wolfethe scalies would all start using ubuntu for the name, heh00:00
sistpotyRainCT: I could try with fdupes for the moment... but not today though00:00
* RainCT decides to do something productive and starts preparing the gnome-voice-control 0.3 package00:03
RainCT(well, if that can be considered productive :D)00:04
sistpotygo, fix some bugs :P00:04
sistpotybdrung: mind to update recommends of audacity due to ffmpeg transition from *-unstripped-* to *-extra-*?00:10
sistpotysuperm1: same for mythexport... ^^00:11
prefrontalsistpoty my vm has libglu1-mesa-dev and libglu1-xorg-dev00:12
sistpotyprefrontal: than compare that to pbuilder?00:13
sistpotyprefrontal: I assume only one of the two is getting drawn in00:14
prefrontalthere is only one file in that package, and it is irrelevant.. http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/all/libglu1-xorg-dev/filelist00:15
prefrontaloh, it depends on the mesa version.00:15
prefrontali don't get all this mesa stuff - mesa is a software implementation of opengl... i suppose everything that needs opengl compiles against mesa, but then the actual implementation is provided by whatever opengl library is loaded into memory at runtime?00:16
bdrungsistpoty: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/audacity.git;a=commitdiff;h=a2700651beb136c291d0852a6ab6c4d5faa8feaf and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/audacity/+bug/42380100:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 423801 in audacity "Sync audacity 1.3.9-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New]00:16
sistpotybdrung: oh, nice, thanks!00:18
bdrungsistpoty: bug #423845 needs to be fixed before the sync00:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423845 in wxwidgets "conflict with glib 2.21 in GSocket" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42384500:20
sistpotybdrung: yep, just read it... I'll eventually upload this, but I guess not before tomorrow (since I don't want to look at wx being tired)00:21
LaserJockkinda quiet around here, everybody off for the weekend?00:47
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sistpotyhey LaserJock00:49
sistpotyLaserJock: how are you?00:49
LaserJocksistpoty: hi! doing pretty good00:50
sistpotyLaserJock: cool! Dr. Laserjock ;)00:51
LaserJockI finished my PhD, got a job near Boston, and moved clear across the US (3,500 miles), all in ~ 1 month00:51
sistpotyLaserJock: have you heard, that we (as in motu-release) would like to see you as a delegate for edubuntu again?00:52
LaserJockah, I did see that email. I was going to reply, but got a little side-tracked00:52
LaserJockI think I'm fine with doing that00:52
sistpotycool, excellent :)00:53
LaserJockI'm not sure yet how involved I'm going to be given my job, but I think I can do the delegation OK00:53
LaserJockI'd even like to get back into MOTU a bit if I can00:53
sistpotyand now, where are you're working at?00:53
LaserJockI'm a bit rusty with all the policies00:54
LaserJockI'm working at the Air Force Research Laboratory00:54
LaserJockat the Hanscom Air Force Base00:54
LaserJockI'm sort of officially a rocket scientist now ;-)00:54
sistpotywoohoo... I assume I mustn't ask further then :P00:54
LaserJockI'm honestly not sure how much I can and can't say00:55
LaserJockit's nothing secret, but you never know with these military types :-)00:55
sistpotyare you involved in these stargate missions, LaserJock? :P00:55
LaserJockI'm in space vehicles00:56
LaserJockno stargates for me00:56
LaserJockI'm just a chemist00:56
sistpoty:( *g*00:56
sistpotythat's what they all say *g*00:56
LaserJockof course ;-)00:56
LaserJockthe paperwork is tremendous00:57
sistpotyoh boy00:57
LaserJockI'm really starting to wonder how the military can possibly *do* anything00:57
LaserJocktook me almost a month to get the badge to get on the base00:58
LaserJockI still don't have official computer access00:58
LaserJockand I *have* to run windows :(00:58
RainCTAnd I thought the military is something serious.. :P00:58
LaserJockI wondered what would happen if I reformated one of there computers and put Ubuntu on it00:59
LaserJockI'd probably go to the firing squad :-)00:59
sistpotyor they wouldn't notice if you use kde :P01:00
LaserJockeven worse than Windows is I have to use Outlook01:01
