MTec007is there a command to wake up the screen?00:35
marybuntuhttp://imagebin.org/62401 guys i'm a little afraid of restarting cause i got this error on update saying i had corrupted package archive linux headers can anyone counsel please00:44
TheSheepheaders are needed for compiling things and such00:47
TheSheepsay, did you ran out of disk space?00:47
TheSheepdid you run*00:48
marybuntuum, what do you mean run*?00:48
marybuntuTheSheep, disk usage says i have 5.5 gb available00:50
TheSheepyou only have one partition?00:51
TheSheepwhat does 'df -h' say?00:51
marybuntuTheSheep: sorry, had to let the dog out.00:56
marybuntuok, so you want me to open term and type df -h  ?00:57
marybuntuTheSheep, http://pastebin.org/1479101:02
marybuntuyou still with me? :)01:08
marybuntumamas hollering at me to take the garbage out , she doesn't understand the potential gravity of the situation01:11
marybuntuok, i back; it raind so hard here can't get the garbage can out to the road, the swail is as deep as a moat01:15
marybuntuTheSheep, can you help, i don't know if whole system will damage if i restart ... http://pastebin.org/1479101:16
marybuntuhttp://imagebin.org/62401 guys i'm a little afraid of restarting cause i got this error on update saying i had corrupted package archive linux headers can anyone counsel please01:22
marybuntuwhy would i get a corrupted file through the update manager anyways?  just error in transmission?  should i try to rerun the update mgr?01:25
MTec007is there a command to wake up the screen?01:29
geniiIf you interrupt an update in mid-download of a file it will still have /var/cache/apt/archives/filename.deb      but it will be corrupt01:30
marybuntunope, reloaded update mgr, and reran, still have same error msg http://imagebin.org/6240101:30
geniimarybuntu: For the reason I just described, rm whatever .deb file it's complaining about from the apt archives01:31
marybuntugenii, i never interrupted it01:31
geniimarybuntu: sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-headers-2.6.28*deb             then try the update again01:33
marybuntuk, lemme try, thx01:37
marybuntugenii, this is moms computer; could operations i was doing on my laptop in the other room on the same network have 'interrupted' the update?01:42
geniiQuite possibly. All it takes if for the file not to have d/l right to make it this way01:42
marybuntuso i should in the future keep other boxes quiet during updates?01:43
marybuntuya, ok, the update seems to have completed successfully now, no error messages ... thanks01:44
marybuntulive and learn01:45
marybuntuk, thanks guys gonna shut this old box down01:45
MTec007Does any body know if there is there a command to wake up the screen?02:01
geniiMTec007: setterm -reset        ?02:05
genii(according to setterm manpage)02:06
MTec007ill try it next chance i get, thanks02:13
unitheoryhuman life!05:38
dcaI am not able to mount my fixeddrives05:38
dcahow can i mount that in Xubuntu05:38
dcano.. not even getting any option05:38
dcawhats the command05:39
dcaif i use gnome i will get it mounted to /media/disk05:39
dcabut if i login to XFCE session then..cannot see disk folder in .media05:40
unitheoryif you open up thunar, the file manager, does it display your disk on the left panel?05:42
dcaits not displaying!!05:43
unitheorywell you can probably mount it manually05:44
unitheorysudo fdisk -l05:45
dcai am new to linux05:46
unitheoryok well it takes 3 commands.  one to figure out the name of your drive, one to make a mount point, and one to mount your drive to the mount point05:46
dcai figured out this command05:47
dcasudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /media/disk -o defaults,force,umask=005:47
dcabut its showing error folder disk not existing05:48
dcado i have to create the folder disk evrytime05:48
unitheoryno, once is enough05:48
unitheorysudo mkdir /media/disk05:48
dcabut i i would have to execute this command each and everytime i restart..?05:49
dcais it like that?05:49
unitheoryno, you can add it to your fstab05:49
dcathe above command?05:49
dcaplease help.. :(05:50
