brian__it says there is 657 updates00:00
___I'm having a problem with getting a write error on MSN messenger's network. I run Ubuntu, fully updated, and access MSN messenger via Pidgin. The disconnect is not at regular intervals, but each interval is no more than 15 minutes apart. I've already tried renaming ~/.purple in case it was an issue with my profile. No dice on that. Anybody have other ideas?00:00
Likeno   ..00:00
KujiUnDoes anyone know how to block IPs for individual users?00:01
Likehi all00:01
bazhangbrian__, #ubuntu+1 for karmic00:01
_Trinity_erUSUL: I list the Rage card as BusID           "PCI:0:10:0" in my xorg.conf file00:01
Likety for host00:01
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_Trinity_erUSUL: I assume that's correct. I don't know if I need another 0 after the "PCI:"00:02
RgoodermoteAnyways...still need some assistance setting up a web server...kinda lost at the email part...don't know who to setup the mail part on Ubuntu...Windows..golden..Ubuntu..not so easy and amazingly complicated instructions are abundant.00:02
erUSUL_Trinity_: have you tried commented out the busID ?00:02
_Trinity_erUSUL: of and I think the r128 is hashed out so that I could startx in this vesa based X11 environment00:03
_Trinity_erUSUL: yes, siree00:03
broguys, can you tell me how to make diacritics work in VLC? i already selected ISO-885906 for encoding, but not all diacritics are showed correctly [i need some kind of central european setting, under windows it worked]00:03
erUSUL_Trinity_: i think you know as much as me at this stage... report it as a bug00:04
erUSUL!bug | _Trinity_00:04
ubottu_Trinity_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots00:04
_Trinity_ubottu: sure. You know I can imagine it being thrown aside because it's on an iMac00:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:05
kamenhey guys, by any chance could somone tell me how to upgrade from hardy to jaunty using a USB?00:05
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:05
erUSULkamen: use the iso of the alternatecd00:05
erUSUL!alternate | kamen00:05
ubottukamen: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal00:05
KujiUnUm, excuse me, but does anyone know how to block IPs for individual users?00:06
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_Trinity_ubottu: thanks for taking the time to examine the problem00:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:07
duvnellif I wanted to change gcc to check an additional lib or include directory by default (i.e. /usr/local/my-builds/lib) what file would I have to change00:07
erUSULKujiUn: do not think is possible. internet connection is system wide00:07
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KujiUn...I can live without it.00:07
KujiUnHow can you block sites system wide?00:07
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___KujiUn, that would be through your modem's software00:08
KujiUnOh, nothing inside Ubuntu?00:08
___unless you're using your linux box as a server00:08
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___I'll PM you00:08
KujiUnI see.00:08
erUSULKujiUn: if the list of sites is short you can list them in /etc/hosts all pointing to
_Trinity_ubottu: I got one trick u my sleeve though, thugh it probaby won';t make a difference if it really is a bug. Boot up with the 8.04 lives desktop CD and grap the xorg.conf file it generates, apply it to this install and if tthat doesn't work, well I think it's time overdue to report this bug00:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:08
KujiUnHow do you do that?00:08
Guest61176#j linuxac00:09
_Trinity_shoot I keep on writing the bot00:09
bazhang_Trinity_, please stop addressing the bot; if necessary you can /msg ubottu00:09
erUSUL_Trinity_: ubottu is an infobot... i told it to tell you where to report the bug... ;)00:09
_Trinity_tab isn't my friend00:09
___KujiUn do you want other systems to be able to access the site?00:09
_Trinity_and that's why he got picked up by my tab00:09
_Trinity_k, thanks guys00:09
KujiUnJust one needs to be blocked.00:10
SaunatonttuHello :)00:10
erUSULKujiUn: with a text editor. suppose the site you do not want others to visit is wwww.dangerousplace,com. you add aline like this to the hosts file «  wwww.dangerousplace.com »00:10
_Trinity_back the good ol days, we'd calle guys talkng to bots idiots. LOL00:10
Saunatonttuwhat did i do wrong:  user    ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/usb_modeswitch <-- still asking password00:10
_Trinity_and keep a count of how many people talking to the bot00:11
Alfredo555a default xorg.conf has basically nothing in it anyway - it's being deprecated00:11
erUSULKujiUn: when someone tries to visit the site firefox would try to connect to the machine itself and it will timeout00:12
KujiUnI see.00:12
timidohey i have a question I'm trying to Mount my usb harddrive but i get this error while mounting it http://pastebin.ca/155437600:12
timidothere it is can someone give me a hand please00:12
erUSULKujiUn: you can put a safe ip instead of (for example the one for www.google.com)00:12
dnyySo I just installed 9.04 on a friends computer, installed the nvidia drivers, and now I can't see shit of X. All I can see is 3px of the top and the rest is black. :/ Anyone know what the deal might be and/or how to fix it?00:13
thiebaude_!language | dnyy00:13
ubottudnyy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:13
KujiUnThanks for all the help, erUSUL and ___00:13
erUSULKujiUn: no problem00:14
jennie_alexwhich command is used to save temporary files?00:14
erUSULjennie_alex: ?00:14
erUSULjennie_alex: what files ?00:14
unopSaunatonttu, try making that     user ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/usb_modeswitch00:15
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erUSULjennie_alex: source code files ? save them from the editor you are using to code them ?00:16
magical_walrusI want to make a .PNG file of a Gummy Bear a random color every time the image is loaded. I'm not putting this on a website or within the 'htdocs/' folder in an http daemon, so I can't write a PHP script that selects a random image each time and outputs the contents with the header "image/png" and use a .htaccess file. Can someone give me some pointers/suggestions?00:16
___I'm having a problem with getting a write error on MSN messenger's network. I run Ubuntu, fully updated, and access MSN messenger via Pidgin. The disconnect is not at regular intervals, but each interval is no more than 15 minutes apart. I've already tried renaming ~/.purple in case it was an issue with my profile. No dice on that. Anybody have other ideas?00:16
jennie_alexthere isn't any way to save it with gcc00:17
Greek-BoyI have connected my HDMI monitor to ubuntu. Now how do I configure xorg.conf to display the correct 16:9 resolution?00:17
erUSULjennie_alex: gcc is used to compile them not to "save them. they have to be already saved for gcc to read them00:17
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thowlandmagical_walrus: can you use image magick and a shell script? how are you loading the image?00:19
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magical_walrusthowland: The image gets used in an iPod app on a jailbroken ipod touch, and whenever someone selects the corresponding option and taps the screen, it will paste the gummy bear image where the user tapped.00:21
KittyBootsI am looking for a suggestion for an ftp client00:21
barboKittyBoots: filezilla00:22
erUSULKittyBoots: command line or gui ?00:22
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KittyBootserUSUL, gui00:22
ubottuYou should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»00:22
thowlandmagical_walrus: maybe you should try an objective-c channel?00:22
erUSULKittyBoots: filezilla or gftp00:22
KittyBootserUSUL barbo: thanks00:23
erUSULKittyBoots: or just use nautilus (the file manager) it has ftp support00:23
magical_walrusthowland: That's not necessary, I'm only modifying the image the app uses, not the actual app.00:24
erUSULKittyBoots: Places>Connect to Server00:24
magical_walrusthowland: I'm not attempting to make the app select a random image, I want the .png file to refer to a random image each time.00:25
master_Hi all can anyone assist me with why totem will not play you tube00:25
magical_walrusthowland: When I say refer, I mean, act as a link, as a link to a folder acts.00:26
erUSULmagical_walrus: make the png image a link to a random image inside a folder, change the link with you program00:26
master_Hi all can anyone assist me with why totem will not play you tube00:26
coolcatIs it possible to make a mpeg movie out of a gif animation?00:27
_Trinity_erUSUL: this may be a stupid question, but I imagine that I could make use of the back porting --both referenced in the link you posted early on-- because it's intel cards they are referring to00:27
_Trinity_but that gives me an idea00:27
thowlandmagical_walrus: I don't understand where the PNG lives; is it on the itouch or on an ubuntu machine?00:27
sebsebseb_Trinity_: Intel stuff is fixed in Ubuntu 9.10  released at the end of October00:28
master_Hi all can anyone assist me with why totem will not play you tube00:28
spursncowboysI downloaded and installed tvu through wine. It worked fine. Now I cannot get it to work. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it is doing the same thing. I will click on it from my Applications-Wine tab and it will pop up. Then it will just barely show up ( http://imagebin.ca/view/ieogS0.html). Then only thing I have done since it worked to now is try that upside-down turney ( I installed squid and apache 2 from that but I purged squid).00:28
_Trinity_when running Debian we --some of us-- used to install a specially prepped version of X byt a Debian maintainer00:28
_Trinity_sebsebseb: and it would solve freezing problems00:29
_Trinity_I ha on my iMac.00:29
basilesque1coolcat: yes, there are many programs that can do that, from big ones like adobe premiere and a few freeware too00:29
sebsebseb_Trinity_: oh you have come from Debian?00:29
kee-keewhat kind of chat is this?00:30
_Trinity_Danzer's DRI xserver? or something like that. In fact I once installed it onto Ubuntu Hoary?00:30
basilesque1irc kee-kee00:30
sebsebsebkee-kee:   support channal for Ubuntu Linux00:30
_Trinity_yes, years and years ago.00:30
ONAIRps claro00:30
an0nI can't change my refresh rate?00:30
spursncowboysAlso when running top, it showed TVU Player <defunct> and then not show up on "top"00:30
sebsebseb_Trinity_: ok00:30
master_Hi all can anyone assist me with why totem will not play you tube00:30
matui allowd bittorrent in "firestarter" but the port is still CLOSEd :'(00:31
ONAIRtx  Mmartin00:31
sebsebseb!ubuntu |  kee-kee00:31
ubottukee-kee: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com00:31
_Trinity_not that I've used it as of late00:31
an0nI just installed ubuntu, have to get used to it but i guess the nvidia drivers dont work correctly? Because when I choose 75hz it still looks like it is on 60hz to me and it gives me a headache :\00:31
basilesque1theres a background program thats eatting up a lot of CPU, how do I see it on system monitor (its showing me active CPU use only)00:32
sebsebseban0n: the ones from the repo? not the website?00:32
an0nyeah from ubuntu itself, not from the nvidia site00:32
kamenI need in simple terms how to upgrade ubuntu from a flash drive, like what to download and stuff.00:32
sebsebseban0n: good, if you get from the website, your bound to get problems00:32
master_Hi all can anyone assist me with why totem will not play you tube00:33
ONAIRhi mf00:33
Mike_lifeguardWhat GUI tool(s) can I use to transcode videos?00:33
ONAIRur ..00:33
hattoricaca1if i'm sharing internet with iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o ppp0 -j MASQUERADE && iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i wlan0 -p udp --dport 53 -j DNAT --to one_of_my_dns_servers00:33
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master_Hi all can anyone assist me with why totem will not play you tube00:33
magical_walrusthowland: The PNG is on the iPod Touch00:33
an0nshould i use the nvidia driver from the nvidia site?00:33
hattoricaca1do i have a way to do this but with round robin between my two dns serveres?00:33
thowlandmagical_walrus, what is the app written in?00:34
Likeruploading perrs00:34
bazhangLiker, did you have a support question?00:34
magical_walrusThowland: Likely C, as it's on the app store and almost every app there is made with the iPhone SDK00:34
Likerim student off nautilus00:34
magical_walrusThowland: Objective C, actually00:35
thowlandmagical_walrus, ok- thought it was a jailbroken app00:35
bazhangLiker, this is a support channel only; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic00:35
magical_walrusthowland: the app is "More Toast!", and I'm making a theme that adds new toppings00:36
thowlandmagical_walrus: PNG files don't contain any executable code in them. You could conceivably write a shell script that uses image magick to return a colored PNG, but I doubt you can get imagemagick and bash running on your itouch00:36
iceroot how to display a message on the desktop (onscreen display, notification, systray or something else) with a command?00:37
jhoniceroot  i dont think it is possible, unless you want just anybody to be able to write to your display ?00:38
thowlandiceroot, try libnotify-bin00:38
magical_walrusthowland: I have bash on my iTouch. I also have four images, each with a different colored gummy bear. All I need to do is somehow make the image mimic a random one of the 4 different images of the gummy bears.00:38
Likeri try mf00:38
bazhangLiker, please stop that00:39
icerootjhon: i want somethink like display("new mail arrived") or display("new chat-message") which is on the desktop until i click ok00:39
icerootthowland: i will have a look00:39
Veinoriceroot: zenity00:40
thowlandiceroot: http://hackaday.com/2009/09/03/simple-pop-up-notifications/00:40
Xshamanhi all00:40
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Veinorzenity --info --text "Hey go do whatever" will pop up a dialog box with text "Hey go do whatever"00:40
basilesque1im trying to install a program through wine that wants to use DVD drive; i have no drive but have the ISO, how do I do this?00:41
icerootVeinor: i am not root on the machine :( so i cant install anything new00:41
VeinorI don't think you have to install it, it might come by default00:42
VeinorYeah, it's part of the metacity and ubuntu-desktop packages00:42
XshamanAnyone have a good link or app to clean up a ubuntu ?00:42
icerootVeinor: ok, next problem... kubuntu and ubuntu are the desktops00:42
icerootXshaman: cleanup what?00:43
Veinorit should work on kubuntu as well, though00:43
miguelonnnnhi! ;)00:43
icerootVeinor: not installed on kubuntu LTS00:43
