mnemochi, i just installed two 9.04 replaced firefox-3.0 with firefox-3.5 (using standard ubutnu packages) but It doesn't come with search engines :| (the field at the right of the location doesn't come with any option) How can I add google there? :-\ ... it's not even in https://addons.mozilla.org/search-engines.php :(00:10
mnemoc*question moved to #firefox* ;-)00:12
MTec007im trying to set up a MOTD for SSHD but the only thing i can find is the MOTD that is used after login (/etc/motd).  is there a file that will display a MOTD on connect?02:16
mikubuntuguys, my headset works with everything i can think of on my (sort of) new laptop, but it doesn't work with skype, any ideas for troubleshooting?02:33
mikubuntudon't know what the problem could be.  i tried removing pulseaudio and installing esound, but then i got no sound in any configuration i tried, so i reinstalled pulseaudio ...02:33
mistersodhow would I go about booting with a different partition as my home directory04:16
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xsebsxhelp, i just reboot and somehow the panels dissappeared07:25
xsebsxi tried right clicking going to settings and then panel07:26
xsebsxbut to no avail07:26
xsebsxthe panels have abandoned me07:26
xsebsxwhat must i do07:26
xsebsxi tried going to the xfce settings as well07:27
xsebsxdoesn't work07:27
psycho_oreosis this a dist-upgrade?07:29
xsebsxhowdo you mean? no i simply reboot07:30
xsebsxand my panels were gone07:30
psycho_oreosand what did you do last?07:31
xsebsxhere, i jsut opened and terminal and here's the output07:32
xsebsxi'm pretty sure that if i close the terminal though the panels will be gone and they won't be nback if i reboot07:32
psycho_oreosyou didn't answer my question07:33
xsebsxi had rebooted07:33
xsebsxthat's hwat i had done last07:33
xsebsxi'm trying this07:34
psycho_oreosyou rebooted without doing anything.. right07:34
xsebsxif it doesn't work i'll get back07:34
xsebsxi think so07:34
psycho_oreosyou think07:34
xsebsxwhat did i do?07:34
xsebsxi don't remember having seen any dialogue that asked me if i wanted the panel to be removed07:34
psycho_oreosyou're not admitting what you did last, you just proposed a problem, ignoring the rest of the details which may contribute to the cause07:35
xsebsxi closed the programs07:35
xsebsxok, well then  it escapes me07:35
xsebsxi guess i wasn't paying attention but simply trying to reboot07:35
psycho_oreosmeh *shrugs* and if the guide doesn't work, reinstall07:35
xsebsxpsycho_oreos, did you see the output from the terminal i pasted?07:38
psycho_oreosyes and its pointless07:39
xsebsxit doesn't show anything?07:39
psycho_oreosI've given your answer, reinstall07:40
xsebsxwhat if i go to system settings and check that xfce-panel is on the startup apps?07:41
xsebsxpsycho_oreos, i don't want to reinstall07:49
xsebsxi want to fix it07:50
xsebsxin what folder in the system are the applications supposed to be?07:50
xsebsxi need to find the panel's directory07:50
xsebsxin order to add it to the autostartup apps07:50
xsebsxhow cani  find where the xfce4-panel is located?07:53
xsebsxok brb07:55
xsebsxwindows fan07:57
xsebsxnow nicotine won't open07:59
xsebsxi can't open nicotine08:04
xsebsxnow i logged on kde08:08
xsebsxand the xfce panel is on top of the kde panel08:08
xsebsxthis is crzy08:08
xsebsxhow do i get rid of it08:08
xsebsxok i just got rid of it08:09
xsebsxpsycho_oreos, how do i reinstall xubuntu?08:09
xsebsxdo i have to uninstall first? what are the commands psycho_oreos08:09
titan_arkHey, I have just got a new HP notebook and i wanted to install the 64 bit version, needed some help with that10:42
titan_arkNo one around at this hour I guess :(10:44
durtpeople around from all over the world, you just need to ask a question, not too many will agree to long term hand holding10:48
titan_arkhey durt, i tried searching but could not figure out how if the CD i recieved is a 64 bit one10:49
durtit's identified in the file name.10:50
titan_arkhmm oki, thx il need to chk, never used vista and this notebook ships with it! its irritating!10:51
durti386 is 32 bit, amd64 is 64 bit (both amd and intel).10:52
titan_arkoh oki10:52
titan_arkthis seems to be an i38610:52
titan_arkil prolly need to DL the 64 bit one and figure out where to get a blank CDs10:53
titan_arkthx a ton :)10:53
maosheanybody here, who knows how to config a vnc server on ubuntu server, running with xfce14:18