dcai donno much05:50
dcai meant this command sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /media/disk -o defaults,force,umask=005:50
unitheoryi know05:51
unitheoryare you sure /dev/sda2 is the name of the drive you want to mount?05:51
dcathere are two drives.. this is my c drive05:51
dcaone more is there05:51
unitheoryok, first open fstab:05:52
unitheorysudo gedit /etc/fstab05:52
unitheoryif you have gedit of course. it sounds like you installed xubuntu-desktop on an ubuntu install.05:52
unitheoryat the bottom add a line that looks like this:05:52
unitheory/dev/sda2  /media/disk ntfs relatime,errors=remount-ro 0  105:53
dcafor sda3 also same command?05:54
dcadifferent folder05:55
dcai guess :)05:55
unitheoryfor whicever drive(s) you are having trouble mounting05:55
unitheorya clean xubuntu install shouldn't have any trouble auto-mounting drives.  when you install xubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu, it doesn't work as well05:56
unitheorydon't delete anything that was already in that file05:57
dcahow to unmount the drives05:58
unitheoryyou need different mount points for each drive05:58
dcai created two folders disk and disk-105:58
dcain /media05:59
unitheoryin thunar, you can right-click on the drive and choose unmount.05:59
unitheorydca good job ;]05:59
unitheoryif for some reason you like using the command line you can sudo umount /media/disk06:00
unitheory(that's umount, not unmount)06:00
dcak.. in thunar i cnat see the drive options to choose unmount06:00
dcai will use the command06:01
unitheoryof the left it should display the drives you mounted, yes?06:01
unitheorybut they're mounted?06:02
dcano....i will restart06:02
dcaand see06:02
unitheorydidnt you manually mount them?06:02
dcai had mounted them manually to different points06:03
dcabut cannot see that in thunar06:03
dcalet me restart and check..06:06
dcawill get back to u06:06
dcaTHANKS A TON06:06
unitheoryno problem06:06
dcaHave a nice time... :-D06:06
dcai am just learning!!06:06
unitheorywell mounting drives by hand is pretty advanced06:07
dcait worked06:11
dcabut one small trouble.. i cant see the mounted drive on the side pane of thunar06:11
dcahow can i add it there?06:12
unitheoryare they in /media/ ?06:12
unitheoryok, so in media just drag disk and disk-1 to the left panel ;]06:12
unitheorythat ought to bookmark them06:13
dcaooops!!!! that simple.. fool i am .. Thanks friend for ur help..06:13
unitheoryyou're very welcome!06:14
dcaXubuntu is simple and fast!!!06:14
unitheoryi assure you that a clean xubuntu install has fewer problems06:14
dcahmm.. earlier i was using Ubuntu and yesterday only installed XFCE06:15
unitheoryyeah what you have now is an ubuntu/xubuntu mix06:16
unitheoryso it has some identity problems sometimes ;]06:16
dcaoho.. i havent come across any issues so far..06:17
dcabut any tips.. i would like to cintinue with Xubuntu..06:17
dcai had some some windows lag in Gnome.. but here its fast..06:17
dcano lags06:18
unitheoryi run xubuntu on my tablet pc06:18
dcacool .. whats tablet pc?06:19
unitheoryit has a stylus/pen to control the mouse06:20
dcaya, got it.. wikipedia  :d06:20
dcaanyways, thanks friend... !06:20
dcawill trouble you if i face further issues ...hehe ... :-D06:21
unitheoryi'm off to bed06:21
unitheory1 in the morning here06:21
miguelonnnnnhi ! 8 here, beat this ! :P xd06:27
PiousMinionHi, I got a fresh copy of xubuntu 9.04, and did a slow burn on some good optical media. The live environment seems to work fine except for the fact that d-clicking install logs me out and then back in.... and nothing more.07:09
PiousMinionIdeas anyone?07:09
PiousMinionI'm honestly just about fed up with uBUGtu and all its variants, but I thought I'd give the latest xubuntu a try on my mothers PC.  I just don't have any of these problems with debian, archlinux, gentoo, etc, but those aren't your parents/grandparents distros.  :/07:11
Sysiwhat's with debian?07:13
Sysijust make everything redy for them07:14
PiousMinionThat may be what I divert to.  I was just hoping someone had some insight on why this isn't working.07:15
