uvirtbot`New bug: #424036 in samba (main) "Possible not a bug, but - - -" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42403600:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #424053 in openssh (main) "Clarify the offending known_hosts line number when ssh key has changed" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42405300:48
mathiazEtienneG: https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa01:12
EtienneGmathiaz, thx01:12
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KillMeNowNight FOlks01:56
mushroombluecan anyone else install this package?01:57
mushroomblueapparently, it's part of sfs-common01:57
mushroomblueand that package isn't found in my repository.01:57
mushroombluebut there it is on ubuntu'01:57
mushroomblues manpages01:57
omnydevihow would i chmod a folder in ubuntu server to allow anyone in the universe to write to it?01:59
omnydevichmod everyoneintheuniverse share :D01:59
mushroombluechmod o+rwx directory02:00
omnydevithank you mate02:00
mushroomblueif you want everything in that directory to have the same privileges, then add -R at the end.02:00
mushroomblueor anywhere after chmod, really. :)02:00
mushroombluerwx == "read/write/execute"02:00
omnydevimakes sense :)02:01
mushroomblueugo = "user/group/others"02:01
mushroomblue+ adds, - divides02:01
mushroombluethus ending your chmod lesson. :)02:01
mushroomblueer, - removes02:01
mushroombluethus ending my math lesson. :)02:01
omnydevigreat tutorial ;)02:02
omnydevithis noob greatly appreciates it as well ;)02:02
mushroombluewe were all noobs at one time.02:02
mushroomblueI was a noob from 1997-2004 or so. :)02:03
omnydeviamen to that mate :)02:03
omnydevii was deployed twice in that time frame02:03
omnydevibefore too long i will be there though, just much catching up to do02:03
omnydevicram cram cram woot!02:04
omnydevioh wow...that explains why openfiler, no it doesn't .. oh well02:04
omnydevii can write to the dir now, thanks again man, this has been kicking me arse for a while now02:05
mushroombluesure. :)02:05
s0|does anyone know when postgres8.4 will replace 8.3.7 for ubuntu server?02:05
omnydevion your issue, i could have a ubuntu server setup in about 10 seconds with proxmox02:06
mushroomblueprobably october.02:06
omnydeviwant me to make a vm real fast and try to install that package?02:06
mushroomblueif you want.02:06
mushroombluething is, I'm not finding it in the repository.02:06
omnydevimine is 8.0402:06
omnydevinot jaunty, bet i could download that though02:06
mushroombluedon't worry about it. :)02:06
omnydevii gotcha man, you helped me, least i can do02:07
omnydevii am just not overly familiar with some things without a gui02:07
omnydeviim one of "those" guys02:07
omnydevigonna download jaunty and see what i get, brb02:07
omnydevioh wow02:08
omnydevihttp://wiki.openvz.org/Download/template/precreated   i just found a small piece of heaven02:09
omnydevidownloading, smoke break in the meantime02:09
omnydeviwoot, brb mate, sorry its taking a while02:10
mushroombluedon't worry about it. it might've been deleted.02:11
mushroomblueI'm gonna troll the launchpad ppa archive to see if it's on there.02:11
mushroombluethank you for showing me OpenVZ, though. I'll put this to good use.02:13
mattgyverWhen i ftp (or download) files from my server to my pc within the LAN, my FTP server suddenly restarts.  Does anyone have any clue what causes this behavior?02:15
mushroombluecrappy connections?02:16
omnydevianytime man, love proxmox, once i get this backup share going i can help more if a little time can be spared02:17
mattgyvermushroomblue, was that in response to my question?02:18
mushroombluemattgyver: yah.02:18
mushroomblueI don't use FTP, tho.02:19
mattgyvermushroomblue, i dont think its a connection issue, there on the same network :(  im actually using sftp02:19
mushroombluewhat's the FTP server's logs saying?02:19
mushroombluesftp != ftp02:19
mushroombluesftp is ssh02:19
mushroombluecheck if openssh is giving errors02:19
mattgyvermushroomblue, do you know which log that woudl be, i normally just look at the auth.log for ssh02:20
mushroombluewell, that's really the only place it shows02:23
mushroomblueare you sure it's the server puking, and not the client?02:23
mattgyvermushroomblue, yeah cuz its physically restarting02:31
mattgyvermushroomblue, ive been using fireftp to ftp, but im using filezilla and it seems to be working, that might just be accident though02:32
omnydevithe deepest shade of mushroomblue02:32
omnydeviall fuzzy...02:32
twbYou'reusing sftp?02:33
twbmattgyver: you're using sftp, right?  NOT ftp?02:34
mattgyvertwb, yes sftp02:35
mattgyverI dont know if fireftp perhaps its just creating an overflow of some kind..02:35
twbmattgyver: use sftp or putty's psftp as a client.  Since they speak only sftp, and they are command-line tools, it should be more obvious what the problem is.02:35
twbProblems should also be reported in /var/log/auth.log on the server.02:36
mattgyveryeah, i didnt really notice anything out of the ordinary actually02:36
mattgyverhttp://pastebin.com/m10fca537 , line 16 did throw me off though02:37
mattgyverthats roughly the time of the crash too02:38
twbmattgyver: looks like you're running NetworkManager02:39
