BUGabundoasac: seems we need some udev love : http://code.google.com/p/proxoid/wiki/installationLinux01:32
BUGabundoasac: manage to proxy my internet via my !android over USB with http://code.google.com/p/proxoid01:39
* BUGabundo mv /home/bugabundo /media/bed02:39
B9i wish ur crew would sort it so I can see Tibetan script with my browser of choice, i'm being seduced away by Opera06:35
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ftaasac, the last nmt commit broke the g-o-s target12:17
ftased: -e expression #1, char 9: unterminated `s' command12:17
ftaasac,  sed -e 's/\.\.\./'  <= need another /12:18
asaci tested it ... no.12:21
asaci am not entirely happy how we get the short revision12:21
asac sed -e 's/\.\.\.$//'`;12:22
asachmm ... gues its a double $$12:22
* asac tests12:23
ftaoh, i just watched the logs, not the branch, right $$12:23
ftafor some reason, i broke the summary too12:24
asacmodified debian/rules12:25
asacCommitted revision 111.12:25
asaclet me check all the other branches12:25
asacok the other branches dont have that feature yet12:26
* asac thinks this git logic should go somewhere in cdbs or something12:26
asacwe currently copy the code everywhere12:26
asacwonder if folks wouzld feel offended if i commit this as git.mk ;)12:27
asacguess rather nmt-git.mk so folks can invent their own thing12:27
asacok that explains why nm wasnt uploaded for a few days :/12:28
* asac should read more carefullly the logs12:28
asacfta: hwo about putting in email title. "FAILED"12:28
asacso i know where i should look closer?12:28
ftait's not easy to catch this12:28
ftait doesn't really fail12:28
asacfta: but the upload failed?12:29
ftadid it?12:29
asacyesterday someone wondered why there were no uploads for a few days12:29
asaclet me check12:29
asac6hours ago it worked12:29
asacso what is broken? ;)12:29
ftathe version ends with a .12:30
asachmm ... applet is broken on lpia?12:30
asac libgnome-bluetooth-dev: Depends: libgnome-bluetooth2 (= 2.27.5-1ubuntu1) but it is not installable12:30
asacfta: yeah12:31
asacfta: ok that is not worst case12:31
asacat least something12:31
asacright one ... even from same upstream commit would be higher fortunately12:31
ftahm how are we supposed to upgrade gwibber now? do we need to kill the daemon manually?12:36
asaci think so12:40
asaci think postinst should get  "killall" ;)12:40
asackenvandine: ^^12:40
asacwe also did a "killall nm-system-settings" in nm now for the trunk migration ;)12:41
asacunless tony didnt commit that12:41
asacbut i told him to12:41
asacmaybe gwibber client should do a handshake and if it detects a version mismatch try to kill it once12:43
asacnot sure if gwibber client is ready for NameOwnerChanged though12:43
asacmost likely not ;)12:43
asacalmost all dbus clients dont do it right :/12:44
asacthey always assume the server will never crash/restart12:44
ftaTraceback (most recent call last):12:45
fta  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/gwibber/client.py", line 829, in <lambda>12:45
fta    dialog.connect("response", lambda *a: dialog.hide())12:45
ftaNameError: free variable 'dialog' referenced before assignment in enclosing scope12:45
ftai can't close the About box12:45
asacyou killed the daemon while it was running?12:45
asacor just the about box?12:46
ftano, existed the client, killed the 5 days old daemon, restarted the client12:46
asaci probably used too much glib ;)12:50
asacany hints how to best do lists etc. in plain C without pulling in any lib?12:50
asaci started to write my own minilib just because i couldnt find anything ;)12:51
asacwhich feels like i am doing something wrong ;)12:51
ftanope, i wrote my own too12:54
asacisnt there some public domain cut-and-paste lib somewhere? ;)12:54
ftadonno, i have the probably bad habit to recode everything i need12:55
asacwhat i want is basic datastructures like lists etc.12:55
asacand mainloop12:55
asacwith IO and timeout/idle12:55
asacbetter rewrite than pull-in half of the world ;)12:56
asacits really a problem if you want to provide something tiny that can be wrapped for qt and glib12:58
asacbug 42369413:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423694 in gnome-power-manager "session active, not inhibited, screen idle message" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42369413:00
