* BUGabundo got gnome-disk today, and hates it already00:00
billybigriggerBUGabundo, that defeats the whole purpose of a dock though00:00
BUGabundosome how I lost ubuntu-desktop seed again00:00
BUGabundobillybigrigger: I hate mice00:00
BUGabundoso why would I want a dock?00:00
billybigriggervigo, if you just installed karmic then you need to run either update manager, or sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade from a terminal00:01
billybigriggerBUGabundo, good point00:01
billybigriggerBUGabundo, but alt-f2 will also launch your apps, so having gnome-do running is eating your resources :P00:01
BUGabundonot the same00:01
BUGabundoDO works per tesk (if the app is well made)00:01
vigoOk, let ,me play around with it a bit, first I backup or just run with it since it is Alpha?00:02
BUGabundoRun starts per app name00:02
billybigriggersuper-spacebar or alt-f200:02
billybigriggerthey are the same :P00:02
BUGabundonot true00:02
billybigriggervigo, ?00:02
billybigriggervigo, play around all you want00:02
BUGabundobillybigrigger: DO (or any other launcher) will allow you to state what u want to do00:02
BUGabundono need to know the app00:02
BUGabundoyou can just type "internet"00:02
BUGabundoor email00:02
BUGabundoor log out00:02
billybigriggervigo, but if you just installed from the alpha 5 cd, which was JUST released today, you won't have much to update :)00:02
BUGabundovolume up00:02
vigoShould I backup the fresh Upgrade before I try to fix these errors?00:03
billybigriggerwhat errors?00:03
billybigriggerhehe this is the first mention of any errors00:03
billybigriggeroh, bad disk sectors?00:03
billybigriggerignore them, i think every single karmic user has bad disk sectors according to gnome-disk00:03
vigobillybigrigger: I grabbed the Alpha 2 I think,00:03
billybigriggerwhat was the .iso labeled?00:04
billybigriggerafaik A2 didn't have gnome-disk, that is just recent00:04
vigoI did the Dist Upgrade from Sources00:04
BUGabundoyou did WHAT???00:04
vigoI did download the Alpha2, then went with straight online upgrade00:05
billybigriggerwhy didn't you download alpha 5?00:05
billybigriggeralpha2 is like 6 months old my friend00:05
billybigriggerwell not that old but :)00:05
aboSamoorthe problem with the low voice recording using the external mic is solved with fixing the volume slider in pulseaudio using pavucontrol, if anyone face the same problem00:05
vigoI was trying to do it like any googler would have seen it.00:06
vigoLet me check Terminal and see which one this is,,,00:06
* billybigrigger giggles00:07
BUGabundo!daily | vigo00:07
ubottuvigo: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:07
billybigriggervigo, $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:08
vigoThank you00:08
billybigriggercan i ask what kind of net connection you are on?00:08
BUGabundoaptitude safe-upgrade FTW00:08
vigoall fixed, I think00:09
billybigriggerwhat did you fix?00:10
vigoI forgot about the update && upgrade. worked fine00:11
roffe_Does anyone else have the problem with media players showing blue colors?00:11
billybigriggervigo, ?00:12
uffocan someone tell me why file sharing packages has not yet integrated, why i must download them? every operating system has file sharing integrated00:13
billybigriggeryou updated from alpha 2 to alpha 5 in 2 minutes?00:13
billybigriggerwhat hardware and net connection do you have :)00:13
vigobillybigrigger: Almost T-300:13
billybigriggerhow many MB of packages did you need to fetch, unpack, and install? :P00:14
vigoStill working on that, reading logs now00:14
BluesKajbillybigrigger, bell just increased my dsl speed to750kbs realspeed from550kbs without any notification.I think it's eastlink is offering 1500kbs if you take their cable bundle, They have their own Fios network here.00:14
billybigriggereastlink, never heard of them00:15
billybigriggeronly have shaw and telus for decent internet here00:15
billybigriggershaw gave calgary a nice boost in bandwith, for free00:16
billybigriggerfrom 10Mbps to 15Mbps no extra charge :P00:16
BluesKajnova scotia outfit...well managed and financed00:16
roffe_Am I the only one that get blue videos in karmic?00:16
billybigriggerit's cause newfies.....ahhh i won't go there00:16
billybigriggerwhat kind of video?00:17
roffe_any video, in vlc and totem00:17
billybigriggerwhat are you using to view the videos?00:17
billybigriggerwhat TYPE of video?00:17
billybigriggercan you play .ogg?00:17
roffe_haven't tried. xvid so far00:17
billybigriggeropen vlc00:19
BUGabundoroffe_: nvidia?00:19
BUGabundoHUE broken again?00:19
* BUGabundo goes testing00:19
roffe_Flash-videos work00:19
billybigriggertry changing your video output in vlc00:19
billybigriggertry XVideo extension video output00:20
BUGabundoworks for me00:20
BUGabundobillybigrigger: not there00:20
BUGabundoroffe_: open nvidia settigns00:20
BUGabundoand fix HUE00:20
roffe_XVideo didn't do it for me, I'll try BUGabundo's tip00:21
billybigriggerall is good here00:22
itswhatevdoes pidgin irc offer any way to filter out msgs from certain people?  that would be really useful..00:22
roffe_XVideo actually did fix it, it just took some time00:22
roffe_Are you guys ubuntu-developers?00:23
vigo.ogg works in browser00:23
billybigriggerroffe_, negative00:23
billybigriggervigo, firefox?00:24
billybigriggerfirefox now supports open video formats00:24
billybigriggerout of the box00:24
uffo can someone tell me why file sharing packages has not yet integrated, why i must download them? every operating system has file sharing?00:24
itswhatevroffe_: no i believe most are just folks who are testing & can sit on irc00:24
vigobillybigrigger: Yes, is choppy, but is trying00:24
BUGabundoitswhatev: install the /ignore pluging00:24
roffe_itswhatev, sounds reasonable00:25
roffe_billybigrigger, Does firefox support x264 out of the box?00:25
billybigriggerroffe_, negative00:26
vigouffo: File Sharing stuff opens up ports, I think that is why it is a choice rather than auto install.00:26
billybigriggerneed a vlc, or mplayer firefox plugin for that00:26
roffe_that's too bad00:26
billybigriggerroffe_, mozilla-plugin-vlc00:27
billybigriggerif vlc is your choice :)00:27
roffe_most certainly :)00:27
billybigriggerbut they won't be embedded into webpages, like .ogg00:27
uffovigo: but atleast it should on cd for offline computers00:29
aboSamoorthe low voice recording problem returned back :(00:29
vigouffo: That could open up a can of worms if the Offline box ever went Live, I am just guessing here. I am still learning all this stuff, again.00:31
roffe_If I want a more permanent fix, where do i fix the HUE in nvidia-settings?00:32
uffoDEVELOPERS tell me why file sharing packages has not yet integrated, why i must download them? every operating system has file sharing option Mac Win ?00:34
BUGabundouffo: STOP asking00:34
BUGabundoemail the devel-discuss ML00:35
BUGabundoopen a topic on the forums00:35
BUGabundono one here replied to you until now for a reason00:35
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
uffoBUGabundo: it is must have question, how long it goes when ubuntu integrates so move on00:36
=== Lars_G is now known as Lars_G_zombie
=== Lars_G_zombie is now known as Lars_G
geniiuffo: Ubuntu comes by default with filesharing installed. It's called NFS.00:37
vigoWho was asking about HUE?00:38
uffogenii: and still when i on on offline computer i cannot enable sharing folder, BUT it should work00:38
BUGabundovigo: me00:40
vigoBUGabundo: I found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1030496.html is from 200900:40
aboSamoorcan anyone help me with pulseaudio ?00:41
uffopressing file sharing option on offline do not work even on 9.10 alpha 5, HOW long it takes when this works on offline lan pc-s00:41
BUGabundoaboSamoor: shoot00:42
hggdhuffo you are ranting. Please stop00:42
uffohggdh: i do not know what that means but i just require answers00:43
aboSamoorBUGabundo: I am trying to use skype and suddenly the mic volume goes low. Using pavucontrol I see that them mic is recording but the variation in sound is very low even the mic slider is put to max00:43
hggdhuffo, it means you are starting to be inconvenient. This is not the channel for your question. Please open a bug requesting it, or email ubuntu-devel-discuss asking for it.00:44
BUGabundovigo: my prob was fixed with newer drivers, where nvidia fixed it00:45
BUGabundoaboSamoor: turn off skype AUTOmatic volume control00:45
uffohggdh: i opened several times bug request and feature but nothing00:45
vigoBUGabundo: Neato, is this info or data on Freenode yet?00:46
aboSamoorBUGabundo: it is not turned on00:46
hggdhuffo I am sorry. Still this is not the channel for you to request it, or request an explanation for why it is not (yet) done.00:46
uffohggdh: someone should  call to Shuttleworth thats the only thing that helps00:47
hggdhuffo, again I ask you to stop ranting00:47
RagnarokAngelSo, I'm getting the impression someone broke voice and video in empathy00:48
uffoDEVELOPERS tell me why file sharing packages has not yet integrated, why i must download them? every operating system has file sharing option Mac Win ? in future even ReactOS will do that00:49
TwigaathyYay, the troll left00:49
vigoThe two Add/Remove things are redundant?00:49
RagnarokAngelWhy do I get the feeling i'm missing a dependency for voice/video00:50
homerhomerHey, is Empathy better this time around in the Koala?00:50
RagnarokAngelvoice and video is broken for me00:52
RagnarokAngelthere's no point to choosing empathy00:52
homerhomereven more lame,00:52
RagnarokAngelI think they removed the required packages from the repos00:52
RagnarokAngelbecause all the farsight stuff is GONE00:52
homerhomerso are they still going with empathy then?00:53
RagnarokAngelso why is farsight removed then?00:53
billybigriggerfor telepathy00:54
RagnarokAngeltelepathy depends on farsight -- at least their PPA does00:54
homerhomerThey should at least have some good looking icon, instead of a green triangle and a red circle, it looks really ugly00:54
billybigriggerare you guys trying to use voice/video with windows?00:54
RagnarokAngelum with anything00:54
billybigriggerafaik voice/video only works with non-windows clients at the moment00:54
RagnarokAngelcouldn't do it empathy to empathy00:54
RagnarokAngelridiculously frustrating00:54
homerhomeroh well it's easy to install what I want00:55
RagnarokAngelWell, I start getting the calls00:55
RagnarokAngeland then they drop off instantly00:55
RagnarokAngeland whoever is on the other end00:56
RagnarokAngelinvariably tells me that they are getting an error00:56
homerhomerI just hope the people making decision understand that working correctly is better than bleeding edge00:56
RagnarokAngelbleh, empathy isn't even bleeding edge00:57
RagnarokAngelpidgin put in voice and video00:57
RagnarokAngelso what's the difference now?!00:57
billybigriggertry #telepathy for answers guys00:57
billybigriggeri don't use voice/video i can't help00:57
RagnarokAngelI just don't understand why they removed farsight from the ubuntu repos00:57
billybigriggerlibgstfarsight0.10-0 ?00:58
RagnarokAngelall of it00:59
RagnarokAngelas far as I know00:59
homerhomerThanks ya'll I'm going to install the latest alpha01:00
RagnarokAngelwait now that one says it's installed01:00
arandOh, looks like they've put in the installer-slides nice-O \o/01:07
arandHmm, how would you in general interpret "Relive your memories..."01:09
eut_does anyone know how to permanently change the txqueuelen?01:12
Quasar1048I was referred here for this issue: http://pastebin.com/m6b72c12a01:14
eut_it seems like it should be in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Auth\ eth0 but i dont know how to modify it01:15
Quasar1048If someone could help me understand why my build won't work it would much appreciated.01:15
hggdhQuasar1048, I am not sure why you were sent here. This is the Ubuntu 9.10 channel, but your sources.list show you are running a mix of 9.04 and 8.10...01:20
Quasar1048its 9.04... and I didn't know that. Is Karmic beta, then?01:21
Quasar1048It was alpha last time I looked01:21
hggdhand -- to boot -- you are trying to build current (karmic) konversation01:21
hggdhit is currently karmic alpha 501:22
arandQuasar1048: 9.04 is jaunty01:22
arandQuasar1048: maybe try "sudo dpkg --configure -a"01:23
Quasar1048I know- I was talking about 9.1001:23
Quasar1048and Ill try that01:23
Quasar1048well, it didnt give an error...01:24
Quasar1048sudo apt-get install kdelib5-dev gave a new error this time01:25
* genii ponders a ksplice dist-upgrade01:26
hggdhlike 48 of your sources.list is bad01:27
Quasar1048I was told that earlier...01:29
Quasar1048what do I do to fix it?01:30
hggdhso it still holds true :-)01:30
Quasar1048and I dont know why it got that bad, I havent messed with it01:30
hggdhQuasar1048, with all due respect, you have to correct it01:30
Quasar1048it was working fine...01:30
hggdhpastebin the beast01:30
arandQuasar1048: I think that would be the intrepid lines, try commenting them out01:30
arandthe partner repos that is01:31
Quasar1048remove the comments?01:31
arandOr you could probably remove them from "software sources"01:31
Quasar1048liek it says?01:31
arandQuasar1048: no, prepend the with "# " so that they are ignored, if you look there are several other repos thats commented out similarly.01:32
arand*prepend the entry...01:32
Quasar1048I thought linux skipped hash comments?01:33
Quasar1048but.. yeah... not that you mention it, I have noticed that01:33
zoraelDoes random song selection work for anyone in karmic's Amarok?01:34
zoraelie shuffle01:34
arandQuasar1048: that's what I mean, the "partner" repositories *should* have a # before them so that they are ignored, since it seems like those are the ones it complains about.01:34
Quasar1048oh... gotcha. lol, sorry.01:35
arandLike I said easiest way is probably to go through software sources and "third-party..." if the partner repos are there just untick them.01:36
Quasar1048I put a # beside them.01:37
Quasar1048I am interested to know how you can tell the Intrepid ones were at fault?01:37
arandQuasar1048: I read your sources.list and noted that line 48 was about there ;)01:38
maccam-sagerdoes anyone else have issues with compiz randomly freezing?01:38
Quasar1048"malformed line 48"01:39
Quasar1048I missed that, lol... clearly I need sleep01:39
maccam-sagerevery 10 minutes or so I have to drop to a tty and kill compiz.real and then start compiz again01:39
hggdhQuasar1048, pastebin your sources.list01:39
arandhggdh: already did ^01:39
Quasar1048line 48 is jaunty-security...01:40
Quasar1048and yeah, I did, above..01:40
Quasar1048scroll down...01:40
arandQuasar1048: oh... hmm, and I might be to tired to count...01:40
hggdhQuasar1048, pastebin *ONLY* your sources.list01:41
arandOh, yea, ah, I might be correct then after all...01:41
Lars_Gis it me or have we been putting of the use of sources.list.d for a while now?01:41
Quasar1048I took out what i added a minute ago to give you a fresh look01:42
Quasar1048(the #)01:42
Quasar1048sighs usually not good...01:43
arandi think that "...security.ubuntu.com..." should be "...archive.ubuntu.com..."01:45
Quasar1048I can try it and see what happens01:45
hggdhQuasar1048, two comments here: (1) comment out lines 16, 17, 38, 39, 46, and 47;01:45
hggdhoh, and 28 and 2901:46
hggdhand it is security.ubuntu.com01:46
hggdhQuasar1048, comment (2): this is the Ubuntu 9.10 channel. Your issue is on Jaunty (9.04)01:47
arandhmm, for my jaunty I have "archive"...01:47
hggdhthen it may be this. For Karmic it is security01:47
hggdhcomment out line 48 also01:47
hggdhLars_G, that's a good question01:48
Quasar1048okay, commented out. If that doesnt work, then try changing security.ubuntu.com?01:48
Quasar1048hggdh: and I know its 9.04 issue... but the guys over there sent me over here as a last resort I guess.01:49
Quasar1048maybe I should save myself the trouble.. I can always VM Karmic01:50
Quasar1048but the idea of having to use a VM to irc is less than ideal..01:50
Quasar1048hmm.. okay... got a new error:http://pastebin.com/m2bfaeb201:54
Quasar1048I think a few of those repos need to be unhashed01:54
hggdhno repo from Intrepid should be unhashed01:56
hggdhyour kdelibs5-dev is old01:56
hggdh(compared with the kdelibs5)01:56
=== yoasif_ is now known as yoasif
hggdhwhich means there are some unmet dependencies01:57
Quasar1048but whenever i try to install any it gives me similar erros01:58
Quasar1048like libasound2, for instance...01:59
Quasar1048which intrepid one should be unhashed?01:59
hggdhyou are either running Jaunty, or you are running Intrepid. Make up your mind02:00
Quasar1048oh.. misread what you typed..02:00
hggdhQuasar1048, OK. pastebin your current sources.list02:01
Quasar1048I just hashed what you told me to hash02:01
Quasar1048no need for the attitude. Not like Im not trying02:01
hggdhI know. I want to be sure I did not forget anything02:01
hggdhand it is not personal, I just want to use the current version02:02
Quasar1048with the # you listed earlier...02:02
Quasar1048hggdh: I understand, I do too.. if there are old repos, then yes, I wish to not use them02:02
Quasar1048I've never messed with them because they've never caused an issue- until now.02:03
hggdhyes, my error -- gave you wrong ones to hash out. Hold on02:03
hggdhunhash 16 and 1702:04
billybigriggeram i blind or is there no more way of changing number of virtual desktops?02:05
hggdh28 and 29 You only had all repos for the deb-src02:05
hggdhbillybigrigger, right now it does not seem to be working02:05
billybigriggerso no compiz rotating cube :(02:05
hggdhQuasar1048, after unhashing the lines, please update the repos, and let's try again02:06
arandbillybigrigger: nah, currently just greyed out... how's ccsm? (I no use compiz)02:07
billybigriggeri have the option02:07
wastrelscim seems to be broken02:07
billybigriggerbut no point in using cube/rotation cube with on 2 desktops02:07
wastrelin my koala02:07
billybigrigger2 faces don't make a cube hehe02:08
Quasar1048E: Couldn't find package update02:09
geniiQuasar1048: sudo apt-get update    , NOT sudo apt-get install update02:09
Quasar1048ah.. yeah.. that would explian it. lol02:10
Quasar1048it said not all could be updated, so its running a partial upgrade02:12
Quasar1048so.. uh.. well see what happens. Might take a few minutes... dont have the best connection02:12
hggdhQuasar1048, this might explain the issue. Let's hope apt-get update cleans up the mess02:13
Quasar1048I'm hoping so... it seems like my repos broke once before and this type of upgrade fixed it.02:13
Quasar1048or not broke.. I just had dep. issues...02:13
hggdhyou will still have to find out where the security updates for Jaunty live02:14
Quasar1048I think that bit is right... because i updated security earlier today02:14
Quasar1048but now that I've been tampering with it...02:14
Quasar104812 minutes left... *sigh* why the DSL guys wont come out here is beyond me...02:19
hggdhheh. Good luck02:19
Quasar1048if it would stay above 100 kbps it wouldnt be too bad...02:20
Quasar1048but it fluctuates02:20
hggdhYou should try hotel wireless connections... they suck. Always.02:23
Quasar1048Oh, been there... lol. I can get Wifi with my lappy, but not at my house...02:24
Quasar1048few more seconds until upgrade is done- then installation-then cleanup, which is what it needs most...02:28
Quasar1048cleaning up..02:31
Quasar1048okay, its asking me what I want to do with menu.lst02:31
Quasar1048gives me a drop down box with options.02:31
hggdhwhat menu.lst?02:32
Quasar1048not sure... it just popped up after cleaning up...02:33
Quasar1048I'll provide a SS02:33
arandQuasar1048: that's the boot menu... how do you currently boot the computer?02:33
Dr_Willisgrub 1 or grub2 :)02:34
arandQuasar1048: and any special options there?02:34
Quasar1048probably 1...02:34
TylerRichardlolz my gstreamer (maybe pulseaudio) is NOT working can somebody help??02:35
arandBtw, everyone are missing icons currently in KK?02:35
Dr_WillisIf you mean by the gnome applications menu.. yes there were some icons missing.02:35
Quasar1048arand: Yes, I dual boot XP02:35
Quasar1048crap... I selected "show differences between the two" and it closed out02:37
Quasar1048upgrade complete...02:37
Quasar1048really hope that didnt mess anything yup02:37
arandQuasar1048: Probably no problem02:37
Quasar1048hope not... well... I guess I'd better restart to let things settle. I probably won't be back on tonight... but I'll try it out as is and see what happens. Be back tomorrow if any more issues arise.02:38
billybigriggeranyone tried vnc sessions in karmic?02:38
Quasar1048Thanks for the help everyone.02:38
Quasar1048I'm going to log this in case none of you are one tomorrow02:39
billybigriggerwhen i connect through tightvnc in windows, i get my desktop, and i see the mouse, and i can click around but it doesn't update the screen02:39
billybigriggeralthough i'm staring at the host and it all works in the host...no other network bandwidth is being used...i wonder if this is an incompatibility or something...02:39
wastreli'm upgrading my koala02:41
wastrelanyone else got broken scim in koala02:41