twbIME all network problems are caused by it, if its there02:39
cefis the server restarting, or just the download?02:40
mattgyverThe server is restarting, physically like you hit the reset button.02:40
mattgyverI checked all the connections02:40
cefahh as in the server machine.. NOT the server process02:40
mattgyversorry, i should have explained that better02:41
cefcheck load, temp and mebbe do a mem check as well02:41
mattgyverdid mem check, thatw as fine02:41
mattgyverhow do i check load?02:41
cefkeep an eye on the system load (use 'uptime') and the internal system temps during a download02:42
mattgyveri will do that02:43
mattgyverWhats the possibilty that fireftp could cause that running in firefox?02:43
cefyou're using the sftp protocol? there are other clients you can try if you suspect that fireftp is causing it02:44
mattgyveryes, im using filezilla now02:45
cefif it's windows, there's winscp, or just sftp cli clients (putty on windows, sftp/ssh on linux, etc)02:45
mattgyverim on ubuntu 9.0402:45
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ScottKkirkland: Is there a backports bug for the kvm sitting in Hardy unaccepted?02:58
guest1Hello, i want to use my server as a home network router, providing DHCP, NAT, and QoS. what is a good program that can handle this.03:50
giovaniguest1: well NAT/Routing/QoS are not handled by a program, they're handled by the linux kernel03:54
giovaniDHCP can be handled by dhcpd or dnsmasq (or others, but those are the common ones)03:55
mushroomblueguest1: you seem inexperienced.03:55
mushroomblueguest1: install Ubuntu 9.0403:55
guest1I am with linux03:55
mushroomblueif you're not comfortable with command line, use a desktop distribution.03:55
mushroomblueit can act as a server.03:55
giovaniif you're not comfortable with the command line, use a web interface03:56
giovaninot a desktop os03:56
giovaniand then get comfortable with the command line03:56
guest1I have an ubuntu server 9.04 x64, i am comfortable with a CLI, but for starters I would like a program to give me configurations03:56
guest1i also use ubuntu 9.04 on another PC as a desktop03:56
giovaniguest1: it just isn't a simple setup the way you're envisioning03:56
mushroomblueguest1: oh, dhcp3 handles dhcp03:56
giovanirouting/nat/qos are not terribly simple setups03:56
giovaniI'd recommend dnsmasq03:57
giovanifor a small network03:57
guest1ebox messed up my config and i couldn't ssh03:57
giovaniyou mean you messed up your config with ebox?03:57
mushroomblueoh lord, run away from ebox.03:58
mushroomblueI don't know why they recommend it.03:58
guest1i reinstalled and i am doing this all over03:58
mushroombluedownload webmin.03:58
kirklandScottK: yes....03:58
giovaniwebmin is entirely unsupported03:58
giovanimushroomblue: don't recommend it here03:58
mushroombluefair enough.03:58
kirklandScottK: Bug #39672103:59
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 396721 in hardy-backports "backport kvm-84 to hardy and intrepid" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39672103:59
guest1well, can Qos be set up independantly after DHCP and NAt masquerading are setup03:59
mushroombluewhy not, tho?03:59
mushroomblueI mean, ebox is so very very very bad.03:59
giovaniguest1: DHCP is totally independent from iptables (which handles nat)03:59
mushroomblueit's like when redhat used gadmin to administer a system03:59
kirklandScottK: and it very close cousin is Bug #40406004:00
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 404060 in intrepid-backports "backport libvirt to hardy and intrepid" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40406004:00
guest1okay, is QoS traffic control handles by iptables?04:01
twbguest1: in part.04:02
twbguest1: it is also handled by tc(8)04:02
twbI think iptables assigns priorities to packets, and then tc chooses which order to let packets out/in based on prioritization.04:03
guest1so, I can setup iptables however how can i handle QoS. i am trying to have a setup similar to this: http://www.decimation.com/markw/2007/10/03/tomato-qos-setup/04:04
ScottKkirkland: Accepted.04:17
kirklandScottK: thanks for your help, scott04:17
kirklandScottK: this one has been hanging around for a long time04:17
ScottKNo problem.  Glad I could help.04:17
kirklandScottK: you're going to make a number of people very happy :-)04:17
ScottKkirkland: Yep.  BTW, putting the bug in the changelog does help ...04:17
kirklandScottK: yeah, sorry, thought about that in retrospect, when you asked04:18
ScottKNo problem.04:18
guest1Dos Dnsmasq come with a web interface?04:19
twbguest1: it does not.04:24
ghostlinesI have a disk boot failure, and I can't even detect the drive with a live cd. Is it safe to say that my harddrive is dead?04:25
ghostlinesshould I just get a replacement?04:25
mushroomblueghostlines: unless you want to get a data forensic specialist, I'll bet the disk is dead.04:26
twbOr you just bumped the cable out04:26
twbOr it's on a southbridge for which you have no driver04:26
mushroombluetwb: sssshhhhh!04:26
ScottKOr the controller is dead04:26
twbScottK: yeah04:26
guest1Hello, i want to use my ubuntu 9.04 server as a personal website host, what is the best FTP to use?04:55
nick125The one that doesn't exist is the best.05:00