Sysihow much ram?07:17
PiousMinionAlso, starting the install directly from the boot menu starts the installer until I select to manually partition.  At which point it dies, then logs back in and leaves me at the live desktop.07:18
PiousMinionok, screw it.  If I wanted a shitty unstable product I would have installed Vista.  At least it would have installed. heh07:34
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thejayjetsonhaven't gotten anywhere with linux-can't do simple things like auto pair my bluetooth mouse-full screen the os-work on resolution-watch a youtube video-can anyone help with any of these?07:56
thejayjetsonanyone actually availible?08:10
premorphosi have used linux/xubuntu for 8mounts now my system is gr8. iv lerned so much and now im back in this channel to help outers.09:00
premorphosi want to thank all of you who patiently helped and answerd my "noob" questions.09:02
Eric_K#xubuntu-offtopic feels quite deserted tho09:03
Sysithere are offtopic for this too?09:03
Eric_Kthis is the blog from where i got the xubuntu-offtopic chan info http://open.knome.fi/2009/09/03/fill-in-the-ubuntu-irc-channels/09:08
premorphoscool il check it out.09:09
premorphosone advice irssi is by far a superior irc client, and it fits so nicely in xubuntu,09:16
Sysiirssi is horrible09:17
Sysixchat <309:17
Sysiewething ready09:17
psycho_oreosproblem with xchat is that you can't run it in CLI or through ssh sessions09:23
Sysigraphical ssh :)09:24
psycho_oreosin other words, if you updated video driver or something but xorg no longer fires up properly and you want to seek help on the irc, you're out of luck if you're forced to use xchat :P09:24
Sysibut yeah, irssi is only to shell09:25
Sysidunno about weechat etc but irssi is most common09:25
psycho_oreosand then there's people who prefer lean-mean programs.. programs that run in CLI rather than GUI09:25
psycho_oreosI'll admit that irssi isn't great but fwiw, its very portable09:26
psycho_oreosmore user friendly than the likes of bx imo09:27
Sysiirssi is good if you want to configure it yourself09:27
psycho_oreosI beg to differ, irssi is available in the repository09:27
_Pete_irssi successfully compiled & run on N900 \o/09:36
Sysixchat is on repositories already <309:37
Sysibut i use ssh09:37
premorphosits funny my laptop is the crapiest laptop ever. a sensor is broken so it limits the prossesor badly. so i run xubuntu and go for lightweght apps,, such as irssi. and it runs butifuly09:52
premorphosi made it my sparetime project making a computer with capacity as a pocketcalculator to run linux and work properly09:54
premorphosand now it does.. im done with it, gone get rid of it, but xubuntu made it possible09:55
SiDipocketcalculator ? :p10:07
Sysii have n810, repos include TI emulator but i haven't tried it yet10:09
jarnosWhy was keyboard shortcut for Xfce menu removed in Jaunty? Can't see it in Karmic either.11:24
SiDijarnos: i didnt even notice there was such a shortcut :)12:06
SiDiit might have been forgotten due to the keyboard shortcut backend changes in jaunty, you might wanna file a bug12:06
SiDihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-default-settings/+filebug <- jarnos12:07
SuperUser|Davidhi. does anybody know his way with compiz?12:27
SuperUser|Davidi have a problem...12:28
SuperUser|Davidcan anyone help me?12:30
Sysii tried it12:32
Sysididn't get it work with xfwm, emerald worked12:33
jarnosSiDi: ok12:35
SuperUser|Davidi have emerald and compiz installed, but somehow the compiz settings manager doesn't save any changes12:36
SiDiSuperUser|David: hello12:36
SiDiYou should directly ask your question when you need some help12:37
SiDiThis allows people to answer when they have a look at the channel12:37
SiDiWhat do you mean by doesn't save any changes ?12:37
SiDiDo you mean that compiz does work but it doesnt care about the settings changes or do you mean that after reboot, compiz doesnt run anymore ?12:37
SuperUser|Davidcompiz runs perfectly fine, but the changes i make in ccsm are not saved. i cant change anything.12:38
