coiletteanybody know why kopete would not be able to establish a connection with yaho servers?00:20
seattlegauchocoilette: yahoo servers made some changes a few months back that created some issues w/ IM clients00:22
seattlegauchopidgin released a patch to solve ... google in case kopete had a similar situation00:22
Dragnslcrcoilette- I don't think Ubuntu backported the fix, so you need KDE 4.3.0 for the fixed version of Kopete00:24
|PaperTiger|What program can I use to unzip .rar files?00:32
coilettei think if you search for one in adept you can find one00:33
coilettedo you have adept?00:34
coilettesearch for zip00:35
|PaperTiger|I've just searched archive and found karchiver00:35
avihay|PaperTiger|: I use winrar. the rar and unrar programs in the repositories faild me more then once00:36
coilettesounds like a winner, now all thats left is to learn to use it00:36
|PaperTiger|That's the problem, lol :P00:36
coilettesimple unzipping cant be too hard to learn00:36
|PaperTiger|Shouldn't be00:37
BluesKajcoilette, in the terminal : unrar e filename.rar00:38
coiletteim not the one looking to unzip/rar00:39
coiletteget all that papertiger?00:40
BluesKajoops , |PaperTiger|  :)00:40
BluesKajshdda scrolled up00:40
BluesKajtime for some tv anyway ... later00:41
coiletteso if i get the bug fixes for jaunty kopete should work?00:41
|PaperTiger|BluesKaj =]00:42
Dragnslcrcoilette- as far as I know, the Yahoo fix wasn't backported to KDE 4.200:43
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coiletteim afraid to get all updates... last install crashed at random00:44
coiletteso just kde update?00:44
DragnslcrFor 9.04, you'd need to install KDE 4.3 from the backports PPA00:48
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coilettehow do i get kopete to connect to yahoo servers01:25
Dragnslcrcoilette- haven't I told you twice already?01:34
coiletteive taken all updates, bug fixes, and security fixes01:35
coiletteupgrades as well, there is nothing left for me to download01:35
coilettefunny thing is it worked fine yesterday, today i had to reinstall because X crashed randomly01:37
coiletteam i missing something Dragonslcr?01:39
bazhangcoilette, backports?01:41
Dragnslcrcoilette- what version of KDE do you have?01:46
coilettehow would i find it?01:46
DragnslcrHelp -> About KDE in pretty much any program01:47
coiletteoic 4.2.201:48
DragnslcrThere ya go01:48
coilettehow do i upgrade to 4.3.1?01:49
coilettei didnt do anything special in my last install and it worked before01:50
bazhangcoilette, the ppa in the link above ?01:50
bazhangcoilette, did you read the link?01:51
coilettei am currently and i dont see a 'ppa'01:51
bazhangUsers of our stable 9.04 release can install it from the Kubuntu Backports PPA.  <---- from the link above01:52
coiletteomg /facepalm i was reading the wrong tab01:53
coiletteso do i add this to my sources?01:54
ritztech package architecture (amd64) does not match system (i38601:58
ritztechwaaaa ....01:58
ritztechi tryed downloadin the NX01:58
ritztechhaha nm but thats weird i didnt download the 64 bit version only the 32 bit so did it put me at 32 bit....02:00
jamesb_First time Kubuntu user here.. How do I get Firefox installed?02:08
coilettedo you have adept installed?02:08
jamesb_I don't know to be honest.. I just finished a fresh install.02:09
coilettewhat version do you have?02:09
coiletteyou dont remember the CD/DVD version?02:11
jamesb_9.04 is what I have ... dvd02:11
coiletteoh same thing i used02:11
avihayjamesb_: In the K-Menu, in the applications tab, click the add/remove software (adept installer)02:12
coiletteyou need to open up the command line client "konsole" and type "sudo apt-get update" and after thats done "sudo apt-get install adept"02:12
coiletteavihay i used the same install DVD and adept doesnt come installed02:13
avihayok.  so why bother with adept? you can jump stright to synaptic02:14
coilettebecause i dont have that either02:14
avihayso install it02:14
coilettewhy would i teach him to do that, if i dont know how to use it?02:15
Dragnslcrjamesb_- K Menu -> System -> Software Management02:15
jamesb_Thanks coilette ... Worked great!02:16
coiletteyup, i take it you dont need help with adept?02:16
Dragnslcrjamesb_- that will open your package manager. From there, you can install "firefox" (which is 3.0) or "firefox-3.5"02:16
jamesb_I'm using adept ... I can't find firefox though.. let me try again..02:17
coiletteyou may also want to visit the preview page with no packages to add.. so you can click "upgrade" jamesb_02:17
DragnslcrAdept probably isn't good for new users, unless the search functionality has been fixed02:17
coilettesearch works for me o.002:17
Dragnslcrjamesb_- if you use KPackageKit instead, the search will probably be easier02:17
DragnslcrLast time I used Adept, you couldn't search by package name02:18
jamesb_Well I searched for "Firefox" and it found "A Web Browser 3.5" ... not sure what that is.02:18
coilettehmm did it ask you to update the package list?02:18
jamesb_Did that automatically02:18
Dragnslcrjamesb_- use KPackageKit instead02:19
coiletteyou type firefox and get nothing in the search?02:19
jamesb_I get Firefox 3.0.13+nobinonly02:20
jamesb_Nothing Firefox specific..02:20
coilettehmm weird, i see Firefox Web Browser02:21
DragnslcrWell, if you need real help, let me know02:21
jamesb_I guess so.. can't find Firefox.. Dragnslcr what do you have for me?02:23
avihaykubuntu's firefox package is firefox 3.0 there are other packages that give you firefox 3.5' like abrowser (firefox without any firefox in it) or ice weasel(totaly firefox brand free) and firefox-3.5 (that gives you a browser named Shiretoko (firfox 3.5's codename) so you can run both it and firefox runing side by side) I find it all confuseing02:24
jamesb_Wow.. any other browser that you would recomment?02:24
avihayjamesb_: the easyest way to install firefox is to run: "sudo apt-get install firefox" . you might want or need to run "sudo apt-get update" before that02:25
avihay*to run -> to run from the terminal02:25
avihaythey are all firefox, or to be more exact , they use 99.9% of firefox or more02:26
jamesb_I see..02:26
jamesb_I need some Linux training.. lol..02:26
Dragnslcrjamesb_- open KPackageKit (K Menu -> System -> Software Management)02:27
DragnslcrIn the search box, type "firefox" and press enter, and you'll get a list of all packages with "firefox" in the name02:28
DragnslcrIf you want Firefox 3.0, install the package called "firefox", and if you want Firefox 3.5, install the package called "firefox-3.5"02:28
DragnslcrAfter you install it, Firefox 3.5 will be called Shiretoko (for reasons that I can try to explain if you really want to know)02:29
jamesb_How do I uninstall? I ran the command avihay gave me to install FF..02:29
avihayreplace the word install with the word uninstall, or use the package manager02:30
avihayuninstall-> remove02:30
DragnslcrIf you want to uninstall a package, click the minus sign on the right side of the package name02:30
DragnslcrThen click the Apply button02:30
jamesb_This is fun.. lol02:32
jamesb_I did notice the update manager says I have 8 software updates.. but I open it and only shows 4 "blocked" updates.. what's that?02:34
DragnslcrYeah, KPackageKit doesn't handle certain updates correctly02:34
DragnslcrAre they kernel updates?02:34
Dragnslcr(one of the packages should be something like linux-image-generic)02:35
jamesb_Oh ok.. Says "linux-headers-generic - (amd64)02:35
jamesb_Dragnslcr: you got it..02:35
DragnslcrYeah, that's my one complaint about KPackageKit02:35
DragnslcrIf you want to install them, open konsole and run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"02:36
jamesb_I installed 3.5 but it still says 3.0.1302:38
DragnslcrWhen you run it?02:39
jamesb_I unsintalled the other.. maybe I didn't uninstall it correctly.. I clicked the "minus"02:39
DragnslcrDid you click the Apply button?02:41
jamesb_Yes... hang on.. let me try something.. I love this!!LoL..02:41
DragnslcrIn the K Menu, Firefox 3.5 is called Shiretoko02:41
jamesb_Ok.. I just removed the other with Synaptic..02:42
jamesb_Ok.. let's try this again.. I see no Firefox installed anywhere..02:43
DragnslcrLooks like it's called Preview Browser in the Internet submenu02:45
jamesb_Where am I installing this from? Which manager? I see several now.. maybe I wasn't paying attention before..02:45
DragnslcrOh, wait, have you not installed it yet?02:46
jamesb_Trying to.. I found it in adeptic.. you said something about not using that though..02:46
jamesb_3.0.13 installed again.. but I didn't install anything .. I uninstalled.. grrr...02:47
DragnslcrI think too many people told you to use too many different package managers02:48
jamesb_Think so?? Still fun though.. lol02:48
DragnslcrI would uninstall Adept, since you don't really need it02:48
DragnslcrStick to KPackageKit for now, since that's the standard for new versions of Kubuntu02:48
jamesb_K.. searched for Firefox.. not found.. omg..02:50
DragnslcrIn KPackageKit?02:50
jamesb_Found some.. I got a few to choose from..02:50
jamesb_I don't see anything about Shiretoko...02:51
DragnslcrThe package name is "firefox-3.5"02:51
jamesb_I installed abrowser.. it also installed a 3.0.13 version of Firefox.. but Abroswer seems to be the 3.502:53
DragnslcrYeah, that isn't what you want02:53
DragnslcrDunno what you searched for to get that to show up02:54
jamesb_So uninstall?02:54
DragnslcrAre you using KPackageKit?02:54
jamesb_Yes.. much easier btw..02:54
DragnslcrIs the dropdown next to the search box set to "Find by name"?02:55
jamesb_Dragnslcr:  yes..02:56
DragnslcrJust type "firefox" into the search box and press enter, and the only packages that should come up will have "firefox" in the package name02:57
DragnslcrNothing about abrowser now?02:58
DragnslcrOkay, good02:59
jamesb_I have a few choices for 3.502:59
DragnslcrYou want the one that's called just "firefox-3.5"02:59
DragnslcrNot -branding or -dev or anything02:59
jamesb_firefox-3.5 - 3.5.2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 (amd64)03:00
DragnslcrThat line will always be "name - version (architecture)"03:00
jamesb_It's installing other packages as "dependencies"...03:00
jamesb_3.0.13 is in that list..03:00
DragnslcrYeah, probably a bunch of GTK stuff03:00
DragnslcrYeah, I dunno why it has the 3.0 package as a dependency03:01
jamesb_I see Shiretoko!!!03:01
