ace_suares1########------------ 42.8% 97.9 kBps 370:25 ETA01:48
ace_suares1###########--------- 59.6% 80.6 kBps 314:02 ETA03:13
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HimtunaI am looking for a solution were all lab computers are connected to one server.09:51
Himtunathe data is stored on server but all processing is done on client machine09:51
Himtuna( as college will not spend money on new server)09:51
Himtunaanybody here?09:52
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mhall1191nubae|work: you around today?16:14
ace_suares1LaserJock: where do i report bugs to the installer/dvd ?18:06
Ahmuck-Srhi baby18:36
Babyhi :)18:37
ace_suares1hi all18:37
Ahmuck-Srhiya ace_suares118:37
ace_suares1Ahmuck-Sr: did you test the dvd ?18:37
Ahmuck-Sri kinda like stable systems :)18:38
Ahmuck-Srwhat's on the dvd ? karamic?18:38
ace_suares1yeah the edubuntu version of karmic but i run it in a virtualbox just for testing and helping them18:41
ace_suares1gotta go now sorry!18:41
Ahmuck-Srwill do then18:42
* Ahmuck-Sr listening to good ol bluegrass :)18:42
Ahmuck-Srlink to dvd ?18:43
Ahmuck-Srno torrent ?19:10
mhall1191not that many people would be seeding anyway19:16
LaserJockace_suares1: well, depends on the bug. what happened?19:50
LaserJockwe will *really* need testers between now and the 22nd (Karmic Beta release)19:52
LaserJockwe've missed out on Alphas 1-519:52
Ahmuck-Sr22nd of Sept ?20:13
Ahmuck-SrRelease is as Keramic Beta20:14
Ahmuck-Srit as20:14
ace_suares1LaserJock: still there ?20:28
LaserJockace_suares1: yep20:29
ace_suares1pkay so let me ask you something, I tested the live cd and installed it too in a virtualbox. But there is NO clu as that this is edubuntu.20:29
LaserJockAhmuck-Sr: 22nd is when the Ubuntu Beta will be released20:29
ace_suares1It has the ubuntu logo and there is no spceial edubuntu content20:29
ace_suares1was this intentional?20:29
LaserJockwell, sorta20:29
LaserJockI haven't done much yet, other than create our own seed20:30
ace_suares1okay i understand20:30
ace_suares1so a lot has to be done then ;-)20:30
* LaserJock notes that he has been saying that for months :-)20:30
ace_suares1can you send a mail to edubuntu-users when you re build the dvd ?20:30
ace_suares1i am using zsync now and want to try and keep up to dat. But a full downlaid takes 12 hrs with my speed.20:31
LaserJockace_suares1: the DVD is rebuilt daily automatically20:38
ace_suares1yeah well, if nothing edubuntu specific changed, then why test it?20:38
LaserJockace_suares1: the size of download is one reason why we didn't want to go to DVD, it makes it much harder to do trivial testing20:38
LaserJockwell, I intend to make edubuntu-specific changes20:39
ace_suares1yeah well if you do, can you send a mail? I think you want the logo on the splash screen at least, and also the menu filled with all the edu apps?20:39
LaserJockwell, the logo will probably take the longest20:40
LaserJockbut we need to decide what apps should go in there, etc.20:40
LaserJockright now I believe the edubuntu apps are in, just not in the Live part20:40
ace_suares1hm i wouldnt wait for anyone to decide ;-(20:40
LaserJockwell, I know20:41
ace_suares1well i downloaded yesterday and the menu didn't even have an education entry20:41
LaserJockthe .debs are on there though20:41
LaserJockjust not installed into the live session, I need to figure out how that works20:41
ace_suares1yeah well I assume you want people that download a edbunut dvd not to have to manually install them ????20:41
ace_suares1oh and they ar enot installe dinto the install version too 9i installed FROm the live cd, not from the bootup menu!)20:42
LaserJockwell, no, that's why I said I need to figure out how to get them into the Live session20:45
LaserJockthere's a fair amount of work yet to do, and not a lot of time as this was *supposed* to all be done by August 27th20:46
ace_suares1LaserJock: i don't understand. Okay, they are not IN the live CD; but if you click the INSTALL button on the desktop, then that is the same as installing from the boot menu, or not?20:46
LaserJockno, no20:46
ace_suares1hmm so When I install from the boot menu, then they will be in the menu? Or also not ?20:46
LaserJockI don't think so right now20:47
LaserJockthe way the DVD works is it has the typical Live CD part + tons of .debs20:47
LaserJockthat can be installed later, for people without a lot of bandwidth20:47
ace_suares1ok got you, that's the whole Idea of the dvd isn't it.20:48
LaserJockso for the Ubuntu DVD it's basically Ubuntu Desktop CD + most .debs in Main20:48
LaserJockwell, we're a bit different20:48
LaserJockin that we don't have a Live CD20:48
LaserJockand our contents is quite a bit larger than Ubuntu's20:48
ace_suares1ah really didn't know that20:49
LaserJockso the split between what goes on the Live part of the DVD and what will just be .debs is something that needs to be figured out20:49
ace_suares1okay well i propose to at least fill the education menu. Can't you with tasksel automatically install the edubuntu meta packages?20:50
LaserJockif I was using tasksel yeah :-)20:50
ace_suares1so how can i help20:52
LaserJockmainly in testing I think right now20:52
LaserJocktweaking the seeds takes just a couple minutes for me to do20:53
