brian__hey i just installed karmic and the update manager says i have 650 updates   but are they updates for karmic or jaunty00:02
brian__is that a dumb question?00:04
BUGabundobrian__: $ lsb_release -a00:04
BUGabundobrian__: and *how* did you install karmic?00:05
brian__thew a usb00:05
brian__alpha 500:05
brian__what was that command for00:06
bazhangbrian__, that shows the version00:06
slayerboyLAPI just did a fresh install of karmic on my system, got past the fsck failure fine, but now I can't get past gdm, it lets me sign in and then kicks me back out and freezes the system00:06
brian__command not found00:06
brian__$ lsb_release -a00:06
bazhanglsb_release -a00:07
BUGabundobrian__: '$' means it to run on a terminal00:07
BUGabundoits very strange that you have ALL those updates00:08
BUGabundobrian__: please pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list00:08
BUGabundo!paste > brian__00:08
brian__i clicked on the back ports00:08
ubottubrian__, please see my private message00:08
BUGabundothere are NO backport at this moment for karmic00:09
BUGabundoeverything is on main or universe00:09
brian__sudo: /etc/apt/sources.list: command not found00:09
maxbThis is really weird. Twice now I've seen fsck complain at bootup that my superblock last write time is in the future, but ~ 1 hour00:09
brian__sorry i figured that was small enough00:09
slayerboyLAPmaxb that's a known bug listed on the karmic testing page00:10
maxb.... there's a karmic testing page....?00:11
slayerboyLAPmaxb http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/ and click on the latest alpha00:11
brian__there ya go00:12
maxbslayerboyLAP: thanks..... though this isn't first boot after install00:13
BUGabundowhy are you sudoing it ???00:14
BUGabundobrian__: everything looks ok00:14
brian__never mind that from befor00:14
BUGabundobrian__: close UM and run: $ sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrdade00:15
brian__i run it and it says  it can only  do a partial update then it shows 535 updated00:15
BUGabundodoes it list 650 updates?00:15
BUGabundobrian__: close UM and run: $ sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrdade00:15
slayerboyLAPare the fgrlx drivers broken in karmic?00:16
brian__ok now what00:16
brian__install  ?00:17
brian__Unknown command "safe-upgrdade"00:17
brian__now its working lol00:19
brian__go figure ha00:19
* arand grinds teetch about the removal of gnome icons.00:20
* BUGabundo follows arand00:22
slayerboyLAPanyone having problems with getting past gdm?00:30
BUGabundosome ppl are00:33
charlie458i tried installing ubuntu 9.10 alpha 5, it gets to the end of the installation, right when it says its configuring grub, then ubiquity crashes, i tried seeing if it installed properly, but no bootloader gets installed00:40
charlie458anyone able to help?00:41
BUGabundohi charlie45800:41
charlie458hello BUGabundo00:41
BUGabundocare to try a daily?00:41
BUGabundo!daily | charlie45800:42
ubottucharlie458: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:42
BUGabundoor try to repair the grub2 from livecd00:42
drs305charlie458: I think you can run through the install, don't format any of the disks and get to the grub install section to reinstall it.  Can anyone confirm this?00:42
charlie458ummm, its sorta complicated BUGabundo since i'm installing alpha 5 from a usb drive, and to put another image on it, i need to be able to use unetbootin on the same usb drive i'm using in live cd now :s00:43
brian__that thing is still unpacking and installing updates00:44
charlie458BUGabundo: in the grub system log it says: chroot: cannot run command `grub': No such file or directory00:46
BUGabundodid you check the MD5 of the usb charlie458?00:46
charlie458BUGabundo: nope00:47
BUGabundoI wonder if you got a bad download or bad image on USB00:47
BUGabundomind rebooting and checking ?00:47
BUGabundoor you can do it from liveusb too, I think00:48
BUGabundoyou can always chroot to the installed system00:48
charlie458BUGabundo: i rebooted and tried the install again, same result, here is another error i found: Sep  4 23:43:26 ubuntu python: InstallStepError: GrubInstaller failed with code 12700:48
BUGabundoupdate it, and install grub from there00:48
charlie458BUGabundo: how do i do that?00:48
=== funkyHat is now known as splatHat
BUGabundothere are a few wiki pages for it00:50
BUGabundojust google around00:50
charlie458BUGabundo: i think i'll just install ubuntu 9.04 or windows 7, if the installer won't work, god knows what else won't work too00:51
BUGabundocharlie458: it's an ALPHA00:52
BUGabundoyou should be ready for problem00:52
BUGabundoif you want a *stable* system stick with jaunty or a LTS00:52
BUGabundoalso check the MD5 or try anyother daily image00:52
charlie458BUGabundo: i wanted to be able to play around with it at least, i've tried many alphas before, always been able to at least install00:53
BUGabundoif you really want to help. please test another image, and pinpoint the problem, and report it on Launchpad00:53
BUGabundocharlie458: it has happened *many* times before to have _broken_ installers00:53
BUGabundoanything can break00:54
BUGabundofrom a simple gksu (it has happened this cycle) to libc600:54
BUGabundoor kernel that corrupt HW (remember the intel e1000e netcards)00:54
charlie458i was thinking of trying debian anyways, a rolling release is kinda nice00:55
BUGabundodebian *is* release based00:57
BUGabundowell you can call sid rolling00:57
BUGabundobut its not the same thing00:57
charlie458BUGabundo: even if i wanted to test a daily image, the only way i have to install it is off a usb drive i'm currently using in livecd00:59
BUGabundoget another :D00:59
bazhangthere is an issue with the latest alpha of netbook remix and unetbootin01:00
charlie458BUGabundo: can i install grub manually?01:02
BUGabundoI think so01:02
BUGabundoassuming you can get packages that actually work01:02
billybigriggerhowdy all01:09
BUGabundohey bbq man01:09
TwigaathyI just installed xbmc and it has made me feel very very stupid. I have no idea how to add my movies, music and TV to it when they are outside ~... :(01:11
keithos-prober doesn't seem to be detecting windows xp properly. Has anyone else had this problem?01:13
BUGabundokeith: charlie458 was having trouble installing grub01:14
BUGabundoand yesterday some one reported probs with prob too01:14
wastrelscim is broken in my koala01:15
wastreldoes your scim work?01:15
keithdoes update-grub re-generate the grub configuration?01:16
billybigriggerkeith, yes01:17
billybigriggeri think there is a bug in A5 in which os-prober doesn't do anything01:17
arandkeith: "man update-grub" ;)01:17
billybigriggerso after a clean install of A5, you need to run update-grub to get your dual/triple boot options01:17
arandThats a pretty bad installer bug to have, even if it's an alpha release.01:19
billybigriggeri haven't done a clean install01:20
billybigriggeri can't confirm01:20
billybigriggerbut i had a couple of people with that problem yesterday01:20
keithyeah, already got it fixed. os-prober random started detecting windows so i ran update-grub01:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:21
keithanyone know how to fix evolution so the memo and task pane doesn't keep getting in my way in calendar view? Don't think this is a karmic01:22
keithbut not sure01:22
lucas__what is the issue on pulse-audio01:31
lucas__can someone tell me01:31
Polt{laptop}ok I finally finished dpkg-reconfigure -a01:31
Polt{laptop}I thought it would be worth it since I upgraded01:31
lucas__what is01:31
Polt{laptop}a bug report tool01:31
lucas__what is the issue on pulse-audio01:32
lucas__this tooll produce a bug01:32
lucas__ubuntu karmic has a problem in sound01:33
BUGabundoPolt{laptop}: took you a while01:33
Polt{laptop}yeah I took my time01:33
Polt{laptop}I went through every option01:33
Polt{laptop}read every question01:33
BUGabundoI gave up01:33
BUGabundolucas__: only one?01:33
BUGabundolucky you01:33
lucas__lots of bugs01:34
lucas__but the most stupid bug01:34
lucas__is in pulse-audio01:34
lucas__because i am listening music01:35
Polt{laptop}really yeah this is getting on my nerves01:35
Polt{laptop}I reconfigured my entire system01:35
lucas__back to jaunty01:35
Polt{laptop}I mean I reconfigured my system to be the way I want it after install01:35
Polt{laptop}I did "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a" in the terminal but that isn't for the feint of heart01:36
Polt{laptop}I do not advise it unless you have hours to set your system up and know what you are doing01:36
lucas__what does it do to my system ?01:36
lucas__actrually my system looks like good01:36
lucas__but i am not glad01:37
Polt{laptop}well it allows you to examine every package that has been installed ... ie> the entire system and every component and set them up01:37
Polt{laptop}and I mean everything01:37
Polt{laptop}fonts in tty01:37
nemoI get back home to an rsyslogd process on my karmic machine that is taking up 100% of CPU01:39
nemoanything anyone here might want from the process?01:39
DanaGOooooooooooooooh, now grub2 has a savedefault!  sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!01:40
DanaGlook at grub2 changelog.01:41
lucas__i must go to bad now01:43
lucas__4 a.m01:44
lucas__by the way i am from Turkey :D01:44
lucas__oh sorry01:44
lucas__i am very sleepy01:44
lucas__bed :D01:45
DanaGheh, handy thing: pidgin's slashexec plugin.  lets me do this:01:45
DanaGFri Sep  4 17:45:26 PDT 200901:45
BUGabundoand that is ?01:45
Polt{laptop}I really don't understand this problem with pulseaudio01:45
lucas__whaere is it01:45
Polt{laptop}I mean I REALLY don't understand it01:45
lucas__as if alsa restarts itself again again again01:46
Polt{laptop}yes lucas__ exactly01:46
Polt{laptop}I can play music in root01:46
Polt{laptop}not in any other account01:47
Polt{laptop}I had it working earlier actually but ...01:47
Polt{laptop}now it does not01:47
Polt{laptop}it wants to just keep restarting01:47
BiosElementPolt{laptop}, I'm not sure I follow your question but have you tried dumping your PA and Gnome Sound settings? I had to do that a day or so ago and it's working fine.01:47
Polt{laptop}how do I dump the gnome sound settings01:48
Polt{laptop}I know about dumping pulse's settings01:48
lucas__what is "dumping"01:48
lucas__i am insane01:48
Polt{laptop}like make a backup etc01:48
lucas__because i am listening dream theater01:49
Polt{laptop}but move them01:49
lucas__i love01:49
lucas__and sound stops01:49
BiosElementPolt{laptop}, When I was fixing them I also removed ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/sound/ and it seemes to work fine.01:49
Polt{laptop}lucas__ nothing wrong with Dream Theater ... good band01:49
lucas__Polt{laptop},  you listen black clouıds and silver linings01:49
lucas__i removed01:50
lucas__i will remove i wonder01:50
DanaGweird, the saved_entry versus prev_saved_entry logic seems backwards to me.01:52
Polt{laptop}ok BiosElement I am trying your suggestion01:53
Polt{laptop}something similar worked for me earlier but then I started having problems with sound01:53
lucas__nothing changed01:53
BiosElementPolt{laptop}, Aight. Hope it works, May be just a useless config but either that folder or /.pulse got things working again for me.01:53
Polt{laptop}isn't fixing mine01:54
Polt{laptop}I could try logging out and logging back in but ...01:54
Polt{laptop}this is really getting annoying01:54
BiosElementPolt{laptop}, True it is. But that's why it's alpha. >.>01:55
lucas__i wrote something to msn01:56
lucas__when i click enter01:56
lucas__sonds bother me01:56
lucas__that is shit01:56
Picilucas__: Please mind your language here01:57
Milos_SDThey say xsplash is there to replace usplash... So why is usplash still there when booting Koala? :S01:58
Milos_SDThat "fancy" animation is only showed before gdm starts, and before desktop...01:58
Milos_SDisn't it supposed to be all the way when booting?01:59
Milos_SDfrom grub to gdm? :S01:59
brian__hey im running the karmic gnome version and its pretty stable but i dont notice much of a differance between this and jaunty01:59
brian__should i just go back to jaunty or is the alpha 5 stable enough01:59
Milos_SDbrian__, if you use karmic right now, you have alpha 502:00
BiosElementbrian__, If it's mission critical, jaunty.02:00
Milos_SDthere is no need to install again when new alpha comes out02:00
brian__so if i keep karmic  ill still be able to do mostly everything from befor02:01
billybigriggerbrian__, there have been little to no changes in appearance yet02:01
billybigriggerbrian__, all karmic changes are pretty much under the hood02:01
billybigriggertake a look at the release notes02:01
billybigriggerTONS of changes :)02:01
Milos_SDcan someone answer my question now? :D02:02
brian__ya i did im just stuck here with a fresh isntall and am wo ndering  if i should go back now or stick it out02:02
