:44
LucidGuymeway,  .. give nomachine products a try.07:44
Andorinfceu (the NES emulator in repos) sometimes completely freezes during gameplay and I have to open the System Monitor to close it, because the window won't otherwise not close. Any idea what's causing it?07:44
mewaylucidGuy is this a program?07:44
aj_444meway: you mean like this http://www.howtoforge.com/configure-remote-access-to-your-ubuntu-desktop07:44
eXapidmeway>Applications>Internet>Terminal Server Client  ( If not get the package)07:44
histoanyone good with file recovery?07:45
LucidGuymeway,  Yes it is.  the remote software client is called NX.07:45
histoI'm hard up for help with this one.07:45
satishbhagatplz help me how to install older version of amarok in ubuntu07:45
satishbhagatanyone here?07:45
LucidGuysatishbhagat,  fuck off with the repeat question.07:45
FlannelLucidGuy: Please mind your language, and don't be rude.07:46
LucidGuydid a bot just tell me to not be rude? .. or a real human?07:46
sam_samLANGUAGE !!!!07:46
satishbhagatfuck off with not answering my question07:46
ParsleyQuestion!  I am installing Ubuntu on a laptop w/o CD,USB, or floppy via putting the LiveCD and Super Grub on one partition (hd0,2), a swap partition (hd0,1), and an intended install partition (hd0,0).  I did that, Super Grub booted LiveCD, install going fine up until I get this: Installer needs to commit changes to partition tables but cant due to "/cdrom" cant be unmounted"....help??07:46
WIGGMPkLucidGuy: a real human, and I second that..07:46
aj_444Stop with the swearing people. xD Family forum.07:46
echelonxd i was all i said]07:46
AndorinI third it.07:46
iorguHi Everybody !07:46
LucidGuyalright .. Ill watch myself.07:46
LucidGuybut that guy was driving me crazy.07:46
vG|qum^reneyf dependency problems - leaving unconfigured07:46
vG|qum^Errors were encountered while processing:07:47
AndorinAsking a repeat question isn't against the rules in here.07:47
FlannelLucidGuy: There are better ways to handle the situation.07:47
jhattarais there any way to circumvent conflicting dependencies, except uninstalling programs ?07:47
FlannelAndorin: You shouldn't be repeating it a few times a minute though07:47
aj_444satishbhagat: perhaps you'd find what you're looking for at http://www.ubuntuforums.org Ask there.07:47
AndorinFlannel: True enough.07:47
quantumis there a shorewall channel?07:47
Flannelquantum: #shorewall07:48
LucidGuyAndorin,  does your name have anything to do with StarTrek?07:48
satishbhagatplz help me how to install older version of amarok in ubuntu i want amarok 1.4.907:48
AndorinLucidGuy: Nope.07:48
=== j is now known as Guest97760
mbnoimihelp....how I can make styles of KDE's apps just like Gnome/GTK?07:48
quibblersatishbhagat-> have a look here: http://ubuntumanual.org/posts/232/get-amarok-1-4-back-in-ubuntu-jaunty-9-0407:48
renyefvG|qum^: what dependency does it say ur missing07:48
aj_444satishbhagat: check out http://www.ubuntuforums.org <--- ask there07:48
LucidGuymy mistake typo ..  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andorian07:48
ParsleyCan anyone help with installing Ubuntu from one partition to another on the same HDD?07:49
aj_444satishhbhagat: it make take awhile for someone to answer there, but I don't think anybody knows how to here.07:49
renyefParsley: use the dd command?07:50
Parsleyive never used the dd07:50
quantumyeah, no1 there07:50
celthundersatishbhagat, uh does the amarok site have the old versions?07:50
vG|qum^renyef - leaving unconfigured07:51
satishbhagati wanted that from repos07:51
vG|qum^dependency problems - leaving unconfigured07:51
=== Guest97760 is now known as Yo
satishbhagatother versions tend to be incompatible07:51
renyefParsley: you want to copy your install from one partition to the other correct?07:51
renyefvG|qum^: which dependy does it say its missing above that line07:51
renyefvG|qum^: dependency*07:52
Parsleyrenyef: no, i placed a liveCD on one partition, but I want to install Ubuntu fully on another07:52
vG|qum^dpkg: error processing adobe-flashplugin (--install):07:52
Jooder492i am currently running ubuntu on vertualbox.  i was wondering if there was a way to make ubuntu run at 1024x768 screen resilution so that i can go fullscreen07:52
aj_444Parsley: what do you mean you've placed the LiveCD in one?07:52
renyefvG|qum^: if you use gdebi package.deb it will install th e dependency with it07:52
Parsleyaj_444: I extracted the LiveCD contents as well as SuperGrub to one partition via Unetbootin07:53
LucidGuyDid some research the other day and found it odd nobody has tried to create a Mac OSX emulator, like for example WINE for windows.07:53
Parsleyaj_444: and it boots07:53
vG|qum^didn't get it m807:53
aj_444Parsley: So you installed it?07:53
renyefParsley: run the install and pick your install location07:53
LucidGuyI soooooo wish I could get adobe products on my linux system working properly.. this is the only main reason why I dual boot.  What does everyone else do?07:53
Parsleyrenyef: i did that, but it aborts installation because i get the error:  Installer needs to commit changes to partition tables but cant due to "/cdrom" cant be unmounted"07:53
renyefvG|qum^: can you post me the full error using a pastebin07:54
Jooder492i am currently running ubuntu on vertualbox.  i was wondering if there was a way to make ubuntu run at 1024x768 screen resolution so that i can go fullscreen07:54
renyefParsley: umount /cdrom07:54
aj_444LucidGuy: Like photoshop? Thats the one reason I still have vista on my desktop. <_< adobe needs to get with it.07:54
Jooder492that dosent work.  it stays at the 800x700 with confrol f07:54
syntaxwhy when a play a song it says streaming in rhythmbox,totem player07:54
WIGGMPkLucidGuy: not really a need for it.. most software is primarily made for Windows platforms and eventually ported to Mac by the manufacturer. usually Mac made software releases Windows ports around the same time.. as far as what I have seen07:54
Parsleyrenyef: it doesn't have a cdrom, i think it's talking about unmounting the liveCD partition itself :(07:54
WIGGMPkLucidGuy: have you tried just adopting the Open Source equivalents? like GIMP? they even have a Photoshop like07:55
WIGGMPkLucidGuy: err hit the enter key... Photoshop like skin pack07:55
aj_444WIGGMPk: GIMP isn't nearly as good as Photoshop07:55
LucidGuyaj_444,   I can get away with using photoshop in my XP virtualbox .. but video editing like Premier etc just wont cut it in VirtualBox.07:56
LucidGuyWIGGMPk,  Yes I use GIMP all the time now for simple things, but its noo photoshop.07:56
DigitalKiwiJooder492: install the guest additions07:56
LucidGuyVideo editing Ive tried a bunch ... cinelerra seems the best so far, but now Im running into compliling me work issues.07:57
WIGGMPkLucidGuy: aj_444: I agree it doesnt have all of the features.. but the more people to adopt and use it.. the faster development can pick up..07:57
iorguI have a hp Pavilion dv5 laptop, with an ATi mobility radeon 512Mb video card. I think that the processor is in use more than the video card it self. The windows are breaking into parts while moving them. And if I choose to have extra effects on desktop, than for example, the films I play are blinking while they are played. What explains this? What is the rezolution for this? How could I make my Ubuntu to say: "Please, use my video card."?07:57
iorguThank you !07:57
jhattaraWIGGMPk, GIMP is missing lots of features Photoshop has, and it still cannot understand the CMYK color coded PSD files at all07:57
Parsleyrenyef: when i do sudo umount /cdrom it says "/cdrom is busy" (again, this computer does not have a CDROM07:57
vG|qum^renyef - did u saw my pm?07:57
DigitalKiwicinepaint > gimp07:57
renyefvG|qum^: ya sec07:57
renyefParsley: so you created a boot usb using unetbootin?07:57
aj_444WIGGMPk: Agreed. Its too difficult to learn though. I tried both, photoshop and GIMP on the same day, Adobe just makes it easier to find what you need.07:58
WIGGMPkjhattara: now you lost me.. I am not a designer lol..07:58
Parsleyrenyef: correct, because it cannot boot from anything except HDD07:58
aj_444LucidGuy: Yep. Thats sadly why we have windows.07:58
WIGGMPkaj_444: well, the difference between a commercially developed app and a free one is relevant in this situation than.07:58
LucidGuyYou would think that a MAC OSX emulator would be pretty easy since OSX is bsd unix based.  Then we could use the mac versions of Adobe products .. and maybe even Final Cut Pro... weee07:59
LucidGuyand WINE I think is pretty crap.07:59
aj_444WIGGPk: I'm all for open source, but GIMP isn't the way to go for photo editing.07:59
renyefParsley: go into your bios and set boot from usb07:59
WIGGMPkaj_444: LucidGuy: how does a VM hold up when doing Photoshop projects? Memory? Processing Power? is the lack of 3D acceleration important? (again, not a designer lol)07:59
jhattaraWIGGMPk, meant that GIMP only understands RGB computer graphics palette, while PS by default saves everything in CMYK printing palette07:59
Parsleyrenyef: already tried that, it doesnt support that08:00
LucidGuyI dont want to find an alternative to Adobe products because MAC supports them.08:00
aj_444WIGGMPk: I run vista on my desktop, so I run adobe products there.08:00
jhattaraPhotoshop is one of the three reasons I still have XP on my laptop08:00
renyefParsley: your bios wont allow you to c hange boot priority usb first?08:01
aj_444jhattara: same with me and vista. its a love/hate relationship08:01
LucidGuyWIGGMPk,   I use photoshop for minor photo editing .. like sharpening colour level adjustments and more advanced stuff .and my virtual box runs just fine...   a little slow compared to native.08:01