Veinoraw, then I dunno00:43
icerootVeinor: but thanks00:43
Xshamanclean space on the drive and slim the ubuntu to the needest thing (i am on a ssd)00:43
Veinorkdialog on kubuntu, zenity on ubuntu00:44
VeinorI don't know if they take the same parameters but that's whatn man is for :D00:44
miguelonnnnplease  1 fast question, i want to inspect my mbr, i know it's done with dd if=/input/file of=/where/i/want/it bs=446 count=100:44
icerootVeinor: i will have a look at the manpage from kdialog (its installed :-) )00:44
miguelonnnnbut i wonder where the of should point?00:44
Veinorif you're running kde, it's probably installed unless something's really weird00:44
westmiI'm having a problem accessing history in firefox. When i click history, it brings up organize bookmarks instead.can anyone help me fix this?00:44
icerootVeinor: yes it is in LTS installed :)00:44
westmimaybe a simple command?00:45
Veinorwestmi: what happens if you hit ctrl-h00:45
verv87help, how do i change the cli font? i want to change it to terminus00:45
Veinorverv87: are you using gnome-terminal still?00:46
verv87no im talking about cli00:46
verv87no x00:46
Veinoroh, the ctrl-alt-f1 terminal? I don't know00:46
magical_walrusthowland: Is it possible to write a bash script that gets the contents of a PNG file & outputs them, save the script as .png, and force it to be interpreted by bash?00:46
westmiVeinor,  it brings up history-thanks i did not know about that shortcut00:47
VeinorNo problem.00:47
icerootVeinor: kdialog --passivepopup foo 10   this is so perfect, thanks alot :)00:47
Veinoryou're welcome :D00:47
verv87help, does anybody know how to change the vc terminal fonts?00:47
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matuis anyone able to get transmission working correctly using ubuntu ?00:49
Veinorverv87: http://luv.asn.au/overheads/virtualconsoles.html#fonts00:49
thowlandmagical_walrus, I don't know how to do that on OSX. On ubuntu you could do that with FAM, but OSX is a different beast.00:49
VeinorTry that00:49
verv87hey veinor can i get that site again, i closed the window by mistake00:51
pisecxHi. I need a help with ssh, putty and autentification by key00:52
pisecxI have generated public and private keys, using putty00:52
pisecxI tried to add content of public key to ~/.ssh/.....00:52
matuis anyone able to get transmission working correctly using ubuntu ?00:52
pisecxas described in config file00:52
pisecxrestarted sshd server00:52
pisecxbut still can not connect without a password00:52
Veinorpisecx: what exactly did you do?00:53
pisecxVeinor: genereted 2 keys using putty generator00:53
pisecxVeinor: created a file00:53
Veinorwhy 2 keys?00:53
brohei, where can i get America's Army 3 for linux? i can only find download links for windows00:54
pisecxVeinor: hm. ok. do I need public or private key?00:54
sebsebsebbro: I guess there isn't a Linux version then00:54
magical_walrusthowland: It's worth a shot, they're both unix. If you can run it in the command line, maybe it will work for the ipod.00:54
sebsebseb!wine |  bro00:54
ubottubro: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:54
pisecxVeinor: I have win computer and linux computer. I want to connect from win to linux using putty without any password00:54
Veinormagical_walrus: GNU's Not Unix :P00:54
LogicalDashMy OpenGL-based games are running really slowly lately. What's going on?00:55
broi know about wine, just thought AA3 was for linux too, just like AA:SF is00:55
Veinorpisecx: okay, did you copy id_rsa.pub or id_dsa.pub over to the linux computer and add it to authorized_keys00:55
sebsebsebbro: I think it might be,  Google00:55
thowlandmagical_walrus- you can't, FAM hooks into the kernel to track file access, etc00:55
magical_walrusthowland: Oh00:55
pisecxVeinor: this files... id_rsa.pub. Is it generated by putty or is it from /etc/ssh from linux host?00:55
pisecxVeinor: I just don't understand from what to what should I make a copy00:56
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Veinorwait, when you generated keys using putty, what files were created?00:56
pisecxVeinor: well. I pushed generated a public key and generate a private key00:56
pisecxVeinor: public key just contein usuall content and private key is ppk00:57
Veinorpisecx: ok so you copied your public key stuff over to the linux server right?00:57
pisecxVeinor: no, I have created a file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys or something, opened it with nano and just inserted into it my content from public key00:58
pisecxVeinor: is it wrong?00:58
Veinorpisecx: that should work, hmm00:58
pisecxVeinor: and in putty I use private key00:58
pisecxVeinor: is that correct?00:58
mneptokpisecx: what are the permissions on .ssh and .ssh/authorized_keys ?00:58
Veinorrun cat -E ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the linux machine00:59
Veinorand tell me how many $ you see00:59
pisecxmneptok: I think default permissions for simple user00:59
pisecxVeinor: 2 ?00:59
Veinorhow many public keys do you have in authorized_keys?01:00
Veinorjust the one?01:00
pisecxlet me show you01:00
Veinoryeah, pastebin it01:00
mneptokpisecx: chmod 700 .ssh && chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys01:00
pisecxVeinor: I have changed it a little http://slexy.org/view/s2euZvjkKU01:00
Bigshot_which linux distro is with the latest linux kernel?01:01
Veinorthere's your problem01:01
Bigshot_stable release that is01:01
bazhangBigshot_, of Ubuntu?01:01
Veinoropen it up in nano -w01:01
Bigshot_any bazhang01:01
samitheberberBigshot_: if you want latest, you might have to build it on yourself01:01
Veinorand delete all the newlines in the middle of you rkey01:01
bazhangBigshot_, perhaps check distrowatch.com or ask in ##linux ; here is Ubuntu support01:01
commander_chromium is good01:02
pisecxVeinor: I don't see any newlines in the middle. or probably didn't understand you correctly01:02
Veinorpisecx: okay, run nano -w ~/.ssh/authorized_keys01:03
Veinoryou see how the bit that goes AAAAB3 to the equals sign is on multiple lines?01:03
mneptokpisecx: is your .pub keyfile somewhere on the Ubuntu machine?01:03
spursncowboys I downloaded and installed tvu through wine. It worked fine. Now I cannot get it to work. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it is doing the same thing. I will click on it from my Applications-Wine tab and it will pop up. Then it will just barely show up ( http://imagebin.ca/view/ieogS0.html). Then only thing I have done since it worked to now is try that upside-down turney ( I installed squid and apache 2 from that but I purged squid). Also whe01:03
samitheberberBigshot_: for example with gentoo, you can emerge latest vanilla source01:03
pisecxmneptok: no01:03
Veinormneptok: his keyfile is split up into multiple lines01:04
spursncowboysI did the alt-f2 and put in TVUPlayer and got nothing. Even the search window closed. Then I went into the terminal and typed TVUPlayer & and it did the same thing. It closed the terminal window. I opened up another terminal and did TVUPlayer & again and got this. http://pastebin.ca/155440901:04
mneptokpisecx: it will probably be easier to use cat to get the .pub into authorized_keys01:04
pisecxVeinor: should it be one line only?01:04
Veinorpisecx: yes01:04
Veinorall the stuff from AAAAB3N to LBGGC73= should be on one line01:04
verv87ubuntu puts console fonts in /usr/share/consolefonts and they're compressed. i know i can extract them anywhere, but im going to setfont in root aswell so whats the correct place to extract terminus to?01:05
RAW-mEAThello, have a problem with the thoughtpolice image for vmware.. they say the user is "notroot" and the password "thoughtpolice" but it says the password is wrong, does someone know the correct settings?01:05
pisecxVeinor: Server refused our key ))01:06
samitheberberBigshot_: but is there a praticular reason to hunt the latest kernel?01:06
Veinorpisecx: hm, that should be right01:06
pisecxVeinor: what's about a putty?01:06
Veinorcould you pastebin both authorized_keys and your public keyfile that putty generated somewhere01:06
pisecxVeinor: should I select some checkboxes?01:06
Bigshot_yea samitheberber for multitouch supprot01:06
Veinor(you don't have to modify them with BLABLABLA or anything; public keys can't be used to gain access to someone's computer)01:07
pisecxVeinor: http://slexy.org/view/s24xsUDKhV putty's01:07
arandShould /tmp have 777 permissions by default?01:07
test34arand: yes01:08
pisecxVeinor: http://slexy.org/view/s21UkI7GqE and authorized key. the key is in one line01:08
vavarhow can i connect ubuntu with a motorola cable modem ? it has a usb plug also but motorola does not seem to provide drivers and it does not work if i connect it01:08
arandcheers just checking, since I've had some perm mismatches lately.01:09
test34pisecx: its on one line if you don't have word-wrap enabled01:09
pisecxtest34: well, I used nano -w01:09
pisecxdeleted all newlines01:09
vavarits a motorola surfboard bsc01:09
Veinorpisecx: you're missing bits from authorized_keys01:09
mneptokvavar: does it have a standard Ethernet connector?01:09
samitheberberBigshot_: If you have already ubuntu, you could compile the latest stable by your own, but it might broke lots of things01:09
pisecxVeinor: ok, let me copy the file and cat it )01:09
Veinorno I mean01:09
Veinorpart of your key is missing01:09
Veinoryou need to add 6Ufq7ChTfC7nxh2iLPkqGDOGBLBGGC7E= to the end01:10
Veinorright after the Tubp1x7Q01:10
Veinorsomehow that got cut off01:10
mneptokVeinor: if (s)he can copy the file locally, easier to just use cat :)01:10
vavarmneptok: yes. that works but i wonder if the other way works also and the same time. a friend has that modem and that way we wouldn't need other networking hw01:10
pisecxVeinor: refused ))01:10
Veinorpisecx: hm01:11
pisecxVeinor: I copied the file and renamed it to autorized_keys01:11
pisecxVeinor: what's about putty checkboxes or something?01:11
mneptokpisecx: did you copy the .pub file to the Ubuntu machine?01:11
mneptokpisecx: that's not how you do it.01:11
pisecxmneptok: yes and renamed it to authorized_keys01:11
Veinorpisecx: run ls -lta .ssh and pastebin it01:11
Veinorer, ~/.ssh01:11
vavaranother problem is with cups and a hp printer. it is in the list and the settings are set and all but it does not print it. what could cause that? how can i get more cups output to debug such things?01:12
keithWhen I open the calendar in Evolution, the tasks and memos on the right always want to be way too big. Is there a way to make them open properly or disable them?01:12
pisecxVeinor: http://slexy.org/view/s2ZoN9PlHu01:12
mneptokpisecx: mv ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ~/keyfile.pub && cat ~/keyfile.pub > .ssh/authorized_keys && chmod 700 ~/.ssh && chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys && rm ~/keyfile.pub01:13
mneptokpisecx: then try again01:13
pisecxmneptok: Veinor http://smages.com/i/cd/06/cd068bb08166046c7e23c0927de2b7db.png is that correct?01:13
Veinorpisecx: click every box in that section, just for the hell of it :P01:14
mneptokpisecx: no idea. i don;t use PuTTY or Windows.01:14
WdnSpoonI use NetworkManager to VPN - is it possible to make it launch some other application when the VPN connection succeeds?01:14
pisecxVeinor: ok, let me try )01:14
WdnSpoonbasically I like to set up a bunch of SSH tunnels whenever I VPN, so it'd be really convenient to launch my SSH connection once the VPN connects01:14
starwindhey, random question if anyone would like to try helping   D:01:15
_CommandeR_hi i need a easy to use ftp server anyone could recommend something ?01:15
pisecxVeinor: mneptok I'll try to google it..01:15
sebsebseb!ask |  starwind01:15
ubottustarwind: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:15
starwindI'd like to change the ubuntu menu icon from the default on the human clearlooks theme to that of the one from the glossy theme01:15
_CommandeR_Hi, anyone know any good gui ftp server ?01:15
Veinorstarwind: gimme a sec, I think I know how to do this01:16
_Joda__CommandeR_, lol01:16
_CommandeR__Joda_, ?01:16
bastid_raZor!ftp > _CommandeR_01:16
ubottu_CommandeR_, please see my private message01:16
Veinorstarwind: blah, sorry. Try asking in #gnome though01:20
starwindalright, thanks anyway  :)01:20
yomomohello i am brand new in ubuntu, cant someone help me setting up a shared windows printer, I go trough all the steps in the printer config but when selecting the computer, the windows closes down with no reason01:21
soreaustarwind: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53324701:21
teeheehow come no matter how many times i open a port and turn off firestarter deluge always says no incomming connections01:22
starwindsoreau: I saw that, thank you. Didn't help tho.  :(01:22
soreauteehee: What tells you no incoming connections01:22
vavarwhat's the correct way of enabling or disabling services? i always forget that..01:22
jalonsovavar: killall01:23
jalonsovavar: :)  jk01:23
soreauvavar: Sys>Prefs>Session or Startup Applications01:23
|newbie|Does Brasero ever burn at an insanely slow rate for anyone?01:23
Veinorvavar: /etc/init.d/whatever stop01:23
Veinor(or start, or restart)01:23
arandyomomo: What do you mean exactly with "selecting the computer", and what kind of printer is this?01:23
jalonso|newbie|: Brasero sucks, use mediaplayer instead01:23
Alfredo555or just getting them not to start at all on boot?01:24
soreau|newbie|: Or try k3b01:24
teeheesoreau: deluge always says no incomming connections but when i test the port on a port checker it says the same thing01:25
yomomoarand >> selecting the computer where the printer is installed and the printer is a cheap epson01:25
soreauteehee: I'm not familiar to deluge and not sure what you're trying to do exactly01:25
Alfredo555i had exim4 and/or fetchmail running all the time for no reason01:25
elliottmcan anyone help me with compiling programs that use qt? it looks like a lot of the #include lines in the qt header files aren't proper paths, so a ton of stuff doesn't get included right and i get a wall of text full of errors when i try to compile01:26
soreauelliottm: What are you trying to compile and why?01:27
arandyomomo: Are you doing this through the file manager or through printer configuration?01:27
haitiankid4lyfhey i need a little help01:28
haitiankid4lyfi am unable to install and remove packages01:28
haitiankid4lyfi get this error   Package xulrunner-1.9 is not configured yet.01:28
fccfhaitiankid4lyf: run sudo apt-get -f install01:29
yomomoarand >> i am doing it via printer config i go through all the steps /new printer / windows printer via SAMBA / find / I select the workgroup and the computer >> suddenly all the windows closeswith no reason01:29
Greek-BoyI have connected my HDMI monitor to ubuntu. Now how do I configure xorg.conf to display the correct 16:9 resolution?01:30
