HiGuyshttp://pastebin.com/m8b47445 here is the complete process of debuild. I followed instructions as said on the youtube videos here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKLabbXTqMc&feature=channel00:01
arandAre there any good and clear guidelines for writing debian/changelog:s ?00:06
andvarand, be as much verbose as you can documenting the changes you made00:07
andvarand, anyway every single changed made since the latest package uploaded must be reported00:07
andv* change00:08
HiGuysandv...debuild fails everytime i try to use it. full error here: http://pastebin.com/m8b4744500:10
andvHiGuys, what did you do that source?00:10
andvHiGuys, clean rule didnt do what expected (if there is one)00:10
andvstart from a clean tree00:11
andvand do you work again00:11
HiGuysnew error: http://pastebin.com/m294775d00:13
andvHiGuys, clean rule not working00:14
andvcheck your debian/rules file00:14
andvwho did that package?00:15
HiGuysi did a dh_make...00:15
andvwell, I guess you know that running dh_make won't make your package working00:15
andvwithout doing any other thing00:16
andvcheck debian/ dir00:16
andvand read Ubuntu Packaging Guide to get started00:16
HiGuysi'm in the rules file00:16
andvor Debian's New Maintainer Guide as well00:16
HiGuysi guess these videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKLabbXTqMc&feature=channel are outdated?00:17
binarymutantnot outdated :D00:18
andvHiGuys, https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html00:18
andvHiGuys, http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/00:18
HiGuysok, i'll read those00:19
andvHiGuys, I guess those videos are all updated00:19
andvyou just need to follow them the right way00:19
andvbut please, read those docs before00:19
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neversfeldecody-somerville: ping01:47
neversfeldejdong: ping01:51
cody-somervilleneversfelde, pong01:53
neversfeldecody-somerville: hi, would you have a look at bug 221531. It needs SRU?01:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 221531 in kopete-plugin-thinklight "Thinklight doesn't blink because /proc/acpi/ibm/thinklight has wrong permissions" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22153101:54
LordMetroidWhat is Ubuntu doing for so long after one has logged in to one's user? It is annoying as hell to wait after one has logged in, cause in the time it takes to come to the login field, you can go and take a cup of coffee. In jaunty when you logged in you got the system served to you, now I have to wait...02:03
directhexmaking itself a cup of virtual coffee02:04
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warner`heya, anyone feel comfortable answering a how-to-express-licensing-terms question for our "zfec" package?04:07
zookowarner`: FYI: http://allmydata.org/trac/zfec/changeset/33204:09
warner`there's one file in Zooko's upstream tarball which was contributed by a guy named Adam, and Adam granted Zooko permission to distribute that file under zfec's license instead of under its original BSD3 license04:10
warner`the upstream development tree has (just this second) been fixed to edit the "This file is licensed under BSD3" line in that file, but that's not in a release yet, and we're trying to get the older release in04:12
warner`so, it is ok for the debian patch to edit out the licensing line in a source file? Or should our debian/copyright have a clause that explains the history and permission-granting of this particular file? Or what?04:13
zookowarner: might as well include a copy of (the relevant part of) Adam Langley's grant of license to me somewhere in the Debian metadata.04:17
zookoI mailed it to you.04:17
zookoScottK seems to have missed the mention of TGPPL in the "copyright" file.04:21
ScottKzooko: It needs a full copy of the license in the copyright file.04:22
ScottKwarner`: It's better to just explain it.04:22
ScottKzooko: It can be copied into debian/copyright.04:22
zookoScottK: the canonical copy is in HTML format, and is currently included as a separate file COPYING.TGPPL.html .  Would you prefer HTML copied into the "copyright" file or a reformat into txt (probably with "links -dump" or something)?04:23
ScottKzooko: The text.04:23
ScottKCOPYING.TGPPL.html doesn't get shipped in the binary.  Debian/copyright does, so it has to be complete.04:24
zookoI see.04:24
ScottKzooko and warner`: You understand about the ez_setup problem?04:24
warner`ScottK: I'm removing those ez_setup lines now04:25
zookowarner`: see copyright-zooko204:25
warner`I'd removed a bunch of other setuptools auto-download+build stuff, but missed the earliest one04:25
ScottKWe're not a fan of ez_setup here.  We have a package archive for a reason.04:25
warner`ScottK: tell me about it :))04:25
warner`(well, maybe some other time :)04:26
