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MTeckI want to start a project. It's taking something that's being developed in git and modifying it signaficantly. I doubt we'll continue on this project once our efforts are merged into the main branch. So it will be somewhat displosable... Any suggestions for how to handle it?02:30
thumperMTeck: request a git import for the project02:50
thumperMTeck: then you can work with the bzr copy02:50
MTeckthumper: I was just wondering if I should make a whole new team for it02:51
thumperMTeck: so your changes are intended to be merged back into the git trunk?02:51
MTeckhope so02:51
thumperMTeck: well, register the project in LP, request a git import and mark it as the trunk branch02:51
thumperMTeck: what is the rationale about wanting a team?02:52
thumperMTeck: individuals can work colaboratively too without teams02:52
MTeckIt's a few people that will be working on the project02:52
MTeckI think just 4, but I don't want access to trunk to be given to just one person02:53
thumperMTeck: sure, register a team, it's pretty simple02:53
thumperMTeck: well, trunk will be owned by ~vcs-imports initially02:53
thumperMTeck: your version can be owned by whomever you want02:53
MTeckI was mostly concerned if it would be worth the new project02:53
MTeckThinking about it - it might be02:54
thumperif you are intending your code to be merged back02:54
thumperI don't see the point of a new project02:54
thumperit is just new work for the existing project02:54
MTeckoh, ok02:54
thumperthat may or may not be merged back02:54
thumperif the direction changes and effectively forks02:54
MTeckI have the new team - no project until I click a button02:54
thumperthen it is worthwhile registering a new project02:54
MTeckI doubt a fork will happen :P02:55
thumperin which case02:55
thumperstick with the original project02:55
MTeckso.. how do I request the merge?02:55
thumperMTeck: which project?02:56
thumperMTeck: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/code-imports/+new02:57
thumpernot that02:57
MTeckI lost something :(02:57
MTeckwas it my mind?02:57
thumperMTeck: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/+code-imports/+new02:58
MTeckso - I need to create a project for it then?02:58
thumperthere is a coreutils project02:58
thumperThe Gnu Core Utilities02:58
thumperis that it?02:58
MTecknow I just wait?03:01
thumperMTeck: shouldn't be long03:01
MTeckthumper: then I can be given the repo?03:02
thumperMTeck: the import is running03:02
thumperMTeck: I can't remember if we email you when it is done or not :)03:02
arandAre there currently problems with the remote bug watching for gnome bugzilla?03:05
thumperarand: not sure sorry03:05
thumperspm: any idea?03:05
arandI noticed Bug #24617703:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246177 in gnumeric "gnumeric help on plot log scale unclear" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24617703:08
MTeckthumper: so that machine is doing 3 imports.03:09
arand" Launchpad couldn't import bug #563275 from GNOME Bug Tracker. "03:09
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 563275 could not be found03:09
MTecklp is confusing - always new features03:09
MTeckwhat is a heartbeat?03:11
thumperMTeck: we could slow down if you like?03:11
spmthumper: I know in passing that gmb has been doing some things around the watcher (or so I construed), but to actual issues - not aware of any.03:11
thumperMTeck: it means that the import slave is alive :)03:11
thumperMTeck: if we stop getting heartbeats, it has zombied, so we kill it :)03:11
MTeckthumper: What is a heartbeat though?03:12
thumperMTeck: it is the import slave talking to the import controller03:12
MTeckthumper: you've had an import runnign for 1/2 mo ?03:15
thumperMTeck: heh, that's the linux kernel03:15
thumperMTeck: we try it every now and then03:15
MTecklol - how long does it usually take?03:15
thumperMTeck: well, the new bzr repo format should make that go much faster03:16
thumperMTeck: we normally kill it before it has finished03:16
MTeckYOu should move "Last heartbeat" to the right a few spaces03:18
thumperMTeck: the new 3.0 layout has changed some things03:18
thumperMTeck: table padding is one03:18
thumperMTeck: we will be fixing it soonish :)03:18
MTeckwhenever the new layout is finished? :P03:19
thumperMTeck: it should be for 3.003:20
thumperin about 3ish weeks03:20
MTeckThis import is going to take a while, isn't it?03:20
* thumper looks again03:21
thumperMTeck: yes03:22
MTeckat least I started now instead of when I needed it :P03:22
