thorwilnewz2000: hi! the collaborative countdown banner thing will obviously not happen. have a number of other ideas but also currently a demanding job :)16:50
newz2000I nkow what you mean. The collaborative idea was so good I'm sorry I could not help to get it pulled off16:51
newz2000I'm a little concerned we're going to get images of a bunch of social koalas meditating in the clouds. :-)16:54
newz2000But who am I to stifle creativity?16:55
thorwilnewz2000: you're the last i would accuse of that :)16:56
MadsRHnewz2000: Perhaps people are just waiting for the xsplash and wallpaper to land, so they can create banners that will match. Anyway, that's the reason I haven't submitted anything yet. I guess rugby471's banner will land pretty close, but again who knows ;-)19:24
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