LaserJockso, how is MOTU handling the archive reorganization?01:07
sistpotywell, it's not there yet01:08
sistpotybut afaik many MOTUs have voted to be generalists... I can only speculate what that means for archive reorg01:09
LaserJockthat should give them all-but-seeded-packages upload access I'd think01:11
RainCTdyfet`: Uhm.. I can't get 0.3 to build. The version from SVN (which has recent changes, unlike 0.3 which is from 2007) works though01:32
RainCT(well, the recognition accuracy is *awful*, but I guess I need to tweak my settings a bit more)01:33
RainCT(uhm.. if I shout it gets better :P)01:34
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trip0my package has multiple .so library files.  what's the right way to specify 'version' and 'major' for them?02:57
trip0in the rules file...02:57
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rippsHello, I'm the maintainer of the gmpc-trunk ppa, and I was wondering if it would be possible to give gmpc-0.19 a freeze exception? It's gonna be released in a week or two and I was wondering how likely it was.04:31
ScottKripps: As long as it's well tested and seems reasonable, it's quite possible.  We're fairly early in feature freeze at this point.  No guarantees.04:36
rippsWell, the version to be released should be pretty similar to the git version in my ppa. It's been in freeze for about 2 weeks and I've heard very little problems with it.04:37
ScottKThen I'd suggest file for an FFe after the release and we'll look at it.04:42
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_theWarriorhello everyone06:00
_theWarriori want to get involved in the ubuntu pkg management and got to know about motu through one of my friends...i would like to know about the basic knowledge one should have to get involved and the minimum amount of time one is supposed to spend for that, I can spend 6/8 hrs per week...06:02
ScottKYou can spend as little or as much as you want.06:03
_theWarriorScottK, thank you...can you provide me some links to get started my self with the basic knowledge....i've partially gone through the ubuntu motu wiki pages....06:05
ScottKThat's the best place to start.06:05
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment06:05
ScottK_theWarrior: ^^06:05
RoAkSoAxScottK, let me ask you something.. don't you ever sleep?? :)06:06
_theWarriorthank you, ScottK06:07
ScottKRoAkSoAx: I do every now and then.06:07
RoAkSoAxScottK, I always see you around... :)06:07
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LLStarkswe have a serious packaging problem for python-zope-interface10:30
LLStarksother packages like python-lazr-restfulclient are looking for it10:30
LLStarksbut the actual package is python-zope.interface10:30
geserpython-zope-interface is provided by python-zopeinterface (main)10:34
geserbut there is also a python-zope.interface in universe10:34
hyperairpython-zope.interface should provide python-zope-interface as well, imo10:36
hyperairor not. maybe it's the other way round.. packages should be depending on python-zopeinterface rather than python-zope-interface10:37
geserI don't know the current (and future) naming policy for the zope.* packages so can't tell which package should depend on what name10:38
geserbut I guess the zope.* names are the current one10:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 424751 in zope.interface "python-zope.interface package is sometimes mistakenly called python-zope-interface" [Undecided,New]10:39
LLStarkshere's the bug10:39
LLStarkspython-apport has been un-updateable for over a week10:39
LLStarksunless you use python-zopeinterface10:40
geserwhat error do you get exactly as the bug doesn't mention it10:40
geserI had no problem to upgrade python-launchpadlib10:41
LLStarksno error10:41
LLStarkspython-apport can't be updated10:41
LLStarksignore the url labeling of python-launchpadlib10:41
LLStarkshere: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/42475110:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 424751 in zope.interface "python-zope.interface package is sometimes mistakenly called python-zope-interface" [Undecided,New]10:42
LLStarkspython-zope.interface dependency is sometimes mistakenly called python-zope-interface10:42
geserwhat happens if you try it?10:42