Parsleyrenyef: what do i edit so it stops thinking of (hd0,2) as "/cdrom"?  "/" is going on a seperate partition, they should not interfere08:01
WIGGMPkjhattara: oh I get what you were talking about.. but to me, I dont see the difference... however, someone like you do.. I am just not a picture guy in general08:01
Parsleyrenyef: it does but it cannot boot from a usb storage device such as external HDD or flash drive08:01
jhattarathe other two is the lack of proper GUI for DVD authoring, and the (another Adobe thingy) lack of perfect Flash support08:02
LucidGuyalright .. its 3am here in Toronto .. I think I should get some sleep.08:02
aj_444Parsley: Burn to a CD then.08:02
aj_444LucidGuy: Its two here. I probably should head to bed too.08:02
Parsleyaj_444: i dont have an external CD drive08:02
wrsgyesterday i did an update and got the new.15 kernel, but i was in a rush and skipped the debconf update where i think it adds it to the boot list08:02
LucidGuyjhattara,  .. there is SOOOO much that the linux world is missing out on.  Its tobad08:02
wrsgis there any way to get it back08:02
aj_444Parsley: You can order one for like $5.08:03
iorguI have a hp Pavilion dv5 laptop, with an ATi mobility radeon 512Mb video card. I think that the processor is in use more than the video card it self. The windows are breaking into parts while moving them. And if I choose to have extra effects on desktop the films I play are blinking while they are played. What explains this? What do I have to do? How could I say: "Plz, be so kind and use my video card, dear Ubuntu"?  Thank you in advance!08:03
jhattaraWIGGMPk, it's not about preferences, it's just that as Photoshop is kind of an industry standard you eventually run into files you need to edit that GIMP cannot open08:03
aj_444Parsley: What kind of computer do you have?08:03
UbiedoodieCan anyone help with wireless on my laptop?08:03
Parsleyaj_444: toshiba m200 portege, a real beast to reinstall08:03
carloncho25·.¸¸.·´¯`> alguien de chile08:03
Parsleyaj_444: this model only boots for very particular and expensive cdroms08:04
LucidGuyCallum_,  nobody is from chile.08:04
iorguTudna valaki segíteni nékem?08:04
WIGGMPkjhattara: industry standards are a pain in the arse most of the time.. I see what your saying though..08:04
Flannel!es | carloncho2508:04
ubottucarloncho25: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:04
aj_444Parsley: you have a picky cd drive? Thats a new one. xD08:04
LucidGuyops that was for carloncho25  . sorry Callum.08:04
ms9477Running into problems with large downloads, getting errors indicating that my drive is full (No space on device), though the Ubuntu part has 97GB remaining...anything I try to write fails, no matter where in the fs08:04
carloncho25·.¸¸.·´¯`> thanks08:04
aj_444Parsley: Were you able to get ubuntu running as a live image?08:04
Callum_Heh, what the hell is happening in here08:04
LucidGuyis ubottu a bot?08:04
=== John_Cutless is now known as Quincas_Borba
aj_444LucidGuy: yeah08:04
Flannelubottu: Tell LucidGuy about yourself08:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:05
Parsleyaj_444: when placed on (hd0,2) yes it runs just fine08:05
Callum_Yesterday ANOTHER Callum is in here, and today people are still mistaking me for someone else08:05
iorguCould someone help me with my video card?08:05
LucidGuybecause that was a fast spanish response08:05
LucidGuyubottu,   HI08:05
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:05
aj_444Parsley: Do you not want to install there?08:05
wrsgsomeone please tell me how to get ubuntu to recognise the new kernel in the boot menu?08:05
aj_444ubottu: what up?08:05
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:05
celthunderiorgu, whats your video card doing08:05
Parsleyaj_444: but when installing onto (hd0,0), it seems to think (hd0,2) is /cdrom, thus interfering with assigning the mounting point /08:05
Flannelwrsg: How did you install the new kernel?08:05
wrsgupdate manager08:06
=== Yo is now known as polloX
Flannelwrsg: It should do it automatically.  If for some reason it didn't, do `sudo update-grub`08:06
iorgucelthunder: I have a hp Pavilion dv5 laptop, with an ATi mobility radeon 512Mb video card. I think that the processor is in use more than the video card it self. The windows are breaking into parts while moving them. And if I choose to have extra effects on desktop, than for example, the films I play are blinking while they are played.08:06
WIGGMPkLucidGuy: you can also do certain things to get some points across. *hint hint, nudge nudge* like so08:06
wrsgbut didnt choose the debconf option stupidly, i was in a rush08:06
wrsgok thanks08:06
aj_444Parsley: :S I'm not really an expert on this. I'd suggest coming back during the day. Thats where I've found there are more people to help.08:06
Parsleyaj_444: summary: liveCD on partition A, want to actually install full OS on partition B, refuses to do so08:06
LucidGuyheh .. good stuff08:06
LucidGuyalright .. im out of here.  later folks!08:06
jhattarai've used firefox-3.0 and daily firefox-3.5 builds together for some time now, but recently the firefox-3.5-branding package refused to update, and now the whole package manager seems to be stuck, can't upgrade or install anything08:06
syntaxwhy when a play a song it says streaming in rhythmbox,totem player nor i cant fast foward tracks or rewind..any help08:06
aj_444And with that, I'm off to bed. Nice talking with yall.08:06
LucidGuyaj_444, lates!08:07
celthunderiorgu, drivers you are using?  Also do you have compiz crap turned on?08:07
aj_444LucidGuy: Yup. I have to get up at 8.. like six hours.08:07
LucidGuyaj_444,  that I do not have to do ... weee08:07
aj_444LucidGuy: ha. lucky you. sleep well. bye.08:07
iorgucelthunder: i'm not sure, i just think that i use drivers. How do i find out?08:09
wrsgFlannel: that didnt seem to work, i did update-grub, but the boot menus the same as before08:09
Flannelwrsg: did you get any error messages?08:09
polloXhelp my wireless  no workin in mode monitor08:09
wrsgthe update seemed to go ok08:10
=== Phil_Ewert|aw is now known as Phil_Ewert
Flannelwrsg: Alright, please pastebin the output of of the update, as well as the output of ls -la /boot/08:10
polloXsudo iwconfig eth1 mode monitor Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :SET failed on device eth1 ; Invalid argument.08:10
jhattaracan someone tell me how to fix a broken package manager ?08:10
=== lutoma is now known as lutoma_
ms9477Running into problems with large downloads, getting errors indicating that my drive is full (No space on device), though the Ubuntu part has 97GB remaining...anything I try to write fails, no matter where things are being written...any ideas?08:11
xsebsxhelp, nobody's helping me out at the xubuntu channel, i rebooted the computer and suddenly xfce-panel was gone, i tried to fix it and instead the system started acting weird, i added the xfce-panel to the startup apps and tried to log out and login on kde and what happened was that kde started and then the xfce panel started to, i want to log onto nicotine and it won't let me run the app, can someon help me figure out what's going on please this is very08:12
xsebsx frustrating08:12
isonomyhow do i convert m4v files to something ubuntu manageable?08:12
grawityisonomy: Those _should_ be Ubuntu-manageable... try simply renaming to .mp4 or whatever.08:12
ubunkeni cant get sound too work with http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b65b30b81c0b07eb9f7d228f4786a3987741399a   i have tried to compile the drivers allready08:12
polloXwtf for this problem  sudo iwconfig eth1 mode monitor Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :SET failed on device eth1 ; Invalid argument08:13
=== nathan7_ is now known as nathan7
isonomywhats a good movie player to play the m4v files?08:13
Dayofswordsgrawity: how do you underline things?08:14
wrsgFlannel: any ideas?08:14
isonomycontrol u08:14
lstarnesDayofswords: put a _ before and after the word08:14
grawityDayofswords: Like _this_?08:15
isonomyhow do i play m4v files08:15
isonomyanybody know whats a good movie player for m4v files?08:15
grawityDayofswords: There is another method, using mIRC control characters, but it only works for some IRC clients, and is disabled on all Freenode channels.08:15
grawityisonomy: Totem, VLC, and so on.08:16
grawityisonomy: Totem comes with Ubuntu, it should be able to play them :\08:16
iorgusomeone please help me! :'(08:16
ubunkennågon vaken?08:17
Flannelwrsg: All of your kernels are there, found, etc.  Does your menu.lst include all three? 13, 14, and 15?08:18
isonomywhat movie player accepts m4v files?08:18
wrsgjust 13 and 1408:18
* WIGGMPk all your kernels are belong to us!08:18
isonomym4v movie files on what player?08:18
Slart!troll | isonomy08:18
ubottuisonomy: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel08:18
Flannelwrsg: Alright, mind pasting your menu.lst?  That's odd indeed.08:18
wrsgisonomy: vlc08:19
FlannelSlart: What?08:19
Slartisonomy: you've been answered several times08:19
wrsgyeah i know :-S08:19
baccenfutterhi folks, I am confused: Regular ssh connections stay running forevr, while ssh -D 8080 -Nf domain.tld receive a "Connection reset by peer" after a certain idle-time. I cannot find an idle-time option in sshd_config discribig this behavior, though. Can anybody tell me how to avoid that?08:19
kaushalI have installed ubuntu 9.04 and configured hsf modem. now the issue is i dont hear any sound when i play audio?08:20
kaushalhow can i make it work for both hsfmodem as well as play audio ?08:20
kaushalwhen i do aplay -l08:20
kaushali get aplay: device_list:217: no soundcards found...08:20