AraneidaeAccidentially broke my xfce4-panel config, lost the menus!  How do I get them back?!14:39
AraneidaeDoesn't seem to be an entry on "Add New Items..."14:41
LaibschDoes anybody else see the problem of the GTK2 theme getting changed after logging in to Gnome and then back in to XFCE?15:05
LaibschWhat's worse, I can't get it back now to its original setting.  XFCE-Menu-Settings-Appearance does not seem to have any effect15:10
JoeZiehmerI have an iMac 500 running Xubuntu 9.04 and I need help getting the colors away from 256 color mode17:14
JoeZiehmerXubuntu 9.04 iMac 500 with 784 of RAM it runs great just want to get the colors right.17:15
JoeZiehmerCan someone help me before I plant a hatchet in it?17:16
LittleItalyhello all, xorg.conf is supposed to be blank right?18:19
LittleItalyasking because i have a 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02), and i cannt get higher res than 800x60018:20
LittleItalyand the solutions online say to edit xorg.conf18:20
LittleItalybut mine is blank, but i also read that it is supposed to be blank now, so i dont know what to do18:20
LittleItalythere is a driver for ati on dells website for fedora 7, but im not sure if i can use that and if i can, how to install it18:22
BesogonLittleItaly, don't you have jockey-gtk?18:34
LittleItalyi dont know, what is that?18:35
Besogonmanager pro drivers... in Ubuntu at least.18:35
LittleItalydo you get that in packet manager?18:36
BesogonI hve got ubuntu and xubuntu on one computer18:37
LittleItalyyeah, but do you get jockey-gtk in the synaptic packet manager?18:39
LittleItalyand what does it do?18:39
Besogonjockey-gtk is a tool that is installed in gnome by default. (What graphics card do you have exactly?)18:41
SiDiLittleItaly: jockey-gtk is the application that allows you to enable and disable drivers for your hardware18:41
LittleItalyohh well in xubuntu it doesnt use gnome18:41
LittleItalyATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02)18:42
SiDiYou can enable/disable most GPU / wifi drivers via jockey-gtk, and if you run  'jockey-gtk -- check 60', it'll check for new hardware every minute18:42
LittleItalyso i shouldnt have it since i have XFCE desktop right?18:43
LittleItalyoh i do, i have tryed that cause i found it on my menu but it always says there are no drivers18:45
SiDiLittleItaly: you should have it18:47
SiDiit's not a gnome app18:47
SiDiit's a gtk+ application18:47
raidfailhello, i'm fairly new to linux (but not to computers) and ran the xubuntu live cd to check it out. but when i tried to go back to my windows vista installation, i was unable because one of the drives in my RAID0 somehow lost its member status. it worked perfectly prior to running the live cd18:47
LittleItalyyeah i have it, but it returns nothing18:47
SiDi(so its not designed specifically for gnome)18:47
raidfailam i screwed?18:47
SiDiLittleItaly: it's meant to run in the background till it finds new hardware18:47
LittleItalybut its not finding any new hardware18:48
SiDiraidfail: running the liveCD doesnt cause anything to be written to your drives or your drives config to change unless you _install_ xubuntu18:48
SiDiraidfail: didnt you change something in your bios prior to booting on the live CD ?18:48
SiDiLittleItaly: then it most likely means it cant find proper drivers for the harware you just plugged in18:49
SiDiWhich wouldnt be surprising at all for an ATI Rage... ATI's support for old hardware is terribly bad18:49
LittleItalyi didnt plug in anything. this is a graphics card18:49
SiDiyou perfectly understood what i meant :P18:49
raidfailSiDi: i only changed the boot order, placing my cd-drive as primary18:50
LittleItalyso i cannt get higher than 800x600?18:50
SiDiraidfail: did you try to change it back ? :P18:50
LittleItalythere is a driver on dell for it for fedora, can i install it on my xubuntu?18:50
SiDihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=533926 LittleItaly18:50
raidfailSiDi: yes lol i did, just one of the drives suddenly reads as non-member disk in my RAID bios18:51
SiDi(when did ATI begin to rename their cards Rage ? T_T My last Rage is 12+ years old)18:51
SiDiraidfail: i think it comes from your bios :/18:51
LittleItalyits an inspirion 4000 laptop, its old18:52
BesogonLittleItaly, http://support.amd.com/us/psearch/Pages/psearch.aspx?type=2.4.2&contentType=GPU%20Download%20Detail  I cant find out you model..18:52