jamesb_3.5.2!! Says it's a DEV build.. but looks good to me..03:01
jamesb_Dragnslcr:  thanks a million.... can you help me get flash player installed by chance?03:02
DragnslcrDev build? Weird03:02
DragnslcrPackage you want is flashplugin-installer03:03
Dragnslcr!info flashplugin-installer03:03
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 18 kB, installed size 176 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)03:03
DragnslcrIf it doesn't show up, you might not have the multiverse repository enabled03:04
jamesb_Got it...03:04
DragnslcrSaves me from having to try to explain how to enable the repository03:04
jamesb_Let me test and make sure I got it installed.. lol03:08
jamesb_Works beautifully..03:09
jamesb_Thanks a million Dragnslcr ... anything else you can recommend a first time EVER linux user could read or look at for tips?03:10
DragnslcrMy usual suggestion is to not be afraid to break stuff. Play with things to see what you can do03:11
jamesb_I'm good at that.. lol.. very good at that..03:11
DragnslcrFancy desktop effects are probably a good place to start03:11
DragnslcrCan do a bunch of shiny, useless tricks03:12
jamesb_I have them turned on.. will tweak them in a bit.. see what I can do..  probably disable most of them..03:12
DragnslcrYou can look through the plasma widgets for interesting stuff too03:13
DragnslcrOne thing I have that I like is a panel on the left side of the screen that's set to auto-hide, and I have a Quicklaunch widget and a Quick Access widget to my ~/Desktop directory03:15
jamesb_Looks like I have a lot of tinkering..03:16
DragnslcrYup, there's a lot you can play with03:18
jamesb_I would say so.. gonna shut down and hook my secondary hard drive back up.. get some music going while I play around..03:19
DragnslcrIf you're doing any real work on the system yet, I'd also suggest keeping backups of stuff03:19
DragnslcrWhich is pretty easy to do, especially if you have a second hard drive available to use for it03:20
jamesb_Wonderful.. thanks for all the help Dragnslcr... much appreciated!!03:20
DragnslcrNot a problem03:20
jamesb_I'm back!! LoL..03:30
jamesb_I have a ton of mp3's on a backup drive.. I can't get them to play after pluggin the drive into my SATA port..03:31
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vovacan anybody help with ircd-hybrid7?03:45
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kalpDo i have to reinstall OS if my mother board is replaced?03:50
kalpDo i have to reinstall OS if my mother board is replaced?03:54
white_pelicanI'm getting a strange error message starting tonight in regards to trying to play mp3 files in Amarok, under Jaunty Jackelope. the error message says "Amarok currently cannot play MP3 files." can someone please help?04:03
white_pelicanand yes i already searched on the web04:04
white_pelicanis there some here who can help with my question?04:10
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ManOMilkreinstall amarok04:17
kalpDo i have to reinstall OS if my mother board is replaced?04:22
macokalp: no04:23
macoif youre using onboard graphics and sound, you may have to configure those two, but thats about it04:23
kalpmaco: thanks04:23
macoif theyre graphics and sound cards just plugged into mobo, youre good to go04:23
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trakinascan someone test if amarok can fetch a cover?04:49
Psi-JackI just installed Ubuntu 9.04, added kubuntu-desktop, added KDE 4.3.1, and it's wierd because I started up pidgin, but pidgin isn't leaving a system tray icon to show/hide it.05:01
Psi-JackAhh nevermind.05:02
ZeikHow do i delete an item through the terminal?05:37
trakinasZeik: rm item05:39
trakinasZeik: if it is a direcotry rm -r05:39
Zeiktrakinas: Thank you, i appreciate that.05:40
trakinasyou are welcome05:41
ZeikWould you know how to fix the crash back to the KDM screen upon resolution change in 8.10?05:42
LuisJahow i can uninstall everything related to java in my system?05:45
alexandernstI'm trying to upgrade to amarok2.2 beta1 but I just cant. (I already added the repositories and updated) Whats wrong?05:45
trakinasLuisJa: depends on. JVM you would do: aptitude purge name-of-the-jde (it could be jdk also)05:47
LuisJai wanna uninstall and reinstall java again because i am not able to play runescape in this moment and i wanna see if reinstalling works :)05:47
trakinasyou'd need to know which java packages you have installed. it scapes me the command to list every java package you ahve installed.05:47
LuisJabut what u mean?05:48
trakinasLuisJa: like i said. you have to know which jde you have installed. try: aptitude search jvm05:48
trakinasLuisJa: trying with Java did not display too many results, so you could try05:50
trakinasthe packages you have installed will have an 'i' next to it05:50
LuisJadidnt show anything...05:50
trakinasLuisJa: aptitude search java05:50
trakinasthen, aptitude purge name-of-the-package and after that aptitude install name-of-the-package05:51
trakinasbut to only re-install, dpkg --reconfigure name-of-the-package05:51
alexandernstnm, I think I got it :)05:53
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navetzguys does anyone know how i can get vmware server working with 9.04?06:26
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SilentDisgetting a bit of a weird error.  Kubuntu 9.04, run aptitude update, get this: W: GPG error: http://security.ubuntu.com jaunty-security Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>07:12
SilentDisnot sure how to revoke and refresh that key though07:12
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RYDeNcomo andan?07:40
RYDeNde que pais son?07:41
bazhang!ar | RYDeN07:41
ubottuRYDeN: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe07:41
RYDeNmuchas graciasss!07:42
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vivekhi room08:30
vivekhey,,can anyone help me instaling kismet08:30
javiwhat's the diference between plasma-widget-networkmanagement and plasma-widget-network-manager?08:38
kaddihi, my pc is blocking an update for mplayer. how can I check why it is blocked?08:43
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firsttimeuseriam not able to play any videos from kubuntu mplayer ,vlc or any player crashes with video10:30
firsttimeuserit is a intel motherboard ...10:32
firsttimeuserplease help10:33
lakis1982does anyone use vlc... I ha a problem i cant solve...whenever i open a video, vlc opens in twe seperate windows ... the one window shows the video output and the other window shows the interface of vlc with its controls....  how can i integrate thoses videos so that vlc open in one window and looks like  e.g  Windows media player .....  please help me...10:38
shadeslayerlakis1982: thats a known bug10:40
shadeslayerlakis1982: fixed in karmic10:40
shadeslayerfirsttimeuser_: can you see video?10:40
lakis1982can u send me a link of that bug ???10:40
lakis1982i can see video10:40
firsttimeuser_no icannot see any video10:40
shadeslayerlakis1982: ill have to search for it10:40
firsttimeuser_if i try to open using command line i can here voice10:41
lakis1982but vlc opens 2 windows .. one window is the video output ( xvideo output)   and the other windows is the vlc GUI which shows only the controls.10:41
firsttimeuser_but if i click on file player just closes10:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ihc10:41
leaf-sheeplakis1982: I can confirm that shadeslayer is correct about the split-window bug.10:41
lakis1982so its a problem of ubuntu and not of vlc...10:42
shadeslayer!sound | firsttimeuser_10:42
ubottufirsttimeuser_: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP310:42
firsttimeuser_i can play mp3 ..only video problems10:42
leaf-sheeplakis1982: Jaunty?10:43
lakis1982i have kubuntu jaunty10:43
firsttimeuser_when i googled i heard that there is some new intel video driver added in kubuntu latest version10:43
firsttimeuser_which might be causing the issue10:43
leaf-sheeplakis1982: This is the VLC PPA I'm using.  It'll fix your issue.  http://pastebin.com/f6a572e9f10:43
shadeslayerlakis1982: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113453610:44
lakis1982aa nice.. let me check it10:44
lakis1982leaf sheep .. what should i do with that copy link you sent me.. it contains some repositories ...10:46
shadeslayerlakis1982: add them to your sources10:46
lakis1982and then ?10:46
shadeslayerand then upgrade or install the new vlc10:46
leaf-sheeplakis1982: Add the key. ;o10:46
lakis1982you mean the version 1.0.0 ?10:47
shadeslayerleaf-sheep: is it a upgrade repo? or a new vlc altogether?10:47
leaf-sheepshadeslayer: lakis1982: "gksudo gedit /etc/apt/source10:47
leaf-sheepshadeslayer: 1.0.2~git+20090811-0ubuntu1~kow110:47
shadeslayerprobably a upgrade10:48
leaf-sheeplakis1982: "gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vlc-kow.list" --> Copy everything in the pastebin. "sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 2F021AC1 ; sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude full-upgrade"10:50
leaf-sheeplakis1982: When you're done, do update + full-upgrade again to ensure that everything is not broken.10:51
firsttimeuser_i belive iam facing same proble m http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=117204510:53
firsttimeuser_but there is no solution listed10:54
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firsttimeuser_thanks guys11:02
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amgarchIn9how to downgrade plasma-widget-network* after yesterday's updates?11:28
jawezsalut tout l'monde11:29
ActionParsnipamgarchIn9: you'll need a repo with the older version on. or if you havent cleaned out out you can install the old version using those debs11:30
amgarchIn9ActionParsnip: found them in /var/cache/apt/archives ...11:32
ActionParsnipamgarchIn9: cool, uninstall the new version then install the older one with those debs11:33
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javihi, i can't connect to my wifi lan after upgrading plasma-widget-networmanagement and plasma-widget-network-manager11:44
javianyone else with this problem?11:44
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shadeslayerpepo_: stop!12:08
pepo_i'm tryn12:09
shadeslayerpepo_: why are you flooding the channel?12:09
bazhang!it | pepo_12:09
ubottupepo_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)12:09
bigdrummerDon't now12:10
bigdrummerI tried sommethin out12:10