spursncowboyshttp://pastebin.ca/1554423 This is what I get when I try and run TVU from the terminal.01:30
duckinatorHow can I do internet connection sharing on Ubuntu Server 9.04 (x64)?  I have 2 NICs (1 input and 1 output)01:30
fccfGreek-Boy: What kind of video card do you have?01:30
duckinatorI need to change the ip range from 10.*.*.* to 172.*.*.*01:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about inetshare01:30
Greek-Boyfccf: lspci show this. http://pastebin.com/d21e8995701:31
yomomoarand >> I know is ridicusly easy but is craking my head up >(01:31
soreauduckinator: You need to use masqueraded01:31
unop!inetsharing | duckinator01:31
ubottuduckinator: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:31
Greek-Boyfccf: I am assuming it s Intel G41 but i'm not sure. The box is a Dell Studio Slim 540s.01:31
arandyomomo: have you tried just writing in the smb://*** line?01:31
elliottmsoreau: well before i was trying to compiling a whole file, but i've narrowed it down to one .cpp file with one line in it: "#include <qt4/QtGui/QWidget>"01:31
fccfspursncowboys: thats a windows program... how are you running it?01:32
haitiankid4lyffccf i get this http://pastebin.com/m2640ed0f01:32
duckinatorthanks soreau01:32
kdashi all01:32
soreauduckinator: masquerading* http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9137001:32
arandyomomo: Well, it might be a bad bug showing it's face, and in that case it's definitely not easy.01:32
kdasdoes anyone have the newest 17" macbook here/01:32
soreauelliottm: pastebin the output from the terminal starting with the first error01:32
elliottmsoreau when i try to compile it, i get several errors about files/directories not being found, then afterwards several errors about things in qwidget not being defined01:32
FoolishOwlI'm concerned about Wireshark01:33
fccfhaitiankid4lyf: do you have another package management program running01:33
FoolishOwlWireshark (as root) is NOT asking for an admin password.01:33
Greek-Boyfccf: my xorg.conf is currently default. nothing has been detected... :-(01:33
fccfGreek-Boy: Jaunty?01:33
yomomoarand >> I am guessing that, thanks for all./01:33
kdasI have a macbook pro 17" latest and was wondering if someone can help me with grub2 and my wireless card?01:33
Greek-Boyfccf: yes, Jaunty01:33
fccf!intel | Greek-Boy01:33
ubottuGreek-Boy: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.01:33
Greek-Boyi had a look at that01:34
Greek-Boyit didn't help me01:34
okubaxhow can I improve the performance of my intel graphics01:34
haitiankid4lyffccf sorry one was, i closed it and re ran the command and got this http://pastebin.com/m219cd78201:34
elliottmsoreau http://pastebin.com/d4eddbbe201:35
okubaxanytime i upgrade to a new driver, my laptop keeps locking up01:35
fccfGreek-Boy: Reccommend using 8.04  Ubuntu Hardy if you want the drivers to work, ... for now karmic might throw us some suprises but yet to see personally01:35
Greek-Boyfccf: ok... thanks01:35
elliottmthe #include files in the qwidget file i'm including doesn't include the "qt4/" in the beginning of the paths, and i think that's the problem, but i want to fix it the "right" way as opposed to trying to edit them in01:36
soreauelliottm: Do you have libqt4-dev installed?01:36
fccfhaitiankid4lyf: have you run sudo apt-get update ... lets make sure you are up to date01:37
soreauelliottm: Then you need to ask the developers of the package you're trying to compile01:37
haitiankid4lyffccf yes01:37
elliottmhow do i find that?01:38
bkeating_man... how do i fix this common but hard to search for problem: http://dpaste.com/89714/01:38
FoolishOwlIs anyone familiar with Wireshark?01:38
soreauelliottm: What package is it?01:38
siavas1Hi, How can I remove this overlay :) ? "AMD Unsupported Hardware"01:38
kdasso no one knows about grub2-efi booting ???????????01:38
elliottmi assume it's libqt4-dev01:38
soreauelliottm: Oh my, why are you calling g++ directly?01:38
okubaxis there a way I can get banshee to copy playlists to my Google G1 ?01:39
elliottmthe issue started when i was trying to compile it in eclipse, and i started using g++ to narrow down the cause01:39
soreauelliottm: Where did you get abc.cpp?01:39
siavas1How can I remove "AMD Unsupported Hardware" overlay? its too annoying01:40
arandkdas: possibly someone in #grub might (not that it's a rather quiet channel, but when alive, rather knowlegdable as well)01:40
arandkdas: *note01:40
glicksexcuse me does anyone know how many times something needs to be overwritten on a hard disk before it is truely unrecoverable by forensic analysis software?01:40
kdasarand, yea i am there and asking but they are all dead right now01:40
spursncowboysfccf: I am running it through wine01:40
elliottmsoreau abc is a file that i made that has just the one line i mentioned earler -- just "#include <qt4/QtGui/QWidget>"01:40
soreauelliottm: Alright, let's start over. What are you trying to compile and why?01:41
=== brz is now known as brez
ritztechanyone know of a way to RDP to a LINUX using rdp so you can not install a thrid party tool on a windows box01:41
ritztechlike linux is the terminal server in a sence01:41
kdassomeone please help with my macbook pro wireless and grub01:41
linxehritztech: nope. :P01:41
spursncowboysfccf: when i went to alt-f2, i just typed in tvuplayer. is there a way to run it with wine?01:42
fccfspursncowboys: please head on over to our good friends @ #winehq , you'll obviously need some .dll's and other stuff that isn't standard in wine, but you can bring stuff in from another winbox01:42
linxehritztech: there are solutions that will deploy a webbased tool for viewing (eg sun secure global desktop) but I dont know of anything that uses RDP natively01:42
ritztechoh darn worth a shot ....01:42
linxehritztech: I beleive there is xrdp or something, but I dont know how good it is01:42
ritztechhaha ijust hate the ssh tunnelling with X (hate it cause i could never get the darn thing to work) :)01:43
linxehritztech: you could look at using VNC ?01:43
ritztechif i recall VNC was reallllly sluggish01:43
theorossuppose there is a single operating system installed on a hard disk and the disk is encrypted using full disk encryption with pre-boot authentication, with no unencrypted free space remaining. what would the complications be in creating a second partition and installing ubuntu on it, in a safe way?01:43
linxehdepends on your use / network :)01:43
elliottmi'm in an opengl class, and we're using QT for the "container". we were given four files (two .h and two .cpp) to start development from, and as far as i knew it would be as simple as loading them into eclipse and compiling01:43
linxehritztech: also, maybe look at NX01:43
ritztechhmmmm i was in my network it self haha i ws just on the page for NX01:44
elliottmi assume you'll want to see the four files01:44
soreauelliottm: When you compile source you should know what you're doing and why. In most cases, you need to get whatever package source from the official developers repo and use the build system to compile it. Using an IDE like Eclipse or trying to compile an individual file from the package is the wrong way01:44
spursncowboysfccf: the thing is I had this working a few days ago. Then I tried to install the Upside-down topsy turney program and now it doesnt work.01:44
elliottmi'm not trying to compile the QT source01:44
linxehelliottm: you'd be better off using the command line and Kate or similar unless your tutor told you to use eclipse01:45
linxehelliottm: I'm a massive Eclipse fan btw, but for beginners a complex IDE is not a good idea01:45
ritztechis it kind of like a mirror driver01:46
elliottmwell i have no problem with using kate, but there's still the problem of not being able to find the header files01:46
ritztech Dependency is not satisfiable01:48
kahenelliottm (and others), usually you need to pass a -I option to gcc to include libraries?01:48
gartralwhere are the error logs for compiz on Ubuntu?01:48
kdasi need an efi expert or someone who knows how to get a BCM4322 working01:49
fccf ritztech: that's right, sometime finding an alternative program is more sutible than having to reinvent the wheel01:49
LucidGuyalright got some grub issues.  I installed ubuntu along side windows xp.  I then decided to manually remove the linux partions manually so I can install ubuntu netbook remix in the empty space.  I told the paritioner to use the largest contiguos space not realizing that it was going to remove all of my previous grub pointers .. urrg.  So can anyone point me in the right direction in recovering the XP grub entry?01:49
kahenelliottm, or in other words, gcc/g++ assumes that you know 100% what you're doing when comping stuff manually (i.e. not using a ready made configure script by autotools)01:49
elliottmthe header file that i myself am including it finds just fine, but that file tries to import other header files in the library with parts of the path missing. kahen, if the solution is as simple as that then i won't mind01:49
xtsunamehi, can I get help on rhythmbox plugin here?01:50
elliottmso the -I option takes a file path? in this case, "/sur/include/qt4/"?01:51
fccfLucidGuy: please look here, this discribes in detail01:51
LucidGuyfccf, thanks Ill check it out.01:51
kahenelliottm, either an absolute path or a relative path, yes. a lot of configure scripts end up with includes like "-I ../../some/dir/"01:52
kosmici want this ubuntu box to act as an ad hoc wifi point01:52
kosmichow do i do this01:52
Dreamglideri just installed jaunty when it was done and i got to option to install grub or not it did not detect the ibex i had installed beforehand, how do i manually add jaunty to grub ?01:52
xtsunameSo, anyone know how I can add rhythmweb plugin to rhythmbox?01:53
elliottmlinxeh yeah, we were told to use eclipse, although he said it wasn't essential. if i wanted to have eclipse add the aforementioned -I option when it tries to compile my code, how would I do that?01:53
fccfDreamglider: same drive different partitions same drive or 2 drives?01:53
Dreamgliderfccf, single drive different partition only01:53
cacey31Hello everyone01:55
cacey31I need help booting ubuntu from a cd01:55
Dreamgliderfccf:  i installed jaunty on sda2 and ibex is on sda1 > http://pastebin.com/f8590d4401:55
fccfDreamglider: please look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435101:55
Dreamglidercacey31, check your bios see if it can boot from CD01:55
arandcacey31: specify in what way it fails?01:56
elliottmkahen, that did it, thanks. now if i can get eclipse to include that automatically i'll be good01:56
cacey31i can at i set it like that01:56
cacey31i just went out and bought dvd-rs and cd-rws01:56
Dreamgliderfccf, cant i just add the lines while running the installed ibex ?01:56
cacey31i think it's the way i extraced it01:56
Dreamgliderfccf, into menu.lst01:57
sebsebseb!md5sum | cacey3101:57
ubottucacey31: To verify the integrity of a download, use the md5sum - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM for more01:57
brian__im running karmic koala gnome version i cant really tell  any differance between this and ajaunty01:57
fccfDreamglider: first you need grub to detect the partition ... that can only be done in live mode01:57
sebsebsebbrian__: it's in development so you won't notice much difference yet01:57
sebsebseb!karmic |  brian__01:57
ubottubrian__: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:57
xtsunamecan anyone tell me how to make rhythmweb work with rhythmbox?01:57
Dreamgliderfccf: alright thanks ill have a look at it.01:58
sebsebsebcacey31: you don't extract the ISO, you burn it's contents to CD, also you should check before burnign01:58
sebsebsebcacey31: that it's a good ISO01:58
theorossuppose there is a single operating system installed on a hard disk and the disk is encrypted using full disk encryption with pre-boot authentication, with no unencrypted free space remaining. what would the complications be in creating a second partition and installing ubuntu on it, in a safe way?01:58
Greek-Boyfccf: Surely there must be a way to my graphics work in Jaunty. It's displaying through HDMI, its just not displaying at the right resolution.01:59
cacey31sebsebseb: i'm a noob though so what do i do to verify the iso?01:59
sebsebsebcacey31: are you on Windows at the moment?02:00
fccfGreek-Boy: if you read what ubottu said and went to the links the fix is in there02:00
Alfredo555theoros, so shrink the encrypted partition first?02:00
sebsebsebcacey31: do what the link said that ubottu gave and will give again02:00
sebsebseb!md5sum |  cacey3102:00
ubottucacey31: To verify the integrity of a download, use the md5sum - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM for more02:00
cacey31thank you very much02:01
Alfredo555can't see a problem with that, encryption isn't tied to partition size is it?02:01
theorosAlfredo555: and the encrypted partition wouldn't "spill over" into the unencrypted one?02:01
cacey31i want to get this OS running02:01
sebsebsebcacey31: how much RAM do you have?02:01
theoroswell, it's a full disk encryption, over all partitions02:01
sebsebsebcacey31: ok should work from CD then, as long as the CD has been done right02:01
cacey31okay i probably just haven't been doing it right02:02
cacey31when i install this will i get an option to wipe my hard drive?02:02
Alfredo555full disk encryption can't go from block 0 to last block can it?02:02
sebsebsebcacey31: well it's common for  newbies to  for example burn the ISO to CD rather than it's contents02:02
sebsebsebcacey31: you want to wipe the hard disk?02:03
cacey31all of it and just have the operating system and my drivers02:03
gartralsebsebseb: it's been 5 years since i did that accidentally02:03
theorosAlfredo555: my understanding is that's what's being done02:03
sebsebsebcacey31: yes it can be installed  on the whole hard disk,  on a dual boot02:03
sebsebsebgartral: yep something like that for me as well02:03
sebsebsebcacey31: or on a dual boot above02:03
Alfredo555how does the bios boot the os then? unless it's a data partition02:04
sebsebsebAlfredo555: the bios  will boot the hard disk, or  Live CD/DVD02:04
Alfredo555must admit, i'm not sure how it works at that level02:04
sebsebsebAlfredo555: or Live USB even02:04
Alfredo555external media is different, and won't be used at every boot02:05
sebsebsebAlfredo555: well the boot order in the BIOS :)02:05
Uliseshi all02:06
fccfAlfredo555: have you considered running a virtual machine of ubuntu in your encrypted host's OS02:06
sebsebseb!hi |  Ulises02:07
ubottuUlises: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:07
sebsebseb!thanks |  Ulises02:07
ubottuUlises: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:07
sebsebsebUlises: ,but I triggered it so :D02:07
Alfredo555i don't have encrypted anything, it's someone else02:08
