a|wenshtylman: arora will not be the default browser ... but afaik it will still be in main and on the DVD00:01
shtylmanwhat happened?00:01
a|weniirc we reasoned, that we would probably switch back for kde4.4 = karmic+1 ... and doing settings migration etc. was not really possible, alas. changing the default browser for one cycle was not worth it00:04
shtylmanI see00:05
a|wenthere should be a discussion about it in the mailing list i think00:07
a|wenbut remember, for those who wish arora will be fully supported just like firefox00:08
yuriyhmm good point, it probably shouldn't be00:09
a|wenit needs to be if we want it on the DVD00:10
* a|wen considers filing an FFE for http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/OpenOffice.org+Thumbnail+plugin?content=11086400:46
a|wenany suggestions about a reasonable name? openoffice.org-thumbnail-kde is my best shot for now00:46
jtechidna|windowkde-thumbnailer-openoffice maybe00:48
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a|wenkde-thumbnailer-openoffice sounds like a good name to me00:50
a|wenuploaded to revu if anyone is interested http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kde-thumbnailer-openoffice ... needs to wait for upstream including a license01:20
zoraelThe gtkrc-2.0-kde4 file freshens up gtk apps nicely, but obviously only those run after the script has exported the GTK2_RC_FILES variable. Such apps include IM helpers (in this case, ibus), which seem to be started in Xsession.d/80-imswitch. Any suggestions where I could insert the script to be run earlier in the process, before the helper app starts? Possible to have it be for KDE sessions only?01:55
zoraelThis ibus daemon starts a gtk panel app that looks like dirt, unless I restart it after having logged in. ;/01:57
ScottKSomeone up for some Python?  The Firefox installer isn't going to make it as is:02:05
ScottK<slangasek> ScottK: kubuntu-firefox-installer+ruby - fwiw, I pruned libgettext-ruby from package deps last cycle to keep it out of main, because it has an unreasonable dependency tree that I wasn't about to do MIRs for; I think this ought to be the case again.02:05
ScottK<slangasek> you guys might consider which would be quicker - doing all the MIRs for these packages, or reimplementing that 300-line script in python02:05
* spstarr knows Python but im currently in C++ mode :)02:42
ScottKspstarr: OK.  I'd take a C++ implementation.02:48
ScottKRiddell: ^^02:48
* spstarr hides02:48
spstarrPython is faster ;p02:48
jjessefirst chance to be online after updating my mini 9 runing karmic and i have no mouse or keyboard at the login, any ideads?02:48
nixternalRiddell: I updated the survey to Alpha 5 so we can get the correct responses...forgot you were still using my server for that03:14
nixternaljjesse: my mini 10v is running like a champ ;p03:15
nixternalhey, I worked on docs to, kind of big time, so make sure you bzr pull03:15
jjessenixternal: i can't pull in docs at all because i can't type to login :(03:22
jjessenone of my keys or the mouse now responds after updates and reboot03:23
s8nbow down before me!03:41
jjessewhy now?03:42
s8nI just installed kubuntu net book on my new acer 103:42
s8nit's awesomeness03:42
jjessenice, my kubuntu netbook isn't responding :(03:42
s8nno fun03:43
jjessekyboard and mouse no responding03:43
s8nit tooke me forever to realize that i had to use usb-imagecreator not usb-creator03:43
s8njjesse: on a dell?03:43
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jjessevorian yes my mini 903:44
vorianpfft, sorry to hear that03:44
voriando they work with usb mice/keyboard?03:45
jjessedon't have a usb mouse or keyboard on me03:45
jjesseso no clue what i'm going to do to troubleshoot03:45
jjessebut i gotta finish this stupid status report for work so i can have a fun weekend first ;)03:46
vorianyeah, that is a tough one03:46
vorianok, do that then :P03:46
voriannixternal: i havent been following the recent applications lately, but are we able to apply via mailing list again?  I've noticed a few done via mailing list03:50
nixternalvorian: no, the reason was because we can't get a quorum on IRC because of schedule conflicts, and we were running late on the 4 apps we are processing on IRC..so that is why we are temporarily doing it03:52
jjesseyay status report done :)03:53
jjessewhat are we applying for?03:53
jjessephew keyboard responds in bios so that's good at least03:53