mblentonHi, I just started Kubuntu 9.04 for the first time (long time suse user). Is there some 9.10 preview version available? thanks12:11
bazhangpepo_, dont paste that here12:12
mmaudermblenton: do you want to upgrade or would you like a live cd?12:12
mblentonmmauder, a live cd...12:12
mmaudermblenton: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2009-September/000612.html12:13
mblentonmmauder, actually, I'm looking for a distribution to switch to from opensuse 10.3, which is now 'end of life', and kubuntu would probably be my choice12:13
mmaudermblenton: this is a direct link to the kubuntu karmic alpha 5 live cds: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/karmic/alpha-5/12:13
mmaudermblenton: see if you like it :)12:14
mblentonmmauder, I see, thanks... so far Kubuntu is winning, but I'll have to wait for opensuse 11.2 too12:14
mmaudermblenton: why do you want to go from an ancient distro to one that's not even out yet though? ;)12:14
mblentonmmauder, I use linux for my everyday business and a stable distribution is a must, but as 10.3 is outdated now I need to upgrade. I'll, of course, upgrade when official release is available12:15
mblentonmmauder, kubuntu will be available during october, opensuse 11.2 during november, so it's time for sneak-previews :-)12:16
mmaudermblenton: don't tell my boss, but I have been using karmic on the job for a month now... no real problems. but stay with released versions to be safe!12:16
mblentonmmauder, of course, that's why I'm on suse 10.3, which is, well, pretty old. however, I still didn't catch all the ubuntu lingo, what's karmic and so on (but I'm a fast learner .-)12:18
mmaudermblenton: karmic is the codename for *buntu 9.1012:19
mmaudermblenton: if you used kde on suse the difference wont be all that great... or was suse 10.3 still using kde-3?12:20
mblentonmmauder, one more question: is it possible to add additional software repositories to a livecd linux? e.g. this kubuntu 9.04 i'm running right now? for example, I'd like to install yakuake but the software installer doesn't find it12:20
mblentonmmauder, 10.3 is still kde 3.5, right12:20
mmaudermblenton: sure, no real difference to a "real" system... the file you want to modify is /etc/apt/sources.list12:21
mmaudermblenton: need help finding a yakuake repository?12:21
mblentonmmauder, one reason why I'm still on 10.3 is that kde 3.5 works really good, and as far as I can see, kde 4.3 is actually the first really really usable edition. (while still missing some nice features from 3.5)12:22
mblentonmmauder, yes, help would be greatly appreciated :-)12:22
mmaudermblenton: you need to modify /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the '#' in front of any line containing "universe"12:23
mmaudermblenton: then run "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get install yakuake"12:24
mmaudermblenton: hope you are not into GUIs too much ;)12:24
mmaudermblenton: but seeing as you want to use yakuake i assume you're comfortable with a cli12:24
mblentonmmauder, well, to be honest... yes, I prefer GUI (what to tell, I'm too old for CLI and kernel recompilations :-)12:24
mmaudermblenton: uhm... well, my turn being honest: I have no idea how to do this a gui way...12:25
mblentonmmauder, but I know how to use CLI of course12:25
mblentonmmauder, there's no vim on this live cd .... hmmmm....12:25
mmaudermblenton: I consider the absence of vim a bug ;)12:26
mblentonmmauder, agreed .-)12:26
mblentonmmauder, well, universe is already uncommented (via gui, obviously). now running install...12:27
mblentonmmauder, not found. hm...12:27
mblentonlet me update first :-)12:27
mmaudermblenton: weird... did you run "apt-get update" after uncommenting the universe12:28
mmaudermblenton: I see ;)12:28
mblentonmmauder, I believe I went through those steps via gui package installer, but maybe it has some issues... update's working now, we'll see12:29
mblentonmmauder, opensuse 11.2 preview live cd is much ritcher on installed software, but as long as ubuntu provides the installations, i'm fine with that. and i guess it does12:30
mmaudermblenton: iirc one of the concepts ubuntu pioneered was _not_ shipping with a load of software by default. so I guess it's a virtue ;)12:31
mblentonmmauder, yakuake is installed! thanks12:31
mmaudermblenton: you are welcome!12:31
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mblentonmmauder, well, that's something probably discussed many many times. I like having it all in one place (the suse way)12:32
mblentonmmauder, but i like how ubuntu has consistent appearance (a nightmare on suse 11.0 and 11.1 with kde3.5 and kde 4.x mix)12:33
mmaudermblenton: yeah thats comfy ;) as you note as long as the packages are there (and the software is free in so many ways) the difference really isnt all that great12:33
mblentonmmauder, agreed12:34
mmaudermblenton: really, what kde3 software are they still shipping?12:34
mblentonmmauder, I believe they used to ship both kde 3.5 and kde 4.x, as kde 4 wasn't prime-time-ready at the time12:35
mblentonmmauder, and additionally, not all kde 3.5 applications were ported to kde 412:35
mmaudermblenton: oh, I missunderstood then. suse 11 is kinda oldish then? ;)12:35
mblentonmmauder, and you had to e.g. adjust fonts in three different control centers (kde 3.5, kde4, gtk).12:36
mblentonsuse 11.0 is pretty old, 11.1 is about a year old, or so12:36
mmaudermblenton: and the difference between 11.0 and 11.1 is of a different nature than that between 11.x and 12.0?12:37
mmaudermblenton: and you thought you came here to _learn_ about a distro, not teach it ;)12:37
mblentonmmauder, 11.2 is in active development right now, don't know about v12. anyway, I'm not sure about their naming politics, but I guess they just pack what's available at the time, maintaining active development and new releases each year or so12:39
mblentonmmauder, e.g. suse 11.1 was announced on dec.18. 2008, and 11.2 will be available on nov.19.2009 or so12:40
mmaudermblenton: I see12:40
mblentonmmauder, opensuse was announced on October 4th, 2007... ugh :-)12:41
mmaudermblenton: i guess version numbers aren't really all that meaningful for a distribution anyway. as it is upstream that really counts12:41
mblentonmmauder, but it's actively maintained, so I have all the recent software, kernels and so12:41
mblentonmmauder, exactly, and now 10.3 repositories are going down and I'd have to upgrade to 11.something (as some core features are changed), but I don't like upgrading the core (x, kde, and so on). I go with fresh install then12:43
mblentonmmauder, another question, please :-) I see that firefox 3.5 is now available after repository updates, but it's not offered as upgrade, at least not in the gui installer. any special reason for that?12:47
mmaudermblenton: is it a separate package from the "normal" firefox maybe? updates are only offered for new version of the same package12:47
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY12:48
bazhangthe explanation is above mblenton12:48
mblentonmmauder, I don't know, I already upgraded ffox 3.0.8 to 3.0.11 automatically, but now I see 3.1.x and 3.5.2... probably from different repositories12:49
Ejdesgaard|hi, how do i enable X11 over tcp in 9.10?12:49
bazhangEjdesgaard|, #ubuntu+1 for karmic support12:49
mblentonthanks, guys, I guess the originating repository is also taken into consideration when looking for upgrades12:49
jonah1980hey guys how do you force a package version from terminal. i have kernel 2.6.28-15-generic. recently an update updated it from 2.6.28-15.49 to .51.  now i just get a blank screen on boot. my machine has to use kernel 2.6.28-15 to work at all due to intel chipset it uses, so i just need to force the package version to .49 like i normally would in synaptic! how can i do this from recovery terminal please help??12:56
bazhangjonah1980, when you say 'package', you mean the kernel?12:58
jonah1980bazhang: yeah i guess so, but the package is 2.6.28-15-generic, but i need to specify the version to downgrade it to .49...13:00
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DT_!virtual machine13:11
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications13:11
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware13:11
DT_okay..not what i'm looking for -_-13:12
mblentonmmauder, yet another question, if possible, please13:12
mmaudermblenton: don't ask to ask :)13:12
mblentonmmauder, ehh... hehe... okay, installing nvidia drivers on a livecd - what to install? and it would problably require the X restart13:14
mblentonmmauder, I run lenovo R61.13:14
mblentonmmauder, i know, a pretty vague question :-)13:15
mmaudermblenton: sorry, I better pass on this one, i'm not using a nvidia card. and I am not sure you can log out from your life session without having the system shut down automatically13:16
mblentonmmauder, yes, that's what bothers me, automatic shutdown13:16
rabidweezlewon't work from a live cd unless you made the live cd yourself13:17
mmaudermblenton: you seem to invest a lot into a very temporary situation. sure you don't wanna try a test installation?13:17
rabidweezlenvidia drivers require a reboot13:17
the_madmanHello everyone.13:17
the_madmanI'm making a KDE development environment, but when I run cmake for kdesupport, it complains that no Soprano backends will be built.13:18
mblentonmmauder, rabidweezle, I'm trying to preserve my existing system. after all, my whole job depends on it.13:18
mblentonmmauder, rabidweezle, thank you both13:18
rabidweezlemblenton: then install on a usb hard drive13:19
rabidweezleand boot off usb13:19
mblentonrabidweezle, good idea! not sure though if I would be able to boot from USB. have to check that13:19
rabidweezlecheck your bios :)13:19
=== morice-net_ is now known as morice-net
the_madmanSo I wondered what is required to compile support for the Soprano back-ends Redland and Sesame2 on Kubuntu...?13:20
khoubeib___hi, do you recommend me to use wicd to manage my network connections ?( i use KDE 4.3.1, jaunty)13:20
the_madmankhoubeib___: In most situations, wicd is fine.13:20
the_madmankhoubeib___: But if you use mobile broadband (I.E. Dongle), use nm-applet.13:21
khoubeib___ok , thank you13:21
the_madmanI never figured out whether wicd supports wireless broadband... if it does, though, I couldn't find out how.13:21
rabidweezlelike cellular?13:22