guest1so, can anyone recommend a ftp server?05:05
nick125guest1: I would use scp instead of ftp.05:06
guest1my concern is that I will be sharing the web site with other people and they use FTP05:07
xenoterracidewhat's the name of the interfaces file?05:07
xenoterracidewhere is it?05:07
nick125guest1: If you must use FTP, I'd probably go with vsftpd.05:08
xenoterracidenick125: ty. I can't remember it from distro to distro05:08
guest1is it easy to configure?05:08
nick125guest1: shouldn't be too hard05:09
guest1nick125: thx, "sudo apt-get install vsftpd"?05:10
nick125guest1: That should get you started...I think vsftpd is covered in the server guide05:10
guest1thank you05:11
twbvsftpd or ssh (sftp) are the only implementations you should even consider for a world-visible server.05:11
twbPreferably you'd use HTTP, because FTP has problems with NATs05:12
xenoterracideanyone know the command to list QoS rules?05:12
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mushroomb1ueanyone know a way to check what process is using all my swap?07:12
qman__my guess is that said process would be using all your RAM, so top or any of the other equivalent tools should show you07:13
twbDon't you just compare RSZ to VSZ?07:16
qman__after a quick scroll through the manual07:23
qman__in top, the "SWAP" column shows how much swap each process is uing07:23
qman__it doesn't show by default, just press f, then p, then enter to bring it up07:25
qman__my mysqld is sure using a lot of memory07:26
qman__hmm, that's odd07:30
qman__console-kit-daemon is using 757MB07:31
qman__It's obviously eating RAM like it's cool, but I have no idea why07:35
mushroomb1uedunno. mine does the same thing.07:37
qman__I'm going to try logging out of all sessions, see if that fixes it07:39
qman__you said you're having the same issue, what's the uptime on your machine?07:41
qman__mine's 86 days07:42
mushroomb1ue2 days07:43
qman__and it's using hundreds of megs? I was thinking it might be a slow leak07:44
twbI'm glad my box doesn't have that newfangled shite on it08:26
uvirtbot`New bug: #423854 in samba (main) "Karmic: Multiple crashes in "net usershare list"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42385408:26
twbDunno why people run non-LTS on their servers...08:26
qman__it's the only one I have that's not running hardy08:27
twbOh, and my servers have low uptimes because of all the security updates to the kernel :-(08:29
qman__yeah, I wanted to try out ksplice, but the way things are now, it depends on X thanks to kernel-oops08:32
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KurtKrautI'd like to make an 'traffic accounting'. Log every IP address my server stabilished a TCP or UDP connection and how much traffic were sent/received by each IP. What package should I use for this job?09:40
jmarsdenKurtKraut: argus and ra will log every connection, but not the amount of traffic they use... ntop will show you traffic statistics but is interactive (web based UI)... bandwidthd maybe?10:08
KurtKrautjmarsden, I need to save it to a log. I want to later query each IP address to know its ASN and make statics about to what ASN most of my traffic is going to.10:09
jmarsdenSounds like a very specific need... those are the tools in this general area I know of... a quick apt-cache search suggest that maybe iptotal or pmacct would be worth your while looking at too.10:12
KurtKrautjmarsden, I found the package net-acct that does exactly what I want but the man page alerts it is not maintained and no bug should be filed agains this package since there is currently no developer working on it.10:13
jmarsdenWell, if it works for you and using an unsupported package is OK with you, go for it :)10:14
KurtKrautjmarsden, I'll try that out. Until know what I want to do is an un-scientific traffic analysis. Later, I'll need something more reliable. Thanks for your attention.10:14
jmarsdenNo problem.  Lokks like bandwidthd can be configured to output logs in CDF format, so that is worth trying.10:16
qman__I use vnstat for my bandwidth logging, but I don't know if it can get that specific10:16
qman__my setup is just per interface10:17
jmarsdenI'm pretty sure that's as detailed as vnstat goes -- per interface, not per-IP or per-connection.10:18
error404notfoundi have 2 1Mbps lines at my home, both are dialup DSL's which i dial via MPD or PPP, is there a way i can combine both of those connections and present as one to the network behind server to do loadbalancing and make a cost effective my own 2Mbps package?10:46
qman__there are ways to load balance, but you can't achieve 2mbps for a single connection11:17
error404notfoundqman__, i mean somehow combine both, so that it might appear as a single line to the users behind server.11:18
qman__it would still be two 1mbps lines, with the capability to have two or more simultaneous connections divided on either line11:18
error404notfoundhmmm, so if one line is congested, rest of traffic will be moved to the other line, right?11:20
qman__yes, dynamically handled by the kernel11:22
qman__it's only really effective with medium to heavy traffic11:23
simplexioerror404notfound: im aware only iptables solution which routes data per incoming ip address or by protocol11:24