Dr_Willisbillybigrigger:  ive herad of similer issues with  the older releases.. but never payed attation to them.02:43
Dr_Willisbillybigrigger:  try some differnt vnc viewer apps perhaps.02:43
alteregoahow can i made more rows in shell?02:49
alteregoai want 160x50 not 80x2502:50
hggdhalteregoa, you mean out of X?02:51
alteregoayeah in a ssh session or something02:51
hggdhon the VT1..6: you should load the uvesafb module02:51
crdlbyou can use ssh in X too, you know :)02:53
alteregoayeah im on a ssh session from a windows pc02:53
hggdhthen it does not matter, alteregoa02:55
billybigriggertight or ultra vnc both show the same problems02:56
hggdhall you need is a nice Windows SSH client02:56
hggdhlike PuTTY02:56
hggdhuvesafb will not give you anything in this case02:56
billybigriggermouse, and keyboard works, screen updates are non-existant in vnc session02:56
alteregoai run cygwin02:56
alteregoai hpe someone is trying to made a framebuff for gnome instead vnc02:57
crdlbbillybigrigger: I don't think vnc really works with a compositing manager02:57
hggdhOK. You want to run rxvt, instead of the standard bash shell02:57
billybigriggercrdlb, hehe good point02:57
hggdhthe standard bash shell on cygwin runs under cmd.exe, and is very limited02:57
billybigriggerhehe there we go02:58
billybigriggerworks a little better with compiz disabled02:58
hggdhalteregoa, you can also right-click on the left-hand corner of the window, and select properties. There you can change the number of lines and columns02:58
* hggdh used cygwin for a long time02:58
billybigriggertoo bad gnome-do doesn't work over vnc :(02:59
alteregoayeah putty is ok03:00
alteregoathats why i need a higher res, for midnight commander03:01
alteregoawhy samba always create new files with nobody as user?03:02
alteregoaeverytime i have ot chown it manualy03:03
alteregoasamba ucf? united cracking force?03:05
Dr_Willisdanceing league :)03:09
Dr_Willissamba shares have their oen options as to how/what permissions to use - i recall.03:09
alteregoanow i made a cronjob every day it chowns it, whatever03:12
wastrelok i suppose i should file a bug about scim not working03:15
Dr_Willisi never even use scim to check/test/verify03:16
wastreldo i just do it on launchpad?03:20
hggdhwastrel, easier to 'ubuntu-bug scim' from a terminal03:22
DanaGdtchen: oh yeah, it seems the pulseaudio surround hotplug thingy is still broken, actually.03:22
=== spOO` is now known as spO
dtchenDanaG: it's related to the udev issue we're debugging03:42
dtchenin the short-term, i'll just hack around it in the config03:42
DanaGRight now, I just plug the thing in, and then kill PA and let it restart.03:50
dtchencan you get me udevd and dbus debugging output when you insert it?03:53
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about schedeule03:56
ubottuA schedule of Karmic Koala (9.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule03:56
DanaGHmm, every time I try to run udev with debugging, I get things like missing /dev/tty1.04:03
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Spirits-SightI get a log in screen after seeing the splash screen is this normal, I am running it from live CD04:15
Dr_WillisI saw that when i used the 'install ubuntu' option04:15
Dr_Willisgot to a login screen.. it did not auti-start the installer like it should of.04:15
Dr_Willisso i rebooted and was sure to select04:16
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Dr_Willistry ubuntu without affecting the machine (or whatever the first option is)04:16
Spirits-SightI picked the first option that happening?04:21
Suavehello everybody04:36
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Bigshot_can anyone give me link to 64bit karmic koala?04:53
Bigshot_billybigrigger: how's the support for multitouch tablet in alpha 5?04:55
billybigriggerask someone with a tablet :)04:55
billybigriggerkb/mouse for this cowboy04:55
billybigriggeri just use a keyboard and mouse04:56
billybigriggernothing fancy like a tablet04:56
Bigshot_i am excited to test this alpha5 on my tablet muwahahahahhaa i hope 2.6.31 works well04:57
Bigshot_billybigrigger:  can we swtich from unstable to stable?04:57
billybigriggerif you want to reinstall from a cd yeah04:58
billybigriggeryou can't downgrade, well you can but good luck finding help when something goes wrong04:58
Bigshot_no i mean from net04:58
billybigriggerand something will go wrong04:58
Bigshot_can't we automagically upgrade to stable release when it gets released in future?04:58
billybigriggeryeah i thought you meant from 9.10 back to 9.0404:59
billybigriggeri misread04:59
billybigriggerwell, just misunderstood04:59
Bigshot_na i am forward thinker hehe04:59
Bigshot_will there be lotta packages to upgrade billybigrigger?05:00
Bigshot_or only few05:00
Bigshot_when karmic gets released05:00
billybigriggernot if you do daily updates05:00
Bigshot_wow that's nice :)05:01
billybigriggerif you wait from today until release, then yeah, tons of updates05:01
Bigshot_when was alpha 5 released?05:03
Dr_Willistoday :)05:06
Dr_Willis'when it was done'05:06
Bigshot_are you really a doc Dr_Willis ?05:08
crdlbI think he's a D.F.A05:10
Bigshot_lol bruce willis05:13
Bigshot_crdlb: do you know anything about the multitouch support in karmic alpha 505:16
alteregoado you think its good /dev/md0 /media/datas ext3 errors=remount-ro,relatime 0 005:19
alteregoaor should i use UUID?05:19
* Dr_Willis is a Dr of Love05:33
* Dr_Willis watches cartoons05:33
Dr_WillisHiddly Hoo05:38
blubaustinI was wondering if anyone could help me with a 'pci 0000:01:0a.0: BAR 6: address space collision on of device [0xff600000-0xff6fffff]'05:39
blubaustinWhen I boot up that error is in the kernel output which I was able to copy it from dmesg05:39
blubaustinI can do a pastebin, and dump the dmesg output if that helps... I did try passing the arguments in the grub file for grub2 to disable acpi and acpi for pci to no avail.05:41
Bigshot_i burned karmic alpha5 on dvd, and booted it in my shiny new tablet pc and *bAm* screen started flickering again and again what should i do?05:47
alteregoai watch heatcliff05:50
alteregoathe cattilac cat :)05:50
blubaustinpci 0000:01:0a.0: BAR 6: address space collision on of device [0xff600000-0xff6fffff]05:50
blubaustinkinda sucks.05:50
blubaustinline 42805:51
blubaustinI mean 248 excuse me05:51
DKcrosshello friends!05:58
DKcrossblubaustin,  hello friend:p05:58
blubaustinis this room dead or what? I have an issue with karmic and no responses.05:59
DKcrossblubaustin,  :o05:59
DKcrosswhat is the bug?05:59
blubaustina kernel collison and the kernel not accepting kernel arguements to turn acpi and etc off to fix it06:00
blubaustinline 24806:00
DKcrossbut you pc dont start?06:01
blubaustinI cait starts.06:01
blubaustinit starts*06:02
blubaustinjust a unstable...a tad.06:02
DKcrosssorry for my english:$06:02
blubaustintired and sick sorry.06:02
blubaustinshould I pastebin my grub config file06:03
blubaustinits grub2 as a warning to you06:03
DKcrossi have bugs with the start of ubuntu06:05
DKcrossbar 6.06:05
blubaustinya which makes some of the RAM not usable, and certain PCI devices not allocated in RAM correctly.06:06
blubaustinI want to disable ACPI completly by a kernel argument other than grub2 isn't listening to the configurations that I edit in the grub file. and yes I do, perform the update-grub command afterwards.06:06
cwillublubaustin, address space is not ram.  I might be mistaken, but I don't see how that error means you're not using all memory06:07
DanaGhmm, I have a different issue: BAR 6: no parent found for device (some string).06:08
DanaG(some string) means I don't remember exactly what it said.06:08
cwillublubaustin, re: grub2, the settings are in a different place now (which you've gathered)06:08
cwillublubaustin, /etc/default/grub06:08
blubaustinyes I know06:08
DKcrossDanaG,   me tto06:09
blubaustinwell and its spitting on mem addresses and I dont understand why its loading the Intergrated graphic card driver when I'm using a agp ati 9200 SE06:10
blubaustinand I'm unable to play nexuiz in karmic but in debian I can play them.06:10
DKcrossDanaG,  what computer do you have?06:10
DKcrossi have a netbook , acer aspire one06:10
alteregoais there a tool to copy just links in batch?06:11
alteregoageforce go 7300?06:11
DanaGI have an HP EliteBook laptop.06:11
alteregoawhat a lame name elitebook06:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392039 in fglrx-installer "initramfs scripts hard-coded to load i915; blocks loading fglrx" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:11
DanaGActually, it's a better name than MackBook (yes, I know it's really just Mac).06:12
alteregoacan i copy hardlinks instead of files with cp?06:12
DanaGAnd it's a pretty badass laptop -- I have the 15" one.06:12
cwilluugh, since when does pastebin.org serve pop-under adverts?06:12
Dr_Willisa hardlink is identical to the actual file alteregoa06:12
alteregoafollowing scenario06:12
Dr_Willisalteregoa:  and i think there is a option to cp to 'create hardlinks'06:13
blubaustinpentium 1.0ghz 256mb ram, ati 9200 SE 64MB, 40GB ATA06:13
Dr_WillisOr use the proper ln command instead  of cp06:13
alteregoai got a folder with 4tb movies and another 8tb with movies inside, i want hardlink those two together in a directory06:13
alteregoaso i don't have to swap btw Movies1 and Movies206:13
Dr_Willisalteregoa:  theres no need to use hardlinks for that i imagine.06:13
Dr_Williscp --link06:14
blubaustinI guess since nobody knows I am compiling a custom kernel06:14
cwillualteregoa, so that all the files show up in the same directory?06:14
alteregoaok a symlink06:14
blubaustinand I still cant figure out how to make grub2 show a menu to select different kernels and manaully edit kernel arguements.06:14
Dr_Willisim guessing --link -> hard link.. --symbolic-link -> soft link06:14
Dr_WillisI dont see why you would need hard links.06:14
alteregoado symlinks work over samba?06:15
cwillubelieve so06:15
Dr_Willisalteregoa:    now you are geting into a deeper area.. what filesystme are these files on?06:15
Dr_Willissymlinks 'can' work over samba.06:15
Dr_Willisthey can also get broken if not carefull06:15
alteregoaits readonly over samba06:15
Dr_Willishard links can not go across fileysstems.06:15
Dr_WillisYou could just link movies1 and movies 2, to  some location in a subdir. then share the subdir.06:16
Dr_Willissubdir share  (containng the 2 links)06:16
alteregoayeah i have that06:17
alteregoai got a movie per folder06:17
alteregoaso i can link the whole folder using *06:17
alteregoai think?06:18
Dr_Willistry it and see..  You want to make a directory of 'links' that point to /subdir/Movie.avi basically?06:18
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DanaGyo, check out /etc/default/grub06:20
Dr_WillisDanaG:  ok.. why? :)06:22
DanaGer, I meant for whoever was asking about grub2.06:22
Dr_Willisheh heh..06:22
Bigshot_i just installed alpha5 on harddrive "side-by-side" to my windows and now GRUB is not showing my windows partition which is on /dev/sda1 what should  i do?06:27
Bigshot_ok i did update grub and everything is fine06:44
Bigshot_my screen is flickering what should i do?? i have ati radeon 320006:44
blackest_knightok minor bug i added display-properties from preference to the panel and now i cant remove it with a right click06:50
blackest_knighthi Dr_Willis06:57
Bigshot_ok i am using tx2z tablet and the screen flickers and i can't log in ctlr alt f1 f2 etc doens't work07:09
vigoLet me look at the pages.07:09
vigoWait, is Xorg.confg set correctly?07:10
Bigshot_there is no xorg.conf voer there07:10
vigoOk, let me look some more07:10
Polt{laptop}hey can someone do me a favor and send me a copy of their ConfigParser.py and pythoncentral files from their Karmic install ?07:11
Polt{laptop}I need to replace the ones I have because they are messed up07:11
Polt{laptop}I think ..07:11
Polt{laptop}just to be safe this would default them back to the versions that are supposed to come with karmic07:11
vigoBigshot_: GUI or TUI?07:11
Bigshot_what that?07:12
Dr_Willis pastebinit /usr/lib/python2.6/ConfigParser.py07:12
vigoBigshot_: ok07:12
Bigshot_vigo laptop has ati radeon 3200 card07:13
Polt{laptop}Dr_Willis that did not work for me07:14
Polt{laptop}command not found crashed07:14
vigoBigshot_: Okees, that helps a bit07:14
Dr_Willisthats the command one would use to pastebin the file for you to see...07:15
Dr_Willisi am waiting for pastebinit to install.....07:15
Polt{laptop}I cannot install anything07:15
Dr_Willis pastebinit /usr/lib/python2.6/ConfigParser.py07:15
Polt{laptop}that is another problem07:15
Dr_Willischeck that url07:15
Dr_Willistheres also a    /usr/lib/python2.6/ConfigParser.pyc07:15
vigoBigshot_: This is from the forums, I think is relevant> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=108152907:16
Dr_Willisthats a compiled version of the .py file You may need to  delete that.. (or may not)07:16
* Dr_Willis dosent see why ConfigParser.py would affect apt-get installing of things..07:16
Bigshot_vigo ubuntu 9.04 works fine on my tablet but not 9.10 alpha 5.07:17
Polt{laptop}because apturl is messed up because of me previously trying to force install the original apurl package when someone else had messed up the install path07:17
* Polt{laptop} looks around clears his throat *ahem*07:17
Polt{laptop}anyway that was on the dev end07:17
Polt{laptop}and they did fix it07:17
Polt{laptop}however ...07:17
Polt{laptop}unfortunately by the time they had fixed it I had already forced it to install without giving me the filepath error07:18
Polt{laptop}and then it had messed up the config parser07:18
vigoBigshot_: Then that should be reported to the Launchpad, I think.07:18
Polt{laptop}I am working on that07:18
Bigshot_vigo: i already intalled 9.10 on my laptop07:18
Polt{laptop}I am having a collection of problems from this07:18
Bigshot_only thing is that i don't see gdm07:19
Polt{laptop}if I could just resolve this and the pythoncentral problems and remove the old apturl ...07:19
vigoBigshot_: Did you make a backup or do you care about the data on it?07:19
Polt{laptop}I could do what needs to be done and reconfigure every package if this fixes it07:19
Bigshot_no data vigo i dont' care07:19
Bigshot_i don't see gdm so i can't login07:20
vigoBigshot_: you are speaking  my lingo, but I do backup junk07:20
Bigshot_vigo maybe if i start with vesa it might work huh?07:21
DKcrosshello people07:21
DKcrossi dont like the splash07:21
DKcrossof ubuntu07:21
DKcrosswhen start07:21
Dr_Willisdisable it then. :)07:21
vigoBigshot_: I recall from PC-BSD that did work, so try Vesa07:21
Bigshot_where is xorg.conf in alpha 5?07:21
Dr_Willisxorg.conf  -> /etc/X11/07:22
Bigshot_Dr_Willis:  i checked it's not there07:22
Polt{laptop}ok one other thing Dr_Willis07:22
Dr_WillisYou dont really need one  X auto configures for the most part.07:22
Polt{laptop}can you get me a copy of pythoncentral now07:22
Polt{laptop}that file rather07:22
DKcrossDr_Willis, how?07:23
Bigshot_Dr_Willis:  X is not able to autoconfigure it tries and tries but it fails07:23
Dr_Willisthere is no pythoncentral file that i can locate.07:23
Bigshot_and so no gdm is seen07:23
Polt{laptop}hold on I will find it on mine07:23
Dr_WillisDKcross:  edit /etc/default/grub file     GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet nosplash"07:23
DKcrosshow can disable the splash?07:23
DKcrossno.. the splash of gnome no from grub07:24
Polt{laptop}I'm sorry it is /usr/bin/pycentral07:24
Polt{laptop}I had the wrong spelling07:24
vigoI saw an update for that, but the update said it is not wise or whatever to do. some python thing.07:24
Dr_Willispastebinit /usr/bin/pycentral07:24
Dr_WillisDKcross:  ?07:25
Bigshot_Dr_Willis: can you tell me how to auto create xorg.conf ?07:25
Dr_WillisI got one here. that it made..07:25
Dr_Willisbut that may be cause i ran the nvidia-settings tools to tweak my 2 monitors07:25
DKcrossDr_Willis,  disable the splash of gnome no , splash from grub07:25
vigoDr_Willis: We can place that pastebin package in now?07:25
Dr_WillisDKcross:  grub splash is handled by the  /etc/default/grub file for grub207:25
Dr_Willisgnome's splash is a user controlled setting in the settings menus07:26
DKcross:| no man no..07:26
Bigshot_ding dong..07:26
Dr_Willisclarify what you mean then....07:27
DKcrossDr_Willis,  the session splash, its a word Ubuntu with a ligth down07:28
Dr_WillisDKcross:  thats the gnome splash.. its a user controlled setting07:28
Dr_Willischeck your config menus07:28
Dr_Willisno idea. explore your theme settings perhaps.07:29
DKcrossisnt the theme07:29
Dr_Willisive seen them changeable, themeable befor.. could be some extra tool is needed to tweak it.07:29
ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.07:30
Dr_WillisThe program 'gnome-splashscreen-manager' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:07:30
Dr_Willissudo apt-get install gnome-splashscreen-manager07:30
DKcrossthe program say.. you dont have splash:S07:32
Bigshot_Dr_Willis: i tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but didn't worke07:32
Polt{laptop}ok now that I have those files migrated I will try my luck with apturl again07:32
Polt{laptop}I think the mistake I made before was that I asked someone for the files and they sent me the files from 9.0407:33
Polt{laptop}and since it is a diff version that seems like not such a good idea07:33
Dr_WillisBigshot_:  i dont think that command has worked for some time   I dont recall using it in ages.07:34
Polt{laptop}I'm sure Dr_Willis has those files they way they should look07:34
Polt{laptop}that is why I wanted stock copies07:34
Polt{laptop}in case mine had been corrupted07:34
Polt{laptop}because I was getting errors from the last ones07:34
Dr_WillisI just update/upgreaded about an hr ago :)07:34
Bigshot_where is my Xorg.conf then/ what other file should i use?07:34
Dr_WillisBigshot_:  use for what exactly? ive mised the original problem07:34
Bigshot_Dr_Willis: when it loads it tries to start X server and it just flickers07:35
Dr_Willisclarify what 'flickers' means07:35
Polt{laptop}I may have fixed it07:35
Bigshot_it is unable to start GDM07:35
Polt{laptop}although I need to delete this one folder07:35
Bigshot_i see that ubuntu and water theme then black then again ubuntu water theme again black07:35
Polt{laptop}the errors I had before did not show up this time which is a good sign07:36
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/07:36
Polt{laptop}it proceeded to install and configure the packages07:36
Dr_Willisubuntu and water theme? Hmm..07:36
Polt{laptop}if this works I will be forever grateful to Dr_Willis07:37
Bigshot_you got my point Dr_Willis ?07:37
Polt{laptop}I tried installing sidux in vmware and it is ok but it is not Ubuntu07:37
Dr_Willissounds like X is starting/crashing..  your use of the term flickers is missleading.07:37
Polt{laptop}Ubuntu definitely has its advantages07:37
Dr_Willisits also a good idea to state your video card.07:37
Bigshot_ati 3200 radeon07:38
Bigshot_i already mentioned it07:38
DKcrossany person  know about the gnome splash that have ubuntu07:39
DKcrossafter new gdm, when is starting07:39
Bigshot_Dr_Willis: will you be of any help or you are clueless?07:39
Dr_WillisBigshot_:  given the amount of info youve given.. 'x crashes, i have an ati video card'    You are not going to get any magical answers.07:40
Dr_WillisI gave up on ati cards years ago also.07:40
Bigshot_then more do you want07:40
Polt{laptop}it is installing and configuring my updates now07:40
Dr_WillisI dont even know if that ati card is supported by the ati driver. or the fglrx drivers any more07:40
Bigshot_it works on 9.04 Dr_Willis07:41
* Polt{laptop} is very happy about that07:41
Bigshot_so it should in 9.1007:41
jussi01radeonhd ftw Dr_Willis :D07:41
Dr_Willisbut using what driver.. Your logic is not quite 'accurate'  theres a great manu changes made to the ati drivers in recent months.07:41
Dr_Willisa great many ati cards broke in 9.0407:41
Bigshot_how can i use vesa then Dr_Willis07:42
Bigshot_there's no xorg.conf07:42
Dr_Willis grep Driver /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:42
Dr_WillisMIGHT show what driver its trying to use.07:42
Bigshot_it is loading ati_drv, radeon_drv, vesa_drv,fbdev_drv and then unloading vesa_drv, fbdev_drv07:44
Dr_Willislooks like its trying all 3 and failing.. perhaps.07:45
Bigshot_aiglx : enabled glx_texture form pixmap with driver support07:45
Bigshot_so any dice?07:46
Bigshot_Dr_Willis: ?07:48
Polt{laptop}now I am getting some apparmor profile error messages but other than that ...07:49
Polt{laptop}at least updates are installing now07:49
Polt{laptop}and configuring07:49
Polt{laptop}and I would imagine apparmor can be reconfigured07:49
mac_vBigshot_: could you pls repeat the problem? i'm using ATI too , but couldnt understand what you have mentioned above07:49
Polt{laptop}really I am going to reconfigure every package on the system07:49
Bigshot_mac_v: X server is trying to start but goes blank, and it gets stuck in one stage07:50
Bigshot_it's like changing tv channels07:51
mac_vBigshot_:  bug 410058 ?07:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 410058 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Black screen with radeon KMS" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41005807:51
