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mac_vScottK: did i sound like i was shouting at her :(12:59
mac_vScottK: actually, i had sent her > http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/08/07/%23ayatana.html , explaining the reason for the change13:00
mac_vpls read tedg's reply13:00
mac_vSiDi: ^13:01
SiDi_Hm, what was i saying again13:04
SiDi_mac_v: your answer to Celeste sounded rude to me :p13:04
mac_vSiDi_: for you everything i say is rude 13:05
SiDi_mac_v: the "initial goal" was rude ;)13:05
mac_vhehe ;)13:06
SiDi_Celeste was asking that the design be reviewed accordingly to the new feature, and you just bashed her saying that she should expect new features that dont fit the design :P13:06
SiDi_What i am worried about is this idea of having to manually blacklist apps i don't use13:07
mac_vSiDi_: actually i didnt know if i was allowed to send the irc log in the ML  , i sent her the link in a *polite* mail personally 13:07
mac_vbut that no one wil get to know :(13:07
SiDi_i think it should be the other way around : apps can either be 'hidden', 'shown when active', 'always shown', every app is by default shown when active (ie. opened), and the ones you use daily can end up being 'always shown'13:07
mac_vthat was along with the reply earlier itself13:08
SiDi_because if my lil brother installs some crappy IM / email app i dont wanna have to blacklist it right after13:08
mac_vSiDi_: then suggest *that* , suggest how to improve the feature13:08
SiDi_i wanna manage to run the applet before i try to see what to do with it :P13:09
mac_vnone of the arguments she keeps raising are negative for the feature13:09
ScottKmac_v: If you want Ayatana work to be cross-desktop, bashing the head of the KDE usabiilty project on the Ayatana list isn't a good way to achieve that IMO.  My reading was that you were saying her questions were inappropriate and if she'd just been paying attention she'd know better.13:31
mac_vScottK: ah man! i need to know to type more eloquently!13:32
mac_vScottK: i had actually sent her the irc log immediately with my original reply , i dont really think *she* might have taken it wrong , but maybe it did come out wrong :(13:33
* mac_v desnt want to get caught in cross-desktop war ;)13:33
ScottKmac_v: OK.  I'm not saying that's how you intended it, just that's how it came across.13:50
hyperairmac_v: you'd benefit from an effective communications class ;-)14:49
hyperair(we have that here in my university, as a compulsory course.)14:49
mac_vhyperair: yeah... lets go together ;p14:49
hyperairi've already sat through it ;-)14:49
mac_vhyperair: actually only others thought as rude , and not the actual person14:50
mac_vhyperair: kde folks are a *tight* family , so ... 14:52
* hyperair doesn't know anything. never read any of the posts14:53
hyperairbut you did annoy me the first time i received an email from you ;-)14:53
mac_vhyperair: you get annoyed for everything , bubbles , ...14:53
hyperairoh shutup you14:54
mac_vhyperair: hehe , i was actually waiting a reply to the ayatana ML , from you about the bubbles14:55
hyperairbubbles appearing in the middle of my screen annoy me because i have vertically-split windows a lot.14:55
mac_vit would have been awesome14:55
hyperairi avoided posting for that reason =.=14:55
mac_vwaiting for a*14:55
hyperairi'd probably be reminded of the CoC and banned or something from launchpad14:56
mac_vhehe ;)14:56
hyperairand maybe become the first joker who got purged of ubuntu membership for rudeness14:56
mac_vhyperair: do you know , there was one person on the bug report who thanked for the middle bubble , i should have sent you the mail ;p14:58
hyperairye gods.14:59
hyperairi don't see the benefit at all, unless you're one of those jokers who has a super-huge screen and cannot maximize your use of your screen estate15:00
SiDi_it was meant to address the problem with the firefox search bar, afaik15:03
SiDi_but i dont think it was such a great thing either :p15:03
mac_vfor firefox they did that ! 0.o 15:03
hyperairthat's the thing.15:05
hyperairthat's exactly why i find this whole issue so stupid15:05
hyperairfor *one* application's design failure, they messed up the whole bloody thing15:06
mac_vDanRabbit1: ping!15:19