error404notfoundwell we are heavily using 1Mbps line, and most of the time people complait of slow speed.11:24
simplexioimplement Qos + port 80 to only to one link, all other to other11:25
simplexio+ fall back to handle all traffic throu just one link11:25
qman__I found a good document on it a week or so ago, can't remember it though11:25
simplexioi think those are pretty simple to configure11:25
error404notfoundhmmm, but youtube, metacafe also uses port 80 e.g. users browse to them using web browser.11:26
qman__maybe you could filter those based on outgoing IP?11:27
simplexioeah.. that is problem, that why QoS11:27
simplexiofast search. ubuntu 2 isp 1 connection find some kind howto get started .D11:28
simplexiohttp://tetro.net/misc/multilink.html thats seems to do what you want11:31
error404notfoundsimplexio, lemme check...11:32
error404notfoundthanks :D11:32
simplexiostarted to that maybe simple bridge may do what you want..11:35
simplexioand maybe not, route probably goes wrong without firewall solution11:36
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daxrocqman__: some dsl providers offer dsl bonding ( pairing of 2 or more lines )12:45
daxrocpfsense decent fw os that can handle multi-wan with load ballancing and fail over capabilities ( round robin etc...)12:47
etbldoes anyone have a stock hardy /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg that they can upload for me?13:16
pmatulisetbl: what package is this file found in?13:29
etblpmatulis: ejabberd13:29
pmatulisetbl: can't you download the source package?13:29
garymcont suppose anyone knows why I cant change my ntp.conf file now. It says I ont have permission?13:30
garymcIm logged in as a Thin Client13:30
pmatulisgarymc: check permissions obviously13:30
garymcyes i have but it wont let me change it?13:30
garymcwell how o i edit that file?13:36
pmatulisgarymc: you're logged in to the server with a thin client?13:37
garymci coul o it the other day, but needed to o a reinstall and now i cant do it13:37
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aubreput your user in the group that has group ownership in /etc/group14:33
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macstarhi, i accidently deleted my auth.log, so i created a new one, but the server doesnt seem to be logging to it, how can i get it to work again ?14:41
Boohbahmacstar: mine looks like this. you probably need to set proper ownership/permissions.14:42
pmatulismacstar: check the permissions and ownership14:42
Boohbah-rw-r----- 1 syslog adm 291249 2009-09-04 06:39 /var/log/auth.log14:42
Boohbahmacstar: note the 'adm' group14:43
Boohbahchmod 640 /var/log/auth.log && chown syslog:adm /var/log/auth.log14:43
macstarcool thanks14:45
macstarthough it would be permissions14:45
macstarstill not getting any entries ??14:46
Boohbah/etc/init.d/sysklogd restart14:47
Boohbahmacstar: then you have to do something that will touch the auth.log, like 'su -'14:47
Boohbahor sudo something14:47
macstarthat would be the one14:47
macstaryeah i had already done touch14:48
macstarrestarting the demon sorted it out14:48
macstarthanks guys :D14:48
etblcould someone running hardy please aptitude install ejabberd and then paste me their /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg?15:02
pmatulisetbl: can't you download the source package?15:12
etblpmatulis: no, its a little different15:12
pmatulisetbl: apt-get source ejabberd15:12
etblpmatulis: what will that do?15:13
pmatulisetbl: download the source package15:13
etbland install it?15:13
pmatulisetbl: then find your file15:13
pmatulisetbl: no, just download the source package15:13
etblwhere do i find my file?15:14
pmatulisetbl: in the source package you just downloaded15:14
etblbut where will that be located?15:14
pmatulisetbl: in cwd15:14
etblpmatulis: the thing is, i don't think that will even work/help me15:14
pmatuliscurrent working directory15:15
etblhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/ejabberd/filelist doesn't mention anything about /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg15:15
etbloh, right ;)15:15
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etblso i'm not sure how it gets there when it gets installed15:15
etbli already tried unpacking my deb cache file15:15
nijabaDaviey: Hello, if you have time, can you give us your pov on bug #414617 ?15:17
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 414617 in ubuntu-server-tips "Ubuntu Server Tips: ifup and ifdown" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41461715:17
Davieynijaba: i see both sides TBH15:19
etblpmatulis: can you please help me out?15:19
Davieynijaba: it's not inappropriate, but inversely it's not unhelpful.15:19
pmatulisetbl: i can't do any more than what i've given you15:19
etblpmatulis: but the file isn't there in the packages.ubuntu.com filelist15:20
pmatulisetbl: not sure why you're talking about a web site, just d/l the source and take your file15:21
nijabaDaviey: well, I think we should try to avoid to obvious ones, or else we might loose the occasional reader's attention....  but it is a fine line :P15:21
pmatulisetbl: i've just done it but for jaunty15:21
Davieynijaba: i say, don't include it yet.15:22