Dr_Williscant find much info on it at the koala bug stuff.. i could be looking in the wrong area. Perhaps a check of the ubuntu forums may be more helpfull Bigshot_  it sounds like a 'deeper' issue then just a X miss config07:52
Bigshot_mac_v:  it's a little similar - boot process goes fine, i see mouse cursor, then i see ubuntu logo then black screen then again ubuntu logo and then black..07:55
mac_vBigshot_: if its not the bug , try the xedgers ppa > https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa  that might help , also #ubuntu-x is a better place for such problems07:56
mac_vBigshot_: oops wrong ppa , wait!07:57
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Polt{laptop}ok finally apturl uninstalled for me08:00
Polt{laptop}now I can follow the directions on the bug report08:00
Polt{laptop}and fix this08:00
DKcrossi hate this screen!  http://news.softpedia.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/ubuntu910alpha5-large_001.jpg08:00
mac_vBigshot_: nope thats the one... ;) it has been renamed a bit lately , i'm actually using that ppa , its quite stable08:01
Dr_Willisheh  - the splash config tool dosent tweak it any more08:02
Dr_Williswonder if the gconf setting is still there08:02
mac_vDr_Willis: where is it? splash config tool?08:02
ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.08:02
Dr_Willismac_v:  i mentioned it earlier.. lets see if i can find it08:03
mac_vxsplash or usplash?08:03
DKcrossdont exists!08:03
Dr_Willis!info gnome-splashscreen-manager08:03
ubottugnome-splashscreen-manager (source: gnome-art): manage your GNOME splash screen images. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-12 (karmic), package size 15 kB, installed size 152 kB08:03
Bigshot_mac_v: i need internet for that do you know how to start wlan0 ?08:03
Dr_Willisgnome-splashscreen-manager   does exist.. it just dosent work.08:03
DKcrossDr_Willis,  no, this program say, you dont have splash in your system08:03
Dr_Willisthats diffrent from 'dont exist'08:04
mac_vBigshot_: hmm... not sure :(08:04
DKcrossdo you like this splash http://news.softpedia.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/ubuntu910alpha5-large_001.jpg?08:04
Dr_Willisits shown then gone so fast i dont really care DKcross08:04
Dr_WillisI did try toggling it via gconf-editor just now.. lets see if that worked.. BRB08:04
mac_vDKcross: that is not the final splash08:04
DKcrossfor me its more slow:s08:04
DKcrossmac_v,  i know08:05
Dr_Willisgconf edit dident chagne it either08:06
Dr_WillisYou could try it yourself and see08:07
DKcrosswhat comand?08:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about splasy08:07
ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.08:07
Dr_Willis'change the gconf key.......08:07
DKcrossthe new gdm is the problem, i know08:07
mac_vDr_Willis: the splash is now xsplash , and the image is hardcoded08:08
mac_vlet me get you the08:08
Dr_Willismac_v:  if you say so... but i looked yesterday and xsplash was not installed on this box08:08
Dr_Willis!info xsplash08:08
ubottuxsplash (source: xsplash): X based bootsplash. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 33 kB, installed size 172 kB08:08
Dr_WillisI think that factoid is wrong now.. looks liek that May be part of ubuntu-desktop meta package08:09
* Dr_Willis removes xsplash to see what happens08:09
Polt{laptop}can anyone tell me the command to reconfigure every package on the system ?08:10
Polt{laptop}or rather... to download every package and reconfigure them ?08:10
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.08:10
DKcross!man dpkg08:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about man dpkg08:10
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/08:10
Polt{laptop}ok yes but it didn't say anything about reconfiguring them08:10
Dr_Willisyep xsplash gone = its gone.08:11
Dr_Willisbut now gDM is on the wrong monitor..  at login.. heh08:11
Dr_Willisfigure that out.08:11
DKcrossDr_Willis, ,then i need remove the package?08:11
Dr_Willisthat logically follows. :)08:11
DKcross:\ Sorry for my english dear friends:$08:13
Dr_WillisXsplash gets called in /etc/gdm/Init/Default and /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default.  It seems08:16
Dr_Willismodify xsplash -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125610508:16
Dr_Williswhen this gets released... #ubuntu will be soooooooooo chaotic08:19
alteregoawill it work ext4 on system disk?08:22
DKcrosskarmic is more slow:(08:22
Polt{laptop}yes it is for now08:22
Polt{laptop}it is alpha though08:22
Dr_Williswill what work alteregoa ?08:22
Polt{laptop}that is one thing about it08:22
Dr_WillisI find karmic quite quite speedy here08:22
alteregoai don't notice any slowdown with my corei7 at 4ghz08:22
Dr_Willisboots in like under 20 sec..   I havent timed it with the latest updates08:22
alteregoaif i change from ext3 to ext4 in fstab?08:23
DKcrossDr_Willis,  for me its more slow:(08:23
Polt{laptop}I restarted Karmic to see if now that I fixed the last problems ... maybe I won't have the errors I had before08:23
Dr_Willisit just hates yoi. :)08:23
Polt{laptop}that and next I need to purge compiz and reinstall it08:23
alteregoaah i disabled this crapbiz08:23
Polt{laptop}well it can be decent but a word of advice08:25
Polt{laptop}use stable branch08:25
Polt{laptop}and you can install the nonsupported plugins but do it from repos08:25
Polt{laptop}if you do it from GIT do it at your own risk08:25
Dr_Williswe all know the CUBE makes us more productive08:28
Polt{laptop}well you know ... surprisingly ccsm was crashing my system before I replaced those files and reconfigured everything08:29
Polt{laptop}now it seems to be working fine08:29
durtbesides adding user to video group, anyone know how to get links2 working in directfb for non-root user?08:31
alteregoayeah esktop cube makes us extremely productive08:31
Dr_WillisI thought framebuffer was blacklisted by default for most cards  from what i saw in 9.1008:31
alteregoai hope the future is bright08:32
Polt{laptop}I dunno I may not have to remove compiz or its plugins08:32
Polt{laptop}I will just have to wait and see08:32
durtDr_Willis, well sudo links2 -g works perfectly (starts up on VT8).08:32
Dr_Willisits not working at all here.08:33
Dr_Willisi wonder if its using the vesa/sdl stuff instead of the framebuffer?08:33
durtdid you add a vga= line to grub?08:34
Dr_Willisnope. :)08:34
Dr_WillisI changed the res of my grub screen here and thats about it08:34
durtI think that initializes the fb. But I could be wrong08:35
Dr_WillisI normally disable the framebuffer on all the disrtos  i use.08:35
Dr_WillisIt just has too many issues.08:35
durtIt's working nice here, even switching to and from X.08:36
durtmy issue is with mouse and I guess ttys08:36
Dr_Willisinstall gpm ?08:37
durtin root even the mouse wheel works, unpriv user is messed up.08:38
eagles0513875hey guys08:39
eagles0513875is there a way i can remove openoffice on a clean install of karmic or would i have to uninstall all of kde and just install the kde-base package and rebuild it up from there?08:39
olegbhum, hum - a fresh alpha5 seems to freeze X when doing alt-tab - fun stuff :-)08:39
Dr_Willisdont use alt-tab then! :)08:41
durteagles0513875, give it a try in synaptic, IIRC you'll have to leave some stuff that language packages are dependant on.08:42
olegbDr_Willis, seems like the sane solution, but somehow my fingers are faster that my brain :-)08:43
eagles0513875durt: im on kubuntu aka kde08:43
Dr_Willisolegb:  sounds like a compiuz issue perhaps?08:43
durteagles0513875, most of OO.o should remove just fine.08:43
eagles0513875durt: i specified openoffice.org pacakge and it removed nothing08:44
olegbDr_Willis, yes, compiz uses all the CPU after alt-tab. So, its an easy workaround just to disable compiz08:44
eagles0513875durt: your telling me i have to go one oo program at a time?08:45
durteagles0513875, that was probably just a meta package08:45
eagles0513875humm ok08:45
eagles0513875well that is sneaky08:54
eagles0513875durt: :) figured it out its openoffice.org-kde package08:54
Bigshot_how do i enable broadcom 4322 in alpha 5?09:05
=== slacker_nl is now known as slacker_be
eagles0513875Bigshot_: hold on i can help ya with this but on my macbook pro which im duel booting it found it outa the box for me09:10
eagles0513875Bigshot_: under applications click on system and click on hardware drivers that will search ur machine for missing drivers09:11
Bigshot_how come 9.04 detects broadcom and not 9.10?09:11
Bigshot_i did eagles0513875 it says none detected09:11
eagles0513875Bigshot_: humm actually u reminded me im on 9.04 sry09:12
eagles0513875Bigshot_: you have given me some food for thought today lol09:12
Bigshot_anybody can tell me why my puter is not detecting proprietary drivers??09:12
eagles0513875Bigshot_: did you open up the hardware drives program09:13
Bigshot_where is it?09:13
eagles0513875under system09:13
eagles0513875that will detect any missing drivers and give you options for you to install09:13
Bigshot_YES i already told you09:13
Bigshot_i did do that09:13
eagles0513875ahhh ok sry09:13
Bigshot_k sry09:13
Bigshot_man this alpha is going back or what09:14
Bigshot_no drivers09:14
eagles0513875do you want the open source driver that is in the repos09:14
eagles0513875i dont recommend the proprietary one as i have had issues with it09:15
Bigshot_how do i get this thing working09:15
Bigshot_is my aim09:15
Bigshot_i've got no internet on other pc09:15
eagles0513875well try this open source driver a reboot will be required09:15
eagles0513875sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter09:16
eagles0513875thats the driver i use all the time for my broadcom wifi cards09:16
Bigshot_i need other files along with it right?09:16
eagles0513875that one package should get ur wifi going09:16
Bigshot_couldn't find package b43-fwcuter09:17
Bigshot_couldn't find package b43-fwcutter09:17
eagles0513875strange im seeing it09:19
Bigshot_'cause u've got internet man09:19
Bigshot_not me09:19
eagles0513875i thought u were wired to the internet with the machine in question09:20
Bigshot_i don't have internet on that machine09:20
Bigshot_i am on another puter09:20
Bigshot_so wat to do now09:20
eagles0513875Bigshot_: i do have one idea but would involve pilfering the ethernet cable from the current machine and plug it into the machine in question09:20
Bigshot_i only got wireless09:21
Bigshot_no wires09:21
Polt{laptop}ok now I have another problem I would like to fix09:23
Polt{laptop}in gnome panel ... I have 12 desktops and when I upgraded it actually broke the desktop switcher applet09:23
eagles0513875Bigshot_: is the machine you are on also a linux machine09:23
Polt{laptop}it is up there in the panel still but it will not let me customize desktop numbers09:23
Polt{laptop}it has a down arrow09:23
Polt{laptop}and both workspace switcher boxes in that applet show 0 when I click on preferences09:24
eagles0513875Bigshot_: give this a shot http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Download#Directly_downloading_the_tarball read through that and download to a usb flash drive and transfer it that way and install09:26
eagles0513875now you got me tempted to test this out and upgrade to karmic O_O09:27
eagles0513875on my macbook and see if i have the same issue09:27
eagles0513875Bigshot_: sry im not much help :( ill get round to upgrading to alpha 5 after i get back from the bank09:30
eagles0513875you got me curious about this after seeing the ubuntu forum post u linked me09:30
Polt{laptop}can anyone tell me how to get fresh settings on my workspace switcher and make it so that the up arrow works again in the preferences box ?09:31
Polt{laptop}the up arrows are disabled in the preferences box of the workspace switcher applet09:32
bazhangtrying to use the Kubuntu Karmic netbook remix created via unetbootin; just can get the live usb (ie see no option to install); am I doing something seriously wrong?10:04
Polterge|stok ... I am looking for a fix for this bug10:10
=== Richie is now known as YDdraigGoch
Polterge|stand also I am looking for a fix for pulse audio10:10
Polterge|stmy sound is disabled10:10
blackest_knightPolterge|st: i kinda have the same issue10:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 412918 in pulseaudio "KARMIC: headphones output not working" [Undecided,Fix released]10:24
Polterge|stthat is what I found so far10:24
Polterge|stand I added those ppas10:25
Polterge|stso now I am downloading the updates from the audio-dev team10:25
blackest_knightyou're  doing better than me10:25
Polterge|stapt-check.py crashed on me a moment ago10:25
Polterge|stI might get someone to pastebin theirs or something from karmic and replace my own10:26
Polterge|stthat might fix that problem10:26
Polterge|stcould be a leftover file from the previous install10:26
Polterge|stand maybe an incompatibility problem10:26
blackest_knightPolterge|st:  mines worse i think theres a couple of things the pulse audio server which allows you to connect for about .05 of a second and the weird one which is using audio in as audio out10:27
blackest_knightI think i may need to revert to jaunty , i've been banging away at bugs on this system for over a week10:29
blackest_knightits crazy log in locally cant load alsamixergui but ssh in no problem10:30
blackest_knighti think its got no idea what the default audio device is10:30
blackest_knightalsamixer fails alsamixer -c 0 works ...10:31
cumulus007Hi, I'm using USB Creator KDE on Kubuntu 9.10. The "Other" button is disabled, so I can't select an ISO file10:39
alteregoais 150MB/s good for software raid5?10:42
Polterge|sthas anyone else dealt with this or found a fix for it yet ?10:48
bazhangturns out the version of netbook-remix was significantly older; get the slimmed down (689MB) version now10:52
Polt{laptop}the only two real bugs I am having right now in Karmic are the sound not working and also the workspace switcher bug where the columns and rows are stuck at 011:20
Polt{laptop}other than that compiz is allowing me to still keep my setup the way I had it with 6 desktops for my compiz cube but I cannot adjust the workspace switcher columns or rows11:20
Polt{laptop}this happened when upgrading Gnome from Jaunty to Karmic11:20
Polt{laptop}also ... I know for a fact that the source code is out with libeel and nautilus for a workaround that allows the wallpaper plugin to work with nautilus11:21
Polt{laptop}they should release a compiled version of nautilus with that in it already11:22
Polt{laptop}I do not know why Ubuntu has not done this yet for Karmic11:22
Polt{laptop}Open SuSE already has this done11:22
Polt{laptop}pretty much11:22
Polt{laptop}all it requires is uninstalling nautilus and downloading the source code for libeel, nautilus, and I think building the wallpaper plugin also and then compiling nautilus with support for that builtin11:23
Polt{laptop}that ... and ... since installing the new kernel I cannot disable nautilus to drawing the desktop because it sends nautilus into an infinite loop of trying to open11:23
Polt{laptop}someone told me it had to do with installing a new kernel but anyhow, those are major annoyances I think alot of people will be complaining about so far the biggest ones I can think of11:24
Polt{laptop}everything else is working alright for me now except those things11:24
Polt{laptop}I did have a problem with apt-check.py timing out earlier but I was guessing it might be from an older version of apt-check.py still being in the system11:25
Polt{laptop}if anyone in here has the version that came with Karmic I would greatly appreciate it if they would pastebin it11:25
trothigarPolt{laptop}, I have a karmic installation, if you could give me the path to the file...?11:27
Polt{laptop}alright let me check11:28
alkisg1Hi. Which IM client does karmic have now? Because while upgrading from alpha 4, empathy was removed, and now I don't have anyone...11:28
gnomefreakempathy is still installed by default11:29
trothigaralkisg1, hm I kept empathy during upgrade,alpha-5 advertises empathy on its about-me page11:29
alkisg1Urm, ok, I guess I'll reinstall it them (I *didn't* remove it manually :))11:29
trothigaralkisg1, apt-get wanted to remove empathy for me though so I used aptitude11:29
gnomefreakalkisg1: does apt-cache policy empathy show that it is installed?11:29
alkisg1trothigar: a ok, I said "yes" because I thought it would install pidgin later on or something11:29
alkisg1gnomefreak: no, it's removed11:30
gnomefreakcan someone file a bug on that.11:31
Polt{laptop}ok trothigar I think it is /usr/lib//update-notifier/apt-check.py11:32
Polt{laptop}I have an extra / in there11:32
Polt{laptop}trothigar check /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt_check.py11:36
Polt{laptop}I am pretty sure that is the correct path11:36
trothigarPolt{laptop}, 2 secs11:52
Polt{laptop}alright I am not having problems with it now11:53
Polt{laptop}I will save this as a backup11:53
Polt{laptop}a moment ago it failed / crashed on me11:53
Polt{laptop}and now it is working fine and the update manager update was in the list of updates so maybe it is fixed ow11:53
trothigarPolt{laptop}, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5e64f22511:55
Polt{laptop}thank you trothigar11:58
Polt{laptop}this will serve as a backup in case the apt_check.py file I have stops working or in case it gets messed up11:58
alteregoai have to talk with latka gravas12:03
gnomefreakwhom ever it was that asked about empathy install. in Alpha 6 we are reverting empathy to pidgin12:11
Polt{laptop}ok another new issue12:12
Polt{laptop}I tried to install grub2 and it found the new kernel that was installed but will not boot from that kernel12:12
Polt{laptop}grub2 doesn't work on my monitor anyway12:12
Polt{laptop}I will just keep it installed until I swap this hard drive into a bigger machine so that I can use it on that12:13
Polt{laptop}since grub2 will not work on the current machine12:13
Polt{laptop}I used the chainloader though which was a good idea12:13
danbhfivegnomefreak: what happened with empathy?12:13
gnomefreakdanbhfive: not sure i was reading a wiki on it12:14
danbhfivehmm, to bad.  The video chat was an exciting promise12:15
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: best place for all your problems are bug report12:15
gnomefreakdanbhfive: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus12:15
gnomefreakdanbhfive: more info can be found https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-karmic-messaging-and-communication-selection12:16
Polt{laptop}I do not know if apport works for me yet12:16
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: you do not need apport to file bugs however try ubuntu-bugs $packagename12:18
Polt{laptop}can I issue that command at the terminal ?12:18
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: yes12:18
Dr_WillisAnyone notice gdmsetup has gone from having a decnt set of options to like.. err.. Nothing? :)12:20
Dr_Williscant even find the proper way to set the GDM themes now.12:20
gnomefreakDr_Willis: system>preferences>apperence12:21
Polt{laptop}you are right Dr_Willis12:22
gnomefreakoh gdm (login?)12:24
eternal_pis anyone having problems with cookies not saving in Firefox?12:24
Dr_WillisYes - the login screen manager tool (for gdm) used to be quite good.. and full featured..12:24
gnomefreaketernal_p: a few people are. i think i saw a bug on it already12:24
Dr_Willisseems theres been some changes to gdm. I cant find the normal setitngs that it used to use12:25
eternal_pgnomefreak: do you know the launchpad id link?12:25
alteregoahow can i upgrade grub?12:25
Dr_WillisJust installed some gdm themes.. and cant find were to enable them :)12:25
gnomefreaki dont even get the gdm screen all i get is a little login dialog when gnome loads12:25
alteregoait still displaying grub 1.5 on startup12:25
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:25
gnomefreaketernal_p: off hand no. may want to ask in #ubuntu-mozillateam12:25
gnomefreakalteregoa: read the link above it explains how to change 1 to 212:26
eternal_palso...any idea how to install VMWare Workstation 6.5?12:27
eternal_pseems to hang on configure12:27
Dr_Willisgnomefreak:  thats the  default gdm theme i think12:30
Dr_WillisI just installed several more gdm thems and cant figure out where to enable them12:31
alteregoagrub-install (GNU GRUB 1.97~beta1)12:31
alteregoaso grub is installed?12:31
alteregoai typing grub-install -v12:31
alteregoaapt-get install grub2 then came a strange menu i pressed ok12:32
alteregoaok i hope it works12:33
Dr_Willisit may need to be configured for your system.12:34
Dr_Willishope ya got a live cd handy.12:34
alteregoait works12:37
alteregoathe menu automaticly did this stuff for me12:37
Dr_Willisim suprised. :)12:37
alteregoawhatever i have to boot ext4 from /12:38
Dr_WillisI think the grub in 9.04 could handle ext4 / and /boot    but now ya get to learn grub2! :012:39
alteregoaquestion how can i fsck now?12:44
alteregoae2fsck -fpDC0 /dev/sdb112:44
alteregoai see a  warning about mounted volume or something12:45