rabidweezleyou know, like 3g usb adaptors for laptops13:22
the_madmanOh, yes. Those.13:22
the_madmanI couldn't get a dongle working with Wicd the last time I tried.13:23
the_madmanLast note: if you're going to install Wicd, uninstall networkmanager as well. They seem to conflict with each other.13:23
shadowhywindhay all I have a small problem, I can't mute my system13:24
* the_madman waves13:24
rabidweezleshadowhywind: the mixer isn't working at all?13:24
shadowhywindrabidweezle: the mixer sliders are working, the only mute I have is for master, which i set as the master channel. But that mute does not work13:25
the_madmanshadowhywind: Have you tried opening the mixer window and muting PCM as well?13:26
rabidweezlewell, I guess you could always stick in a pair of headphones (I know it sounds lame, and it isn't a fix)13:26
shadowhywindthe_madman: thats the thing, PCM does not have a mute13:26
the_madmanshadowhywind: Huoh. That's not normal.13:26
shadowhywindthe_madman: thats what I thought13:26
shadowhywindeven in alsamixer theres no mute13:27
the_madmanshadowhywind: So to be clear: sliding the volume sliders actually changes the volume, but the mute checkbox doesn't work?13:27
rabidweezlemy wife has the exact opposite happen to her laptop, her's mutes without her asking XD13:27
shadowhywind(I can't even figure out a way to mute/unmute from alsamixer13:27
shadowhywindthe_madman: exactly13:27
shadowhywindrabidweezle: lol13:27
mblentonmmauder, still another question .-) is it possible to upgrade this livecd to kde 4.3? i see only 4.2.2. I don't mind loosing it all after turning it of. this is still just a test13:27
the_madmanshadowhywind: And sliding the master's slider to the bottom doesn't mute either?13:28
shadowhywindrabidweezle: wanna switch laptops!13:28
rabidweezleif yours has an nvidia and a dual core sure XD13:28
shadowhywindthe_madman: well it does a "mute" because theres no volumn, but its not the idle solution13:28
shadowhywindrabidweezle: its 64-bit even! hehe13:28
the_madmanshadowhywind: Yes, I know. I just wondered.13:28
rabidweezleso is hers13:28
mmaudermblenton: try this: http://svenseidel.net/blog/2009/ppa-fur-kde-in-jaunty/ again, requires logging out. not sure thats possible13:29
mmaudermblenton: german, yeah, but the commands at the bottom are what matters :)13:29
the_madmanshadowhywind: What laptop are you using?13:29
mmaudermblenton: http://linuxologist.com/linuxhowto/howto-install-kde-4-3-on-ubuntu-jaunty/13:30
shadowhywindthe_madman: an HP g6013:30
mblentonmmauder, thanks! it seems that I'll have to install it on a usb drive.13:30
mmaudermblenton: I'd advise you to do that :)13:30
rabidweezleI'm using a compaq cq-60 XD, we are like brother laptops XD13:30
shadowhywindthe_madman: a g60t-200 if that helps any (just got the laptop yesterday, and never looked at the model number, i feel so ashamed)13:31
mblentonmmauder, thank you for your help. now it's time to do some biking, the rain just stopped, it would be nicelly wet and muddy hehe13:31
mblentonthank you all, this is one great support channel13:31
rabidweezlenaw, the forums are the greatest XD13:32
rabidweezleI'm heading to bed, be well all13:32
the_madmanshadowhywind: Nice laptop :P13:32
shadowhywindthe_madman: thanks, and i didn't have to pay a penny for it.. hehe13:33
the_madmanshadowhywind: Erm, I really can't think of much to suggest. If it's a new laptop with a new user, then...13:33
shadowhywindthe_madman: i should pop the install cd back in and see if the same thing happens13:33
the_madmanshadowhywind: I suppose you could check against a Gnome Ubuntu LiveCD to see if it's a KDE-specific problem...13:33
the_madmanOr against a Kubuntu LiveCD, yes.13:34
shadowhywindI guess I should be happy that I have sound at least, my old laptop (hp dv6000), I would constantly have problems with the sounds coming out of both headphones and speakers13:34
the_madmanI'm not actually sure, but I think Pulseaudio has caused problems for a few people...13:35
shadowhywindthink if i reconfigured the alsa packages installed that might help?13:35
the_madmanI ran a Gentoo machine before going back to Kubuntu, and Pulseaudio on Kubuntu caused a problem (yes, just 1) where Gentoo with Alsa didn't.13:36
mblentonmmauder, rabidweezle, - logout works, obviously- the system is not restarted. i even restarted X - so it would probably be possible to install nvidia drivers and upgrade KDE while still running livecd13:38
mmaudermblenton: good to know, thanks13:38
mblentonnow it's time to do so hill climbings. cheers13:38
shadowhywindwell this is interesting, I went over to the alsa channel seeing if they had any ideas, to find out that kubuntu says my Processor is "unknown" hehe13:40
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=== ubuntu_ is now known as cuznt
cuzntso instaLLING as kde64 bit what is different? just the graphics or is there other benefits?13:57
jtheuertheretically more speed at the cost of extra pain13:58
cuzntpain? when i was in the marine corps they said pain was good.... but i dont know14:00
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jtheuerif you'd been in the corps then I'd recommend SPARQ or ARM rather then amd64 or i38614:24
jtheuerand the unstable ppa, of course14:25
the_madmanSo for some reason, Strigi won't run in the Desktop Search KCM. Clean Kubuntu install.14:26
the_madmanOK, no, hardly a clean Kubuntu install...14:27
marcoIs Recomended to update from Kde 4.2.4 to Kde 4.3.1?14:27
the_madmanmarco: It's worth it, but also not as well supported.14:27
marcothe_madman so thinking in stability is better kde 4.2.4?14:28
the_madmanmarco: Yes.14:28
the_madmanWhat is required to make Nepomuk/Strigi work in KDE 4.3?14:32
marcowhy when adding google calendar widgets apperas this: Google Calendar Plasma widget14:38
Bouthe_madman : have you activated it in the system settings?14:39
Bouthe_madman: in my case, it was unchecked, so inactive14:39
the_madmanBou: Yes, but Strigi won't start.14:39
the_madmanOne second.14:39
Bouthe_madman: how do you check it's starting or not?14:40
marcowhy when adding google calendar widgets apperas this: could not create a python scriptengine for teh google calendar?14:40
Boumarco: try asking on #plasma14:40
Boumarco: or on #kde14:41
eFeLoNHi all14:41
eFeLoNâñìûñëå ïðèâåò âñåì14:41
the_madmanIt says, "Strigi service failed to initialize, most likely due to an installation problem."14:42
eFeLoN×åì îòëè÷àåòñÿ Êóáóíòó îò Óáóíòó?14:42
kloplopdoes anyone know how to get pidgin's icon in the status bar with the other applications in kubuntu?14:43
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:43
the_madmanAlso, the microblogging widget doesn't show friend's updates in Kubuntu. Did in Gentoo...14:44
Mist_I started krfb that comes with Kubuntu 9.04. Then I connect to the box and all goes fine, but screen seem distorted, nothing happens when I press on things with pointer and so on. What is it I am doing wrong? I am using XTightVNCViewer from another 9.04 box to connect to it btw.14:45
the_madmanAnd the, "configure" button stays around in Kubuntu while it didn't upstream.14:45
Mist_Maybe I should tru some of the other vnc clients in repo.. hmm..?14:47
kaddiif I have a variable $var="3,4" in commandline, how can I split it up to have $var1=3 and $var2=4. Should I use awk or is there an easier way?14:47
bazhangpepo_, dont paste that here14:51
pepo_i search italian server sorry14:51
Mist_KRDC same thing.. view is like segmented and nothing happens when trying to control the remote box.. =/14:52
javianyone having problems with the last update of plasma-widget-networmanagement?14:53
Mist_its like.. remote box refuse me to control it, even if it is told that clients should be... geesh I get so tired of all these small problems all the time with everything almost.. problems that shouldn't be there..14:55
the_madmanjavi: Nope, I removed it an use nm-applet.14:56
the_madmanjavi: ;)14:56
the_madmanjavi: Yes, I think there are problems with plasma-widget-networkmanagement, but remember that it's unstable.14:57
Peace-plasma widget networkstuff is unstable expecially if you have low signals14:57
Peace-it crashes14:57
Peace-instead near the router it works...14:57
guitar431Is there a page what has an history log for security holes of kubuntu?14:58
pepo_ma porco dio il server italiano??15:00
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)15:01
Mist_the_madman: it is a problem with it. Just purge it from the install, and edit the /etc/networking/ config and resolv.conf with dns servers to static network settings. Sad it doesn't work. Such things should be top prio and working 100% when a distro is released ;P15:01
Mist_Note: Kubuntu team doing a good job above that ^^15:02
Mist_What do most of you use as vnc server under kubuntu?15:02
the_madmanMist_: I'm on a laptop and switch between College and home often.15:03
the_madmanMist_: Most of us use a vnc server? O.o15:03
the_madmanMist_: And I'll sympathize: the policykit/kpackagekit integration is just brilliant, and I'm glad the Kubuntu guys did it well.15:04
Mist_Seem the krfb doesn't work as intended for me. Doesn't allow clients to control the remote desktop at all. I told it it should so.. hmm..15:04
divxkubuntu noob here, when I install a new theme from rightclick/apperance/new theme, and when i use it; how come it only changes the color of the taskbar and doesnt get the desired look, any suggestions?15:04
Mist_Maybe I should just go 4vncserver and figure it out how it works etc.. ouff15:05
Mist_the_madman: he he.. was more a question.. if you guys use remote control, what do most of you use :P15:05
the_madmanMist_: :P15:06
the_madmanMist_: I'm evil. :P15:06
Mist_You are Sparta :P15:06
avihay_divx: I've expirienced a similar problem, sometimes my theme doesn't change the right way, specific themes seems to be the problem. I usualy close the settings window and reopen it15:07
s3mp4ckI can't install ati driver on kubuntu 9.0415:08
avihay_Mist_: I prefer to use the x-server x-client architecture15:08
s3mp4ckany help?15:08
Mist_avihay: mm.. sounds like the way I am used to back in the 1999-2001 :)15:08
avihay_but I'm not sure if that is what you want15:08
Mist_Mostly I just want to control the media streams on the machine and ktorrent ;)15:09
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Guest43226is there anyone in here that can help me figure out why my "dd" command gives me an input/output error?15:10