LittleItalyyeah cause its really old lol, ive checked there18:53
LittleItalySiDi, your post refers to radeon cards18:53
raidfailSiDi: damn, its funny, now that xubuntu is the only os working on my pc now via live-cd i really have to test it out. *attempting to look positively* i'm obviously going to have do a reinstall, but  is there anyway to save data i.e. my documents from my windows install?18:54
LittleItalyso can i some how use the dell driver for fedora and install it on xubuntu?18:54
LittleItalyraidfail, use your live cd to explore your hdd directories18:55
LittleItalyget a usb drive and save everything to it18:55
raidfailSiDi: how would i go about mounting them? i didn't see them when poking around filesystem18:56
LittleItalyhow can i use the dell driver for fedora and install it on xubuntu?19:08
LittleItalyare the different types of linux like the different windows where you can not use drivers for xp on windows vista19:09
LittleItalylol, once again, is xorg.conf supposed to be empty?19:13
BesogonLittleItaly, fedora uses RPM-packages. It's bad idea19:16
LittleItalyok, well the solution i keep seeing is to edit etc/x11/xorg.conf file, but it is empty19:17
LittleItalyis it supposed to be empty?19:17
BesogonLittleItaly, yes. It may be emptly.19:17
geniiUppercase X on the pathname X11 part19:18
LittleItalyso that solution wont work for me then19:18
BesogonType xrandr in console and you will see your resolutions19:18
LittleItalymax is 800x60019:19
BesogonSo it seems that you are using VGA driver. What is call cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep Driver19:21
LittleItalythat command didnt do anything19:23
LittleItalybecause xorg.conf is blank19:23
SiDiraidfail: i dont know how to mount failing hardware raid filesystems :P19:24
SiDiyou may wanna ask in channels w/ more people or who know more about raid setups19:24
SiDior even in #windows19:24
SiDiLittleItaly: its empty but if you write stuff inside it, Xorg will read that stuff19:25
LittleItalyso if i copy and paste the stuff on the websites it will work?19:25
raidfailyeah i've been attempting to but its not working19:25
raidfailthanks for the help though!19:25
LittleItalythats the possible solution19:25
BesogonLittleItaly, sudo lshw can tell you which driver is used for your ATI now.19:27
BesogonSaving sinking people is deal of themselves.19:30
BesogonSaving sinking people is deal of sinking people.19:31
LittleItalyit says alot of stuff, i dont see driver listed19:31
SiDilshw tells about the hardware, not driver, Besogon19:32
SiDiLittleItaly: the problem is that ATI probably never released drivers for your GPU that are compatible with the new X.Org version19:33
SiDiso either you'll have to use older versions (that will get unsupported in 1year and a half max), or you mess with xorg.conf, or you get a new shiny GPU :/19:33
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LittleItalyby messing with my blank xorg.conf, pasting in those sections off this site http://wiki.zenwalk.org/index.php?title=ATI_Rage_Mobility_M3_AGP_2x will make it read right?19:34
SiDiyou'd probably need more stuff in19:35
SiDiThere is a command to reconfigure xorg that should generate a default xorg.conf19:35
SiDibut i forgot that command :|19:35
LittleItalywould it be sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg19:36
SiDiyeh :p19:37
SiDisudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg --phigh19:37
SiDii think it's that19:37
SiDiThen you should hopefully have a default xorg.conf on which you can write your changes, then reboot X and see if it works19:37
LittleItalywhats the difference between the command i posted and your command19:38
BesogonSiDi, yes. But if you were readed the hardware information, you would see that there is finger up information about drivers for hardware19:38
BesogonLittleItaly, Do you make your card to work?19:45
LittleItalyno, i didnt try. i wanted to know the difference between the command he posted and the command i posted to make a default xorg.conf file19:45
Besogonmake that you know19:48
LittleItalymake that you know?19:49
SiDiLittleItaly: dpkg-reconfigure is an interactive utility19:49
SiDiit asks a lot of questions19:49
SiDi-phigh stands for --priority high19:49
SiDiit will only list the 'important' questions19:50
SiDiso that you're done much faster :P19:50
LittleItalyohh ok lol. then ill do the phigh19:50