billybigriggerstick it out02:02
lucas__f.ck alsa02:02
brian__live on the edge02:02
lucas__f.ck pulse audio02:02
Milos_SDwhy canonical promote that xsplash to be a new boot up screen to replace usplash, when karmic still use old Jaunty usplash?02:02
BiosElementMilos_SD, Probably because they're not finished yet?02:03
blackest_knightagreed pulse sucks02:03
brian__ya thats one thing the volume on my panel crashes alot02:03
billybigriggerxslpash has only been implemented for a few weeks02:04
Milos_SDBiosElement, Karmic HAS that xsplash animation, but in all the wrong time :)02:04
BiosElementMilos_SD, I know, notice the animation's bugged? Thus, they're still working on it. >.>02:04
Milos_SDand on a wrong places...02:04
billybigriggerhehe give it time, geez people are so impatient :)02:04
Milos_SDso, it doesn't do what it is supposed to do? :)02:05
BUGabundo!language lucas__02:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:06
BUGabundo!language | lucas__02:06
ubottulucas__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:06
Milos_SDI realy hope they will change that... if it stays like it is in alpha 5, then... well, they can remove xsplash... I see it just as any other splash screen between gdm and gnome :D02:06
lucas__so sorry02:06
* arand wishes they'd have torrents for dailies as well02:07
blackest_knightbrian__:  i think pulse crashes and takes the volume with it but it restarts every 1/2 second anyway02:07
Milos_SDand community wanted Canonical to remove GDM->Gnome splash screen :D02:07
BUGabundo  02:07
BUGabundo+  * Users in some timezones will find that their filesystems must be checked (fsck) immediately after install due to a bug in the installer's clock handling.  Investigation of this issue is ongoing, and we expect it will be resolved in Alpha 6. (Bug:423247)02:07
* DanaG uses PulseAudio.... it rocks when it works properly, but yeah, it can be a pain to debug.02:08
brian__but there doesnt seem to be any really big problem or anythin runs pretty good so far02:09
blackest_knightDanaG:  I spent a week wrestling it into submission only thing that worked was ripping pulse out and two tv cards02:10
billybigriggerwhat ever happened to 20s boots?02:10
billybigriggergrub to usable desktop in like 1m25s02:10
arandbillybigrigger: 10s, and that's karmic+102:10
drs305billybigrigger: It's about 40 secs for me billybigrigger .02:11
billybigriggerjaunty+1 was supposed to have the boot process sped up02:11
BUGabundobillybigrigger: post bootcharts for us to see02:11
billybigriggeri love how things change so much from A1 to final02:11
blackest_knightits about 45 minutes as it fscks itself after a crash...02:12
arandbillybigrigger: and I have a feeling that it might be similar to the new theme feature (current +1)02:12
Polt{laptop}I managed to get audio working02:13
billybigriggerarand, say what?02:14
Polt{laptop}however totem isn't working right yet02:14
billybigriggerBUGabundo, haha it's a pretty ugly bootchart02:14
BUGabundogrrr stupid google bug02:15
nzmmanyone know if pyclutter 1 will make karmic.  I cannot find any info on this topic... just an idle bug report02:16
arandbillybigrigger: the ETA for it will always be "lsb_devrelease+1" ;)02:16
Polt{laptop}ok this is what I notice02:16
billybigriggerarand, oh for a new theme hahah yeah i know what you mean02:16
billybigriggerdid anyone notice any new artwork for the FirstArtworkDrop02:16
Polt{laptop}the default sound theme for Karmic Koala sounds weird compared to the other sound themes02:16
billybigriggerthat never seemed to happen? hehe02:16
BUGabundobillybigrigger: found the stupidest google bug ever: if you set your email client with Case Sensitive email address, gmail will change the outgoing email02:16
Polt{laptop}also I notice that totem does not want to play audio02:16
Polt{laptop}it gives a pa audio error02:17
Polt{laptop}other audio players play audio02:17
billybigriggerPolt{laptop}, $ killall pulseaudio02:17
billybigriggerwhile in the dev cycle you might want to keybind that command :)02:17
wastrelthere are case sensitive email addresses?02:18
wastrelemail addresses are case insensitive, that's the standard02:18
wastrelor so i've always understood02:18
Polt{laptop}ok and here is the other thing02:19
Polt{laptop}if you mess with the volume of the mic02:19
Polt{laptop}it will crash the sound applet02:19
Polt{laptop}and then you have to delete your pulse audio settings02:19
billybigriggerPolt{laptop}, fire up a bug report02:19
Polt{laptop}which package would be responsible ?02:21
arandWherever did sound theme config hide now?02:22
Polt{laptop}rhythmbox works02:23
Polt{laptop}arand in system > sound I believe02:23
Polt{laptop}or preferences > sound02:23
Polt{laptop}audio quality is good02:23
Polt{laptop}it is just that totem isn't working for me02:23
Polt{laptop}although rebooting may fix that02:23
BUGabundowastrel: not to google apparently http://getsatisfaction.com/google/topics/gmail_is_replacing_outgoing_email_address_when_using_casesensitive_froms02:24
Polt{laptop}luckily everything else works for me02:24
Polt{laptop}totem is the only problem right now02:24
Polt{laptop}ok so test run of rhythmbox is complete02:25
wastrelso apparently the local part of an email address is potentially case sensitive02:25
Polt{laptop}next I need to test my nvidia chipset with grub2 again02:25
wastreli always thought it was case-insensitive per rfc.02:25
arandPolt{laptop}: hm, the only thing that can be configured there is the alert sound.02:25
wastrelhowever it's discouraged02:25
wastrelper wiki anyway02:25
Polt{laptop}if it does not boot then I need to remove grub2 and resort to the earlier grub somehow02:25
Polt{laptop}arand actually ...02:26
wastrel"The local-part is case sensitive, so "jsmith@example.com" and "JSmith@example.com" may be delivered to different people. This practice is discouraged by RFC 5321."02:26
Polt{laptop}no I fixed my sound config02:26
Polt{laptop}it works for me now02:26
Polt{laptop}totem is the only thing I can't get working right now02:26
BUGabundowastrel: feel free to state that on my bug :D02:26
Polt{laptop}totem and I can't use grub2 on my machine02:26
Polt{laptop}I need the original grub back02:26
brian__my audio keeps crashing02:27
brian__in gnome-volume controll02:28
arandPolt{laptop}: actually... what?02:28
brian__libpulse-mainloop-glib0, libpulse02:28
Polt{laptop}arand I fixed my sound preferences02:30
Polt{laptop}that is what I said up there02:30
Polt{laptop}this is what you need to do arand02:30
Polt{laptop}logout of Gnome or KDE02:30
Polt{laptop}go into TTY mode02:30
Polt{laptop}you need to delete everything in ~/.pulse02:30
Polt{laptop}there will be another folder in ~/.pulse called pulse.new02:31
Polt{laptop}delete that also02:31
Polt{laptop}it requires you to be root to delete it02:31
Polt{laptop}so do that02:31
Polt{laptop}and then go into ~/.gconf02:31
Polt{laptop}actually you want to look for ~/.gconf/desktop/sounds I believe02:32
Polt{laptop}and delete that02:32
arandPolt{laptop}: oh, I wasn't talking about that, I was looking for where the sound theme configs was... but I guess I'll copy this to a useful doc somewhere ;)02:32
billybigriggermouse just died02:32
billybigriggerman i hate batteries02:33
Polt{laptop}the folder I meant to say a moment ago was ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/sound/02:34
Polt{laptop}that folder and ~./pulse/pulse.new02:34
Polt{laptop}and delete everything in ~/.pulse also02:35
Polt{laptop}~/.pulse/pulse.new is what I meant to type above also02:35
Polt{laptop}delete your sound settings from there and log back into Gnome or KDE02:35
Polt{laptop}well really Gnome02:35
Polt{laptop}since this doesn't apply to KDE02:35
Polt{laptop}because of the Gnome settings02:35
Polt{laptop}but you see what I mean anyway02:36
Polt{laptop}ok now I have a new issue02:37
Polt{laptop}I need to resort back to the old Grub02:37
Polt{laptop}I have an old Jaunty CD02:37
blackest_knighteasy method uninstall pulse and lurk in here till its workin ;)02:37
Polt{laptop}blackest_knight I fixed my pulse02:38
Polt{laptop}I just can't get totem playing yet02:38
Polt{laptop}what worked for me will probably work for you because you had similar problems02:38
Polt{laptop}same errors02:38
blackest_knightthe dont adjust your mike volume02:38
reggieP123hey folks how do you change gdm theme in karmic02:38
Polt{laptop}that is what I learned02:38
Polt{laptop}if you adjust the mic volume it will break02:38
Polt{laptop}it works alright anyway though02:39
BiosElementPolt{laptop}, totem doesn't work here either but exaile does. VLC sorta/kinda works.02:39
Polt{laptop}even if you don't adjust it the mic volume is set alright02:39
Polt{laptop}vlc worked for me, exailes, xmms, rhythmbox02:39
Polt{laptop}and Gnome sounds work for me02:39
Polt{laptop}sound themes02:39
* BUGabundo mv /home/bugabundo /media/bed02:39
blackest_knightif you want to record with karmic its not going to be good then if you can't adjust settings02:39
reggieP123does anyone know if there is a tool to change the gdm theme in Karmic02:40
Polt{laptop}true blackest_knight02:40
Polt{laptop}keep in mind though this is only Alpha 502:40
Polt{laptop}Karmic has made alot of progress today from what I can see02:40
Polt{laptop}fixed an important audio bug pretty much02:40
blackest_knightPolt{laptop}: you know audacity is broken too?02:40
Polt{laptop}I haven't tried it but ...02:40
reggieP123I agree but it is still plagued with bugs so not sure why they would only have one beta02:40
Polt{laptop}I would imagine if my other audio is working it might work02:41
Polt{laptop}I just know that totem isn't working02:41
Polt{laptop}it may work after rebooting though02:41
blackest_knightit records a second or less and stops02:41
reggieP123totem does work but it sometimes will not close at end of video02:41
blackest_knightbut lenny 1.3.5.x works well02:41
reggieP123so anyone have any ideas on gdm theme02:41
Dr_WillisreggieP123:  ive not seen a tool to do that yet.02:42
reggieP123ahh ok is there a manual method then?02:42
Dr_WillisreggieP123:  and ivbe not been able to track down the gdm config where the settin USED to be in older releases02:42
Polt{laptop}I must uninstall grub202:42
Dr_WillisreggieP123:  so far ive not found any way to change the theme02:42
reggieP123I thought it was just me not being able to find it02:42
reggieP123well thank you for the help02:43
Dr_Willisand the gdm config tool - has been cut down to the minimal features..02:43
Dr_Willisso minimal its basically useless02:43
BiosElementDr_Willis, Probably part of the "letting users change anything short of compiling is bad!" bug that's being added. >.> No doubt it'll eventually be 'fixed'.02:44
Dr_WillisBiosElement:  right after they add the screensaver config options02:44
reggieP123well thanx for the help02:44
Dr_Willisgoogle is our friend02:45
Dr_Willisis an unstable version that still is heavily under development and still lacks a graphical configuration dialog.02:45
reggieP123screensaver seems to be broken as well02:45
reggieP123i get a gnome screen saver error everyso often02:45
Dr_WillisThe default configuration values used by GDM is located in the XML file named ‘/etc/gdm/gdm.schema’. The documentation does however state that any changes to the default values should be made to the ‘/ect/gdm/custom.conf’ file, which is in keyfile format.02:45
Dr_WillisHmm.. i see a gdm.schemas  :)02:46
thiebaudeDr_Willis: hi02:46
Dr_Willisand i did look in that file.. but was looking for the old config.02:46
Dr_WillisHowdy thiebaude02:46
thiebaudeDr_Willis: do you have any good web links for me to learn everything about ubuntu?02:48
Dr_WillisLooks like the gdm login is not the 'finam version;'02:48
Dr_Willisthiebaude:  'everything' -> google.com :)02:48
thiebaudehaha, yea02:48
Dr_Williscare to be more specific aboyut your needs?02:48
thiebaudeDr_Willis: when i help people at #ubuntu i want to answer the questions more02:49
Dr_Willisthats not being very specific :)02:50
Dr_WillisGood of you..  to want to help.. but... :)02:50
Dr_WillisAlways good to become a bash expert. :) lots of  learning there.02:50
Polt{laptop}one good thing is GDM is responding well right now02:51
Polt{laptop}and I found the manual for how to revert back to legacy grub02:51
Polt{laptop}and one way or another I will do it02:51
thiebaudethe new log in looks real good02:51
Polt{laptop}even if I have to install it off of the old Jaunty CD02:51
reggieP123what about grub when will grub get a nice splash like all other major distros02:52
_Hicham_i have no sound on karmic alpha 502:52
reggieP123no way what hardware are you running02:53
_Hicham_HDA Intel ALC88002:55
reggieP123on a laptop?02:55
_Hicham_I was trying to fix it, but only got events sound02:55
_Hicham_no sound in players02:56
_Hicham_yes, on a laptop02:56
reggieP123ahh I have the same hardware on an hp dv7 and sound is working just fine02:56