Davieynijaba: I really appreciate help with looking at them!15:22
etblpmatulis: because the website indicates that the file won't be there15:22
nijabaDaviey: ok, cool.  Hey, I did say I would, didn't I?15:22
pmatulisetbl: i just told you that i did it for jaunty15:23
nijabaDaviey: reagarding lool's remark about po file building, do you know how to fix this?15:23
Davieynijaba: yeah15:23
macstaranyone know anything about jailkit?15:23
Davieynijaba: yeah.. that isn't an issue15:23
Davieyi think i have a fix ready to commit15:23
nijabaDaviey: great then :)15:23
etblpmatulis: oh, i see, i misunderstood you15:24
Davieynijaba: i assume a MIR bug marked as "Fix Committed" means it's been uploaded regardless.. but it still seems to be in universe?15:25
aubrehi nijaba, Daviey I see you've been looking at my bugs15:26
nijabaDaviey: no, it now need to ne seeded by a core-dev15:26
macstarwhat is the easist way to look a user into a folder, i want to create a drop folder only for a user over sftp15:27
nijabaDaviey: and since an another opp will be needed when our FFe is granted, I was wainting to have both before asking some coredev to do it15:27
aubreI'm a Solaris (but now becoming much more Ubuntu) server administrator by trade15:27
etblpmatulis: so 'sudo apt-get source ejabberd' won't do anything to alter the state of my system, other than create a some dirs/files in my CWD?15:27
nijabahello aubre: we might have, yes :)15:27
macstar**that was lock a user into a folder15:27
aubrewhen I wrote my tip suggestions I tried to write things that happened to me so far in my travails15:27
pmatulisetbl: you don't even need sudo, that should tell you that you're not going to do anything serious to your system15:28
Davieynijaba: well i don't know if kirkland will want to do it, considering he has contributed to the project and initially uploaded it to universe for me. So, might have to grab someone else.15:28
etblwell i don't care about whether its "serious" or not, just whether it'll do _anything_ at all15:28
pmatulisetbl: just do it in a separate directory like /home/etbl/source15:28
aubreI moved http://www.auburn.edu from Solaris Sparc to jaunty. I've been quite happy with the results.15:28
Davieynijaba: I'll try and get v0.3 ready for tonight.15:28
etblthe manpage isn't quite clear on what a-g source does15:29
pmatulisetbl: it *will* do something.  it will d/l the source15:29
nijabaDaviey: kirkland is indeed a good candidate :)15:29
pmatulisetbl: but that's all15:29
aubrejaunty in vms beats solaris on bare metal.15:29
etblpmatulis: ok, thanks so much!15:29
aubreDaviey: I enjoy ubuntu-uk podcast15:30
nijabaaubre: that's great, thanks a lot for your help!15:30
etblpmatulis: its not there15:30
Davieyaubre: great!15:30
pmatulisetbl: huh?15:30
etbli just did a 'find . -name ejabberd.cfg' and it didn't return anything with etc in the path15:30
etbl$ ls ejabberd-1.1.4  ejabberd_1.1.4-4.diff.gz  ejabberd_1.1.4-4.dsc  ejabberd_1.1.4.orig.tar.gz15:30
aubrenijaba, Daviey : I also talked my director into giving me $7500 worth of hardware to setup and test UEC, and I've been working with zoopster and EtienneG to make it happen15:31
pmatulisetbl: looks good15:31
uvirtbot`New bug: #418897 in php5 (main) "Segfaults in apache2 with libapache2-mod-php5 installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41889715:31
nijabaaubre: super cool!15:32
etbl$ find . -name ejabberd.cfg ./ejabberd-1.1.4/src/win32/ejabberd.cfg ./ejabberd-1.1.4/examples/mtr/ejabberd.cfg ./ejabberd-1.1.4/debian/ejabberd.cfg15:32
etblwhat i need is /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg15:32
pmatulisetbl: looks like you're after ejabberd-1.1.4/debian/ejabberd.cfg15:32
etblbased on what?15:32
pmatulisetbl: common sense15:33
nijabaetbl: based on the fact that is is the one the deb will use to place it etc15:33
aubrenijaba, Daviey : and FYI if you don't find my tips appropriate or don't want to use them you won't hurt my feelings lol. I am glad to see Asterisk coming into jaunty, Mark Spencer from Digium is a friend of mine, we once started a LUG together15:33
aubreI mean in to karmic15:33
etblpmatulis: dude, i'm kind of new15:33
Davieyaubre: nice, would like to hear how you get on with eucalyptus15:33
pmatulisetbl: that's ok15:34
aubreDaviey: I will be letting folks know15:34
nijabaaubre: nothing personal on our side, we rae just trying to find the right balance.  quite new to us as well :)15:34
etblnijaba: how do you know that the deb is going to place that one in /etc?15:34
nijabaetbl: well, I could confirm this by looking closer at the package, but mtr and win32 do not seem like good candidates for some obvious reason, don't they?15:35
etblwhat does mtr stand for? and why is there something labeled win32 in an ubuntu package?15:36
PhotoJimmtr is "my traceroute"15:36
PhotoJimif it's the package I know15:36
nijabaetbl: remember that you just download the source.  apart from the debian directory, all the rest should be able to compile on any platform it is designed to run on.  It's therefore not surprising to see example configuration in there for other platforms.15:38
etblnijaba: ah, i see15:39
etblthank you for the very informative explanation.15:39
