ipatrolHow do you actually share a file with a given user02:12
aliendude5300The terms and conditions for Ubuntu One say I need a mobile phone with text messaging in order to activate the free Ubuntu One service but I don't have one, what should I do? Can I still use it?02:34
lordmetroidNo you do not02:34
aliendude5300Is there any way I can activate without a text message or have someone activate for me?02:35
lordmetroidYou need an e-mail, I think02:35
jblountaliendude5300: lordmetroid has it right, as long as you have a email address and either already have, or are willing to setup a Launchpad.net account, you'll be fine.02:37
aliendude5300oh, ok. I already have a launchpad account. You should update the terms of service in this case.02:39
lordmetroidWhy is UbuntuOne so slow?12:45
lordmetroidIt downloads the files with around 0.5Kb/sec12:46
lordmetroidIs this a bug or "feature"12:46
lordmetroidDamn it, now I get conflicts as well12:47
jan____conflicts are cool!12:59
jan____statik: or anyone, is aquarius arond?13:00

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