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mac_vDanRabbit1: i think i figured out a way , to prevent blurriness of the battery icons16:07
mac_vwill be pushing to branch in a bit16:07
SiDimac_v: which iconsz ? :P16:11
mac_voh no... SiDi knows ;p16:18
DanRabbit1mac_v: how's that?16:51
mac_vDanRabbit1: hei , just pushed the icons17:10
mac_vDanRabbit1: went on a witch hunt but in the end the solution was simple!17:10
DanRabbit1which was?17:11
mac_vDanRabbit1: it need 24px icons! :(17:12
DanRabbit1we are so special...17:13
mac_vi went trying all stupid tricks and it turns out the applet was duller than us!17:14
DanRabbit1Well, at least it's solved now.17:15
mac_vdid you check it out?17:15
DanRabbit1I'm on my iMac though, so I don't have a battery :D17:15
DanRabbit1my gf is using the MacBook17:15
mac_vhehe ;17:15
mac_vit need symlinks ,17:16
* mac_v was too lazy to do it17:16
mac_vsome thing is totally messed up when i try to multi task! most easily my grammar!17:17
DanRabbit1alright done17:17
DanRabbit1I'm pushing right now17:17
DanRabbit1I'm off to test UNR17:20
DanRabbit1I'm going to make a special Humanity branch for it, I think.17:21
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DanRabbitDBO: ping19:41
mac_VDanRabbit: keep forgetting this , the volume icon , for mute can be *without* the bars , right now its a bit similar to the full if you dont know the state earlier19:45
mac_Vshall i edit it?19:45
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DanRabbitThat's a good point19:45
DanRabbitOnly thing is19:45
DanRabbitwill it make the spacing look funny?19:45
DanRabbitmac_V: I'm going to branch Humanity19:46
mac_vmost icons do a x , but removing the bars wont affect it , 19:46
DanRabbitI'd probably go with the X then19:46
DanRabbitBut anyways, I'm going to branch the icons for light and dark19:46
mac_vthats what *every* icon set does :(19:46
DanRabbithaha, well feel free to experiment :D19:47
DanRabbitAnyways, what I was trying to say was, if you could optimize the icons for light panels, that would be awesome.19:47
mac_vok , i'll push the new mute icon , we'll test it for a few days? its easy to revert it too19:47
mac_vDanRabbit: light panels?19:48
DanRabbityea, sounds good19:48
DanRabbityea, I know we just did all that trying to get it to work for both19:48
mac_vwhat are we doing for now ;p ?19:48
DanRabbitbut there are still complaints, and for now it just doesn't look right19:48
mac_voh , ok19:48
DanRabbitSo, I'm going to make a humanity-unr branch19:48
DanRabbitand anyone with a dark panel can use those icons19:48
DanRabbitI'm installing UNR in virtualbox right now, and I'm going to be concentrating Humanity on that..19:50
DanRabbitnot to say, that most changes won't benefit both :D19:50
DanRabbitFor anybody that cares, Humanity icons for UNR are now available at lp:humanity-unr20:11
DanRabbitbye :D20:11
ScottKhyperair: It's not at all clear that the Ayatana list falls under the Ubuntu CoC.20:21
bratscheWhat is CoC?21:25
SiDi_Code Of Conduct21:26
bratscheOh, right.21:26
SiDi_you're an ubuntu member.. tss tss :P21:27
bratscheI'm a new Ubuntu member.21:28
bratscheI didn't know what CoC stands for.21:28
bratscheI can't post on the Ayatana list anyway, for some reason, so I guess the CoC doesn't apply to me there. ;)21:29
* SiDi_ shall ask for membership too..21:38
mac_vbratsche: CoC doesnt cover several words you use on irc ;p21:39
mac_vhehe ;)21:39
bratscheMe?  Or anyone?21:39
mac_vyou of course ;)21:39
mac_vbratsche: BTW , how the xsplash work coming along?21:39
mac_vhow is*21:40
bratscheBoring :)21:40
bratscheBut fine.21:40
mac_vhmm...  isnt xsplash suppose to mask the usplash? and not show usplash at all?21:40
mac_vexcept during shutdown?21:41
bratscheThe new startup changes haven't landed yet.21:41
bratschexsplash doesn't mask usplash.  It's just that once the new startup changes land, usplash won't be shown the way it has been.21:41
bratscheRather than starting usplash, X will be started very early on.21:41
bratscheAnd xsplash will be the first thing you see once X starts.21:41
mac_vyeah , that was what i kept saying in Ubuntu+1 , people just say ,we are psst feature freeze!21:42
bratscheI'm kind of confused about that too.  I have nothing to do with the new startup fu though.21:42