reggieP123have you checked to see if anything is muted02:56
_Hicham_everything is at its maximum02:57
_Hicham_as I told you, events sounds are working02:57
reggieP123hey what are you doing in cooker02:57
_Hicham_reggieP123 : cooker ?02:58
reggieP123yea just saw you logging in over in mandriva-cooker ahh nevermind02:58
reggieP123have you tried restarting the sound server02:59
_Hicham_i deleted ~/.pulse02:59
_Hicham_nothing changed02:59
_Hicham_same behavior02:59
reggieP123humm not sure then this should be elevated to someone else02:59
_Hicham_plus, when I do aplay -l03:00
_Hicham_I got no devices03:00
_Hicham_but if i do as root03:00
_Hicham_i got the devices03:00
reggieP123ahh do you have permissions to play with sound and devices03:00
_Hicham_so I do "sudo chmod 777 /dev/snd/*"03:01
_Hicham_and alsamixer works03:01
reggieP123might want to head to users and groups and check on permissions noticed they had a category for sound03:01
_Hicham_is there a sound group ?03:01
reggieP123i believe there is03:01
_Hicham_thanks reggieP123, I will try that03:03
blue0488 is ubuntu 9.10 going to have all the sensors for usus p6t deluxe and the i7 and nvidia 285 gtx?03:08
Dr_WillisI doubt if anyone in here would know  the answer to such an exacting question blue0488   - theres also going to be more updates/tweaks   befor final releae.. so the best answer woule be get a live cd and test it and see.03:09
alteregoablue: lmsensors?03:12
Polt{laptop}hey if I have my menu.lst file in /boot/grub/menu.lst how would I use grub to install that file ? My partition is on /dev/sda and it is hd003:21
* arand just noticed that the kernel and initrd are in /boot hmm.. I knew I shouldn't have renamed it.03:21
Dr_Willistheres the grub-setup command.. or was it setup-grub03:21
Polt{laptop}I don't have that Dr_Willis I am not using grub203:22
Polt{laptop}I resorted to using legacy grub03:22
Polt{laptop}grub2 didn't work for me03:22
Dr_Willisthat was the grub legacy command.03:22
NafaiI'm trying out Karmic on a machine and I'm having wireless issues, it looks like either my driver or wpasupplicant.  Any hints on how to track down what's going on?03:23
Polt{laptop}I don't have grub-setup03:23
arandPolt{laptop}: you want to install to mbr?03:26
Polt{laptop}I think I did it03:26
Polt{laptop}let me check03:26
Polt{laptop}I will reboot the other machine03:26
Polt{laptop}I found grub-install03:27
Polt{laptop}I did sudo grub-install hd003:27
Polt{laptop}it should work now I would think03:28
Polt{laptop}it found the menu.lst03:28
Polt{laptop}ah ok03:31
Polt{laptop}I did it right03:31
Polt{laptop}I need to check the top kernel parameter03:31
Polt{laptop}for some reason it isn't booting up on it03:31
Polt{laptop}the latest kernel03:31
Polt{laptop}is the last kernel compatible with the old grub ?03:31
Polt{laptop}the only thing I need to do now is get that latest kernel working with this version of grub03:36
retqcan I just copy over my /var/cache/apt/archive/ if I reinstall over the same sys instead of redownloading ?03:36
retqI wouldn't want to mess up my repository03:39
Dr_Willisits just the download/cache area shouldent affect anything03:41
Dr_Willisbe sure to NOT delete any directories by mistake03:42
Dr_WillisI recall some issues withpeopel who accidenteled some sub dirs in  those dirs03:42
retqDr_Willis, I'm not that retarded ;)03:46
retqDr_Willis, if I copy this, and "sudo apt-get update" it should look through the cache first, shouldn't it?03:46
retqer, "sudo apt-get upgrade"03:46
retqOr, do I have to update, before upgrading for it to look through the cache?03:47
retqhaha nvm03:49
retq5 minutes ago my update size was 120 mb now its' 2mb03:49
DanaGI always get "Downloaded 50 KB of ...."03:55
DanaGI always get "Downloaded 55 KB of ...."03:55
DanaG....  -- what?03:55
DanaGIt gets cut off.03:55
NafaiThis wireless stuff is very frustrating03:59
Dr_Willisthats a whole lot of work retq did to save 100mb of downloading04:00
bjsniderNafai, what wireless chip?05:09
mattikHello. How to fix grub2 when using Wubi for installing. I think I can't use livecd?05:37
mattikI don't remember my identify password, but I hope you understand this :)05:38
MewtwoI'm still having the same issue as from Kubuntu 9.04 - Can't seem to connect to WEP encrypted wireless points.06:12
MewtwoI heard something about another wireless manager in 9.10, though06:12
DanaGSeen on a magazine cover:06:39
DanaGThat .... group of words .... is so badly broken, it's incomprehensible.06:39
DanaGyeah, that's random and off-topic, but it amused me.06:39
buckythat's funny06:40
=== richardcavell_ is now known as richardcavell
ubottuUbuntu bug 392039 in fglrx-installer "initramfs scripts hard-coded to load i915; blocks loading fglrx" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:58
DanaGooh, new fglrx!06:58
DKcrosshello friends:p07:10
DKcrossscizzo-,  morning man07:15
DKcrosshere is midnigth07:15
buckythis is fun if you like python-gtk and glade... apt-cache show quickly07:27
rsouthardanyone getting a pulse audio crash?07:29
vigoI forgot my launchpad login stuff, do I need this for the Ubu One stuff?07:29
vigoI guess I do, thank you.07:31
DKcrossxsplash  will be in karmic release?07:32
buckyit is already apt-cache search xsplash07:34
vigoDKcross: It is already accepted: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/karmic-changes/2009-August/006049.html07:34
Dr_Willisxplash is in karmic right now...07:57
Dr_Willisand everyone seesm to hate it. :)07:57
vigoDr_Willis: Is that the GUI screen after boot?08:00
Dr_Willisgdm does some little xsplash eye candy after you login and befor the Dektop shows up08:07
Dr_Willisand again after you log out befor the pc powers off.08:07
Dr_WillisId rather see more effort put into other things.. then splash screens. :) but i guess ya gotta have eye candy08:08
vigoIs it a longer process than 9,04? (I have not stopwatched it) yet....08:17
Dr_Willis9.10 boots much faster for me then .4 did08:18
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jack_X still doesn't start after I upgraded to karmic :(09:05
Dr_WillisHmm.. what video card?09:07
jack_nvidia fx 520009:07
Dr_Willisodd.. normally nvidia works quite well09:08
jack_there are very many errors in .xsession-error.. :|09:08
alteregoawhy is samba so damn slow on ext3 partitions?09:29
Dr_Willisnever noticed..09:32
alteregoai think it has something to do how samba and ext3 interact with the saving process09:32
Dr_Willisuse ext4?09:32
alteregoai notice it on my gigabit network09:32
alteregoanow i changed everything to ext4 and writespeeds are much faster, 30 percent faster09:32
Dr_Willisjust wait for ext5!09:33
alteregoano its really faster it was 50MB/s before adn now its 85MB/s09:34
mac_valteregoa: you should see the delete speeds , just secs! \o/09:45
richardcavellMay I ask, have they worked out the sound bugs on Karmic yet?09:52
richardcavelland are notifications in the top right corner where they belong?09:52
mac_vrichardcavell: you can install karmic again ;p , notifications came back up the next day you uninstalled karmic09:52
richardcavellI filed a bug and was told that it's a feature, not a bug09:53
mac_vrichardcavell: guess you scared the the hell out of them ;)09:53
richardcavelland about 20 people commented on my bug pleading for the notifications to be moved09:53
scizzo- richardcavell my notifications are correctly placed now09:54
mac_vrichardcavell: on the other hand there was another bug , which was asking for middle placement ;p09:54
scizzo-richardcavell: haven't had any sound problems recently either09:54
richardcavellmac_v: it should be configurable09:54
richardcavellthe sound problems were annoying09:54
mac_vnow both can have their pie , it is having support to have both places09:54
=== jussi01 is now known as _
mac_v_ weird nic ;)09:55
=== _ is now known as jussi01
shadeslayeris compositing in KDE working for everyone?10:19
shadeslayeralpha 5 upgrades broke them here10:19
shadeslayerapparently xorg is not configured properly 0.o10:22
shadeslayervigo: idk... was a new xserver released?10:23
vigolooking now10:23
shadeslayermore upgrades.... wheee!!10:25
vigoThere is an article on the ati, 9.04 and 9.10 on launchpad.10:27
vigoshadeslayer: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-driver-ati/+question/8071510:27
shadeslayeri have a nvidia.... with beta drivers10:27
vigooh, nevermind10:28
vigolet me look some more10:28
eagles0513875can anyone tell me on a duel boot system besides the mbr where can i put grub 210:30
eagles0513875cuz im having issues installing it10:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dual10:32
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:32
shadeslayereagles0513875: downloaded the software,thanks for the torrent ;)10:33
eagles0513875no problem m810:33
eagles0513875saw your message on mac channel10:33
eagles0513875and thanks for that link10:33
eagles0513875didnt know there were instructions specifically for osx10:33
vigoLooks like y'all solved it10:35
shadeslayervigo: nope10:35
shadeslayervigo: ill do the fix x dance and rebuild the nvidia module10:35
vigodangit, shadeslayer closest I can find in docs is for 8.1010:36
shadeslayervigo: apparently something chaneged my xorg.conf.....10:36
vigoshadeslayer: recent update?10:38
shadeslayervigo: yeah...10:38
shadeslayervigo: i upgraded from alpha 4 to alpha 510:39
vigoWell that is the nature of Alpha.10:39
aboSamoortrying to watch movies is really hard according to problem with the audio.10:43
aboSamoorthe sound works for 3-4 seconds then stops then continue again.10:43
lucas__any improvement on pulse audio10:43
lucas__this is really annoying10:44
eagles0513875shadeslayer: does this apply to karmic as well10:44
shadeslayereagles0513875: good question.....10:44
eagles0513875cuz all that link does is tell me what works what doesnt10:44
eagles0513875and how ot install it10:44
eagles0513875not how to install the os and where to put grub10:44
shadeslayerwell since grub 2 is in effect.... i have no idea10:44
aboSamoorI am not sure how to describe the problem correctly, I am using the ubuntu audio dev ppa10:45
shadeslayeraboSamoor: i have phonon and its slick10:46
eagles0513875grub 2 doesnt seem to work wheter i put it on the /dev/sda or even the / partition10:46
aboSamoorshadeslayer: I am using gnome and vlc10:46
shadeslayereagles0513875: i think grub install has to be run on the HD itself... not a single partition10:47
eagles0513875ok time to reformat my bootcamp partition and try the regular install cd10:48
eagles0513875the alternate10:48
lucas__someone there11:02
lucas__i have a seriou s problem on pulse audio11:02
Boohbahdon't we all?11:03
mac_vlucas__: Boohbah: what is the problem11:04
lucas__alsa restarts itself again again11:05
lucas__sound stop11:05
lucas__imeediately break11:05
lucas__sounds deteriote11:06
lucas__and system produce bug on puölse audio11:06
lucas__i hope i can tell what i mean11:06
mac_vlucas__: dont use mulitple lines , type the whole problem in one line!11:06
mac_vlucas__: its not clear how your problem arises... when do you notice problems? on startup? playing audio/video?11:08
mac_v* its not clear, from your description , how your problem arises11:09
lucas__i am listenin music and music stops then system produce a bug on pulse-audio. Alsa restarts itself again and again. When i click report problem. I took a message apport does not support11:09
mac_vah , sound crashes... hm11:10
lucas__it happened in one minute again again11:10
mac_vlucas__: does your bug apport report ask you options? send 1 complete report or 2 reduced report ?11:12
lucas__actually i click report the problem11:12
lucas__and it said this cannot be reported11:13
mac_vhmm , ok11:13
lucas__because of assortion ffailure11:13
lucas__and appot doesnt support this issue11:13
lucas__sorry i forgat one line :D11:13
mac_vlucas__: can you see the bug report in /var/crash/ ?11:13
lucas__just a second11:14
alteregoahow can i run cvlc as a daemon?11:14
lucas__this file is so long11:15
lucas__tihs may take a minut11:15
mac_vlucas__: huh? wait11:15
mac_vlucas__: what do you mean file is long?11:15
lucas__1742 line11:15
mac_vyou dont need to show me ;)11:16
mac_vlucas__: its there right... ok11:16
alteregoaman cvlc11:16
mac_vlucas__: what is the name of the report ? copy paste the name here11:16
iswanto_hi, where is karmic koala boot topic ?11:17
mac_viswanto_: boot topic? artwork or about grub?11:18
lucas__okey i pasted a web site11:19
mac_viswanto_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Boot11:19
lucas__i dont understand11:20
Trewaswasn't improving booting speed one of the targets in karmic? at 52s (from grub to gdm) and years longer than in jaunty that target seems to be forgotten11:20
mac_vlucas__: what is the file name of the crash report11:20
mac_vTrewas: 10sec is the target for karmic+1 and somewhere inbetween is the target for karmic11:21