MTeckany guesses how long?03:22
MTeckSo, after the import, do I just take ownership of the branch and if I ever need, request an import of a fresh one?03:25
thumperMTeck: well it started 40 minutes ago and is 1/3 through03:41
thumperMTeck: so check back in 1.5h03:41
MTeckok, cool03:41
MTeckand the last question? :)03:41
MTeckthumper: thanks for checking too03:41
thumperMTeck: no, the import will track the changes03:42
thumperMTeck: you branch it and have a personal copy03:42
thumperMTeck: you should set the import as the development focus03:42
thumperMTeck: actually you can't, it is owned by registry admins03:42
MTeckok, thanks03:42
thumperspm: can you set the import as the dev focus for coreutils?03:42
charles_new here03:43
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days_of_ruinCould someone change the permissions on this blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/giftwrap/+spec/use-libunique I am a member of the giftwrap-devs and I cannot edit this blueprint, I can edit all of the other ones.04:15
days_of_ruinI think it is because there used to be a different team that that branch was registered under.04:16
days_of_ruinAny lp admins on?04:26
micahgdays_of_ruin: if no one answers, you can file a request here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad04:28
MTeckdays_of_ruin: You need to file a request for something like that anyway04:30
days_of_ruinMTeck, ok thanks for the info.04:31
MTeckdays_of_ruin: oh - I call the lp admins "rubber duckies"04:32
MTeckdays_of_ruin: look at the bottom - https://edge.launchpad.net/~spm04:34
thumperdays_of_ruin: it is the icon of the admin team :)04:37
MTeckthumper: https://edge.launchpad.net/~hardware-certification04:37
thumperMTeck: what about it?04:38
MTeckthumper: I just thought I'd let somebody know it's wrong04:38
MTecktowards isn't actually a word04:39
thumperMTeck: yep it is04:41
thumperkinda depends who you ask04:41
thumperI'll check my shorter oxford later04:41
mwhudsonmaybe a us/uk thing?04:41
MTeckNo - an English vs. Bad English thing04:41
MTeckit's like when people say probly instead of probably04:42
mwhudsonMTeck: no it isn't04:42
* MTeck world has been flipped04:43
mwhudsonlaunchpad is mostly us-ian english04:43
MTeckmwhudson: thanks for that link04:44
MTeckI need to run off now04:44
mthaddontowards something, perhaps...04:44
thumpermthaddon: heh05:04
spivHmm, Launchpad is confused about me upgrading a hosted branch to 2a.05:57
mwhudsonspiv: how so05:58
spivlp:~spiv/bzr/insert-stream-check-chk-root is now 2a.  It is stacked on lp:bzr/2.0, which is also 2a.  But LP says: "05:58
spivlp:~spiv/bzr/insert-stream-check-chk-root is now 2a.  It is stacked on lp:bzr/2.0, which is also 2a.  But LP says: "CHKInventoryRepository('lp-mirrored:///~bzr-pqm/bzr/2.0/.bzr/repository') is not compatible with KnitPackRepository('lp-mirrored:///~spiv/bzr/insert-stream-check-chk-root/.bzr/repository') different rich-root support05:58
spiv« No branches proposed for merging into this one. "05:58
mwhudsonspiv: hey, the puller is open source now, feel free to fix it :)05:59
spivThe wrong piece of that puzzle would appear to be that lp-mirrored:///~spiv/bzr/insert-stream-check-chk-root/ is apparently not upgraded.05:59
mwhudsonspiv: i guess we're trying to open the branch in it's mirrored area to determine it's format06:00
mwhudsonand of course, if we could open it, we'd find it was different from the format in the hosted area and delete it06:00
thumper\o/ finally have tests for this annoying email bug06:01
mwhudsonthumper: are you working on the merge proposal listing bug?06:01
mwhudsonpoolie elevated it to critical06:01
thumperand I reduced it to high06:01
spivmwhudson: oh, so the issue is that it needs to open it to find out the format, but because the branch is now unopenable because the stacked-on is now incompatible, it all falls over in a big heap?06:02
mwhudsonspiv: that's my guess06:02
mwhudsonspiv: haven't looked at the code yet though06:03
spivmwhudson: that can probably be worked around by opening just the repository directly, I guess.06:03
mwhudsonspiv: we want to check the branch format too though?06:03
spivmwhudson: sure, but if the repository formats don't match you don't need to check the branch :)06:03
mwhudsoni guess06:03
spivThere's an ignore_fallbacks flag on open_branch now.06:04
mwhudson        except errors.NotBranchError:06:04
spivYou could probably use that.06:04
mwhudson->         except (errors.NotBranchError, whatevers raised here):06:04
mwhudsonin puller/worker.py:310 would also do it06:04