Mist_But atm.. configure the machine from remote instead of sitting bent down at it in a smaller space :)15:10
divxAvihay_: well i was only wondering that getting the same look as depicted in the preview was a bit of a hassle, you see I didnt get the correspoding wallpaper to the theme (which was showed in the preview) with it, also the widgets and synchronization should be done manually..in conclusion, individual settings work best. :|15:10
=== Guest43226 is now known as guesty
=== TaMonKein is now known as TMKCodes
Mist_AH! here we go.. it is the desktop effects that frack me over! they should really put that in the help file for it! geesh!15:12
Mist_Didnt even think of I had it enabled...15:12
divxMist_: i already said i was  a noob, no need for sarcasm mate15:13
Mist_he hee15:15
Mist_I am a noob reloaded these days.. been doing Linux since 1993 and I am like.. like a soap dropping noob bent over it feels like again :P Except for the basic shell stuff :P15:16
divxAh, ofcourse.15:17
divxI started in 2009 so..soap or no soap, im pretty dirty. he15:18
divxhow do i add another irc server on here? o.o15:21
bobbyhello, i am not able to connect to my WEP enabled wifi router using kubuntu 9.04. It keeps prompting for the password. Any workaround for this?15:28
pepo__u can use wicd15:28
avihay_it sounds more like a password in hex vs ascii...15:29
=== noen_ is now known as noen
bobbyavihay_ nope15:41
bobbypepo__ wicd! the default network manger is fail??15:41
bobbyavihay_ it is ascii, and it does not take it15:41
bobbyworks fine in both gnome and vista15:41
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heidiHello,is there one user from germany??16:03
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.16:03
bobbyhello, i am not able to connect to my WEP enabled wifi router using kubuntu 9.04 on my laptop. It keeps prompting for the passphrase(ascii). Any workaround for this?16:04
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DanpizzaCiao a tutti-16:11
lukas___Hi, I have strange problem with my kubuntu installation - it seems that even the start of KDE is terribly slowed - the load shows 19 level, but no CPU heavy application is running. Could anyone help?16:12
daeronhi everyone16:13
lukas___So, my computer is in overload but there seems to be no reason for it16:13
daeroni've got a problem today coz my network manager stops working and i don't know how to rescue it!16:14
daeronit seems not able to connet to my wireless lan16:14
lukas___daeron: I would try to reinstall it, what does it show?16:15
daeroni've done that twice16:15
daeronbyt nothing has changed16:16
bazhangdaeron, can you get to a konsole?16:16
daerondo u want the output of what exctly?16:16
lukas___daeron: have you changed something in /etc/network/ ?16:17
lukas___daeron: I mean by hand16:17
bazhangdaeron, ifconfig16:17
lukas___bazhang: and iwconfig16:17
daeronno, i didn't change anything16:19
bazhangdaeron, do you see eth0 wlan0 and lo there ?16:20
daeronyes i can16:20
bazhangdaeron, is this an encrypted or open wifi spot16:21
daeroni can see all the regular wireless lan i've always seen16:21
daeronit's my private encrypted wi-lan16:21
daeronnow i'm chatting from another pc which use that same wireless lan16:21
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 daeron here is a helpful thread on getting it going manually16:22
lukas___daeron: have you tried to start it manually?16:23
bazhangdaeron, you will need to associate with the hotspot, enter the password, all outlined in the link ^^16:24
daeronthere's another problem16:25
daeroni don't have the system tray icon of knetwork manager, but the ones of gnome!16:25
lukas___daeron: with ifconfig, iwconfig16:26
bazhangdaeron, lets solve one issue at a time please16:26
MilhousePunkrockHello everyone!16:26
MilhousePunkrockIs there a way to make knetworkmanager use another wallet other than the deafault wallet?16:27
lukas___daeron: look, there may be several issues, have you tried to restart NetworkManager or the whole computer?16:28
daeronmany times16:28
lukas___daeron: and how?16:29
lukas___daeron: I mean restarting network16:29
daeron_nothing changed16:29
lukas___daeron: which command have you tried?16:30
daeron_sorry, i'm here now16:30
lukas___daeron_: np16:30
bazhangdaeron_, have you checked the link I gave you?16:30
daeron_yes i'm reading16:30
lukas___bazhang: no, ... wait could you repaste?16:30
lukas___bazhang: ah, sorry16:31
daeron_no, it does it again16:31
daeron_now it seems to work16:31
lukas___I have some problem, I am not able to make my nvidia glx drivers running as jockey allwas gives me critical err16:31
lukas___and module-assistant seems to miss some repositories which is strange16:32
mweJust giving Quassel a test drive16:33
minchecan anyone help me, i can't install amarok 2.216:34
Mamarokminche: 2.2 beta 1 you mean? I didn't even know there was a Jaunty package yet16:35
daeroni can't believe it! everytime wireless doesn't work in a pc, when i turn on the other, then it works!16:35
daeronit's not the first time it happens!16:35
trakinasminche: are you using svn or package?16:35
minche<minche> https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/beta i did all this16:36
minche<minche> and nothing =(16:36
Mamaroktrakinas: Amarok doesn't use SVN anymore since 2 months16:36
trakinasMamarok: let me correct: are you using git?16:36
trakinasnot you, minche.16:36
Mamaroktrakinas: I use git since ages, yes16:37
minchewhat's git?16:37
trakinasthat answers my question16:37
Mamarokminche: what Kubuntu version do you have?16:37
trakinasMamarok: I use both. where I work we use SVN and with my own projects me and my mates we use git.16:37
Mamaroktrakinas: there is no updates on SVN since 2 months, you should abandon that :)16:38
trakinasMamarok: I can't take this decision. Im a mare intern there.16:39
Mamarokminche: I don't think there is a package for Jaunty for Amarok 2.2. beta 116:39
trakinasif that makes sense in english... lol16:39
minche"deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/beta/ubuntu jaunty main16:39
minche" it says jaunty there16:39
trakinasminche: paste bin the errors you are getting.16:39
Mamarokminche: hm, let me have a look16:39
minchethere are no errors16:39
trakinasminche: how so??16:40
minchei just add PPA and do the update, but it still installs amarok 2.016:40
trakinasminche: you have to disable the reps where the official amarok is, I guess.16:41
Mamarokminche: there is a package in the expermintal PPA only, not in the one you are using16:41
mincheand where is that =/16:41
trakinasminche: have you added these sources to you source.list?16:41
Mamarokminche: check here: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa16:42
minchei mean, i added it in software sources O_o16:42
Mamaroktrakinas: he needs the experimental PPA, and this is not exactly recommended btw16:42
Mamarokminche: sorry16:42
Mamarokminche: are you familiar with installations from an experimental PPA? If not, you should wait for Karmic16:43
trakinasMamarok: it is not, but if he wants to... he!16:43
trakinasminche: I agree with Mamork on that16:43
mincheyeah, but i did install from experimental PPA before16:43
mincheand it always worked16:44
mincheand i don't see why it doesnt install amarok 2.1 at least16:44
minchewhich is stable16:44
Mamarokminche: well, maybe it's just not available for your architecture, do you have 32 or 64 bit?16:44
Mamarokminche: 2.1 is in the backports PPA16:44
trakinasI may be wrong, but I think that apt looks first at your stable tree before trying testing/experimental/unstable trees.16:45
Mamarokand 2.1.1, the latest stable is in the regular jaunty-backports repository, not in the PPA16:45
mincheyeah, but it installs 2.016:45
Mamaroktrakinas: no, default is to install the latest available package of the active sources16:45
Mamarokminche: read what I said above, please16:45
trakinasMamarok: even though there are more than one tree avaiable?16:46
Mamarok2.1 is in the backports PPA, 2.1.1 in the regular jaunty-backports repository16:46
mincheyeah, but 2.1 is the latest stable version16:46
mincheshouldn't it install it?16:46
Mamaroktrakinas: unless you change the priorities in the package manager and apt-get settings, the default is the latest package16:46
trakinasMamarok: hmmm... thanks for the info16:46
Mamarokminche: read what I wrote above, please!16:46
Mamarokminche: if you want the latest stable version, you need to activate the jaunt-backports repo first16:47
minchehow do i do that?16:48
trakinasyou add the backport sources to your source.list16:48
Mamarokminche: by adding the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:16:48
Mamarokdeb minche deb http://ch.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ jaunty-backports main restricted universe multiverse16:49
Mamaroksorry, typo: deb http://ch.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ jaunty-backports main restricted universe multiverse16:49
Mamarokwhich is the Swiss mirror, for the main server, jsut remove the ch.16:49
trakinasmine are commented already, so I just need to remove it if I want to.16:50
trakinasminche: and lemme ask you something - can you fecth covers from amazon?16:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lissta16:51
Mamarokminche: if you don't want other packages to be installed from that repository, select amarok to be installed specifically, then disable the repository again16:51
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »16:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about addon16:51
Mamaroktrakinas: Amazon changed the API, the covers are now fetched from last.fm, which should be in git already16:51
Mamaroktrakinas: there is a patch for 2.1.1, but I don't know if it has been applied in the backports yet16:52
trakinasMamarok: thanks!16:53
Mamaroktrakinas: you are welcome :)16:53
trakinasMamarok: which is the latest KDE on the reps? 4.3?16:54
Mamaroktrakinas: 4.3.1, in the backports AFAIK16:55
mincheit installed 2.1 now16:55
Mamarokbackports PPA that is16:55
Mamarokminche: that should read 2.1.1 if it's from the repo I just gave you16:55
mincheyeah, it does16:56
Mamaroktrakinas: seaa also the channel topic :)16:56
Mamarokminche: good, that is the latest stable :)16:56
trakinasMamarok: haha! sorry! =P16:56
Mamarokand 2.2 final will hopefully make it into Karmic :)16:56