SiDiYou should have a .compiz folder, or a .config/compiz folder12:39
SuperUser|Davidwhere do i12:39
SiDican you please check that you own this folder ?12:39
SuperUser|David look?12:39
SiDiYou can do that by typing "ls -l .compiz" in a terminal12:39
SuperUser|Davidok, wait12:39
SiDior "ls -l .config/compiz" (i forgot which one it is :p)12:39
SiDi(Did you ever run compiz with sudo ?)12:40
SuperUser|Daviddrwx------ 2 d4r3c1 d4r3c1 4096 2009-09-04 13:19 session12:40
SuperUser|Davidi ran compiz with sudo, no change12:40
SuperUser|David.config/compiz does not exist12:41
SiDiSuperUser|David: i actually didnt want you to run it with sudo :)12:42
SuperUser|Davidwell, i tried, no change. ^^12:42
SiDii asked because it is a thing that you should never do (otherwise your config files would be stolen by the root account and you couldnt modify them anymore, which is the cause #1 of your problem :P)12:43
SiDiWhat compiz packages did you install exactly ? And what xubuntu version do you use ?12:43
SuperUser|Davidxubuntu 9.04. and i followed this: http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2007/12/09/xubuntu-compiz-pretty-pretty-xubuntu/12:44
SiDiSuperUser|David: i'll follow the same and try to reproduce the problem then12:45
SuperUser|Davidsays there to install this: compiz-core compiz-plugins compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra emerald compizconfig-settings-manager12:45
SuperUser|Daviddone it with the terminal12:45
SuperUser|Davidcompiz works, i get a nice glassy window and some effects of compiz work. they must be the standard ones.12:46
SuperUser|Davidand i need to change them12:46
SuperUser|Davidi cant even import a proile12:46
SuperUser|DavidSiDi: I have to go for now, but I'll be back in about an hour.12:47
SiDiWhile im installing all of that, may you please jump in #compiz and ask them ?12:47
SiDiokey, no worries12:47
SiDijump in #compiz too when you're back12:47
SuperUser|Davidok, thanks12:47
SuperUser|Davidsee you later12:48
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DDTHi. I am new user xubuntu. I just installed it. Now I am doing update of system - but it is so slow. Only about 1000 bytes / second. Is it usual? Thx15:04
TheSheepit depends on yur internet connection, you can improve it by sing a mirror that is near you, instead of the global one15:05
SiDi_DDT: hello15:05
DDTmy connection is faster15:05
DDThi SiDi_15:05
SiDi_Can you please use an internet speed test from a website in your country to check your connection's speed ?15:06
DDTit was working fast - maybe first MB, then it slows down.15:06
SiDi_In which country do you live ?15:06
DDTis speed test inside the xubuntu?15:06
SiDi_may you please click on Applications -> System -> Sources of software ?15:07
SiDi_You'll be asked your password, type it, and then a window will open15:07
DDTI am in.15:07
SiDi_On this window, you can choose which server to use for the updates15:08
DDTit is written "server for Slovakia"15:08
DDTI will try other.15:08
SiDi_Click on it, a list will open, click on other15:08
SiDi_there are 3 servers in your country15:08
SiDi_Maybe one of them will be more responsive :)15:08
DDTyes - but I let it find best server for me.15:09
DDTit is in progress now15:09
DDTBut when I change server - it will applied immediatelly?15:09
DDTor I must stop update in progress15:10
SiDi_It will apply next time, I think15:10
DDTwhat will happen if I cancel update now?15:11
DDTCan I update it next time? No harm to system?15:11
SiDi_Well, if you cancel the download, it'll try to install the packages already downloaded, and then itll ask you later to download the other ones15:11
SiDi_(i think :p)15:11
SiDi_you can use http://www.detronics.sk/bandwidth/meter.php to check your network speed15:11
DDTlol but I am on other PC now :D it is on the other table :D15:12
SiDi_well, just type 'adsl speed test' in google.sk ;)15:12
SiDi_just make sure to test on a site from your country, it will be more accurate15:12
SiDi_(Why don't you use the xubuntu PC for IRC ? :p)15:13
jiohdithis morning I booted up to find no side/bottom panels, no network connection, but everything else working, help15:13