mwhudsonbut it's a bit of a hack06:04
spivmwhudson: I'll file a bug I guess.  This is pretty important though because it means no existing 1.9 bzr branches that are stacked can be upgraded.06:06
* mwhudson points spiv at his build engineer hat06:06
mwhudsonspiv: but yes06:07
spivmwhudson: that would be a hard hat, I suppose.06:07
mwhudsonspiv: it has special attachments to collect the tears of blood06:07
spivmwhudson: would it be excessively rude to file it with Critical priority?06:14
thumperspiv: yes06:15
thumperspiv: high is fine06:15
spivthumper: So "high" would merely be rude, rather than excessively so? ;)06:16
spivthumper: #42413606:16
thumperspiv: do you know how to fix this?06:16
thumperspiv: because to speed it up we could get some branches copied to staging, and try it there06:17
spivthumper: yes; see the conversation I just had with mwhudson or the bug description06:17
thumperspiv: feel free to provide a branch that fixes it :)06:17
thumperspiv: and I'll support the criticality of it06:17
MTeckthumper: it doesn't look like the import finished correctly06:42
MTeckit ran 3hr 20min06:42
MTeckgah - how do you guys pick server names :S06:46
spmdepends on how vindictive the dce is feeling when it comes time to name them06:50
spmdata centre engineer06:50
MTeckgalapagos isn't so bad - but neumayer and russkaya ....06:51
MTeckway over my head06:51
MTecksome of the others are just way out there too :P06:51
spmmind you... we typically use ssh cmd completion so it's no such a big deal ;-)06:51
spmpraseodymium aka prasé06:52
MTeckI've tried learning other languages - never could06:52
spivspm: so the acute on that é is the notation for where to use TAB completion? ;)06:52
spmis one of the ... controller servers fwiw.06:52
MTeck2 years and all I have is , mas cervas por favor06:52
MTeckadn puedo ir al bano06:53
spmspiv: nah, was james having a troll at mwhudson and myself when we started shortning praseodymium to prase. he felt it had earnt the é :-)06:53
mwhudsonMTeck: all the importd slaves are named after antartic research stations06:53
MTeckI'd name them like importslave0106:54
spmMTeck: I didn't know you were studying accountancy at Uni? ;-)06:54
spmcall it the zen of sysadmin. always give servers real names. not numerical ones. they tend to be... cared for??? better.06:55
MTeckI've been studying accounting - failed two classes so far06:55
spmMTeck: my meaning being that only accounting/managerial types tend to want "professional server names".06:55
MTeckI wouldn't really name them like that - I do like simple names though06:55
MTecklike carpo, sermo, inferno, etc06:56
MTeckoh - yes, I do likey the latin spins06:57
spmhaving real names has the advantage that the servers are... distinct. You dont get gobbledegook like CBTG01FP0706:57
MTeckyou mean like what happens in windows? :P06:57
spmno comment06:57
ojwbC3P0 and R2D2?06:58
MTeckevery server name I get has some light spin from this - http://www.math.ubc.ca/~cass/frivs/latin/latin-dict-full.html06:58
spmheh. nice!06:58
spmminerals was one prior favourite06:58
MTeckI'm just thinking - if I had a honeypot system, what would I call it06:59
spmI did laugh at how the Centre for Information Technology Research named all their machines after fruit. CITR == citrus == fruit.06:59
MTeckcorip is what I would name a honeypot system07:00
MTeckcorripio :  to seize, snatch up, steal, (of a disease) attack07:00
MTeckI just like short easy to pronounce names :P07:02
MTeckspm: that's interesting07:03
jmlMTeck, prase is a terrible name :)07:08
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dreamcat4hi all08:21
dreamcat4launchpad/code: registering a new branch08:21
dreamcat4what's the difference between 'hosted' and 'mirrored' choice?08:22
radixmirrored means that launchpad will pull the code from somewhere else08:22
radixhosted means you will push the code with bzr directly to launchpad08:23
dreamcat4does it have to be another bzr repository or can it be github ?08:23
radixif you want to host code directly on launchpad, you don't actually have to "register a branch", you just need to push to lp:~<user-or-team>/<project-name>/<branch-name>08:23
jmldreamcat4, if you want, you can import a branch from github.08:23
dreamcat4radix, that's pretty cool08:24
dreamcat4okay looks like i should go the hosted route08:24
dreamcat4thanks all08:24
dreamcat4actually... i have written up a page about bzr-git importing08:25
dreamcat4you are welcome to put it in the ubuntu wiki08:25
uweschI#ve a question about projects and translations08:40
