sistpotyHi, I assume you can't tell me the if kmos (n=gothicx@unaffiliated/kmos) (as on freenode) matches fanuc98!*fanuc98@adsl-99-152-0-45.dsl.rcfril.sbcglobal.net? (as on oftc)? I have some suspicion there...01:44
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geniiIs an email "declined for membership in the team Ubuntu IRC operator team" anything to worry over if I'm already an op ?20:01
erUSULgenii: dunno i'm not an op and i have received the same email (and i never applied for the position) ;P20:03
erUSULsome launchpad hiccup ?20:04
geniiJust wondering if I'll suddenly get devoiced and booted from -ops, taken off access lists, etc without knowing what the hell is going on20:04
nikojussi01: ping20:05
erUSULgenii: that's not possible or shouldn't be possible XD20:06
geniierUSUL: OK, thanks20:06
erUSULniko: you received the same mail ?20:06
nikono erUSUL20:07
geniiIs this a no-idle zone?20:07
nikogenii: no :)20:07
nikoif it's the case, we have to close the channel :)20:08
geniiSo mostly there is where the LoCo ops are?20:13
m4vI understood it as the channel for the ops of the ubuntu channels in irc network20:15
m4v...in the irc network*20:16
PriceyHey Mez?22:35
PriceyMez: Was just asking what hte real questino was, together with saying hey! :22:36
MezPricey: /topic = international.22:37
Nafallothe topic is international.22:37
Nafallogot it.22:37
MezSurely with the new "rules" this isn't just international, but for any / all ops22:37
PiciMez: And why doesnt international define that?23:53

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