trakinasi reported a bug yesterday related to accents on kopete and it was fixed on 4.3 and qt 4.5.216:56
mincheblah, it won't import collection from 1.416:57
Mamarokminche: if you have a default SQLite database in 1.4 it should work without problems16:57
Mamarokminche: else please check on #amarok16:57
minchei think i'll just go back to 1.416:59
mincheand wait for karmic16:59
minchefor help16:59
mincheooh, it works ^^ it crashed but it imported the collection17:00
Mamarokwell I told you so :)17:00
minchenow i just need to find out how to remove duplicates17:01
white_pelicanI'm getting a strange error message starting tonight in regards to trying to play mp3 files in Amarok, under Jaunty Jackelope. the error message says "Amarok currently cannot play MP3 files." I've already checked the web and have found nothing. Can someone please help?17:02
Mamarokwhite_pelican: which Amarok version?17:02
Mamarokoh, I should have read the whole sentence:17:03
Mamarokwhite_pelican: you need to install the codecs, it's in the package libxine1-ffmpeg17:03
white_pelican1.4.10 osing kde 3.5.1017:03
Mamarokwhite_pelican: there is no 3.5 in Jaunty17:03
white_pelicanlet me check on that17:03
white_pelicanactually, there is17:04
white_pelicanit's a special repositiry bulit by timothy pearson17:04
MamarokJunaty ships KDE 4.2.2 by default, you just use Amarok 1.4.10 which uses the KDE3 libs17:04
mincheokay, amarok 2.1 is great17:04
Mamarokwhite_pelican: well, then ask him, we do not support KDE 3.5 in Jaunty17:04
white_pelicanthe codecs you mentioned are already installed17:05
Mamarokwhite_pelican: as I said, you use a non-supported installation, please ask the author17:06
white_pelicanI refuse to be pushed into a DE and apps I simply don't like17:06
Mamarokwhite_pelican: then you should have stayed with Hardy, sorry17:06
white_pelicanperhaps I should have17:06
Mamarokand if you use third-party packages you need to aske the named third-party author17:07
Sqyberwhats the name of task that runs kubuntus "taskbar" ?17:07
white_pelicanok I will do that17:07
MamarokSqyber: the panel?17:07
minchei only have one more question ^^17:08
Mamarok!ask | minche17:08
ubottuminche: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:08
nasrullahhi to all17:08
mincheuh, no, nvm17:08
Mamarok!hi | nasrullah, t-nor17:10
ubottunasrullah, t-nor: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!17:10
t-nori have update package with kde 4.3.1 but i still have kde 4.2 plasma look17:10
nasrullahwhich browser is well compatible on kubuntu ?17:10
Mamarokt-nor: maybe you don't have installed the latest oxygen package then17:10
Mamaroknasrullah: konqueror, firefox, etc.17:10
nasrullahfirefox 3.5 is it ok17:11
Mamaroknasrullah: well, yes, but please install it from the offical repositories17:12
nasrullahmamarok ,thank you17:12
Mamaroknasrullah: you are welcome :)17:13
nasrullahwhat about opera1017:13
Mamaroknasrullah: I don't know if there are already packages available, but it should work, too17:13
nasrullahmamarok ok17:14
Mamaroknasrullah: just checked, it should be available in the non-free section17:14
nasrullahfrom which country are you mamarok17:14
Mamaroknasrullah: I don't think that matters for support :)17:14
nasrullahi will do check17:15
nasrullah i have just turn to kubuntu after my ubuntu desktop collapsed due to karmic..... mamarok17:17
white_pelicanok problem solved17:17
white_pelicanturns out the files are corrupt17:17
white_pelicanit plays regular mp3's just finme17:17
white_pelicanI should have tested that last night17:18
white_pelicanbut I was too tired17:18
white_pelicanI had a hunch the files were corrupt17:18
white_pelicanI guess with amarok 2, it's so different from 1.4 that it would take time to adjust to the new program17:19
white_pelicanthat's the same for kde 417:19
white_pelicanit' just so different17:20
minche"gpg: keyserver timed out"17:25
minchewhat's that?17:25
trakinasminche: it couldn't reach the server with the key to identify the source. nothing that serious17:26
minchecan it work without a key?17:26
trakinasminche: yes. it will just complain that it is not an identified source17:27
Mamarokminche: what gives you that message?17:28
minchethe key for amarok 2.2 key17:28
minchewhat i just said17:28
minchewhen i try to get key for amarok 2.2 PPA17:29
Mamarokah, that's why you can't install it :)17:29
=== jonathan__ is now known as Neremor
Mamarokit will ignore that source unless you have that key installed17:29
mincheyeah, i just realized it17:29
minchebut it always times out =/17:29
Mamarokjust try again, or try getting it from another keyserver17:29
minchewhat are another keyservers?17:30
NeremorI got a new PC today. In the product description was written, that the soundcard supports 5.1 output. Now i try to setup my 5.1 system with pulseaudio.17:30
Mamarokminche: well, you can just get the key from the command line like this:17:30
Mamarokgpg --recv 2836CB0A8AC93F7A17:31
Mamarokwithout specifying the keyserver17:31
Mamarokthen gpg shuld try another one17:31
MamarokNeremor: Kubuntu Jaunty? Then you should avoid Pulseaudio, you don't need this for 5.117:32
Neremorthe Problem is: I have three channels on my soundcard, but not "front" "rear" and "center"... There is a green one for standard output, a blue one for line-in and a orange one for mic-in... My 5.1 system has three cables that i have to connect to my pc. But which cable should i connect to which slot?17:32
NeremorMamarok: Don't i need it for simultanious audio output of two or more sources?17:33
MamarokNeremor: well, read the documentation for your sund system :) I can't tell you from memory which colour does what, and I don't have such a card17:33
minche"gpg: no keyserver known"17:33
MamarokNeremor: no, KDE doesn't use pulseaudio17:33
Neremoryes i know that kubuntu doesn't use it ;)17:34
minche"(use option --keyserver)17:34
Mamarokminche: moment, I tell you another one then17:34
MamarokNeremor: I have simultaneous sound without pulseadio17:34
Neremorthen i will remove it17:34
BluesKajtrying to mount a permanent link to wifes' pc in fstab , so that it automounts when i login . I can access her pc with dolphin/network/wife-pc but I'd like to avoid the username & password dialog popup everytime I need access.I'v tried several tutorials now on this fstab entry but none are working after setting ecerything up and doing the sudo mount -a in the cli , get this , which soesn't make any sense , since I can access thru dolphin or17:35
BluesKajkonqueror :http://www.pastebin.ca/155507517:35
Neremorthen i have to configure alsa to support the 5.1 system?17:35
Mamarokminche: try that: gpg --kyeserver hkp://subkeys.pgp.net --recv 2836CB0A8AC93F7A17:36
MamarokNeremor: no, normally üphonon does that automatically17:36
MamarokBluesKaj: sorry, I never did this :(17:37
Mamarokok, I call it a day, cu later17:38
Neremorbut i don't have 5.1 sound so i don't suppose that it was done automatically ;)17:38
minche"gpg: no ultimately trusted keys found"17:38
Neremoris there a way to re-run this automatic setup?17:38
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LuisJai wanna install jre-6u16-linux-x64.bin18:08
LuisJathan its in my desktop (i already cd to "Escritorio"), whats the command to install it?18:08
* hamit hi all18:29
ubuntu_hi from mexico18:30
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=== hamit is now known as bahtsiz_bedevi
rahman_hi, I use kde 4.3.1 and knetworkmanager. I use 3g modem to connect internet. The problem is I a18:55
rahman_can't use opendns18:56
rahman_as there is no dns config options under network configuration dialog of knetworkmanager18:57
rahman_how can I make networkmanager to use opendns18:57
rahman_any hint?18:57
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »18:58
isaacj87hey can anyone tell me where I can find the kickoff icon found in this pic? --> http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=119577&d=124644121319:11
isaacj87hey can anyone tell me where I can find the kickoff icon found in this pic? --> http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=119577&d=124644121319:15
isaacj87also, does anyone know how to disable the blue shadow on windows?19:15
coiletteAnybody ever played the game where your AI and your trying to take over the world without letting humas know you exist?... whats the name of this game?19:20
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raindogcoilette: Singularity?19:32
coilettebingo.. that sounds familliar!!19:32
coilettethanks much raindog19:33
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genii!it ares_19:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about it ares_19:50
genii!it |ares_19:50
ubottuares_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)19:50
* genii sneaks more coffee in19:50
pmwissehi, I have a problem with the latest openoffice 3.1.1 in kubuntu 9.0419:52
pmwissemailto: hyperlinks do not work19:52
pmwisseis this a known problem?19:53
marcopmwisse upgrade to fedora 1119:53
pmwissemarco: that's a bit much for such a small problem19:53
pmwisseand this is a kubuntu channel?19:53
geniimarco: Thats not constructive advice, and also this IS #kubuntu and not #fedora19:54
pmwissei found someone who had a similar problem19:54
pmwissewith ooo 2.019:54
pmwissehe modified kde-open-url19:54
pmwisseI did this too19:55
pmwissebut it doesn't help19:55
pmwissewww hyperlinks work fin19:55
pmwissebut nothing happens when you click on a mailto url19:55
pmwisseI don't use this often in oowriter19:55
pmwissebut I have an application in oobasic19:56
pmwisseand oobase19:56
pmwissethat uses macros to send mails19:56
pmwisseI dropped the new kde4-support19:57
pmwissebut that makes no difference19:57
geniipmwisse: Filed a bug yet?19:58
pmwissewhere should it go?19:58
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:59
pmwissebug filed20:10
pmwissefor the hint20:11
geniipmwisse: You're welcome20:11
skreechNayone using the New Amarok?20:27
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landyarethhi i need help, im from mexico....20:44
ubuntu_well, i cant see my hd, and so, i can't install20:49
skreechubuntu_: what makes you think that you can't see the hard drive?20:49
ubuntu_i'm using a dapper drake live cd, 'cause is the only one that can boot here20:49
skreechlandyareth: Hello20:50
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skreechlandyareth: what do you need help with?20:50