ScottKIt's the best way in the long run.04:26
warner`ScottK: (just kidding. I'm not a fan of ez_setup or setuptools, and zooko and I have been at gentle loggerheads about the issue for years)04:26
ScottKI can see the benifit for distribution outside a distro, but for a distro it's clearly a bad answer.04:27
zookoHeh.  I'm writing a note to tahoe-dev suggesting a Tahoe-LAFS Hacking Weekend, and in writing this note I stumbled upon a new word: "Koalification".04:27
zookoI certainly didn't start using setuptools for Tahoe-LAFS for the purpose of complicating Debian packaging.  ;-)04:28
warner`zooko: could you edit copy-right-zooko2 to say "fec/fec.[ch]", and maybe throw in a delimiter between the different license sections?04:28
warner`heh, I like that term04:28
zookoOkay, try copyright-zooko304:29
ScottKBefore I became an archive-administrator, I thought I was careful about licensing stuff.  Now that I'm the last guy that checks it, I know what careful is.04:30
warner`and what did we decide about Adam's grant?04:30
zookoScottK: :-)04:30
ScottKPut a copy of the grant in debian/copyright.04:30
* ScottK notes a complete lack of activity on any of the distro buildd's and suggests someone ought to upload some bug fixes and stuff.04:31
* warner` tries to remember how to run his pbulider while zooko edits the text04:32
ScottKThanks TheMuso.  Your timing is perfect.04:32
zookoThe file "zooko-copyright4" in that directory has all requests so far up to and including a copy of AGL's grant of rights.04:34
ScottKzooko: From what I recall, that seems to cover it.04:36
* zooko re-reads ScottK's rejection letter.04:36
* warner` copies zooko-copyright4 into the package04:36
zookoYep, looks like.04:36
ScottKzooko: Keep in mind I just read the source.  I didn't build it.  I'd also test build it and run the latest lintian on the result.04:37
ScottKI'll do that before i accept it.04:37
warner`I'll do that now04:37
warner`(I've got a karmic pbuilder for the build, and I'm also spinning up a real EC2 karmic instance to do a proper test)04:37
warner`zooko: copyright text looks good. I've gotta run, but I'll try to build this into a new package and upload it to REVU in an hour or so04:43
zookowarner`: Great!04:44
warner`ScottK: I'll ping you when I get it uploaded for more comments04:44
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ScottKwarner_afk: I won't look at it until it's in the archive again (I can't both review it for upload and be the archive reviewer)04:45
zookoHey folks we're going to have a Tahoe-LAFS Hacking Weekend this weekend.  Join #tahoe and install Tahoe-LAFS on your Karmic systems.  :-)  http://allmydata.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2009-September/002789.html05:06
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warner`ScottK: understood.. thanks for all the advice you can give!05:17
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dholbachgood morning06:12
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fabrice_spHey dholbach !06:17
dholbachhi fabrice_sp06:19
warnerok, new attempt for zfec (0ubuntu2) has been uploaded to revu06:31
ScottKwarner: You don't need to increment the revision since it got rejected in Source new the revision hasn't been used.06:34
dholbachfabrice_sp: did you mean to subscribe motu-release on bug 416262?06:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 416262 in aptoncd "Sync aptoncd 0.1.98+bzr112-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41626206:38
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fabrice_spdholbach, as it seems to be a bug fixing only, I don't think it's mandatory07:03
fabrice_spthat's why I copied the upstream changelog (to show that no new features has been added)07:05
dholbachhi ara07:05
arahey dholbach :)07:05
dreamcat4New REVU Upload: php5-fpm http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/php508:10
dreamcat4Any / all please take a look08:10
mpontillo*sigh* I accidentally left massive ctags file in place in a package source tree, then tried to create a debdiff... hello, 600 megabyte patch08:14
mpontillo~1k - that's much better. was wondering what was taking so long ;)08:15
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andvdholbach, hello10:37
dholbachhi andv10:38
andvdholbach, do the mentoring program still exist?10:38
dholbachandv: you should get in touch with porthose and nxvl_10:38
andvdholbach, they can add me as a mentor if needed, right?10:39
dholbachyep, exactly10:39
andvlike we did in the past10:39
andvwith the bzr branch10:39
andvok, great, thanks for the hint10:39
dholbachrock on!10:39
slytherinshriekout: hi10:39
andvdholbach, and congrats for the videos I saw on youtube10:40
shriekoutslytherin, hi :)10:40
dholbachandv: it's been a while since I did the last10:40
slytherinandv: What video? Was dholbach playing with drums again?10:40