BesogonIs r128 driver actually exist in system? may be it built in kernel?19:53
Besogonha ha ha man r12819:54
LittleItalyso how do i use it?19:57
Besogondpkg -l *r128* said me that I had been installed this driver too19:57
LittleItalyso how do i make it use the driver19:58
SiDisudo modprobe r12819:59
LittleItalyit did it with a warning20:00
Besogonno. How can he use both driver (VGA and r128) at the time? It's impossible. LittleItaly you should make xorg.conf20:01
Besogonthen make sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart20:02
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:03
BesogonLittleItaly, Look at "Setting resolution changes in xorg.conf" paragraph. You need something like that.20:06
BesogonOr just try to change option Driver to "Driver r128" and reboot. may be it will enaugh for you20:12
LittleItalyBesogon, i have fixed it20:40
LittleItalyand http://wiki.zenwalk.org/index.php?title=ATI_Rage_Mobility_M3_AGP_2x20:41
_Trinity_say is Xubuntu plug i and play as ubuntu was when it supported ppc?21:46
lc2_Trinity_: xubuntu pretty much *is* ubuntu with a different UI, and very little of the dark magic is handled by the UI21:47
lc2_Trinity_: so yeah if ubuntu worked fine for you on your hardware, then xubuntu will too21:47
_Trinity_so itl load right into xfce21:49
lc2i've installed it on three (admittedly kinda old) boxen and it just worked21:50
lc2nice how everything works so quickly on a 2.8ghz pentium 4 :)21:50
_Trinity_anything like a 400Mhz?21:50
lc2_Trinity_: no the slowest was a 1.4 athlon21:51
lc2_Trinity_: you might want to try a different window manager if you want to install it on something that slow21:51
_Trinity_I hope I can wath streamed videos on my iMac DV but that may be asking for too much21:51
lc2_Trinity_: back when the dinosaurs ruled the earth, i was on a 233mhz pentium MMX and used windowmaker21:51
lc2_Trinity_: and there's not so much different about linux that means that ubuntu + windowmaker will be significantly slower than red hat 6.2 + windowmaker was back then21:52
_Trinity_sure, Il look around and see if any of my old window managers are still being developed21:52
lc2so yeah, give it a shot21:52
lc2_Trinity_: fvwm and windowmaker still are21:52
lc2_Trinity_: i almost switched to fvwm a little while ago, but sadly, the fvwm menu command line tools don't support ubuntu menus :<21:53
_Trinity_fvwm?? isn that loaded by default with X11?21:53
lc2or rather, whatever application menu system ubuntu uses21:53
lc2_Trinity_: no, you might be thinking twm, fvwm has always been separate21:53
_Trinity_bare minimum of a wm21:53
_Trinity_fluxbox seemed interesting years ago21:54
lc2_Trinity_: heh yes21:54
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lc2_Trinity_: all those neat customisable window managers/environments were fun to me a few years ago21:54
lc2then i realised i just don't have the time for that21:54
_Trinity_well, once I get Xubuntu instaled Il see what around in the repositories21:55
lc2gone are the days when i would spend days on a custom fvwm setup, and fight off dinosaurs while listening to that hip new artist "beethoven" etc21:55
_Trinity_same here, and that why I thought about xfce on  Xubuntu, but wel see how it performs21:55
lc2_Trinity_: i dare say somewhere between "bag of shit" and "slower than molasses"21:56
lc2but another desktop environment won't hurt that at all21:56
lc2windowmaker will do just fine for a slow system21:56
_Trinity_there was a fluxbox bsaed verssion of ubuntu but lst i checked it didn go anywhere21:57
lc2_Trinity_: not to worry, you can always install fluxbox and make it your window manager21:57
_Trinity_how about E17? Enlightenment?21:58
lc2_Trinity_: yeah probably21:58
lc2wow, i just about remember enlightenment lol21:58
lc2how long have you been using linux _Trinity_?22:00
_Trinity_I used to use it back in university22:01
_Trinity_used it for about 5 years22:01
lc2like what year did you start?22:01
lc2you remember enlightenment so it's been a while lol22:01
_Trinity_I started sometime after ubuntu started22:01
_Trinity_and hoary?22:02
_Trinity_I ws around about then22:02
_Trinity_always used the ppc ports22:02
lc2oh okay22:02
* lc2 has been using linux since about 199822:02
_Trinity_but I wasn t using ubuntu or any sort of linux when ppc got dropped22:03
lc2full-time since 200122:03
_Trinity_so thats my issue22:03
lc2i switched to freebsd for a few years then came back around the time of hardy22:03