skreechubuntu_: which ones have you tried?20:50
ubuntu_well, 9.04, 8.10, 8.04..20:50
ubuntu_and 6.0620:50
ubuntu_ah, and 9.10 as welll20:50
skreechubuntu_: Alpha or a daily?20:51
skreechThis doesn't help with the hard drive but what happened when they booted20:52
ubuntu_ive tryied many sata options20:52
ubuntu_like "native ide", "legacy ide", "raid"20:53
ubuntu_on legacy ide it doesn't even boot.20:53
skreechPast the initial menu20:53
shadowhywinddoes anyone know of a way to run a script when the computer mutes/unmutes20:54
skreechlandyareth: Hola20:54
ubuntu_well, it stops right after the initial menu, when its on legacy ide.20:54
skreechubuntu_: ok so back to the hard drive issue. what's your problem?20:57
ubuntu_well, i cant install ubuntu here, 'cause i cant see my hard drive20:57
ubuntu_i'm on a live cd20:58
skreechubuntu_: are you comfortable with the command line?20:58
skreechshadowhywind: I'm assuming a media key?20:59
skreechubuntu_: is there any output from ls /dev/sd* ?20:59
ubuntu_  /dev/sda  /dev/sdb21:00
shadowhywindskreech: yah, I was also hopeing for if I used kmix as well21:00
skreechubuntu_: umm is there anything on the hard drive currently?21:00
shadowhywindskreech: if thats even possible that is21:00
skreechshadowhywind: To do what?21:00
ubuntu_i have two partitions21:01
skreechubuntu_: It's turning up as two drives21:01
ubuntu_one with ubuntu installed via wubi, and my files for backup on the other one21:01
shadowhywindskreech: well I think i can figure out a way to tell the media keys to run a script, its more of, is there a way to run a script with kmix, and media keys?21:02
ubuntu_skreech, how?21:02
skreechshadowhywind: Sure do it in the same script. dbus can control pretyt much all of KDE apps so just throw a dbus command at kmix21:02
skreechubuntu_: I'm trying to figure that out. Is there anythign interesting about hte computer? Old Mac or somethign?21:03
shadowhywindskreech: what I mean is if I used kmix to mute, the script would run, is that possible with dbus?21:03
ubuntu_skreech, as i can see.... i don't understand much... But i recon my two partitions21:03
ubuntu_skreech, it's a regular pc.21:03
skreechshadowhywind: ahhhhm I'd wager yes but ask in #kde that would be a better pool to source from21:04
ubuntu_skreech, it's and amd athlon 64 X221:04
skreechubuntu_: ok What are you trying to do ?21:04
ubuntu_with 1gb21:04
shadowhywindskreech: hehe thanks!21:04
ubuntu_i'm trying to install via live cd21:05
ubuntu_but it hangs on the partition manager21:05
skreechOf course it does. Do you have  RAID setup?21:05
ubuntu_well, it's one of the bios options21:05
ubuntu_it's the one i'm using right now21:06
skreechAre you going to add a new parition or replace the windows partition ?21:06
ubuntu_skreech, it boots with raid and native ide options21:07
ubuntu_replace the windows one.21:07
skreechubuntu_: I know I'm thinking that you may be better served by the boring Alternative CD21:07
ubuntu_uve tryied.21:07
ubuntu_but no success too21:07
skreechBlast :) What happened?21:07
avihaydoes anybody remember how do you start wireshark (etheral) so that it doesn't send your card into promiscious mode?21:07
ubuntu_on alternative cd it says that it can't mount the install cd21:08
ubuntu_on "Detect Cd rom" step21:08
skreechoh Yeah I hated that21:09
skreechYou ca't find the CD drive?21:09
skreechThe CD drive you are currently RUNNING FROM YOU LYIN... ok calm down it's just stupid is all21:09
ubuntu_even on wubi21:09
ubuntu_that's the idea21:09
avihayok, found it, it's -p21:10
Hiistyhi, i startded using back track 4, which is based on kubuntu, i'm not familiar with apt-get, so i'm askin is there a way to just update kde3->kde4 'cos knetworkmanager drops my network whenever i resume from screensaver?21:12
skreechHiisty: Too many naswers to that question21:13
skreechWhat version of kubuntu is backtrack based on?21:14
skreechubuntu_: Ok So you are on dapper. what happens if you try to mount one of the drives?21:14
Hiistyhmm, how can i check that, i think it is 8.0421:14
skreechI don't know how back track is setup21:14
skreech normally I type lsb_release -a on the command line21:15
ubuntu_ok... trying righ now21:15
ubuntu_mount: can't find /dev/sda in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab21:16
Hiistyskreech: it is based on 8.1021:16
skreechubuntu_: mkdir check && sudo mount /dev/sda check21:16
skreechHiisty: That should have kde421:17
ubuntu_mount: No medium found21:17
skreechubuntu_: Wow that's kinda extreme21:18
=== ubuntu_ is now known as yokobr
skreechSame for sdb ?21:20
Hiistyskreech: strange, it is 3.5.1021:22
skreechI think your BIOS raid settings are interfering some how21:22
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto21:22
skreechThat's not helpful21:22
skreechHiisty: that was available as well21:22
skreechWhere are you getting your packages from? From a backtrack repo?21:23
Hiistyskreech: sorry, but how i can check my repos?21:24
yokobri'll try to change it back to native ide option21:25
skreechHiisty: pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list21:26
caseydhow do i update from 4.2.2 to the newest one? .. will update manager do it?21:28
shadeslayercaseyd: /topic21:29
skreechcaseyd: topic or kubuntu.org21:30
caseydi went to the FAQ and such, is the word i'm looking for backports?21:30
shadeslayercaseyd: yep21:31
shadeslayercaseyd: backports are basically packages which will be default in the new release but are also built for the current stable release21:32
shadeslayerspacelime: hi21:32
caseydshadeslayer: so this is not how i upgrade.. is it more simple if I just reinstall from the new cd?21:33
Hiistyskreech: there is just backtracks own repo, and devel-repo which is commented21:34
spacelimekde 3.5 themes are not compatible with kde 4 right?21:34
shadeslayercaseyd: well its a yes and no question,yes youll have the latest packages,but no you wont have the stability of 9.0421:37
shadeslayercaseyd: easies way to get KDE 4.3 on 9.04 is by adding the repo line and doing a dist-upgrade21:38
caseydshadeslayer: I'm pretty sure I have ubuntu 9.04, just not the newest kde..21:38
shadeslayercaseyd: yeah,thats what im telling you,add the repo line and the key and then perform a full upgrade21:39
skreechHiisty: Ok seems to be using their packages21:39
skreechHiisty: Probably better to take it up with them21:39
Hiistyskreech: yes, i think so too, (funny) thing is that they directed me to here, but thanks anyway, i'll try to fix it :)21:41
skreechHiisty: Oh so they don't have an issue with you using KDe4 from Kubuntu?21:42
Hiistyskreech: i'm not sure, i think that there must be good reason that they are using kde321:44
skreechHiisty: It's a known beast. KDE4 was probably quite wild when they shipped21:45
Hiistyskreech: how about now? it is stable?21:45
skreechFor some version of stable.21:46
skreechIt's still not KDE 3 stable and if you are using the same repos that backtrack built from then I'd say it's probably not rock solid there21:46
skreechKDE has made some very large steps for each release of KDE since 4.0 which is both an indication of how well the team works and how much was missing in KDE 4.021:47
skreechKDE 4.1 was acceptable but widely regarded as not "Good"21:47
shadeslayerskreech: also a indication of a better release each time :)21:48
darthanubis KDE4.3.1 is rockk solid21:48
skreechOh no doubt21:48
skreechdarthanubis: I can crash it :-p21:48
skreechbut it's getting much harder :)21:48
darthanubisNepomuk iskinda shady, but who uses that?21:48
* shadeslayer cracks darthanubis KDE 3.1 with a KDE 4.3.1 hammer21:48
* skreech wishes he could say he did :(21:48
shadeslayerahem.... *cough* me21:48
spacelimeyes, KDE is improving rapidly... i really think Canonical should think about promoting Kubuntu more21:49
skreechHiisty: I'd likely stick close to the backtrack folks and see if they would like some help for the next release :-D21:49
skreechMany people think that but until canonical thinks that (And it's not likely they will anytime soon) then it's going to be a community endeavour21:50
spacelimethe only problem i have with KDE is that i'm not really fond of the whole "transparent shiny" business21:50
skreechNew theme! There you go solved21:50
spacelimei really love Gnome-colors icons with human/dust theme21:51
spacelimeskreech: sure... but actually i think it's really hard finding a good one for kde 421:51
spacelimethere was a nice human clone for 3.521:51
skreechYeah I'd watch kde-look or just start dropping hints on some themes that are close :)21:51
darthanubisThe ability to download new everything right from the KDE interface is awesome21:51
darthanubisKwin rocks21:52
darthanubisI don't miss compiz at all21:52
spacelimeno, it's nice to have it all integrated21:52
caseydokay! I think I'm starting to get it. I have 9.04-Januity, and to update to the newest kde I add deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu jaunty main to my /etc/apt/sources.list ... and then type apt-get dist-upgrade in terminal?21:53
skreechMoar Integration!!!21:53
skreechcaseyd: No sudo apt-get update21:53
caseydahh cool21:53
skreechthen sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:53
skreechyou can do it from the GUI as well21:53
spacelimebut when it comes to theming I just think it's way to scattered.... there are so many engines and different places to fiddle to get an integrated look... if I install a theme  i want it to change everything from desktop to window styles at once21:54
skreechThere needs to be a system that does that but that's A lot of work as well21:55
skreechKDE's theming is a little more granular than Gnome's21:55
spacelimesure.... but it would be much easier to make themes if there was some consitency too21:55
spacelimeit would save work in the long run i think21:56
yokobrskreech, finnaly made it22:02
yokobri've returned to "native ide"22:02
skreechWhat changes were made22:02
spacelimethis is the most gorgeous window design I know of.. wish I could get KDE to look like this =) http://www.somgnu.cat/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/88790-2.jpg22:03
skreechthat would help I hope22:03
yokobrthen i've tryied 7.0322:03
yokobrand worked fine22:03
yokobri've also added noapic and acpi=off on boot options, but it has nothing with the hd detection problem22:03
skreechyokobr: ok you are going to update after?22:04