bdrung_asac: http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/firefox-dev needs an update, doesn't it?13:20
asacgood question13:23
asacprobably yes.13:23
asacthough it was always empty13:23
asacshould at least depend on xulrunner-dev13:23
asacbdrung_: want to add it? :)13:24
asacbtw, i will look at those xpi cleanup merges once i can think clearly again ;)13:24
asacmy head is exploding with this bad cold13:24
bdrung_asac: i thought, it should point to firefox-3.5 instead of firefox-3.0 or is it totally superseeded by xulrunner-dev?13:27
bdrung_get well soon.13:28
ftaasac, i'm not sure upstream with fix chromium for the new zlib bug. they said we are at fault13:35
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/265545/13:36
asacfta: we are at fault? is that code from a patch we carry?13:45
asacdid you talk to mvo?13:47
asacok updated the bug13:49
asacbug 40217813:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402178 in libpciaccess "gzopen64 implicitly converted to pointer" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40217813:49
ftaasac, mvo is not here, i pinged colin in #-devel13:50
ftahe was part of the discussion13:50
ftabut he's not there either13:50
asacfta: he will answer i guess ...13:52
asache seemed to have been in doubt about the patch. so giving him proof might help convince him to take another road ;)13:52
ftain the meantime, i will disable system zlib :P13:53
asacfta: btw, i own the chromium ITP now on debian side13:55
ftai need to restart this damn xchat, sick of it opening epiphany13:55
asacso once i get a stab on the licensing i will try to get a ftpmaster assigned who does the handhelding for getting this punched in13:55
ftafixed, good13:56
asacdoesnt it use gnome-www-browser?13:56
ftaitself calling gnome-open14:01
ftaasac, will the itp mean moving away from bzr?14:04
asacfta: why?14:04
asacin no way14:04
ftai remember the v8 itp sunk after a bzr import debacle14:05
asaci will just be downstream from your builds and it also will help getting it into ubuntu14:05
asacwe just dont have the archive admins up to this task ;)14:05
asacfta: you say the guy that owned it?14:05
asacthats why i took over it14:05
asacso that mess stopps and we can just use the ubuntu packages everywhere14:05
ftaso what's needed to push the 1st batch?14:06
asaci need to go through the un-documented licenses14:06
asacand document somehow14:06
asace.g. prepare all the paperwork so i can convince an ftp master to believe us that all is good ;)14:06
ftaupstream is ready to help, if we file a bug pointing to the files we're not happy with14:07
asacthats what i mean14:07
ftai've been told a lawyer could be assigned to that14:07
asaci plan to use your script and then check if there are things that need to be documented14:07
asacmaybe we can even make your script generate the new copyright file format14:08
ftaprobably yes14:11
ftawhat about the codecs package?14:12
asacnot sure14:12
asaci think in debian all ffmpeg decoders are in14:13
asacbut not many encoders14:13
asacnot sure why chromium would need the encoders14:13
ftathey don't14:13
ftai mean, it doesn't14:13
asacyeah. so we should check if we can just package those parts up that are decoders and verify that the debian ffmpeg packages have all those codecs14:13
ftathe thing is more it's not the same ffmpeg, the chromium one is multi-threaded, from another upstream branch14:14
asacbut it shouldnt be that much different wrt to packaging14:14
asacand how its split/stripped14:15
asacat least thats what i would expect14:15
ftaasac, ff 3.5 is still red14:19
asacfta: did you compare with the debian ffmpeg source package?14:19
asacfta: yes.14:19
asacsorry about that :) /me not motivated enough on 1.9.1 branch ;)14:19
asaclet me get a upstream clone at least14:20
asaclooks pretty straight forward14:21
asaclets talk to siretart ;)14:22
ftathe m-t branch is supposed to be merged at some point14:23
asacasked him to join this channel. so if he shows up we have to talk ;)14:23
ftagrep: write error: Broken pipe14:28
ftain nmt logs14:28
asaccant see it in the last i have14:29
asacno hit for pipe14:29
asacguess i should also add the > /dev/null for a few more greps14:30
fta    my $maint = `grep '^ -- ' debian/changelog | head -1 | sed -e 's/^ -- \(.*\)  .*/\1/'`;14:30