quesoI know this is going to sound crazy, but it seems to happen frequently enough to me that I figured I'd ask. I open my System Monitor open and get rtorrent downloading at as high a speed as my connection allows, go away for a while, come back and the screen is off (powersave) -- when I move my mouse, screen turns on, and instantly my download speed plummets.  I know it sounds wacky, but I've tested this a bunch of times now.  Any02:08
quesoideas on why moving the mouse and the screen turning on would kill my download speed?02:08
=== _Joda_ is now known as JodaX
cacey31Okay when i'm using Infarecorder to mount the iso do i make the file destination the cd or a folder somewhere?02:09
cacey31there are no further instructions on the site02:09
fccfqueso: X was in standby, and used resources that it needed in a realtime way as to slow the processing of the torrent data, but only for a moment, ... perhaps try running rtorrent at a higher priority in the future02:10
sebsebsebcacey31: mount the ISO?02:10
cacey31er extract it02:10
sebsebseb!ops |  elitenoob02:11
ubottuelitenoob: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:11
elliottmlol. not sure if that was an emergency or not02:11
fccfregardless it was taken care of, automatically02:12
gartralthat looked like an elite assassination by the floodbots02:12
StupidWeaselWith the USB Starup Disc Creator - do I need to do anything special to make the installation on the USB stick persistant?02:12
cacey31Okay when i'm using Infarecorder to extract the iso do i make the file destination the cd or a folder somewhere?02:12
sebsebsebeitreach: well normal userse, aren't meant to send a notice like that to the channal02:12
fccfStupidWeasel: nope ... should boot nicely on your netbook02:13
sebsebsebcacey31: you can use imgburn to burn the acstaul ISO02:13
arandcacey31: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:13
sebsebsebcacey31: you need a program to get the md5sum code though, the one in that bot link will do it02:13
Bigshot_9.04 not detecting my proprietary ati radeon 3200 driver :(02:13
StupidWeaselI dont plan to use it on a netbook, plan to use it as a portable OS. Would that be just as valid fccf?02:13
arandsebsebseb: infrarecorder is the recommended one (since it's FLOSS ;)02:13
puffEvening... I'm getting a "chassis intruded" error.02:14
gartralpuff: you have your case open?02:15
sebsebsebarand: well  imgburn is popular and  good, and  works02:15
fccfStupidWeasel: yes, but you'll need to boot the installer from the imgdisk and install on another piece of media, i.e. SSD or in your case Flash Memory02:15
sebsebsebarand: ok it's freeware and closedsource,  but it still works good normalley02:15
ShoeSo, I have all my videos in an iPod format, how do I put them on my iPod. anyone?02:15
sebsebsebcacey31: loads of programs can burn the ISO, and there are quite a few differnet programs for getting the md5sum as well02:16
fccfShoe: I think GTKpod can do that02:16
StupidWeaselfccf: Ahh, so using a CD to install it on the USB stick would make sense?02:16
fccfactually yes but.......02:17
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:17
fccfStupidWeasel: see the second link02:17
arandsebsebseb: I know, I use it myself, but it seems he already got hold of infrarecorder, and that's the one in the ubuntu wiki guide, so probably most convenient.02:17
StupidWeaselDanke *takes a peek*02:17
Psi-JackAlrighty then.02:18
AvonGenesisAnyone know how to get Totem-Gstreamer to stream videos in firefox?02:18
sebsebsebarand: what's the most convenient program, depends on the user02:18
Psi-JackSo, curiosity has me. I have Coraline, a DVD from Netflix, and it's got 5.1 audio. But, even in Totem, when I set the audio channels to 5.1, it only plays out stereo, and I have checked and set the volumes for the Surround, Front, LFE, etc.02:19
sebsebsebcacey31: any luck?02:19
gothicboy666what up[02:19
fccfAvonGenesis: do you have totem-mozilla installed?02:19
cacey31MD5 Check sums are different02:19
sebsebsebcacey31: you sure you did for the right CD?02:20
AvonGenesisfccf: I believe I don't. The package list never listed that?02:20
gothicboy666what up you all02:20
sebsebsebcacey31: I mean they provide the md5sums for all  of the releease CD's02:20
sebsebseb!ot |  gothicboy66602:20
ubottugothicboy666: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:20
cacey31okay uhhhh02:20
_CommandeR_Hi, i have a question why does it take so long to stop apache2 server ?02:20
AvonGenesisfccf: Yup I had it installed from the start.02:20
cacey31sebsebseb:i have the md5sum and infarecorder02:21
Psi-JackAnyone? Any thoughts as to how to get actual surround sound support /working/?02:21
sebsebsebcacey31: you compare it to  the md5sum on one of their pages02:21
sebsebsebcacey31: have you done that?02:21
gothicboy666hey can some one tell me how to use wine to play a windows game call cambat arm ??02:21
fccfAvonGenesis: another option is the vlc plugin02:21
cacey31sebsebseb: no02:21
sebsebsebgothicboy666: install wine, install the program, and hopefuly it works02:21
cacey31sebsebseb: where do i go for that?02:21
Psi-Jackgothicboy666, Wine-Doors and/or PlayOnLinux02:21
sebsebsebgothicboy666: if not you  may need to configure, and ask #winehq for help02:21
_CommandeR_Hi, i have a question why does it take so long to stop apache2 server ?02:21
gothicboy666it dot work for me it keep say i can use this in wine02:22
sebsebsebgothicboy666: or give up and try it in a virtual machine of Windows02:22
fccfgothicboy666: ask that question in #winehq please this is for ubuntu spacific support, and not wine02:22
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, Because it shuts down every listening process.02:22
Bigshot_ubuntu is not detecting ati radeon 3200 card what should i do???02:22
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, And waits, nicely, for them to finish normally to not interupt.02:22
AvonGenesisfccf: Well, my main video player installed is totem and i would like to use that for everything. Guess im picky :P02:22
cacey31sebsebseb: where do i go to compare md5sums?02:22
sebsebsebcacey31: hang on about to give you the link02:22
cacey31sebsebseb: ok thanks02:23
=== ldlework is now known as Guest19485
Bigshot_ubuntu is not detecting ati radeon 3200 card what should i do???02:23
Bigshot_ping pong..02:23
fccfAvonGenesis: there's always hulu.com02:23
Psi-JackBigshot_, Try not repeating every few seconds.02:23
Bigshot_ok ok :D02:23
Bigshot_itchy fingers hehe02:24
sebsebsebcacey31: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/MD5SUMS02:24
on0bimine too....but for different reasons02:24
sebsebsebcacey31: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/MD5SUMS02:24
dillard_im having trouble i cant find  opera in package manger or in add remove thing and now when i update i get this error  W: GPG error: http://deb.opera.com stable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY F9A2F76A9D1A006102:24
AvonGenesisfccf: Well the website I want to stream video from uses the computer's video player (not sure if thats worded right). So on a windows, it would use windows media player in firefox. Plus flash kinda lags for me :P02:24
sebsebseb!info opera02:24
ubottuPackage opera does not exist in jaunty02:24
dillard_ok so how to get the error to go away02:25
sebsebseb!info opera-browser02:25
ubottuPackage opera-browser does not exist in jaunty02:25
cacey31sebsebseb: ty02:25
dillard_so how do i get that error to go away02:25
sebsebsebdillard_: it used to be in one of the repos,  the partner one or something hmm02:25
sebsebsebdillard_: maybe still is, but you got to enable it02:25
fccfdillard_: make sure you have the correct key, or ignore it ....02:25
sebsebsebdillard_: however that Opera is  not likely to be the most up to date one anyway02:25
bastid_raZorBigshot_: have you tried installing xserver-xorg-video-radeon driver for your card?02:25
Bigshot_bastid_raZor: xorg-driver-fglrx <--- these??02:26
Alfredo555latest debs in there02:26
Dreamglider-LiveHello again, Now, how do i add jaunty to grub when im in a live session ?02:26
eklofHi all.02:26
eklofI have a few questions regarding ip configuration of interfaces.02:26
cacey31sebsebseb: MD5 check sums are the same02:26
puffgartral: I opened the case last night to put in a video card, but as it turned out, I ended up putting the same video card back into it.02:26
bastid_raZorBigshot_: nope, fglrx is the propietary driver and radeon is the opensource one.02:26
cacey31sebsebseb: now what do i do?02:26
Bigshot_willl it work on 3200?02:27
sebsebsebcacey31: the code is the same as the one on the page for the desktop version ah ok02:27
Bigshot_which one is better?02:27
sebsebsebcacey31: now you need to use a program that can burn  the contents of  an ISO/image to CD02:27
_CommandeR_Psi-Jack, but is there no way to make it faster, it takes 5 minutes or so for me02:27
cacey31sebsebseb: i just used a radom link from the site02:27
_CommandeR_Psi-Jack, Do you know any good app to remote control ubuntu ?02:27
cacey31sebsebseb: okay i'll so that now02:27
_CommandeR_Psi-Jack, from a linux/windows OS02:27
bastid_raZorBigshot_: better != works ... if the fglrx driver doesn't work.. then try the alternative.02:27
sebsebsebcacey31: a random link from the site?02:27
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, ssh02:27
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, putty02:27
cacey31sebsebseb: from the link02:27
cacey31sebsebseb: the one you gave me02:28
Bigshot_which one should i try first bastid_raZor?>02:28
eklofI use to have network aliases for dealing with multiple ip addresses on same interface, but have nos reconfigured using ip addr add insted (seems like that is the new way) However to have this set up after reboots, where to put the config? Is there a new syntax for this in /etc/network/interfaces or should I put it somewhere else?02:28
sebsebsebcacey31: imgburn  will do your ISO for example02:28
bastid_raZorBigshot_: have you tried the fglrx driver already?02:28
_CommandeR_Psi-Jack, but with a GUI so you can see the desktop02:28
cacey31sebsebseb: okay i'm using INfarecorder now to burn to a DVD-R02:28
Bigshot_bastid_raZor: how to remove useless driver?02:28
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, Servers don't have "Desktops".02:28
sebsebsebcacey31: DVD R hmm that's a waste of one02:28
sebsebsebcacey31: you got no CD R's ?02:28
fccfeklof: have you looked at man interfaces?02:28
_CommandeR_mine does :)02:29
Dreamglider-Livefccf: that thread was on how to install grub, how do i add jaunty to the menu.lst02:29
nostalgicBadgerHey everyone02:29
sebsebsebcacey31: the ISO is CD sized,  so  it's a bit of a waste to burn to a DVD really02:29
cacey31sebsebseb: DVD rw sorry pressed enter on accident02:29
=== jabagawe` is now known as jabagawee
sebsebsebcacey31: rw hmm   I think it's also usauly better to burn to R's02:29
ekloffccf: oh god, that would perhaps do the trick :)02:29
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, Negative. Servers do NOT have "Desktops". Canonical, nor Ubuntu people support X on servers. If it's a server, support for X is not given.02:29
cacey31sebsebseb:i don't have any Rs atm02:30
bastid_raZorBigshot_: then try which ever you want. if you installed it with apt-get or synaptic then just remove them the same way.02:30
on0biguess what my ubuntu desktop can support....lol02:30
_CommandeR_Psi-Jack, This is just a normal laptop that gonna run for a school project02:30
AvonGenesisfccf: Hmm, odd, gstreamer in firefox seems to be working now... thanks for your help though :D02:30
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, Why on earth would you run a server on a laptop?02:30
nostalgicBadgerHey guys, this is going to sound like a silly question, but I haven't played with Linux in a long time... I'm trying to open a .torrent from Firefox in Deluge, but I don't know where to find Deluge02:30
cacey31sebsebseb: just bought these dvds cause i was doing everything wrong and thought maybe i needed bigger disks02:30
arandcacey31: sebsebseb: I have used RWs often, are there really that much of an advantage with Rs, hmm?02:30
sebsebsebarand: ok  well whatever works02:31
nostalgicBadgerWhere would be the default location for a torrent client / anything, I guess02:31
sebsebsebcacey31: sounds like you should be ok02:31
_CommandeR_Psi-Jack, its just for an website :)02:32
cacey31sebsebseb: the disk writing is complete i'm putting the cd back into my vista machine and comparing the md5sum again02:32
sebsebsebcacey31: you don't need to do that02:32
sebsebsebcacey31: just check the ISO before burning :) like you did,  and if the codes match good to go02:32
cacey31sebsebseb: okay02:32
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, Well, sorry, but it's still not supported. Servers don't run X.02:32
cacey31sebsebseb: now put it in my computer and reboot?02:32
Psi-Jack_CommandeR_, Even more so, on a laptop. That's insecure as all heck.02:32
sebsebsebcacey31: you can check in Vista if you want02:32
fccfDreamglider-Live: run this and follow directions02:32
cacey31sebsebseb: this machine has xp02:32
puffgartral: The intarwebs tell me to go into bios and disable chassis intrusion detection, but I don't see anywhere in the bios to do that.02:33
cacey31sebsebseb: the one i'm using to burn the cd has vista02:33
sebsebsebcacey31: which one is it going on?02:33
cacey31sebsebseb: the one with xp02:33
sebsebsebcacey31: ok check in  the Vista one then02:33
sebsebsebcacey31: it should  load up as a DVD with the Ubuntu stuff on it02:33
GuidMorrowhow do I share files to a Windows computer02:33
sebsebseb!samba |  GuidMorrow02:33
ubottuGuidMorrow: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:34
GuidMorrowor, rather, how do I share files /and/ printers02:34
cacey31sebsebseb: okay should i boot up the one with vista as a cd drive first through the bios02:34
fccfpuff: then physically bypass any intrusion detection (if any) usually a switch on the case or a couple of contacts somewhere02:34
cacey31sebsebseb: to check if it works02:34
sebsebseb!printer |  GuidMorrow02:34
ubottuGuidMorrow: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows02:34
sebsebsebcacey31: that sounds like a good idea02:34
cacey31sebsebseb: alright doing that02:34
cacey31sebsebseb:tyvm by the way, i was hasting for like 2 hours trying to figure this stuff out02:34
Dreamglider-Livefccf: run what ?02:35
sebsebsebcacey31: ok no problem,  and if you want some installation help,  like good programs to put on,  I can do that as well02:35
fccfDreamglider-Live:  where it says code: xxxxxxx02:35
cacey31Dreamglider-Live: ubuntu cd02:35
fccfin a terminal please02:35
pufffccf: Hm, I'll have to open it again and try to figure it out.  Or maybe dig up the paperwork from when we bought this case a couple years ago, and check.02:36
* puff is instally mytbuntu, woo-hoo!02:36