uweschsomeone here who can answer?08:40
dpmuwesch: please post the question first :-)08:41
uweschdpm: okay ;)08:42
uweschI am a translator in the inkscape project https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape08:43
uweschthere is a button "Translatins" but there is nothing inside08:43
uweschi would like to use this for my translations08:44
uweschWho can help here?08:44
dpmuwesch: I seem to remember that inkscape does not use Launchpad for translations. They only use it for bugs. Let me check...08:46
uweschi know08:46
uweschand i don't know how other translation teams work together08:47
uweschI'm in the German Team and i would like to use launchpad for translation issues08:47
dpmoh, I understand your question now...08:47
dpmwell there would be 2 options, if I'm not mistaken:08:48
henningeuwesch:  https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/08:50
henningeuwesch: https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/YourProject08:50
dpm1) Only inkscape upstream can decide on this, so you could contact them and convince them to use Launchpad for translations08:51
uweschhenninge: thx08:51
dpmhenninge: he's not upstream, though. He's a translator and would like to use LP for inkscape translations (which are not currently in LP)08:52
dpmuwesch: you can point upstream to the links henninge showed you08:52
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uweschokay, thank you08:54
dpmuwesch: or 2) you (or upstream) can create a translation group (https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/+groups/) for inkscape and have it translatable in LP only for those teams who wish to use LP (see Gnucash as an example -> https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/gnucash). I've never done this myself, so I cannot help you much with the details, but danilo, henninge or jtv might be able to assist you if you'd like to go down that route08:58
henningedpm: ah, ok. I did that out of reflex .... ;)09:00
uweschthanks a lot09:08
dpmuwesch: and one last note: for 1) getting upstream's translations into Launchpad would be as easy as mirroring upstream's SVN repo from http://inkscape.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/inkscape/ in a bzr branch in LP and importing their translations. And with the new "commit translations to branches" feature, they could even set up a bzr branch where translations can be committed to automatically and they can then import them to their SVN09:10
dpmBut upstream would have to decide on that09:10
philni need to delete a team... :/ and send every current member a message, there's no mailing list configured for the team... can someone help me please?09:11
uweschdpm: I've to talk to the maintainers of the inkscape project ;)09:11
dpmuwesch: sure, I just wanted to let you know the options :)09:12
wgrantphiln: Only an admin can delete a team, but you can easily email all the members if you're a member.09:12
wgrantphiln: https://launchpad.net/~someteam/+contactuser09:12
philni am admin09:13
wgrantphiln: A Launchpad administrator, sorry.09:13
wgrantphiln: You can ask somebody to deactivate the team for you at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion09:13
philni'll first send the goodbye message09:14
henningeuwesch: I looked at the inkscape translations09:19
henningeuwesch: it looks like it would be pretty easy to start using Launchpad Translations.09:19
uweschhenninge: really?09:19
henningeuwesch: They already generate a template file09:20
henningeuwesch: inkscape.pot in http://inkscape.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/inkscape/inkscape/trunk/po/09:20
philni'm trying to log in to the wiki... but the connection page keeps loading, endlessly09:20
uweschokay. so what would be the next steps?09:20
henningeuwesch: to setup code imports into Launchpad from that svn repository09:21
henningeuwesch: and then activate translation import from bzr09:21
henningeuwesch: bazaar09:21
henningeubottu: http://www.bazaar-vcs.org/09:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:22
henningeuwesch: ^09:22
henningeuwesch: when the svn repository is imported into Launchpad it is converted to bzr.09:23
henningea bazaar repository, I mean.09:23
henningeuwesch: and Launchpad Translations can import directly from there.09:23
henningeuwesch: BUT09:23
uweschnever heared about a bazaar repository09:24
henningeuwesch: to use the translations made in Launchpad, they will have to be exported again and then merged into inkscapes svn repository.09:25
henningeuwesch: yeah, we were discussing that problem on the mailing list .... ;-)09:25