* mac_v maybe should stop testing alpha stuff !21:43
bratscheI've been trying to post on ayatana list this week because I have a proposed solution to one of the notify-osd issues, but ayatana list won't accept my posts.21:43
mac_vbratsche: have you subscribed to the list in lp first? how are you trying to post?21:44
bratscheI get all the mails.  I wasn't a member of the "Ayatana Discussion" group though, so I joined and tried to repost and it still didn't go through.21:45
bratsche"You are subscribed to the team mailing list.  [Unsubscribe]"21:45
bratscheIt says I'm subscribed.21:45
bratscheBut it still hates me. :)21:45
mac_vbratsche: hmm... why dont you send the mail to me , i'll forward the mail to the list?21:46
* bratsche tries one more thing.. tests from @gnome.org email since that's my lp ID21:46
bratsche(even though all the email goes to my @canonical.com email address)21:46
bratschehaha.. okay, that worked.21:47
mac_vhehe \o/21:47
bratscheStill, weird that my previous message wasn't in the moderation queue or anything.21:48
bratscheOh well, whatever.21:48
mac_vi think you were receiving the ayatana mail as default from canonical21:48
mac_vbratsche: lol , you sent test!21:50
mac_vi was waiting to read your mail about xsplash21:50
mac_vand all i got was "PLs ignore" lmao21:50
bratschemac_v: I just wanted to see if it would actually send.21:51
bratschemac_v: I sent the real email now.21:51
mac_vi realized that , but i was disappointed initially ;)21:52
* bratsche is such a disappointment21:52
bratscheToo bad this is now arriving several days after the discussion stopped :)21:53
bratscheOh well.21:54
* mac_v wonders why he mistook bratsche was going to send mail about some xsplash solution21:55
mac_vhm... 21:55
bratscheI said it was a notify-osd issue. :)21:55
mac_vah... i misread that line21:56
bratscheNobody wants to talk about xsplash issues anyway.21:56
mac_vwhy not?21:57
bratscheThere's nothing interesting to talk about.21:57
bratscheIn Karmic+1 we will be adding a bootloader to it though.21:57
* mac_v thinks its a nice idea starting the X early and using xsplash , and is interested21:57
mac_vyeah i think that was how mat initially planned it21:58
bratscheThen again.. there's nothing really all that interesting about notify-osd either, but somehow we manage to have long discussions about it. :)21:58
mac_vlol...so true , like for example the latest i-a discussion21:59
bratscheWhat's i-a?21:59
mac_vah! messaging menu21:59
bratscheOh right.22:00
bratscheI'm bad with abbreviations. :)22:00
mac_vhehe , blame tedg for that22:00
bratscheI blame him for as many things as possible ;)22:00
* mac_v waiting to make i-a plugin for xchat22:01
bratscheThat would be useful.22:02
bratscheNext cycle should be fun for theming I think.22:03
bratscheI'm looking forward to that.22:03
mac_vgtk ?22:03
mac_v\o/ thats awesome for me22:03
mac_vmore fun22:03
mac_vbratsche: any insider info about the color? ;)22:04
bratscheWhat color?22:04
mac_vnow we use orange/brown... 22:04
mac_vXP blue22:04
bratscheOh.. no, I don't know about such things.22:04
bratscheMat and Otto would know more about this.22:05
mac_vtry sitting next to them ;p22:05
mac_vmight overhear something ;p22:05
bratscheSadly, I don't work in the office with them.22:05
mac_vyeah , i was just kidding22:05
bratscheThe only insider information I have is that I've been trying to move us over to using rgba windows but there are a few things that still need to be fixed.22:06
bratscheFirefox is one of them, and I'm not very familiar with the Firefox source yet.22:06
mac_vrbga , great22:06
mac_vbratsche: so window border/background opacity , coming soon, \o/ i'v been waiting for that for soo long22:08
bratscheWe'll see.  Hopefully.22:08
mac_vhehe i filed a nautlius bug for that!22:08
bratscheIt's not a Nautilus issue though.22:08
mac_vi wanted them to add support for compositing ;)22:09
bratscheFor some reason when I switch gtk to rgba then Firefox blows up in a very spectacular explosion.  Need to fix that. :/22:10
mac_vbratsche: want a simple fix?22:10
mac_vthrow out firefox ;p22:10
mac_vits getting too sluggish :/22:11
DanRabbitMidori FTW22:11
bratscheWell, I use Chromium these days.. but somehow I don't think this will satisfy Ubuntu users if I say this.22:11