Dr_WillisYou want to unmount filesystems befor you fsck them12:47
Polt{laptop}I will setup grub2 later on12:47
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot12:47
Polt{laptop}I have it installed but I won't upgrade to it until later on12:47
Polt{laptop}a good way to go is make a live DVD or live CD if you cannot boot from DVD and then use e2fsck from the live boot12:49
Polt{laptop}that way your partitions are unmounted12:49
Polt{laptop}the same advice is given when you upgrade to ext4 from ext3 if you choose to go that route like I did12:50
Polt{laptop}I still have no audio12:51
alteregoahow can i add a fsck with the option -fpC0 at startup?12:51
Dr_WillisI would say boot a live cd and do it from there.12:51
SwedeMikealteregoa: do you want to do it once or always?12:52
alteregoaonly once12:52
Dr_WillisI dont even know what the  -fpC0 options do12:53
Polt{laptop}I had audio for a moment12:53
Polt{laptop}my mic was working12:53
Polt{laptop}I was watching the monitor levels12:53
SwedeMikeboot with init=/bin/bash in grub, that'll drop you to shell immediately after boot.12:53
zoraelWhy does Karmic's eclipse-platform have openjdk-6-jre as a direct dependency instead of the java-runtime virtual packages it had in Jaunty?12:53
SwedeMikethough, it's probably better to just unmount the volume blocking it if you can12:53
zoraelEclipse can't be installed without pulling OpenJDK now, and I already have Sun's installed12:54
alteregoai do not have this entry in grub i think mike12:54
alteregoai add it now12:54
SwedeMikeyou do it run-time when booting, don't change the config file12:54
SwedeMikepress esc and then edit it in the grub boot screen12:54
SwedeMikeor... you could create a new menu item that does just this12:55
alteregoaok thanks it works12:57
=== repete is now known as rep-eat
ubuntu1hm, testing koala13:01
Dr_WillisThats a good idea. :)13:01
ubuntu1empathy is really buggy13:02
ubuntu1cant even setup an normal irc with it13:02
Polt{laptop}yeah I tried to use it awhile back13:02
Polt{laptop}it was buggy back then and I do not imagine much has changed13:02
ubuntu1i think koala should have gaim back what do you think13:02
Polt{laptop}pidgin was supposed to get a fork for -vv13:02
Dr_WillisI was trying Quassle (sp?) on kubuntu the other day... its neat..  has some real cool features.. but a bit buggy13:02
ubuntu1i mean..13:03
Polt{laptop}I don't see why the pidgin dev team do not let someone take over their project13:03
blackest_knightanyone good with audio I finally seem to have line out working as line out but line in is also working as an output13:03
ubuntu1ah i see13:03
ubuntu1did not know pidgingot forked13:03
Polt{laptop}they should let someone take over their project and they should get the fork for video and voice in pidgin already13:03
Polt{laptop}ubuntu1 well it was going to be a fork I think13:03
Polt{laptop}and then they decided not to or something13:03
Polt{laptop}I spoke to the dev team personally though and they said that -vv was planned to be compiled in13:04
Polt{laptop}in future releases anyway13:04
Polt{laptop}I don't know why it hasn't been done yet though13:04
ubuntu1now if empathy was good it would be okey, but its really not an upgrade13:04
ubuntu1i see its empathy , maybe its an buggy version13:07
ubuntu1and we need an fixed one13:07
=== _PLaYSTatiON is now known as PLaYSTatiON
ubuntu1maybe its in the updates13:10
Polterge|stpersonally and this is just my opinion but I like pidgin and if it had voice / video I think more people would accept it13:10
* Dr_Willis avoides such things. :)13:10
Polterge|stempathy could be alright I guess and I am all in favor of developing things to make them better... however pidgin as we know is much more stable and I'm sure they are not far off from getting the voice / video going or compiled in13:11
Polterge|stjust a thought13:11
ubuntu1should empathy have video voice13:11
Dr_Williswell. i did set up skype on the pc upstairs and downstairs so the grandkids could chat at each other and grandma..13:11
Polterge|styeah skype works wonderfully for me13:11
eagles0513875hey Dr_Willis how goes it13:11
Polterge|stwell that is to say ... when audio works on this machine13:11
Polterge|stcurrently audio is buggy13:11
Polterge|stI will have to reboot to get it working again probably because now when I click on sound preferences it says "waiting for sound system to respond"13:12
Polterge|stI had my mic working for a moment13:12
Polterge|stit gives me gvfs errors13:13
Polterge|stin terminal if I use "sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart "13:13
Polterge|stor if I use "alsa force-reload"13:13
ubuntu1any way, its  broken, empathy does not save account settings on koala in this build13:14
ubuntu1i guess its a bug13:15
Polterge|stin the last build of it I could never get it to connect out to do audio with xmpp13:15
Polterge|stlike gtalk for instance13:15
eagles0513875hey guys i keep getting dropped to command line on alpha 5 on my macbook pro that im duel booting with osx im trying to login to the how can i install karmic from the command line13:38
Dr_WillisThe live cd is droppingyou to the command line you mean to say?13:39
shadeslayereagles0513875: have checked the md5 on the ISO and the cd?13:40
eagles0513875its all good13:41
eagles0513875im trying out some different combos like turning acpi off and all that13:41
gnomefreakuser error ;)13:41
shadeslayereagles0513875: does selecting install from grub work?13:41
* gnomefreak has script to update and check ISO md513:42
eagles0513875hold on13:42
eagles0513875this is off a live cd which im booting13:43
gnomefreakeagles0513875: md5sums match?13:43
shadeslayereagles0513875: yeah,theres a install option on the grub on the live cd itself13:43
eagles0513875shadeslayer: how do i get to it13:43
eagles0513875im wondering if i need to reformat the bootcamp partition before installing karmic granted there is jaunty on there already13:44
shadeslayereagles0513875: just reboot with : sudo reboot -h NOW and select install in the grub menu13:44
gnomefreakgrub? ther eis a install screen on it13:44
eagles0513875gnomefreak: im wondering the same thing13:44
gunsofbrixtonwhat does the envelope plasmoid in the lower right corner in kubuntu karmic do?13:44
gnomefreakeagles0513875: you never get to desktop?13:44
eagles0513875no gnomefreak it drops me down to tty113:44
* gnomefreak wonders if video card/drivers13:44
eagles0513875its an nvidia and on jaunty i had no problems and was able to get to the desktop and all13:45
gnomefreakeagles0513875: that is fine than13:45
gnomefreaktry the alternate installer13:45
gnomefreakhint: cant drop you to TTY#13:46
eagles0513875well it does it tries to load x then goes back to loading network manager13:46
eagles0513875and asking me for a login and password which there is none13:46
eagles0513875or is there13:46
gnomefreakit maybe a bug in latest build13:46
eagles0513875question is is finding someone else with a mac to test this build13:46
gnomefreakthere isnt unless things changed in a513:46
* gnomefreak dreams of owning another mac13:47
Dr_WillisI got an imac DV that makes a good DoorStop13:47
gnomefreakeagles0513875: do you have an older image than a513:47
shadeslayereagles0513875: there is a install option on the cd... just below safe boot13:47
eagles0513875no got it from the site earlier today13:47
gnomefreakshadeslayer: hes not getting there from what i can tell13:48
eagles0513875this is even better i hit the power button it doesnt it doesnt even start shutting down13:48
shadeslayereagles0513875: try : sudo reboot -h NOW13:48
eagles0513875i have to login and give pass13:49
shadeslayereagles0513875: ubuntu13:49
eagles0513875trying in safe graphics mode13:50
shadeslayereagles0513875: no the login is ubuntu and pass is ubuntu13:50
eagles0513875where did u find that out13:50
shadeslayereagles0513875: it was a common problem for some people :)13:51
eagles0513875j/w off topic of what im having issues with is there anythign special i need to do to install kubuntu to an external usb disk13:51
eagles0513875not flash drive but hard disk13:51
shadeslayereagles0513875: not necessary,the iso might be at fault,or the disk might be bad,numerous things apart from that13:52
eagles0513875humm ya13:52
eagles0513875even safe graphics mode13:52
shadeslayereagles0513875: not working?13:52
eagles0513875nope pass and username arent working unless13:52
eagles0513875still not working with k/ubuntu13:53
Lenin_Cathow can software break your system13:53
shadeslayerim out of ideas to boot the cd then13:53
eagles0513875humm :(13:54
catweazleeagles0513875: the monitor is connected with hdmi?13:54
eagles0513875its a laptop13:54
eagles0513875macbook pro13:54
catweazlehave problems here with nvidia and hdmi under karmic13:55
eagles0513875oh really now13:55
eagles0513875this nvidia card is made specifically for mac's13:55
eagles05138759500m 256mb card13:55
catweazleif i connect my display with dvi or vga it works with karmic13:55
eagles0513875whats funny i dunno whats changed from jaunty to karmic13:56
eagles0513875but i have a hunch its an issue with x somewher13:56
catweazleafter install and put the nvidia-drivers on the hdmi works13:56
eagles0513875wish i had a way to view dmesg13:56
catweazleusername is ubuntu13:57
catweazlepassword is empty13:57
eagles0513875im in13:59
eagles0513875thanks catweazle13:59
catweazlesudo su brings you to root13:59
eagles0513875damn it damn it damn it13:59
eagles0513875i tried start x and it seems like its not detecting my monitor13:59
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)13:59
Dr_Willisdont use sudo su.. use 'sudo -s' or 'sudo -i' :)14:00
eagles0513875i know dr0pknutz14:00
catweazlei think the output is wrong14:00
eagles0513875whoops mistype14:00
eagles0513875output of what14:00
catweazlefor me it should go to the hdmi but it goes to dvi14:00
catweazlehope it uses not your external output14:01
eagles0513875how can i determine that catweazle14:02
catweazlecan you copy the /var/log/Xorg.0.log to the hd?14:02
eagles0513875cant :(14:04
BluesKajhey folks14:05
eagles0513875hey BluesKaj :(14:05
eagles0513875getting a headache trying to fix this problem14:05
BluesKajhi eagles0513875 ...porblem ?14:06
eagles0513875ya with a514:06
eagles0513875problem with x and not an easy one for that matter14:06
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution14:06
eagles0513875!info x14:06
ubottuPackage x does not exist in karmic14:06
BluesKaj!info X14:07
ubottuPackage X does not exist in karmic14:07
Polt{laptop}that is true ... I must agree with what was said a moment ago14:07
Polt{laptop}sudo su dumping to root doesn't seem too safe14:07
eagles0513875bots broken14:07
Polt{laptop}if you have a guest account on the machine anyway14:07
eagles0513875i know about sudo -s or 0i14:07
wastrelsudo -i   is what i use14:08
eagles0513875same here14:08
BluesKajnotice the dpkg Xorg.conf command is no longer applicable14:08
eagles0513875BluesKaj: any idea why on my macbook pro my monitor isnt picked up then jaunty picks it up just fine14:09
wastrel!info xorg14:09
ubottuxorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.4+3ubuntu5 (karmic), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB14:09
BluesKajmacs are proprietary , apple wants you to use their monitor , that you must buy from them14:09
* Polt{laptop} coughs *ahem* hackintosh14:10
* Polt{laptop} looks around wondering where that strange noise came from14:10
eagles0513875BluesKaj: this is a macbook pro laptop14:10
eagles0513875heheh Polt{laptop}14:10
eagles0513875im duel booting with boot camp so its not hackintosh14:10
eagles0513875and jaunty works just fine14:10
Polt{laptop}yeah hehe14:10
Polt{laptop}Jaunty is pretty stable14:11
eagles0513875question is what version of x is in jaunty and what is in karmic14:11
BluesKaj* Polt{laptop} no doubt they are hackable but it's shame and a pita just the same14:11
eagles0513875ya like this14:11
eagles0513875the only option which wont be too good for testing purposes is upgrading14:11
Polt{laptop}I can't wait until Karmic is stable and final release14:12
Polt{laptop}I resolved most of the problems on mine except my audio sound system not responding now14:12
Polt{laptop}it started to earlier14:12
Polt{laptop}and I think the gnome panel has an issue or two14:12
BluesKajanother 5 - 6 wks or so14:12
Polt{laptop}there is this area in the gnome panel that is weird looking14:12
eagles0513875isnt it due out around the time of the win 7 release14:12
Polt{laptop}as if a notifier should be there or something but it is instead like a doubled icon14:12
Polt{laptop}and I can't remove it14:12
Polt{laptop}and clicking on it does nothing14:13
Polt{laptop}it isn't hurting anything but ...14:13
Polt{laptop}I know it shouldn't be that way14:13
eagles0513875Polt{laptop}: easiest way to get it fixed is to file a bug14:13
Polt{laptop}how do I file a bug about gnome panel doing that14:13
Polt{laptop}I don't know exactly which package14:13
BluesKajI haven't tried gnome on karmic , maybe I should make another partition14:13
Polt{laptop}karmic's gnome seems buggy to me14:14
Polt{laptop}although I read about it before installing and it said it is a hack version for dev purposes14:14
Polt{laptop}so that might be why14:14
BluesKajgnome on jaunty wasn't my taste14:14
Polt{laptop}it wasn't full featured enough really14:14
eagles0513875BluesKaj: vbox14:14
eagles0513875i have karmic on vbox on vista14:15
Polt{laptop}I am looking forward to Open SuSE's development of Gnome because alot of those same people that worked on the KDE enhancements for Open SuSE are starting to do dev work on Gnome now and bringing it to Gnome14:15
Polt{laptop}it means that many of the same features will start showing up in Gnome pretty soon and Gnome will be getting some much needed improvements14:15
* shadeslayer thinks suse has too many options to choose from....14:15
Polt{laptop}If Open SuSE does it I am sure other distros will start borrowing alot of those enhancements14:15
shadeslayerPolt{laptop}: what enchancements in KDE?14:16
Polt{laptop}well for instance ... KDE has builtin compositing14:16
Polt{laptop}and a few other UI tweaks14:16
shadeslayerPolt{laptop}: um... so does kubuntu....14:16
Polt{laptop}whereas Gnome has a print manager14:16
Polt{laptop}shadeslayer kubuntu is KDE14:16
mphillmetacity has composting too!!!!14:17
mphillit just sucks mostly14:17
BluesKajPolt{laptop}, the wat things are going with the media apps (which is my area of interest) , the medibuntu repository has become barren . It no longer stores the kind of bleeding media apps and vehicles we're used to seeing from them , svn and other sources are now more acceptable to me.14:17
Polt{laptop}yeah but yes yes and yes mphill14:17
shadeslayerPolt{laptop}: um thats what im asking.... what tweaks are there in suse KDE that kubuntu doesnt have14:17
eagles0513875ok gues no support for me14:17
eagles0513875anyone on jaunty atm14:17
Polt{laptop}shadeslayer the best way to find out the difference between Open SuSE's KDE and Kubuntu is to try both of them14:18
Polt{laptop}and compare14:18
Polt{laptop}I tried Open SuSe in vmware and could see it was pretty full featured although it might use a newer KDE14:18
BluesKajeagles0513875, I'm a bit confused about what you're trying to do14:18
Polt{laptop}and I hear the KDE 4.x series has some nice features that the 3.x series did not14:18
Polt{laptop}brb phone14:18
eagles0513875BluesKaj: i want to install kubuntu karmic alpha 5 onto my macbook pro as duel boot i already have jaunty installed i would like to install karmic instead so i can test out something i saw on the forums14:19
Polt{laptop}what I noticed mainly about Open SuSE was that it was pretty streamlined and almost offers too many UI tweaks in the desktop settings area but not that I am complaining. This just might confuse someone new to linux14:20
Polt{laptop}I have not tried Kubuntu14:20
Polt{laptop}I'm strictly a Ubuntu guy14:20
BluesKajeagles0513875, just do a dist-upgrade from jaunty with aptitude14:20
Polt{laptop}not that I wouldn't try Kubuntu but I am more used to Ubuntu14:20
Polt{laptop}and for some reason Kubuntu never gets as high of ratings from people14:20
EagleScreeneagles0513875, BluesKaj why not use the Ubuntu update manager?14:21
Polt{laptop}every time I read about it I see some type of complaint about certain apps14:21
eagles0513875i was told by someone for testing purposes that its best to do a clean install BluesKaj14:21
Polt{laptop}eagles0513875 I've heard the same thing14:21
EagleScreeneagles0513875, try running $ sudo update-manager -d14:21
BluesKajI prefer kde cuz I must confess it's more fasmiliar looking , being an old windows guy14:21
Polt{laptop}to be honest I just upgrade because I have things I can't back up and I don't have any other option14:21
shadeslayerBluesKaj: i totally agree....14:22
Polt{laptop}BluesKaj there is nothing wrong with that14:22
Polt{laptop}it is all preference14:22
Polt{laptop}I'm all about functionality really14:22
Polt{laptop}that is my main thing14:22
mkoehlereagles0513875: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha514:22
EagleScreenGnome also can look as Windows14:22
Polt{laptop}performance meets functionality meets eye candy14:22
eagles0513875EagleScreen: i know about that but i have heard from people its best for testing to do a clean install14:22
BluesKajyeah <i thought gnome looked bit cartooney for these old eyes14:22
EagleScreensure eagles051387514:22
mkoehlerit's always going to be *best*, but will it work if you don't? yes14:22
Polt{laptop}what I like about gnome is that it can look like OSX if you tweak it right or like windows14:22
Polt{laptop}KDE probably can too though14:23
mkoehlerPolt, I don't know if that's a good thing :-P14:23
mkoehlerI like the way it can be changed to look like anything, but yeah :-P14:23
eagles0513875kde looks alot like win already14:23
Polt{laptop}really it does14:23
mkoehlerthat's what they're going for14:23
Polt{laptop}I told my friend to try a a KDE based distro awhile back and he was quite pleased with it14:23
eagles0513875gnome the lay out of stuff and where things are confuses the living (censored) outa me14:24
BluesKajI think it's the reverse , windows is trying real j=hard to look like compiz on kde :)14:24
mkoehlerthey're trying to port KDE over to windows as a different frontend for windows users14:24
mkoehlerso if it looks almost the same, people won't have a hard time switching14:24
eagles0513875ya i have tried that alot of stuff still quite buggy14:24
BluesKajpulseaudio is still broken on my setup , i missed dtchen yesterday14:26
eagles0513875BluesKaj: win 7 = looks like osx14:26
BluesKajmy sound quality is actually better without it14:27
Dr_Willisyea - just like it.. buttons and fonts and text.. and a mouse pointer...14:27
BluesKajI have W7 , like OSX?? not to me14:27
mphillanyone know how to resolve apache randomly segfaulting with libapache2-mod-php514:27
Spirits-SightHello, I am having trouble getting live cd going, it goes to a unbuntu login prompt? how every it works fine upgrading from 9.04 but that does not give a clean install14:30
Dr_Willisi heard of some others with similer issues Spirits-Sight14:31
Dr_Willisusername is 'ubuntu' password is blank.14:31
Spirits-Sightthat all I need to do14:31
Spirits-Sightthanks Dr_Willis will try now14:33
eagles0513875BluesKaj: there are bits of osx in win 714:33
eagles0513875the bottom bar for instance when u have programs open is like the icon bar on osx14:34
serpi think it is a bit better than osx's version14:34
Dr_Willisi find the os-x dock rather.. annoying14:34
serpi agree but was avoiding saying that14:35
BluesKajeagles0513875, I'm sure there are bits of linux too but they still insist on using the dumb DLL system ...to me that's the root of their probs14:35
serpi am not sure i'd count dll as the highest problem in windows14:36
eagles0513875msft if they keep raising prices people will go linux and or osx14:36
serpi'd consider the design decisions with the kernel/gui and the filesystem and UAC to be the biggest problems14:36
BluesKajthe OT cops will be here soon :)14:36
gnomefreakBluesKaj: never left14:36
* Pici looks around14:37
* gnomefreak watching while i wait for build to fail14:37
serpi mean uhh... that 9.10... i had a problem.. fixed now...14:37
Polt{laptop}for some reason 2.6.31 kernel isn't booting up on my system14:38
Polt{laptop}it isntalled via updates but it doesn't boot through grub or anything14:39
mphillits like everything is broken14:39
Polt{laptop}well it is alpha but ...14:39
mphillPolt{laptop}: did you dist-upgrade or do a fresh install?14:39
mphilli'm not sure if they are trying to upgrade grub to grub2 at this point14:40
Polt{laptop}I mean alot of things do work for me14:40
Polt{laptop}I installed grub2 chainloader14:40
Polt{laptop}from repos14:40
Polt{laptop}I am not upgrading from legacy though until I can get grub2 to work14:40
eagles0513875i wish open office wasnt installed by default14:41
PiciGrub will not be automatically upgraded to grub2 on an upgrade install.14:42
shadeslayereagles0513875: why?14:42
Polt{laptop}yes I know that14:42
Polt{laptop}that is why I said a moment ago14:42