aubreebtl: for example in the apache2 source you will see code for Netware, among others15:39
etblso basically, i was starting with a stock ejabberd.cfg, and i had a set of instructions to modify it15:43
etblbut i lost track of what i did, and had nothing to diff it against (at one ponit i was doing it as planned, and then at another point i was unintentionally editing my backup), so my edits were spread across the original file and the backup15:44
etblbut you're saying that its safe to assume that that debian/ejabberd.cfg is exactly what my /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg file looked like before i did anything to it?15:45
etblpmatulis: nijaba:15:48
nijabaetbl: Yes, this is what we assume.  In order to keep track of your changes, have a look at how you can use etckeeper to store your changes in bazaar15:49
pmatulisnijaba: hey thanks for the tip!15:50
etblnijaba: yes, i've heard of that before, and it seems very attractive.  however, the way my machine is set up, most of my config. files end up way scattered all over the place.15:50
nijabaetbl: ooops, you said earlier you were on 8.04...  and etckeeper does not work with bazaar until 9.0415:50
etbl(not just /etc)15:51
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nijabahttp: you can still use bazaar to version control your changes, it is just a bit more "manual"15:52
Guest8934(and, it doesn't coordinate with APT)15:52
uvirtbot`New bug: #424371 in openssh (main) "Logins to OpenSSH server slow due to "UseDNS yes" config" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42437115:56
Boohbahthat 'bug' sounds like luser error to me15:57
pmatulisthat's a bug?15:57
geniiProbably not15:57
Boohbahno, he just needs to get his DNS resolver sorted15:58
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Guest8934nijaba: sorry, i'm REALLY REALLY tired right now, so may not be thinking straight16:06
Guest8934and i know i mentioned this earlier, but is it not worth taking into account at all?16:06
Guest8934nijaba: sorry, http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/ejabberd/filelist16:08
smoserttx, http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/entry.jspa?categoryID=223&externalID=275516:10
smoserttx, http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/entry.jspa?categoryID=223&externalID=275416:10
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Guest8934nijaba: pmatulis: isn't it more likely that that debian/ejabberd.cfg file is the /usr/share/ejabberd/ one?16:12
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smoserttx, http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/isearch.jspa?searchKB=true&searchForums=true&searchQuery=karmic&x=0&y=016:13
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uvirtbot`New bug: #424381 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.3.2-1ubuntu3.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42438116:16
smoserttx, http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/karmic/alpha-5/ now has links to those pages16:21
ttxsmoser: you rock, dude16:21
Guest8934nijaba: pmatulis: are you guys still there?16:30
pmatulisGuest8934: yeah, w'sup?16:30
garymcHad this problem a couple of weeks back managed to rectify but lost my paper telling me how. My problem, with one account only. When i load http://localhost/insert_record.php it asks to save it etc and doesnt load it in the browser. Now any other account loads it in the browser just not the one i use "Gary" This is in an LTSP server using Ubuntu server 9.0416:31
garymcim logge in as a thin client16:31
Guest8934pmatulis: if you're so confident that the ejabberd-1.14-src/debian/ejabberd.cfg file is the one that the deb places into /etc, then why does http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/ejabberd/filelist not mention /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg?16:32
pmatulisGuest8934: dunno16:33
clustyis there a way to have the NFS server resolve itself symlinks?16:34
clustyi have a lot of symlinks in my home folder pointing to all sorts of places and SMB was resolving them for me16:35
clustyshared home and had access to all16:35
clustynow these links are just broekn16:35
clustyany way around sharing a gazillion locations?16:36
mathiazkirkland: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+packagebugs16:59
KillMeNowany1 what? just logged in17:05
geniiKillMeNow: Their symlinks in an NFS-shared folder break when remote-mounted, etc17:07
geniiBecause nfs mounting splices the server's folder into it's own filesystem, and it want to travel the local fs instead17:08
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jbernard_mathiaz: related to that, bug #31337417:27
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 313374 in linux "Hauppauge HVR-1600 is not always detected" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31337417:27
jbernard_er, bug #31227417:27
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 312274 in sysstat "backport sysstat 8.1.7-1 from jaunty to Intrepid" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31227417:27
jbernard_that one, i backported it and uploaded to my ppa17:27