DDTI have it15:13
DDTspeed was about 800 Kbit - but I was in the same time downloading - so it will be more speedy.15:13
SiDi_jiohdi: any update before ?15:13
jiohdiI rebooted to gnome still no network.... but gnome failsafe had network15:14
jiohdisidi, not recently15:14
DDTSiDi_ as I said, I just installed Xubuntu. I dont know where is what - just learning now.15:14
SiDi_jiohdi: do you mean network applet ?15:15
SiDi_DDT: applications -> internet -> Xchat for IRC ;)15:15
jiohdithe network icon says disabled15:15
DDTNow I am on windows machine :)15:15
jiohdiwhen I open it, I dont find any way to enable15:15
SiDi_Or Applications -> internet -> pidgin (pidgin is for MSN/AIM/IRC/Jabber, etc)15:15
DDTthx SiDi_15:15
SiDi_jiohdi: does 'ps aux | grep -i network' return anything ?15:16
jiohdior Konversation, which I like for IRC15:16
jiohdiI cannot check for a bit, in another room at work15:17
DDTjiohdi - first check if cable is connected. Look if lan card is working - it should be some green or red light.15:17
DDTjiohdi - at the back of computer of course.15:17
DDTok, I must go.15:18
DDTthx for help SiDi_15:18
DDTbye :)15:18
jiohdignomefail safe had internet just fine15:21
jiohdiso that is not the problem15:21
jiohdiunless gnomes work by magic :)15:21
jiohdino idea?15:26
SiDi_Not really :/15:32
SiDi_i use neither gnome nor network-manager15:32
SiDi_but i'd say something broke somewhere, if you have nm and xfce4-panel doing weird things at the same time15:32
jiohdiBrb, I will reboot and try a few things15:38
jiohdithe easiest way to fix seems to be just to make a new account15:56
jiohdianyone still here?16:03
jiohdiis there a file that contains all the settings for panels like the icons on them etc?16:55
jiohdiI want to copy settings from one acct to another16:56
jiohdiis that possible?16:56
SiDijiohdi: its possible16:56
SiDicheck the <yourhome>/.config/xfce4 folder16:56
SiDithere is the xfconf/ folder containing most of your XFCE settings, and there also is a folder for the panels' configuration and enabled plugins16:57
BesogonHello. I did something with xfce4-panel in xfce4-terminal. And now xfce4-terminal starts up when I turn on xfce session. What's happend?17:15
BesogonDo no one know?17:18
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
TheSheepBesogon: you probably saved the teminal with session on logout17:25
TheSheepBesogon: remove the files in ~/.cache/session to clean that17:25
BesogonTheSheep, thanks17:27
BesogonTheSheep, I had thought about it but I didn't know how I can clean termnal story.17:29
randomnickhey there everyone18:40
randomnickI was linjked to this channel from here18:40
randomnickI think taht you guys should not just ASK for more help18:41
randomnickmake a good product and people will flock to it18:41
randomnickilke #ubuntu18:41
randomnick#ubuntu is the most popular channel on one of the most popualar networks18:41
randomnickthis channel is unpopular because this distribution is unpopular18:43
Sysiubuntu and xubuntu are same, xfce vs. gnnome is only difference18:44
randomnicknot true18:44
randomnickif they are all the same18:44
Sysiit is18:44
randomnickI've been running ubuntu since freshman year in high school18:44
randomnickI understand what you mean18:44
Sysii think it's stupid to impress they different18:44
randomnickthey shaer the same repos18:44
randomnickbut that's not true18:44
Sysianu other distro don'tdo that18:45
randomnickthe ARE different products18:45
randomnicksame distribution18:45
randomnickdifferent branding, identity, purpose18:45
Sysibut you can for exaple make ubuntu to xubuntu very easilu18:45
Sysiand same time it's still ubuntu :)18:45
Sysiit can be kubuntu too18:45
randomnickkubuntu has kde going for it18:46
randomnickubuntu has being the most tightly integrated and kick ass well developed smooth distro going for it18:46
randomnickand xubuntu18:46
randomnickxubuntu is just a shittier versino of ubuntu18:46
Sysii prefer xubu18:46
randomnickxubuntu needs vision18:46
randomnickit needs to be slimmed down18:46