henningeuwesch: I mean, that not enough people even know a about Bazaar.09:25
henningeuwesch: Bazaar is a great alternative to subversion.09:26
henningeuwesch: it is a distributed version control system, not centralized like subversion is.09:26
henningeuwesch: anyway, I am sure the inkscape people do know about it since they seem to have been working with Launchpad for longer.09:27
henningeuwesch: You might hear a common prejudice (Voruteil) concerning Launchpad Translations09:27
henningeuwesch: Vorurteil09:28
henningemeine Güte09:28
henningepardon my spelling, English and German ;)09:28
uweschwir können auch deutsch reden ;)09:28
henningeuwesch: The predjudice is that Translations in  Launchpad are bad because anybody can add translations.09:37
henningeuwesch: that is OLD and has been fixed a long time ago.09:37
uweschokay, that make sense09:37
uweschi should really takl to the maintainers of the inkscape project09:38
henningeuwesch: Launchpad Translations has mechanisms in place to let anybody make *suggestions* which are then approved by the core translators.09:38
henningeuwesch: yes, you should. Maybe there are other translations teams for incscape that would like to use Launchpad, too.09:39
henningeuwesch: raise it on the mailing list09:39
henningeI assume there is one ;-)09:39
uweschhenninge: that's a very good idea, thank you09:39
henningeuwesch: my pleasure09:40
SiDiHi people10:42
SiDiIs the server hosting bazaar's web interface down ? I can't browse revisions at the moment10:43
Kamping_KaiserHi all. Does LP provide read-only mirrors of bzr branches, or are all branches on LP read-write?10:43
intellectronicaKamping_Kaiser: they're all read/write, but only by the user the branch belongs to10:47
intellectronicaKamping_Kaiser: so, ~intellectronica/launchpad/my-branch is read/write to me, but read-only to you10:48
intellectronicaKamping_Kaiser: and ~kamping_kaiser/yourproject/yourbranch is read/write to you but read-only to me10:48
intellectronicaKamping_Kaiser: you can use teams to make a branch that is read/write for more than one user, but the usual model is that another user should branch and then offer the changes for merging, rather than modify trunk directly10:49
Kamping_Kaiserintellectronica: thanks for that. it all sounds sane enough. :)10:50
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bacHello Launchpad.  I'm the help contact today.  Please contact me with your questions.11:01
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Kmoswhy 'ubuntu' as project in not valid in Also affects project ?12:16
wgrantKmos: It's a distribution, not a project.12:16
Kmosah ok.. how could I assign a bug to the team who takes care of ubuntu launchpad page? bug 42107812:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421078 in apport "no "apport-collect" link on bug pages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42107812:19
Kmosor subscribe12:19
KmosI'm not sure if ubuntu drivers are acorrect12:20
lfaraoneKmos: you'd want to file that against Soyuz.12:23
wgrantlfaraone: No, Soyuz is not relevant here.12:23
intellectronicalfaraone, KmosL actually, that has nothing to do with soyu12:23
lfaraonewgrant: sorry, I mean malone.12:23
Kmoslfaraone: you can't add apport-collect to every project in launchpad12:24
lfaraoneKmos: but it'd need to be modified in malone.12:24
wgrantlfaraone is right.12:24
intellectronicaKmos: next week, we're going to disable bug filing via the web interface, and point users to a wiki page with clear instructions on how to use these tools. i think that pretty much covers what you're asking for?12:24
Kmoslfaraone: see my comment in the bug report, that can be avoided12:24
wgrantintellectronica: This is from within within existing bugs.12:25
Kmosintellectronica: sure12:25
Kmosif you add some extra text about existing bugs12:25
lfaraoneKmos: I think intellectronica is kidding.12:25
intellectronicalfaraone: i am very serious, actually12:25
lfaraoneintellectronica: Oh? Hm.12:25
intellectronicawgrant: i don't understand, is the suggestion that we display information on how to add more information using apport-collect on bug pages for existing bugs?12:26
wgrantintellectronica: Precisely.12:26
lfaraoneintellectronica: Yes.12:26
intellectronicahmmm ... that's an interesting idea12:26
lfaraoneintellectronica: or better yet, add something akin to "apt:" which calls on apport from a browser.12:26
intellectronicawell, file the bug on malone, we'll have to think if that's really something we want to do, but it's not a bad idea12:27