ftai don't see how that could produce a broken pipe14:31
asacah thats yours14:31
ftaand grrr, why did i use shell inside perl :P14:31
asacfta: head -1?14:31
asachead -n114:31
asacor am i old/young?14:31
ftahead -1 is fine14:31
ftayou're too young ;)14:31
asacfeels like a feature that could go away ;)14:32
asacthats what i thought. felt like a old thing ;)14:32
ftai don't think so, it's been there since like forever14:32
asacback those days folks found it smart to do things like that ;)14:32
asacfta: is http://paste.ubuntu.com/265567/ ok in your opinion?14:33
ftagrep -c "orig" >/dev/null  ???14:33
asaclook at nmt log14:34
ftatry grep -q14:34
ftaif echo $(1) | grep -c "orig" >/dev/null || echo $(DEB_VERSION) | grep -c "git" > /dev/null;  looks wrong to me14:36
asacbut it works afaik ;)14:36
asacnow its grep -q -c14:36
asacit means: if its orig or git ... do this.14:36
ftaeither "if [ xx ] || [ xx ] ; then", or if test xx || test xx ; then"14:37
asacno that works14:37
ftagrep -q is enough, no need for -c14:37
asacif true || false; then echo yes; fi14:37
asaceven works in posh ;)14:38
asacnow it happened ;)14:38
fta-c forces a count, while -q returns zero if there's a match (beware, it's reversed)14:38
asacte -c is still in there ;)14:38
asacthats not reversed14:38
asacgrep -c is true if there is a match and false otherwise14:38
asacits not a "test"14:39
asacjust a return value thing if you dont use test []14:39
* fta is tired14:39
asacif echo test | grep -q -c test; then echo yes; fi14:39
asacbut i agree -c isnt needed14:40
asacwithout it it even fast succeeds and so its better resource wise14:40
asacif its a long input14:40
asaci will tell cyphermox to clean stuff up and then put it everywhere14:42
ftastrange, the broken pipe is only in nmt, not umd, ucd, ...14:42
asacbusted changelog format somewhere?14:44
asacgrep '^ --' debian/changelog looks normal14:45
cyphermoxput what everywhere?14:47
asaccyphermox: synching all the copise for our get-orig etc. snippets14:47
asacwe need to put it somewhere centralized at somepoint14:48
cyphermoxa quickly script for daily build debian/rules?14:49
asacmaybe. but i dont think the snippet belongs there14:50
asacquickly could add it if you want to use git14:50
asacat the include ... line ;)14:50
asacbut integrating xpi.mk into quickly would be cool14:51
ftahm, what is this:  http://www.startpanic.com/15:11
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ftaasac, checking for sqlite3 >= 3.6.16... Requested 'sqlite3 >= 3.6.16' but version of SQLite is 3.6.10 (jaunty)17:34
ftamozilla 50810418:24
ubottuMozilla bug 508104 in Storage "Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.16" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=50810418:24
asacfta: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=508104#c1018:38
ubottuMozilla bug 508104 in Storage "Upgrade to SQLite 3.6.16" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]18:38
ftathe same18:38
asacno ;)18:38
asacit has changed ;)18:38
asaci posted a comment18:38
ftahm, i've updated our branches18:40
asacwe need to unpatch it18:40
asacfor 1.9.118:40
asaccannot push that out as a security update18:40
asacwould require serious baking to just revert to in-source ... and as i read the bug its mostly because of stupid win crashes18:41
asaci hope i can get it landed upstream quickly18:41
asacunfortunately its sat ;)18:41
ftasohuld i uncommit?18:44
asacfta: depends if you want the dailies to not be broken18:44
asacactually i think its ok on .head18:45
ftahere, i don't mind18:45
asacwe want to track what they say18:45
asaci am just concerned about the stable branches18:45
asaci think we have that version in karmic?18:45
asacwant to keep system sqlite in karmic all the time18:45
asacin case there are issues with our version18:46
ftayep, it's jaunty-18:48
ftaasac, is there something new in nmt? i need to test the bot.. gwibber is not moving at all, the other pockets are too big18:55
asacfta: what?18:55
asacthere is something new in nmt18:55
asacits a new target "get-snapshot-info"18:56
asacbut thats not used anyway iirc18:56
ftadoesn't matter, it's just to test the new summary ;)18:56
asaci did commits today18:57
asacnot upstream, just in bzr18:57
asacso far the mail title looks promising18:58
asacnot sure how to spot the actual error though18:58