echelonyeah sorry you can help you did not really an ati mobility radeon 512mb video editing ive tried that, it is without being afraid of every facet about it08:20
isonomyim new at this08:20
wrsgFlannel: http://pastebin.com/m36f5d10d08:21
isonomythanks and take care!08:21
iwobblesanyone know about ape ? EtherApe ? thats the most fun program eh, I dunno what its doin but is very pretty lol, I can can see all the nodes on my network and stuff, just amazing work ppl,,08:22
xsebsxmy system is acting weird08:22
xsebsxterminal is not opening up08:23
xsebsxcan someone help me08:23
baccenfutteriwobbles: etherape is a network visualization application. it sniffs network packets, katagorizes tem and displays the dataconnections grafically.08:23
Flannelwrsg: Hmm, people have had this problem in the past, and have fixed it by purging grub and then reinstalling it (and then running update-grub).  Obviously that doesn't tell us *why* it's doing it, but it's likely to work.08:23
Slartxsebsx: how do you try opening the terminal?08:23
wrsgreally, omg08:23
Slartxsebsx: can you open other stuff?08:23
Flannelwrsg: sudo apt-get remove --purge grub, sudo apt-get install grub, sudo update-grub08:23
wrsgk thanks08:23
iorguplease, help me...i have problem with my video card...08:24
ubunkensound problems with http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b65b30b81c0b07eb9f7d228f4786a3987741399a need help, have tried to compiled the alsa-driver-snapshot.tar.gz snaphost allrdy still no sound08:24
iwobblesbaccenfutter:  its very beutiful eh08:24
sfireiwobbles, that is a cool program :)08:24
kaushalchecking in again for my query08:24
WIGGMPkiorgu: dont keep asking for someone to help you.. state your problem and anyone that can assist will answer you.. try not to get frustrated, sometimes people dont know the answer.08:24
baccenfutteriwobbles: I as an admin would prefere: very usefull in debugging network issues, but yes08:25
iorguWIGGMPk:oh, thanks :)08:25
xsebsxi am having this trouble Slart  i installed xfce, so i wanted to reboot, then when i reboot the xfce panel is gone so i open the terminal and type xfce4-panel and it comes up so i add it to the list of apps that automatically start on start up, what happens is then i try to log onto kde and i get the xfce panel, so i remove it, i open the k menu favorites and try to open nicotine and it won't open and now i just tried my favorites launcher to the termin08:25
xsebsxal and it wouldn't work either08:25
wrsgFlannel: that sorted it, thanks08:26
iorguWIGGMPk: my problem is that my windows on the move ara braking apart, and while playing a film the picture breaks/blinks08:26
xsebsxSlart, look at what happens when i type nicotine into the terminal http://pastebin.ca/154684108:26
Slartxsebsx: hmm.. I wonder if starting the xfce-panel in KDE for some reason messed up the KDE equivalent08:26
=== wing731 is now known as WingWu
xsebsxSlart, what abotu the nicotine output?08:28
jhattaracan anyone tell me how to get rid of synaptic saying "broken package" and refusing to cooperate08:28
WIGGMPkiorgu: so your saying, when you play a video.. the video starts to blink and break? like pixelation?08:28
Slartxsebsx: have you tried logging out of KDE, disabling the xfce-panel autostart thing and then logging in to KDE again?08:28
xsebsxlet me try08:28
Slartxsebsx: I have no idea what that is about.. the first few lines is a python error.. it's just a warning really so it shouldn't be a problem.. but the later part with DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND sounds more serious.. have you tried reinstalling nicotine?08:28
Parsley1if I put LiveCD on a flash drive, how do I define whether it considers itself as "/cdrom" or "/media/usb" or w/e?08:29
legend2440jhattara: are you trying to install something but getting errors?08:29
iwobblesbaccenfutter:  its just nice to see the node names all up there, i been building these networks for years so many IPs are familiar eh, ubuntu rocks but eh :)08:29
xsebsxµ← ß←ßŧ€µ→ß µ€ß߀€ð ↓þ08:30
Parsley1I have LiveCD running off hd0,2, when I use installer to put it on hd0,0, it's saying /cdrom cannot unmount where it thinks hd0,2 is /cdrom08:31
GhostWolfyhi all i got an issue with my firefox browser, it seems i have issues with the flash plugin is there anyone that can help me??08:31
xsebsxSlart how do i get rid of xfce altogether?08:32
iorguWIGGMPk: when I play a video the sound is played continuosuly but the the picture is with breaking. But if i put in to full screen its played quite well. thougth this happens when i use extra effects...08:32
iorgusomething like that08:32
Slartxsebsx: doesn't "sudo apt-get remove xfce" work?08:32
xsebsxSlart, I just logged onto xubuntu and even the keyboard was weird i tried getting back itno the chat but the only thing that came out was08:33
xsebsx<xsebsx> µ← ß←ßŧ€µ→ß µ€ß߀€ð ↓þ08:33
xsebsxwhich in broken xfce means my computer is messed up08:33
iwobbleshm GhostWolfy what version of ubuntu are you running I had issues with the latest version of firefox eh08:33
jhattaralegend2440, had problems with firefox-3.5 dailies with hardy08:33
Slartxsebsx: looks like it thinks your AltGr key is pressed.08:33
adalia /join #zsh08:33
xsebsxSlart, what if i sudo apt-get purge xubuntu-desktop ?08:34
Slartxsebsx: that should work too08:34
GhostWolfy9.04 iwobbles but never had this problem before08:34
jhattaralegend2440, just uninstalled firefox-3.0 and now it seems to be fixed, but now i'll have to restart the computer08:34
GhostWolfyand iwobbles i just recently reinstalled 9.04 when i had 8.0408:35
askvictoris there a way to get the real-time power consumption in linux?08:35
GhostWolfychanged formats cause i was doing something to use a different type of ubuntu08:35
xsebsxSlart, does this look right to you? http://pastebin.ca/154684808:36
iwobblesGhostWolfy:  mm i rolled back to Firefox 3.0.12 and everythign worked again, theres apparently a few bugs in the latest Firefox dsitro eh08:37
master_Hey all my screen shows no composite can you help08:37
GhostWolfyiwobbles, it happened before new ff08:37
Dr_Willisiwobbles:  thats why i dont worry about using 3.5 yet. :)08:37
Slartxsebsx: nah.. xubuntu-desktop is just a meta package.. it won't uninstall all the xfce stuff.. try uninstalling xfce408:37
iwobblesmm yeah sure thing Dr_Willis08:37
GhostWolfyit happened after i reinstalled 9.04 from the disk i gotten before they upgraded ff08:37
iwobblesfew bugs in evry upgrade eh08:37
Dr_WillisTheres a few neat features in 3.5 and a few 'neat' issues also.. heh08:37
xsebsxSlart, Package xfce4 is not installed, so not removed08:38
enemyzIf I need some help with some issues in buntu, is this the right channel?08:38
GhostWolfybut reason my problem is cause i go to a specific site that lets me watch videos not youtube since i can watch those find and have issues08:38
lstarnesenemyz: yes08:38
Dr_Willisenemyz:  yes. :) thats what the topic says.08:38
=== becks_ is now known as ce_bahenol_broke
iwobblesGhostWolfy:  what issues ??08:39
enemyzwell, sweet. I have a rather strange problem.08:39
GhostWolfylike won't play like with flash it just won't load08:39
=== ce_bahenol_broke is now known as ce_bahenol_alone
GhostWolfyi can play youtube videos fine but it has to be with the flash i might have problems with08:39
xsebsxSlart, ?08:40
Dayofswordshehe, i just got a book from the library called "Beginning Ubuntu Linux " hope it helps08:40
iwobbleshave yyou t reid usin Konqueror or another browser ?? GhostWolfy ? I found I got around a lot of the firefox issues that way , just installed a few different browsers eh08:40
Slartxsebsx: hmm.. try this "sudo apt-get purge xfce4.*"08:40
GhostWolfyiwobbles, like i said it never had this problem before just when i reinstalled 9.0408:40
GhostWolfyi don't have konqueror with 9.0408:40
xsebsxSlart, couldn't find package08:41
GhostWolfyi like firefox but it never had this problem i can't remember what i did wrong when i reinstalled 9.0408:41
iwobblesubuntu has a real nice one which is supported too eh i forget its name epiphany or something,,08:41
GhostWolfyand it seems the version if ff i have is 3.01308:42
enemyzI tried to fix my girlfriends computer and i installed the latest verision of Ubuntu from the CD. Everything worked fine. exept for the internet. The computer cannot connect to any other site than google if i use a webbrowser. nor can I connect with Synaptic. I can ping sites but it is really slow. From google I search for stuff, get hits. But I cannot load the other pages. I just cnt see whats wrong. I cannot connect to08:42
enemyzthe router eitther. When we use another computer on the same connection, it works fine.08:42
Slartxsebsx: hmm.. no typos? how did you install xfce?08:42
GhostWolfy3.0.13 i mean08:42
Dr_WillisDayofswords:  any book may be a few releases out of date... just som thing to watch out for08:42
heoaA table in my db is too big. How can I fit it to the display in Screen?08:42
Dayofswordsin chapter one on this book it says "wouldn't it be terrific if you could just get rid of windows?"08:42
livingdaylightquestion about Synaptic: On the Summary dialog before hitting Cancel or Apply there is an option to "Download package files only" What does this option do, should i enable it or not?08:43
Flannellivingdaylight: It downloads the packages but won't install them08:43
Dr_WillisProberly not what you want to do. ;)08:43
livingdaylightFlannel: ahh.. not what i want then :)08:43
ubunkensound problems with http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b65b30b81c0b07eb9f7d228f4786a3987741399a need help, have tried to compiled the alsa-driver-snapshot.tar.gz still no sound, only crazy loggers08:43
GhostWolfydo can anyone help me with my problem??08:44