lfaraoneintellectronica: that'd be harder, but prolly a good project for next year's GSoC12:27
lfaraoneKmos: I added malone to the bug.12:27
intellectronicawe write code all year round. lfaraone, if you want to jump in and contribute a patch i'll be happy to help12:27
intellectronicabut let's wait a bit until we're sure we actually want this feature and how it's going to be designed12:28
lfaraoneintellectronica: if I had 5usd for each time I said "hey, that'd be a cool project to do when I'm free", I wouldn't have to worry about paying for college :)12:28
intellectronicalfaraone, Kmos: thanks12:28
Kmoslfaraone: I saw it now =) thanks12:28
lfaraoneKmos: glad to help, sorry for the initial misdirection.12:28
KmosI think we need it to be enabled only in some distributions. (x)ubuntu12:29
lfaraoneKmos: that'd be the easy part :)12:29
intellectronicalfaraone: oh, you don't get five bucks whenever you have a good idea? here in europe we do. it's part of the comprehensive health care system ;)12:29
lfaraoneintellectronica: yeah, but you end up paying 4.99$ of it back due to VAT ;)12:30
bigjoolslfaraone: you can edit the target of a bugtask instead of creating a new one, FYI12:37
bigjoolssoyuz is going to get bugmail now :(12:37
bigjoolsuntil deryck fixes that ;)12:38
wgrantThis is why we have the null project.12:39
lfaraonebigjools: well, I marked it as invalid.12:41
bigjoolslfaraone: I saw - but unfortunately it will still get bug mail :(12:41
lfaraonebigjools: that's silly.12:41
savum.. is there anything wrong the doubah machine?12:53
sav(ppa) https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8188112:54
wgrantsav: That's impressive, but nothing to do with that particular builder.12:55
sav* Builder: https://launchpad.net/builders/doubah  * Source: not available12:56
wgrantThat's probably the buildd-manager race thing again.12:56
wgrantbigjools: ^^12:56
wgrantsav: So, everything is OK, except the build status. The binaries are built and published.12:57
savthanks for helping! :)12:58
savwgrant: I just noticed that https://launchpad.net/builders/doubah says the builder deactivated. Should I just rebuild it?12:58
bigjoolswgrant: remind me what that was again?12:58
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wgrantbigjools: buildd-manager sometimes races with itself and dispatches a successful build a second time.13:00
bigjoolsah the double build13:00
bigjoolsthought that was fixed.13:00
wgrantsav: No need. It's all fine now, but will fail the same way if you retry.13:00
wgrantMaybe get cprov to beat that build over the head when he wakes up.13:00
wgrant(ie. fix the status up)13:00
wgrantbigjools: So did I.13:01
savwgrant: ok, thanks, I'll just leave it there, I have to get the next package ready. I won't touch it for the next 3-4 days (or even more heh)13:02
wgrantsav: The only problem you'll see is the red X on your PPA page. Everything else is fine.13:03
savooohh alrighty then :)13:03
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cumulus007Hi, I'm trying to set up my own PPA. I want to have daily builds of Digikam in my PPA. I'm wondering how to upload the source code to my PPA. I can only upload .changes files15:06
bigjoolscumulus007: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading15:06
cumulus007I read that, but that doesn't help me. It says I can only upload .changes files15:06
bigjoolsno it doesn't :)15:07
bigjools"Dput uploads the following files: "15:07
cumulus007yes I see, but can it upload source code in a tar.gz archive?15:07
bigjoolscumulus007: no, source packages don't work like that15:07
cumulus007hm okay, I'll read https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage then15:08
bigjoolsyou need to read about debian packaging15:08
bigjoolscumulus007: let me know how you get on15:08
cumulus007sure :)15:08
MTeckI wonder if vcs will ever finish importing this package :(15:12
c0rtis0nHey, when I want to upload a patch to launchpad which files are needed?15:21
MTeckc0rtis0n: #launchpad-dev can help you better15:21
cumulus007bigjools: debian packaging is complicated :|15:23
c0rtis0nÖhm sry but i thought -dev is for Launchpad-development only? What i ment were that i want to patch a bug wich is reported at launchpad15:23
bigjoolsyep :/15:23
MTeckc0rtis0n: bug number?15:27
c0rtis0nMTeck Bug #158784 (I'am tkranz there...)15:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 158784 in cowbell "Typo in the translation makes cowbell writing wrong titles" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15878415:30