dholbachbut I hope I find some time to do some more screencasts soon10:40
dholbachhey slytherin10:40
andvslytherin, xD not this time10:40
slytherindholbach: Hi.10:41
andvslytherin, was fighting against making a new package from scratch10:41
dholbachshouldn't be too hard to do a nice screencast with the content from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training/Logs10:41
slytherinoh that one.10:41
andvwas curious to see such a video10:41
andvwent home pretty late yesterday and wanted to relax a bit10:42
slytheringeser: is the bug number mentioned in the latest ooo-thumbnailer upload correct?10:42
andvdholbach, what happened to norsetto?10:42
andvdholbach, I remember he worked on motu-mentoring-reception10:43
andvin the past10:43
andve.g he was one of the creators, if I remember it right10:43
geserslytherin: yes :)10:43
geserbug #2582710:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 25827 in ooo-thumbnailer "ooo-thumbnailer - Thumbnails for Openoffice.org documents" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2582710:44
slytherinAhh, I thought it was type. The bug number looked very old. :-)10:44
geser3.5 years old10:44
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frandieguez__Hi to all, I have a question on upgrade on package12:53
frandieguez__I download the clusterssh package from the ubuntu repositories12:53
frandieguez__with apt-get source clusterssh12:53
frandieguez__and with uscan I try to donwload de updated version12:54
frandieguez__but when it suppossedly has to apply the patch from the previous version12:54
frandieguez__uscan doesn't make anything12:54
frandieguez__This is the output of the command http://paste.ubuntu.com/264924/12:55
zoraelThe eclipse-platform package in Karmic has openjdk-6-jre defined as a dependency, whereas in Jaunty it had the java-runtime virtual packages that were provided by other JREs than OpenJDK. Is this a bug? Eclipse can't be installed without pulling OpenJDK now, and I already have Sun's Java set up.12:56
zoraelbug, as in packaging bug, that is12:56
slytherinfrandieguez__: Does the watch file contain 'debian uupdate' in the end (without quotes)?13:04
frandieguez__version=3 [NEW_LINE] http://sf.net/clusterssh/clusterssh-([\d\.]+)\.tar\.gz13:04
frandieguez__this is the content of the package13:05
frandieguez__sorry, watch file13:05
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maxbHi, can someone suggest a package that they consider a good example of a python application with private modules?13:09
slytherinfrandieguez__: Add the words I told you to that watch file, delete the just added new upstream tarball and try again.13:14
frandieguez__slytherin, that works!13:17
POXmaxb: gaupol13:29
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blackxoredhello world13:48
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zoraelKarmic's eclipse-platform doesn't have sane dependencies. Should I file a launchpad bug about that?13:53
slytherinzorael: sure14:19
zorael(https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eclipse/+bug/424322 for whoever's interested)14:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424322 in eclipse "[karmic] eclipse-platform incorrectly depends on openjdk-6-jre, firefox" [Undecided,New]14:31
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slytherinany telepathy experts here?15:01
dholbachslytherin: bigon :)15:14
dholbachor folks on #telepathy15:14
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RoAkSoAxmorning :)15:28
slytherindholbach: actually I was wondering if I have to implement IM support in an app using python bindings then should I use python-telepathy. For now I am thinking of only jabber support.15:39
dholbachslytherin: I have no idea15:39
porthoseandv, I will add you to the mentors list today :)  Would you like one or two slots?15:42
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slicerIt there a problem with requestsync? I'm trying to 'requestsync -d unstable --lp zeroc-ice karmic', and it says "The versions in Debian and Ubuntu are the same already (3.3.1-1).", but the version in unstable is 3.3.1-6.16:18
DktrKranzslicer: it depends when it has been uploaded in Debian16:37
slicerDktrKranz: Well, 3.3.1-2, which is the first version newer than the one in Karmic, is from April.16:38
slicerDktrKranz: 3.3.1-6 is a few days old.16:39
DktrKranzmmh, so it should be already published16:39
slicerDktrKranz: Yet it isn't; Karmic is still using 3.3.1-1.16:42
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week - last day, starting in 16 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek16:44
DktrKranzslicer: run rmadison -u debian -s sid zeroc-ice16:45
slicerDktrKranz: That says 3.3.1-6.16:46
slicer(though with 'unstable' rather than 'sid', 'sid' didn't work)16:46