GhostWolfyi mean so.. eh typing problems tonight08:44
xsebsxi can't open nicotine08:44
xsebsxnor get rid of xfce08:44
xsebsx^xfce problem08:45
livingdaylightwhat is the preferred method of installing wine? from repos or ppa?08:45
xsebsx^nicotine problem08:45
mohanohiusing ubuntu jaunty..08:46
GhostWolfyiwobbles, btw my firefox version is 3.0.13 so i don't have the latest version of ff08:46
Flannellivingdaylight: repos.  If you need a more updated version than in the Ubuntu repos, wine has a repo.08:46
Danbo19help, tying to install ubuntu on my old desktop and the only resolutions I have to choose from is 640x480 and 320x24008:46
mohanohiwhenever i double click on a folder it kind of delays a 2 second and sometime more than that.. why is it?08:46
mohanohihangs system for 2 sec..08:46
Danbo19by install I meant set up08:47
slugam new to IRC  whats the best client to use?08:47
=== VanDyke is now known as VanDyke_gone
GhostWolfyis anyone else able to help me?? i have ubuntu 9.04 ff version is 3.0.13 and i think i have issues with flash on ff08:47
iwobblesmmm GhostWolfy Im running 3.0.12 eh works fine08:47
slug<GhostWolfy  install latest flsh from there site08:48
GhostWolfyslug i have flash installed says i have shockwave flash in the plugin but like for certain sites it doesn't load properly08:49
enemyzwolfy. I had problems with falsh aswell. But it all stopped when I installed adobes flashplayer.08:49
slug<GhostWolfy  most of the flsh issues I have seen have been due to GFX driver08:49
GhostWolfyi never had this problem til i reinstalled 9.04.. i know i did something different08:49
GhostWolfymy gfx driver is not the problem08:49
enemyzAnyone that can help me with my problem?08:49
enemyzI tried to fix my girlfriends computer and i installed the latest verision of Ubuntu from the CD. Everything worked fine. exept for the internet. The computer cannot connect to any other site than google if i use a webbrowser. nor can I connect with Synaptic. I can ping sites but it is really slow. From google I search for stuff, get hits. But I cannot load the other pages. I just cnt see whats wrong. I cannot connect to08:50
enemyzthe router eitther. When we use another computer on the same connection, it works fine.08:50
slug<GhostWolfy>   I wouldnt strike off the GFX....08:52
xsebsxcan someone help me please08:52
GhostWolfyslug i would08:52
xsebsxi can't open nicotine08:52
GhostWolfycause like i said never had an issue before08:52
slugbut u upgraded to jaunty...  are you using an old ATi ?08:52
GhostWolfyjust when i re-installed 9.04 as i keep saying.. over and over again..08:52
GhostWolfyagain i reinstalled didn't upgrade08:53
slugI see08:53
slugtried a fresh firefox profile?08:53
GhostWolfyi had jaunty before tried something different and didn't quite worked for me08:53
GhostWolfyno cause i don't know how to do that08:53
slugopen a terminal type  cp .mozilla mozilla.bak08:53
slugsorry that should be  mv .mozilla mozilla.bak08:54
Danbo19I'm trying to set up Ubuntu, I'm using Nvida Driver 173 and the max resolution I can get is 640x48008:54
GhostWolfyok did that slug08:54
Danbo19how can I fix?08:54
slugope firefox08:54
slugI made a mistake again - sorry not had coffe yet !!   it shoudl  be   mv .mozilla mozilla.bak  -R08:55
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=== Ubuntu is now known as bugger
Danbo19does anyone have any experience with Nvidia graphics cards?08:56
GhostWolfycrap lol i should've copied all the sites i had bookmarked lmao08:56
slugyou can get them back08:56
GhostWolfywell just a sec slug im still trying to least set my homepage back up08:57
Dr_WillisLots of people use Nvidia cards Danbo19  - clarify your question to the channel.08:57
Danbo19I'm just setting up Ubuntu on my desktop, and the max resolution I can get is 640x 48008:58
aemyrNvidia is hassle-free you only need to enable the propr. driver if you want 3e08:58
legend2440Danbo19: in terminal type    nvidia-settings    set resolution under x server display configuration09:00
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)09:00
Dr_WillisYou may need gksu nvidia-setttings09:00
Andorinfceu (the NES emulator in repos) sometimes completely freezes during gameplay and I have to open the System Monitor to close it, because the window won't otherwise not close. Any idea what's causing it?09:01
livingdaylightwhat is difference between usplash and gdm?09:01
Dr_Willisgdm is the LOGIN manager/screen09:01
Dr_Willisusplash just shows the silly animation at boot time09:01
Dr_Willisboot -> grub menu -> usplash -> gdm -> login and get to X.09:01
Danbo19in nvidia-settings the maximum resolution I can find is 640x48009:02
livingdaylightwhat is difference between usplash and gdm?09:02
lstarneslivingdaylight: see what Dr_Willis said09:02
lstarnes!fixres | Danbo1909:02
ubottuDanbo19: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution09:02
Dr_WillisDo i need to type LOUDER? :)09:02
livingdaylightIstarnes i misssed it09:03
Dr_WillisDanbo19:  you did install the nvidia drivers?09:03
Dr_WillisDanbo19:  then rebooted?09:03
legend2440Danbo19: open system>admin>hardware drivers  is 173 the only option?  is there a 180 option?09:03
Dr_Willisthats.. weird then Danbo1909:03
Danbo19there is 173 and 9609:03
Dr_WillisDanbo19:  vga or DVI or laptop monitor?09:04
Dr_WillisIve found ihave MUCH less hassles with DVI :)09:04
Dr_Willisin short.. if you can use DVI.. then DO it. :)09:04
Dr_Willisshame my netbooks dont have dvi out.. just vga09:05
Danbo19as an aside my laptop (which I'm typing on now) is using Nvidia 180 and has the 173 option09:06
xsebsxcan someone help me?09:07
xsebsxi am having trouble getting rid of xubuntu/xfce09:07
xsebsxwhen i try to remove and purge it09:07
xsebsxon the terminal09:07
xsebsxit acts as though it wasn't there09:07
Dayofswordsafter wiking DVI, i found out thats why i cant hook my pc to my projector09:07
Dayofswordsi just want vga on my projector ='( would make things easier09:09
ubunkensound problems with http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b65b30b81c0b07eb9f7d228f4786a3987741399a need help, have tried to compiled the alsa-driver-snapshot.tar.gz09:09
legend2440Danbo19: the video card in the laptop must be a newer model than the other one.09:09
Danbo19yes thats for sure, the desktop is circa 200509:09
quantumfinally!!!! dhcp + dns +masq works09:10
Starcraftmazterwhats the default password for www-data ?09:10
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: there isn't one09:11
quantuminternet sharing!!!09:11
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: blank gives me incorrect password error =/09:11
* quantum is extatic09:11
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: it's not an account that can be used with a normal login09:11
AgionHi, I have a widget python code but I don't know how to install it on screenlets. Any help?09:11
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: it's a special-purpose account intended solely for use by web servers09:11
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: ok, i need to start/stop postgres server from php, and im using shell_exec, but its not working, so i was hoping to debug it by logging in as www-data...09:12
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: do you know why it may not work09:12
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: possibly because postgres is running as another user09:12
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: its not running09:13
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: exact same command works from my user09:13
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: it is considered insecure to use a web script for starting or stopping postgres09:13
xsebsxok so i just did as adviced by this link http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome09:13
xsebsxto get rid of xubuntu09:13
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: i know, this is purely for testing purposes09:13
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: I'm not sure how to do it in PHP09:13
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: is it possible to run a php script under a different user?09:14
Agionanyone has made a screenlet widget here?09:14
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: possibly, but that would likely be difficult09:14
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: I know apache has a suexec module09:14
Agionand then I'm having another question about cairo-dock: How can I make the dock smaller?09:14
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: would it work if i run php from the commandline, as though it was perl and point #! to the php interpretor09:15
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: maybe09:15
cdnANYONE can help me on how 2 make my web Cam 2 get worked..?09:15
dg1anyone know anything about getting tribes 2 to work in linux09:16
mattycozecan it be done? Install XP onto a separate partition from an ISO (without using a disk?)09:17
cdnhi mattycoze... I think u can do it09:18
perscitusuh, Anyone experience a package conflict with Konversation and Koffice? ( in Ubuntu)09:18
FragsworthIn ubuntu's default Terminal, is there a hotkey to paste from the clipboard?09:19
xsebsxi wanted to get rid of xubuntu09:19
xsebsxand it got rid of kde as well09:19
xsebsxas well as some of the gnome applications09:19
cdn<Fragsworth> its CTRL+SHIFT+V09:19
xsebsxwhat the HECK has gone on...i hav ebeen here for over an hour09:20
dg1anyone know anything about getting "tribes 2" to work in linux09:20
xsebsxasking for help and nobody's helped me so i did the hacker thing to do09:20
xsebsxgo look for info09:20
xsebsxgoogle stuff09:20