yokobri'll try all distros updates until 9.0422:04
skreechspacelime: That works nicely with that wallpaper22:04
spacelimeskreech: yes for sure...and also the fonts go really well22:05
Dragnslcrspacelime- pretty sure that is KDE22:05
skreechDragnslcr: Oh?22:05
DragnslcrThe window in the back looks like Dolphin22:05
skreechDragnslcr: Open Nautilus and compare22:06
spacelimeDragnslcr: no, it's gnome unfortunately22:06
spacelimewith dust22:06
DragnslcrI've never used Nautilus. Does it use the same program icon as Dolphin?22:06
skreechDragnslcr: Dolphin hasn't picked up a bookmarks menu in all th time that I have known it22:06
skreechDragnslcr: Other way around :)22:06
DragnslcrHeh, gotcha22:07
DragnslcrWell there's no reason that you couldn't make a theme that looks that22:07
skreechspacelime: Ah that's the infamous Dust :)22:07
skreechspacelime: Speak to kwwii about it22:08
spacelimeskreech: yes =) i just lllllllllllllooooooooooooove it22:08
spacelimewho is kwwi?22:08
trakinasdudes and dudettes, can someone explain me why kate is not auto-completing any html code?22:08
spacelimethis is how i like icons to look: http://pillateunlinux.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/82562-1.png22:08
yokobrskreech, i've triyed many distros22:08
yokobrthis is the first one that boots here22:09
yokobrand also installs22:09
trakinasI've activated all the auto-completion stuff on kate's settings, but it still not auto-completing22:09
skreechspacelime: KDE Artist. Currently working on Gnome and likely in charge of the Dust theme. Hired By Canonical to work on Ubuntu22:09
yokobri hate KDE22:09
yokobrGnome FTW!22:09
skreechtrakinas: Ctrl+Space maybe22:10
yokobrtrakinas seems to be brazilian22:10
spacelimeskreech: ok! hope he'll do something about kde as well then =)22:10
trakinasskreech: ermm.... hence why Im asking? control space is not doing anything22:10
trakinasyokobr: you are right22:10
yokobrtrakinas, sabia!22:10
skreechspacelime: Likely not as he's pretty much stopped working on KDE/Kubuntu stuff since he's been hired22:11
skreechBut you could put it on his plate22:11
trakinasyokobr: I could guess the same about you.22:11
spacelimeyokobr: gnome is great... but i sense that they are getting stuck in the mud22:12
sebastianhey i was woundering if theres anyway to install gnome without all the kde programs in it?22:12
yokobrspacelime, i don't care for eyecandy stuff.22:13
yokobrit's waste of resources..22:13
trakinasyokobr: mine has almost no eyecandy. it is all relative.22:14
yokobrgnome is a lil bit stucked.. but it's still safe and faster22:14
sebastianso is there any way?22:14
trakinasI have only the useful stuff activated.22:14
yokobri've  installed kde 4.2, but i wasn't able to disabe all that effects...22:14
trakinasI'm kind of tired of gome. he! so using KDE right now.22:15
yokobrand had no patience for that.22:15
spacelimeyokobr: it's alot more integrated but I think KDE will improve quickly22:15
trakinassebastian: sure. first you install gnome, then  you purge kde and every qt app22:15
trakinasI like both.22:15
yokobrwell, just to begin, i hate that desktop app...22:15
yokobrwhere are the good and old icon style22:15
spacelimeyokobr: you can put icons on the desktop... just need to put them inside a frame22:16
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spacelimeyokobr: i think that's allright... just takes a little while to get used to22:17
trakinasyokobr: you can disable that. I did with mine. I don't like icons on my desktop.22:17
sebastianTrakinas what do u mean by purge?22:17
yokobrhhehehehe... it's like religion discussion22:18
trakinasdear kate, will you auto=complete my codes? please?22:18
yokobrany developer there?22:18
trakinassebastian: aptitude purge blahblahblah22:18
trakinasyokobr: yep22:18
spacelimeyokobr: all good things in this world are pointless =)22:18
trakinasseriously, kate not auto-completing is getting me mad22:19
trakinasspacelime: spect useless discussions22:19
trakinasyokobr: me. trying to make kate auto-complete my codes.22:19
spacelimetrakinas: spect?22:19
yokobrwell, i use linux since 99, but aways developed for windows... I'm starting with linux now, yesterday....with gambas22:19
yokobrany sugestion for, except java?22:20
sebastianTrakinas if i do.. aptitude purge amarok for example will it still be on kde but not gnome?22:20
trakinasspacelime: fixed already: expected. typo.22:20
trakinasyokobr: python. c++.22:21
trakinasgambas is visual basic, right?22:21
trakinassebastian: it will vanish from your app22:21
trakinas*ops, pc22:21
yokobrphyton seems to be very likely c++, or java, right?22:21
spacelimetrakinas: ok! that's what we are here for aint it =)22:21
trakinassebastian: you can edit gnome's menu22:21
trakinasbut your apps are avaiable for every desktop envirionment/wm22:22
sebastianright, that makes me feel stupid haha... thx22:22
yokobrand there's any rad for phyton?22:22
monaxдоброй ночи !22:22
trakinasyokobr: not at all. not in syntaxe, i mean.22:22
monax i'm sori22:22
trakinasbut python is very powerful.22:22
yokobri know that22:22
yokobrfrets on fire is made in phyton \o/22:22
trakinasyokobr: more or less.22:23
yokobrsure it is!22:23
yokobrbut, whatever, there's any RAD for phyton?22:23
trakinasyokobr: you have BoaConstrictor and some other IDEs that integrate wxWidgets, pygtk and other visual tool kits22:24
trakinasyokobr: more or less not about frets, about existing rad ides. =P22:24
spacelimetrakinas: ruby seems really pretty... i'm thinking of trying it out. have you coded in that?22:24
trakinasspacelime: yes. i've played a little with ruby. ruby is good, but Im not a ruby programmer.22:25
trakinasyokobr: I've answered that22:25
spacelimetrakinas: what do you use?22:26
trakinasspacelime: what you mean? I program in python and java.22:26
el_magicohello, someone can say me if, in unix/linux, the file descriptor associato to the keybord is stdin or stdin_fileno? On the manual there is stdin_fileno, but with the function fgets ........I must..... to use stdin..... Help me please, thank you so much22:27
spacelimetrakinas: ok...... i used to code in c++ a few years ago. I've forgotten alot so i'm thinking if i should recap or perhaps just go for another language... python and java are both script based right?22:28
trakinasspacelime: no. java is compiled / bytecode interpreted.22:29
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trakinasyou generate a binary file that is interpreted by the JVM, but it i compiled.22:30
trakinaspython is interpreted22:30
spacelimetrakinas: are you coding applications for KDE?22:30
trakinasif you have experience with C++ you will feel confortable with java22:30
trakinasspacelime: no. I wished i was =(22:31
spacelimeyes i heard they are both object oriented....22:31
trakinasspacelime: if you intend to code for fun, just recap c++ skill - you still have lots of open source projects coded in c++ to contribute22:31
trakinasspacelime: their syntaxe is also very similar.22:32
spacelimei was just thinking about ruby because from what i heard it's very "elegant" and let's you get a good flow22:32
spacelimetrakinas: right.... that's the reason I'm leaning towards c++ again... that's what the majority of KDE is based on right?22:33
bigbrovarhas anyone been able to get the amarok 2.2 beta to install on ubuntu jaunty ? the ppa here for it has some missing deps22:33
trakinasspacelime: ruby is good. have a look on it if you are interested. ;]22:33
trakinasspacelime: I guess so.22:33
spacelimecool... i think i will22:33
big--benhey guys. if i apt-get install apache, how much more will i need to configure if all I want is to be able to host some files in ~/public_html?22:37
trakinasbig--ben: almost nothing22:38
trakinasbig--ben: just the configs for your page, activate de modules you will use, and activate the site.22:38
big--benwill i even need modules and configs?22:39
big--bentrakinas: i really just want to host some pictures and maybe a html page in public_html22:39
big--bentrakinas: will i even need modules and configs?22:39
trakinasbig--ben: you don't need any modules, then. but you need to activate the site and config it.22:40
big--bentrakinas: ok, thx. is there any good howto you can point me to?22:40
trakinasbig--ben: loads of22:40
trakinaslike this one: http://www.debuntu.org/2006/02/22/7-virtual-hosting-using-apache-222:41
big--bentrakinas: thx a lot22:42
harolddongwhat's a good dual-pane, midnight commander style file manager that shows previews? Krusader doesn't seem to do it... or maybe I'm just missing the option22:44
trakinasharolddong: I dont know. sorry! =/22:48
harolddongis mplayerthumbs not working anymore?  It hasnt worked for me since installing kde 4.323:03
Squarc1hi there23:06
Squarc1How to run 'sudo dolphin &' properly?23:06
Squarc1this way, sudo gets to be the new thread, and filling in my password is thus not posible,. plus I got a paused thread that I dont want..23:07
Squarc1so all I want is sudo to create a new proccess: dolphin23:07
Uqbarhello. Some menus in showfoto appear empty - e.g. "color". Is it because of a missing package? (all of showfoto's dependencies are met, though)23:09
Uqbarthe "decorate" and "filter" menus are empty as well23:14
DragnslcrSquarc1- first of all, you need to use kdesudo instead23:18
Squarc1is that so Important?23:19
Squarc1because, when using kdesudo or gksudo, dolphin doesnt work the first 3 times23:19
Squarc1it gives a error that the connection with some KDE socket cannot be made23:19
DragnslcrYes, it is. Otherwise you may run into permissions problems23:19
Squarc1and I cannot browse anything23:19
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why23:19
BluesKajanyone here successfully mount a  windows share with cifs/smbfs at boot up using fstab edits ?23:23
=== mohamed is now known as Guest66565
Squarc1LOL, sorry but; " 3. There are also some graphical applications that simply will not run with the sudo command. Kate, for example, can be run as 'kdesu kate' but cannot be run as 'sudo kate'"... I'm used to run 'sudo kate /path/to/file' all the time, seems to work perfect (exepct for some terminal flooding)23:27
Uqbar(unsurprisingly the same happens in digikam as well as in showfoto)23:28
ubuntu1i need some help with my drivers23:47
ubuntu1any one?23:48
harjot_how would i use ssh to launch applications on the person im sshing?23:57

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