Polt{laptop}I installed the chainloader14:42
PiciPolt{laptop}: It was a clarification for everyone else.14:42
eagles0513875i dunno y i feel like it inpacts performance as a whole for the desktop environment14:42
Polt{laptop}I didn't know if you were getting onto me14:42
eagles0513875performance wise i would take koffice any day since it saves in the same format as oo14:43
Polt{laptop}the sound system is doing weird stuff14:45
Polt{laptop}the sound applet in the gnome panel is appearing and then disappearing14:45
Polt{laptop}and it keeps saying "waiting for sound system to respond"14:45
Polt{laptop}I opened up the sound preferences but output volume is greyed out14:46
Polt{laptop}I am wondering if there is some type of loop or something going on14:46
Polt{laptop}like a crash14:46
Polt{laptop}yeah this clearly seems like a bug to me and I don't know the package name14:50
Polt{laptop}omg this is buggy14:53
Polt{laptop}now it just disabled compiz rofl14:53
Polt{laptop}I might just wait a few days and come back to this and see if there are updates14:53
=== jacob_ is now known as jacob
Polt{laptop}sound is obviously on a runaway loop14:54
Polt{laptop}it keeps trying to load it and failing14:55
Dr_Willisyea thers some sound quirks i see14:55
BluesKajcheck your audio settings , namely pulseaudio14:56
Polt{laptop}BluesKaj that is what I am attemping to do14:56
BluesKajdunno where one looks in gnome14:57
Polt{laptop}BluesKaj how would I go about checking pulseaudio's settings14:57
Polt{laptop}in Gnome I goto sound preferences14:57
Polt{laptop}and when I do it keeps crashing the sound preferences14:57
Polt{laptop}this box pops up that says "waiting for sound system to respond"14:57
Polt{laptop}and then it keeps doing that14:58
Polt{laptop}it will find it14:58
Polt{laptop}and then it shows the device14:58
Polt{laptop}and then it crashes14:58
Polt{laptop}over and over14:58
BluesKajcan you move it up and down in "preferences", if your soundcard is listed give it priority14:58
Polt{laptop}and I was actually talking into the mic earlier and watching the monitor levels move14:58
Polt{laptop}and then it started this stuff14:58
Polt{laptop}that is what brought it all on14:58
Polt{laptop}it has been crashing since14:59
Polt{laptop}compiz crashed but I think I know the culprit there14:59
Polt{laptop}it is the tab plugin14:59
BluesKajonboard or pci soundcard ?14:59
Polt{laptop}the group / tab plugin is btw one of my favorite compiz plugins but it crashes compiz15:00
Polt{laptop}anyway though15:00
Polt{laptop}ok I restarted Gnome15:00
Polt{laptop}I am watching Gnome trying to load up the audio applet15:01
BluesKajPolt{laptop}, I dumped pulseaudio in favour of the kernel module , even tho it's listed pulseaudio is disabled and my sound is much cleaner , but I use vlc exclusively for all media15:01
Polt{laptop}really you know pulseaudio is intended for systems with multiple audio cards15:01
Polt{laptop}I dunno why it comes stock15:01
Polt{laptop}it shouldn't15:01
Polt{laptop}as most systems only have one audio chipset15:02
Polt{laptop}and all they need is support for one15:02
BluesKajkeeping things simple in alphas seems to work for my setup15:02
Polt{laptop}not unless you are doing studio work with a big sound system or something15:02
Polt{laptop}BluesKaj that is probably a wise idea15:02
Polt{laptop}oh and it re-enabled compiz for me15:03
Polt{laptop}that is a GOOD thing15:03
Polt{laptop}I was waiting for them to come up with something that would do that15:03
darthanubis!flood | Polt{laptop}15:03
ubottuPolt{laptop}: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic15:03
BluesKajI do have a big sound system, but it's in the tv room ...I can send media thru our lan to the tivo which acts a media server15:04
Polt{laptop}darthanubis !attitude15:04
Polt{laptop}!attitude | darthanubis15:05
ubottudarthanubis: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines15:05
darthanubisThe attitude is that I was trying to inform you , since you are ignorant to the fact, that in IRC channels you don't use the ENTER key as a form a punctuation. Your welcome.15:06
Polt{laptop}I'm not ignorant thank you very much15:06
Polt{laptop}I'm well aware but was having a conversation15:06
Polt{laptop}no help is needed with a 2 party conversation15:06
eagles0513875easy guys15:06
Polt{laptop}no offense but it was an A B conversation15:06
eagles0513875Polt{laptop}: easy m815:07
bazhangoddly the older karmic kubuntu works fine as a live usb (using unetbootin) with eeepc; the ubuntu remix version does not even reach busybox. Wonder if its an issue with corrupt iso15:07
BluesKajwow , it only took 2 lines to get darthanubis going on his negativity trip today...must be a record15:07
Polt{laptop}well you know one thing I am happy about is that I managed to somehow fix the messed up area in my gnome panel by moving around the applets but I think it had something to do with the sound applet15:08
Polt{laptop}well that and RutilT15:09
Polt{laptop}it seems to be responsible15:09
eagles0513875bazhang: today's alpha 5 release seems like it doesnt like macbooks and doesnt find my monitor :(15:10
eagles0513875smees like its a bug in x but cant be too sure15:10
Dr_WillisI have had very few issues with Pulse audio15:10
eagles0513875same with me on my macbook whcih im duel booted with osx15:10
Polt{laptop}pulseaudio was very stable for me in Jaunty15:10
bazhangeagles0513875, okay; I am using the netbook remix iso though15:10
eagles0513875strange im downloading the alternate installer iso see if that fixes the issue which it should15:11
darthanubisDr_Willis: do you use KDE?15:11
Dr_Willisi was tryibng out kubuntu  earliuer this week.. using Ubuntu now.15:11
eagles0513875think i need to reboot as this download is taking ages15:11
* shadeslayer wishes there was no feature freeze....15:11
darthanubisDr_Willis: I asked to see if your pulseaudio was flaw less with kubuntu as opposed to ubuntu15:14
Dr_WillisI had no sound issues on kubuntu either.. but I was thinking Kubuntu/kde did not use pulse audio15:14
darthanubisit does not, hence my question15:14
BluesKajI"m not real sure but pulseaudio seems to work better for onboard sound , the kernel module seems fine with pci sound as long as the driver is available , which it is for most newer hardware15:14
Dr_WillisThe only sound 'quirk'  i got now is every so often i hear a pop/ka-thunk like the sound card is 'reactivating' or somthing.15:15
darthanubisI have flawless PA and Phonon working together on 9.04, but 9.10 I could only play one source of audio at a time15:15
Dr_Williswas playing with pipeing the sound out a different PC last week. :)15:15
darthanubisAnd could find no help on the sublect from either forums, ubuntu/kubuntu/ none of the IRC channels etc.15:16
darthanubisDr_Willis: yeah, I accidentally did that as well15:16
BluesKajDr_Willis, disabling onboard sound in the BIOS works in windows and I'm thinking it may be so in linux now as well15:16
BluesKajdisabling onboard in favour of the pci card15:17
Dr_WillisYea i only have onboard sound on this thing15:17
Dr_Willisi cant fit my other sound cards in this thing if i wanted to :) too many other cards.. too few slots15:18
darthanubisI have not bought a separate sound card since the sblive days15:18
Dr_Willisyea  i was using audigy 2zs on the last 4 machines ive had.. same  card :)15:18
geniiWhen possible I still opt for a bare-bones type mb with least onboard stuff. Then you can mix and match what you prefer and if something breaks, it's modular15:19
Dr_Willisfinding mbs that dont have sound.. can be a little hard at times these dyas :)15:20
BluesKajsome onboards are actually quite good15:20
BluesKajnvidia does nicely on wifes vista pc15:21
Dr_Willis00:05.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2)15:21
Polt{laptop}I do like the nvidia chipsets15:22
DKcrosshello dear friends15:24
DKcrosssplashy works in karmic koala for yours?15:25
EagleScreenDKcross, are you sure do you mean splashy or usplash?15:29
DKcrossno, splashy15:29
Dr_Willis!info splashy15:29
ubottusplashy (source: splashy): A complete user-space boot splash system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.13-5ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 1153 kB, installed size 1796 kB15:29
EagleScreeni didn't test15:29
DKcross:D Dr_Willis  i remove xsplash:D15:29
Dr_Willisi disab;e them all15:29
knix_so how does splashy work?15:32
* Dr_Willis makes an XXXsplash15:33
* shadeslayer wonders if that showed up on the ops as an highlight15:34
knix_splashy wont install, o well15:34
BluesKajsplashy ?15:34
bazhang!info splashy15:38
ubottusplashy (source: splashy): A complete user-space boot splash system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.13-5ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 1153 kB, installed size 1796 kB15:38
bazhangDKcross, yes15:39
DKcrosswhat about this?15:39
technotanyone able give me a quick howto on howto force an installation of w32codecs on amd64 architecture? :)15:47
Dr_WillisHmm..medibuntu had 32 and 64bit versions of that packages15:48
technotyeah still do15:48
Dr_WillisI think it was called w64codecs? :)15:48
technotbut i can only install the 64 bit version15:48
technotwhich does not support the vmp v3.0 format15:48
technoti need the w32 for that15:48
technotand i've read you can force the w32codecs and 32bit dependancies to be installed15:48
Dr_Willisnever heard of vmp sorry, Not sure why the codec packs would metter.15:49
technoti just dont know how :\15:49
technotit will15:49
Dr_WillisYou could extract teh files from the .deb  and put them where they belong.,15:49
technotyou never heard of windows media player format ?15:49
technotmost work fine with w6415:49
technotthe v3.0 does not15:49
Monika-KI can't log in graphically anymore after having done a dist-upgrade to get alpha 5; mv .kde .kde-backup did not solve it. What else can I try?15:49
Dr_Willisvmp  never heard of it15:49
bazhangwma is audio iirc15:49
technotwmp is the name of all wm? codecs15:49
technotwindows media player codecs15:50
Dr_Willis    i rarely have things in  wma formats15:50
catweazleMonika-K: harddisk full?15:50
technotyeah and i get pictire on the wmw in question15:50
technotme too rarly15:50
technotbut neither of this is helping15:50
technoti allready know i have a wierd format and what codecs i need :)15:50
Dr_Willisextract the files from the .deb or checkl the apt-get manuals i guess.15:50
bazhangsorry, dont use drm15:50
technoti just dont know how to install them15:50
Monika-Kthen I couldn't log in on the console, either, could I? And I think it's not full, / and /home are on separate partitions and it would have to be /home that's full, right?15:50
Monika-KWhat was the command to check the harddisk usage, something like du or dh?15:51
technotdf -h15:51
technotthe command "du" shows usage in the current (or specified) directory and subdirectories15:52
BluesKajtechnot, there used to be an app ia32 for w32codecs , if you type it in your package manager you may get the new version to come up , which prolly has a different name tho15:52
Monika-Khm, / is full15:52
technotBluesKaj: thanks i'll check it15:52
technothm yeah i got that pack allready15:53
technoti found15:53
catweazleMonika-K: run apt-get clean15:53
technotia32-apt-get :))15:53
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto15:54
gnomefreakzniavre_: are you sure you didnt mean !grub215:54
zniavre_you are right   thank you15:55
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub215:55
robin0800Monika-K: You probably can play most multimedia types without the w32codecs, but if you really need them, try the medibuntu repository. ...15:55
Monika-Kah great, apt-get clean freed 2 GiB, no let's see for the graphical login15:55
technotrobin0800: if that was targeted at me.. i allready know what i need and which codecs i have and not and what works and not. i have a specific question. how do you force the w32codecs pack to be installed on amd6415:56
technotfor even talking about the w32codecs packs i would HAVE to allready have the mediabuntu repos wouldn't i :p15:57
technotthe repo howto explains you can do it. just not how :)15:57
blackest_knightaudacity is totally busted in karmic luckily lenny seems to be useable15:58
technothehe i use rythmplayers in karmic with great sucess15:59
technothowever, pulseaudio is a peace of crap15:59
robin0800technot: you could try aptitude -f15:59
blackest_knighttechnot: simple wau install mythbuntu-controlcentre then choose the wincodec options15:59
technotapt-get/aptitude will not even find the w32codec pack. only the w64codecs :\16:00
blackest_knightpulse audio is off my karmic box i finally got working sound :)16:00
technotso the -f doesn't work :\16:00
blackest_knighttechnot: get mythbuntu-controlcentre and it will get the codecs for you16:00
robin0800technot: you could add mythbuntu to your souces first16:01
technoti have16:01
technotor i would not find w64codecs ..16:01
gnomefreakdid you run update after adding repos?16:01
technot... ofc.. i have installed other stuff from the repos16:01
blackest_knightmythbuntu-control hmm bum it might not work16:01
technotwhy you guys treating me like a newb :p16:02
gnomefreaktechnot: because we dont know how much you know16:02
blackest_knightsorry rather silly of me it would give me ffmpeg and libdecss but not win3216:02
technotit's not my fault the w64codecs pack does not support wma9 :\16:02
=== aubre is now known as aubre_afk
blackest_knighttechnot to be honest your lucky to have any audio working with karmic16:03
technoti've been using ubuntu for 3-4 years, and gentoo some years before that, and started with slackware in 98. give me a tad bit credit :)16:03
Polt{laptop}the only real disadvantage I am facing right now in Karmic is sound not working16:03
technothehe pulseaudio only crashes here when i start a program that tries to use audio through alsa at the same time that fx rythmbox is playing music16:04
thiebaudesound works fine for me in karmic16:04
blackest_knighti finally got sound working when i deleted pulse packages16:04
Polt{laptop}if I could get this to not keep crashing over and over endlessly then my system would be ok for now16:04
technotand if it crashes all i need to do is kill the program that tried to take controll over sound16:04
technotand sound will work again :p16:04
Polt{laptop}I can deal with waiting on the dev people to fix the workspace switcher being stuck at 0 in columns and rows in gnome panel16:04
technotkarmic even got proper gain on my sound now16:04
technotused to be a bit low sound16:05
technotcompared to windows16:05
Polt{laptop}I imagine karmic will have some vast improvements when it is all working right16:05
thiebaudeanyone having trouble pausing and playing youtube videos?16:05
Polt{laptop}it is just that some things still have a few quirks16:05
Arv3nHello. Is anyone else able to access their samba network?16:05
technotit's working quite good here :) hehe16:05
Polt{laptop}I played Quake Live yesterday in Openbox on karmic16:05
technotyeah my samba works fine :)16:05
Polt{laptop}audio was working in Quake Live via flash plugin16:05
technotPolt{laptop}: nice does it work good ?16:05
thiebaudePolt{laptop}: i use open also16:05
Polt{laptop}it was working decently16:05
* shadeslayer wonder how breakages happen *after* a feature freeze :P16:05
Polt{laptop}the only problem I was having was occasional sound buffer underruns in Quake Live's audio16:06
Monika-Kthanks everyone, I was able to log in graphically again ... only had to reconfigure my two screens afterwards16:06
blackest_knightpulse crashes and restarts and crashes and restarts the volume ctrl icon on my top panel flashes away like an indicator ... disapeared all together now i got rid of pulse but things are working16:06
Polt{laptop}in the QL terminal it was showing that16:06
blackest_knightaudacity can't record more than a second either16:06
Polt{laptop}blackest_knight that is exactly what is happening to me16:06
technotnever liked audacity :-o16:07
blackest_knighti've got the lenny version in now and thats working well16:07
robin0800technot: try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18897416:07
blackest_knighttheres not really anything else is there...16:07
technoti'll try, could work, but that howto is from 2006 :p16:08
=== rep-eat is now known as repete
technotthings may have changed quite a lot16:08
technotand i dunnu about installing a pack this dude made 3-4 years ago16:08
blackest_knightyou could do worse, its took me a week to get my karmic box into a working state16:09
Arv3nSo, can anyone tell me how to get my samba share working then?16:09
Arv3nIt's recognized just no files are showing.16:09
technotwhat seems to be your problem16:09
technothave you shared something ?16:09
Arv3ntechnot, no it's sharing from my Mac.16:09
Arv3nvia Samba, works fine in Ubuntu 9.04, Windows, etc.16:09
technotshould work in karmic as well. the samba package is the same :-)16:10
Arv3nit's not. no files are showing.16:10
blackest_knightyou could use sshfs if its between linux systems  its the easiest way16:10
Arv3nI'm not.16:10
technothave you checked your log files?16:10
technotin /var/log/samba ?16:10
Arv3ntechnot, none in that directory.16:11
technotdo you have the samba package installed ?16:11
Arv3nlet me check.16:11
Arv3ntechnot, No. I just installed off the Alpha 5 cd.16:11
gnomefreakplease tell me you are kidding16:11
gnomefreakah good reason16:11
technotthen there's your problem right there mate16:11
Arv3nI was assuming it'd be automatically installed. ~_~16:11
technotnever assume :-D16:12
* gnomefreak not sure how to get samba working let alone if not installed16:12
technotassumptions are the root of all evils:p16:12
Polt{laptop}for anyone experiencing the bug where the columns and rows in workspace switcher are stuck at 0 here is a bug report and a sort of temporary workaround16:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423493 in gnome-panel "workspace switcher stuck at 0 rows, 0 columns" [Low,Confirmed]16:12
Arv3nwonder why they'd remove it16:12
Polt{laptop}I really do wish they would fix the workspace switcher though16:12
Polt{laptop}I mean you can use it but ...16:12
gnomefreakits still in repos AFAIK16:12
Polt{laptop}the settings for it do not work16:12
technotyeah i've wonder many times why some packs all of a suddon gets uninstalled when you upgrade or dist-upgrade16:12
blackest_knightmaybe its broken like a lot of karmic16:12
technotbut i just write down the name of the packs i see getting uninstalled that i want, and reinstall them :p16:13
gnomefreaktechnot: due to conflicting packages wrong repos ect...16:13
Arv3ntechnot, it's still not showing anything. =/16:13
blackest_knightaptitude is bad for that you tell it to install vlc and it says its going to remove like 300 meg of packages16:13
technottry starting samba with /etc/init.d/samba start16:13
Arv3nNothing. :<16:14
technotprobably starts at boot time16:14
technotnothing ?16:14
Arv3nOnce again, the neptune network is showing. it's just not showing any files16:14
technotthe file doesn't exist ?16:14
technotand now, what does the log files say ?16:15
gnomefreakmy counter is counting up instead of down :(16:15
siegieOne of the new features in karmic alpha 5 is indicator display, it should support kopete, kontact and quassel. It works fine with kopete but quassel doesn't appear in te indecator. Is there another setting required, or is this just a bug?16:15
Arv3nwell here's what i got when installing samba: Unable to create directory /var/run/samba for file mutex.tdb. Error was No such file or directory16:15
Arv3nwill that be a problem?16:15
technotyou can try to make the directory16:15
technotand make it writeable to the samba user16:16
Arv3nit says file exists. :S16:16
Arv3nmkdir: cannot create directory `/var/run/samba': File exists16:16
technotthen make the directory writable to the samba user16:16
gnomefreakArv3n: tell it to make up its mind16:16
Arv3nNevermind, it's a directory.16:16
blackest_knightit didnt say ./var/run/....16:16
Arv3nTrue, I missed that.16:16
blackest_knightthat . broke a package yesterday16:17
Arv3nhold on im checking the logs.16:17
gnomefreakbroke a few16:17
=== kklimonda is now known as kklimonda|G1
Arv3ntechnot, strangest thing is this:  smbd_open_once_socket: open_socket_in: Address already in use16:17
=== kklimonda|G1 is now known as kklimonda
Arv3nbut it did that in Jaunty to and i just restarted nautilus and it worked.16:18
technottry this16:18
blackest_knightlucky for me i found the bugreport and someone had uploaded a fixed version a few hours earlier one apt-get update later it was fixed16:18
technot/etc/init.d/samba stop; killall -9 smbd; killall -9 nmbd; /etc/init.d/samba start16:18
Arv3ntechnot, it said no process found when trying to stop/start smbd/nmbd16:19
Arv3ner, i mean kill.16:19
Arv3nand, still nothing.16:20
gnomefreakthan just try start maybe it will help16:20
blackest_knightI seldom see the bus .... i kinda wish i hadnt got audacity working16:23
blackest_knighti've got 30 hours or so of language tapes to digitise16:23
Polt{laptop}this may seem kind of silly to ask but could it possibly be because I am not booting from 2.6.31-9 kernel that maybe pulseaudio is behaving the way it is16:26