LLStarkstry what? using python-zopeinterface?10:43
LLStarksit'll upgrade.10:43
LLStarksthe python-apport package10:43
geserupgrading python-apport10:43
LLStarksyeah, but it was stuck for over a week10:43
LLStarksversion stuck10:43
LLStarksand this was a fresh install10:43
geserI still don't understand the actual problem you have10:44
LLStarkspython-apport updates were held back10:44
LLStarksbecause of the python-zope-interface conflict10:44
LLStarkslaunchpadlib, restfulclient, and the like were also affected10:45
LLStarksif i tried to update python-apport, it would throw a conflict in those packages10:45
geserah, you have python-zope.interface installed because an other package needed it?10:45
LLStarksthat's how the alphas were shipped10:46
LLStarkswith a broken zope-interface setup10:46
gesercan't believe it10:46
LLStarksthe error cascade in synaptic was like this10:46
LLStarkspython-apport > launchpadlib > restfulclient > zope.interface10:47
geserI've tried installing python-apport in my karmic pbuilder and it worked fine10:47
LLStarkswe'll your setup is lying10:47
LLStarksi had to uninstall python-zope.interface and install python-zopeinterface to upgrade python-apport10:48
LLStarksand python-zope.interface was installed by default.10:48
kwadronauti know about the karmic freeze, but i couldn't find the answer: upstream released a security fix (+other bugfixes), would it be ok to bump the package?10:49
geserthat would be an interesting error as python-zope.interface is in universe10:49
kwadronautor does it require a debdiff and only fix the security issue?10:49
LLStarkswell, that's how it was10:49
geserkwadronaut: it's still possible to upgrade the package, and given that it's only bug-fixes no feature freeze exception is needed (but check the changes if that's the case)10:50
LLStarksearlier this week i fresh-installed from my jaunty liveusb and reupgraded to karmic since usb-creator was busted as of a few days ago due to an inability to use iso files with the new devicekit backend.10:50
geserwhich alpha do you use?10:51
LLStarksupgrade-manager -d10:51
LLStarkspython-apport was never upgraded10:51
LLStarksor it was, but a lesser version10:52
LLStarksand then version-locked10:52
LLStarksat 1.5-0ubuntu210:53
geserwhich alpha did you test to get this problem as I don't have it on my system (the python-zope-interface one)?10:53
LLStarkswhat do you mean?10:53
kwadronautgeser: thanks for the info. I'm not the maintainer of the package in question though, could you point me to documentation on how to proceed?10:54
LLStarksi went from jaunty release to karmic current10:54
kwadronauti could package it, but where should i dump it then..10:54
LLStarksi've been using karmic for months though10:54
LLStarksi did a reinstall last week10:54
geserkwadronaut: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/PackageUpdate should be a good start10:55
geserLLStarks: just I understand it correctly: you did a fresh install of jaunty and upgraded it to karmic?10:56
LLStarksusb-creator was busted10:57
LLStarksand it still is10:57
geserand after the upgrade from jaunty to karmic you had python-zope.interface installed (instead of python-zope-interface)?10:59
geserI assume some of the upgraded packages pulled it in through recommends11:01
LLStarksi don't know11:04
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LLStarksgeser, unrelated note. why is gparted default for live but optional for install?11:11
gesersorry don't know11:13
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christoph_debianheya all! I don't need a FFe for a new debian/ubunt revision? would it be possible to sync linux-libertine -2 or -3 from debian to fix lp bugs 421550 200204 ? If so I'll fill a sync request after rebuilding on karmic11:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421550 in linux-libertine "[Karmic] Linux Libertine fonts wrongly defined/set up" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42155011:42
sebnerchristoph_debian: shouldn't need a FFe since it's -2 and -311:43
sebnerchristoph_debian: yeah, doesn't need a FFe, just checked11:44
christoph_debianok just filling a sync request then11:45
christoph_debian-3 is a maintainer change so -2 would be ideal but I doubt you can sync something that is no longer in unstable11:47