Dreamglider-Livefccf: i did install grub but jaunty in not in the menu.lst02:36
fccfDreamglider-Live:  you'll need to specify that you have two drives ... there is a /boot/grub/menu.lst on both drives so copy from one to the other02:37
puffHm, "A volume with software packages has been detected.  Would you like to open it with the package manager?"02:37
belorixcan anyone tell me, how to lift awn off the bottom of the screen, similar to the dock used for gOS02:37
cacey31WOOT IT WORKED02:38
cacey31rebooting now02:38
bastid_raZorbelorix: possibly hold alt and left click to move?02:38
Dreamglider-Livefccf: Ah ok i will check that out02:38
Dreamglider-Livefccf: i did not install grub when installing jaunty !02:38
sebsebsebDreamglider-Live: you should have done that02:39
sebsebseb!grub | Dreamglider-Live02:39
ubottuDreamglider-Live: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:39
puffThat's *probably* the old jaunty install on this box.  I'm kinda leaning towards a fresh install, but then again this box doesn't have any network access.  Hm.02:39
sebsebsebDreamglider-Live: or another boot loader such as Lilo,  or maybe you got a Grub already on there02:39
sebsebsebDreamglider-Live: that can be edited to boot Ubuntu as well02:39
GuidMorrowok, where does it install samba at, I can't findit02:39
arandDreamglider-Live: I think you will want to use the "grub-install" command in some constellation.02:40
Dreamglider-Livesebsebseb: i had grub installed beforehand, and jaunty did not detect ibex so i did not install it, i thought i could add to the ibex grub02:40
sebsebsebDreamglider-Live: why you got ibex still on there?02:40
puffHm, I have an 8GB USB key, where does apt keep the package files again?02:40
fccfpuff: /var/cache/apt/archives02:41
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81002:41
wizzo50_sebsebseb: Hi02:41
sebsebsebthiebaude: I think he knows what Ibex is02:41
sebsebsebwizzo50_: hi02:41
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
Dreamglider-Livesebsebseb: i want to test jaunty, i have had lots of problems getting ubuntu to work right after 7.04 so i dont want to break ibex before im sure jaunty runs.02:41
x_use live-cd?02:41
sebsebsebDreamglider-Live: oh right well02:41
dovlogging into gnome by vnc on 8.10. Can't get permisions to use sound. Any ideas?02:41
sebsebsebDreamglider-Live: 9.04 is a bit of a bad release really, and 9.10 is out at the end of October :)02:41
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904 - Please use !torrents02:42
bigdavejokerI am having problems getting an ip address for a vmware session I am running using bridge  I have been able to manually set it before with no problems02:42
sebsebseb!botabuse |  thiebaude02:42
ubottuthiebaude: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".02:42
sebsebsebthiebaude: he knows wha 8.10 and 9.04 are02:42
Dreamglider-Livesebsebseb: thats ok i want to give it a try anyways02:43
wizzo50_sebsebseb: On the Ubuntu email, how you make the images & and some pictures show up on some of the email people send you?02:43
x_make sure u do because it rocks!!!02:43
sebsebsebx_: 9.04 nah,  Karmic maybe :)02:43
Dreamglider-Livei just need to know what to add to menu.lst to boot jaunty02:43
dovlogging into gnome by vnc on 8.10. Can't get permisions to use sound. Any ideas?02:43
sebsebsebx_: 9.04 a bit of a bad release02:44
thiebaudesebsebseb: how is it going with your new install?02:44
sebsebsebx_: 9.10  is probably going to be quite good though02:44
x_well i'm liking it02:44
thiebaudeyep it is02:44
sebsebsebthiebaude: new install??02:44
sebsebsebthiebaude: ok and off topic for in here02:45
x_i'm using gnome-xchat now... sheesh i wish there's better irc client02:45
sebsebsebx_: there is :)02:45
sebsebsebx_: Konversation I quite like personalley02:45
x_been usin mirc my whole life02:45
sebsebsebx_: if your up for the command line though,  IRSSI  for example02:45
sebsebseb!irc |  x_02:45
ubottux_: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines02:45
x_well mirc works on wine though02:45
sebsebsebx_: mirc under Wine hmm02:45
sebsebsebx_: I am sure you can find a good native one that you like :)02:46
sebsebsebx_: or maybe not, but loads to choose from02:46
x_yeah, but nothing beats mirc yet02:46
wizzo50_sebsebseb: On the Ubuntu email, how you make the images & and some pictures show up on some of the email people send you?02:46
sebsebsebwizzo50_: in Thunderbird or Evolution?02:46
sebsebsebwizzo50_: I don't  use Evolution and haven't used Thunderbird for a long time either02:47
wizzo50_sebsebseb: I know how to make them show up in thunderbird02:47
x_if its firefox, u have the show images options though02:47
wizzo50_sebsebseb: What do you use?02:48
x_have u checked he options?02:48
sebsebsebwizzo50_: web email,  I don't use much email02:48
wizzo50_sebsebseb: oh, I see.02:48
foreverubuntuI'm on karmic, is there a way to go back to jaunty?02:49
sebsebsebwizzo50_: on a load of mailing lists for  computers :)   ,but   I won't be  opening most of those emails02:49
sebsebseb!karmic |  foreverubuntu02:49
ubottuforeverubuntu: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:49
dovlogging into gnome by vnc on 8.10. Can't get permisions to use sound. Any ideas?02:49
sebsebseb!downgrade |  foreverubuntu02:49
ubottuforeverubuntu: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.02:49
dtohow do I tell Pulseaudio to output on other than the default alse audio device? i want pulseaudio output to go to hw:1,1 which is a usb audio device, but padevchooser won't show the device as an option. i know the device works because i tested it in gnome. i just can't get pulseaudio to talk to it.02:49
sebsebsebforeverubuntu: clean install is the way back02:49
x_no way man02:49
x_should have used usb or cd02:49
sebsebsebx_: what?02:50
goudahaha whooooops02:50
x_the karmic thing02:50
sebsebsebx_: What about it?02:50
wizzo50_sebsebseb: Is that 9.10 better then the last version 9.04?02:50
goudaThat's why I always stick with the stable version02:50
g0bl1nCrunchBang Linux is very interesting02:51
sebsebsebwizzo50_: it will be, right now   buggey02:51
kermitis there an app that will track how much time i spend using each window?  like TimeTracker for win02:51
x_jus need to wait for abit 4 the stable02:51
_Hicham_I have no sound on karmic alpha 502:51
sebsebseb!karmic |  _Hicham_02:51
ubottu_Hicham_: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:51
GuidMorrowhow do I run samba after I just installed it02:52
thiebaude!samba | GuidMorrow02:52
ubottuGuidMorrow: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:52
thiebaudehope that helps02:52
dovVNCing into gnome on a headless 8.10 box. Can't get permission for sound. Any ideas?02:53
brezI had ubuntu 8.10 installed in Virtual Box, then I upgraded to 9.04, when I start ubuntu now it gives me a "ubuntu must start in low graphics mode" any idea?02:53
sebsebsebbrez: ah yes that, you can just ignore that, and what's your host OS?02:53
derwinhow can I determine what package a given file belongs to?02:53
fccfbrez: reinstall vbox guest additions02:53
derwin(if I was using rpm it would be rpm -qf /file)02:54
brezwindoez vista :D02:54
GuidMorrowwhile doing "sudo apt-get install smbfs" I got "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)02:54
sebsebsebbrez: oh I am thinking of the 16 bit colours message,  but  sure do  what fccf said02:54
Psi-JackSo it's PulseAudio causing surround sound NOT to work. GREAT!02:54
fccfGuidMorrow: do you have another package management program running?02:54
sebsebsebbrez: I hope only for testing :)02:54
dovGuidMorrow: sounds like ur system was trying to check for updates at the time02:54
GuidMorrowshutting down Synaptic02:54
x_out to test other irc client... i hope smexi is better than gnome-xchat02:54
rey_como se chatea por aqui02:55
sebsebsebbrez:  for real proper Ubuntu advantages, you need to install it properly onto your hard disk with partitions02:55
fccfPsi-Jack: pulse will do that02:55
brezCan you allocate anymore HDD space to ubuntu when installed on vb?02:55
sebsebseb!dualboot |  brez02:55
ubottubrez: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:55
arandbrez: that indicates video driver mismatch, and the video drivers are provided by vboxguest-tools afaik.02:55
sebsebseb!es |  rey_02:55
ubotturey_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:55
fccf!es } rey_02:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about es } rey_02:55
te_derwin: apt-cache showpkg package-name02:55
Psi-JackYeah, why's everything revolve around PulseAudio's inadequicies? It's the worst thing I've ever used, constantly proving it's lack of worth.02:55
UlisesI need help my ubuntu doesn't initiate02:55
brezsebsebseb: I have ubuntu on a dualboot, and my laptop :D I just have it on vb also so I can access it while using windows :)02:55
sarutobisenseyworks right the wi-fi in ubuntu 9.04?02:55
pacopilonline boxing game http://www.kobox.org/kobox-fande-Nourine.html02:55
brezwithout running too many machines!02:55
sebsebsebbrez: ok  I see02:55
dovGuidMorrow: sounds like ur system was trying to check for updates at the time02:56
sebsebsebbrez: What do you use Windows for?  you sure you can't  Wine that stuff, or run it inside Ubuntu in a virtual machine of Windows?02:56
dovVNCing into gnome on a headless 8.10 box. Can't get permission for sound. Any ideas?02:56
brezWork :)02:56
sarutobisenseyhi, can someone helpme?02:56
breznope, vpn, the programs etc/ a built to work on windows!02:56
sebsebseb!ask |  sarutobisensey02:56
ubottusarutobisensey: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:56
GuidMorrowdo I use CIFS or do I use smbfs02:56
brezso I have ubuntu vbox, with ssh installed ;p02:56
sebsebsebGuidMorrow: smb:// internal ip address02:57
Psi-JackGuidMorrow, CIFS is better02:57
te_Psi-Jack: Some believe all you need is oss02:57
sebsebsebGuidMorrow: in the location bar in the file manager02:57
GuidMorrowhow do I get that02:57
Psi-Jackte_, OSS is deprecated, and will always be that way with Linux. It's not worth it.02:57
Psi-Jackte_, ALSA works /just/ fine.02:57
GuidMorrowis that option included in samba02:57
sarutobisenseyUbutto mi ubuntu 8.10 is runing slow, and i can try the 9.0402:57
GuidMorrowno package for CIFS02:58
Psi-JackGuidMorrow, CIFS is part of Samba02:58
awaadI used to find videos that I watch from youtube in the /tmp directory, but now I use ubuntu 9.04 where can I find it ?02:58
dovsarutobisensey: 9:04 is faster and shouldn't use more resources. Faster esp. if you use ext4 for the root partition02:58
gartralPsi-Jack: speak for yourself, OSS is the only thing that gives decent playback on my system02:59
sebsebseb!bot |  sarutobisensey02:59
ubottusarutobisensey: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:59
sebsebsebsarutobisensey:  How much RAM?02:59
Psi-Jackgartral, ALSA works just fine for me. And I don't even need dmix, because I have a real sound card.02:59
sarutobisenseydov: i want to install 9.04, but i'm afraid that the Wi-FI not work in it03:00
icarushi i am trying out a new theme and i quite frankly do not like how it repersents some of its icons in particular brazo disk burner rhythm box music player and gimp . where are the defalt icons stored so that i can change them myself03:00
gartralPsi-Jack: i have a cs46xx.. lol03:00
sebsebsebsarutobisensey: if 8.10  works good03:00
sarutobisenseysebsebseb:  512MB RAM03:00
Psi-Jackgartral, I have the last good Creative Labs sound card, a PCI 512 emu10k1, which has 32 hardware mixers, instead of just 1, like all modern ones have.03:00
sebsebsebsarutobisensey: 9.04 probably won't really be worth the upgrade from 8.10 in your case.03:01
sarutobisenseythe Wi-fi works good in 8.10, but now is runing slow03:01
GuidMorrow"Then edit your /etc/fstab file (you need root privileges)" ... uh how?!03:01
awaadI used to find videos that I watch from youtube in the /tmp directory, but now I use ubuntu 9.04 where can I find it ?03:01
awaadAny one can help please ?03:01
sebsebsebsarutobisensey: espeasilly now with 9.10  out at the end of October03:01
GuidMorrowwhat's the command for editing /etc/fstab?03:01
sebsebsebsarutobisensey: you got 512MB RAM,  have you got a SWAP though how big is it?03:01
sebsebseb!swap |  sarutobisensey03:01
ubottusarutobisensey: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info03:01
te_GuidMorrow: vim03:01
kahenGuidMorrow, there is no program for doing that. so just gksudo gedit /etc/fstab03:01
dovsarutobisensey: see if you can test the wifi support on a liveCD OR google "[your_machine_model] ubuntu 9.04 install"03:02
Psi-Jackgartral, The big problem with OSS, is it's not very defined as ALSA became. WIth OSS, you just have /dev/dspX, and with a system with many sound devices, like I have, SB512, USB Headset, USB Mic on USB Camera, etc.. it gets annoying, but with ALSA, it shows the actual device name so it can be easily identified, in everything using ALSA.03:02
awaadI used to find videos that I watch from youtube in the /tmp directory, but now I use ubuntu 9.04 where can I find it ?03:02
sarutobisenseysebsebseb:  the Wi_FI can't test in the liveCD03:02
awaadAny one can help please ?03:02
istvanhey, I seem to be having trouble starting cron on my ubuntu-server machine - help?03:02
sebsebsebsarutobisensey: sure you can03:02
te_awaad: Same place03:03
burvowskiHi, i have a keyboard shortcut set to open up a terminal window on my netbook, but it never opens in a maximized window, is there any way to set it to do that?03:03
te_istvan: Are you betting some sort of error?03:03
dovsarutobisensey: google "[your_machine_model] ubuntu 9.04 install" and see what other people have found out03:03
Dan48phi, i have some questions about dual booting03:03
awaadte_: I don't find them there ?03:03
awaadte_ : And I don't know why03:03
dovVNCing into gnome on a headless 8.10 box. Can't get permission for sound. Any ideas?03:03
istvante_ crond doesn't seem to be running, the command 'crond' isn't found, and 'cron' returns an error03:03
kahenawaad, it's not exactly what you're looking for, but you can also download videos directly from youtube with a simple javascript bookmark03:03
Spoonso I'm having some pretty wicked framerat issues in WoW, I am often stuck at 3-4 frames per second for no discernable reason, this same PC ran WoW much better before I installed ubuntu, upgraded the proccessor and doubled the RAM, before you ask, I am running in opengl mode on an nvidia card AND have tried the registry edit with absolutly no effectI have tried everything on the ubuntu WoW support page, as well as everything on the 03:04
GuidMorrow"//servername/sharename  /media/mountname  cifs  guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode  0  0" ... what do I put in for "//servername/sharename"?03:04
istvancron says it can't lock onto /var/run/cron.pid03:04