ace_suares1what's there to test? What can I test? Procedure?20:53
LaserJockbut I often don't have much time to test the result20:53
LaserJockwell, you already did a test for me20:53
LaserJockyou said it was no different20:53
LaserJockso now I'm going back to the seeds to see if I can get the Education menu populated a bit more :-)20:53
ace_suares1yeah so thank me 1000x :-)20:53
ace_suares1okay that would be great! so please send a mail on the list when you done it so i know on which days i have to do the zsync dance whihc is time consuming!20:54
LaserJockok, that sounds reasonable20:54
ace_suares1i am extremely reasonable :-)20:54
LaserJockace_suares1: btw, how long have you been working on the wiki?21:00
LaserJockace_suares1: woah, why are you renaming the meeting logs?21:05
ace_suares1hi LaserJock21:17
ace_suares1stil there i gotta go for an hour21:17
ace_suares1can talk to you later about the wiki21:17
LaserJockace_suares1: yeah, we can talk later21:20
Ahmuck-Sroooh, look that computer has regular internet22:01
Ahmuck-Srwhich one22:02
Ahmuck-Srthat one, with the big blue e22:02
Ahmuck-Srum, why can't i hear sound on this one22:02
Ahmuck-Srwell, how bout this one, it's the server22:02
Ahmuck-Srmy text is to small22:02
Ahmuck-Srover here on the server22:02
Ahmuck-Sroh, let's change the resolution22:02
Ahmuck-Sr[Your video card does not support this driver, would you like to use the proprietary one instead?]22:03
Ahmuck-Srhrm, it was ok before the update22:03
Ahmuck-Srhow did you get to that website ?22:04
Ahmuck-Srum, on this link22:05
Ahmuck-Srgoes back to trying to figure out how22:05
Ahmuck-Srlooks like myspace and facebook is going to be a problem22:32
Ahmuck-Srgaia online, facebook for kids ?22:36
ace_suares1hehe nice 'converstaion' Ahmuck-Sr22:41
ace_suares1sbalneav: ping22:55
LaserJockace_suares1: geeze, you renamed 50+ meeting pages?!23:02
ace_suares1hey that's called WORK :-)23:02
LaserJockbut why did you rename them?23:04
ace_suares1becasue they now are under our own WikiSite.23:04
LaserJockI don't see why they should go under WikiSite, that just makes the URL longer23:04
LaserJockit also breaks any external URLs23:04
ace_suares1okay well maybe you should bring it up next meeting23:05
LaserJockI thought you were using WikiSite for stuff specifically about the wiki, like cleanup and such23:05
ace_suares1I don't mind to make redirects for all pages if it really breaks outside links but I think that those page don't have outside links!23:05
ace_suares1No, wikisite is the new wiki23:05
ace_suares1everything is going to be moved or redirected to that new structure23:06
LaserJockthat seems a bit odd23:06
ace_suares1okay well there a lot of odd things23:06
ace_suares1in last meeting i got the go ahead to do what I think is needed23:06
LaserJockcan't we just take WikiSite out of the URL and get the same effect?23:06
LaserJockit just make everything have a longer URL23:06
ace_suares1this doesn't mean you can't comment on what I do but I'd rather have structural discussions then well you know, vetting over every small thing23:07
ace_suares1I put up a lot of tasks to be vettted nobody paid attention23:07
LaserJockI never saw ( I could have missed it) anything about moving the entire wiki under WikiSite23:07
LaserJockI saw cleanup, etc.23:07
LaserJockwhich is awesome23:08
ace_suares1awesome panda?23:08
ace_suares1say, how ode smeeting records and meeting logs relate?23:08
ace_suares1how ode smeeting = how does meeting23:09
LaserJockwell, we used to just copy-n-paste the IRC log into the meeting logs23:09
LaserJocknow we tend to summarize23:09
LaserJockbut ideally that log namespace should hold the "results" of all our meetings23:10
ace_suares1IF the log namespace should hold the RESULTS what does the RECORDS mean ?23:10
LaserJockhow do you mean?23:22
LaserJockresults seems to me to be more-or-less the same thing as records23:22
LaserJockI think there is an Ubuntu-wide logging service for #ubuntu-meeting23:23
LaserJockso the raw logs aren't as needed as they used to be23:23
LaserJockso we tend to keep summaries, results, tasks/agenda item lists23:23
LaserJockbut the namespace can be generally the same23:23
ace_suares1I read about the ScribesTeam and I will contact them to see if they still summarize meetings. That would eb a good thing.23:26
ace_suares1In /Logs you do find logs, but also fully transcribed meetings.23:27
ace_suares1https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu/WikiSite/Meeting/Logs/2009-08-28 I made this for our 28 aug meeting23:27
ace_suares1LaserJock: are u there?23:31
LaserJockace_suares1: yep23:34
LaserJocksorry, I'm floating between unpacking boxes23:34
ace_suares1So It seems that the meeting RECORDS is just one big file, with a lot of individual meeting LOGS.23:34
ace_suares1I wanted to ask you somethng but I figured it out already.23:34
LaserJockace_suares1: I just thing the Meeting namespace was pretty OK where it was23:35
ace_suares1fine, thank you for youe opinion!23:35
LaserJockthe URLs are quite long as it is23:35
LaserJockace_suares1: for a move that large you might want to email the mailing list first for discussion23:35
ace_suares1yeah sure I'll do that!23:36

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