christoph_debianand it won't hurt11:48
sebnerchristoph_debian: syncs get the newest version automatically11:49
christoph_debianjep it's not a problem anyway I think11:53
christoph_debiansebner: done 42477211:59
sebnerchristoph_debian: ACKed, if the sync is processed and really fixes the issue please close the specific bug report12:23
christoph_debiansure :) thanks12:24
sebnerwelcome :)12:24
geseranyone from ~motu-release around?12:48
AnAntseems that Debian is considering to use upstart :)12:48
* christoph_debian wants to see all the flames on d-devel@12:49
AnAntflames ?12:50
geseriulian, nhandler, ScottK, vorian: do I need a FFe for this http://paste.ubuntu.com/265525/ ?12:51
c_kornis there a way to find the build dependencies for a python package ? like checking the configure.ac for autoconf based build systems ?12:53
mzzassuming distutils: anything setup.py imports needs to be there at build time (recursively)12:54
mzzI don't know of a convenient way to check for that (grep isn't all that convenient but may suffice)12:54
mzzoh, and also any -dev packages it needs if it builds extensions12:55
mzz(again setup.py is where you'd look for those)12:56
c_kornmzz: ok, thanks.12:58
doctormoHey, if there is an up to date package in debian, what's the best way to a) check to see what version is in karmic and b) pull from debian to upload to my own ppa for ubuntu?13:03
kwadronautor maybe you should request a sync?13:04
AnAntdoctormo: rmadison -u debian <source package name>13:08
doctormoAnAnt: does that work for ubuntu too?13:10
doctormokwadronaut: Can I have a sync please?13:10
AnAntdoctormo: oh, if you want to check the latest in ubuntu, just drop the '-u debian'13:10
doctormoGreat, looks up to date in karmic, job done13:11
AnAntdoctormo: the only way that I know for pulling from debian, is find the package on packages.debian.org, then dget <url of dsc file>13:11
doctormoAnAnt: Yes that sounds familar13:12
AnAntdoctormo: maybe there's something better in devscripts13:13
porthoseubuntu-dev-tools  'pull-debian-source <package name>"13:14
AnAntporthose: thanks !13:16
porthosenp you can also pull-lp-source :)13:16
iuliangeser: Yes, because of strip_versions.  Please file a bug if you didn't already and subscribe motu-release.  As far as I can see, a few vulnerabilities have been fixed. You'll surely get an exception.13:17
iuliangeser: Please ping me with the bug # and I'll ack it.13:17
iulianWho is Artur Rona?13:36
iuliani.e. what is his nickname?13:38
ScottKgeser: +1 from me based on the changelog (feel free to put that in the bug when you write it).13:50
randomactioniulian: https://launchpad.net/~ari-tczew13:59
moldywhile trying to upload to my ppa, i am having trouble with his error: File <UPLOADED_FILE> already exists in <LOCATION>, but uploaded version has different contents.14:00
zookoGood morning, folks! (UTC-6)14:01
moldyhey zooko14:16
geseriulian, ScottK: bug #42482014:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424820 in zodb "[FFe] Update zodb to 1:3.8.3-1 from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42482014:19
iuliangeser: Approved.14:21
c_kornif a python package based on setuptools as build system does not have --prefix or --destdir support is it better to patch the setup script to support those arguments or to just install everything manually using the install files in the debian directory ?14:40
POXc_korn: --root is DESTDIR equivalent and --prefix for PREFIX14:43
POXc_korn: ./setup.py --help install14:45
c_korn--root is also not known: python setup.py --root=$(CURDIR)/debian/python-tpprotolib install this gives: "error: option --root not recognized"14:45
iulianRainCT: Could you please take another look at python-zfec (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/zfec) and advocate if OK?  My knowledge about Python packaging is at a low level, unfortunately.14:45
POXc_korn: you're missing "install"14:45
POXtake a look at random DPMT / PAPT package14:45
c_kornPOX: oh, the order of the arguments are important: I did "setup.py --root=$(CURDIR)/debian/python-tpprotolib install" instead of "setup.py install --root=$(CURDIR)/debian/python-tpprotolib"14:47
c_kornPOX: thank you.14:47
RainCTiulian: Sure. Why is it still on REVU though, was it rejected?14:48
RainCTah I see14:48