xsebsxlook at the forums09:20
perscitusxsebsx:  then just reinstall them09:20
xsebsxwhen i go to system tools09:20
xsebsxthe onlyt thing that shows up09:21
slugwhats the best client to use...   I find it hard copying nick names....09:21
xsebsxis akonadi tools09:21
mattycozecdn do you have any idea how?09:21
lstarnesslug: try typing the first couple letters of the person's nick then pressing the TAB key09:21
sluglstarnes:   nice :)09:21
xsebsxcan someone help me PLEASE09:21
echelonk thanks09:21
xsebsxi have been askign for help continously, and now i can't even open a terminal09:22
xsebsxcause there isn't one09:22
xsebsxthere isn't a terminal09:22
xsebsxon my system09:22
FloodBot2xsebsx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:22
bazhangxsebsx, dont use enter key after just a couple words09:22
Danbo19anybody find anything about my nvidia problem? I can only choose resolutions 640x480 or 320x240. I'm using nvidia driver 173 on a dell dimesion 460009:22
Dan48pdoes anyone know a way to make touchpad gestures work in linux?09:22
lstarnesxsebsx: try ctrl+alt+f2 to get to a terminal (ctrl+alt+f7 to switch back)09:22
grawityxsebsx: The first rule of IRC: They are not ignoring you, they simply don't know the answer.09:22
xsebsxgrawity: then what do i do?09:22
bazhangxsebsx, install the package kubuntu-desktop09:23
bazhangxsebsx, as far as the rest of the apps, you know what they are , so reinstall them09:23
xsebsxbazhang: here let me show you09:23
legend2440Danbo19: can you paste your  /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?09:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:24
Danbo19sure 1 sec09:24
jrwrRunning 9.04 | New Install | Having a issue with GFX Lockups, seems like X just flat out dies, seems like a driver issue, using Linux unimatrix 2.6.28-15-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Tue Aug 18 19:25:34 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux i have a HD3870 with the non-free ATI driver installed09:24
xsebsxbazhang: http://pastebin.ca/154689009:24
xsebsxtell me what's going on09:24
perscitusAnyone experience a package conflict between Koffice and Konversation (Ubuntu)?09:25
legend2440xsebsx: is synaptic open?09:25
veinorxsebsx: it looks like you have another apt-get process running09:25
bazhangxsebsx, close other instances of apt09:25
xsebsxthat's right i had to open synaptic09:25
xsebsxas there was no xchat on gnome09:25
Agioncan anyone tell me how to install http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/ComicStrips?content=74769 that?09:25
veinoryou can't run multiple instances of an apt-get or synaptic at once09:26
jrwralso when i go to open a program (any really.. does it real bad on anything wine) and it will get a MAJOR slow down, and speed right back up once the program is idle09:26
erUSULxsebsx: you have synaptic or update manager running09:26
xsebsxyes i closed it now i am getting kubuntu-desktop09:26
erUSULxsebsx: two programs can not access apt db simultaneously09:26
GhostWolfyok im back people.. im having issues installing adobe flashplayer can anyone help me??09:26
xsebsxand i should assume that all my former kde settings are gone with the wind right?09:26
veinorthey might not be09:26
=== Ekushey is now known as Guest42308
acronicajrwr: try to install the xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd driver. I've had nothing but trouble with the propietary driver09:27
erUSULxsebsx: no those settings are kept on your home folder.09:27
veinorI think apt-get remove just removes application files, settings are usually untouched09:27
perscitusAnyone experience a package conflict between Koffice (or specfically, Kformula) and Konversation (Ubuntu)?09:27
jrwracronica: thing is acting flat out retarted09:27
GhostWolfybtw someone is trying to pm me trying to join them on another server and a channel letting people know this since this is a help chan..09:28
acronicajrwr:  here's a HOWTO on how to install radeonHD: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonHD09:28
grawityveinor: apt-get purge (or dpkg --purge) will remove system-wide settings too (from /etc, for example)09:28
xsebsxi came here about an  hour and a half ago, i said i was having trouble with xfce at the xubuntu channel, no one helped, so i went to the kubuntu and the ubuntu channel, i said the panel had dissappeared, i tried to fix the problem and then everything went crazy, i come back to kde an dtry to remove xfce and it wipes kubuntu out too and part of gnome's packages09:28
xsebsxand nicotine is still not workign09:28
acronicajrwr: I know. I have the same videocard, it worked like a charm with OpenSuse, couldn't get it working with Ubuntu09:28
veinorgrawity: even then, I've had stuff survive an apt-get --purge09:28
grawityGuidMorrow: If someone is advertising his own channel - notify #freenode, or use /ignore, depending on your preferences09:28
veinorer, apt-get purge09:28
bazhangxsebsx, and now you have kubuntu again?09:28
GhostWolfycan anyone please help me?? im trying to install adobe flashplayer and i can't get it to install09:28
grawityveinor: 'purge' only removes files that apt knows about.09:29
jrwracronica: hows the 3d accel with that driver set09:29
GhostWolfyi even try in terminal and doesn't work09:29
slugGhostWolfy:   whats the output from terminal09:29
xsebsxbazhang: that's downloading, but nicotine is still not opening, and how do i know how many packages of gnome were lost to reinstall those specifically?09:29
GuidMorrowgrawity - ???09:29
GuidMorrowwhen did that happen09:29
* grawity is still very sleepy.09:30
bazhangxsebsx, one issue at a time please, and be patient09:30
mattycozeAre VirtualBox Partitions able to be booted via the GRUB menu?09:30
Agioncan anyone tell me how to install http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/ComicStrips?content=74769 that?09:30
perscitusAnyone experience a package conflict between Koffice (or specfically, Kformula) and Konversation (Ubuntu)?09:30
GhostWolfywhen i type sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin it loads it like its fine then says package adobe-flashplugin is not available, but is refered by another package.09:30
eyalwI have a problem. I'm trying to login to my user home at my university. when I ssh from the terminal it works, when I "connect to server..."  using the gui, it times out, help!09:30
xsebsxrestart required brb09:30
GhostWolfythen says This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or09:31
GhostWolfyis only available from another source09:31
GhostWolfyE: Package adobe-flashplugin has no installation candidate09:31
GuidMorrowis there a program to wipe partitions? I'm running a dual-boot with Ubuntu and Windows and my windows installation is screwed09:31
grawityGhostWolfy: Try flashplugin-installer09:31
heatmzzrI am happy,, im running 9. on this acer aspire, and its working hahaha09:31
ikoniaGhostWolfy: try flashplugin-nonfree09:31
mattycozeQUESTION: Are VirtualBox Partitions able to be booted via the GRUB menu?09:31
GhostWolfyerm which one folks??09:31
ikoniamattycoze: no09:31
lstarnesmattycoze: no09:31
grawityGuidMorrow: There is, but usually it's more than enough to just remove and recreate the partition.09:31
SteeleyGhostyWolfy: what version of Ubuntu are you on?09:31
slugGhostWolfy:   sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:31
GhostWolfyok thanks slug09:32
lstarnesmattycoze: I think grub only understands real partitions09:32
grawityGuidMorrow: No need to wipe data.09:32
ikoniamattycoze: you need virtualbox container running to be able to use the virtual box partitions09:32
GuidMorrowI was wondering if I should put Windows 7 put there instead of reinstalling XP09:32
ikoniaGuidMorrow: that's your decision09:32
GhostWolfywell got flash back but still not working properly :S hmm never had a problem before :S09:33
slugGhostWolfy:   considering your problems you may be better getting the one from the flash site....09:33
uuvHi. I've got a file bigger than 2 gigs, and I'm trying to get it on my ntfs file system portable HDD by creating .rar files of fixed sizes, but when i try it with package manager, it just says "adding files to archive" and does nothing. How can i create for example 2 files of 1,5 gigs so that they fit.09:33
GhostWolfyslug i tried09:33
GhostWolfybut it gave me a file i don't know how to install or even open09:33
slugahh ok09:33
ikoniauuv: ntfds can handle files bigger than 2 gig - leave it as 1 file09:33
slugdownload it to desktop...09:33
GhostWolfylike some .so file09:33
quantumCould not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)09:34
ikoniaGhostWolfy: if you use the package flashplugin-nonfree it won't give you that file - it will do it all for you09:34
uuvOh, sorry! I meant fat32 of course09:34
bazhangquantum, with sudo?09:34
GhostWolfyikonia but i have problems with flash09:34
quantumsudo apt-get install samba libpam-smbpass09:34
ikoniaGhostWolfy: so downloading shared library files won't fix that09:34
bazhangquantum, all other instances of apt are closed ?09:34
mattycozedam; ikonia lstarness I've got an issue here, I've got XP on an ISO which I run through virtuabox but I figure I need it to run indepently (with a dualboot option at startup; I don't have a disk big enough, or a free USB to host the 835mB ISO, so would it boot off the ISO and install XP from that onto another partition?09:34
Agioncan anyone tell me how to install a widget to screenlet from a python file?09:35
GhostWolfyim not downloading shared library files it was on adobe's site for flashplayer09:35
ikoniamattycoze: no09:35
perscitusHow do i install Koffice with Konversation install in Ubuntu?09:35
quantumis the webmin an apt instance?09:35
