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erikcorrygcc 4.4.1 seems to be generating some screwy code for me.10:36
erikcorryIs there a newer release I could try?10:37
loolerikcorry: Is this reported?11:10
loolerikcorry: 4.4.1 is the latest we have, but we add patches11:10
erikcorryI'm trying to reduce it.11:12
erikcorryFails to compile Google V811:12
erikcorryIn -O2 mode11:12
erikcorryI already added -fno-strict-aliasing11:13
erikcorryWho should I mail the reduced test case to?14:02
loolerikcorry: Upstream?  :-)14:02
erikcorryOr should I just file a bug on gcc's site?14:02
loolerikcorry: I'd file a bug against gcc-4.4 upstream14:02
erikcorryIt only happens with -O314:03
loolerikcorry: You could find out which subopt breaks it14:04
loolerikcorry: gcc -c -Q -Os --help=optimizers will give you a list14:04
loolor -O314:04
erikcorry163 optimizations!14:05
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loolerikcorry: Have fun  :)14:05
ograthats what these gentoo guys say too all the time ;)14:05
ograand they they switch them all on ;)14:05
erikcorry-fno-tree-sink makes it go away.14:25
erikcorryThat's actually part of -O114:26
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jaltohey guys, the latest rootstock is hanging for me on startup complaining about rsyslogd16:54
jaltopastebin at : http://pastebin.com/m21cd01a316:54
ogralooks like a dbus issue16:55
ograis that during build or the installed rootfs on a machine ?16:55
jaltoit's on an sd card, so during startup of the sheevaplug that I am running it off of16:56
jaltobuild was successful16:56
ograwhat release did you build ?16:56
ograjaunty or karmic16:56
ograkarmic wont run on sheeva ... its ARMv6 now16:57
jaltooh ok16:58
ograwe use -march=armv6 -mfloat-abi=softfp and -mfpu=vfp now16:58
jaltoI'm guessing it's the same for debian?16:58
ograso thats likely where your illegal instruction comes from ...16:58
ogradebian uses v5 or even something smaller afaik16:58
jaltoso the img files that are build for ubuntu are all armv6 as well then16:59
looljalto: for karmic17:00
loolbut yes17:00
jaltoalright that's for the help17:01
ograjaunty will work on your sheeva though17:01
looljalto: jaunty is fine though17:01
jaltoI was having trouble with rootstock for jaunty as well, but I need to revisit it and report back17:02
ograyes, tell me if you run into any issues17:02
jaltoogra, I tried to get jaunty up and running and it hangs on starting kernel log daemon18:11
jaltothe kernel I'm using comes from http://sheeva.with-linux.com/sheeva/18:12
ograjalto, did you enable a serial console ?18:12
jaltoin grub?18:13
ograin rootstock :)18:13
ograit has a --serial option, else the system wont set up serial in init18:13
ograi.e the only login prompt you would see after starting klogd would be on a VGA output ...18:14
ograwhich is hard to get in a sheeva i imagine18:14
jaltoogra thanks a tty might be useful18:15
ograthe other option is to have openssh-server installed and know the IP18:15
ograso you can log in via ssh18:15
jaltoback to building18:16
ogrado you have your tgz around ?18:16
ograjust untar it in a dir ...18:17
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BuildEABIChroot ...18:17
ograchroot into it and install openssh-server18:17
ogra(and set up /etc/network/interfaces if needed)18:17
ograthere are jaunty packages in my ppa18:18
jaltothanks it's on an sd card so I can just pop it into my desktop and play with it18:18
ogranote that qemu-arm-static doesnt work with mono packages yet ... in case oyu plan to do any mono stuff18:19
jaltoogra, it pinged fine, but my build doesn't have an /etc/ssh folder with configs, so it wouldn't accept ssh18:43
jaltonot sure if ssh was installed18:44
ograits not by default18:45
ograif you didnt add it to the --seed option18:46
ograif you install it through qemu-arm-static you need to make sure /proc is mounted inside your chroot18:46
ograelse it wont generate keys18:46
ogra(and make sure to unmount /proc again afterwards)18:46
jaltowell the fact that it pinged was a good sign18:48
ograanyway, its getting late here, i'll go afk now ...18:49
jaltogood night18:50
jaltoand thanks for the help18:50
ograsee you around (i hope) ;)18:50
ali12341ogra: just noticed something about my console-kit-dae problem22:22
ali12341on dmesg: console-kit-dae invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1201d2, order=0, oomkilladj=022:22
ali12341it seems like the oomkiller killed it, but it still lives on and eats all cpu...22:23
loolali12341: Would be best to start afresh and monitor what's happening on a fresh system; could be a process eating all the RAM, being killed and then another one using all CPU waiting for it22:27
ali12341that happened during boot22:27
ali12341this machine only has 64mb22:27
loolAh that might be why22:28
* lool sleep &22:28
ali12341it seems like actually gdm got killed22:28
ali12341the funny thing is i can actually log in to the desktop and everything works more or less22:33
ali12341it's really slow though, due to the runaway process22:33

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