mac_vlucas__: now from terminal type this command > $ubuntu-bug _usr_bin_pulseaudio.1000.crash11:21
mac_v $ubuntu-bug _usr_bin_pulseaudio.1000.crash11:22
lucas__mac_v,  here it is http://paste.org/pastebin/view/1026111:22
Trewasmac_v: I mainly wondered why it is so much slower to boot than jaunty, maybe I should check with bootchart WTF it is doing11:22
mac_vlucas__: see if that command gives you the same problem11:22
mac_vTrewas: thats odd , for me 30sec shorter that jaunty \o/11:22
mac_vdid you upgrade?11:23
Trewasupgrade, not a new install, so fragmentation might explain some of it11:23
mac_voh oops! lucas__ wait!11:23
mac_v$ubuntu-bug /var/crash/_usr_bin_pulseaudio.1000.crash11:24
lucas__mac_v, The problem cannot be reported:11:24
lucas__The program crashed on an assertion failure, but the message could not be retrieved. Apport does not support reporting these crashes11:24
lucas__that is the message i took11:24
mac_vlucas__: ah , that is an apport bug , i cant seem to find the bug , it not a pulse audio bug11:24
mac_vthe pulse audio crash you face is separate11:24
mac_vlucas__: pulseaudio is set to automatically restart11:25
lucas__apport bug yesterday i ask what is apport and someone said apport was a bug tool11:25
lucas__no problm on pulse audio ?11:25
lucas__i have nine files actually beside pulse audio crash file11:26
mac_vlucas__: the pulseaudio crash is separate from apport crash11:26
olegbhumhum, gconfd-2 is loving teh CPU11:26
lucas__i understood11:26
lucas__how can i fix apport crash11:26
mac_vlucas__: wait for a fix ;)11:27
ActionParsnipcould try reinstalling it11:27
mac_vyeah , try what ActionParsnip said, reinstall apport ,see if it solves ,11:27
mac_vbut actually shouldnt matter ;p11:27
ActionParsnipit fixed the apturl bug ;)11:28
mac_vActionParsnip: that was separate bug , that was an upgrade bug11:28
mac_vthis is a bug *in* apport11:28
lucas___usr_bin_gdebi-gtk.1000.crash _usr_bin_luvcview.0.crash _usr_bin_moovida.1000.crash _usr_bin_nautilus.1000.crash _usr_bin_pulseaudio.1000.crash _usr_bin_seahorse-agent.1000.crash _usr_bin_totem.1000.crash _usr_bin_update-manager.0.crash _usr_bin_yelp.1000.crash _usr_lib_firefox-3.5.2_firefox.1000.crash _usr_sbin_console-kit-daemon.0.crash _usr_sbin_cupsd.0.crash _usr_sbin_update-apt-xapian-index.0.crash11:29
lucas__i have also bug report on that package11:29
ActionParsnipmac_v: i see11:29
mac_vlucas__: search launchpad for the apport bug and report the problem, there is not much we can do about apport11:29
mac_vlucas__: does the pulse audio cause problems still?11:29
lucas__it just starts11:31
mac_vlucas__: do you want prevent pulseaudio from restarting , temporarily until pulse audio i fixed?11:32
ActionParsnipcould switch to alsa11:32
mac_vlucas__:  first lets try this> $ gstreamer-properties11:33
mac_vchange the plugin to ALSA , if that solves your problems , good11:36
Trewasit seems that actual booting is not that slow, but starting X and gdm takes ages... I thought that with xsplash it should happen early in the boot, but I guess not11:41
Dr_WillisHmm.. bootings real fast here...11:42
lucas__mac_v,  just a second11:45
mac_vTrewas: xsplash is supposed to start earlier and mask usplash , but still hasnt been implemented :(11:45
Dr_Willishmm.. xplash was working here.. till i disabled it..11:46
Trewas61s boot (grub to gdm) and bootchart stops at 37s11:46
mac_vDr_Willis: that was usplash you see , the xsplash is the one with the wallpaper11:47
Dr_Williserr.. it was xspash i was seeing.. because when i removed xsplash it vanished. :)11:47
mac_vDr_Willis: hm... the old jaunty style splash right?11:48
lucas__mac_v,  must i choose OSS driver11:48
Dr_WillisNo  a little line bar/throbber11:48
lucas__it is already alsa11:48
mac_vlucas__: the ALSA11:48
lucas__default input is ALSA11:48
mac_vlucas__: then change to autodetect11:48
lucas__default output auto detect11:48
mac_vlucas__: change default output to ALSA11:49
lucas__nu auto detect option i have custom option11:49
mac_vlucas__: if no plugin solves it , then you will have to live with no sound until it is fixed by the devs11:50
lucas__i guess pidgin causes the sound problem11:59
lucas__pidgin detariote sound when i wrote or took a message11:59
mac_v$ echo autospawn = no|tee ~/.pulse/client.conf11:59
mac_v$ killall pulseaudio11:59
mac_vthat will prevent sound from restarting^12:00
lucas__will i listen song ?12:00
mac_vnope, if you want sound again you have to restart pulse audio12:00
mac_v$ echo autospawn = yes|tee ~/.pulse/client.conf12:01
mac_vlucas__: this is just a temp fix , till it is fixed by the devs , you *must* report the bug12:02
shadeslayerhehe : http://pastebin.ca/155481512:06
nonix4Where can I rtfm how to make network bootable Karmic image on a Jaunty server?12:15
Boohbahnonix4: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot12:18
eagles0513875karmic is broken12:27
eagles0513875on duel booting on macbook pro's12:27
shadeslayereagles0513875: alternate cd too? wow....12:42
eagles0513875cant get grub installed12:42
eagles0513875ill just go back to jaunty12:42
Ejdesgaard|hi, how do i enable X11 tcp in 9.10 kubuntu?12:50
BoohbahEjdesgaard|: do you mean X11 SSH forwarding?12:51
cortex|skEjdesgaard|: i think it's enabled by default12:52
Dr_Willisthat would be in the /etc/ssh/* configs if they are not enabled by default..12:52
Boohbah'X11Forwarding yes' in /etc/ssh/sshd_config12:52
Boohbahshould be enabled by default12:52
Dr_Willisbut SSH is not installed by default12:52
=== netecho_ is now known as netecho
mattikHello. Is there any solution about "syntax error" when trying to load grub 2. I'm using wubi, so I'm not sure can I use livecd. I'm using latest alpha and Windows XP.13:05
Dr_WillisWubi is scary. :)13:06
mattikI don't trust grub2 :) I have installed Windows because of that too many times13:06
Dr_WillisI dont trust Wubi.. actually i dont trust windows either....13:07
Dr_Willisbut i got my windows install on its own hd and linux on its own.. i can alwyas pick what HD to boot via the bios.13:07
Dr_WillisMixxing Grub2 and Wubi - is like mixxing Nitro and Gunpowder...13:07
mattikaha :)13:07
Dr_WillisId much rther see them remove wubi and reccomend testing ubuntu in virtualbox.13:08
mattikCan I use older grub with karmic?13:08
Dr_WillisYou can use the older grub. Ive heard of people doing it in here.13:08
Dr_Willisthose that upgrade  from older release will continue useing older grub.13:08
Dr_WillisOnly clean installs will use grub213:08
mattikok. Thank you.13:09
mattikSo if I install to own partition how can I select grub instaed of grub 2? Alternate cd or?13:14
ActionParsnipmattik: i'd install as normal, then install grub and remove grub213:15
mattikok. thank you. so you did it with live cd because kubuntu didn't boot?13:16
ActionParsnipmattik: yes you can do it that way13:17
mattikthanks :)13:17
subcheeis here anybody using the Karmic branch with Atheros wifi card? :)13:26
ActionParsnipsubchee: me13:27
subcheewhat driver do you use for it? ath5k or madwifi?13:27
subcheesorry, the first question should be this: what is the type of your Atheros card?13:28
ActionParsnipsubchee: AR5001X+13:29
ActionParsnipsubchee: works out of the box13:29
subcheemine is AR500113:29
ActionParsnipsubchee: i use ath5k13:29
subcheethis is not working with ath5k :(13:30
subcheewith madwifi I can turn it on, but can not connect to my wifi router13:30
eagles0513875hey ActionParsnip13:31
ActionParsnipsubchee: it worked out of the box for me. ive not had to touch it13:32
subcheeis there any difference beetween the networking subsystem which is used by Ubuntu and which is used by Kubuntu?13:33
ActionParsnipsubchee: no, its only the DE and WM that is diferent afaik13:34
subcheethank you13:35
subcheeso I asked it because I'm using Kubuntu Karmic now and trying to configure my Atheros card on it13:35
beirutyFirefox 3.5 does not render correctly the all-new yahoo mail13:36
beirutyicons do not show correctly13:36
beirutynext to each folder, there is an icon that does look right as if it was not completly rendered13:38
beirutyanyone is here?13:40
ActionParsnipbeiruty: does it render ok in 3.0?13:41
ActionParsnipbeiruty: tried a different browser?13:41
beirutyI had the same thing each time I installed a new distro13:41
ActionParsnipbeiruty: midori or opera13:41
beirutywhich one should I try13:42
ActionParsnipbeiruty: try one of those, if its still bad then its a sucky site13:42
ActionParsnipbeiruty: any13:42
beirutyBTW, I copied widows profile to linux13:42
ActionParsnipbeiruty: just make sure the one you try isnt geko based, avoid the likes of swiftfox, kasenchaze etc13:42
ActionParsnipbeiruty: did you chown the folder?13:43
ActionParsnipbeiruty: the settings may not work with Linux13:43
beirutywhat do you me13:43
ActionParsnipbeiruty: try renaming ~/.mozilla and retry the browser, see if its any better13:43
beirutyone sec13:44
beirutylet me try13:44
ActionParsnipbeiruty: kasenchaze and swiftfox are mozilla based so testing with them isnt any different as it  uses the same rendering engine13:44
beirutyActionParsnip: Yeah I installed opera and GREAT Yahoo mail renders perfectly13:58
Haeginhi, are there any known bugs relating to copying large amounts of data over the network causing a crash in ubuntu-server on karmic\13:58
beirutyit seems firefox 3.5 suks on unbuntu13:58
ActionParsnipbeiruty: did you try renaming ~/.mozilla13:59
ActionParsnipbeiruty: then rerun firefox?13:59
beirutyand it is still the same ugly rendering14:01
beirutyopera has no issues14:01
Dr_Willis'oh the humanity'14:02
Dr_Willisi gotta try the latest opera also..14:02
ActionParsnipbeiruty: i use opera personally14:03
beirutyI wish if I can stick with firefox14:03
beirutyit has  lot of extension that I am now used to14:03
Dr_Willis!find libqt-mt.so.314:04
ubottuFile libqt-mt.so.3 found in libqt3-mt, qt-x11-free-dbg14:04
beirutyhowevver, I have no clue why yahoo does not play nice with firefox on linux14:04
* Dr_Willis would almost guess it has somthing to do with a Company with the initials 'MS'14:04
ActionParsnipbeiruty: contact yahoo14:05
beirutywill do14:05
beirutyhow do I grab a screen shot so I can send it to yahoo14:06
ActionParsnipbeiruty: pres print screen on keyboard14:06
Boohbahbeiruty: print screen button14:06
beirutyand where the grab screen will be saved?14:07
Dr_WillisI think it asks14:07
Dr_Willistry it and see?14:08
ActionParsnipbeiruty: where you say, the screenshot app lets you say, default is annoyingly, desktop14:08
Dr_Willisat least it asks. :)14:08
Dr_Willisthen again.. thats where i normally want my screen shots.. so i can easially drag them to drop.io14:08
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj14:21
BluesKajhey ActionParsnip14:22
m_tadeuhi...I'm using kde and when I go to system settings->Appearence->GTK+ Appearence I can't see how to set the current style to gnome apps...I only have QtCurve and Raleigh14:36
=== rZZZr is now known as RzR
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: reinstall gnome-themes-ubuntu package14:49
ActionParsnipand / or ubuntu-artwork14:50
m_tadeuActionParsnip: that would give more themes, I guess...but I think there was an option to use the curren kde widget style14:50
ActionParsnipm_tadeu: not sure about that really14:51
bazhangpepo_, please stop that14:51
pepo_are u a boot?14:52
BlizzerandHello there anybody home14:53
Boohbahpepo_: no, bazhang is an ENFORCER14:53
BoohbahBlizzerand: hi!14:54
BlizzerandAre there anymore Ubuntu pre-releases (ie after Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 5)14:54
bazhangBlizzerand, like the nightly builds ?14:55
BlizzerandNo is this the last alpha or is there any beta thing of that sort before the official release of Karmic in October14:56
bazhangah the release schedule14:56
bazhangBlizzerand, can you read the topic? there is a link there14:57
Blizzerandk Thanks .Guess I'm a fool lol.14:57
Boohbahso, alpha 6 coming up in 2 weeks14:58
Blizzerandk would it be possible to upgrade  from Alpha's to the real release ( ie from Alpha 5 to not yet released Karmic)14:59
bazhangthings are *guaranteed* to break though :)15:00
Boohbahyeah, gentoo is my stable host system and karmic goes on the virtualbox :)15:01
scizzo-bazhang: ?15:02
scizzo-bazhang: *guaranteed* to break?15:02
scizzo-bazhang: thats a bit mean isn't it?15:02
bazhangscizzo-, the topic is suggestive of such15:03
bazhangie don't use on production systems15:03
BlizzerandI wanted to try the Alpha via unetbootin but unfortunate I have some trouble doing so15:03
scizzo-bazhang: it *may* break the system15:03
bazhangBlizzerand, the regular iso or the netbook15:03
Blizzerandregular iso15:03
scizzo-bazhang: saying that it will *guaranteed* break the system means that it will break things....15:04
bazhangaha. I had an issue with the netbook remix and unetbootin15:04