ikoniaquantum: no09:35
legend2440GhostWolfy: download the deb file   http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/09:35
ikoniaquantum: webmin is not supported09:35
quantumyeah i know09:35
lstarnesmattycoze: theoretically, the ISO filesystem could be used on a partition, but I haven't attempted to do so09:35
Michalxohello... can anyone help me to open my cdrom drive? (eject and cdrom button does not work)09:35
quantumjust mentioning that its running09:35
GhostWolfydeb file says its for 8.04 i don't have that version of ubuntu..09:36
legend2440says 804+09:36
legend2440GhostWolfy: it works on jaunty i have it09:36
xsebsxback on kde09:36
xsebsxi don't htink this is the kde i had installed09:36
perscitusCould someone please help? I've asked many many times09:36
xsebsxi think this is an older version of kde09:36
xsebsxthe current or soemthing09:36
slugperscitus:  whats up09:37
mattycozelstarness ikonia; k thanks anywayz09:37
GhostWolfylegend2440, should i just open it or save it??09:37
ikoniaxsebsx: install the package kubuntu-desktop and it will install the current ubuntu kde version for you09:37
xsebsxand the connection manager was different09:37
xsebsxit's not wicd09:37
legend2440GhostWolfy: save it09:37
xsebsxthat's not the kde i had09:37
slugGhostWolfy:  save then open09:37
xsebsxi had kde 4. something09:37
ikoniaxsebsx: then you didn't get that version of kde from ubuntu09:37
bazhangxsebsx, dont use a couple of words and enter key09:37
GhostWolfyand just open it??09:37
Danbo19okay tell me if this paste works, I'm on two different computers, so I can't copy&paste. http://paste.ubuntu.com/261358     Just as a reminder my problem is "I can only choose resolutions 640x480 or 320x240. I'm using nvidia driver 173 on a dell dimesion 4600"09:37
lstarnesfreebsd is taking forever to upgrade ports for me09:37
Michalxoperscitus, sudo aptitude install koffice konversation09:37
legend2440GhostWolfy: you may want to uninstall flashplugin-nonfree before installing it09:37
lstarnesoops, wrong channel09:37
ikoniaxsebsx: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.309:37
GhostWolfyok legend244009:37
xsebsxyes that's what i think i had09:37
quantumthe print out says that both samba and libpam-smbpass are the newest versions09:38
xsebsxhow do i get that kde installed?09:38
perscitusHow do i install Koffice with Konversation install in Ubuntu?09:38
ikoniaxsebsx: read tha link09:38
quantumso i guess i can keep going no?09:38
Michalxoperscitus, sudo aptitude install koffice konversation09:38
GhostWolfyok legend2440 did the remove09:38
uuvI have got a fat32-portable HDD on witch i should get a file bigger than 2 gigs on. How could i create a multiple part .rar -file? When i try it with package manager it just says "Adding files to archive" and does nothing.09:38
perscitusMichalxo:  uh package conflict.09:38
Michalxoperscitus, output?09:38
Agioncan someone be so polite that would even answer to me? Im trying to install http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/ComicStrips?content=74769 to screenlets but I can't because it's only a python file and screenlets can't install .py file.09:38
ikoniaAgion: run the python file09:39
perscitusMichalxo:  Konversation and Kformula cant be installed at same time09:39
grawityAgion: Have you tried running that .py?09:39
legend2440GhostWolfy: close firefox and install new one09:39
Michalxoperscitus, well.. have you tried it paste this line on google? :)09:39
xsebsxbazhang: can you help me make nicotine work?09:39
ikoniaAgion: or contact guitarboy000@gmail.com which is written in the file as he is the person who made the package09:39
Michalxoperscitus, is that WHOLE output?? (btw are you on gnome and want kde? :) )09:40
Agiondoesn't work.. I should get it installed by screenlets to get it work by it so..09:40
perscitusMichalxo: uh. I didnt say i wanted KDE09:40
ikoniaAgion: then contact the owner09:40
Danbo19okay tell me if this paste works, I'm on two different computers, so I can't copy&paste. http://paste.ubuntu.com/261358     Just as a reminder my problem is "I can only choose resolutions 640x480 or 320x240. I'm using nvidia driver 173 on a dell dimesion 4600"09:40
legend2440Danbo19: so this is the xorg.conf from the desktop with the rez problems?09:40
Agionok.. thanks for help =)09:40
xsebsxikonia: bazhang: i get this output when i try to open nicotine http://pastebin.ca/154689609:40
xsebsxwhat does that mean? that0s beyond my level currently09:41
Michalxoperscitus, paste please whole output (PM?) or on pastebin09:41
ikoniaxsebsx: you're missing dependencies and looks like a version conflict also at a glance09:41
Danbo19Its a fresh install, the only thing09:41
xsebsxikonia: great, that''s more than before, what do i have to do to solve this?09:41
Danbo19I did was install the restricted drive09:41
perscitusMichalxo:  your assumptions of error output is funny.09:42
ikoniaxsebsx: first thing would be to install the dependency packages, then work out the conflict09:42
ikonianighty^: what's that fore ?09:42
Michalxoperscitus, if you have better idea, then go for it ;)09:42
nighty^ikonia, look at it09:42
ikonianighty^: why09:42
xsebsxikonia how do i install THOSE dependency packages?09:42
ikonianighty^: what is it for09:42
nighty^ikonia, it is an ARM based machine09:42
xsebsxwhich specifically do i have to ge09:42
yugiohjcjHello, my graphic card ATI Radeon X1950 Pro doesn't works correctly on Ubuntu 9.0409:42
ikonianighty^: why are you posting that in here ?09:42
perscitusMichalxo:  I told you .... package conflict.09:42
nighty^ikonia, replacement of Zaurus09:42
nighty^ikonia, because it runs Ubuntu09:43
ikonianighty^: why are you posting that in here09:43
yugiohjcjThe video games are slow09:43
Michalxoperscitus,  remove it and start again.. install konversation first09:43
ikonianighty^: so ? why are you posting that in a support channel09:43
yugiohjcjwhat should I do?09:43
nighty^ikonia, oh come on give me a break ok09:43
xsebsxikonia: what are the packages i have to get and how do i get them? sudo aptitude install what else?09:43
Michalxoperscitus, apt-get purge kformula konversation09:43
legend2440Danbo19: are you using crt monitor with vga connection?09:43
perscitusMichalxo:  tried that09:43
nighty^ikonia, it is not like it is the end of the world09:43
Linaxyshey I have a q3 server, but I'd like to launch it automatically on startup, ubuntu server, could you please tell me how can I do that ?09:43
ikonianighty^: please keep to the channel topic, random links aren't needed09:43
Michalxoperscitus, apt-get update -ed too?09:43
bazhangnighty^, dont spam09:43
Danbo19allright, if we can't figure this put pretty soon, I'm going to have to go to bed, its 3:45 here09:44
nighty^bazhang, you call pasting one little link in this channel spam ?09:44
Dr_WillisLinaxys:  one way would be launch it from rc.local09:44
ikoniaxsebsx: search the pyvorbis (python->vobis bindings_ package, that seems a good start09:44
nighty^bazhang, whatever09:44
GhostWolfylegend2440, i isntalled the flash player and the site im having problems still says i need to install adobe flash player09:44
ikonianighty^: it's an offtopic link, please don't09:44
bazhangnighty^, yes; offtopic links dont belong here09:44
perscitusMichalxo:  please just step aside for someone else to help.09:44
lstarnesDanbo19: cathode ray tube09:44
xsebsxikonia on the package manager?09:44
ikoniaxsebsx: yes09:44
yugiohjcjmy graphic card ATI Radeon X1950 Pro doesn't works correctly on Ubuntu 9.04, video games are slow, what should I do please?09:44
Michalxoperscitus, with pleasure09:44
Michalxoinsane people09:44
lstarnesDanbo19: as in those old, bulky monitors09:44
Danbo19I'm pretty sure its not a tube, its a flat screen09:45
=== Guest42308 is now known as Ekushey
LinaxysDr_Willis, do I just have to insert the command like "./home/linaxys/q3ded/q3launch.sh &" ?09:45
lstarnesDanbo19: is it like a flat panel?09:45
Dr_WillisLinaxys:  basically    use the proper path.09:45
Danbo19lemme google the stuff on the back of the monitor09:45
Dr_WillisLinaxys:   the server will get ran as root this way.. you may not want that.. or you might09:45
lstarnesLinaxys: you could also run it as a cron job by adding it to your crontab09:45
xsebsxikonia if i type pyvorbis it says there's no matching application available09:46
VuZeHey guys, I've got a bit of a long problem09:46
lstarnesxsebsx: what about python-vorbis?09:46
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:46
GhostWolfylegend2440, you there?09:46
x802what does !list and @find do?09:46
GhostWolfyor slug??09:46
xsebsxikonia: no matching application available09:47
lstarnesx802: those are not supposed to be used09:47
perscitusMichalxo:  I have told you repeatly, there is a package conflict. All you do is assume i am noob who doesnt know how to troubleshot. The two packages will not let each install if it is installed.09:47
xsebsxikonia: this doesn't make any sense, nicotine was workign well, hten i downloaded xubuntu and then i started having troubles with it09:47
lstarnesx802: as ubottu said, it's associated with file sharing channels09:47
Michalxoperscitus, cause of some libs ;)09:47
legend2440GhostWolfy: yes   try this page to test flashplayer   http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/09:47
xsebsxlstarnes: no results available09:48
VuZeI've got two main hard disks on my computer - C: and F:. C is my amin drive, and F is for backups etc. I recently installed Ubuntu onto the F drive, but the F drive started failing and having errors so i decided to partition the C rive and reinstal it onto there09:48
legend2440GhostWolfy: shockwave wont show anything but flashplaer should09:48