nixternaljjesse: MOTU and Core Dev apps03:54
jjessehrmm once kde comes up keyboard stops responding03:54
vorianah, i see03:54
voriannixternal: now that I live in the mountains, all the times suck :(03:54
nixternalin the mountains?03:55
vorianI live in Idaho now03:55
nixternalwhat happened with the farm store?03:55
jjessewow why there?03:55
jjessenot even ctrl+alt+delete works03:55
nixternalof all the places, you picked Idaho03:55
nixternalIdapimp :p03:55
vorianmy wifes family live here03:55
nixternalwhat are you doing work wise now?03:55
jjessei thought you were a ho?03:56
vorianI work for another retailer now03:56
voriana ho!03:56
voriani suppose 7 utc is like midnight03:56
vorianthat's prolly best03:56
jjessehrmm can i edit my boot so kde doesn't start and if so what do i do?03:57
vorianyou can safe boot03:57
jjessein karmic how do i do that?03:57
vorianhit esc before after bios starts the hard drive scripts03:58
vorianwhere grub would start on a dual boot03:58
jjessehrmm must be booting right past my esc03:58
nixternalif it is grub2, you gotta start hitting escape right away, as there is no 3 second countdown04:01
jjessehrmm held down until the system beep started, maybe i'll just download the new alpha04:02
jjessevorian what did you install?  the daily build or ?04:04
vorianyeah, daily04:05
claydohjjesse: the esc button has to be hit at the right moment, it is pretty aggravating they did that to us :/04:05
jjessei've been trying for 10 minutes04:06
jjesseand cant get it to work right04:06
voriani downloaded it last night, so it should be that same as alpha 504:06
ScottKclaydoh: It's not intended to be like this for the final.04:06
jjessetrying to hit the write sequence is very annyoing04:06
vorianup up down down left right left right b a start04:07
claydohScottK: i know :) but it made it rather difficullt for me as I need to pass acpi=off to grub to get my lappy to boot karmic04:07
claydohat least for the first boot till I edit grub04:08
ScottKYou can set that in the installer, FYI.04:08
claydohare we talking about the netbook version, or karmic in general?04:14
ScottKIn general04:14
ScottKIf you use the advanced option you can specify that option.04:15
claydohI didn't see that option04:15
ScottKI don't have the installer screen in front of me so I can't explain it exactly.04:15
claydoh but cool04:15
claydohin the advanced section near the end, the grub options? where you specify where to install grub to, etc?04:16
ScottKSomething like that04:16
ScottKIt's late and I'm tired04:16
claydohsure is04:17
jjessethat's why i've given up trying to hit esc cause its late04:17
spstarrbuntu pople, what is 'PPA'05:11
spstarrPersonal Package Archives05:12
* spstarr watches Launchpad watch me05:16
spstarridea: maybe KPackageKit can automatically get a custom PPA and update sources.lst if you want newer versions testing?05:19
spstarrheh the newest PPA PA debs fail too05:46
spstarrthat g-d forsaken @$@$@$%#!@$ :)05:46
LureRiddell: how likely is it to get MIR accepted after FF: see bug 42409508:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424095 in kdegraphics "Compile Okular with EPUB support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42409508:21
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a|wenif any other MOTU is around to take a quick glance at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kde-thumbnailer-openoffice to see if it is okay, before i start trying to get an FFE, i would be glad10:40
Quintasanhurr, installed openoffice.org-style-oxygen and I don't have any icons10:52
Quintasannvm, openoffice.org-kde installed10:53
QuintasanJontheEchinda: ping me when you have few minutes to spare10:57
jussi01hrm, is there a kpackage kit equivalent to update manager -c -d ?11:11
javihi, i'm having troubles with knetworkmanager after upgrading plasma-widget-networkmanagement and plasma-widget-network-manager, both are version 0.1~svn1017841. Now knetworkmanager doesn't connect to the wifi lan, has anyone else reported this?11:47
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shtylmanhow come digikam isn't in the default install?15:01
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seeleshtylman: i think at the time of decision it was still beta?19:12
seeleshtylman: also, it's really big19:12
skreechAmarok beta needs testing?20:19
a|wenskreech: it is in the experimental PPA if you want to play with it21:34