hggdhPolt{laptop}: it might be, since dtchen was talking about a kernel patch some time ago (but I did not follow up)16:27
gnomefreakits very possible16:27
Polt{laptop}I am curious because I have that kernel but I just installed the initramfs-tools package update16:27
Polt{laptop}I wasn't booting from 2.6.31-9 because it would freeze the computer at boot16:27
Polt{laptop}and as for grub2 it gets no further than me clicking on it and it going to a black screen16:27
Polt{laptop}I dunno if that is because of my psu not being big enough for my vid card in this machine or if it is related to the way grub2 is loading16:28
Polt{laptop}although it doesn't load any of the kernels16:28
Polt{laptop}hence I resort to using the legacy grub16:28
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: sounds like you didnt follow directions from the !grub2 page :)16:30
Polt{laptop}I did16:30
Polt{laptop}to the letter16:30
Polt{laptop}but I will check it again16:30
Polt{laptop}maybe I missed something16:30
gnomefreaki did and all my kernels boot16:30
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub216:30
shadeslayerPolt{laptop}: please stop flooding16:34
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: we asked you to stop hitting <enter> as much and put it on one post16:34
Polt{laptop}shadeslayer nobody is flooding16:35
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: you are16:35
shadeslayerPolt{laptop}: yes you are16:35
Polt{laptop}how can I do that when I am afk ?16:35
alteregoai updated to grub2 without any problem16:35
Polt{laptop}I was reading about grub2 and in that time I was not typing anything here16:35
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: just before you said !grub216:35
Polt{laptop}please guys don't patronize me for asking questions16:36
Polt{laptop}I'm only trying to solve some problems16:36
alteregoayeah houston we got a problem16:36
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: we are not we asked you to stop hitting enter so often and use on line16:36
shadeslayerPolt{laptop}: we are not patronizing you,were asking politely to stop using the carriage return16:36
alteregoais there  a way to clean up those 28x kernels?16:37
Polt{laptop}well the problem is that if I do not hit enter sooner the topic gets changed to something else and diverted before I can ask the question and then I get treated like an idiot that wasn't paying attention when it is in fact not my responsibility to read the entire chat buffer16:37
gnomefreaksee thats beter16:37
alteregoai only want the 31 kernel and no older crap16:37
Polt{laptop}I can type longer sentences but there is no reason to subject myself to that. Sometimes my sentences are longer and sometimes shorter16:37
gnomefreakalteregoa: read the info from !grub216:38
shadeslayerPolt{laptop}: no it does not,if someone knows the answer he will answer,long sentences or short16:38
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: heres a suggestion: do it in one post.16:38
gnomefreak!grub2 > alteregoa16:39
ubottualteregoa, please see my private message16:39
Polt{laptop}anyway to get on with what I was going to say and move onto more "meaningful" conversation how would I use " sudo grub-install" if my menu.lst is installed at /dev/sda ?16:39
alteregoa!empaty > alteregoa16:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about empaty16:41
gnomefreakalteregoa: you spelled it wrong and please use /msg ubottu empathy16:41
alteregoa!makinglove > alteregoa16:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about makinglove16:41
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: did you see the following16:42
gnomefreakOn my test system it displayed (hd0) /dev/sda but this might differ on your system.16:42
shadeslayeralteregoa: stop that16:42
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week - last day, starting in 16 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek16:44
gnomefreakdholbach: thanks16:44
Polt{laptop}gnomefreak I seen that and that is what mine is16:45
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: than why did you ask the above question you would simply follow directions16:46
gnomefreakdholbach: what no quilt fun16:46
Polt{laptop}do I just copy that and paste it after "sudo grub-install" in the terminal ? maybe I am overcomplicating this but ...16:46
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: just use the command sudo grub-install16:46
Polt{laptop}I did and it gives me a list of options16:47
gnomefreaki missed the topic i wanted. maybe encore16:47
gnomefreakPolt{laptop}: what is it giving you?16:49
Polt{laptop}well never mind now I already ran sudo grub-install /dev/sda16:50
Polt{laptop}it reported no errors16:50
Polt{laptop}grub2 is installed as a chainloader however I have not upgraded from legacy as I am afraid it will make the system unbootable because of some issues I have with my monitor16:51
=== lupine_86 is now known as lupine_85
Polt{laptop}and that messed it up .........16:55
* Polt{laptop} shakes his head in disdain16:55
CyberCr33pdoes someone has buggy sound on alpha ?16:57
gnomefreakCyberCr33p: a few people are (im not)16:58
CyberCr33pI listen a mp316:58
CyberCr33pand every few seconds the sound "hang"16:58
CyberCr33pand after half second it continues again16:59
CyberCr33pis it the same problem other people have?16:59
Polt{laptop}I ran one test ... I booted from grub on the intel chipset on this machine and it boots into that but as I said before it will not boot into any OS on this machine via the nvidia chipset with certain graphical modes and I am afraid grub2 behaves that way16:59
gnomefreakdont know i just saw people talking about it16:59
Polt{laptop}and so did the old windows environment16:59
Polt{laptop}I could be wrong but ... I know grub version shows up as 1.97 ... is this correct for the update ?17:01
* gnomefreak watching another channel for a while17:02
Polt{laptop}gnomefreak so the grub2 should be version 1.97 ?17:03
AoldHi, my GRUB 2 install is broken. I install grup-pc from my Ubuntu 8.04 installation, but it only list Hardy and not Karmic. What can I do to fix what ? Thanks17:03
gnomefreak!grub2 > Aold17:04
ubottuAold, please see my private message17:04
AoldI know that...17:06
gnomefreakalteregoa: did you just install grub or did you upgrade to karmic?17:08
gnomefreakAold: ^^^17:08
crashsystemsAnyone have advice for gathering useful information on this bug? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/36287517:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 362875 in linux-firmware "rt2x00usb_vendor_request: Error - Vendor Request 0x07 failed for offset 0x308c with error -71." [Undecided,New]17:10
CyberCr33pTo turn timer-based scheduling off, replace the line17:10
CyberCr33pload-module module-hal-detect17:10
CyberCr33pin /etc/pulse/default.pa by17:10
CyberCr33pload-module module-hal-detect tsched=017:10
CyberCr33pI fix it by doing this17:10
gnomefreakcrashsystems: you are in wrong channel to ask about that bug17:12
crashsystemswhy is that?17:12
crashsystemsand what would be the right channel?17:12
Polt{laptop}CyberCr33p what does turning off the timer based scheduling do ?17:13
CyberCr33pno idea17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301755 in pulseaudio "Crackling noise after update to pulseaudio" [High,Fix committed]17:14
Aoldgnomefreak: I have installed Kubuntu 9.10 before the alpha 5. I choose to install GRUB 2 over my current GRUB Legacy in order to boot on my first disk. After an update, when I have rebooted the GRUB menu have disappeared and I haven't choice: I need to boot to Hardy. To fix this, I try to install grub-pc from Hardy. I'm here. (sorry for my english).17:14
knix_the login screen in karmic is fugly.  Is there a way to change it to something much better for the eyes?17:15
gnomefreakAold: IIRC grub boot screen was disabled by default17:16
BluesKajknix_, gnome or kde ?17:17
knix_BluesKaj: gnome17:17
Aoldgnomefreak: What is IIRC ?17:17
crashsystemsgnomefreak: why do you say this is the wrong channel to ask about that bug, and which channel do you think would be appropriate?17:17
knix_IIRC = if I remember correctly17:18
Aoldknix_: thanks17:19
CyberCr33pthis line fix it17:20
Ian_CorneAold: spam esc17:20
CyberCr33pbut now I can't open the volume control17:20
Ian_Corneand you'll get the grub screen17:20
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
AoldIan_Corne: Before to reinstall GRUB 2, I try hit ESCAPE, but the menu doesn't appear...17:23
Dr_WillisI havent figured out where to change the GDM theme yet either...17:24
roffeIf I run a video in vlc it stutters quite a lot, particularly in the beginning17:25
knix_Dr_Willis: aint it fugly?17:25
Dr_Willisknix_:  it works.. does all it needs.  but i  had a XXX gdm theme i liked. :P17:25
AoldIan_Corne: And now, GRUB doesn't want to list my Karmic install, so I can't access to it to fix that... :(17:25
Polt{laptop}is there any way I can revert back to my old grub ?17:26
Polt{laptop}I try to boot with this one but the system hangs or just reboots17:26
DKcrosssplashy doesnt wokrs! in karmic koala:(17:26
knix_DKcross: fails on the install correct?17:27
Polt{laptop}I installed grub and it will boot from my intel i810 onboard chipset but my nvidia chipset is like a reverse polarity or something and I have to hit the power button twice for the machine to power on with that vid card and to boot into an OS and linux is the only OS it boots into17:29
knix_Dr_Willis: so do you know a way to change it?17:30
legend2440have they added a system>admin>login window gui to karmic yet?  a few months ago someone said there was'nt one and that if you wanted auto login you had to choose it at time of install17:30
knix_legend2440: yes, it's there17:30
legend2440knix_: THANKS17:30
mkoehlerit's system>admin>login screen17:31
knix_but it doesnt offer much17:31
mkoehlerOptions: Show the screen for choosing who will log in or log in as ______ automatically / Allow ____ seconds for anyone else to log in first17:31
legend2440knix_: but you can enable auto login there right?17:31
legend2440ok thanks17:31
knix_mkoehler: do you know how to change the gdm login screen?17:32
mkoehlerknix_: no, I haven't done that in a while17:34
knix_nevermind, I found this - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=124129317:34
mkoehlerI should probably change it though, I'm not a huge fan of the new gdm screen17:34
knix_mkoehler: me neither, it's fugly as all h3ll17:36
CyberCr33pI finally install vlc-pulse17:43
CyberCr33pand change the vlc configuration to use pulse instead of alsa17:43
CyberCr33pand it's ok now17:43
LeftmostWhy are there still no translations for firefox-3.5 in the language packs?17:51
Polt{laptop}I am about to enable jackd and I just finished enabling timidity17:52
Polt{laptop}I am wondering about grub2 working on this nvidia card17:52
Dr_Willishmmm Grub2 works on my 8800gtsxxx17:53
Polt{laptop}I have an 8400 gs on this system but it seems to not boot17:55
Polt{laptop}and I now have this message when things are starting up "bar 6 address space collision"17:56
Polt{laptop}it boots into the new kernel via the intel chipset that is onboard but it gives me that space collision message beforehand17:57
Polt{laptop}the problem is that I cannot boot into X with my i810 and I don't know how to configure my wifi connection via the terminal or re-setup X ... has been a long time since I have had to do that on this machine17:58
Polt{laptop}in order for me to continue updating things that will be required17:59
Polt{laptop}oh well ... I taught myself how to reconfig X now but I can't hotplug on this machine18:02
Polt{laptop}if I could hotplug I would not have to boot this machine all weird and that might save me a few problems when trying to boot but for now I can only boot via the live DVD / CD and my system doesn't boot from DVD's18:03
keith_Does anyone know if there is a fix for bug 424425? Or should I just wait for them to fix it in the repos?18:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424425 in grub2 "package grub-common 1.97~beta1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/sbin/grub-set-default', which is also in package grub" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42442518:17
keith_What exactly does "fix released" mean, anyway?18:21
=== mac__v is now known as mac_v
mac_vkeith_: is that a trick question ? ;p18:22
keith_lol, well... I'm still having the problem when I try to upgrade, so it doesn't seem released enough.18:23
Dr_Willisa fix has been found and submitted?18:23
Dr_Willisive not tried to update from grub1 to grub218:23
mac_vDr_Willis: nope , it means released18:23
mac_vkeith_: which package?18:24
keith_Dr_Willis, The issue is that they aren't automatically upgrading grub-legacy18:24
Dr_WillisI recall seeing that mentioned in the forum/things.. :) they couldent do it safely...18:25
keith_mac_v, I'm referring to bug 42442518:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424425 in grub2 "package grub-common 1.97~beta1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/sbin/grub-set-default', which is also in package grub" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42442518:25
keith_There are no issues if you install 9.10, but systems that upgraded from 9.04 fail on today's updates.18:26
mac_vkeith_: see the latest comments ;p18:26
Dr_WillisI never do upgrades...18:26
keith_Dr_Willis, I thought I would give it a try.18:26
mac_vkeith_: it might just be ... you havent received the latest packages[check version]18:26
Dr_WillisI normally do a upgrade.. report any bugs.. then do a clean install... :)18:27
Picius.archive.ubuntu.com only has up to 1.97~beta1-1ubuntu318:27
keith_ah... it's ubuntu4 that has the fix?18:28
keith_So, if I try later... it should magically work?18:29
reggieP123hey folks is there a way to extract kernel from karmic to transfer to Jaunty ??18:39
reggieP123or am I stuck with what I have18:40
reggieP123and the reason I ask is because karmic seems to resolve a ton of issues I have been experiencing with Jaunty for one intermittent wifi performance is fixed , sound with my intel HDA digital sound device is fixed18:40
reggieP123so any help with this would be appreciated18:41
reggieP123kinda scared to just jump on the Alpha 5 bandwagon although it seems stable as hell18:41
nemoreggieP123: oh. why would you want to do that?18:42
nemoreggieP123: but. is pretty easy. there's a nice pinning writeup18:42
nemoI switched to karmic kernel in jaunty due to that major foulup in the sauce patches that screwed up ext418:42
reggieP123ahh cool I want ot do it to fix my current issues with sound and wifi performance18:43
nemoreggieP123: you can also do a mainline kernel18:43
reggieP123do yo uhave the link on how and where I can do that18:43
nemocan just use that.18:44
nemolooking up the nice pinning writeup though18:44
reggieP123nice thank you very much hopefuly this will give me some peace18:45
nemohttp://archives.free.net.ph/message/20090603.191957.2467efd9.ja.html - this is NOT the one I used last time18:45
nemothis guy did a more complicated pin18:45
nemoum. let me fire up my laptop - maybe it is in my firefox history :)18:45
reggieP123ok cool what kind of laptop do you have nemo18:46
nemobut. yeah. just installing the .deb works18:46
nemocheapo dell from workplace w/ sucky sound card18:46
nemoand intel graphics18:46
Polt{laptop}nemo you sound like you have something similar going on to what I have18:47
reggieP123ahh ok I am using an hp dv7 with nvidia graphics and intel hda sound18:47
nemoPolt{laptop}: I've been following the bugs on sound in karmic18:47
Polt{laptop}I am trying to get my setup to boot into X with this i810 chipset and it will not18:47
nemoPolt{laptop}: oh. that was moderately annoying18:47
reggieP123well no issues with sound running karmic issues is with Jaunty and old kernel I believe18:47
nemobut it booted ok off of CD when I set no acpi / apic  and checked off free software only18:48
Polt{laptop}and for some reason my Acer x193w monitor does not want to boot with my nvidia chipset18:48
Polt{laptop}it just reboots18:48
nemoPolt{laptop}: and then it worked ok from then on18:48
DKcrossany  can run splashy in karmic?18:48
Polt{laptop}and to top things off my audio doesn't work either18:48
nemoPolt{laptop}: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/40068218:48
Polt{laptop}DKcross it won't load the splash screen for the nvidia but does for the i810 chipset18:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400682 in linux "[Karmic stac927x regression] No sound after upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic" [Medium,Triaged]18:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 411574 in pulseaudio "[karmic] No sound on Intel 82801H HD Audio" [Medium,Confirmed]18:49
nemoPolt{laptop}: I'm hoping one of those bugs is also mine18:49
reggieP123hey nemo I was just reading the pinnup would I need ot add karmic source list ?18:49
nemosince the specs match my sucky system18:49
nemoreggieP123: well. just the one karmic line18:49
reggieP123really ?18:49
nemoPackage: *18:50
nemoPin: release a=karmic18:50
nemoPin-Priority: 5018:50
nemoreggieP123: that was the pin I used btw18:50
nemodeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic main restricted18:50
reggieP123that would not screw up anything else on my system would it ? :(18:50
nemoand that in sources.list18:50
nemoreggieP123: I think if you just add those. that should be all you need18:50
nemothen just install the kernel version you want18:50
reggieP123sory just a win admin trying to learn Linux18:50
=== skyjumpe1 is now known as skyjumper
nemoreggieP123: just try that simple pin first18:52
wastrelmy scim bug hasn't been fixed yet even though i reported it yesterday18:52
nemothose 3 lines, then the deb line in your sources.list18:52
nemowastrel: kind of impatient aren't you :)18:52
wastreli did my part!18:52
Polt{laptop}ok I switched it to the intel driver18:54
Polt{laptop}I got that working for now18:54
Polt{laptop}since my nvidia driver will not work18:54
nemoPolt{laptop}: mm. interesting. dunno. my one machine w/ nvidia card works fine in karmic18:54
nemo01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G72 [GeForce 7300 LE] (rev a1)18:54
reggieP123thank you nemo18:55
reggieP123will definitely try18:55
Polt{laptop}and my audio worked18:55
Polt{laptop}I just commented out my nvidia section in xorg.conf and replaced it with intel since that is all that is working on this machine for the time being18:55
shadeslayerhow do i mount my blackberry via bluetooth in KDE?18:56
nemoPolt{laptop}: 185.18.3618:56
Polt{laptop}I have it18:56
nemoPolt{laptop}: is my nvidia driver - what's yours?18:56
Polt{laptop}it isn't the driver18:56
Polt{laptop}it is the computer18:56
shadeslayeri want to just copy and paste the files into my blackberry 950018:57
Polt{laptop}this is a shame that I cannot revert back to my old grub18:57
* nemo JFGI'd18:58
nemoPolt{laptop}: you switched to grub2 ?18:58
Polt{laptop}with that at least I could boot with the nvidia18:58
Polt{laptop}yes nemo18:58
shadeslayernemo: i want to mount the device18:59
nemoshadeslayer: mount it. not just use a client19:00
nemoshadeslayer: using fuse I suppose?19:00
nemoshadeslayer: it appears there is a fuse project for bluetooth19:02
shadeslayernemo: i have no idea of the underlying framework.... i want to use it as a partition.///19:02
nemoshadeslayer: well. obviously it wouldn't be a *partition*19:02
nemothat's a completely different concept :-p19:02
nemobut w/ fuse you can even use gmail as a filesystem ;)19:02
Polt{laptop}you know ... I did have this svideo adapter that plugged into a monitor port ... I could have used that to route my nvidia back to my intel chipset's display port to get the nvidia to force boot maybe19:02
Polt{laptop}I need to find that19:02
shadeslayernemo: of course.... i meant a partition is the best way i can describe what i want to do19:02
nemoPolt{laptop}: seems like a lot of trouble for something that should be working fine :)19:03
reggieP123hey nemo what would happen if I didnt do the pinning part of it and just installed the deb file19:04
reggieP123would it screw things up19:04
Polt{laptop}nemo you are right it is alot of trouble19:06
Polt{laptop}really you know the best solution would be for me to just get a new tower19:06
nemoreggieP123: that should work just fine too19:07
Polt{laptop}I should call my dad and see if he has any spares since he comes across them from time to time19:07
nemoreggieP123: I did that for a few months before I decided to pin it19:07
nemoreggieP123: installing the .deb just means you have to do updates yourself.19:07
Polt{laptop}my video card is a 512 mb card and works great in linux except this tower I have is only 1.2 ghz19:07
Polt{laptop}and 512 mb of ram19:07
nemoPolt{laptop}: upgrade that sucker already19:07
nemomy 10 year old server has a gig of ram19:08
Polt{laptop}it does not want to boot into linux with the 512 mb vid card19:08
shadeslayernemo: apparently19:08
shadeslayer!info obexfs | nemo19:08
nemoheck. it has a 1.4ghz processor I paid $25 for 10y ago19:08