POXRainCT: force iulian to do it via DPMT (zooko will be happy :)14:50
loic-mbtw, RainCT, shouldn't gnome-scan be removed from REVU/Needs Work?14:53
loic-mIt's been renamed as gnomescan and the version uploaded is in Karmic now14:54
RainCTloic-m: yeah, archived it14:54
loic-mthanks RainCT14:56
RainCTiulian: Looks good to me.14:56
RainCTiulian: If you're in reviewer mood, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/pocketsphinx is looking for reviews :).   (there's a pending FFe for it)14:58
iulianRainCT: OK, thank you.  I'll take a look at pocketsphinx later on.15:15
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moldyargh argh argh, launchpad is driving me crazy16:24
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pace_t_zuluhey guys ... is it too late to sync a package from squeeze?18:52
Laneydepends what for18:54
pace_t_zulukarmic version is 2009.07.22-179896-218:55
pace_t_zulusqueeze version is 2009.08.24-187411-118:56
pace_t_zulushould i file a bug?18:56
Laneydepends for what reason18:57
pace_t_zulunew version?18:57
geserwe are in Feature Freeze18:57
geserso you should have a better reason than just "new version", e.g. important bug fixes, security fixes, etc.18:58
pace_t_zulugeser, i'll build the new version and put it on my ppa... see if it fixes some issues i'm experiencing19:14
pace_t_zuluLaney and geser, ty19:14
pace_t_zuluis there a problem with debian's git repository?19:38
DktrKranzpace_t_zulu: that package has been moved, http://git.debian-maintainers.org/?p=vmware/open-vm-tools.git19:40
pace_t_zuluDktrKranz: ty ... would be nice if that had been noted19:41
DktrKranzIt has been in recent upload in Debian, I guess it hasn't been synced in Ubuntu yet19:41
pace_t_zuluwould that be a reason to sync with the squeeze version for karmic? to prevent confusion?19:48
pochupace_t_zulu: no, you gotta check if the new version introduces new features, and if so you need an exception19:53
pace_t_zulupochu: ty19:54
pochupace_t_zulu: see if there's an upstream ChangeLog or NEWS file and see what changed19:54
pace_t_zulupochu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/265702/ ... the NEWS file19:56
DktrKranzpace_t_zulu: it seems it provides some new features, so an exception is required. See wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess19:59
pace_t_zulupochu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/265704/ ... the ChangeLog file19:59
pace_t_zuluDktrKranz: ty19:59
dhillon-v101hi everyone20:17
pace_t_zuluhi dhillon-v10120:18
dhillon-v101pace_t_zulu: how are you20:18
pace_t_zuludhillon-v101: ok... trying to work out an issue where my karmic VM doesn't sync with the host20:19
pace_t_zuluthink a bug report might be in order20:19
dhillon-v101pace_t_zulu: ah, I am new to this place but I have read about MOTU20:19
pace_t_zuludhillon-v101: welcome... ubuntu is a great community20:20
pace_t_zulumuch friendlier than freebsd or opensolaris... in my experience20:20
dhillon-v101pace_t_zulu: oh I have been working with the ubuntu-doc team for a while now and yah it is really friendly20:20
dhillon-v101pace_t_zulu: can you get me started here20:21
dhillon-v101pace_t_zulu: are you there20:31
pace_t_zuludhillon-v101: yes20:31
pace_t_zuludhillon-v101: sorry... didn't see your last msg20:31
dhillon-v101pace_t_zulu: that's okay so can you get me started20:32
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pace_t_zuludhillon-v101: sure... here is an excellent video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyEl3w7SFK420:32
dhillon-v101I have seen those before20:33
pace_t_zuludhillon-v101: and here is a good wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted20:33
pace_t_zuludhillon-v101: i'm not a motu btw20:33
dhillon-v101alright I will look at it20:33
dhillon-v101so how can I help here20:33
pace_t_zuludhillon-v101: if you figure that out... let me know... i'm still trying to work that out myself20:34
ScottKIt depends a lot on what your interests and experience are.20:34
ScottKLucidFox: I have what I think is a qconf problem and I see your name in the copyright for the script in question.  I'd appreciate a spot of help if you are willing?20:37
LucidFoxScottK> That's weird... I'm not an author of qconf20:39
ScottKLucidFox: You show up in the qink qconf scripts.20:39
LucidFoxOr perhaps it is qink?20:39