slicerDktrKranz: If I don't pass '--lp' to requestsync, it will fetch the 3.3.1-6 changelog, I see.16:47
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geserthere is a bug in LP that prevents to keep the Debian mirror on LP to be up-to-date :/17:43
geserand requestsync --lp (from karmic) uses the LP API to check the Debian mirror on Launchpad for version info17:44
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andvporthose, just one please :)18:59
andvporthose, I'll be pretty busy in few weeks, so one should be enough19:00
porthoseandv, Ok :)19:00
andvporthose, do I have to subscribe to any mailing list?19:00
andvporthose, or you gonna ping me via mail (best option)19:00
porthoseandv, going to ping you later with a mail :)19:01
andvsounds great, thanks19:01
porthoseandv yw19:01
nicklas_hello, anyone knows how to solve this? http://pastebin.com/d1ff0990a19:35
RainCTWhen where the package screenshots (in gnoome-app-install-, etc.) introduced? Jaunty or Intrepid?19:35
dreamcat4nicklas_ looks like they revoked their GPG key19:37
nicklas_dreamcat4: yeah, but how about the moblin-menus error?19:38
dreamcat4apt-get  --allow-unauthenticated maybe?19:39
dreamcat4can't read german19:39
ScottL-workif packaging latest ardour for hardy backport, would it be best to compile it in ppa?20:19
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RainCTohh, packagekit's software updates app is pretty nice20:46
slytherinRainCT: is it something like creating service packs?20:54
RainCTslytherin: Nah, it's basically like our update tool but using a tray icon :P20:55
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RainCTslytherin: Although it has a tool to create service packs too20:59
RainCTslytherin: http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/4839/capturaservicepackcreat.png21:05
slytherinthis looks good, I can now help my friends in installing packages without internet.21:06
c_kornis there a template file for the debian/copyright format described on http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ in jaunty ?21:16
RainCTc_korn: afaik no, but here you have a sample from oe of my packages http://paste.ubuntu.com/265155/plain/21:26
c_kornRainCT: ok, thanks.21:27
sistpotyout of interest, are there any tools to actually parse dep5 yet?21:32
sistpotyas in licensecheck --dep5 debian/copyright . -r21:33
* RainCT recalls someone mentioning this at UDS but doesn't know if anything has been done yet21:36
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RainCTbtw, are empty lines in eg. a license supposed to be " ."?  (I've been wondering this for quite some time, but only seen one package doing this so far :P)21:37
* ScottK thinks it's a huge waste of time and a source of future pain.21:37
sistpotyScottK: I disagree, if tools exist... as this could easily automate the question if new files with uncertain licenses have been added for a new upstream version21:38
ScottKsistpoty: In the meantime it introduces an entire new class of ways to get packaging wrong.21:39
ScottKDebian/copyright is already hard enough to get right without adding the complexity of a custom structured format.21:39
RainCTScottK: Ideally there would be some tool to validate debian/copyright files ("desktop-file-validate"-like)21:40
sistpotyScottK: that's true, and I guess one reason I don't follow dep5 myself. It's only worth if actually tools exist21:40
ScottKI've found it quite discouraging that some MOTU tell new contributors that the MUST use it.21:41
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sistpotybtw.: /me implemented his own copyright checker which generates a human readable copyright file... see faumachine/scripts/check_license.py21:43
RainCTsistpoty: "faumachine" being what?21:44
sistpotyRainCT: a virtual machine and the name of the sourcepackage ;)21:44
ScottKThis is the same package I had to reject the first time since debian/copyright was missing?21:44
sistpotyScottK: yep, because the copyright file is part of the orig.tar.gz (it still gets copied to debian, but on clean)21:45
sistpotyhowever the script really generates its own copyright file and shows a diff on each build if not empty. Very handsome if a student/researcher adds another undocumented file with doubtful origin :)21:46
sistpotyso we're never in the situation of script error -> copyright vanishing :)21:47
prefrontali have two packages in REVU, libquarter and emergent. both of these fail to build in pbuilder, but build fine when using a fresh karmic vmware virtual machine instead. this is because my packages rely on libqt4-dev, specifically the header files for QtOpenGL, which does not work in pbuilder, but which works in a virtual machine.23:25
prefrontalcan someone please tell me who I can talk to about this? i presume MOTUs will continue trying to pbuild my packages, fail on the standard CMake check for QtOpenGL (the exact same one used by all of KDE), and tell me my package is borked, which I don't think is true.23:26