VeinorSpoon: That's how advanced it is, it's trying to kick your WoW habit :D03:04
kahenawaad something like this: http://ja.pastebin.ca/1356212?srch=youtube03:05
x_have i been here before?03:05
Veinoristvan: try sudo rm /var/run/cron.pid03:05
awaadkahen : I used to take them from /tmp03:05
awaadkahen : Do you know why I can't find it there now ?03:05
istvanVeinor, no such file or directory03:05
GuidMorrowSpoon: Can you even run World of Warcraft in linux?03:05
Veinorare you running it as root?03:06
Veinorcopy-paste the error message you're getting.03:06
samitheberberGuidMorrow: it works with wine :)03:06
Spoonyes, it runs, just poorly03:06
Dan48pi know i've asked this before on here but what size is ideal for partitions on a dual boot system.  my machine is brand new (320gb) and has roughly 30gb used up already03:07
blue0488 is ubuntu 9.10 going to have all the sensors for usus p6t deluxe and the i7 and nvidia 285 gtx?03:07
istvanVeinor, i did sudo su, and i can't copy and paste it, it is in a vm03:07
dovVNCing into gnome on a headless 8.10 box. Can't get permission for sound. Any ideas?03:07
kahenawaad, i just picked the first one i found via google btw. i have a working one on my desktop, but it's downstairs and i'm not really in the mood for getting out of bed at this hour03:07
miguelonnnnhi please 1 qucik question, what's the difference btween fat32, and fat32L?03:07
Veinoristvan: so what's the exact error message when you try to start cron?03:08
Veinorand does ps aux | grep cron show anything?03:08
bumbblebeei am using ubuntu on my dell inspiron 15 but the sound does not work as expected03:08
bigdavejokerhow do I view/change the vmnet virtual interfaces with my regular interfaces for vmware?03:08
istvanVeinor, huh, didn't the first time, but now it does03:09
istvanlet me see if it is working now03:09
x_sometimes things just get fixed by simply shutting down the pc and rebooting it again03:09
dovbumbblebee: what model was that?03:09
istvanhow would I run a cron command every 10 minutes?03:10
Veinoristvan: put */10 for the minutes, that'll run it every time the minute is divisible by 1003:10
gartralistvan: man cron03:10
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Ulises http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/crash-and-kernel-reinstall-719188/   need help with this03:10
istvanoh cool03:10
GuidMorrowheeeaaaallllpppp something messed up ... what should I put in the part where it says "//servername/sharename"?03:10
^cheekyhi, iam trying to finish this python assignment where i have to ftp to my school server and drop my script file , i was instructed to use winscp but iam in ubuntu and i tried ftping to my schools box using places= connect to server && choosing ftp(with login).. but i get an error when i try to do this, am i doing somthing wrong or is there another way to ftp ?03:10
Veinorman 5 crontab is a good read :D03:10
te_istvan: there are a couple of ways, depends on what the server expects / accepts.03:11
Uliseshello all03:12
kahen^cheeky, i think "connect to server" from the Places menu should do it for you. that or just scp from the commandline03:12
^cheekykahen, hi, yeah i trid places but says could not connect to server .. :S03:12
smogattackwhat is the latest version of transmission for ubuntu 9.04 and where can i get it?03:13
puffHm, when I click on this "install" icon, it invokes ubiquity, which just returns with no output.03:13
puffThere doesn't appear to be a --verbose mode.03:13
te_^cheeky: nmap -P 21 192.xxx.x.xx03:13
x_try synaptic package manager03:13
^cheekyte_, 21/tcp filtered ftp03:14
puffx_: Was that to me?03:14
kahen^cheeky, some quick googling gives http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18268803:14
x_nope, o smogattack03:14
smogattackx_, what?03:15
te_^cheeky: Then you have been given wrong instructions, or you do not understand the instructions.03:15
x_i have transmission listed in my synaptic package manaer03:15
kahen^cheeky, or http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=secpanel03:15
te_What were you to do? ftp or scp or?03:15
te_^cheeky: nmap -P 22 192.xxx.x.xx03:15
^cheekykahen, i have sshed into it and dropped this file an all but he wants me to do this specifically ftping .. kinda tarded .. so i need to use wins03:15
smogattackwhat is the latest version of transmission for ubuntu 9.04 and where can i get it?03:16
=== dvz-_ is now known as dvz-
x_smogattack: i found transmission in synaptic package manager, u can install from it03:16
te_^cheeky: telnet 192.xxx.x.x 2203:16
Alfredo555smogattack, you've already posted the url with the apt sources03:16
on0bismog, use the packet manager03:16
smogattackAlfredo555, x_ , I want to install this: http://www.getdeb.net/release/471503:17
x_just download and double click?03:17
=== Matthew_Weeks is now known as CPLWeeks
smogattackI'm using ubuntu x_03:18
x_smogattack: u know how to use synaptic package manager?03:18
Alfredo555smogattack, so download both packages, install common first then gtk03:18
smogattackx_, yes, that doesn't give me the latest version03:18
AvonGenesisHow do I get Veoh to work on ubuntu?03:18
x_i see03:18
smogattackAlfredo555, isn't there a PPA way?03:18
x_then just as Alfredo555 sez03:19
Alfredo555smogattack, the ppa is in the url you posted (http://forum.transmissionbt.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=5604)03:19
=== nick is now known as Guest37749
x_deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/transmissionbt/ubuntu hardy main03:19
x_deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/transmissionbt/ubuntu hardy main03:19
x_change to jaunty?03:20
TIctoonhi people03:20
Alfredo555if you're desperate, browse thru the ppa to find the correct .deb03:20
TIctoonsorry to bother you guys, when I run "exportvideo -Y 2 (./Xmen3.mpg " | mpeg2enc -f 8 XMEN3.mpg")" I get the error: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('03:21
TIctooncan someone help me debug and fix thise?03:21
smogattackAlfredo555, should I get nightly or beta builds?03:21
x_wow , opera 10 works well in Ubuntu03:21
NafaiI'm trying out Karmic on a machine and I'm having wireless issues, it looks like either my driver or wpasupplicant.  Any hints on how to track down what's going on?03:21
VeinorTIctoon: What're you trying to do?03:21
Alfredo555opera gt4 ftw :)03:21
sebsebseb!karmic |  Nafai03:22
ubottuNafai: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:22
Alfredo555qt4 even03:22
NafaiThanks, I figured there would be another channel for that.03:22
pepperphdgoogle has failed me. is directly editing the .desktop files the only way to edit xfce menus, or is there a utility somewhere?03:22
chandruhi everyone.. i need a help.. how to do voice chat in ubuntu using gmail accoung03:22
chandruwat softwate can be used for this03:23
chandrukindly help03:23
Alfredo555smogattack, you need to check with the tracker sites you use - maybe they don't allow non-stable versions of transmission03:23
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest66970
CPLWeeksGreetings, I just installed Ubuntu server v9.04 on a personal machine. I'm sure I've jumped into the deep end of the pool as I'm a Linux beginner. Upon reboot, I came face to face with the grub loader, and I'm not entirely sure how to proceed. I know I need to specify the kernel location, but I don't know what it is. I kept all of the defaults during installation. Can anyone direct me to...03:24
CPLWeeks...what the default kernel location, and syntax to identify it is? Thanks!03:24
nightbreezanyone know how i can get my wireless card usb card to work??03:24
x_chandru: try gizmo5.com03:24
smogattackAlfredo555, it's for getting legal downloads03:25
=== VanDyke is now known as VanDyke_drinking
Alfredo555that's your own business not mine, smogattack03:26
TIctoonVeinor: I'm trying to author a dvd, and I need to convert the two chapters to a format for dvdauthor03:26
sebsebseb!8.04 |  CPLWeeks03:26
ubottuCPLWeeks: Ubuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.03:26
sebsebsebCPLWeeks: 8.04 is recommended for proper servers03:26
sebsebsebCPLWeeks: and you can  also  run  9.04  desktop  for servers03:26
Alfredo555just check with private trackers (if you use any) because they are more strict on client versions03:26
nightbreezuh gizmo5 is some kind of cell phone service on the internet03:26
CPLWeeksAh, I see. I was using this walkthrough: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-9.04-ispconfig-203:27
x_is it03:27
x_lol soz03:27
nightbreezit ok03:27
smogattackAlfredo555, does ubuntu downloads allow beta versions?03:27
nightbreezgot anything else for wireless cards?03:27
CPLWeekssebsebseb & ubotto, thanks for the advice.03:27
Alfredo555smogattack, yes those trackers probably do allow any version of any bittorrent client03:28
sebsebsebCPLWeeks: no problem03:28
sebsebseb!thanks |  CPLWeeks03:28
ubottuCPLWeeks: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:28
x_http://gizmo5.com/pc/products/features/multi-network-chats/ <-- iwas looking at this03:28
Spoonso I'm having some pretty wicked framerat issues in WoW, I am often stuck at 3-4 frames per second for no discernable reason, this same PC ran WoW much better before I installed ubuntu, upgraded the proccessor and doubled the RAM, before you ask, I am running in opengl mode on an nvidia card AND have tried the registry edit with absolutly no effect, I am running two monitors on the same Geforce4 440 MX, but this was also the case w03:28
CPLWeeksI shall. :-)03:28
kahenTIctoon, what package provides exportvideo? kinda hard to answer questions when you can't find out what the syntax of that program's commandline is03:29
TIctoonnevermind, I did some research, that tool only uses nuv format03:29
=== soulnet7 is now known as aqqq
kahenTIctoon, oh. mythtv03:29
nightbreezum spoon03:29
nightbreezi got a nice little webpage for you to look at03:30
=== fantasticulous is now known as elephantasticle
nightbreezhere look at this page it helped me a lot with wow03:31
SpoonAlready tryed all of that03:31
SpoonI am not just asking here first03:32
nightbreezoh lol03:32
Psi-JackReally hating pulseaudio right now. heh03:32
SpoonI have searched quite a bit mostly through google, and have come up mostly empty handed03:33
kainhi all, i was wondering if someone knew how to fix this bug, i fixed it on my pc a while ago and don't remember how :  trying to use touchpad in System-Preferences but i get the error : GSynaptics couldn't initialize. You have to set 'SHMConfig' 'true' in xorg.conf or XF86Config to use GSynaptics03:33
retqif I reinstall ubuntu03:33
nightbreezwell it was worth a shot i followed  that exactly and my wow worked perfectly03:33
retqon the same machine03:33
retqcan I use my /var/cache/apt/archives03:33
retqinstead of redownloading *03:33
retqor would it fuck up my apt?03:34
ctmjraptoncd | retq03:34
Psi-Jackretq, Watch your language young man!03:34
Dr_Williskain:  i recall seeing the answer for that befor.. - some hal/fdi file  one had to edit.03:34
nightbreezi need help with using a wireless usb card03:35
ctmjr!aptoncd | retq03:35
ubotturetq: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline03:35
kainya but i don't remember :S03:35
retqPsi-Jack: are you capable of helping?03:35
x_lol talking to bot03:35
Psi-Jackretq, Rules state, foul language here is not acceptable.03:35
Dr_Williskain:  ive seen it on the forums  befor I thinkis earched for 'SCHMConfig hal' or fdi03:35
retqctmjr: dude, I already have my /var/cache/apt/archives on an external hdd03:35
Dr_Williskain:  let me check my bookmarks03:35
retqctmjr: I just wonder if I can copy it to my current install03:36
GuidMorrowno luck setting up Samba there, I'm installing SWAT03:36
retqPsi-Jack: Are you an ubuntu dev/member?03:36
retqOr a channel operator?03:36
Psi-Jackretq, Do I have to be to tell you to stop using foul language?03:36
GuidMorrowis it easier setting up Samba using SWAT than entering commands in a terminal03:36
kaindr_willis: i thought i had it in my bookmarks, but i couldn't find it :S03:36
retqPsi-Jack: I'm asking you a question, why are you answering it with a question?03:37
blue0488I have a i7 cpu and all the other stuff for a 64bit pc but I was wondering if I should go with a 32 still or should I go with a 64bit and if anyone has had problems with the 64 bit os03:37
Dr_Williskain:  if i got it  its in this list -> http://delicious.com/dr_willis/ubuntu03:37
Psi-Jack!ops @ retq for foul language03:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:37
retqctmjr: here?03:37
munkis there a way to get grep to search subdirectories?03:37
retqPsi-Jack, I guess you speak to bots.03:37
retq+ too.03:37
kaini think i found it03:38
retqcan I just copy over my /var/cache/apt/archive/ if I reinstall over the same sys instead of redownloading  archives I already have?03:38
retqI have it all on my external03:38
retqI just don't want to screw my repos  up03:38
retqbetter Psi-Jack03:38
retqare you less offended, sir?03:38
x_i think its ok03:38
Dr_Willisretq:  that dir can get autocleaned at times also. so what yoyu have in it now may not be all  that you have installed.03:38
retqwant a cracker?03:38
x_jus add it up?03:38
Dr_Willisretq:  there are some 'apt-cacher' tools that can set up one machine to 'cache' all the downloaded ackages for the whole network/lan - that can make things easier also03:39
retqDr_Willis, It's the same machine, I formatted the old install of 9.04 and reinstalled03:39
retqDr_Willis, I backed it up on my external03:39
retqDr_Willis, I'm not sure how best you expect me to tackle this, recommendations?03:40
Dr_Willisthe archive is just  going to have  the most recent downloads I imagine. not EVERYTHING03:40
retqI don't have another ubuntu/linux machine03:40
Dr_Willisive copied files over to/from  apt/archive befor to save some time.03:40
retqIs it a safe thing to do ...03:40
retqCopy the archive over to the new install03:40
Dr_Willisshould be safe. if a newer version existw.. it will get downloaded.03:40
retqnice, really good news.03:41
Alfredo555yeah, it's only the stuff you've downloaded and not deleted yet03:41
GuidMorrowI would want to set up Samba using SWAT, but hell, I don't know what my computer's name is!03:42
donavan_anyone know why I am just getting static through my speakers?  it was working rebooted and now I just get static everytime a sound plays03:43
=== s8n is now known as vorian
TheEvilOnehey was wondering if anyone knows how to install BlueJ in Ubuntu03:44
gwildordonavan_, is mute on ?... i get that when muted.03:44
blue0488should I go with 32 bit ubuntu or 64 bit I can run 64 bit but is it really worth it?03:44
Nafaiblue0488: How much memory do you have?03:44
Nafaiblue0488: And do you have a 64-bit capable machine, should probably be the first question.03:44
donavan_gwildor ... not accoring to my little volume icon03:45
ctmjrGuidMorrow: try cat /etc/hostname03:45