ActionParsnipits just that they are incomplete so some things  may run, others may not. it may be perfect. it may not even boot up15:04
bazhangthis did not even reach busybox15:05
Blizzerandbazhang: I mean for installing ubuntu it needs the partition to be unmounted but unetbootin requires the boot partition qhich makes it more confusing .:S15:05
scizzo-bazhang: just try to use the *may* word instead15:06
Blizzerandscizzo : Dude stop blaming him , every alpha is meant to be buggy15:07
BlizzerandAnd can probably for sure break15:07
bazhangscizzo-, no need to repeat so many times. I heard you the first thanks15:07
scizzo-Blizzerand: not blaming anyone15:07
scizzo-bazhang: yes sorry...15:07
BlizzerandI tred Fedora 12 alpha but seems to have a blocker . Can't even install it15:08
BlizzerandSlack 13 released last month too is bugged15:09
nekro\staris a late release planned?15:32
nekro\stari'd say +1 is aroudn feisty ready.15:33
nekro\starwhich wasnt.15:33
bazhangnekro\star, have you checked the release schedule in the topic (ie link) ?15:33
nekro\star 2715:34
nekro\starOctober 29th15:34
nekro\stardamn... wiki sux sorry15:34
nekro\staranyway, yes thats not the first time ive seen it, thought it changed or something,15:34
nekro\starwhich does not seem to be the case in the last few weeks anyhow.15:34
nekro\staris there something that i'm missing that i should be seeing here?15:34
nekro\star 2715:34
nekro\starOctober 29th15:34
nekro\stararg sorry right clicked on axx while going to another window  solved.15:35
didoaagrub 2 .......15:40
=== nekro\star is now known as nekostar
tj83hello all, I hope someone can help me get my 9.10 install to a usable condition. I know this is testing but its not too far till release, I'd like to get a feel for it so that i can help others who come after release. Basically my big problem right now is sound. I get clicking and popping sounds from my audio, sound works to a degree with most applications, I have not yet installed flash as I am waiting so not to complicate the matter, i have installed exa15:49
tj83ile which does not seem to play at all. any known work a around's or thinks i should know going into this new version?15:49
tj83also my hardware: 00:05.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2)15:50
=== splatHat is now known as funkyHat
tj83hello all, I hope someone can help me get my 9.10 install to a usable condition. I know this is testing but its not too far till release, I'd like to get a feel for it so that i can help others who come after release. Basically my big problem right now is sound. I get clicking and popping sounds from my audio, sound works to a degree with most applications, I have not yet installed flash as I am waiting so not to complicate the matter, i have installed exa16:03
tj83ile which does not seem to play at all. any known work a around's or thinks i should know going into this new version?16:03
tj83also my hardware: 00:05.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2)16:03
tj83nobody home today?16:07
tj83is 9.10 even suitable for desktop use right now at all?16:07
om26er1tj83: its usable and quite stable for me16:07
bazhangtj83, that depends on you; for stability most definitely not16:08
tj83well anyone had problems with pulseaudio?16:08
bazhangtj83, have yet to be able to install it16:08
tj83bazhang, its in by default16:08
bazhangtj83, I meant karmic, via unetbootin (though that may be a different issue related to unetbootin)16:09
bazhangtj83, the normal iso installer is fine though16:09
tj83yes i used the .iso16:10
bazhangtj83, some users were complaining about sound issues a bit earlier today; not sure if that is related to your issue or not16:10
tj83bazhang, could be... this was build of sep2 i guess i just wait it out and see if we get an update16:11
om26er1bazhang: this might be off topic but in empathy whenever u send a message to any else i get the popup.16:11
tj83flash audio seems to be ok, and vlc plays but mplayer and exaile do not16:11
om26er1or any1 else16:11
bazhangom26er1, that is odd, I will boot my karmic vm in a bit and check it out; you may wish to check launchpad for bugs related to that16:12
tj83i also get this in syslog : Sep  5 10:56:04 quad rtkit-daemon[3249]: Warning: Reached burst limit for user ' .... google returns a filed bug with no activity :(16:12
Dr_Willis!info flwm16:13
ubottuflwm (source: flwm): Fast Light Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.02+cvs20080422-6 (karmic), package size 43 kB, installed size 164 kB16:13
bazhangtj83, oddly enough, an earlier build of karmic worked great with unetbootin, but one from yesterday did not; certainly the developers are working on such important issues and read this channel as well as the launchpad bugs report16:15
tj83bazhang, yes, i'll hold some patients for it to evolve.16:15
Dr_Willisbazhang:  i thought i saw some  'make usb flash drive' exe on the iso files .. seen/tried that yet?16:16
bazhangDr_Willis, yes :) I saw that they had wubi.exe and one other on there (not tried either one though as I have no Windows machines)16:17
Dr_WillisOk. just wonderifg if it was a smarter specilized unetbootin tool or not.16:17
bazhangit was the unetbootin from jaunty repos16:18
tj83hmmm evolution will not restore from backup either16:24
NoelJBanyone here have any with pending updates?16:45
NoelJBlooking to see if I can find anyone to test bug 42487916:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424879 in update-manager "Update-manager ignores user (un-)selection!" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42487916:45
Dr_Willisi dont even know whats thats saying its doing.. :)16:46
NoelJBDr_Willis, ?16:46
Dr_Willisyou are saying it wont let me uncheck/check specific updates?16:46
NoelJBNo, I am saying that after unselecting, it went ahead and installed them anyway.16:47
Dr_Willisit just installed the ONE i had selcted here..16:47
NoelJBwhich means I now have o install the source packages, reapply the patches, and build new local packages.16:47
Dr_Willisi unselected 23 of the 24.. so i had one left selected16:47
NoelJBand it only installed the one?16:48
Dr_Willisyes - it downloaded/installed the one16:48
NoelJBHmmm ... I had unselected, unselected all, selected all, unselected again, clicked install.  the dance was because since the ones I didn't want were all in a PPA, which it displays as a categorized group, I was curious to see if I could unselect all packages within that ppa.16:49
Dr_Willistried again.. and it worked properly.. installed 17 of the 23 left..16:49
NoelJBHmmm ... interesting.16:53
NoelJBI'll have to try this again when I have the same circumstances.16:54
StevenMyersAfternoon everyone. Who uses irssi and how do you get the startup file to change your username rather it being your desktop name?17:04
FlamingBobso is the new Alpha 5 any more stable than 4?17:11
* StevenMyers is looking forward to Karmic Alpha 6 Sept 17th17:24
StevenMyersAfternoon everyone. Who uses irssi and how do you get the startup file to change your username rather it being your desktop name?17:30
David-T /set real_name or  /set user_name17:32
David-Tand then /save17:32
David-Talthough if you've got identd running that will generally override whatever you set for user_name17:32
David-Twhois david-t17:33
StevenMyersThanks David. Lemme give that a shot.17:34
StevenMyersbrb going to test17:35
StevenMyersThanks David, worked great17:37
penguin42are ther any of the classroom sessions still going on or have they finished?17:37
BluesKajtrying to mount a permanent link to wifes' pc in fstab , so that it automounts when i login . I can access her pc with dolphin/network/wife-pc but I'd like to avoid the username & password dialog popup everytime I need access. I've tried several tutorials now on this fstab entry, but none are working after setting everything up and doing the sudo mount -a in the cli ,I get this , which doesn't make any sense , since I can access thru dolphin or17:38
BluesKajkonqueror, http://www.pastebin.ca/155507517:38
Polt{laptop}does anyone know ? has a fix for nautilus and the compiz wallpaper been introduced yet ?17:39
Polt{laptop}this has been patched from what I have heard http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=6199:%2917:39
Polt{laptop}it is a matter of recompiling nautilus to have the builtin support and someone has already done it ... it just needs to be done officially for Ubuntu17:39
Polt{laptop}has that update been released into the updates yet ?17:40
penguin42BluesKaj: I bet when you do it with dolphin it uses the username you are logged into the desktop with unless you tell it otherwise17:40
Polt{laptop}that would make alot of people happy I think17:40
StevenMyersPolt: Introduced how?17:40
BluesKajpenguin42, it asks me for username and pw everytime I try to access with dolphin...I'm trying use the fstab entry to avoid that17:41
penguin42BluesKaj: I'm not sure how fstab interacts with the gui mount stuff17:42
BluesKajpenguin42, cor showed me how to set up the fstab entry and followed his instructions for username and pw linkage to root access to mount the windows share etc17:44
penguin42BluesKaj: What does the fstab entry look like (xxxxx the password out)17:45
NoelJBdoes anyone know why paprefs should be dependent on packagekit-gnome?  we certainly don't want or need the latter.17:48
BluesKajpenguin42, //MARGARET-PC/C /vista_public cifs credentials=/home/kaj/.smbpasswd,uid=kaj,gid=admin 0 017:48
penguin42BluesKaj: I think you need a user=17:49
Polt{laptop}ok installing more updates17:50
Polt{laptop}are we up to Alpha 6 yet ?17:50
Polt{laptop}something else I see that would be a great feature17:50
BluesKajpenguin42, it's in the /.smbpasswd link17:51
Polt{laptop}there needs to be a function in Gnome where when you lock an icon down to the panel you can control the order of icons17:51
Polt{laptop}like a prioity list in terms of where icons are placed17:51
Polt{laptop}that way an icon does not come loose from the Gnome panel and push another icon out of the way for instance if you had a type of configuration for your desktop that you like17:51
penguin42BluesKaj: Ah, I don't know how that works - but the error you are getting does suggest it doesn't know the user17:51
Polt{laptop}it could keep the gnome panel looking a bit more fixed17:51
penguin42Polt{laptop}: Yeh the panel can get very confused at times17:52
Polt{laptop}that would be a good feature for people that don't like to constantly rearrange icons17:52
Polt{laptop}that and the wallpaper compatibility hack for nautilus17:52
=== wirechief__ is now known as wirechief_
Polt{laptop}http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=6199:%29 that I believe shows how to compile in the support17:52
Polt{laptop}it was done in other distros already and was available in Jaunty17:52
Polt{laptop}for some odd reason though we haven't added this in yet17:53
Polt{laptop}and that is a major compatability thing17:53
keylockersomeone here know the networkmanager process  to activate 3G devices?17:53
Polt{laptop}if you can get that working that is one less edge that KDE will have over Ubuntu's Gnome interface17:53
keylockerbecause im getting troubles since first version of karmic17:53
keylockermy problem today is: 3G should use acm device to connect, but NM initializates the radio via AT on data control port and (!) send dhcp request on usb0, the cdc_ether device17:55
keylockerwhy it dont still calling with the acm device and why nm dont use control channel to get things like signal strength and connection speed17:56
keylocker(vodafone client do this with python and its free)17:56
Polt{laptop}I would love to learn from someone sometime how to do dev work on Gnome17:56
Polt{laptop}seriously if I could I would be introducing ideas left and right because I have alot of them17:57
Polt{laptop}I just can't code17:57
Polt{laptop}not yet anyway17:57
keylockerPolt{laptop}: start with python17:58
keylockerits very simple and easy and you can improve a lot within gnome, kde, hal, dbus, and etecetera17:58
Polt{laptop}oh I know17:59
Polt{laptop}those are things I would work to improve upon17:59
Polt{laptop}I have a mind for this kind of stuff ... I just haven't been taught17:59
Polt{laptop}that is all I lack though17:59
Polt{laptop}once I learn to code I could help on stuff like that17:59
Polt{laptop}and would love to honestly17:59
NoelJBAh, bug 42312717:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423127 in paprefs "do not depend on packagekit-gnome" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42312717:59
keylockerPolt{laptop}: a thing a good programmer can do (and maybe i do something) is about this case of networkmanager and 3G devices18:00
keylockervodafone 3G client dont loose anything for any windows client. can read an send sms, control contacts, control 3G, show the signal level, connection speed18:01
keylockera lot of things. everything using python :D18:01