bratscheYes, Midori looks cool.22:11
mac_vhow does chromium work with rbga?22:12
bratscheI haven't actually tested it with the rgba patch.22:12
bratscheI don't have the rgba patch applied to my system right now.22:12
mac_vcool though, sounds Karmic +1 is really going to turn out pretty sharp22:13
DanRabbitmac_v:  actually, maybe we don't need a fork...22:14
* mac_v finds it funny that even though Karmic isnt released , is now looking forward for Karmic+122:15
mac_vDanRabbit: how is that?22:15
DanRabbitwell, it looks fine to me22:15
DanRabbitlet me show you22:15
mac_vyeah me too22:15
DanRabbitlooks great22:17
DanRabbitexcept for the HUGE ugly ethernet thing22:17
DanRabbitwtf is that...22:17
mac_vi think we are missing some symlinks22:18
mac_vhehe , UNR looks cool22:18
bratscheThat's kind of a nice looking theme.22:19
mac_valomst like gome322:19
mac_v\o/ battery shows no blurriness 22:20
DanRabbityea, it looks great22:20
DanRabbitvolume looks good too22:20
DanRabbitI think these icons are like 64px though22:20
mac_vDanRabbit: what was the "uh-oh"22:21
DanRabbitmissing symlinks?22:21
mac_vfound them?22:21
DanRabbitI think I could make a better GTK theme...22:21
DanRabbitno offense to the creator of Dust22:21
* mac_v likes dust sand22:22
DanRabbitBut I mean, because of the way that UNR is22:22
DanRabbitthere are some thing that could be done22:22
mac_vDanRabbit: how could that^ not be an offense to the creator?22:22
DanRabbitfor example, all statusbars could be black22:23
DanRabbithaha, I guess that's true :D22:23
mac_vDanRabbit: the problem why the status bar was not done in black was to prevent conflicts with OOo22:24
DanRabbityou could make an exception for OOo22:24
mac_vthe no , i mean the fonts color needs to be white , so can fonts be changed in OOo?22:25
DanRabbitAlso, the nautilus sidebar could be made to look more like the sidebar thing in netbook launcher..22:25
DanRabbitYou can specify that certain applications use it22:25
DanRabbitmake only nautilus do it, and it won't effect OOo22:25
mac_vbut then the rest of the apps will be affected ;p22:26
mac_vthey will different22:26
DanRabbityea, but it's just an example22:27
DanRabbitmac_v: as soon as I changed GTK themes, the ethernet icon fixed :D22:29
DanRabbitit just needed to be refreshed22:29
mac_vDanRabbit: hehe  , what does the icon belong to humanity?22:29
DanRabbitit's the nice plug icons you did22:29
mac_vno , i meant the previous huge icon22:30
DanRabbitthen I'm not sure I understand the question.22:31
DanRabbitI think it was inherited from another theme, and when I updated to humanity from bzr, I needed to refresh the whole theme to get it to change.22:31
mac_v i cant find the previous ethernet icon , which was being displayed before you refreshed 22:32
DanRabbitYea, I don't know where it was from22:34
mac_vDanRabbit: do you know that the applications menu doesnt show icons!22:39
mac_vin karmic by default22:39
DanRabbitthat seems really dumb22:39
mac_vonly the submenus have icons!22:40
mac_vi thought it is a bug , but it was duped to a master libgnome bug!22:40
mac_vBTW all the buttons/context menu wont have icons by default22:41
DanRabbitthat's interesting..22:45
DanRabbitmac_v: what do you think of Jonian's user icons?22:45
mac_vDanRabbit: is the nm applet animating for you?22:45
* mac_v checks22:46
DanRabbitI don't really see any changes, but the video is pretty choppy in my VM22:46
mac_vDanRabbit: where is it?22:46
DanRabbitin stock22:46
mac_vlooks nice... 22:48
mac_vdont you like it?22:48
DanRabbitI do like it22:49
DanRabbitI think it's a big improvement22:49
mac_vyeah , looks almost real :)22:49
DanRabbitmore of the "Ideal" human shape than it's predecessor22:49
DanRabbityea, I know!22:49
mac_vDanRabbit: i'm dissected it , and notice how simple it seems once done ;p22:52
mac_vsheesh! *i'm dissecting*22:52
DanRabbitmac_v: I think you're right that we need less opacity on the panel icons22:56
DanRabbitmaybe down to 40% instead of 50%22:56
* mac_v using icons already at 40% ;p22:56
mac_vDanRabbit: yeah , since i use the dark panels i could notice the problem22:57
DanRabbitokay, I'm off to work :D23:09

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