MTeckc0rtis0n: oh - Click "Add an attachment", add a comment, pick your patch file, then click the check box "This attachment is a patch"15:32
c0rtis0nI just don't know what the patch file is exactly... the diff.gz, the .dsc file, both or ist just the .fix file needed15:34
MTeckcombine them into a tarball15:34
c0rtis0nok thank you very mcuh15:35
MTeckAll they probably need is the diff.gz - but you may as well give them the whole thing15:36
c0rtis0nI've uploaded the tarball now. Thx again.15:38
cumulus007bigjools: I don't understand how to make a source package. I downloaded the latest revision of the digikam trunk and what should I do next? according to the ubuntu Wiki, I should download a pre-made debian source package but of course that isn't available for digikam trunk15:52
bigjoolscumulus007: have you looked to see if someone has already built a package?15:52
cumulus007well I don't think so because it's trunk15:52
bigjoolsI suggest you start with an existing package15:53
bigjoolsand update it15:53
cumulus007that's a good idea15:54
bigjoolsthen amend debian/control to change the version to something more appropriate for your PPA15:54
MTeckMez: So... how've you been?15:54
cumulus007where can I find source packages? Do I have to enable the "source code" checkbox in Software Sources?15:54
bigjoolscumulus007: yes15:54
cumulus007Okay  :)15:54
cumulus007bigjools: I enabled it, reloaded my package lists but there is still can't find a digikam source package15:58
bigjoolscumulus007: apt-get source digikam16:00
cumulus007bigjools: lol forgot about that, it's downloading :)16:03
cumulus007bigjools: done. All I have to do now is to package the trunk into a tar.gz archive and rename it to a orig.tar.gz file?16:05
bigjoolssomething like that, but check the package.  your best bet now is to ask in #ubuntu-motu for more packaging advice16:06
cumulus007Okay, thanks for the help :)16:07
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MTeckYou guys think this will ever finish? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/coreutils/ddhash17:19
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emma henninge, jtv, Ursinha, danilos hi!17:30
Ursinhahi emma :)17:30
danilosheya emma :)17:32
emmaHehe :)17:32
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MTeckUrsinha: You know anything about vcs-import?17:44
UrsinhaMTeck, what exactly?17:44
Ursinha(hi, btw :))17:44
MTeckhi :), how've you been?17:44
MTeckUrsinha: thsi keeps failing - https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/coreutils/ddhash17:44
UrsinhaMTeck, let me see the cause17:45
Ursinharockstar, hi :)17:46
rockstarUrsinha, hello.17:46
Ursinharockstar, I'm looking for a bug for this: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/31314543/coreutils-ddhash-log.txt and decided to ask you about it17:47
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rockstarUrsinha, I don't think there's a bug for that, but I'm willing to bet it's actually a bug in bzr-git.  Maybe search there.17:49
Ursinharockstar, I just found bug 41947817:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419478 in launchpad-code "lp:~vcs-imports/rainbow-olpc/mstone-trunk import failing: NoSuchRevision" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41947817:49
Ursinhathat mentions bug 40281417:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402814 in bzr-git "NotImplementedError importing a branch with submodules" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40281417:49
MTeckI think I need to take off pretty soon17:50
UrsinhaMTeck, I'd suggest you to subscribe yourself to bug 41947817:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419478 in launchpad-code "lp:~vcs-imports/rainbow-olpc/mstone-trunk import failing: NoSuchRevision" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41947817:50
MTeckok, I will17:51
rockstarUrsinha, is jelmer subscribed to those bugs as well?17:57
Ursinharockstar, don't know17:57
rockstarUrsinha, bugs in git importing probably need to be seen by him.17:58
Ursinharockstar, in the bzr-git he might be indirectly, he made comments in that bug17:59
Ursinhain the bug 419478 don't think so18:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419478 in launchpad-code "lp:~vcs-imports/rainbow-olpc/mstone-trunk import failing: NoSuchRevision" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41947818:00
Ursinharockstar, hm, it seems he's on both18:00
rockstarOkay, great.  Just so that he knows.18:01
Ursinharockstar, but it seems he marked the bug as incomplete18:03