Pritesh<TheEvilOne> : try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11969403:45
blue04884gb and yeah I have a 64-bit capable machine but is it really worth it to go to 64-bit03:46
Psi-Jackblue0488, Yes.03:46
Psi-Jackblue0488, Because then you can run software both 64bit native, and 32bit native. Instead of just 32bit native.03:46
Nafaiblue0488: You can't see all 4gb without the 64-bit.  I've had a few little problems here and there, mostly related to proprietary stuff that isn't 64-bit03:46
NafaiBut I think overall it has worked well for me03:46
Psi-JackNafai, Memory has only a bit to do with 64-bit support.03:47
blue0488is there any problems with the 64-bit ubuntu?03:47
NafaiPsi-Jack: Sure, but at least for me that was the main motivating factor03:47
Psi-JackNafai, 32-bit supports 32gb RAM03:48
Psi-JackNafai, The only difference, is 64bit supports lots more than that, and can allocate more than 4gb memory to any given program needing it.03:49
Psi-JackNafai, So. How is memory a deciding factor?03:49
Spoonso I'm having some pretty wicked framerat issues in WoW, I am often stuck at 3-4 frames per second for no discernable reason, this same PC ran WoW much better before I installed ubuntu, upgraded the proccessor and doubled the RAM, before you ask, I am running in opengl mode on an nvidia card AND have tried the registry edit with absolutly no effect, I am running two monitors on the same Geforce4 440 MX, but this was also the case w03:49
Psi-JackSpoon, Try #winehq03:50
NafaiOkay, I stand corrected and misunderstood03:50
Spoonthanks, I will03:50
yellowroosterwhere is the pidgin program located on my ubuntu comp?03:52
=== aroot is now known as Guest38984
Psi-Jackwhich pidgin03:53
yellowroosterPsi-Jack: the irc program.03:53
yellowroosterthe chat program03:53
Psi-Jackyellowrooster, It's not an IRC program. Type which pidgin in a terminal.03:53
MK-ubuntuyellowrooster, programs -> internet03:53
x_application > internet ?03:53
Dan48phi, how big does a vista partition need to be on a dual boot machine?  assuming future installation of win 7?  this will be dual boot with ubuntu03:53
yellowroosterPsi-Jack: thanks03:53
x_pidgin does support irc03:54
blue0488the hole reason I ask if I should have 32-bit or 64-bit is there are a couple of programs in ubuntu that I can't get to work  like the virtualbox and the lm-sensor in the terminal03:54
yellowroosterx_: it does, doesn't it.03:54
sebsebsebDan48p: 60GB is probably a good size, and dual booting Windows :(03:54
yellowroosteri'm chatting to all of you know in #ubuntu via pidgin.03:54
MK-ubuntuyellowrooster, do sudo aptitude install pidgin03:54
sebsebsebDan48p: virtual maching on the other hand :D03:54
yellowroosterMK-ubuntu: i don't need to do that, since i already have it installed.03:54
MK-ubuntuand also do < sudo aptitude search pidgin-* >03:55
Psi-Jackblue0488, 32bit software works generally just fine under 64bit, through 32bit libraries.03:55
x_i'm on irssi. the less crappy irc client than xchat03:55
MK-ubuntuto install additional things03:55
yellowroosterMK-ubuntu: "which pidgin" is simpler.03:55
sebsebsebx_: same for Konversation :)03:55
Psi-JackMK-ubuntu, Inaccurate.03:55
sebsebsebx_: to be fair though Xchat is ok03:55
fezwhy does ubuntu set yourhostname in /etc/hosts03:55
Dan48psebastien, this not be in a vitrual box, just separate partitions for installation on the hard disc.  do i need that much for applications or can i install win apps on the main data partition03:55
Psi-JackMK-ubuntu, aptitude searches repositories, NOT where the actual already installed binary is.03:55
blue0488I am just asking if any one has any trouble with the sensors in 64-bit03:55
Dan48psebastien, sorry wrong name to red too03:56
sebsebsebDan48p: what I am getting at here is,  you may not need it on dual boot in the first place :)03:56
lstarnesfez: because it needs to know that that hostname points to you03:56
sebsebsebDan48p: Which Windows programs do you want to run?  How much RAM do you have?03:56
MK-ubuntuPsi-Jack, i kno.. i wanted him to install additional plugins03:57
sebsebsebDan48p: and yes  Windows  and  Windows programs tend to take up quite a bit of space03:57
Psi-JackMK-ubuntu, He didn't ask for that. Why are you doing that?03:57
MK-ubuntuif i wanted to see if if is installed i would have told him to do < dpkg -L pidgin >03:57
sebsebsebDan48p: some may even think 60GB is to little for Windows,  because of apps they  are going to run03:57
MK-ubuntuor < whereis pidgin >03:57
Rolliozjoin #dumaguete03:57
Psi-JackRollioz, No03:58
sebsebsebDan48p: that's  a beautey of most Linux distributions right there,  the OS and  a lot of programs, won't take up that much space at all03:58
Dan48psebsebseb, probably not many windows apps03:58
Rolliozsorry wrong input..03:58
sebsebsebDan48p: which apps?  maybe you can  Wine them :)03:58
sebsebsebDan48p: and have them working really well in Wine, or find alternatives03:58
x_wont take much space cause most 'big' games wont run.. lol just kidding03:58
Dan48psebsebseb, this is on a laptop, i just want to leave windows on primarily to try out win 7 when i get my free upgrade03:58
sebsebsebDan48p: and if it's not  3D  stuff, well  Windows virtual machine should work03:58
sebsebsebDan48p: oh you  bought one in  July or August this year, and so will get a free upgrade, that's what you mean?03:59
Dan48psebsebseb, i guess i should be more specific... this will run very few programs in windows.  yes i just bought it so i want to try win 7 whenever i get the cd in the mail.03:59
sebsebsebDan48p: with enough RAM, you can virtual machine Windows 7,  well  depending on what kind of  DVD they give you03:59
Dan48psebsebseb, however, i have ubuntu on one of my desktops and would rather use that primarily.  this laptop has 4gb of ddr3, but only a 1.3 ghz core 2 solo04:00
sebsebsebDan48p: also it's just Vista  version 2 basicalley, so not that great over all04:00
sebsebseb!dualboot |  Dan48p04:00
ubottuDan48p: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:00
Dan48psebsebseb, i have a amd64 flash boot disk made up will that work properly on an intel cpu?04:01
sebsebsebDan48p: yep that's more than enough RAM to virtual machine it :)04:01
x_well i heard they develop the windows from scratch again04:01
anaohello@all know anyone the solution for the bug icewm hangs on logout with pcmanfm as desktop-manager?04:01
sebsebsebx_: no it's rather similar to Vista04:01
x_in the ouside maybe04:01
sebsebsebx_: just better eye candy and things like that04:02
x_dang i have bad grammer04:02
sebsebsebx_: enough  fools will upgrade to it from XP,  rather than going to an OS that  is properly decant,   Ubuntu,  Mac OS X, etc,  anyway04:02
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Dan48psebsebseb, basically my laptop is sitting at the "shrink partition" screen waiting for me to figure out what i'm doing.  i do have a 14gb partition that says EISA config but dunno what that means04:02
x_windows xp is legendary04:03
Psi-JackOkay, so, mplayer in ubuntu 9.04 is old. Where can I find backports for it, or alternative repos for it?04:03
sebsebsebx_: and for Windows pretty good really,   you should check out #ubuntu-offtopic04:03
x_u guys use songbird? it rocks!!!04:03
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.04:04
NafaiPsi-Jack: Here's a few options: http://ppa-search.appspot.com/search?search_key_word=mplayer04:04
sebsebsebmaco: oh there's a factoid for that even :D04:04
macosebsebseb: aye, that there is04:04
Psi-JackNafai, Hmmm. ppa doesn't look very sane.04:05
NafaiSure some of them might not04:05
NafaiHave you checked mediabuntu?04:05
Psi-JackNafai, Hmm, actually, no I hadn't. Good idea.04:06
sebsebsebDan48p: you should let Vista resize itself, or dataloss can happan04:06
Dan48pwell my machine says i can only shrink the vista partition down to 142k bytes.  anyone know of a solution for this04:06
NafaiDan48p: Are you trying to get rid of it?04:07
Dan48psebastien, 142000 mb's i mean04:07
NafaiOh :)04:07
NafaiMakes more sense now04:07
sebsebsebNafai: no he wants to dual boot04:07
=== jabagaw`` is now known as jabagawee
sebsebsebNafai: since he will get a free upgrade to  Vista version 2 (Windows 7)04:07
Dan48pyea, trying to shrink.... i was thinking maybe 30gb but 142 is overkill04:08
sebsebsebDan48p: boot up Vista, and use it's tool to resize it's own partition04:08
NafaiYeah, probably a good idea04:08
NafaiIt might need defragged or something04:08
Dan48phow do i do that?  i'm in vista now under 'computer management'04:08
sebsebsebDan48p: yes that's what I meant04:08
sebsebsebDan48p: and if you don't put in  a size,  I think it will go as small as it will go04:08
Dan48pi also just defragged with the vista tool about 10 mins ago04:08
sebsebsebDan48p: also Vista likes to take up a lot of space04:09
lanzellothwhat're .run files for?04:09
Psi-Jacklanzelloth, To run04:09
Dan48psebsebseb, 142gb is about half of the current ntfs partition.  is this a normal minimum shrink size or would i have to use another tool to do this with?04:10
LucidGuyany recommendations on a tool that can write a bootable ISO to usb flash drive?04:10
sebsebsebDan48p: yep it does stuff like that04:10
lanzellothI'm downloading the ati driver from amd.com for my ati x1400 and it comes in a .run04:10
sebsebsebDan48p: you try and make it small, but then you still end up with a massive partition04:10
Psi-Jacklanzelloth, Yeah, Follow the directions at AMD's website.04:10
sebsebsebDan48p: maybe you can shrink it even more with the command line tool or something,  anyway better to ask in ##windows04:10
Psi-Jacklanzelloth, And RUN the program.04:10
Dan48pprobably a good idea, i'm sure i will be back on here later once i get around to the linux part.04:11
GuidMorrowwhere do I find my computer name (the name to put instead of /localhost/?04:11
Psi-JackGuidMorrow, type, hostname04:11
sebsebsebDan48p: ok04:11
lanzellothPsi-Jack, this is probably newer than the one in ubuntu repos?04:11
Psi-Jacklanzelloth, Definately likely. Not always recommended, however.04:12
lanzellothPsi-Jack, because it hasn't been extensively tested by the ubuntu community?04:12
Psi-Jacklanzelloth, That too.04:14
FloodBot1Simna: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:14
LucidGuyreally? .. nobody knows of a tool to write an ISO bootable image to a USB drive?04:14
KB1JWQSimna: English, please.04:15
mordLucidGuy: usb-creator04:15
SimnaI an't speak English04:15
Psi-JackSimna, That language is not supported here. What language do you speak?04:15
Simna*i can't speak English04:15
miguelonnnnyeah lucidguy sry04:15
gartralSimna: what do you speak?04:15
miguelonnnni was off04:15
miguelonnnnlisten whatya want?04:15
MK-ubuntuSimna, what language?04:15
LucidGuymord, ITs not a ISO of ubuntu04:15
SimnaI'am Thai04:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thai04:16
Psi-Jack!th | Simna04:16
ubottuSimna: Please see #ubuntu-th for Ubuntu in Thailand.04:16
GuidMorrow!th | Simna04:16
GuidMorrowsomeone beat me to it04:16
Psi-JackGuidMorrow, Yeah, me04:16
miguelonnnnjust dump the iso to the usb04:16
LucidGuymiguelonnnn,  sry?04:16
miguelonnnnand then make it bootable with grub or syslinux04:16
bucky!beer GuidMorrow04:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beer GuidMorrow04:16
miguelonnnnit's that easy04:16
bucky!cookie GuidMorrow04:16
miguelonnnni mean, the iso contents04:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:16
miguelonnnnnot actually the iso file04:17
miguelonnnnyoull need to mount it first04:17
LucidGuymiguelonnnn, dump?04:17
miguelonnnnyeah, dump all the iso contents to the usb04:17
miguelonnnnhidden files included04:17
lanzellothhow do I check which xorg version I'm running04:17
LucidGuyThe_Bridge, yes04:17
The_BridgeLucidGuy : u dont need any tool,just use live cd04:17
The_Bridgeif u have one04:17
miguelonnnncp -r /mounted/iso/directory/ will do it04:17
m0r0nAnyone know why when I went to install Ubuntu 64bit I got a screen of flashing colours04:18
LucidGuyThe_Bridge,  its not an ISO of ubuntu.04:18
miguelonnnnensure you type a trailing slash, or you'll copy the directory itself which is not correct04:18
The_Bridgeoh,im sorry04:18
LucidGuymiguelonnnn, I highly doubt its going to copy the boot up iformation etc.04:18
miguelonnnnyou don't need it04:18
LucidGuythe ISO im trying to write to USB is a toshiba boot dvd.04:19
miguelonnnnyou just copy the files into the usb and then make it bootable with grub or syslinux or any other bootstrap tool04:19
tottihey guys i got a question, does ubuntu automatically install drivers?04:19
snowmantotti, drivers for what?04:19
m0r0ntotti: I'm pretty sure yes, having trouble with something?04:19
x_except the proprietary ones, yes?04:19
nostalgicBadgerHey, does anyone know how to disable that three column interface dealy in the Netbook Remix? i'm pretty tired of seeing it in the background.04:20
gartraltotti: depending on what dvices, in most cases the drivers i the kernal work just fine04:20
tottijust wanted to know, because i'm using an hp mini, an youtube seemed to go faster in windows xp...04:20
isaias291alguem de fortaleza CE04:20
LucidGuymiguelonnnn, hmm .. I think you are making it sound easier then it is.04:21
NuUserhi everyone04:21
=== marsha is now known as mdg
miguelonnnni'm investigating lucid04:21
miguelonnnnbut i think it's that easy04:21
NuUseryou can guess buy my name that im new04:21
NuUserwell i have a very interstting question04:22
sebsebseb!ask |  NuUser04:22
ubottuNuUser: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:22
dr3mrosmoothwall is a linux based router that has no X server just bash ... its great but i need to add rtorrent and wtorrent to protect my network . my q? is how to add a startup rtorrent in linux without x i mean to make r torrent and webbased interface wtorrent autostart ??04:22
NuUserok thanks for the note ubotu04:23
sebsebseb!thanks |  NuUser04:23
ubottuNuUser: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:23
sebsebsebx_: your commenting on nearly everything I am doing now hmm04:24
LucidGuyI just wish the usb-creator tool was not a bitch and would let you write any ISO to dvd.04:24
sebsebsebx_: in here04:24
dr3mroubottu, hi how are you doing bot ?04:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:24
GuidMorrowI can't run SWAT, it's giving me "unable to connect" messages, what did I do wrong?04:24
x_cause i'm enoying i04:24
x_cause i'm enoying it04:24
LucidGuyOr maybe I can convert iso to img and use the imgcreator tool04:24
maco!language | LucidGuy04:24
ubottuLucidGuy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:24
x_dem keyboard04:24
macoLucidGuy: if you wanna burn to a DVD, then use a burning app, not a USB app04:24
gartralLucidGuy: unetbootin?04:24
sebsebsebx_: this channal isn't really for having loads of fun,  or   chatting about loads of stuff,  i'll suggest it again #ubuntu-offtopic   altough that channal isn't amazing04:24