_Trinity_I used debian before and fiddled around with mandrake, as it ws called22:03
lc2wow, lol22:04
_Trinity_and yellowdog but those were not even close to my taste22:04
lc2old times, lol22:04
_Trinity_and mandrake also dropped oficial support for ppc22:04
_Trinity_and that was really felt when running it22:04
lc2mm :<22:04
_Trinity_so I have worries about ppc ubuntu going the same way and ruining my user experience22:05
_Trinity_on this iMac, since it became my main computer now that my laptop is on the fritz22:05
lc2wow that sucks :/22:06
lc2like one of those big CRT-based imacs?22:06
_Trinity_everything looks dark22:06
_Trinity_especially pics22:07
_Trinity_its more reliaable than the yonah based macbook pros that cost me a bundle of $$. Apple is shit now22:08
_Trinity_excuse my language22:08
lc2i've sometimes wanted a mac22:08
lc2but i don't think i could change how i work that easily22:09
_Trinity_yeah, I got used t them in university and always ran both OS X and Linux side by side, dual boots22:10
lc2i also couldn't do without a fast native version of gimp, even if photoshop exists and might be superior22:10
_Trinity_I bought one window based once and swore t never buy another pc. So I got turned off of pcs because of windows22:11
lc2although gimp 2.8 is going to suck so much that i might have to find something else :/22:11
_Trinity_really the yonah processor is an intel processor22:11
_Trinity_so really I got burned by buying  a pc again22:12
lc2eh, for almost as long as i've had my own computer i've been running linux, so i'm not really burned by PCs22:12
_Trinity_well, thank for ansering my questions. I got to move on. I expect to install Xubuntu later today.22:13
lc2_Trinity_: okay :)22:14
lc2i'm not sure if i even answered your questions but that's okay, hahaha22:14
lc2have a good day :)22:15
LittleItalyHello, i dont know why, but after configuring my xorg.conf i have no sound. the only soundi get is beeping when xubuntu boots and turns off22:18
TheSheep!sound | LittleItaly22:21
ubottuLittleItaly: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP322:21
jarmendaGot a question if I may. Using Xubuntu 9.04. All works well but if I reboot the box I lose the settings for my display refresh rate. Tried using settings/settings editor but can't seem to lock it down. Seems to be a bit more of an XFCE issue. Any general help in the right direction would be great!22:25
LittleItalywhat volume control is it talking about TheSheep?22:27
TheSheepLittleItaly: right-click on the panel, select 'add item', scroll down to 'volume control' and drag it onto the panel22:44
LittleItalyi had that and it doesnt show alsa mixer22:47
lc2jarmenda: hmmm22:47
LittleItalyhow did changing my xorg.conf file mess with my sound?22:48
lc2jarmenda: are you using a CRT22:48
lc2LittleItaly: it didn't, xorg.conf has nothing to do with sound22:48
LittleItalyis there a command or something to restore default sound settings? cause it was working22:48
LittleItalyor do you think installing the closest alsa driver to my sound card will work22:49
lc2make sure whatever program you are using is using the proper output driver22:52
lc2program being music/whatever else program22:52
lc2that's not directly related to changing your xorg.conf, since X has nothing at all to do with sound22:52
_Trinity_lc2: say what's the difference between installing the alternate Xubuntu and alternate Ubuntu CD?22:54
lc2_Trinity_: your default window manager22:54
LittleItalywell, i can see that in my sound mixer the output of my ess 1983 is not there anymore22:54
_Trinity_but doesn't the alternate CD just install a server type install without X?22:55
lc2_Trinity_: i believe so22:55
_Trinity_so there woul probably be little difference22:55
lc2_Trinity_: yes22:55
_Trinity_because that might be my best option for my iMac, a server install and then manuall install a wm over22:55
lc2LittleItaly: sorry, you'll have to wait around for someone more experienced than me with ubuntu, i don't know how editing your xorg.conf could cause that22:56
_Trinity_back to my debian days22:56
LittleItalytrying to install alsa, but the make file is not working23:53
LittleItalyand then make install does not work23:53
LittleItaly./configure works and does its thing23:54
psycho_oreosalsa already comes with xubuntu23:54

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