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mathiazjbernard_: would it fit in intrepid-backports - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports or intrepid-updates - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates ?17:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #424442 in eucalyptus (main) "eucalyptus-nc should depend on avahi-utils" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42444217:46
J_Pubuntu 9.10 will be with python 3 by default ?17:49
macstarhow do i remove a package that i installed with make && make install17:50
macstarnot to worry being a n00b17:51
J_Pmacstar: make uninstall into dire that you install it... (if are there make uninstall). Or just remove files/dirs where was installed.17:56
uvirtbot`New bug: #417213 in quagga (main) "Quagga wont bind to IPv6 [::0]" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41721317:57
jbernard_mathiaz: my feeling is intrepid-backports, since the current version isn't flawed, i belive the bug reporter just wants a feature in a later release18:03
mathiazjbernard_: right - so -backports is the best place to go18:03
jbernard_mathiaz: will do, thanks18:04
macstarJ_P: yeah done a make uninstall, failing that i was going to do make checkinstall and get a deb18:05
macstarbut didnt need to :)18:05
macstarhad a mental block for a moment, didnt really need top ask18:05
donspauldinganyone in here running pure-ftpd with SSL and virtual users?18:09
donspauldingbecause I am, and I can't seem to figure out why clients are hanging trying to make encrypted data connections on passive ports.18:10
Sam-I-Ammathiaz: so apparently that glibc bug affects 'passwd' too ... ick.18:11
donspauldingnetstat shows that the server is listening on the passive port it replies to the client with, and wireshark on the client shows that it begins the handshake.18:11
Sam-I-Ammathiaz: with 'ldap' in nsswitch.conf shadow, it somehow can't gain complete root access and can't write to /etc/.pwd.lock18:12
J_Pubuntu 9.10 will be with python 3 by default ?18:14
PiciJ_P: 9.10 support and discussion is in #ubuntu+1 , but no, python 3 will not be default.18:15
J_PPici: ok18:15
ruben23hi anyone18:28
ruben23have setup vsftpd18:28
ruben23whihc is running succesfully now18:28
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uvirtbot`New bug: #424368 in eucalyptus (main) "[FFE] local node discovery, debconf improvements" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42436819:07
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KompoDoes anybody have any idea where I could find list of preseed/partman commands? I'm setting up raid+lvm manually with preseed script since partman is so undocumented. I would now need to tell partman which existing partitions to use, but I don't know with which commands.20:16
andolttx: Regarding your latest suggestion on bug #334374.20:25
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 334374 in libnss-ldap "libnss-ldap should not depend on libpam-ldap" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33437420:25
ttxandol: yes20:26
uvirtbot`New bug: #389051 in php5 (main) "Prototype inheritance enforced on __construct" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38905120:26
andolttx: You still want to leave ldap-auth-config as a hard dependency to libnss-ldap?20:26
ttxandol: yes. That would be an alternate solution, that's worth considering.20:27
ttxandol: mathiaz has been looking into it.20:28
ttxandol: I thnk we need a little more time thin20:28
ttxking at the best solution20:28
andolttx: While it would fix the specified bug it still seems wrong somehow. I mean, you can use libnss-ldap without ldap-auth-config installed. Should it really be a dependency then?20:28
ttxandol: well, it needs a config file to work20:29
andolttx: So does a lot of programs, without a special config utility?20:30
ttxthose have their config files in the package20:30
ttxI don't say the solution I suggest is better, just that we need more time to think about it20:31
andolttx: true, true20:31
andolttx: You might very well be right. Just that it feels like one of the big advantages of having recommends being installed by default is that you can have less hard dependcies.20:32
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uvirtbot`New bug: #356578 in php5 (main) "php5 crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35657820:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #364723 in eucalyptus (main) "eucalyptus-nc service fail to start at boot, cannot connect to libvirtd" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36472320:56
cabbeyif I choose to have the system autoatically apply security updates, do I get an email to root when that happens? like as a reminder to reboot when security fixes hit the kernel for example?21:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #364938 in eucalyptus (main) "In /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus.conf, VNET_DHCPDAEMON and VNET_DHCPUSER should be set to value appropriate for Ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36493821:02
kirklandkees: hey, i wanted your opinion https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/byobu/+bug/424522 at your convenience21:05
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 424522 in byobu "Support ssh-agent socket update when reconnecting to an existing session" [Wishlist,Triaged]21:05