penguin42keylocker: I haven't used one of those devices, but I've heard other people have problems getting them to work - can you check launchpad and if there isn't already a bug in there for your model please add one18:04
keylockerpenguin42: the problem is it isnt a "bug"18:05
keylockersome updated my 3G dont work, and next package updte it works ¬¬18:05
keylocker*some times18:05
penguin42keylocker: If sometimes it doesn't work then it's a bug!18:05
keylockerand how should i report a bug like this?18:06
penguin42keylocker: But if it's a sometimes bug you'll need to bprovide more info like when it worked and when it didn't and really check to see if there's an existing one18:06
Polt{laptop}really I hear alot of complaints about network manager18:06
Polt{laptop}it never seemed to work really18:06
Polt{laptop}for instance I tried to use the network manager on my LAN18:07
ilorhi, I'm having issues with nautilus being inefficient, seems to leak memory and copying large amounts of data seems slower that in, say, midnight commander18:07
Polt{laptop}and it doesn't connect my machines18:07
penguin42there's an alternative called wicd apparently - but I don't know if it's any better18:07
Polt{laptop}now if I use samba via nautilus18:07
Polt{laptop}different story18:07
Polt{laptop}samba works for me in nautilus18:07
Polt{laptop}that will mount stuff for me but the network manager never shows me as connected18:07
BluesKajsamba works in kde too but I'm trying to avoid a login box everytime i want access18:08
Polt{laptop}BluesKaj exactly18:08
penguin42BluesKaj: Try adding the user= option and see if it helps - I realise it shouldn't need it18:08
keylockernetwork manager have a brilhant idea and a very bad implementation18:09
BluesKajhence my research on mounting with fstab18:09
penguin42It's difficult to know for some things like 3G if the problem is nm or the thing underneath that does the work18:09
adam7People are quick to blame the thing they can see in cases where wifi/3g/etc doesn't work18:10
Polt{laptop}I think reconfiguring every package the other day in dpkg was a really good idea18:11
Polt{laptop}now my box system feels more custom18:11
keylocker[05/09-14:09:52] < penguin42> It's difficult to know for some things like 3G if the problem is nm or the thing underneath that does the work18:12
keylockerthe problem is nm implementation18:12
keylockersure about this18:12
Polt{laptop}that is true18:12
keylockerive read some pieces of code from vodafone client18:12
Polt{laptop}their idea is very good18:12
Polt{laptop}the implementation isn't good though18:13
keylockerhave a lot of things nm dont do18:13
Polt{laptop}perhaps needs a better dbus implementation I am guessing ?18:13
Polt{laptop}there is also intelligent input bus also that possibly could be used18:13
Polt{laptop}something like that might be more efficient perhaps18:13
Polt{laptop}almost like a better communication buffer18:13
BluesKajpenguin42, the /.smbpaswd text file in the fsatb entry contains the username=wifeusername and password=xxxxx , so i don't know how else to fix it18:14
Polt{laptop}communication layer I guess is closer to what I am trying to say18:14
penguin42BluesKaj: Add to the fstab entry ,user=wifeusername18:14
keylocker[05/09-14:13:15] < Polt{laptop}> perhaps needs a better dbus implementation I am guessing ?18:14
keylockeri dont know18:14
keylockeri dont get familiar with nm code yet18:14
keylockermy aim today is find if nm can be extended with python18:15
Polt{laptop}does anyone know if the new kernel works with the old grub ?18:19
Polt{laptop}I reverted the other day18:19
Polt{laptop}I have Karmic's latest development branch version but with the old grub since grub 2 won't work on my system with my nvidia card18:20
Polt{laptop}luckily though I got everything working really well18:20
Polt{laptop}I just need to see if the most recent kernel is supported by that version of grub18:20
=== keylocker is now known as leleobhz
penguin42Polt{laptop}: I doubt there's an interaction18:21
penguin42Polt{laptop}: There really shouldn't be18:21
Polt{laptop}so are you saying that it should be supported ?18:21
Polt{laptop}I am thinking that it should be supported ... I don't know why grub would affect it really but I didn't know if it could have been because of different kernel source or something18:22
penguin42old grub should boot a new kernel fine18:22
Polt{laptop}penguin42 that is what I thought also18:24
Polt{laptop}I might try it again18:24
Polt{laptop}last time it kind of locked up but then again I was booting that kernel with the nvidia setup before anyway so it may work18:24
Brian__one thing i noticed with the new 9.10 is you can drag windows above or below the panels in 9.04 the window would just stop at the panel18:24
jarkkohmm, there seems to be some troubles handling the X86Sleep key event in karmic?18:42
Tallken:) can anyone tell me if ubuntu-bug is working on Kubuntu Karmic? it here doesn't open any browser, though it collects info18:42
NoelJBPolt{laptop}, that's what VMs are for.  I've gotten to the point where after my next clean install, all of my package development will be done in a VM to keep the native enviroment cleaner (lack of easy reverse on apt-get build-dep)18:43
NoelJBTallken, yes, it works.  it also crashes.  I've had both experiences as recently as today.18:44
jarkkoI can suspend from the menu, but by using Fn-F4 (on thinkpad T61) nothing happens, although xev tells me that the event is emitted.18:45
NoelJBTallken, it worked for me again after I closed all open firefox windows.18:45
NoelJBjarkko, really?  Fn-F4 was working for me earlier.  I haven't tried in the past couple of days.18:45
NoelJBjarkko, T61p (6457-7WU) with nvidia 185.18.36.  You?18:46
jarkkoNoelJB: never got it working with karmic, but with hardy it was fine18:46
NoelJBjarkko, it WASN'T working with karmic, but it is again for me.18:47
NoelJBjarkko, bug 40865418:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408654 in linux "[karmic][nvidia] Suspend no longer works" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40865418:47
arvind_khadriwhat is this ubuntuone all about?18:48
jarkkothis is T61 with nvidia 185.18.36 as well18:48
TallkenI just have Opera & Arora, NoelJB. I know ubuntu-bug worked with Opera on Ubuntu 9.04 or so18:48
smithnaHi, I'm trying to get lirc to work in karmic...  however, I can't find/load the modules for my device.  Is there a package (outside of lirc) that needs to be installed?  linux-ubuntu-modules seemed to be that package for Jaunty - is it still for karmic?18:49
^mNotIntelligenthello everyone!18:49
NoelJBarvind_khadri, Canonical's branding of additional services.  Considered by some to be controversial due to the use of the Ubuntu name.  The one you're looking at is a shared file thing, like dropbox.18:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntuone18:51
arvind_khadriNoelJB, how is it useful?18:51
NoelJBarvind_khadri, see https://ubuntuone.com/18:51
arvind_khadriNoelJB, hmm, got it18:52
NoelJBI believe that the next service is going to be a software store, ala the iTunes Store but from Canonical.18:52
arvind_khadrii would like it, sans the DRM18:53
NoelJBSee also: http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2009/public/schedule/detail/884318:53
arvind_khadrihas anyone here been successful in setting up grub2 for xen?18:53
NoelJBarvind_khadri, I saw some bug reports on that ... see also: http://bderzhavets.wordpress.com/2009/08/31/loading-xen-via-grub2-on-top-ubuntu-karmic-server-alpha-4/18:54
arvind_khadriNoelJB, actually, i have kamic and lenny has the xen18:55
NoelJBjarkko, I had it working with hardy, NOT intrepid, Jaunty and (now) Karmic.  Intrepid works from the menu, but a bug prevented Fn-F4 from working.18:57
=== mac_v is now known as mac_V
jarkkoNoelJB: I skipped intrebid, dunno about that. but now, nothing happens from Fn-F418:59
NoelJBjarkko, I just did it here.  Worked fine.19:00
NoelJBjarkko, which kernel do you have?  you've already said nvidia
NoelJBI just tested, and am on 2.6.31-919:01
NoelJBOK, which model #?19:01
Tallkenok, for the record, added a bug report for kopete disconnecting from MSN with error 800. bug #42492519:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424925 in kdenetwork "[karmic] MSN disconnects: "MSN: Error: Error code: 800 (Unknown error code)"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42492519:02
jarkkoNoelJB: can I dig out the model number somewhere?19:02
NoelJBjarkko, multiple log files have it.  For example, Xorg.0.log should have a "product name is" string19:04
NoelJBjarkko, one thing that you may run into, although I don't believe that it should make a difference here, is that Ubuntu totally removed tp_smapi from the karmic kernel.  You must build and install the module yourself.  See http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Tp_smapi, which is out-of-date but useful.  The good news, I suppose, is that because it is NOT there anymore, we no longer have issues putting in a modern version.19:09
NoelJBjarkko, this will walk you through it: http://meandmyubuntu.blogspot.com/2009/05/getting-hdasp-to-work-on-jaunty.html although I don't know if tp_smapi is making the difference.  It is just the most glaring thinkpad specific thing between us.19:10
jarkkoNoelJB: ok thanks. will read those soon. didn't find the number yet and got a little busy right now, so I'll get back to this at some point, I hope :)19:14
pkkmwhy Ubuntu 9.10 is in Update Manager?19:16
NoelJBpkkm, what do you mean?19:20
matata I had a problem when updating to Karmic, it's not related to specific software, it's system bug, where to report it ? I lost keyboard layout after upgrading !!! any idea ?19:21
NoelJBmatata, if you go to System->Preferences->Keyboard, and view the Layouts tab, what do you see?19:22
matataNoelJB: I'm using LXDE19:24
matataNoelJB: in jaunty I configured the keyboard layout with the ubuntu installer19:24
matataso, it was system wide configured for all the environment!19:25
NoelJBmatata, does the setxkbmap solution you've told others about not work for you with karmic?19:27
matataNoelJB: I've told about ?19:29
NoelJBmatata, was this not you? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103910719:29
matataNoelJB: oh yes sure, it's me :-)19:30
matataNoelJB: it's working in this way19:30
smithna2nd question: I have a touchscreen whose x-axis is reversed...  I've tried swapx setting in the appropriate .fdi file, is there some other way to correct this?19:31
NoelJBmatata, and have you been following the keyboard changes in LXDE, e.g., http://blog.lxde.org/?p=372 ?19:31
smithnabonus points awarded for hints on question 1  :}19:31
NoelJBmatata, by the way, it appears that there is a new karmic/LXDE build: http://blog.lxde.org/?p=51419:33
matataNoelJB: there's no lxpanel-xkb in Karmic :-(19:34
td123anyone else have missing icons in the gnome menus?19:35
* td123 is updating to see if it's been fixed19:35
NoelJBmatata, it appears that there are some LXDE-specific IRC channels: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/IRC_Chat  you might have better luck with LXDE specific stuff there.19:35
NoelJBtd123, such as?19:35
pkkmNoeIJB: I think non-advanced users shouldn't be able to update to beta19:37
matataNoelJB: I think it's Karmic issue, cause in Jaunty I didn't configure LXDE, I configured the system by the installer , so the keyboard layout was everywhere19:37
Brian__i installed karmic alpha 5 and when i start my computer the menu pops up and asks what one i want to start as if i had a dual boot setup  how can i make it just start normaly19:38
cumulus007Hi, the Software Store application is translated with open permissions on Launchpadf19:38
NoelJBBrian__, clean install?  are you just seeing the grub menu?  grub2?19:38
Brian__ya  it lists 4 options19:39
Brian__normal  safe mode and another19:39
Brian__but two of the options are the same19:39
NoelJBmatata, could you have run into Bug 42485419:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424854 in ubuntu "[karmic] keyboard variant is lost after reboot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42485419:40
matataNoelJB: ok19:40
NoelJBmatata, might not be that one directly, but one that it links to related to keyboard layout loss.19:40
matataNoelJB: it's the most closer issue , thanks19:41
cumulus007this is undesirable, because now uncapable translators have the possibility to translate it19:41
NoelJBmatata, what about bug 401497?19:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401497 in ubiquity "[karmic]wrong keyboard layout after upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40149719:41
* penguin42 notes he's glad the notifications where they used to be19:42
td123NoelJB: basically almost all the icons for gnome's submenus are gone19:43
NoelJBtd123, not here.19:43
NoelJBtd123, you mean like System-Preferences, you have no icons?19:43
penguin42td123: You can turn them back on under preferences19:44
penguin42td123: system->preferences->appearance->interface->show icons in menus19:44
matataNoelJB: yes it's nearly  the same with 40149719:44
td123penguin42: yup, that fixed it19:45
matataNoelJB: I lost the variant after upgrading19:45
td123but this is a fresh install, that should have happened, alpha 5 btw19:45
=== mac_V is now known as mac_v
penguin42td123: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/407621    apparently someone believes it looks better with out them - I just don't get it19:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 407621 in libgnome "(design decision) Icons missing from context menu , dialogue buttons , firefox bookmark favicons" [Wishlist,New]19:45
td123penguin42: lol, that someone is a fail19:46
penguin42td123: Please comment on there as well19:46
td123will do19:48
NoelJBpenguin42, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgnome/+bug/407621/comments/1319:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 407621 in libgnome "(design decision) Icons missing from context menu , dialogue buttons , firefox bookmark favicons" [Wishlist,New]19:48
NoelJBAs noted, "even Ubuntu's team is against this change"19:48
metalf8801Soes anyone know why Empathy has replaced Pidgin in Ubuntu 9.10? (if this is the wrong place to ask this please tell me where the right place is)19:48
NoelJBmetalf8801, because of the telepathy framework.  considered more important to have a programming framework (tubes), and pidgin was late with voice/video.19:49
penguin42NoelJB: It's trivial for the Ubuntu team to default those config options back on; although the problem is apps are starting to have screwed up buttons that don't have icons even when they're turned on19:49
NoelJBso those two things pushed against the more mature and functional pidgin.  you can have both.  Fedora did the same as ubuntu.19:50
NoelJBpenguin42, and I believe from what mpt has written, that turning them off by default is intentional, even though he doesn't like it, to force out into the open any bugs in apps that require the non-default behavior.19:52
penguin42NoelJB: I think you only notice the bugs when they are forced on19:53
Brian__i really like how good 9.10 feels , i cant really put my finger on it but you can tell its bteer19:54
NoelJBpenguin42, see comment 1719:54
NoelJBBrian__, compared to jaunty, at least for me, *anything* is better.  my experience with jaunty has lead me to refer to it as the Vista of Ubuntu.19:55
Brian__lol nice19:55
penguin42NoelJB: Oh I see for that category of bugs; it's missing a different category though19:56
NoelJBI have a few PPAs with important fixes (network management, audio, gpm), but with those, karmic is looking very good.19:57
BluesKajthose dudes over at #samba are no help at all ...totally ignored my question, which for networking specialists shouldn't too difficult19:58
Brian__where did the compiz menu go it use to be in the admin menu19:58
NoelJBBrian__, compiz menu?19:58
Brian__ya ya kniow to edit compiz19:58
NoelJBAh, for me it is under System->Preferences.19:59
NoelJByou mean ccsm, right?19:59
Brian__its not under system pref  for me19:59
NoelJBBrian__, do you have compizconfig-settings-manager installed?20:00
penguin42the most serious bug left in Karmic for me is that it's not screenlocking on hibernate20:00
TrizicusI'm trying to test the new Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 5 via LiveCD when it starts to boot up it asks me for login, why is this?20:00
td123BluesKaj: remember, they're not getting paid to answer your questions...20:00
* penguin42 has failed to find anything that documents the hibernate process and hence what should cause the screenlock20:01
NoelJBpenguin42, I never hibernate so I haven't tried.  I do have it working with suspend/resume, though.  Does it behave differentially for hibernate?20:01
TrizicusI'm trying to test the new Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 5 via LiveCD when it starts to boot up it asks me for login, why is this?20:01
penguin42NoelJB: I'm not sure; I very rarely use suspend - I think it's supposed to work the same; it worked fine in Jaunty and before20:02
Brian__just hit enter20:02
NoelJBpenguin42, what do you have under System-Preferences->Screensaver?  I have both checkboxes enabled.20:02
Trizicuswont work20:02
penguin42NoelJB: Well, ignoring for a minute that I seem to have three screensaver items on that menu; the last one has both tick boxes ticked; activate screensaver when computer is idle, lock screen when screensaver is active20:03
NoelJBOK, that's the same as here.  What others do you have?20:03
NoelJBpenguin42, you're on a laptop?20:04
penguin42NoelJB: The others are xscreensaver preference dialogs (I don;'t have it running); yes I'm on a laptop20:04
penguin42NoelJB: Although I use it as a desktop; always on AC, with an external display in addition to the internal20:04
NoelJBwhat happens if you close the lid?  what do you have configured?20:05
Brian__under synaptic there is a missing recommends filter  in it i have a few apps it recommends i should download them ha20:05
penguin42NoelJB: Erm I don't know; I never do it except after I've hibernated!  The action I have listed for When laptop lid is closed is blank screen20:05
NoelJBpenguin42, same here.  and if I close the lid, when I open it I am prompted to login.20:07
NoelJBwell, authenticate, not login  :-)20:07
penguin42NoelJB: Nod; this always previously worked for me - ctrl-alt-l works for me and gives me a screen lock with password - but I'm not sure how the hibernate action is wired to the screenlock20:08
penguin42NoelJB: I expect it might be d-bus or the like20:08
penguin42NoelJB: What do you see for ps -eaf|grep saver20:09
NoelJBpenguin42, /etc/acpi  I believe you can control things by tweaking hibernate.sh if necessary.20:09
NoelJBbingo.  I'll bet that's it.20:10
NoelJBBrian__, what is it recommending?20:11
NoelJBBrian__, and you never responded to whether or not you had compizconfig-settings-manager installed.  Isn't that the control panel you wanted?20:12
penguin42NoelJB: I assume there is a config file of some form rather than having to tweak those by hand20:12
NoelJBpenguin42, fwiw, I have gnome-screensaver20:12
NoelJBpenguin42, yeah, right.  ;-)20:12
Brian__NoelJB: sorrry ya i got it thanks20:12
NoelJBBrian__, so you have your menu item back?20:13
penguin42NoelJB: Same here; what happens for you if you do sudo sh /etc/acpi/lockbtn.sh    for me it does nothing20:13
Brian__NoelJB: it was recommending tix    and some pulse audio20:13
Brian__NoelJB: yup20:13
NoelJBBrian__, I do have tix, and which pulseaudio is it recommending?20:13
Brian__what  is tix20:14
Brian__i downkload it but i cant find it20:14
penguin42NoelJB: I have 'LOCK_SCREEN=true' in /etc/default/acpi-support20:14
NoelJBBrian__, apt-cache show tix  ;-)20:16
NoelJBor for the contents, dpkg -L tix20:16
NoelJBpenguin42, OK20:17
* penguin42 wonders if there is any way to compare the whole of /etc/defaults to the default ubuntu package contents for those20:17
Brian__what is tix though20:18
penguin42NoelJB: What did that lockbtn.sh do for you?20:18
NoelJBpenguin42, sorry, hadn't tried.20:23
NoelJBpenguin42, nothing by itself.20:23
penguin42NoelJB: Hmm OK, same here - I was hoping maybe that should have done the lock20:24
NoelJBpenguin42, but Fn-F2 works fine20:24
NoelJBthat's the lock key on my thinkpad20:25
squeDoes anyone know how to install karmic with grub-efi?20:27
penguin42sque: No, but have you tried installing the grub-efi package?20:31
squepenguin42: should make a normal installation(under bootcamp) and then install grub-efi and try to upgrade boot code?20:32
squeI was asking if there is a direct method from installation cd20:33
penguin42sque: That would be my guess; but I haven't done it20:33
penguin42sque: I suspect it's best to hunt for the real instructions - I assume htere are some somewhere!20:33
squeas far as I have read karmic (after june) has all the needed patches for efi, however there are not any detailed instructions (yet)20:34
penguin42sque: I know it's using GRUB2 now so maybe hunt for some generic instructions for that - but I'd guess you would hope an installer would figure it out itself!20:34
NoelJBsque, does http://blog.christophersmart.com/2009/07/23/linux-on-an-apple-xserve-efi-only-machine/ help?20:35
* BluesKaj concludes smbfs and cifs in fstab non-default permissions are broken on karmic20:35
BluesKajanyway time to go to the beer store and other essential life -giving errands :)20:36
penguin42oh god, the can't print on tuesday bug is wonderful :-)20:37
squeNoelJB: I think it will help a lot!20:37
JanCold  ;)20:48
NoelJBthat's quite interesting, especially Jerry W's comments.20:48
NoelJBsque, you're welcome :-)20:48
JanCNoelJB: those comments are nice indeed, shows that that sort of bugs can be not-funny too (where "Brother printers don't print on Tuesdays when printing from OOo" is the funny kind of bug once it's solved)20:59
Brian__jenny w is my sister21:00
Brian__jennifer webb21:00
NoelJBBrian__, context??21:01
Brian__that's quite interesting, especially Jerry W's comments.21:01
NoelJBJerry, not Jenny.  Gerald (Jerry) Weinberg21:02
Brian__oh lol sorry21:02
Brian__but i was wondering why do they log aLL of the irc rooms21:02
NoelJBBrian__, depends on the room.  the network manager dev room isn't logged as far as I know.21:03
DKcrosshey amigos!!.. friends any have problems with apport update?21:04
DKcrossE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)21:05
NoelJBDKcross, I have that installed.21:05
DKcrosswhat NoelJB21:06
BUGabundoNoelJB: the NM is not OURs :)21:06
NoelJBDKcross, I have apport_1.8.2-0ubuntu1 installed.21:06
NoelJBBUGabundo, point?  not all irc channels are logged.  some groups do, some groups don't.  that's all I observed.21:07
penguin42logging them is useful so that people can find the answers that people have given21:07
NoelJBpenguin42, I agree.  *I* log them, anyway, in case I need to refer back to stuff.21:08
penguin42NoelJB: People sometimes trip down a dataprotection minefield21:08
BUGabundoNoelJB: Ubuntu logs most official #s to have proof when discussions of "he said, she said" occurs21:09
BUGabundosoo to help DKcross21:12
BUGabundoplease clear your cache21:12
BUGabundoand try changing servers21:12
DKcrossrecomend any?21:12
* penguin42 gets shocked to find KDE's filemanager allows a / in the filename21:17
penguin42it puts %2f in the filename rather neatly21:18
BUGabundoDKcross: any _other_ should do it21:19
BUGabundoalso do $ sudo apt-get clean21:19
DKcrossbut what server recomend?21:21
BUGabundoany other one close to you ?21:22
BUGabundoor Main, if you are not using it21:22
billybigriggerDKcross, where do you live?21:24
DKcrossEl Salvador21:24
BUGabundoDKcross: also try using aptitude to be sure its not a depencie prob21:24
DKcrossbut i try with the option, the better server for you21:25
BUGabundo$ sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade21:25
* BUGabundo jokes 21:25
BUGabundothose that even work?21:25
* BUGabundo jokes */21:25
penguin42BUGabundo: && is much better than ;21:25
DKcrossi am trying with sudo aptitude safe-upgrade21:26
BUGabundodon't forget aptitude update first :)21:27
BUGabundosince you changed server21:27
DKcrossBUGabundo,  what is the diference between apt-get and aptitude21:33
DKcrosssorry but apport have problems21:34
DKcrosswith aptitude too21:34
BUGabundoDKcross: can you pastebin the error?21:35
BUGabundo!paste > DKcross21:36
ubottuDKcross, please see my private message21:36
BUGabundoDKcross: both are frontends to APT21:36
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic21:36
BUGabundoin my personal opinion aptitude (or at least safe-upgrade) can better handle depencies in a devel cycle21:36
NafaiI need some help tracking down why my wireless won't connect to my router after upgrading to Karmic.  I have an Intel 3945ABG21:40
NafaiIn particular, I'm seeing this in /var/log/syslog:21:41
Nafainm_setting_802_1x_get_pkcs11_engine_path: assertion `NM_IS_SETTING_802_1X (setting)' failed21:41
BUGabundoNafai: what kernel, ubuntu or kubuntu, using NM, or wicd?21:41
DKcrossBUGabundo,  can you see the problem?21:42
BUGabundotwo things21:43
BUGabundoSe configurarán los siguientes paquetes que están ahora parcialmente instalados:21:43
BUGabundoone is that21:43
BUGabundoit warns you about parcial updates21:43
BUGabundo * Stopping automatic crash report generation: apport                 /etc/init.d/apport: 24: runlevel: not found21:43
BUGabundosoemting is missing in the run levels21:43
BUGabundoDKcross: if no one else experiences this , then it's a local prob, where you manually changed something21:44
BUGabundoor a very uncommon system setting21:44
NafaiBUGabundo: 2.6.31-9, Ubuntu, NM21:46
BUGabundoNafai: can you ask asac on #ubuntu-mozillateam ?21:50
billybigriggerwhat is the name of gnome's bottom panel?21:52
BUGabundopanel ?21:53
BUGabundoapp launcher is one of the sub panel21:53
BUGabundoyou have also desktop switcher21:53
BUGabundominimize applet21:54
BUGabundoand I have two others21:54
BUGabundocommonly seen on my screenshot21:54
billybigriggerBUGabundo, i can't seem to get the bottom-panel to appear21:54
BUGabundoI havnt taken one in a long time :\21:54
BUGabundoa tiny bit OT, but any of you guys codes in java, and is interested on a FLOSS project ?21:59
Dr_WillisNo and.. no? :)22:00
* Dr_Willis is too busy hand holding people in #ubuntu lately it seems.22:00
BUGabundokklimonda: up for it?22:02
kklimondaup for what? my session just crashed :)22:02
* kklimonda is reading a backlog22:03
kklimondaBUGabundo: hard to tell, I haven't had time lately but it may change soon22:04
BUGabundowhy is that?22:04
edoceoI just did an update, now when booting I get 'out of range pointer 0x400040'22:08
BUGabundothat's bad22:09
BUGabundoedoceo: what updates did you get?22:09
edoceoKarmic stuff from today22:09
edoceoI see some other reporters in the forums22:09
BUGabundooooohhhh ooooo hhhhh22:10
edoceoFix: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125801922:10
edoceoComment #722:10
smithnaHi, I'm trying to get lirc to work in karmic...  however, I can't find/load the modules for my device.  Is there a package (outside of lirc) that needs to be installed?  linux-ubuntu-modules seemed to be that package for Jaunty - is it still for karmic?22:11
edoceoFor them it was loading a font, I don't know how to get that from the grub command line, change GRUB_TERMINAL22:11
BUGabundoedoceo: is this on Launcpad already?22:12
BUGabundobillybigrigger: ping you around? seems to be a grub bug22:12
edoceoBUGabundo: yep: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/42450322:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 424503 in grub2 "Boot fails with Out of Range Pointer error" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:12
* BUGabundo goes look at daily updates list22:12
BUGabundogrub2 (1.97~beta1-1ubuntu4) karmic; urgency=low22:12
BUGabundo  * Move grub-reboot and grub-set-default to grub-$platform, since22:12
BUGabundo    grub-common is also used by GRUB Legacy (LP: #424425).22:12
edoceoDang, my fix is to boot and run grub-update but I can't boot :(22:13
BUGabundoboot from live cd and chroot22:14
* edoceo looks for a live cd in the pile of crap I call an office22:14
* edoceo also notices that we have the same crappy ATI Radeon Mobility video card that everyone else has :(22:15
faganedoceo: I dont have one22:16
edoceoI mean everyone who's reporting the same issue as me in bug 42450322:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424503 in grub2 "Boot fails with Out of Range Pointer error" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42450322:17
TecumsehI have a quastion about kubuntu karmic and nvidia restricted driver (185). When I installed Karmic alpha 5 from the i386 livecd I get a correctly configured graphics card that is set at a resolution of 1600x1200. For compositing effects I install the restricted driver and now i can't get the resolution higher than 1024x768. According to the hardware information plasmoid my gpu is this: nVidia Corporation C61 [GeForce 6100 nForce 405] (rev22:22
Tecumseha2). How can I configure my setup that it runs on the desired resolution (in my case 1280x1024)?22:22
BUGabundoTecumseh: hi. how recent is that GPU?22:23
faganTecumseh: I use that driver and the only way to set the resolution is using the nvidia x server settings application.22:24
faganits in system>admin>nvidia x server settings22:24
TecumsehBUGabundo: it's more than 1 year old, it's an onboard GPU22:24
Tecumsehfagan: is there still a problem that it doesn't remember the given settings?22:24
faganyou need to sudo it to save the xorg.conf file22:25
BUGabundofagan: we don't even need xorg.conf anymore22:25
faganOh the other thing22:25
bjsnideryes we do need xorg.conf22:25
faganI still think of it as that22:26
Dr_WillisI got to use the xorg.confto get twinview set up right22:26
Dr_Willisand keep gdm to starting onthe proper moinitor22:26
faganand the file is still there22:26
blue0488is the new video set up in ubuntu 9.1 going to make it easier to scale screen sizes?22:27
fagan/etc/X11/xorg.conf is there for me anyway22:27
BUGabundofagan: many users don't have it22:27
BUGabundoI have a very simple one22:28
bjsniderTechnoviking, it's possible your monitor has a broken EDID, which the nvidia blob is currently very picky about22:28
fagannvidia settings has to use it22:28
bjsnidersorry, wrong guy22:28
tecumsehthis gets a bit strange, after running nvidia-settings I got my display set correctly. I go to system-settings to set (force) the dpi settings and x hangs22:28
=== tecumseh is now known as Tecumseh
faganYou cant use the system default ones because it doesnt know how to do stuff right.22:30
alteregoais there a  program watchdog for linux?22:52
edoceoalteregoa: what do you want to watch?22:54
tanelinetwork manager (nm-applet?) is unaware of wireless networks23:06
tanelieverything works ok, I have good connectivity etc. but nm-applet only shows empty bars and a small x23:06
taneliknown problem?23:06
tj83anyone had problems with network connectivity dropping out randomly?23:06
edoceotaneli: tj83: I've had both of those issues with Karmic - but seems to be working OK with today's update (for me at least)23:07
BUGabundotaneli: WFM23:08
taneliBUGabundo: what's that supposed to mean?23:08
taneliedoceo: did an upgrade 1 hour ago, even rebooted, didn't help23:08
tj83edoceo, hmm.... i'm up to date.... i manually set my static settings in /etc/network/interfaces and removed network-manager-gnome and since i seem to have this problem worked fine in previous versions23:09
edoceoHmm, well IDK.  Check launchpad?23:09
tj83ah, see.... lost it again23:09
tj83searching....... i am going to go back to nm-applet and see if remedies23:09
tj83is alt+f2 no longer available to run commands?23:10
tj83and i know back in jaunty they dropped ctrl+alt+backspace for restarting x..... thats a shame .... wish they would bring that back into Karmic23:10
guntbert!dontzap | tj8323:12
ubottutj83: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.23:12
BUGabundotaneli: Works For Me23:12
tj83hey, thanks guntbert23:12
BUGabundotj83: you are the second person saying he can't run alt+f223:12
BUGabundoguntbert: that's no longer valid in karmic23:13
tj83BUGabundo, well strangely i am almost sure alt+f2 functioned after install... but seems to have vanished indeed23:13
guntbertBUGabundo: did they reenable ctrl+alt+backspace by default?23:14
BUGabundonow its done on udev23:14
tj83guntbert, are we sure dontzap is in the repo?23:14
BUGabundotrying to locate the wiki page23:14
BUGabundotj83: its not23:14
BUGabundoI just said it!!!!23:14
BUGabundoUsing GNOME * Get to the  System->Preferences->Keyboard menu. * Select the "Layouts" tab and click on the "Layout  Options" button. * Then select  "Key sequence to kill the X server" and enable "Control + Alt +  Backspace".23:15
BUGabundo$ setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp23:15
tj83lets try it :)23:16
tj83ty BUGabundo23:16
guntbertBUGabundo: thx for the heads up23:16
penguin42looks like that worked then :-)23:16
tj83works perfect indeed23:18
BUGabundoyou just killed your session just to prove me right?23:18
guntbertBUGabundo, tj83: alt+f2 works here (in a VM)23:18
BUGabundohere too23:18
tanelialt+f2 does not work here23:19
buckyworks here23:19
penguin42alt+f2 gives me a dialog that says 'Could not display run dialog.  Unable to load file '/usr/share/gnome-panel/glade/panel-run-dialog.glade'23:20
* penguin42 did do an update earlier but haven't rebooted since, so it could be related to that23:21
buckyyou could try gnome-do which is an expanded version of alt-F223:21
edoceoalt+f2 works on xubuntu-karmic (three installs)23:21
penguin42do is good23:21
* penguin42 disappears again23:22
BUGabundoDO is EVAN23:22
NamShubHi. I was wondering if it's possible to run Virtual Box in Karmic yet? I try to /etc/initd.vobxdrv start and I get an error. dmesg says: [65115.023566] warning: `VirtualBox' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)23:22
BUGabundoNamShub: get the proper version, aka 64 bits23:23
NamShuberr im pretty sure im running in 32 bits23:24
NamShubalthough you left me wondering lol23:25
buckyi dont even have /usr/share/gnome-panel/glade/panel-run-dialog.glade  but my system is pretty updated23:25
vigoI have to put the alpha5 onto a CD/USB and load it or can I just upgrade to it?23:25
BluesKajhow does one successfully mount a  windows share with cifs/smbfs at boot up using fstab edits ?23:26
buckyvigo, from jaunty?23:26
vigobucky: Karmic23:27
NamShubbut yea, this system is 32 bits so I dont see how I could install the 64 version23:27
NamShubvigo: sudo update-manager -d23:27
vigoThank you.23:27
buckyvigo just update and upgrade from synaptic or the cli23:28
BUGabundoNamShub: ahahaahahahahahah23:29
BUGabundovigo: ??23:29
vigoAnd Thank you23:29
penguin42<sigh> Automatic font installation on gnome-terminal is a lot more entertaining when you spout a binary to it23:29
BUGabundovigo: come again?23:29
BUGabundovigo: weren't you running karmic already???23:29
BUGabundoyou can upgrade via UM23:30
BUGabundoor clean install from CD/USB23:30
penguin42Grrr - no, I don't want to install the Tagalog font23:30
vigoBUGabundo: Yes, I was just testing the CVS or whatnot to better understand if and how they function or integrate.23:31
BUGabundovigo: if you have Karmic you can't upgrade *to* karmic23:31
BUGabundoyou just _update_23:31
BUGabundobucky: synaptic is a lousy place to do updates on a devel release !23:32
tj83anyreason why mplayer and exaile wont play but vlc and flash will play sound?23:32
penguin42Does anyone know where the automatic font installer comes from?23:32
BUGabundotj83: long story23:32
tj83BUGabundo, lol, hmm i got time is there a work around?23:33
BUGabundoI'm telling you don't want to23:33
BUGabundobut try to see if they are set to use PA23:33
BUGabundoand that noting is hogging the /etc/snd23:33
vigoBUGabundo: I did fresh install, yes, just keeping up with the changes as they come down the pipe.23:33
BUGabundoyou can try killing PA23:34
BUGabundo$ killall -9 pulseaudio23:34
BUGabundoand monitor it from pavucontrol23:34
tj83BUGabundo,  killing pulse audio wont disable my sound completely?23:34
BUGabundovigo: then update with update manager or aptitude (Cli)23:34
BUGabundotj83: no23:34
BUGabundoit autospawn, aka restarts it self23:34
BUGabundoevery single time23:34
BUGabundoI bet you can't kill it, fast enough :)23:34
tj83BUGabundo, ah makes some sense being is my syslog flooded with PA restarts and crashes23:35
vigoBUGabundo: Terminal. CLI23:35
vigoBut I will test Synaptic now.23:36
BUGabundovigo: sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade a few times a day23:36
BUGabundoand eventualy a few23:36
BUGabundosudo aptitude full-upgrade23:36
vigoOkee dokee23:36
BUGabundowhen stuff gets borked23:36
BUGabundoplease avoid REMOVING lots of files23:36
BUGabundoonly run full-upgrade when sure its for replacing a depency23:37
BUGabundoand if running UM, please DON'T do partial upgrade23:37
vigoI just let it run , no purge or rm going on.23:37
tj83BUGabundo, is it possible to do away with pulse audio and use something else? what would i use? old skool alsa?23:39
BUGabundoplease don't23:39
BUGabundoPA is in good shape now23:39
BUGabundoand its easy to support23:40
BUGabundoalsa is ...23:40
BUGabundolack of better words23:40
BUGabundo.... a mess23:40
tj83BUGabundo, well, i have major malfunctions with PA right now23:40
BUGabundofile bugs and nag dtchen about it23:41
tj83BUGabundo, i get that clicking/popping sound..... google shows known bug but no fixes, and no matter what i have tried so far as you suggest checking the application to see if its set to use PA no sound from mplayer or exaile23:41
BUGabundotry #ubuntu-audio-help23:41
BUGabundobeen using audio team PPA23:41
vigoThank you kindly, that worked perfectly.23:41
BUGabundoand other then sound *always* started muted23:41
BUGabundoeverything works fine23:41
BUGabundowell not everytng23:41
BUGabundoFlash stops sound _if_ I pause playback23:41
BUGabundotj83: prob is *every* card has its own probs23:42
BUGabundoits not generic23:42
tj83flash is all gravy for me.23:42
tj83yea i understand the hardware part23:42
tj83and that audio help chan.... one other nick :P23:43
tj8300:05.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2) is my hardware23:44
BUGabundoyou can wait for dtchen to popup23:45
BUGabundohe is traveling23:45
bjsniderhe took a trip on a gemini spaceship?23:51

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