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Sam-I-AmScottK: good to hear :)00:27
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DGMurdockIIIcan anyone help me get sound working03:58
DGMurdockIIIor point me to some info how i can get it working on ubuntu server03:58
PhotoJimthis isn't helpful, but why do you need audio on a server?03:59
DGMurdockIIIneed audio on my htpc04:02
PhotoJimyou'll probably get a lot more help setting up audio on the standard #ubuntu channel...04:02
PhotoJimit's set up the same way on both standard and server editions... not sure if there is anything missing from the server kernel that is needed for audio though04:03
DGMurdockIIIi don't need GNOME or anything else running04:06
giovaniDGMurdockIII: we understand04:22
giovanibut the audio service is the same between desktop and server04:22
giovanihave you used alsamixer to unmute the master channel?04:23
giovani... well that's essentially linux audio 101 :)04:23
giovanistart alsamixer04:23
giovaniand unmute all of the important-looking channels04:23
DGMurdockIIIif that dose not work04:24
giovaniwell clearly there are many things that can go wrong04:25
giovanibut the troubleshooting for audio is generally the same across linux distributions04:25
giovanimake sure the card is supported, and that the driver was loaded for it04:25
ruben23hi anyone have setup04:28
ruben23and wroking smoothly04:29
giovanisure, in the past04:42
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clustygot the weirdest problem ever: my machine has internet and somehow apt-get fails to get any packages04:59
clustysaying mirrors are unreachable, when they are online04:59
clustyany ideas what might this be?05:00
jmarsdenDoes your machine have working DNS?  Have  you tried using different mirrors?05:02
qman__first, check DNS05:02
qman__then, check your apt sources.list05:02
clustyjmarsden, http://pastebin.com/m28c30def05:03
clustyi owuld say yes05:03
clustyping works. from another machine that has identical list i can do everything just fine05:04
qman__next logical step, are you being blocked by a firewall along the way?05:04
clustyqman__, cannot see how.05:05
jmarsdenclusty: You can use wget to see if you can grab a file or two from the same archive site as a fairly simple test of that.05:06
jmarsdenOr curl, or lftp, or whatever little command line file grabbing tool you prefer, really :)05:07
qman__as long as it's an HTTP get05:07
qman__since apt uses HTTP05:07
qman__you can use telnet if you want05:07
clustyi also cannot wget05:10
qman__well, that pinpoints it05:11
qman__it's clearly a DNS issue on the local machine05:11
qman__dig tends to work even if there's a local issue05:12
qman__try nslookup05:12
clustylemme see one thing05:12
clustyon this machine i was playing with puppet05:12
clustyto use as a slave05:13
qman__try ping05:13
qman__it might be an nsswitch thing05:13
qman__or whatever it is on ubuntu, I can't remember the name05:13
clustyping what?05:14
clustyi did ping05:14
clustyand works05:14
clustyi am using nsswitrch05:14
clustycause machine have ldap auth05:14
qman__if ping works but wget doesn't, then it's a different issue from what I was thinking05:16
qman__wget is clearly not resolving the name, though it isn't clear why05:16
clustybesides an educational experience is a waste of time to fix :D05:17
clustyeasiuer to reinstall all05:17
clustyone machine out of 10 is twitching05:17
clustythanks for help05:17
qman__yeah, that's pretty odd05:17
qman__I've seen similar problems but all those tests show it's not those05:18
clustywill just install a fresh ubu and copy on top conf files05:18
clustywell i made a bit of mess of it :(05:18
clustystill don't have proper local dns working05:18
clustythanks for trying05:20
jmarsdenclusty: Sounds like you edited the hosts line in /etc/nsswitch.conf and broke it, to me?05:33
jmarsdendig and nslookup contain their own resolvers, but normal command line tools like wget will use the system resolver libraries and so honor nsswitch.conf.05:34
jmarsdenAre you already reinstalling, or do you want to pastebin your /etc/nsswitch.conf file?05:37
clustyi can pastebin05:39
clustyi canonet reinstall till monday05:39
clustyboxes are in germany05:39
clustyjmarsden, http://pastebin.com/m41321ce605:40
clustythat looks kinda fine to me05:42
jmarsdenLooks OK... is /etc/resolv.conf sane?  Maybe pastebin that too?05:42
clustylast package i installed was puppet05:43
clustywhich i have yet to get working05:44
jmarsdenOK, so DNS uses a local nameserver... is that nameserver at known to be working?05:44
clustythat is the router05:44
clustyand ping resolves IPs05:44
clustyi mean hostnames05:44
jmarsdenIf you replace it with your providers nameserver can you then wget and have the name resoltuion work for Ubuntu mirrors?05:44
clustyjmarsden, nope05:46
clustyjmarsden, but how can i even use it?05:46
clustycause isp dns is:
jmarsdenI think I can now explain the ping vs wget issue... ping links libresolve.so.2, wget uses the system resolver libs.05:47
jmarsdenHuh?  How can your ISPs public DNS be a private IP address? :)05:47
clusty1AM and too much beer :D05:47
jmarsdenSo ping does not read the /etc/resolv.conf (I think), but wget and most other apps do use whatever is in /etc/resolv.conf05:48
jmarsdenI need to go AFK for a while, but I think if you just put working public nameserver IPs in your .etc/resolv.conf your DNS will work (for external hostname resolution, at least).05:48
clustyi got same resolv.conf on all machines05:49
clustywill try now with opendns05:49
jmarsdenUgh... opendns has other issues and is best avoided, IMO, but OK :)05:49
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nijabaDaviey: is it really necessary to prefix each tip with "Ubuntu Server Tip: "?  It eats quite a few characters on an already limited space (18 out of 160)13:45
Davieynijaba: not really, the reason for that is that it's my understanding that having the fortunes installed, means that when fortune is called on it's own, it will include our tips.  I feel that when someone fires the fortune command, and gets a server tip - it might be a little out of context13:56