ubottunemo: obexfs (source: obexfs): mount filesystem of ObexFTP capable devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11-1 (karmic), package size 15 kB, installed size 92 kB19:08
nemo... and?19:08
Polt{laptop}and unfortunately the i810 chipset is like 1 mb of onboard vid ram rofl19:08
Polt{laptop}it is sad I know19:09
reggieP123can I install and then pin later?19:09
reggieP123or it doesnt work that way?19:09
Polt{laptop}also something else I should say ... my sound worked when I booted into X under root but not for my default user account19:10
=== myers is now known as StevenMyers
Polt{laptop}in theory if sound works under root it should work for the default user also ... this must be a config file problem or a permissions problem. Can anyone help me fix this ?19:11
StevenMyersHey everyone, any news on Alpha 5 getting out of testing for Karmic?19:16
reggieP123hety nemo still there would I also need to install the kernel headers for the kernel that I pick?19:16
Polt{laptop}is there a grub-legacy package ?19:19
knittlgood evening19:19
Polt{laptop}I still have my old menu.lst file19:20
ReggieP123nemo still there19:20
StevenMyers@Polt: http://packages.ubuntu.com/19:21
StevenMyersYou can search the package database to find this. Bookmark this page as it's a very reliable resource.19:21
Polt{laptop}ok so basically what I want to do is install grub from a jaunty repository19:24
Polt{laptop}since I want to revert back to what I had in jaunty19:24
Polt{laptop}and I want to do apt-get remove grub219:25
StevenMyersIf you have Jaunty installed you can install the new grub and remove the old grub2. To remove the grub2 you will need to execute apt-get autoremove (grub package)19:27
StevenMyersThen follow with the new grub install if you have Jaunty running.19:28
natewiebe13 19:32
ReggieP123if I add karmic souces to the source list and run an upgrade from synaptic will everything change on Jaunty technically19:35
Polt{laptop}StevenMyers I upgraded my jaunty to karmic19:36
Polt{laptop}I perhaps want to get that package from Jaunty and remove grub2 and reinstall the old grub19:36
StevenMyers@Reggie: you do have an option to keep some Jaunty packages during the upgrade to Karmic.19:36
StevenMyersSo technically there will still be Jaunty running, but should not conflict with Karmic for any reason.19:37
Polt{laptop}first I will try to reboot one more time but if this doesn't work and if I get an error again I will definitely try to revert back to the old grub since this system apparently cannot handle grub219:37
ReggieP123ok cool thanx19:37
Brian__im downloading karmic alfa 5 rite now19:37
natewiebe13Polt{laptop}: if you were doing a fresh install.. you could always add the option "grub-legacy=true"19:38
StevenMyersGot me beat to that nate, was about to pass that to him. (Stupid Pizza)19:39
Brian__will my broadcom wifi work in the kubuntu karmic alfa 5 realese19:39
Polt{laptop}I just basically want to get grub-legacy back19:40
StevenMyers@Brian: I do not see why it shouldn't. Karmic has wifi compatibility and shouldn't be to unstable to run. Have eth0 ready and installed just incase.19:40
hggdhBrian__: my wifi is a BCM4312, no problems here19:40
Brian__when i did the alfa 4 it didnt work19:41
StevenMyersHave you checked the log changes for 5?19:41
StevenMyersIf not: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha519:41
StevenMyersReport the bugs to launchpad.net if you can. The bug report tool is also a fail in some cases to report issues. IF this does happen use launchpad.19:43
Polt{laptop}also with grub2 I get this bar6 address collision message19:43
Polt{laptop}never had that with grub-legacy19:43
StevenMyers@Polt: this bug has been already reported. Should be corrected sometime soon.19:44
StevenMyersIf you would like to see the report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/42414219:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424142 in ubuntu "Address Collision" [Undecided,New]19:45
Polt{laptop}ok cool19:45
Polt{laptop}one other thing now ... StevenMyers my sound works in root but doesn't work in the default account in Gnome19:46
wastrelanyone using scim in koala?19:46
Polt{laptop}do you have any idea of how I can fix sound ?19:46
wastrelmine is crashing on launch19:46
Polt{laptop}that is the problem I am having19:46
Polt{laptop}it crashes over and over and over in my default account19:47
natewiebe13i find it strange how everyone has sound issues.. and i havent had any.. im using cmi8738 and creative xfi, and both machines are perfect19:47
Polt{laptop}I logged into root by accident a moment ago and the sound was playing when I logged in19:47
StevenMyersWhat distro version do you run Polt?19:47
StevenMyersOne sec Polt.19:49
StevenMyersWhat driver do you have for your sound? Ex: NVidia etc19:50
lucas__ubuntu karmic sucks19:51
natewiebe13lucas__: better than jaunty19:51
StevenMyersBecause the alsa-driver is having backend sound for default accounts based on the sound driver you have installed19:51
StevenMyers@nate: it will be when/if they enable the menu icons.19:52
natewiebe13lucas__: i find that jaunty is sluggish compared to karmic.. there are some issues still with karmic.. but it will be more polished once completed19:52
StevenMyersThis has come back a "We are not sure if it will again"19:52
natewiebe13StevenMyers: what do you mean menu icons?19:52
Polt{laptop}StevenMyers I have onboard intel sound19:52
lucas__i dont write a data to cd19:52
lucas__cd is blank19:52
lucas__i used brasero19:52
lucas__aqnd brasero gives an error19:53
StevenMyers@nate: gnome-panel menu drop down lists19:53
lucas__cd is blank19:53
StevenMyers@Polt: ok thanks, just another sec19:53
StevenMyers@Polt: Reinstall the alsa-driver and reboot.19:54
lucas__can i say ubuntu karmic = debian sid19:54
StevenMyers@lucas: it is debian based ;-)19:54
vigoPolt(laptop): ALSA?19:54
lucas__yeah but debian has three release19:55
natewiebe13StevenMyers: System -> Preferences -> Appearance.. then under the interface tab, check the box "Show icons in menus"19:55
lucas__lenny squeeze anbd sid19:55
Polt{laptop}StevenMyers how do I reinstall it ?19:55
lucas__i want to go nack jaunty19:55
StevenMyers@nate: I will take a look, thanks.19:55
Polt{laptop}StevenMyers do I just do dpkg-reconfigure ?19:55
StevenMyers@Polt: Not at all. Just search in synaptic and find alsa-driver and do a "Complete Removal" then reboot and re-install the same way you removed.19:55
lucas__how can i go back to jaunty19:56
lucas__is there a way19:56
vigoThank you StevenMyers.19:57
StevenMyers@polt: alsa-based19:57
StevenMyersyw vigo19:57
natewiebe13StevenMyers: try it yet?19:57
keith_Why doesn't my /tmp clear when I reboot?19:58
lucas__why karmic mount ipod touch as digital cam and imeediately break mounting ipod touch19:58
StevenMyers@nate: I am going to run Karmic again as a full install upgrade leaving the Jaunty files still folded inside and give it a shot. If the options you gave do work that is great but by default they are left out for some reason.19:58
StevenMyersSad source of change they chose for this release.19:58
natewiebe13yeah.. i noticed that on my uncles computer that i upgraded from jaunty.. i did a fresh install on another computer, and it enabled the icons19:59
natewiebe13its an upgrade bug i think19:59
StevenMyershas to be :-/19:59
natewiebe13im 99% positive19:59
* StevenMyers is going to upgrade right now for testing19:59
lucas__now i write a cd and process continues20:00
lucas__process will finish and cd will be empty despite all process20:01
StevenMyersWeird, the karmic release is not available even if normal release is selected.20:01
lucas__i see the yellow light on the cdrom20:01
Brian__im downloading karmic rite now20:01
keith_StevenMyers, Karmic hasn't been released yet.20:01
Brian__alfa 520:02
lucas__update-manager -d20:02
lucas__provides karmic20:02
vigoI did a backup, but the install 'saved' the packages that were placed in from 9.04, all the configs were lost, the backup solved that.20:02
natewiebe13StevenMyers: because its still in alpha20:02
StevenMyersThank you lucas lol forgot the command20:02
StevenMyersYes I know it was my fault on word use20:02
StevenMyersty for the correct :-p20:02
keith_StevenMyers, =D20:02
natewiebe13Brian__: alpha, not alfa20:02
lucas__but i dont suggest to install karmic20:02
BluesKajthis place souns like twitter... i;m combing my hair downloading stuff20:03
Brian__im lazy20:03
lucas__it is too buggy20:03
StevenMyersnate: shoot me that option again so I can save it. (Show Icons)20:03
keith_I'm using it... not too buggy imo20:03
lucas__i open nautilus and select edit -Z> preferences20:03
StevenMyers@keith: it's not if you save the packages from the recent upgrade with Karmic20:03
lucas__then restart nautilus then produce a bug20:04
StevenMyers@lucas: ty20:04
vigoSeems to be smooth here, I am pushing it hard and have yet to fail, or panic.20:04
lucas__i am listening song20:04
BluesKajStevenMyers, the @ doesn't work on irc20:04
lucas__and suddenly produce a bug on pulse audio20:04
StevenMyerswhat does it pull up with?20:04
natewiebe13StevenMyers: its under "System -> Preferences -> Appearance.. then under the interface tab, check the box "Show icons in menus"20:05
lucas__the funny thing i click report a problem20:05
natewiebe13StevenMyers: you have to type their name, and put a : after it20:05
lucas__then ubuntu said it cannot be reported20:05
StevenMyers:-p that sucks20:05
keith_natewiebe13, doesn't have to be a :20:05
BluesKajnope, just the nick is enuff20:05
lucas__pls upgrade blah blah package20:05
natewiebe13keith, true, but im used to the colon20:05
lucas__but there is no upgrade20:05
natewiebe13keith_: helps seperate better20:06
keith_natewiebe13, xchat-gnome does a comma automatically20:06
StevenMyersbrb wife is complaining.20:06
natewiebe13keith_: okay.. im using pidgin, which doesnt20:06
keith_natewiebe13, I should give that a try... seems to be popular for irc20:06
lucas__xchat does too20:07
wastreli like the :20:07
lucas__natewiebe13,  emesene is better20:07
keith_lucas__, well, there are a lot of "popular" choices. lol20:07
natewiebe13keith_: i use it because im also on msn, emesene reminds me of kde20:07
StevenMyersbrb time for a late-lunch20:07
lucas__keith_,  none of them is perfec20:07
natewiebe13lucas__: emesene reminds me of kde20:07
natewiebe13dont like kde, its too "plasticy"20:08
keith_lucas__, I used irssi a couple days ago when I had no X. Worked well.20:08
lucas__yeah i dont like kde20:08
lucas__actually i like icevm20:08
lucas__wmake fluxbox wmake20:08
keith_I like things about KDE... I usually try it for a day after every release, determined to give it a fair try... and hours later I'm back to gnome.20:08
natewiebe13keith_: ive done the same thing20:09
lucas__i gave up kde before 3 years20:09
lucas__but kde has some good software like k3b, konqueror20:10
keith_There are just a lot of little things I like about gnome more. Hard to say why though.20:10
keith_I hate Konqueror with a passion.20:10
lucas__what is passion ?20:11
keith_k3b is good though20:11
keith_lucas__, what do you mean?20:11
natewiebe13keith_: i know what you mean.. i feel that gnome is more natural feeling20:11
keith_lucas__, passion means I have strong feelings toward it.20:11
lucas__my english is not so good20:11
keith_lucas__, in this case, not good feelings. lol20:12
lucas__keith_,  you said k3b is good i think it is good20:13
lucas__i wrote a data to cd and program wrote data to cd it is about 9 mins20:13
VSpikeI just did an update, having installed Alpha 4 some time back, and my fonts got smaller and my icons got bigger :) wierd.20:13
lucas__then i look the cd cd is still empty how can it be20:13
keith_lucas__, well, I haven't used it much... I tend to use brasero. I liked it when I tried it though. Try ejecting the disc and re-inserting it. See if any data shows up.20:14
natewiebe13keith_, lucas__: i use nero *linux version*, there are debs, and it is available through torrents20:14
keith_natewiebe13, legally?20:14
lucas__keith_,  brasero gives an error20:14
lucas__keith_,  i guess it is legal20:14
lucas__because nero prodduce for open source 2 years before i guess20:15
natewiebe13no.. you can buy it from nero's site.. i USED nero because of gapless audio discs (brasero didnt support it at the time), but now i use brasero because of gapless cds20:15
keith_natewiebe13, gapless?d20:15
natewiebe13no = it wasnt legal20:15
natewiebe13keith_: no pauses between tracks20:15
keith_natewiebe13, I see. I don't usually burn audio discs20:16
BluesKajgramofile will do that20:16
natewiebe13i do frequently.. im not a fan of using my originals.. i burn backups20:16
vigoWhere is Alpha 5 at or how do I upgrade to it. or can I upgrade to it in terminal?20:16
VSpikeThat's also quite odd.  Firefox is telling me I have two new addons - Firefox (en) 3.0.7 (not compatible with FIrefox 3.5.2) and Xulrunner (en) (not compatible with firefox 3.5.2)20:17
natewiebe13BlueKaj: so does brasero20:17
natewiebe13VSpike: i had that too.. now it works for me20:17
keith_vigo: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/karmic/alpha-5/20:17
VSpikevigo: what are you running at the moment?20:17
VSpikenatewiebe13: did you just ignore it or what?  Did you report the bug?20:17
keith_vigo: sudo update-manager -d to upgrade as well20:17
vigokeith_: Thank you20:17
vigoVSpike: I think it is 320:18
natewiebe13VSpike: nvm.. its still not compatible..20:18
natewiebe13firefox-3.0 is fine, firefox-3.5 has the compatibility issues20:18
BluesKajbrasero is gnome, gramofile is cli, so itworks on any linux OS20:18
BluesKajsimple and easy to use as well20:18
natewiebe13BluesKaj: true.. but im guessing most people here are using gnome..20:19
BluesKajlotsa kde users out there20:19
VSpikeI thought 3.5 was the default now?20:19
natewiebe13VSpike: 3.5.2 is beta im prutty sure20:20
natewiebe13beta is in.. still begin tested with ubuntu20:20
natewiebe13*as in20:20
Polt{laptop}ok StevenMyers I tried to uninstall alsa completely ... did it, reinstalled it, rebooted... sound still keeps crashing in gnome panel20:21
Polt{laptop}and I have this message that says "waiting on sound system to respond"20:21
VSpikeI had 3.5 installed under 9.04, and I'd removed 3.0.  It looks like the upgrade put 3.0 back and they are clashing20:22
roffeI was trying to reach my samba network, but it didn't work. Bug in alpha?20:25
BluesKajPolt{laptop}, alsa-utils ?20:25
natewiebe13roffe: works for me still20:26
BluesKajroffe, install smbclient20:26
roffeBluesKaj, it's already installed20:27
eagles0513875well problem solved need to use the alternate cd20:28
eagles0513875question is will it work after install20:28
VSpikewhen I boot my karmic system, after grub I see the ubuntu splash with the cylon/knight rider progress indicator... then I jump into text mode and see information about services starting scrolling by .. then I jump into the new look X/GDM greeter progress bar20:29
Polt{laptop}actually I've tried messing with that20:29
Polt{laptop}there is something else I found though20:29
VSpikeIs that normal?  I'm suprised I get the text mode in there, and I thought usplash was going altogether and it was meant to go into X straight away20:29
Polt{laptop}that might help some people20:29
natewiebe13VSpike: are you using DVI or VGA for display?20:30
VSpikenatewiebe13: no20:31
VSpikenatewiebe13: laptop20:31
natewiebe13VSpike: for me.. when i have used DVI in alpha releases, id always get text mode until the final release came out.. and if i used vga.. i wouldnt.. very strange, but thats how it works for me20:32
BluesKajroffe, i'm using smb4k after many yrs of avoiding it but now it works great and bugs seem fixed20:32
VSpikemy grub kernel line has "ro quiet splash" at the end20:33
natewiebe13VSpike: as far as usplash, the way i understand it, is that it wont get fully removed until artwork is completed.. may get taken out drop 2, but my guess is artwork deadline20:33
VSpikenatewiebe13: is it normal to get the text mode part between usplash and X?20:33
VSpikeroffe: are you trying to access your smb from smbclient, or from something else (e.g. gnome/nautilus/smbnetfs)20:34
* StevenMyers is still upgrading to Karmic Alpha 5 (5 mins left)20:35
natewiebe13VSpike: where the bar would go back and forth, then text mode, or would it actually load completely then go into text mode?20:35
Polt{laptop}this is just so weird20:35
Polt{laptop}this has to be a user account problem20:35
Polt{laptop}audio is working perfectly in root20:35
VSpikenatewiebe13: I get the bar for a while, then scrolling text (like old fashioned boot), then X starts20:36
vigoPolt: That sounds like the way to a solution....20:36
natewiebe13VSpike: yes, but is the bar going back and forth (like ping pong), or is it a progress bar?20:37
VSpikeping pong one20:37
roffeBluesKaj, Thanks, I'll try it out20:38
VSpikenatewiebe13: gonna have to reboot and check it out now :)20:38
natewiebe13VSpike: so yeah.. if i was running DVI, i would get the exact same result as what you have.. i would say its normal20:38
roffeVSpike, I'm trying to access my hdd from my xbox1, it usually just works, but now that I've switched to karmic it says it can't find the network20:38
vigoPolt(laptop): You think a chroot or chmod could set that at boot?20:41
Polt{laptop}that is what I am wondering20:41
VSpikenatewiebe13: wierd. Why should the monitor connector make a difference?20:42
vigoPolt(laptop): Is why I said a possible solution, let me look some more, but that sounds like the fix...20:42
Polt{laptop}I actually went into /etc/group and changed the line where it says "audio:x:29:pulse,username"20:42
Polt{laptop}to say "audio:x:29:root,username"20:43
Polt{laptop}audio works in root either way20:43
Polt{laptop}it won't work in the default account though20:43
Polt{laptop}I think it could be a memory block error20:43
natewiebe13VSpike: beats me.. but DVI also disables my wifi.. but both these problems are fixed on final releases.. they only occur during alpha/beta versions20:44
vigoPolt(laptop): Does it work on a lower group with a sudo?20:45
Polt{laptop}that is what I want to find out20:45
VSpikeGah.. why did the Reboot/Shutdown stuff move from System menu nack to the user switcher menu?  I'd just trained myself to look in the other place!20:45
vigoPolt(laptop): Add User. There is a GUI for that, would be a neat test.20:46
Brian__;how do you guys like the opendesktop social desktop stuff20:47
Brian__i mean do you guys like20:47
vigoBrian__: It has its place, I do not use that stuff , I guess I am anti social,,,)-;20:48
keith_social desktop stuff?20:49
Brian__i feel ya on that20:49
Brian__but we are in a irc chat room so we cant be that anti social20:49
Brian__if anything we asre more social than non computer users20:50
vigoAnti Social Networking, ermm I don't facebooktwitter or whatevewr20:50
guntbert!ot | Brian__20:50
Brian__or non kde 4.3 users20:50
BluesKajthe social networking stuff has it's place..but not here IMO20:50
Brian__should i say20:50
ubottuBrian__: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.20:50
Polt{laptop}vigo I wonder if doing "sudo chmod 666 /dev/dsp" would maybe fix this ?20:51
Polt{laptop}it is either that or it is a memory block error20:51
Polt{laptop}I think maybe that is all it can be ...20:51
Polt{laptop}either an FS error20:51
Polt{laptop}or a memory block error20:51
vigoPoll(laptop): That is what I was thinking, is worth a test, but as always, that is what backups are for.20:52
Polt{laptop}either the pulse audio applet is crashing because it is trying to handle a chunk of memory that is too big for it to handle20:52
Polt{laptop}or it was changed during the upgrade20:52
Polt{laptop}possibly it was a different permission before20:52
vigoPolt(laptop): I just read about that on a 9.04 Launchpad page, the solution used there was a git like wget20:53
Polt{laptop}what did it say exactly ?20:54
vigoPoll(laptop): Let me pull it back up.20:54
Polt{laptop}I might try the chmod thing real fast and see if it helps20:55
Polt{laptop}it may or may not but I know for sure that audio works in root20:56
Polt{laptop}it is still crashing20:59
Polt{laptop}I tried both things20:59
Polt{laptop}the next option is to logout of X and log back in again and see if it helps20:59
vigoPolt(laptop) This may be it, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/8068121:00
vigoThat is not the chroot or chmod thing, it is the CVS or git for 9.04 on a Dell Studio, still looking,,,,,21:02
vigoPolt(laptop): The responce from chinmaya explains it a bit also.21:05
=== vigo is now known as whoeveriwannabe
=== whoeveriwannabe is now known as vigo
VSpikeBUGabundo: evening21:09
BUGabundohey VSpike. and welcome to the #21:10
BluesKajhey BUGabundo..ready for the onslaught of pulseaudio questions ? :)21:13
BUGabundothrow them my way21:13
VSpikeIs the "guest session" option broken for anyone else or just me?21:13
BluesKajthey've been here all day21:13
VSpikeFor me, it just starts screensaver and locks21:14
Brian___ok so i just got karmic kde installed  and under network managment the wireless tab cant be clicked on21:14
BUGabundoVSpike: its not even ported to karmic21:14
VSpikeBUGabundo: ah.  Well, that explains it then21:14