VuZeMy poblem is that grub is recognising my F drive as hd0 and when it installs ubuntu it copies grub to hd009:48
GhostWolfylegend2440, it doesn't09:48
VuZeso I have to boot from the faulty HDD to start linux09:49
GhostWolfyit tells gives me an option to install plugin and says no suitable plugins09:49
grawityVuZe: C: and F: are Windows things, and using them on Linux channels may be confusing for many.09:49
GhostWolfywere found09:49
VuZealright then, F is hd0 and C is hd109:49
echelongrawity: even then, i've got a file says no shit09:49
gajopif i upgrade to ubuntu 9.10 alpha 3 now, will i be able to upgrade to ubuntu 9.10 release when it comes out in october, or will i need to reinstall everything?09:49
grawityechelon: Huh?09:49
bazhang!ohmy > echelon09:50
lstarnesgajop: I think you will be able to upgrade09:50
ubottuechelon, please see my private message09:50
x802lstarnes, i c, thx09:50
gajoplstarnes, ok, ty09:50
ubunkensound problems with http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b65b30b81c0b07eb9f7d228f4786a3987741399a need help, have tried to compiled the alsa-driver-snapshot.tar.gz09:50
perscitusMichalxo:  either way. i filed a bug report. #42099009:50
VuZeUbuntu works fine, but grub is installed onto hd0 which is faulty, can I transfer grub onto hd1 so I dont have to rely on a faulty HDD to boot?09:50
xsebsxikonia: so if i wait till the next release i can get the kde i had before?09:50
Dr_WillisVuZe:  You can isntall the grub boot loader to other disks.. but you may alwo want to copy the files from /boot/ to a safer place also.09:51
legend2440Danbo19: you may need to enter resolutions manually under Section "Screen" here is how mine is http://paste.ubuntu.com/261367/09:51
GhostWolfylegend2440, when i went to that site it asks me to install missing plugins and when i do it says it can't find the suitable ones09:51
Dr_WillisVuZe:  or put it on both disks. :) and tell the bios to boot the more relieable one.09:51
VuZehow can I do that?09:51
VuZegrub install hd1?09:51
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:51
perscitusMichalxo:  What I really wanted to do is install KDE apps on gnome to use them. And perhaps then I can comfortably change to KDE09:52
Dr_WillisVuZe:  I forget the exact commands.. its doable. theres several commands that can install grub.09:52
yugiohjcjmy graphic card ATI Radeon X1950 Pro doesn't works correctly on Ubuntu 9.04, video games are slow, what should I do please?09:52
ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:52
ActionParsnipyugiohjcj: install the ati driver09:52
Dr_Willisperscitus:  you can run kde apps on gnome and visa versa just fine. Ive had some issues with installing the 'full' desktops however .09:52
ActionParsnip!ati | yugiohjcj09:52
ubottuyugiohjcj: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:52
VuZeanother question -09:53
Danbo19thanks legend, I'll try that, and if it doesn't work, I'm going to go pass out09:53
xsebsxlstarnes: does this page help at all http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/nicotine ?09:53
perscitusDr_Willis: Except Kformula and Konversation cant be installed at same time09:53
ActionParsnip!hi | Pawan09:53
ubottuPawan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:53
Pawanubuntu 9.04 doesnt shutdown quickly09:53
Pawanhave to select two times09:53
legend2440GhostWolfy: click on install flash whats it do? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash09:53
lstarnesxsebsx: python-pyvorbis09:53
perscitusPawan:  Niether does Windows or OSX.09:53
VuZecan I change the title of the entries in grub?09:54
lstarnesxsebsx: I think the error you had earlier might be a database issue for nicotine's database09:54
Dr_Willisperscitus:  never noticed..  never used either one. :)09:54
Pawanany option to select only 1 time09:54
Pawanand shutdown09:54
perscitusDr_Willis:  try it? please?09:54
noobezDr_Willis: i installed flash player from bash but whenever firefox encounters a page that needs it, it freezes and i have to reboot cuz NOTHING works anymore, what's happening? thanks09:54
GhostWolfylegend2440, on that site you just gave me or on the other one??09:54
Dr_WillisVuZe:  you can change most anything in grub if you want.09:54
xsebsxlstarnes: so what do i do? when i look for python-pyvorbis nothing shows up on synaptic09:54
ActionParsnipVuZe: sure: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst09:54
Pawana windows comes indicating 60 sex09:54
legend2440GhostWolfy:   this one  click on install flash whats it do? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash09:54
Dr_Willisperscitus:  in testing Kubuntu Alpha 4 right now.. so not a good test i imagine.09:54
lstarnesxsebsx: I'm not sure09:54
Pawanhow to get rid of it09:54
yugiohjcjActionParsnip, thank you :)09:54
ActionParsnipyugiohjcj: simply edit the title lines09:55
GhostWolfylegend2440, ok did that and it says its already installed09:55
matt132If one program that plays sound is opened...sound won't play out of any other program (vlc, banshee, firefox, etc.)09:55
perscitusDr_Willis: oh darn.09:55
ActionParsnipyugiohjcj: you can make it say anything you want09:55
perscitusDr_Willis:  bug #42099009:55
vG|qum^WHY THE HECK i can't see image on yotube but i can hear its sound?09:55
GhostWolfylegend2440, says this package "'lashplugin-installer' is alread installed09:55
xsebsxlstarnes: can i get them from this page? http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/python-pyvorbis09:55
lstarnesxsebsx: I do not know09:55
lstarnesxsebsx: do you use 9.04?09:55
ActionParsnipvG|qum^: reinstall flash09:56
nimrodwhen does Ubuntu 9.10 come?09:56
lstarnesnimrod: october09:56
ActionParsnip!9.10 | nimrod09:56
ubottunimrod: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:56
legend2440GhostWolfy: maybe that should have been uninstalled also before installing the one from adobe's site09:56
VuZethanks for your help guys09:56
matt132nimrod on the 10th month09:56
noobezi installed flash player from bash but whenever firefox encounters a page that needs it, it freezes and i have to reboot cuz NOTHING works anymore, what's happening? thanks09:56
GhostWolfylegend2440, well i removed the nonfree one how do i remove the installer??09:57
nimrodok :-)09:57
ActionParsnipnimrod: ubuntu release versions make it easy to know when they came out, e.g.  9.10 is release in october, 10th month in 2000 and 909:57
legend2440GhostWolfy: sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer09:57
Michalxoperscitus, I am trying that install... just for you...09:57
ActionParsnipnimrod: do intrepid 8.10 came out in october 200809:57
xsebsxlstarnes: how do i know if i have all the gnome apps i'm supsoed to have and how do i reinstall them if necessary?09:57
GhostWolfyok thanks legend244009:57
ActionParsnipxsebsx: theres no such thing as an app you are supposed to have09:58
vG|qum^i reintstalled it09:58
vG|qum^doesn't seem to help09:58
matt132If one program that plays sound is opened...sound won't play out of any other program (vlc, banshee, firefox, etc.) Is there away around this. I'm using 9.0409:58
perscitusMichalxo:  i wasnt gonna ask.. but thanks09:58
nimrodActionParsnip, ok, i see09:58
GhostWolfylegend2440, i did that should i try to reinstall it again or what?? not the installer the flash player09:58
ActionParsnipxsebsx: if you dont need certain apps you can remove them09:58
DJNoMaDI have a 160 hdd that bios will not boot from and a 1 gb hdd that is bootable,can I partition it somehow to get it to work ?09:58
lstarnesxsebsx: install the gnome package or ubuntu-desktop09:58
echelonfrogzoo: suicides happen, and still ahven't managed to pull this shit pukey asked you on gnome and iris dement - tune 5 am chat on irc 24 hoursa  i told you that on a regular ssh connections stay running into the first i'm going to anyone has made me end it matters.09:58
xsebsxActionParsnip: i was trying to get rid of xfce before and it wiped out kde and some apps from ubuntu too09:58
xsebsxActionParsnip: I want to have what i originally installed hwen i installed ubuntu09:59
ActionParsnipxsebsx: then reinstall what you need09:59
frogzooechelon: wrong window much?09:59
xsebsxthat's what i meant09:59
nimrodis 9.04 a beta version of 9.10?09:59
legend2440GhostWolfy: yes close firefox reinstall and try it09:59
Michalxonimrod, YEAR.MONTH09:59
lstarnesnimrod: no09:59
DJNoMaDxsebsx,  google pure gnome and i think that will do you right09:59
GhostWolfyok legend244009:59
xsebsxActionParsnip:  but how do i know hwat i need? i don't know all the programs that come with ubuntu desktop?09:59
nimrodi see09:59
lstarnesnimrod: it's a seperate version09:59
ActionParsnipxsebsx: sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop   will reinstall the default apps but if you have what you need then its a waste of time09:59
eenaoo i c~09:59
lstarnesnimrod: it's not a typical release numbering scheme10:00
ActionParsnipxsebsx: you need to evaluate what you use to achieve what you want to achieve10:00
yugiohjcjActionParsnip, hum...But I already enable the hardware acceleration for my ATI Radeon graphic card...The problem is that the game are slow10:00
eXapidthats normal yug :)10:00
lstarnesnimrod: most versions use MAJOR.MINOR10:00
DJNoMaDxsebsx, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome10:00
ActionParsnipxsebsx: you are using an OS where choice exists rather than a nazi style dictatorship, you need to actually think and look at what you use and what you do not10:00
lstarnesnimrod: ubuntu's versions are YEAR.MONTH10:00
perscitusnimrod:  Dont confuse Vista and 7.  Each Ubuntu release is a relatively bug free10:00
nimrodlstarnes: ok, i see10:00