JontheEchindaQuintasan: ping21:53
JontheEchindaRiddell: kde bug 202964, has a patch now21:53
ubottuKDE bug 202964 in general "Module fails to initialize in Spanish KDE environment" [Normal,New] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20296421:53
skreechWho owns the experimental ppa?21:58
skreecha|wen: is it a karmic only package?22:02
a|wenJontheEchinda: if you have time, could I have you look thorugh http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kde-thumbnailer-openoffice and see if it looks sane?22:02
a|wenskreech: it's karmic-only afaik ... https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental22:03
JontheEchindaa|wen: I can't testbuild at the moment (in Windows :( ) but I'll take a look at the packaging22:03
skreechAh ok22:03
a|wenJontheEchinda: sorry to hear that :( ... but thanks!22:04
JontheEchindastupid school... XP blows22:04
skreechI ignored school22:05
skreechI think nixternal did the same22:05
skreechI just did everything in Linux anyway22:05
* a|wen has XP at work, and curses it a lot!22:06
JontheEchindaI need Microsoft (tm) Excel and some bullcrap proprietary plugin for it22:06
skreechMy work thankfully tries to get us not to use Windows22:07
a|wenat least my university has a *nix-like system ... huge sun-sparc/Solaris boxes :)22:07
ScottKWhen I get suggested to use IE for work I tell people my company security policy forbids use of Windows.22:08
ScottKYou can't argue against security.22:08
JontheEchindaand of course installing XP on a separate partition nuked grub...22:08
skreechDo you know who is in charge of the experimental packages?22:08
JontheEchindaanybody know how to get grub back on?22:08
ScottKBoot to a live CD and shove it back on somehow, I would imagine.22:09
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto22:10
JontheEchindaoh, neat22:10
JontheEchindaa|wen: konq depends on dolphin, so you could just strip the optional dep down to dolphin22:10
JontheEchindaor konq22:11
skreechScottK: Nice :) I'd like to have that in writing :)22:12
ScottKskreech: I'm the only employee at my company, so I don't get many policy arguments.22:13
JontheEchindaa|wen: also, dunno if it's just Windows/firefox or a combination of the two, but in debian/copyright line 8 looks like: Copyright © 200922:13
a|wenJontheEchinda: still think it makes sense to have the or ... maybe move it to a recommends?22:14
JontheEchindamaybe depend on dolphin, recommend konq22:14
a|wenlooks perfectly fine here on line 8 ... so i blame windows22:14
JontheEchindaa|wen: ok, figured it was something like that22:14
a|wenjup, my thought ... i move konw to recommends22:15
JontheEchindaa|wen: also, I noticed that the plugin is licensed under GPLv3, while the packaging is under v222:17
JontheEchindathe thought is that they want them licensed under the same GPL, when possible. (Or at least that's what I've been told)22:18
a|wenJontheEchinda: the package is under LGPL-3 ... is that appropriate for the packaging?22:18
JontheEchindaa|wen: debian/copyright sez that the packaging is licensed under GPL version 222:19
a|wenJontheEchinda: jup ... but upstream is licenses under LGPL v322:20
JontheEchindayeah, that's fine22:20
a|wenis it okay to use LGPL for the packaging?22:20
JontheEchindahmm, licensing makes my head spin22:20
JontheEchindaScottK: any advice? I hear you're an archive admin these days22:21
a|wenlooks like i should use GPL-3 and not GPL-2 for the packaging ... unless i can just use LGPL-322:27
* a|wen is definitely no expert on licenses22:29
ScottKI usually just say "Licensed under the same terms as $Package" for the packaging.22:46
a|wenScottK: and LGPL is okay for that as well?22:46
ScottKIs the GPL v2 stuff v2 or v2 and later?22:48
a|wenScottK: the package is LGPL v3 ... and i'll make the packaging either LGPL v3 or GPL v3, whatever is appropriate22:49
ScottKLPGL then22:50
ScottKIt's easiest just to make them the same.22:51
a|weni'll do that then, thx for input ScottK22:51
a|wenJontheEchinda: thx for looking through the package22:58
a|wenFFE req. filed as bug 42463623:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424636 in ubuntu "[FFE][needs-packaging] kde-thumbnailer-openoffice" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42463623:05
ScottKvorian: ^^23:08
NamShubis there similar plan to:http://en.opensuse.org/KDE/FirefoxIntegration ?23:33

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