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bacsinzui: did you intend that OEM call to be 11 hours long?  i may have to decline.18:25
sinzuibac: there should also be an email sent 30 seconds later that shows it may be 45 minutes long18:26
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james_whow do I get to the source code of a branch from the branch page now?19:19
AlexC_wondering if it would be possible to get someone to review these files: https://translations.launchpad.net/tangocms/trunk/+imports?field.filter_status=all&field.filter_extension=pot19:40
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=== bac changed the topic of #launchpad to: Launchpad is now open sourced: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Help contact: - | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | irc://irc.freenode.net/#launchpad-dev is the developer channel
bachi AlexC_, unfortunately the translations team is finished for the day.19:48
AlexC_oh man19:49
AlexC_well thanks anyway, guess I'll have to wait another few days for automatic translations to import so I can do what I wanted to do days ago :P19:50
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ohmyI would like to have your feeding, is the actual version of launchpad suitable to run on production environement ? i mean, i would like to host an application using a local instance of lanchpad. I have just installed it on a fresh jaunty server and have seen some warnings about some features to disable in production22:04
ohmyone more question please, i'm stuck at this step https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/RemoteAccess22:05
ohmyIn fact my /etc/apache2/ports.conf is very light, it only contains NameVirtualHost *:80  and Listen 80 (it referes to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default)22:09
wgrantohmy: The code you have is the exact code that runs on launchpad.net. So yes, it is production ready. HOWEVER22:09
wgrantI point you to the third paragraph on https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting22:09
wgrantAnd I also wonder why you want to run your own.22:10
ohmywgrant, Simply because we have a very large LAN network and no internet access (trust me !)22:11
ohmywgrant, thank you for the answers22:11
wgrantohmy: So, you can't run your own production Launchpad instance without a lot of work to replace the images and branding.22:12
ohmywgrant, i believe this is the easiest part of the work22:12
ohmywgrant, for the moment i'm stuck with "seeing is believing", i mean with https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/RemoteAccess step :)22:14
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ohmyi don't know why but i can"t access my server from an LAN machine, it always redirect me to the default apache "It works!", any one have an idea please ?22:27
maxbYou have looked at how many images there are, right? I actually made a list of them all, because I'd like to have a private instance too, but when I did I discovered that the magnitude of a project to replace them all would be HUGE22:28
maxbAlso, I am the author of the RemoteAccess page in its current form, so I can assure you that it does work, though it assumes you're confident with understanding Apache vhosts22:31
ohmymaxb, of course, i've never doupt it works i'm just trying to figure what did i miss since all the work was done by a proven rocketfuel-setup script22:34
ohmymaxb, when you mentinned "Change all <VirtualHost> lines to <VirtualHost *:80>" i have already this ligne podified in the port.config22:35
ohmymaxb, without any change from myside22:35
ohmysorry, i meant i have no occurence of everything is already set to *:80 (sorry for the my mistake)22:39
maxbHave you not seen the /etc/apache2/sites-available/local-launchpad file?22:41
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moldya small suggestion: it would be nice to add this: https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz/+question/59047 to https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors23:03
maxbIt is a wiki, remember :-)23:07
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ohmyHello again23:17
ohmyI have just switched to my old launchpad install witch is ok23:17
ohmycould you please tell me how to add new admin and to remove the username: admin@canonical.com23:18
moldymaxb: indeed, i did not quite realize this yet :)23:19
maxbohmy: Removing users is impossible without messing with raw SQL23:23
maxbwhich is likely to be severely difficult23:23
ohmymaxb, indeed23:24
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