sistpotyprefrontal: do you have build-depends set up correctly?23:27
prefrontalyes, my package builds in vmware23:27
sistpotyprefrontal: but vmware doesn't really start from a minimal build-depends, does it?23:28
prefrontali think the issue is simple: when you include libqt4-dev the standard check used by all of KDE for QtOpenGL, a check designed by both KDE and CMake, the prerequisites for QtOpenGL aren't actually there23:28
prefrontalso it may be an issue with build depends, or it could be an issue with mesa gl (software virtualized opengl, which libqt4-dev depends on), but in either case, i don't see how that is a flaw in my package (?)23:29
sistpotyprefrontal: then you should add the packages providing these to build-depends23:29
prefrontali am not an opengl dependency expert. in particular, i do not expect any user of my software to use MesaGL, so this pbuilder dependency on MesaGL seems like a bug to me23:30
sistpotyprefrontal: but you want to compile against opengl headers, right?23:30
sistpoty(or rather compile making use of opengl headers=23:31
prefrontallets just talk about libquarter, which is a Qt/Coin3d interface library, and does need to compile against opengl headers directly23:31
prefrontalso here are the dependencies for libqt4-dev http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/libqt4-dev23:32
prefrontalI see libglu1-mesa-dev     The OpenGL utility library -- development files23:32
prefrontaland yet QtOpenGL, which is supposed to be 100% working based off of libqt4-dev dependencies only, does not work with that package installed23:32
sistpotyprefrontal: ah, I see23:33
prefrontali actually don't know how to fix this, even if I were to add more stuff to Build-Depends23:34
RainCTbtw, if any motu-release member is bored, an "ack" for PocketSphinx would be appreciated (LP: #129758) :)23:34
sistpotyprefrontal: what do you have installed in vmware? libglu1-xorg-dev or libglu1-mesa-dev or anything else providing libglu-dev23:35
RainCT(or a second advocation for the package on REVU as well)23:35
sistpotybug 12975823:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 129758 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] pocketsphinx" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12975823:35
sistpotyRainCT: seb128 is your man with the FFe23:36
prefrontalsistypoty, it will take me a few mins to get the vm up, brb23:37
RainCTsistpoty: oh, how so?23:37
sistpotyRainCT: looks like a gnome thingy to me, so he's the delegate for gnome23:37
sistpotyRainCT: please correct me, if I'm wrong though ;)23:38
sistpoty(and iirc, he's an archive admin as well, so that would solve the problem to require archive-admin confirmance to new it as well)23:40
RainCTsistpoty: Well, pocketsphinx isn't GNOME related at all and gnome-voice-control has GNOME in the name but is afaik not a core project.. But OK will ask him :)23:42
sistpotyRainCT: sure, no problem (btw.: not-core -> seb128 is the man for universe)23:44
RainCTAh, didn't know that :)23:45
RainCTuhm well, I guess else the mail would be from ubuntu-release and not motu-release :P23:46
dyfet`well, its (pocketsphinx) definately universe23:48
wolfejust double checking, bugs can be fixed and sent to the repos, yes?23:48
sistpotywolfe: sure23:48
sistpotywolfe: that's what FF is all about actually :)23:49
sistpotyFeature Freeze23:49
RainCTFeature Freeze23:49
wolfeI've only performed a couple fixes in the universe, I was thinking about spending some more time contributing23:49
sistpotyany help is welcome :)23:50
wolfeI did keep my chat logs from the step by step instruction here :) even though I somehow managed to botch it the second time around ;)23:50
wolfeheh.. I want to create a bug report mocking my other one about "ubuntu being for humans" :)23:52
wolfeI should take a picture and post it along showing I'm a kangaroo :) I'm a furry with a fursuit ;)23:52
sistpotyRainCT: btw.: df on spooky gives: /dev/md0              70568272  60638840   6372984  91% /srv23:57
sistpotyRainCT: I doubt spooky will survive lusty lizard (or whatever it'll be called)23:58
sistpotyRainCT: unless we really purge some old stuff23:58
wolfelusty lizard? :D23:58
wolfereally now?23:58
sistpotywolfe: just speculating23:58
sistpotywolfe: come up with a better idea :P23:59
wolfeoh, I wasn't disagreeing23:59
RainCTsistpoty: yeah, linking identical tarballs is planned since ages and should give us some more space.. I'm too lazy to work on that though :P23:59
sistpotywolfe: and I was joking ;)23:59
wolfeI'm a furry, we make those type of assumptions and jokes all the time23:59
wolfesistpoty: :(23:59
wolfesistpoty: lusty lizard would be nice though ;)23:59

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