DavieyHowever, i'm happy to remove it13:56
nijabaDaviey: right, but at the same time, fortunes never say where they are from, do they?13:57
nijabaDaviey: I am currently inserting all the confirmed tips that were waiting in the bug list13:58
nijabaDaviey: what do I need to do to update the po once done?13:58
Davieynijaba: don't worry about that, i've got a commit waiting to resolve that..14:20
Davieyyou essentially run the po4a with the cfg.14:20
Daviey(see debian/rules )14:20
Davieynijaba: i'm sorry for brevity, being nagged to do DIY.14:21
nijabaDaviey: ok, I'll submit the new tips without the po updated then14:21
Davieynijaba: i'll push the changes lool suggested today.14:23
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conky_hey sup16:53
conky_anyone know how to remove all packages that are NOT dependant on ubuntu-server?16:53
conky_a reverse regex?16:53
andresmujicaorphaned? or rdepends?16:56
conky_whats rdepends?16:56
conky_i want reverse of depends16:57
conky_however ubuntu-server package not currently installed working on it16:57
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conky_andresmujica: ? and i meant ubuntu-minimal17:04
conky_how about taking everything out thats not needed.....17:25
conky_anything besides deborphan?17:25
giovaniugh, ubuntu keyserver down for others?18:00
jpdsgiovani: Yes.18:03
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android6011I installed ubuntu server to  a drive, now I am adding 2 drives into the machine. How can I get them to show up in /media/ArchiveDisk1 /media/MainStorage1 ? I know I can add a line to /etc/fstab but how do I figure out the UUID and all that18:10
android6011they are going to be data drives for ftp, samba etc so I don't know what other options I might need to add18:11
conky_open terminal; sudo fdisk -l18:12
conky_now you have the partitions and types18:12
android6011its showing as /dev/sda118:12
conky_df -h should show that mounted already18:12
conky_most likely your root partition18:12
conky_use pastbin and show df -h18:12
conky_and sudo fdisk -l18:12
conky_and cat /etc/fstab18:12
android6011the thing is, the main disk used to be /dev/sda but now the new one is, i just don't want to mess anything up, if i add more disks later and have them get mixed up if the /dev/sd# changes18:13
pmatulisandroid6011: see blkid command and the contents of /dev/disk/by-uuid/18:13
android6011the new drive isnt listed as mounted at all18:13
android6011only sdb shows up in blkid18:14
conky_android6011: you need to open box and put main drive on sata port 0/1 whichever's first18:14
conky_then add the other drives whereever18:14
* conky_ waits.18:14
android6011system drive is ide, others are sata18:15
conky_well w/e18:15
conky_does it still boot?18:15
conky_/dev/sda7  /home ext4 relatime 0 218:16
android6011ya it boots fine, i know how to set boot priority and everything fine in bios, its just like i said, i dont want to add drives later and because i added mount points to /etc/fstab by like /dev/sda1 and the drives get switched and things go bad18:16
pmatulisandroid6011: so use uuid's18:16
android6011i cant find UUID of the drive though, only the current mounted paritions18:17
android6011and like i said, im not sure if i should add in other options with the disk for better performance18:17
android6011and also, for data drives, what fs should i use? XFS?18:20
maswanI'd use xfs for anything over a dozen or so gb18:23
android6011well they are 1TB drives so i guess xfs it is18:24
conky_/dev/sda7  /home ext4 relatime,user 0 218:25
conky_thats my recommendation18:25
conky_just change dev and mountpoint18:25
conky_hf **18:25
android6011conky_: so what does that do? the realtime,user 0 2 part?18:25
conky_android6011: google.18:32
conky_[update times accessed, let everyone thats user access, and the last bit you need to google, its  abit complicated]18:33
android6011ok I used fdisk to delete all the partitions on the disk, created new part table, added a partition size of the disk, and did mkfs -t xfs /dev/sda1 . So I should be good to add it to /etc/fstab now right? nothign else to be done18:43
AlopoeHello guys do you know if the latest 64bit ubuntu server works with xen ?18:50
Alopoewithout any need to recompile the kernel...18:50
nick125Alopoe: You have to get a kernel from somewhere else, since Ubuntu doesn't include a dom0 kernel in their repos.18:59
nick125I used Debian's Xen dom0 kernel and it works fine, for what it's worth.19:00
Alopoenick i found that and installed debian also19:02
Alopoebut it seems now i get errors in loading the xen kernel :(19:03
Alopoethe last 2 lines before my system autoreboots xen are assign_interrupt_mode Found MSI capability19:03
Alopoe[    0.462917] no ownder19:03
Alopoeand then it hangs and auto reboot19:03
Alopoei am using debian 2.6.30 kernel (amd64)19:03
Alopoexen 3.4 and xen kernel 2.6.26-1-amd6419:05
Alopoeany ideas ?19:05
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uvirtbot`New bug: #424949 in samba (main) "error during update from 8.04 to 8.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42494920:06
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android6011what is your favorite ftp server software and why22:08
domasmy favorite ftp server software is http server :)22:11
mattgyverI rm running Jinzora on my 9.04 server its a music CMS that runs via apache.  Something is causing it (within my lan only) to restart the 9.04 computer when certain links are clicked.  I have reviewed all of my logs and have no idea what is causing this.  Anyone have any suggestions?22:16
peepsalotis there a way to send Ctrl-A to a process running inside screen?23:13
giovaniof course23:14
giovaniread the screen manpage23:14
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simon-opeepsalot: just type Ctrl-A A23:50

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