ScottKIt is20:39
LucidFoxYes, right :)20:39
LucidFoxI wrote that20:39
ScottKAh.  Perhaps you could look at why it can't find liblinklevel on several archs.20:40
ScottKLucidFox: I built it in my PPA with dephelper in verbose mode.  Here's the log for amd64: https://launchpad.net/~kitterman/+archive/ppa/+build/1204291/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-amd64.qink_0.3.5-2build1+ppa2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:40
ScottKCurrently libinklevel4 is NBS and the build failures are blocking it from being removed from the archive.20:41
ScottKMy guess from the other archs is that if configure would succeed then the builds would work.20:42
LucidFoxTo be frank, perhaps it would be better to remove qink. I stopped developing it, and there are better alternatives.20:44
LucidFoxSuch as inq.20:44
ScottKIf it's dead upstream, that's a reasonable position.20:47
LucidFoxI am upstream. :)20:48
ScottKRight, so if you think it should be removed, then please file a removal bug.20:50
ScottKYou might also do the same with Debian.20:50
trip0what's the best way to package a qmake based project?20:52
pace_t_zuluany vmware users in here?20:52
runasandpace_t_zulu: yeah20:53
trip0i don't think dh_make understands qmake...20:54
pace_t_zulurunasand: do you use open-vm-tools?20:54
LucidFoxCDBS has a qmake class21:05
LucidFoxbut not qconf21:05
LucidFoxqconf is similar to autoconf in terms of invocation, though21:05
LucidFoxScottK> I'll file the removal request then.21:06
pace_t_zulureporting a bug in debian seems like a pain in the ass21:26
binarymutantpace_t_zulu, it is, unless you use reportbug :D21:27
pace_t_zulubinarymutant: on it21:31
kwadronauthmmm 'Since Debian Policy 3.8.0, embedded code copy are officially not allowed in Debian anymore.[snip] has been discontinued.' is that a problem for ubuntu?21:31
pace_t_zulubinarymutant: who the hell are you anyway :P21:31
AnAntHello, is Rolf Leggewie here ?22:04
ScottKkwadronaut: Yes.  That's a problem for Ubuntu.  We don't like code copies either.22:06
kwadronautScottK: aha. it is gpl 2 code, included in a different package which has other functionality. Should i request removal, or only file a bug against that problem?22:09
ScottKkwadronaut: File a bug.  The ideal would be to teach it to use the external library.22:10
RainCTdidrocks: I guess you already know by now but quickly is failing on postinst here, syntax error in quicklyconfig.py ("__version__ = 0.2.1" is wrong, converting 0.2.1 into a string fixes it)22:10
didrocksRainCT: yes, 0.2.2 is now released :)22:11
didrocksRainCT: I got catch by some automation that replaces variables during executing setup.py :/22:11
kwadronautScottK: thanks. That would mean writing an external library :-/22:11
ScottKkwadronaut: Well what's the code a copy from?22:11
ScottKIf there are two packages with copies of the same code, then it should be split out and they should both use it.22:12
kwadronautScottK: that's not likely to happen. it's about silc-client and irssi.22:13
ScottKWell file the bug anyway.  Maybe someone will get motiviate.22:14
AnAntwhat is "embedded code copy" ?22:19
kwadronautAnAnt: i think it refers to the chapter of convenience copies of code22:38
kwadronaut(referring to debian-policy)22:39
AnAntoh, I found it22:40
AnAntkwadronaut: thanks22:40
AnAntok, let's say that there are two packages: covered & verilog22:41
AnAntboth packages have those files in their source: lxt2_read.c & lxt2_write.c22:41
AnAntis that too a problem ?22:41
kwadronauti'm not the right person to judge that, i'm just a simple user22:43
AnAntam I supposed to put up with this sort of conduct (even if I had done a mistake) LP 375148 ?22:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375148 in sl-modem "no more /dev/ttySL0 device node" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37514822:47
AnAntam I asking in the proper channel ?22:48
* ScottK looks22:48
ScottKAnAnt: I made a comment in the bug.23:03
AnAntsuperm1: Hello, dkms in jaunty used to accept pushd & popd, and not work with cd, yet in karmic it is the opposite. Why's that  ? I tried to figure out from the changelog if there is any mention of it, but there wasn't23:05
AnAntok, it's late here23:23

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