ScottKAnyone on the server team that cares about php?21:46
maswanI'm not on the team and I don't care about php, so hopefully I'm excused. ;)21:48
Sam-I-Ami care about this possible glibc problem in karmic... :/21:50
Sam-I-Amsince its breaking all sorts of stuff21:50
ScottKYeah, I got a PHP related feature freeze exception and I'm looking for advice21:50
ScottKNot a problem I'm likely to fix.21:50
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Sam-I-AmScottK: is there any way to get action on a possibly nasty bug?21:57
alvinIs the bug filed in Launchpad?21:57
Sam-I-Ambug 42325221:57
alvinThen yes. The developers now know21:57
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 423252 in glibc "NSS using LDAP on Karmic (alpha 4) breaks 'su' and 'sudo'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42325221:57
Sam-I-Amabout to update it too... breaks 'passwd' too21:58
Sam-I-Amkarmic is unusable with LDAP21:58
Sam-I-Amor any other non-local auth21:58
alvinpretty serious21:58
Sam-I-Amat least best i can tell... something is blocking certain suid binaries from certain syscalls21:58
Sam-I-Amsame config works fine with hardy through jaunty, so i dont think its my ldap config21:59
Sam-I-Amas a user, passwd can't write /etc/.pwd.lock21:59
Sam-I-Ameven for a local-only account22:00
xenoterracide_can someone point me to a good doc on the interfaces file. I've a problem with a secondary nic setting the default gw when it shouldn't be22:13
xenoterracide_that nic uses dhcp22:13
KillMeNowXeno:  you will need to set a reservation for that NIC's MAC address in your DHCP server where it doesn't pass the Gateway22:28
KillMeNowor set it statically within the interfaces config file22:28
xenoterracide_KillMeNow: ok. so there's not a nogw option in interfaces? asking because gentoo and arch have a way to say nodns nogw etc in there network configs22:30
xenoterracide_for dhcp stuf22:30
KillMeNownone that i know of22:31
KillMeNowwell maybe22:31
KillMeNowin your interfaces file, add the line under your 2nd NIC:  GATEWAY=null22:32
KillMeNowor perhaps GATEWAY=NO22:32
KillMeNowyou might have to add a interface option.d method22:35
KillMeNowotherwise, only way i can think of stopping the g/w from being set by DHCP is to set a reservation22:36
uvirtbot`New bug: #379696 in libvirt (main) "package libvirt-bin 0.6.1-0ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (dup-of: 363778)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37969622:41
uvirtbot`New bug: #421400 in apache2 (main) "package apache2-mpm-prefork 2.2.11-2ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: conflicting packages - not installing apache2-mpm-prefork" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42140022:41
xenoterracide_hmm... no post up commands... that sucks22:45
uvirtbot`New bug: #397931 in libvirt (main) "package libvirt-bin 0.6.1-0ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: podproces post-installation script vr?til chybov? status 1 (dup-of: 363778)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39793122:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #401588 in libvirt (main) "package libvirt-bin 0.6.1-0ubuntu5.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (dup-of: 363778)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40158822:47
uvirtbot`New bug: #406899 in libvirt (main) "package libvirt-bin 0.6.1-0ubuntu5.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (dup-of: 363778)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40689922:47
xenoterracide__how do I bring up an interface not marked as  'auto'?23:01
guntbertxenoterracide__: sudo ifup <if> ?23:03
KillMeNowi think guntbert is correct23:03
geniixenoterracide__: sudo ifconfig <eth0/whatever> up23:04
KillMeNowgenii beat me to it23:04
xenoterracide__ifconfig is a manual way... would that even read interfaces?23:04
KillMeNowi just peeked at the ifup help and it's ifconfig23:05
* guntbert hands genii a cup of coffee23:05
geniixenoterracide__: If you have the /dev entry of an interface, ifconfig can use it23:05
geniiguntbert: Yay, coffee!23:05
* genii sips\\23:05
geniixenoterracide__: Wireless interfaces are a different kettle of fish23:06
xenoterracide__genii: yeah but will it start it with the config that's in interfaces?23:06
geniixenoterracide__: Whats in /etc/network/interfaces   is used as as a first place to look. But if for instance /dev/eth3 exists, you can call it from ifconfig whether or not that file holds it23:08
geniixenoterracide__: sudo ifconfig -a         shows you interfaces not present in that file for instance23:09
genii(if they physically exist)23:09
erimar77can anyone point me to a webpagge that allows users to change their openldap password?23:39
erimar77would prefer not to write my own23:39
VirtualDisastererimar77: gosa223:39
VirtualDisastererimar77: unfortunately there arent many ways to do that w/o third party software23:40
VirtualDisasterwell as far as users are concered23:40
ScottKSam-I-Am: I don't know.  I recall what I think was discussion about that bug among senior developers, so I think the people that need  to know, know.23:45

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