randomnickcrunchbang #! is popular18:47
Sysii like xfce more that gnome18:47
randomnickbecause it's filling in the spots that xubuntu claims to offer18:47
Sysifastness is not issue18:47
randomnickit runs on older hardware18:47
randomnickxfce runs like shit on older hardware18:47
randomnickSysi: fastness is an issue18:47
randomnickgo read digg!18:47
randomnickor slashdot!18:47
Sysinot for me18:47
randomnicksearch for xubu18:47
randomnickSysi: read the popular opinion!18:47
randomnickxubuntu is unpopular18:47
randomnickit's slow18:47
randomnickit's shitty!18:47
randomnickxfce isn't a good enough reason18:48
Sysixubuntu is ubuntu eith xfce18:48
randomnickpeople come to xubuntu because it's a faster lighter version of ubuntu18:48
randomnickeven though it's just as slow and bloated18:48
Sysiit is18:48
Sysia bit18:48
Sysignome don't work with 256 ram18:48
Sysixfce does18:48
Sysii still think marketing xubu and ubu and kubu as different is stupid, any other distro don't do it18:50
sybaritenanyone know the first step to getting a decent sources.list ?19:04
sybaritenrunning a live distro19:05
jarnosSysi: they have different set of default applications19:05
sybaritenapt keeps complaining19:05
sybaritencant install pretty much anything19:05
sybaritendo i need to know if im on gutsy, etc ?19:05
sybaritenfeisty gutsy hardy etc19:06
SuperUser|Davidhello, SiDi, are you there?19:07
nicklas_are there any swedish xubuntu channel?20:27
SiDinicklas_: there is a swedish ubuntu channel20:31
nicklas_SiDi: i know :-)20:32
SiDithat can also be used for xubuntu :) not even the biggest locos have a xubuntu local channel :/20:32
_Pete_local shop for local people :)20:33
SuperUser|Davidhow do i auto-identify?20:58
SiDiSuperUser|David: hey21:10
SiDiSo what was the solution ?21:10
SiDi(Applications -> System -> Login window should be the place where you can enable auto-login)21:11
SuperUser|DavidSiDi, hey, with auto login i meant on irc21:14
SuperUser|DavidSiDi, and the other problem was with xfce you need simple-cssm21:14
plazmacrowis there any way to force the use of a specific mode line while using kernel mode settings?21:23
SiDiSuperUser|David: so my theory was probably right ? What i find suspicious is that ccsm doesnt depend on gconf, so it should use files for settings & not gconf21:24
SuperUser|DavidSiDi, one other problem was that i had previously started ccsm with a sudo21:26
SuperUser|DavidSiDi, that is supposed to be bad, i was told.21:28
SuperUser|DavidSiDi, and with simple-ccsm you can start a new profile, with which you can then configure the other ccsm21:29
SiDiSuperUser|David: i see21:38
SiDiif you start it with sudo, it will execute it with your own home folder and settings, but as the root account21:38
SiDiso if you run an app with sudo, especially on first time, the risk is that the settings files are created with the root account21:39
SiDiand thus, belong to root instead of you21:39
SiDiand if a file belongs to someone else than you you're very likely to not be able to write changes to it :)21:39
SuperUser|Davidyep, know that now.21:40
SuperUser|Davidwell, that was my first problem.21:40
SuperUser|Davidbut before i used sudo, the problem was already there.21:40
SuperUser|Davidso in order to not have the problem at all you simply need to install simple-ccsm and then set the profile to "advanced"21:41
SiDithere must have been something wrong with your .compiz folder from the install :/21:41
SuperUser|Davidthey even said i didnt have compiz running in the first place. but i was sure i did, cause i had some of the effects21:42
SuperUser|Davidwell, it's been solved now21:42
SuperUser|Davidok, i'm off now, speak soon21:46
geniixenoterracide__: sudo ifconfig <eth0/whatever> up23:04
geniiWrong channel, sorry23:04
sybaritenive installed xubuntu for eee on a USB stick, but i think its too old (gutsy) to be in the repositories.... somehow.23:41
sybaritenAnyone know if theres a newver live ubuntu/xubuntu that works with eee?23:42
durtsybariten, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR23:53

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