BUGabundosomeone should put that on release notes21:14
BUGabundoVSpike: would you mind opening a bug against ubuntu-docs ?21:15
* VSpike was just going to read the release notes to see if that was a subtle adminishment21:15
nemo eclipse-platform-sdk-common depends on eclipse-platform-sdk (>= 3.5-0yogarine3); however: Package eclipse-platform-sdk is not configured yet.21:16
nemo eclipse-platform-sdk depends on eclipse-platform-sdk-common (>= 3.5-0yogarine3); however: Package eclipse-platform-sdk-common is not configured yet.21:17
VSpikeBUGabundo: silly question, but where are they release notes? Unless you mean http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha5#Known%20issues21:18
BUGabundonemo: either build failure or aint build yet21:19
BUGabundocheck the queue please and report back. thanks21:19
BUGabundoVSpike: that's *one* place21:19
BUGabundothere's also technical overview wiki21:19
nemoBUGabundo: naw. I'm trying to manually install21:19
StevenMyersRebooting from Karmic upgrade21:19
nemobecause the actual packages in karmic don't really work. at all.21:20
nemoBUGabundo: looks like passing both simultaneously to dpkg -i works...21:20
BUGabundonemo: are those for karmic?21:20
BUGabundonemo: right circular depencie21:20
BUGabundohappens a lot21:20
BUGabundolet the packager know about it, please21:20
roffe_why do I have to authenticate every time I mount a drive?21:22
nemoroffe_: at some point you told it not to hold on to the key?21:23
nemooh wait21:23
nemohuh. that is odd.21:23
nemoWFM :)21:23
* BUGabundo checks for updates21:23
nemoroffe_: say. do you by any chance have hardcoded entries in fstab?21:23
BUGabundoroffe_: bug on udev21:24
BUGabundonemo: it's a known bug21:24
roffe_nemo, I think that may be the case21:24
BUGabundoI've been getting the same since alpha221:24
roffe_Ah, ok21:24
wastrelanyone using SCIM in koala21:26
wastrelmine is crashing21:26
Polt{laptop}ok I am getting audio to work in root21:28
Polt{laptop}this is my first experiment21:28
BUGabundorunning as root is _bad_21:29
Polt{laptop}I am playing a sample mp3 in root and it is work21:30
Polt{laptop}yes I know BUGabundo but this is a MUST21:30
Polt{laptop}and I'm not on this machine in root21:30
Polt{laptop}it is a separate machine21:30
wastrelscim is important, sound is not important21:30
nemoroffe_: I had hardcoded fstab entries, and I'd get that, since the automatic mounting wouldn't occur21:30
wastrelSCIM anyone?21:30
nemoroffe_: sooo, I removed them, and hey presto, all better.21:30
Polt{laptop}it is a MUST because it won't run in default user account21:30
Polt{laptop}hey look don't give me attitude about this. I'm trying to find a solution to a problem not get a lecture21:30
Polt{laptop}I'm doing a simple experiment21:31
Polt{laptop}now judgement is needed on anyone's part21:31
Polt{laptop}it is purely subjective21:31
Polt{laptop}and plz excuse my typeos I've been up for awhile21:31
BUGabundoPolt{laptop}: calm down21:31
BUGabundojust j/k21:32
BUGabundodid u try to rename your ~/.pulse settings?21:32
Polt{laptop}I am sorry BUGabundo I just get tired of people looking down on me. I'm not trying to pick on you man21:32
Polt{laptop}I get defensive sometimes21:32
Polt{laptop}I will try renaming my .pulse settings21:32
Polt{laptop}BUGabundo are you referring to the folder ?21:35
Polt{laptop}I am guessing so because of the ~21:35
Polt{laptop}something I noticed earlier is that I had changed pulse to not use audio in my /etc/group file and instead had root in pulse's place so that ALSA would be used as default instead of pulse accessing audio21:37
Polt{laptop}it seemed smoother21:37
Polt{laptop}but you know I think your idea fixed audio BUGabundo21:38
BUGabundoPolt{laptop}: just to be sure21:38
Polt{laptop}so everyone that is the fix21:38
BUGabundo$ killall -9 pulseaudio21:38
BUGabundoand then open pavucontrol21:39
BUGabundoand monitor it21:39
Polt{laptop}sounds are working in the default account now21:41
Polt{laptop}I am trying to play some mp3's to test audio quality21:41
BUGabundoNO NEED to run as root21:41
Polt{laptop}I did get a stream error a moment ago in totem21:42
Polt{laptop}ok here is the error I get21:42
=== ia__ is now known as iaz
Polt{laptop}"pa_stream_writable_size() failed: Connection terminated"21:43
=== iaz is now known as ia
BUGabundothat tends to happen :(21:43
Polt{laptop}it isn't playing audio through totem21:43
Polt{laptop}I might try mplayer21:43
BUGabundoPolt{laptop}: are you running karmic?21:43
BUGabundofully updated, and most recent kernel?21:43
BUGabundothat's should be fixed21:44
Polt{laptop}actually I have xmms too21:44
BUGabundowhat sound card?21:44
Polt{laptop}I can try xmms21:44
Polt{laptop}I have an onboard sound / video21:44
Polt{laptop}i810 controller21:44
BUGabundocare to try audio team PPA?21:44
Polt{laptop}ok xmms is playing the music beautifully21:44
Polt{laptop}this must be a totem problem21:45
Polt{laptop}something dealing with the interaction between pulse and totem21:45
Polt{laptop}then agian ...21:45
Polt{laptop}I played a song in root with totem21:45
Polt{laptop}and it worked fine21:45
BUGabundoPolt{laptop}: maybe PA was still restarting21:46
Polt{laptop}I tried it again and it gave me the same error21:48
Bigshot_will i be able to do http://www.broadcom.com/docs/linux_sta/README.txt on a "liv3e CD" alpha 5?21:48
Polt{laptop}just to do a comparison test on totem and xmms21:48
Bigshot_are needed packages included in alpha 5 to make a driver?21:49
Polt{laptop}I am now going to test vlc21:51
BluesKaj Bigshot_ kernel modules include hardware drivers , you just enable the right ones21:51
Bigshot_how i have 4322 broadcom21:51
Bigshot_b43 and ssb don't allow to load the right driver21:52
Bigshot_i tried blacklist but doesn't work21:52
BluesKajwifi ?21:52
alteregoagive me a good splash screen21:52
alteregoai add 795 to vga it smells like teen spirit21:53
Polt{laptop}hmmm I tried to do some other audio stuff21:54
Polt{laptop}vlc isn't working21:54
Polt{laptop}xmms works well totem gives the pa error21:55
Bigshot_BluesKaj: you there?21:55
Polt{laptop}and vlc is not working for me at all21:55
BUGabundoPolt{laptop}: do you have vlc-pulse package?21:55
Polt{laptop}well there was one installed21:55
Polt{laptop}I don't think it was uninstalled actually21:56
Polt{laptop}I can re-check though21:56
Polt{laptop}that and I am going to test moovida too21:56
BluesKajBigshot_, the network manager seems to be troublesome on karmic , Im using wicd21:56
BluesKaj!info wicd21:57
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-3 (karmic), package size 415 kB, installed size 2484 kB21:57
Bigshot_will installing that package fix the thing?21:57
BluesKajdunno about your driver , it might21:57
Bigshot_i don't have internet access on that computer how should i fix that?21:57
Bigshot_download in usb will do?21:58
Polt{laptop}well I just checked and vlc-pulse is infact installed21:58
Polt{laptop}there is still an error with pulse perhaps21:59
BUGabundoanyone here knows how to configure an Android to work as a Modem ?22:00
Polt{laptop}I have to figure out why root plays pulse audio stuff perfectly but default account does not22:00
BUGabundoasac says I need to set it *like* a modem22:00
BluesKajBigshot_, for more info www.wicd.net22:00
BUGabundono idea on how to do that22:00
vigoPolt(laptop): Fix or purge old then makeinstall?22:00
Polt{laptop}vigo are you meaning to purge the old pulseaudio ?22:01
Polt{laptop}and then reinstall it ?22:01
Polt{laptop}I actually thought about doing that22:01
Bigshot_BluesKaj: should i download the newest package?22:01
vigoPolt(laptop) sortof, yes.22:02
Polt{laptop}vigo my guess is that if I purge pulseaudio then it gets rid of all the config files and settings and reinstalling it means a fresh install of pulse22:02
Polt{laptop}from the karmic repos22:02
Polt{laptop}and then it in theory should work22:02
BUGabundovigo: Polt{laptop}that won't help22:02
BluesKajBigshot_, yes copy it to your ubuntu pc with a usb stick or some such22:03
Polt{laptop}it just seems like this has to be some type of settings issue somewhere in the system because in root totem played music perfectly22:03
Bigshot_bz2 or gz?22:03
vigoPolt(laptop): Right, the theory is sound, the function is in question, seems like a way to perhaps solve it.22:04
BluesKajgz \22:04
wastrelSCIM broken in koala22:05
Bigshot_BluesKaj: will it automatically do all the blacklisting and stuff?22:05
BluesKajBigshot_, leave it compressed til you copy it into your home/user file22:05
Bigshot_ya but22:05
Bigshot_BluesKaj: will it automatically do all the blacklisting and stuff?22:05
Polt{laptop}I will do this experiment ... I will purge pulseaudio and reinstall it from repos22:05
BluesKajblacklisting ?22:05
Polt{laptop}if this does not fix it then it is not a config error that was left over from the last install22:05
Bigshot_ya rmmod b43 -ssb and all other unnecessary drivers22:06
Polt{laptop}and that is because purge removes config files and folders22:06
Polt{laptop}when you use purse you totally remove something22:06
Polt{laptop}anyway I will brb22:06
vigookee dokee22:06
Bigshot_BluesKaj: got wat i say?22:06
alteregoassb, yeah the snr is better on ssb22:07
alteregoai thought they use pwm22:07
BluesKajBigshot_, it will use whatever driver you have installed22:07
Bigshot_k bbl22:08
BluesKajas long as it's the right one22:08
Polt{laptop}ok basically what I am going to do ...22:12
Polt{laptop}I am using the same method used here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apturl/+bug/42282522:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 422825 in apturl "Upgrading of apturl to 0.4.0ubuntu3 fails" [High,Fix released]22:12
Polt{laptop}to fix apturl22:12
Polt{laptop}I am totally purging the system of pulseaudio and then removing any leftover packages and then reinstalling it22:12
Polt{laptop}from updated package list22:13
Polt{laptop}this way I know I have the most recent pulse audio22:13
Polt{laptop}and I made sure I was logged out of X to do this22:13
Polt{laptop}this way there are no processes using pulseaudio22:14
vigoThat makes sense.22:14
alteregoaman ln22:14
Polt{laptop}hopefully I do not have to create a symbolic link back to /dev/dsp22:15
BUGabundoPolt{laptop}: eheh are you sure?22:15
BUGabundoits a system dameon22:15
BUGabundothat launchs an applet on userland22:15
BUGabundoand it autospawns so it *can't* be killed22:15
alteregoai am hodoniert22:15
alteregoaln does not make symbolic links from within wildcards22:16
Polt{laptop}that fixed totem22:18
Polt{laptop}so I "was" right22:18
Polt{laptop}ok but now the sound applet is taking time to respond22:19
Polt{laptop}still though audio works22:19
Polt{laptop}so now I will logout and log back in22:20
Polt{laptop}I may end up having to remove totem and reinstall it though since the gstreamer visualization effects are not working for me now22:20
Polt{laptop}they worked in root earlier as I mentioned also about audio22:20
Polt{laptop}I think these are config errors22:20
StevenMyersneed some help really quick guys22:21
bjsniderPolt{laptop}, gstreamer visualizations are a big deal?22:21
Bigshot_BluesKaj: it's not connecting22:21
Bigshot_i did python setup.py configure/install22:22
StevenMyersKarmic won't load on kernel 2.31 but it will for 2.15. 2.31 goes to X terminal with no GUI22:22
Bigshot_BluesKaj: you there bud>?22:23
Polt{laptop}I have also noticed that if I move the volume slider when testing the mic on monitor settings the audio system stops responding22:23
vigoThat is like Doctor it hurts when I do this...22:24
vigoPolt: srry, had to go for a hint at humor there.22:25
StevenMyersAnyone else running Karmic on kernel 2.6.31-9.29?22:25
Polt{laptop}ok now it is telling me it could not get / set settings on resource when I try to play sound in totem22:27
Polt{laptop}this is still better than what it was doing before though22:27
Bigshot_there's no "logical name" for my wireless card wht should i do? lshw -C network22:28
buckyStevenMyers, i put a hold on the kernel right after install and still have linux-image-2.6.31-6-generic22:28
StevenMyersOk so basically remove the kernel and keep the image so it loads the gui?22:29
buckyI don't know if that's a good idea or not but people have reported your problem here a lot.. some kernels work with some video and some don't22:29
StevenMyersI have the NVidia card22:29
buckyStevenMyers, do you have an older kernel that works that you can boot to in the grub menu?22:29
StevenMyersYep on it right now22:30
StevenMyersBut it's not the one I need as it doesn't perform correctly on the load of the login22:31
buckytry linux-image-2.6.31-6-generic ?22:31
buckyisnt' like from jaunty?22:32
vigo2.6.31.9 generic here22:32
StevenMyers@bucky: it is22:32
StevenMyersthe 31 goes to X terminal with no GUI22:32
Bigshot_there's no "logical name" for my wireless card wht should i do? lshw -C network i use broadcom 432222:33
StevenMyersSays No kernel image found22:33
StevenMyersNormal boot22:33
bjsniderStevenMyers, did you just upgrade from jaunty?22:33
vigoBigshot: what does lspci show?22:33
StevenMyersNever had this problem before when I upgraded a few days ago22:33
bjsniderStevenMyers, what nvidia card?22:33
StevenMyersIntegrated NVidia Geforce4 MX22:34
Bigshot_vigo: Wilreless lan controller (rev 01)22:34
bjsniderok, so you're out of the game for now22:34
Polt{laptop}I'm going to remove python 2.622:34
Polt{laptop}and reinstall it22:34
bjsnidernone of the drivers will work for you until nvidia updates the old ones to work witht he new kernel22:34
Polt{laptop}this is something else worth trying22:34
StevenMyersYeah NVidia is not supported on karmic kernel22:34
Bigshot_broadcom corp22:34
vigoBigshot: It is an onboard chipset dongle?22:34
bjsnidertypically on the last day before an ubuntu release22:34
Polt{laptop}alot of these errors actually are being reported back as py symbols22:34
Bigshot_vigo: it is a tablet pc22:35
StevenMyersI'll let it sit on the jaunty kernel and wait for the public release22:35
Polt{laptop}meaning that these errors are python related22:35
BluesKajBigshot_, do an iwconfig , but isuggest you join #wicd chat for further assistance, they are willing to help22:35
bjsniderStevenMyers, you could try the nouveau driver, which is for newer cards, or the nv driver, which will give you a basic desktop i suppose22:36
bjsniderStevenMyers, or...you could throw that old thing out22:36
StevenMyersYeah I do need to upgrade it with an ATI22:36
vigoBigshot: Did you sudo lshw etc etc etc?22:37
Bigshot_BluesKaj: iwconfig shows no wireless extensions found22:37
vigoBigshot: hrmm,,it says on the forums, here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42583222:37
* BluesKaj tries to drain lappy battery to get rid of battery memory22:38
vigoBigshot_: What version?22:38
StevenMyersSecond question "n00b question". How do you keep the terminal in the same position you had it on when you reboot?22:38
Bigshot_version of what?22:38
vigoThe distro22:38
StevenMyersI have Alltray and it loads in the same spot even though it was moved to another location.22:38
BluesKajBigshot_, #wicd chat can help22:39
Bigshot_yeah i am ther22:39
funkyHatStevenMyers: maybe there is a configuration option or a config file for alltray?22:39
* funkyHat does not know what alltray is *22:39
BluesKajok, my battery is at 8%, I'll be on my pc soon22:40
alteregoaquestion: how can i get rid of 28x kernels?22:40
StevenMyers@funkyHay: There is a config file but the modifications are not in GUI. It's used to place items on the top menu panel on boot. Such as Startup Items or Sessions22:41
alteregoai got a programm called hausmeister krause22:41
alteregoadoes hausmeister krause clean the old kernels?22:41
StevenMyersNevermind, found my issue. It's in geometrix for the position on the screen such as: 750x460+850+71522:43
keithdoes karmic have a sound mixer?22:43
Polt{laptop}it is in pulseaudio22:43
keithPolt{laptop}, so... not one like before.22:44
Polt{laptop}it is different in karmic22:45
Polt{laptop}in karmic it has a different layout22:45
Polt{laptop}it seems like it relies more on pulseaudio22:45
Polt{laptop}and currently I am troubleshooting my own system to make sure sound will work correctly22:45
keithcan I enable surround sound from it? or do I need to change the pulse daemon config file?22:46
Polt{laptop}something about apparmor said it was forcing complain mode22:46
Polt{laptop}I don't know what that is all about22:46
Polt{laptop}something to this effect22:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 401109 in apparmor "[karmic] profiles not (always) loaded on boot" [Undecided,Fix released]22:47
alteregoadoes grub plays sound on startup?22:50
Davieyalteregoa: no22:51
vigoPolt(laptop): Is ufw enabled or am I on the wrong path?22:51
Polt{laptop}I use firestarter22:51
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
Polt{laptop}I actually don't use ufw22:51
alteregoayeah prodigy rocks!22:51
jack_hi, I upgraded to ubuntu 9.10 from 9.04 version, all worked just fine, and after reboot, X doesn't start. All xorg packages are install but not working ! :|22:52
vigoPolt(laptop) Yes you do, I think,22:52
BUGabundovigo: its disabled by defautl22:52
vigoOh ok22:52
vigoI just enabled it22:52
BUGabundojack_: what kernel, gpu, and gpu drivers?22:52
jack_kernel 2.6.3122:53
jack_installed by ubuntu 9.1022:53
DanaGheh, I have a spare laptop with an MX video card (it's really a geforce2, essentially!).22:53
DanaGEven in Intrepid release, the nvidia binaries have been broken.22:53
jack_and nvidia driver..22:53
alteregoageforce 440 need legacy22:53
DanaGAll they do is segfault the X server.  Every time.22:53
jack_I have just the console here22:53
DanaGSo yeah, nvidia legacy sucks.  horribly.22:53
DanaGI mean, I can understand it being slow.... but segfaulting the X server at login, is inexcusable.22:54
alteregoai had this card before on my old system i added now two gtx295 instead for fah22:54
jack_I have fx 5200 and X doesn't start :|22:54
bjsniderDanaG, that hardware is older than jesus's ancestors22:54
DanaGYeah, so they should open the damn specs.22:55
BUGabundoalteregoa: try to write on a single line, or else ill lose the text22:55
DanaGI'm glad that's just a spare laptop.22:55
bjsniderbuy a netbook. new, cheap, no graphics issues22:55
DanaGgma500?  do not want!22:55
DanaGAnyway, I already have my good laptop.22:56
DanaGIf I wanted a new spare system, I'd consider something ARM-based.22:56
bjsnideryes, with your awesome ati card22:56
alteregoai need to increase my MTU OK BUGabundo22:56
DanaGActually, my ATI card works well enough for me.22:57
jack_So, anybody knows how to start graphics on 9.10 ?22:57
bjsniderjack_, two possibilities: nouveau driver and nv22:58
Polt{laptop}I did a sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a22:58
alteregoai assume grub2 uses vesa to access highres?22:58
Polt{laptop}I am going to reconfig my entire system I think22:58
BUGabundojack_: well not easy22:59
Polt{laptop}just to be sure it is like a fresh insteall sort of22:59
BUGabundowhat does .xsession-errors say?22:59
BUGabundoPolt{laptop}: I did that a few times in the past22:59
BUGabundothen I stop doing it22:59
BUGabundotook me HOURs to finnish22:59
BUGabundoalteregoa: there's a bug on that.22:59
Polt{laptop}yeah it can take awhile22:59
Polt{laptop}I had to do it earlier with sidux in vmware23:00
secretdudehow do i get rid of sysklogd?23:01
secretdudeits residual config in synaptic23:01
alteregoagrub for 1024x768:24 is 79223:03
jack_bjsnider: nouveau driver works for Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 ?23:03
Polt{laptop}when I finish this it might look even better than it looked before because of setting up fonts23:04
Polt{laptop}I made the fonts just barely smaller23:04
Polt{laptop}when it loads up it may look a bit more sleek23:04
Polt{laptop}and after I finish all of this ...23:05
Polt{laptop}then I have to get the "old" legacy version of grub and reinstall it23:05
Polt{laptop}and revert23:05
bjsniderjack_, i don't know23:06
bjsniderworth a try23:06
jack_I'm trying right now :)23:08
alteregoaok grub2-splashimages rocks23:25
commander_which alpha is this?>23:29
alteregoasomeone help me for a problem with tuncfg?23:30
buckyalteregoa, type tun  does it say you have a tun ?23:31
buckyalteregoa, sorry type ifconfig23:31
alteregoano a program on startup needs admin rights, and im sick of enter the password23:32
buckyalteregoa, does tuncfg start up when you login?23:35
buckyand ask you for a passwd?23:35
alteregoashould i chown the program?23:36
=== repete is now known as repete-sleep
buckyalteregoa, is this for hamachi?23:37
alteregoaah thanks you are good23:39
buckysearch term on that was  tuncfg asks for a password   it was the first hit that said ubuntu23:42
DanaGhmm, you can add "tuncfg" into /etc/rc.local23:44
DanaGthat's a whole lot easier.23:45
Bigshot_i instaled ati-radeon driver but xorg is not starting what should i do?23:47
alteregoado i need to enter the path too?23:47
alteregoae.g /usr/sbin/tuncfg?23:47
DanaGhmm, you might as well, if you know what it is.23:50
DanaGthough, it probably doesn't need the whole path, since /usr/sbin is in root's $PATH23:50

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