asacmaybe you can put whatever lines lead to the FAILED trigger in the summary?18:58
asacor mark them somehow in the log?18:58
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ftaasac, did you get the last one? nmt19:02
asac- network-manager113: Alexander Sack19:07
asac-> whitespace missing19:07
asacquite nice19:08
asacfta: did you also loose the app icons in the window decoration?19:11
asacfor me there is now a button like thing19:11
asacwhich i dont like ;)19:11
ftahm, no, but i didn't restart X since Aug3119:12
ftai will remove the "New packaging revisions", it's already in the "sync results"19:12
asaci prefer the New packaging revision19:13
asacbecause there is no daily merge in19:13
asacand the revisions match those of the .head tree in consequence19:13
asacfta: idea:19:13
asacshorten the sync result to only include the first two lines like:19:14
asac  - network-manager: merged rev #113 from network-manager.head19:14
asac    * 103: Fabien Tassin 2009-09-05 [merge] * Merge with network-manager.head #11319:14
asac    *   81.1.32: Alexander Sack 2009-09-05 * fix noisy output: use grep -q -c rath...19:14
asac   * ...19:14
asacand having alternatively upstream commits in the summary for low/mid noise trees would definitly make this even more useful ;)19:15
asacbut that wouldnt work for CVS LOCAL_BRANCH things obviously19:16
asacnot sure if your bot uses LOCAL_BRANCH for that19:16
asacguess not19:16
ftamy summary is based on the logs from the others scripts19:18
ftaso the upstream commit should come from one the scripts, probably the update one, calling get-orig-source19:19
asacyeah. but LOCAL_BRANCH is kind of internal to the package so you probably doest use it19:19
asacfeels complicated19:19
asacso maybe not ;)19:20
ftaone idea could be to add an optional parameter to g-o-s, like PREVIOUS_COMMIT, and let it display whatever it wants, so it could be re-used in the summary19:21
ftaproviding a prefix19:21
ftabut it means custom g-o-s rules19:22
asac"Nothing is as complete as Windows 7" ;)19:25
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ftaasac, given a bzr merge, is it possible to find the rev id of the original revision? (without using the comment)20:10
asacfta: so if its just a one way merge you are probably able to use the second parent line.20:12
asaccheck this out:20:13
asacparent: asac@ubuntu.com-20090803120745-gmprxt1gdcaj3t8p20:13
asacparent: asac@ubuntu.com-20090701011726-qbf9iy0izaacrqdw20:13
asac== revision-id: asac@ubuntu.com-20090701011726-qbf9iy0izaacrqdw20:13
asacfta: thats with --show-ids20:13
asacyou can use that revision with revid:LONGREVISIONID20:13
asacbut i guess you know20:13
ftafta@cube:/data/bot/firefox-3.1.head.daily $ bzr log -r 613 --show-ids -n 0 | grep 46220:14
fta  * Merge with firefox-3.1.head #46220:14
fta      (merge r462 from lp:~jdstrand/firefox/firefox-3.5-apparmor)20:14
asacwhy would you grep for 462?20:14
ftathat's the revid i want to find20:15
asaci already told you how ;)20:15
asacwell ... once you have the long revision id like above you do:20:15
asacbzr log -r revid:LONGREVISIONID -l1 | grep revno: | sed EXTRACTREVNO20:15
ftaok, thanks20:16
asacmakes sense?20:16
asaci think thats the most reliable way20:17
ftagrr, grep: write error: Broken pipe20:19
ftafta@cube:/data/bot/firefox-3.1.head.daily $ bzr log --line | grep '\[merge\]' | head -120:20
fta613: Fabien Tassin 2009-09-03 [merge] * Merge with firefox-3.1.head #46220:20
ftagrep: write error: Broken pipe20:20
ftagrep | something seems to complains now, it's a regression20:21
ftafta@cube:/data/bot/firefox-3.1.head.daily $ bzr log --line | grep '\[merge\]' | head -1 | cut -d: -f120:22
ftagrep: write error: Broken pipe20:22
ftafta@cube:/data/bot/firefox-3.1.head.daily $ bzr log --line | grep '\[merge\]' | cut -d: -f1 | head -120:22
ftafta@cube:/data/bot/firefox-3.1.head.daily $20:22
asacbroken mem ;)?20:46
ftai don't think so21:03
ftadamn, it didn't work21:24
bahuvrihi Hi! I'm using Firefox 3.5.2 from Ubuntu repo and my userContent.css is not working. What might be the reason?21:44
alicemirrorhi to all...23:00
alicemirrorI need for test to know how I can change the response of http headers duringe client request. can anyone help me ?23:01

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