ActionParsnipxsebsx: you need to look at what you actually want to do and have an app for each thing. the rest is surplus10:00
xsebsxActionParsnip: can you help me get nicotine to work?10:01
GhostWolfylegend2440, ok still says i don't have it and when i went to the link to see if i have flash it asks to install or not10:01
perscitusMichalxo:  So, howd the packages work?10:01
ActionParsnip!info nicotine10:01
ubottunicotine (source: nicotine): graphical client for the SoulSeek peer-to-peer system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.9+dfsg-3ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 823 kB, installed size 3696 kB10:01
matt132once more, then I'll try again tomorrow: If one program that plays sound is opened...sound won't play out of any other program (vlc, banshee, firefox, etc.)10:01
ActionParsnipxsebsx: not something i use10:01
GhostWolfybut i reinstalled the one i got from the site.. and still not showing up10:01
yugiohjcjmy graphic card ATI Radeon X1950 Pro doesn't works correctly on Ubuntu 9.04, hadware acceleration is enabled but video games are slow, what should I do please?10:01
ActionParsnipxsebsx: reinstall it is all i can suggest10:01
xsebsxbut then i'll lose10:01
xsebsxmy previous downloads10:02
ActionParsnipyugiohjcj: check aticonfig10:02
legend2440GhostWolfy: in terminal try   sudo update-flashplugin10:02
noobezi installed flash player from bash but whenever firefox encounters a page that needs it, it freezes and i have to reboot cuz NOTHING works anymore, what's happening? thanks10:02
yugiohjcjActionParsnip, how?10:02
ActionParsnipxsebsx: you may not, if the config is in your home dir then you wont lose anything at all10:02
ActionParsnipyugiohjcj: its a command line tool10:02
xsebsxActionParsnip: ok, i will lose my previous downloads then but it seems like a viable solution, i have to get rid of it first though, how do i do that?10:02
GhostWolfylegend2440, says this sudo: update-flashplugin: command not found10:02
Michalxoperscitus, see PM ;)10:02
yugiohjcjActionParsnip, it isn't installed10:03
ActionParsnipxsebsx: you dont need to get rid, you can use the --reinstall option10:03
DJNoMaDxsebsx,  I have done this and it worked pretty good getting back to gnome only10:03
gogereaverActionParsnip: bo10:03
yugiohjcjActionParsnip, but my hardware acceleration is enabled10:03
legend2440GhostWolfy: ok open firefox edit> preferences>content tab is java and javascript enabled?10:03
xsebsxActionParsnip: how do i  check that the congif is in my home folder10:03
ActionParsnipyugiohjcj: aticonfig is the command, if you dont have it then the driver isnt correctly installed10:04
ActionParsnipxsebsx: cd ~; ls -a10:04
GhostWolfyyes legend244010:04
ActionParsnipxsebsx: if you see a folder named .nicotine then that is the config for the app10:04
yugiohjcjActionParsnip, ok. But if I follow the instructions when I type 'sudo insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/volatile/fglrx.ko' I got : No such file or directory10:05
xsebsxActionParsnip: just used the reinstall option and when i clicked on the launcher i got the same thing10:05
perscitusAnyone running Ubuntu 9.04 please try installing Kformula and Konversation?10:05
Malekohey is there way to force apt to reinstall package's config files when installing a package?10:05
xsebsxActionParsnip: how do i get rid of nicotine and then reinstall it?10:06
ActionParsnipyugiohjcj: then the driver isnt installed correctly10:06
legend2440GhostWolfy: have you tried you tube yet?10:06
Danbo19allright I'm not making any progress, (maybe I've had too many beers) thanks, I'll be back tomorrow...10:06
yugiohjcjActionParsnip, but this is the instructions to install the driver! So I follow them and I got the error...10:06
ActionParsnipxsebsx: sudo apt-get --purge remove nicotine; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install nicotine10:06
ActionParsnipyugiohjcj: then use a different guide, there are millions throughout the web10:07
Dyllanhi all. I have a bash script, i would like to design a front-end for it to run on gnome desktop, where to start?10:07
Malekoi deleted lighttpd configs in /etc/ after removing lighttpd from ubuntu but now when i reinstall lighttpd it doesnt add the config back10:07
Malekoi deleted lighttpd configs in /etc/ after removing lighttpd from ubuntu but now when i reinstall lighttpd it doesnt add the config back10:07
GhostWolfylegend2440, no let me see what that says10:07
ActionParsnipMaleko: try: sudo apt-get --reinstall install lighttpd10:08
GhostWolfylegend2440, says either i have javascript turned off or an old version of adobe's flash player10:08
noobezi installed flash player from bash but whenever firefox encounters a page that needs it, it freezes and i have to reboot cuz NOTHING works anymore, what's happening? thanks10:08
ActionParsnipnoobez: not even restarting x?10:08
GhostWolfylegend2440, should i try rebooting my computer??10:09
noobezActionParsnip: everything freezes and i cant use anything i have to reboot from reboot button10:09
legend2440GhostWolfy: cant hurt10:09
GhostWolfylegend2440, ok im goign to try10:09
ActionParsnipnoobez: i understand, but does alt+prntscrn+k not make it ok?10:09
ActionParsnipnoobez: just trying to reduce hard poweroffs10:10
ActionParsnipnoobez: what is the output of: uname -a10:10
MalekoActionParsnip: i dont see --reinstall switch in apt-get help10:10
noobezActionParsnip: Linux john 2.6.27-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Aug 18 16:25:45 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux10:11
ActionParsnipMaleko: http://linux.die.net/man/8/apt-get scroll about 50% of the way down10:11
ActionParsnipnoobez: 32bit should be super supported10:11
ActionParsnipnoobez: try uninstalling ALL flash plugins and restarting your browser10:11
noobezActionParsnip: how do i do that?10:12
xsebsxActionParsnip: i still get this output http://pastebin.ca/154691710:12
=== ventti is now known as ventti_away
MalekoActionParsnip: let me try a sec10:12
noobezActionParsnip: im using compiz, could this create the cinflict?10:12
ActionParsnipxsebsx: loosk like a bug to me10:12
xsebsxActionParsnip: by the way, when i rebooted, i noticed, kwallet asked me for my password in order to connect, how do i change from knetworkmanager to wicd?10:13
ActionParsnipnoobez: very possibly, try after hitting alt+f2   and typing:   metacity --replace10:13
xsebsxi remember someone had told me to get wicd which i did10:13
GhostWolfylegend2440, still nothing10:13
xsebsxand i liked it better10:13
ActionParsnipxsebsx: not sure. i dont use silly gui apps for network10:13
legend2440GhostWolfy: you using firefox 3.0 or 3-5?10:14
GhostWolfylegend2440, 3.010:14
xsebsxActionParsnip: what does one do about bugs?10:14
noobezActionParsnip: alright, now i'll try to open a website that needs flash and let u no, thanks10:14
ActionParsnip!bug | xsebsx10:14
ubottuxsebsx: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots10:14
ActionParsnipnoobez: np man, if you uninstall all flash plugins andpackages you have then restart your broser, if you hit a flash site then the plugin should be offered to you10:15
legend2440GhostWolfy: not sure if this will work but read this  http://geek.joshwaihi.com/content/adobe-flash-plugin-firefox-ubuntu-jaunty10:15
optimushow can i recover my deleted file ??10:15
GhostWolfyok legend244010:15
optimusits important10:15
optimusplease help10:15
MalekoActionParsnip: nope..doesnt work10:16
ActionParsnipMaleko: you could find one online maybe10:16
GhostWolfylegend2440, i'll try that and see if it works for me10:16
DodgerDogMy FireFox freezes (it fades to black) all the time, what could be the main cause of this?10:16
=== andi_ is now known as eltigre
noobezActionParsnip: it crashed anyway, how do i uninstall all the flash plugins?10:16
LinaxysI'd like to launch a script on startup, is it okay doing this way ? http://pastebin.com/m46aa4bb310:17
Linaxyshow can I get the log of the startup to see if the script has been launched correctly please ?10:17
velkoDodgerDog, compiz (the cool graphic effects manager) shows this way applications which are busy and don't respond right now10:18
ActionParsnipnoobez: dpkg -l | grep flash     will show you the flash packages installed, you can then remove those10:18
ActionParsnipLinaxys: why not just add the script to your startup items?10:18
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LinaxysActionParsnip, it's ubuntu server10:19
LinaxysI don't really know it10:19
DodgerDogvelko:  is there a way that i can disable it?10:19
ActionParsnipLinaxys: add the scripts name to /etc/rc.local10:19
optimuscan i recover my files10:19
GhostWolfylegend2440, i copied n paste that code on that site and it told me this E: Couldn't find package mv10:19
noobezActionParsnip: what do u think about this? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-firefox-crashes-on-flash-contents-when-using-libflashsupport-in-hardy.html10:19
LinaxysActionParsnip, yes, it's /etc/rc.local, is it fine ?10:19
tiritchibonjour a tous voila j'ai un ti souci c'est que j'ai mon disque dur externe qui est formaté en exFAT et donc il n'es pas reconnu sous ubuntu j'ai voulu installer le patch mais il etait prevu pour des structure i386 et non pas X86_64 comme moi donc si quelqu'un peut m'aider se serait extremement cool10:19
optimusis there anyone who can help me10:19
ActionParsnip!recover | optimus10:19
ubottuoptimus: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel10:19
Linaxystiritchi, #ubuntu-fr10:20
velkoDodgerDog,  go to system -> preferences -> appearance -> visual effects and select "none"10:20
noobezActionParsnip: it's only one package > ii  adobe-flashplugin                                   Adobe Flash Player plugin version 1010: