FLOZzHello all  _o/09:39
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dashuaGood morning.13:04
SiDi_heya dashua13:06
dashuaHey SiDi_13:07
dashuaHow's things?13:07
SiDi_fine, you ?13:08
dashuaGood good.13:08
dashuaHad a silly idea with the gconf settings in notify-osd.13:09
dashuaNot even sure if it would be possible, but I don't see why not.13:09
dashuaWould a compiz plugin be possible?13:09
SiDi_I dont know anything about compiz :P13:10
SiDi_but surely, i think its possible13:10
SiDi_all you have to do is manipulate keys, so w/e app using gconf / xfconf is compatible13:10
SiDi_of course the compiz plugin wouldnt work on xubuntu :p13:11
dashuaYeah, that's the problem13:11
SiDi_anyway, since we dont use gconf, we'll have to have our own 'theming' utility aside from the one used for the gnome notify-osd13:11
dashuaThere's already a positioning code for edge behaviors13:11
SiDi_so that shouldnt stop you13:11
dashuaI'll look into it.  I'm not sure of the compiz code as it is being rewritten13:12
SiDi_a python app correctly written could handle both13:12
dashuaThe configuration menu is in python.13:13
SiDi_for now i think the best is to let notify-osd mature and let it land in karmic, w/out exposing the features13:13
SiDi_then i'll see how i can write an app that can be put directly into the xfce settings window13:13
SiDi_that app could also be used w/ gconf, i think (since you can handle import errors very very easily in python)13:14
mac_vdashua: look at how dust does the compiz changes13:28
mac_vyou could just copy the file and use your own settings13:28
dashuaI was thinking of an actual plugin for CCSM that would be configurable.13:29
dashuaBut that may work just to set the gconf settings if notify-osd13:30
mac_vdashua: that would be too much work , compiz devs wont easily allow new plugins13:30
mac_vand cmopiz is too complex , a plugin has an impact on every other component13:31
dashuaYeah and I'm not familiar with the new C++ code13:31
SiDi_dashua: i'll probably write some notify-osd utilies at some tme13:31
SiDi_i began writing an history browser in vala but i'll probably go for python13:31
dashuaSiDi_, Sweet.13:31
SiDi_so there will be only one package for n-o and n-o-xfce :p13:31
mac_vdashua: do you want any changes to the buttons? or are they fine as is?13:34
dashuamac_v, I have no problems thus far.  Waiting for input from other users, but nothing yet.13:36
dashuaThey look very good to me.13:36
mac_v :)13:37
dashuaHave you tested it out?13:37
mac_vdashua: other users? as in SiDi_ ;p13:37
SiDi_metacity ?13:38
SiDi_i asks screenshots :)13:38
SiDi_let me know when you wanna release btw dashua so i'll do the xfwm the day before :p13:38
SiDi_(i know ive been lagging out the last few months, but well :P)13:38
dashuaOk cool13:38
dashuaI have 0.3.1 for coming soon13:39
mac_vi'v used it and my obseravtions are almost the same since yesterday ;)13:39
SiDi_the menu button is definately sexy :)13:40
SiDi_dashua: do you have a screenshot of an app with a statusbar in the bottom ?13:40
dashuaNot on the Wiki yet13:40
dashuaYou want a shot of Nautilus?13:41
SiDi_i saw one on the wiki13:42
SiDi_you didnt change the bottom of metacity till then, right ,13:42
mac_vdashua: 1: light shade for the metacity bottom , 2: use same maximize animation for both normal and maximized windows , 3: i prefer app icons ;p13:42
dashuaNo, that is still the same13:42
dashuamac_v, Get rid of the square you think?13:43
mac_vdashua: i would think the square is better for both , just use it reversed for the maximized windows13:43
mac_vor what you could do is13:44
dashuaOk, get rid of the arrows pointing inward and out then?13:44
mac_vdashua: use the square for normal and the prelight as the arrows13:44
mac_vif you want it that way^ , i have an idea of an icon for that13:45
dashuaOk, I'll try some variations13:45
SiDi_you should do something for the shadow of the forward label dashua :)13:47
mac_vdashua: if you are using the square , we can use the arrows on the sides of the square , similar to the fullscreen icons13:47
mac_vbut without the square13:48
dashuaSiDi_, The shadow I would like to change, but not sure how =/13:50
mac_vSiDi_: you cant...13:51
dashuamac_v, Cool, I will try these different variations13:51
mac_vdashua: let me know if you can :)13:51
dashuamac_v, I don't know of any way13:51
SiDi_mac_v: im sure you can ! :P13:51
SiDi_you can has cheezburger13:51
SiDi_its the shadow of deactivated text in toolbars13:52
SiDi_that should be reachable :P13:52
mac_vdashua: where is the shadow variable set?13:52
dashuaInsensitive text maybe?13:52
mac_vthere *must* be something for that13:52
mac_vCimi: hi... any ideas, where how shadows for the inactive text are set?13:53
mac_vdashua: insenstive text? i didnt understand?13:54
SiDi_dashua: i think its insensitive yes13:54
dashuaYeah, that changes the text, but not the shadow of the icons13:55
mac_vdashua: GtkStatusbar     ::shadow-type       = GTK_SHADOW_NONE13:56
mac_vdashua: GtkToolbar     ::shadow-type       = GTK_SHADOW_NONE13:56
dashuamac_v, w00t13:56
dashuaI already have those set though13:57
Cimimac_v, in the engine, in the code13:57
mac_vdashua: try shadow= OUT   or shadow= IN13:59
mac_vworks for pixmaps , not sure how it works for the rest13:59
mac_vah doesnt work :/14:06
SiDi_YES :]14:26
SiDi_what does it give if you unsaturate the insensitive text ?14:27
mac_vdashua: \o/ how did you do that ?14:28
Cimimac_v, fg[INSENSITIVE]14:30
mac_vCimi: oh... thats what that is , hehe14:31
SiDi_dashua: could you please send me those desaturated status icons you use, with their sources if possible ?14:46
mac_vSteve Dodier14:48
mac_vOpenPGP : 1B6B167014:48
mac_vIRC : SiDi on irc.freenode.net14:48
mac_vJabber : sidi@im.apinc.org14:48
mac_vlol! ;p14:48
dashuamac_v, I didn't change the icons, just the config14:59
dashuaJust pushed them to trunk, now to the metacity15:00
* mac_v checking15:00
SiDi_mac_v: whats wrong with my signature ? :P15:01
SiDiDamn ISP15:04
SiDidashua: i dont know if you got my message :P15:04
dashuaWhich one?15:04
SiDiWhen i asked you if you could send me the panel status icons you use in your screenshot15:05
SiDithe grayish ones15:05
SiDi w/ the sources if possible :p15:05
* mac_v knows which ... hehe.... <evil grin>15:06
dashuaOh shit, thought that was mac_v15:07
dashuaToo many names in here15:07
SiDionly mac_v you, SiDi_ and me15:07
dashuaI have no sources it just does it in the theme15:07
dashua50/50 shot andd I guess wrong =/15:07
SiDisend me the theme then please :P15:07
mac_vdashua: he's talking about humanity15:07
mac_vpanel icons ;)15:08
SiDimac_v: i dont think it was humanity x_x15:08
SiDibut yeah i speak about the panel iconz15:08
dashuaI am confused now.  SiDi what theme are you asking for?15:09
mac_vdashua: he *is* talking about humanity and doesnt know it ;p15:09
SiDithe one with the grey volume icon in this screenshot15:09
SiDimac_v: i use humanity and never saw these icons :P15:09
dashuaOh yeah15:09
dashuaThey are mac_v's creations15:10
SiDiwhy is mac_v keeping secret icons out of my reach ? :P15:10
mac_vSiDi: they are in the humanity theme , latest revs15:10
dashuabzr branch lp:humanity15:11
SiDii see15:11
SiDii use the PPA15:11
SiDigot xcf/svg sources ? :P15:11
dashuaNo they are rendered in trunk15:12
mac_vSiDi: all the humanity icons are svg , just pull them from bzr15:12
dashuamac_v, The bars are back for nm-applet :)15:13
dashuaNo more circles, eh?15:13
mac_vdashua: the nm icons were not Dan's idea15:13
mac_vhe didnt like them15:13
mac_vdashua: as i said earlier ,they dont match the rest of the icons which are crisp , Dan felt the same too , before i could even mention it he had them changed ;)15:14
dashuaYeah, after you mentioned that I noticed it.15:15
mac_vdashua: the funny thing is , i had done a very similar icons as those but did not show Dan , because they didnt match the theme15:16
dashuaI need to talk to Cory about getting those into Breathe, so much nicer15:16
dashuaOr something similar15:16
SiDimac_v: shouldnt audio-volume-muted show a little 'muted' cross ?15:16
mac_vyeah my thoughts exactly,15:17
mac_vSiDi: have to discuss it first15:17
mac_vthanks for reminding, i had been meaning to change that for 2 days :)15:18
mac_vSiDi: ^15:19
SiDidiscuss it with kwwii ? :P15:20
* mac_v wonders why SiDi thinks kwwii is the author15:20
SiDikwwii is the main author of Humanity, right ?15:20
SiDibut i understood you're the author of these sexy icons, mac_v :P15:21
SiDioh ?15:21
SiDiwhy is it in his PPA then ? :/15:21
mac_vSiDi: for testing ,15:21
mac_vSiDi: Daniel Fore , you could have just checked the lp15:22
SiDisorry for that confusion :P15:22
mac_vSiDi: we have been discussing this right under you nose in ayatana and you never knew it ,   it was so funny the other day when you kept asking kwwii15:23
SiDimac_v: you're evil :D15:23
mac_vdashua:GtkButton      ::focus-line-width  = 015:36
mac_vtry adding that and check out how it looks^15:36
SiDimac_v: oh you icon expert15:36
SiDiwhere are these wireless icons from ?15:36
mac_vSiDi: thats kwwii/mat_t15:36
mac_vSiDi: why the doubt?15:37
SiDiWhat do you mean by doubt  ?/P15:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about theming15:58
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI15:58
mac_vSiDi: wondered why you asked about the notify-osd icons...?15:58
SiDimac_v: i just didnt manage to find these in any theme15:59
SiDii know usually the design document is modified by mat15:59
SiDibut i was wondering if you'd know which version of which theme these icons are in15:59
mac_vSiDi: it is in Human15:59
SiDiin karmic ? :p15:59
mac_vSiDi: oh those...! those were the initial designs... i think macSlow will has them16:00
wersIf you like the humanity icon theme, i recommend checking out Erectus. Very complete, human-ish, and tango-compliant http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Erectus?content=10025416:01
mac_vSiDi: *i think macslow has them16:01
mac_vhe uses them in his screencasts16:01
mrdoobthoughts anyone?16:44
mac_vmrdoob: is that your handy work? looking good :)16:46
mrdoobhandy work?16:46
mrdoobI was trying to make it more simple :)16:46
mrdoobless borders16:47
mrdoobyou know16:47
mac_vhow was it previous;y , i remember it without the explanations , is that alpha 5?16:47
mrdoobtop of the page = old16:47
mrdoobbottom of the page = new16:47
mrdoobI mean..16:47
mrdoobtop of the page = current16:48
mac_vhehe , gotcha16:48
mrdoobbottom of the page = my suggestion16:48
mac_vmrdoob: have you tried to contact the guys?16:48
mrdoobwhich guys?16:48
mac_vwho are doing the slideshow16:48
mrdoobno idea who it is doing it :)16:48
mrdoobthat's the main problem I'm finding while trying to contribute16:49
mac_vmrdoob: wait let me get you the link16:49
mrdoobdid MadsRH did that one?16:51
SiDiMadsRH did the look of the current slideshow16:53
SiDii remember helping him with css16:53
SiDii think there is a ubuntu-slideshow lp project16:53
mrdoobok, I'll ping him then16:53
mrdoobthanks SiDi16:59
dashuamac_v, Ok, I had it, then reverted17:00
dashuawers, Erectus is ok, Breathe combined with Humanity still makes the best set IMHO17:05
wersdashua, breath looks good but I still prefer Erectus because it fits the rest of the desktop. i know that trying to get the oxygen look is great but it will take a while before it oxygen-ize the whole desktop17:07
wersit will always lack visual consistency because apps will always follow tango guidelines17:07
wersas for Humanity, it's not really tango as well. i guess, it fits the preference of many users because of its modern look but for a larger audience (official themes for release), i prefer tango compliant ones17:09
dashuaTrue, there are some inconsistencies but still is or was in  active development17:09
dashuamac_v, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/23853/screenshot_016_zcoidW.png17:10
wersyep. it's in very active development. it's nice to see where it is heading but before it completely changes every tango icon on the gnome desktop, they're not really for production imho17:10
dashuaI don't like this focus and was a serious area of contention for the Human theme in Jaunty17:10
mac_vdashua: hmmm.. i didnt understand?17:11
wersdashua, which focus? the one on check buttons?17:11
mac_vdashua: i *hated* the lines around them , that was one of the reasons i was hunting for the focus17:12
dashuamac_v, I like the effect it has on the button itself but it does some ugly things elsewhere17:12
dashuaI just remember it being a big issue in Human with the murrine engine17:13
mac_vhehe i thought it was better ;p17:13
dashuaCimi, fixed it right before release17:13
mac_vdashua: or try this> GtkButton      ::interior-focus      = 017:13
mac_vremove the previous line and try this one^17:14
wersi think, it would help if the focus is more pronounced. the solution could be keeping the lines or darkening the highlight17:15
dashuamac_v, I messed with all of the options and could not come to a reasonable compromise17:16
mac_vhehe ;p17:16
dashuamac_v, SiDi_, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/23855/screenshot_017_nn1xHq.png17:23
dashuaLook better than the previous insensitive?17:23
mac_vlooks better , :)17:24
mac_vdashua: which are the lines you adjusted?17:24
dashuaThe fg[INSENSITIVE]  for dark17:24
mac_vmrdoob: you need to get in touch with the ubiquity-slideshow mailing list...17:24
SiDi_yes dashua17:24
SiDi_much easier to read17:24
dashuaIt matches more along with the metacity17:25
dashuaOk cool, I thought so too :)17:25
SiDi_but i think you should try to make the saturation identical to the one of the icons dashua17:25
SiDi_ie. more grey17:25
mac_vno , its nice now :)17:25
dashuaSiDi_, icons should be the same as before17:26
dashuaGrey or brown, whatcha think?17:27
mac_vfor which?17:27
dashuafg[INSENSITIVE] for dark17:27
mac_vdashua: give the current full value you are using  , let me test it out17:28
dashuafg[INSENSITIVE]   = "#664E30"17:28
dashuaThis is against the brown pixmap toolbar as well17:29
mac_vdashua: hmm... i think you have adjusted something else as well , its not the same for me as the screenshot17:30
mac_vdashua: could you push to branch17:31
dashuaThere is SiDi_'s recommendation17:31
dashuaSure, grey or brown?17:31
dashuaOut of the two last screenies17:32
mac_vhehe , i must say SiDi_ is always right17:32
dashuaYeah, he is =/17:32
dashuaOk one sec17:32
SiDi_mac_v: dashua <317:33
mac_vi imagined grey= lightgrey!17:34
SiDi_with grey it is as easy to read but brings less the attention, making it more clear that its insensitive ;p17:34
dashuaThanks for the input17:34
SiDi_you're welcome17:34
mac_vdashua: what else is easier than input ;p17:34
dashuaYou think that would look good on the unfocused metacity?17:34
dashuaBrown now17:34
mac_vlet me check17:35
dashuaLet me test17:35
mac_vdashua: the humanity battery icons are fixed \o/17:36
dashuaThat does look nice17:36
dashuamac_v, Sweet17:36
dashuaI uninstalled g-p-m17:36
dashuaMonitor would not sleep with it installed17:37
mac_vhmm... you can use $xset s 30017:37
mac_vthat will solve it or17:37
dashuaYeah, I never had to that before17:37
dashuaSomething has changed17:37
mac_vdashua: that is not a gpm problem ,it is actually xorg problem17:38
mac_vthe two just keep getting confused :/17:38
mac_veach thinks the other is working!17:38
dashuaYeah, but the patches were sent upstream for the xorg-xserver and they still do not work17:38
dashuaI thought they were pushed to Karmic17:38
mac_vno they havent fixed xorg yet17:39
mac_vdashua: only gpm is fixed and the screensaver works fine now , no problems there17:39
dashuaI just get a black blank screen that is not asleep17:40
mac_vnow the screen does go to sleep also.17:40
dashuaHrm ok, I don't really need g-p-m or haven't missed it thus far17:41
mac_vhave you tried locking the screen?17:41
dashuaI wish it would work though17:41
dashuaNo, I didn't try that17:41
dashuaWorks fine on my netbook where I do need it to work17:41
dashuamac_v, Alright, lots of nice enhancements pushed to trunk17:42
dashuaNow, I will mess the button icons17:42
dashuaYou guys are making this a killer theme :)17:42
* dashua --> Lunch17:46
dashuaFeel like MacSlow now ;)17:46
SiDi_dashua: /away /back17:51
SiDi_thanks :P17:51
mac_vphew... i feel much better after fixing the gpm icon problem! \o/ that drove me crazy18:01
SiDi_you ARE crazy18:05
mrdoobAnother version...18:39
mac_vmrdoob: the forums is not a good place for the mockups :( , it wont reach the devs18:48
mrdoobYeah I can imagine, but I find the mailing lists tedious :(18:49
mrdoobmaybe with a bit of luck18:49
mrdoobsomeone will repost on their list18:49
mac_vif you are willing to contact the ML , alone any time spent is useful , else its just for your timepass18:49
mrdoobI pinged MadsRH, he'll consider it if he likes it18:50
mrdoobbetter than subscribing to a ML, posting and unsubscribing18:51
mac_vmrdoob: did madsRh do the first one?18:51
mrdoobas far as I know, yes18:52
mac_vmrdoob: man , you are lazier than me ;p18:53
mrdoobdoing the bootscreen18:55
mrdoobI was told I should contact macslow18:55
mrdoobso he could let me know about the limitations18:55
mrdoobhe never replied18:55
mrdoobthe whole workflow is random18:55
mac_vmrdoob: i told you!18:55
mrdoobyou told me he'll never reply?18:55
mrdoobor to contact him?18:56
mac_vmrdoob: people dont reply to mails unless they know who you are18:56
mrdoobI do :P18:56
mrdooboh well18:56
mrdoobbad luck18:56
mac_vu need to understand though you mean well , there are several who just spam!18:56
knomegood evening18:56
mac_vsince the email id in on the lp page18:56
mac_vknome: hola  ;)18:57
knomehello mac_v18:57
mrdoobyeah I understand that18:57
mrdoobbut you know, I was linking to my work18:57
knomemac_v, is your nick pronounced like mac(gy)v(er)18:57
mac_vknome: hows the wallpaper coming?18:57
mrdoobI was kind of saying who I was, but well18:57
knomestill http://emonk.fi/open/xubuntu/9.10/Mockups/06-hires.png18:58
mrdoobIt'll last whatever it'll last18:58
mac_vknome: nope , it was an old one , it was supposed to mean mach 518:58
knomebut should the v be a capital V in that case? :)18:58
=== mac_v is now known as mac_V
mac_Vbetter? ;)18:59
knomehehe yup ;)18:59
knomethe romans had no "U" because it would have been too hard to write on a stone so it became just "V"18:59
mac_Vinteresting ... hm..19:00
mac_Vyeah... thinking about it.... all the roman numerals are just scratches19:01
mac_Vknome: hehe finally i ended making wireless icons for humanity ;p19:02
knomeit's really intelligent otherwise as well as it uses minimum possible characters :P19:02
knomei still haven't looked at humanity properly19:02
knomei should19:02
mac_Vbzr branch lp:humanity19:02
knomei know19:03
knomei am not home right now19:03
mac_Vthe icon set is awesome , but i'v only done the panel icons19:03
knomeyeah, SiDi is talking about it all the time19:04
mac_Vthe funny thing was until today he didnt know who made them19:04
mac_Vhe kept constantly asking kwwii "you are the author of humanity, right?"19:04
knomehe definitely is a funny guy19:04
mac_Vkwwii never replied19:04
mac_Veven worse was i was discussing the icons constantly in #ayatana with Daniel and SiDi_ was ther so many times19:05
mac_Vhe just never realized it ;p19:05
knomeSiDi, you are dumb!19:05
mrdoobbye people19:06
mac_Vmrdoob: bye19:06
mac_Vmrdoob: contact madsRH19:06
mac_Vdamn it SiDi missed all the trash we talked about him!19:07
mac_Vhis stupid connection!19:07
knomei can repeat it to him tonight19:08
mac_Vlullaby ? ;p19:08
* SiDi goes get angry kitten launcher19:08
mac_Vwhere is kwwii ?19:09
knomeSiDi, my mother now has a cat here19:09
mac_Vmissing his bot19:09
knomeSiDi, let me remind you, the cat is totally scared of me *buahaha*19:09
* SiDi goes get his angry t-rex launcher19:10
* SiDi pms cody-somerville to ask him to upload a BROWN theme for Xubuntu !19:10
knomei've never heard of an alive t-rex :P19:10
SiDiyou can be angry AND dead19:10
knomeSiDi, hah, cody wouldn't do that ;)19:10
knomeSiDi, on the other hand, if he did, he'd know i'd bug him EVERY day about BZR and stuff ;)19:11
knomeand he's scared of *that*19:11
SiDiyou'd have an heart attack19:11
SiDiin green + fuschia19:11
SiDithat'd kill you19:11
knomeno, i'd just change my distro19:12
knomeand the all lot of you would cry :P19:12
knomeespecially you;)19:12
knome(i wouldn't be telling you about new bands anymore :P)19:13
SiDii'll paint your house in PINKthen19:14
SiDiha !19:14
SiDiand i'll broadcast some R&B music in your living room !19:14
knomer&b is not bad19:15
knomeand our white walls acutally need some color19:15
knomeyou see, there's no way to hurt me ;)19:15
knomei'm so open to new things19:15
=== mac_V is now known as mac_v
SiDimac_v: Celeste has actually not commented the feature itself :P19:52
mac_vSiDi: i have recieved personal mail from her!19:53
SiDiaw ! :P19:53
mac_vSiDi: the mailman is slow , so you might not have recieved it19:56
mac_vSiDi: the volume mute has been edited20:19
SiDimac_v: it lacks a cross :d20:21
mac_vyup , no cross ;p20:21
mac_v*every* theme does that!20:22
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