macoexample: brasero (included in ubuntu), k3b (included in kubuntu), gnomebaker04:25
snowmandoes ubuntu have any good dvd players, totem and mplayer dont can play them, but dont work all that well...... is it to do with some obscure propriety licence thingy?04:25
x_owh man04:25
The_Bridgesnowman : try vlc04:25
arvind_khadri!dvd | snowman04:25
ubottusnowman: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:25
LucidGuyMy issue is a have a netbook that I want to resotre to factory with the bootable DVDs provided.  But I dont have an external usb/dvd player.  So trying to get these boot dvds to a usb stick.04:25
LucidGuysnowman, try VLC04:25
macosnowman: i like dragon since it uses xine and totem uses gstreamer. xine has better dvd support04:25
lanzellothso I'm trying to install the newest ati driver from amd.com but I'm worried what'll happen to the xorg one that's currently running04:26
macoLucidGuy: ok so can you rip the dvd to iso?04:26
arvind_khadrilanzelloth, why from there? why not the ones from repo?04:26
LucidGuymaco, yes I got that already ...04:26
NuUserok i put ubuntu on my usb drive and and want to install some programs for example flash is there any way of bypassing the password or what is the pass word?04:26
snowmanthanks all ill see what i can find04:26
LucidGuymaco, I did that with dd command04:26
yellowroosterhow can i get onto the #gimp-users room? I seem to be the only one there.04:26
lanzellotharvind_khadri, it has some bugs, I wanna see if the newest one has it fixed04:27
The_BridgeNuUser : login password?04:27
NuUsernot login pass word04:27
mythomaniaci installed ubuntu via minimal cd, and then installed openbox, other stuff, as well as alsabase, alsa-utils and linux sound base - but for some reason i am not able to get sound... anyone know what is up?04:27
x_it should be?04:27
The_Bridgedefault password : root04:27
x_just sudo passwd04:27
The_Bridgetry that04:27
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:27
ubottuWe do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.04:28
macoLucidGuy: and usbcreator wont let you use the iso that resulted?04:28
NuUseri have to sudo passwd04:28
m0r0nAnyone know why when I went to install Ubuntu 64bit I got a screen of flashing colours ?04:28
LucidGuymaco,  correct it states its not an ubuntu live cd .. urg.04:28
macoLucidGuy: oh...is it a windows disc?04:29
macoi bet that was never tested04:29
LucidGuymaco, it probably is since its a toshiba recovery dvd04:29
NuUserwe it thinks its running on a disk04:29
NuUserbut it is just an alternative boot04:30
The_BridgeNuUser : can't quite understand what u mean04:31
x_u're runnin ubuntu from live-usb ?04:32
NuUserthanks guys the pass change worked perfectly04:32
x_should be no passworrd04:32
lanzellothso I installed xorg-driver-fglrx from the repos, but I can't find it in admin->hardware drivers04:32
BellinXFeloncan someone help me install a tar.gz file nicotine plus04:34
swapywhat happened04:35
arvind_khadri!compile > BellinXFelon04:35
ubottuBellinXFelon, please see my private message04:35
macoBellinXFelon: no need to compile from source. its in the repositories04:36
LucidGuywow can't believe this is soo difficult04:36
macoLucidGuy: you may be screwed04:37
macoit wouldnt be too surprising if those tools could only handle linux live cds since the filesystems and the stuff needed to boot are rather specific04:37
The_BridgeLucidGuy : borrow some dvd burner04:37
macoLucidGuy: maybe if you yank the hard drive, put it in an enclosure, and install to the hard drive using a different computer that has a dvd drive?04:38
LucidGuyI dont know why Im even trying this ... Im sure when I return it someone will eventually reload the system anyways .. refurbish etc.04:38
LucidGuybut the chick told me the OS has to be intact ... I think thats bullshit.04:39
LucidGuyThe OS is actually intact .. just grub is in the way and you have to select it.  I guess I can try and recover the xp loader.04:39
sebsebseb!language |  LucidGuy04:39
ubottuLucidGuy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:39
The_BridgeLucidGuy : why would u even bother to put in in a usb disk?04:39
LucidGuyThe_Bridge, what do you mean?04:40
mythomaniacwhen i issue this command sudo aptitude install linux-ubuntu-modules-`uname -r` linux-generic i get this: couldn't find any package whose name or description matched "linux-ubuntu-modules-" - this was supposed to install the sound modules as stated from this wiki, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - i think ubuntu needs update the wiki to help people :/04:40
mythomaniacif this was debian proper i wouldn't have these problems because alasconf would have done the trick...04:42
programadorboa noite04:42
IdleOnemythomaniac: you are welcome to edit the wiki site04:43
mythomaniacIdleOne, LOL funny help me figure out why my sound isn't working and the steps need to resolve it and i just might...04:44
legend2440mythomaniac: their called   linux-restricted-modules-2.6.28-15-generic04:44
Alfredo555kernel- ???04:44
mythomaniaclegend2440, i have that instaleld04:44
mythomaniacAlfredo555, yes why?04:44
henson_all guys04:46
macomythomaniac: it should be 2.6.28-15 not .1504:46
m0r0nAnyone know why when I went to install Ubuntu 64bit I got a screen of flashing colours ?04:46
mythomaniacmaco, sorry typo04:46
migg137where on vista can i find my firefox bookmarks.. i am on ubuntu and vista stoped working so i want my bookmars. please help04:48
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
brodon't know if you got this, but i was loking all over for this one, finally found it: script to map multimedia keys in amarok 2 [the amarok 1 script won't work]: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=10344804:50
goudaMigg137 you are looking for your bookmarks on the vista side?04:50
IdleOnemythomaniac: wiki changed04:50
migg137gouda, yes sir04:50
goudawell this is an ubuntu channel bro04:50
broi guess you're not refering to me :P04:51
mythomaniaclol IdleOne cool, but i had that installed...04:51
mythomaniacand still do...04:51
IdleOnemythomaniac: keep follwing the wiki :)04:51
goudabut if you want your bookmarks you can try c:\program files04:51
goudaC:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile04:52
LucidGuyif I set the grub timeout to 0 .. will it flash the grub menu at all?  hmm wondering if I can remove the menu all together.04:52
goudaMight be different on vista04:53
goudaThat's the directory on xp pro but probably the same on vista04:53
x404xwhy does cfv say that sha and md5 modules are depreciated ? should i use hashlib ? how ?04:53
arvind_khadriLucidGuy, no it wont04:53
LucidGuyarvind_khadri,  if set to 0 it wont flash at all?04:54
arvind_khadriLucidGuy, no04:55
mythomaniacyou know IdleOne, ill i should have to do is sudo modprobe snd-emu10k1 and be done with it but that does not work... yes i'm using a soundblaster live card... it should be working04:55
arvind_khadriLucidGuy, also you can set hiddmenu04:55
Honda750I sync my firefox bookmarks using the xmarks add on, so I don't lose them!04:56
LucidGuyarvind_khadri,  just throw hidemenu into the /boot/grub/grub.cfg somewhere im guessing04:56
migg137gouda, thanks and i need them to transfer them so i can view them in ubuntu04:57
IdleOnemythomaniac: wish I could help. I have well supported hardware all around so I rarely have issues with sound/graphics04:57
hanasakihow can I setup so VNC is running and I get a login window?04:57
arvind_khadriLucidGuy, grub.cfg is being used in grub2...you need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst04:58
StrangePaintI <3 ubuntu04:58
LucidGuyarvind_khadri,  what distro/version uses grub2?04:58
bazhang!cn | openware04:59
ubottuopenware: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:59
mythomaniacIdleOne, you telling me that soundblaster is not not "well supported" - the fact is ubuntu has deviated from standard linux sound structure - if they havent why can you not issue sudo alsaconf?04:59
goudaHanasaki: Go to System > Preferences > startup applications and add the application in there.04:59
hanasakigouda:  isn't that just for once I am logged in already to connect to an existing session?05:00
IdleOnemythomaniac: what I am saying is that I have never had any issues with sound because I have old machines that just always seem to work for me05:00
hanasakiwhat command controls the screen resoltuion and fonts for a virtual terminal text?05:00
brian__what kinda of app would i want to look for if i was trying to get auto-fill or predictive txt for the things i type over and over05:00
goudaHansaki: I am not sure what you are asking05:01
mythomaniacIdleOne, it works fine for me too if i were to use the default ubuntu (gnome) install... but i hate gnome...05:01
abuany one is there05:01
IdleOnemythomaniac: KDE or XFCE?05:01
mythomaniacIdleOne, but i can tell you this... i can install debian net-install and be able to get my sound working ;)05:01
arvind_khadriLucidGuy, karmic, ubuntu 9.1005:02
ghaithhi, i'm looking for the fastest way to backup/move my installation to a larger harddrive, any recomendations?05:02
LucidGuyarvind_khadri,  thought so .. its the conf file I found .. using karmic05:02
mythomaniacIdleOne, i used ubuntu minimal cd (11 meg cd) and install openbox with other stuff, along with alsa-base, alsa-utils and linux-sound-base\05:02
arvind_khadriLucidGuy, then move to #ubuntu+105:03
LucidGuyarvind_khadri,  I'm hiding my installation of linux from startup so when the people at bestbuy turn it on they dont notice Linux was installed.05:03
Dr_Willisgee that sounds like a way to get fired...05:03
IdleOnemythomaniac: well then you have gone way above my ability to help you05:03
miguelonnnnhey i'm back lucidguy05:03
mythomaniacIdleOne, that means i cheery picked what i needed to install... and those last three (alsa-base, alsa-utils and linux-sound-base) shoudl have been fine to get my soundblaster working...05:03
miguelonnnnLucidGuy,  im back05:03
mythomaniacIdleOne, LOL05:03
miguelonnnnyou still need help?05:03
miguelonnnni know it all know05:03
FloodBot1miguelonnnn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:04
miguelonnnnsry floodbot .05:04
arvind_khadriLucidGuy, :)05:04
mythomaniacIdleOne, thanks anyways though my man ;)05:04
IdleOneno problem05:04
LucidGuymiguelonnnn,   Ive decided to give up .. Im just going to hide linux/grub from the bestbuy people buy setting the defualt startup to windows and hiding the grub menu... they wont notice its there off hand .. hehe.05:05
The_Bridgeis it true ubuntu server is incompatible with most cpanel?05:05
owen1I can't see some flash sites ( http://prezi.com/r74mlgijoov8/ ).  i have adobe-flashplugin, flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree  any clues?05:05
IdleOnemythomaniac: it is a little quiet right now though, you may want to wait a little while and see if anybody else can help you05:05
lakotajames1when I try to turn up my mic, it turns itself back down.  how do I stop that?05:07
miguelonnnnhey LucidGuy05:07
miguelonnnnr u there? i can help you now05:07
miguelonnnni know all about grub05:07
LucidGuymiguelonnnn,  yo05:07
madisonSEGFAULT is never a fun quit message05:07
miguelonnnnwell, grub works like this05:08
miguelonnnnit first loads the mbr code05:08
fezok kool05:08
bmoloneyhello, I just recently upgraded to 9.04 and now I have 100% CPU show in the system monitor widget. But when I go to the system monitor (or use top) nothing is using that much CPU05:08
miguelonnnnthat mbr then points to post mbr disk location, called 1.5 stage (former was 1.0)05:08
fezof course i run openwrt with static dhcp hosts so each machine's hostname always resolves to them05:09
LucidGuyhey arvind_khadri  do you know if hiddenmenu works on grub2 ..  its not commented out anywhere05:09
miguelonnnnthe grub code at 1.5 stage loads stage 2.0 at the partition, and menu.lst05:09
bmoloneybut things are definately running slow05:09
miguelonnnnso all you need is to install grub at the disk05:09
miguelonnnnand set correctly the menu.lst05:09
The_Bridgebmoloney : widget may have different detection method from native monitor05:10
killafreak23hello guys, anyone here can help me out with running World of Warcraft if u can that would be great im a new user and i need some help if possible :)05:11
thesimplecreatorwhat distribution are you running?05:11
bmoloneyThe_Bridge: is there another way to find the offending process?05:12
surgyhow do i reset my sound system?05:12
=== kevin is now known as uvacav
VeinorAnybody in here have an Eee 1005HA?05:12
miguelonnnnxubuntu simplecreator05:12
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:13
miguelonnnnits pretty good, although its network interface appled works kinda bad for my hdspa usb modem05:13
surgycan someone tell em the command to reset my sound ?05:13
miguelonnnnsry surgy i duno, but i'll search on google05:13
miguelonnnnbrb w8 please05:14
miguelonnnnalsa force-reload05:14
miguelonnnntry it please05:14
miguelonnnndid it work?05:14
miguelonnnnok" ;D05:15
StrangePaintI need HELP05:15
shiki-StrangePaint, in?05:15
StrangePaintI installed ubuntu, it is good.05:15
owen1I can't see some flash sites ( http://prezi.com/r74mlgijoov8/ ).  i have adobe-flashplugin, flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree  any clues?05:15
shiki-nah its not good05:16
shiki-go on.. whats your prob05:16
shiki-owen1, why not just install it to ~/.mozilla plugins dir?05:16
The_Bridgeis it true ubuntu server is incompatible with most cpanel?05:16
shiki-The_Bridge, google it. I guess that will be more help.05:16
owen1shiki-: sure. i'll try anything. how do i do that?05:16
miguelonnnngreat no problem shiki05:16
shiki-owen1, wait..sec05:17
bmoloneyanyone else notice a nameless process in system monitor?05:17
paddyhey guys05:17
StrangePaintI have it in it's own partition, I have two drives, my 320GB c drive and my 500GB d drive, ubuntu is in a 40GB paritition of my D drive. the 320gb drive and the 500gb are as NTFS, I don't really want to use them, should I unmount them when I use ubuntu? Also, I get a virus on ubuntu, It won't effect me but if it gets into my D or C drive it will when I boot into vista (i have a dual boot)05:17
coilettehow does cp handle spaces in the filenames?05:17
StrangePaintlast thing was a Question05:17
=== gentux is now known as dimm
paddydoes anyone know how to get a package of the sphinx searcher for my server05:17
lakotajames1If your microphone still does not work If your microphone still does not work in apps, try recording using gnome recorder to test basic recording function. If this fails, it is unlikely that other apps can work without further tweaking. In some cases with Intel HDA sound chipset, ALC861VD, you may need to configure your alsa setup.05:18
shiki-StrangePaint, you CAN unmount them, but thats not neccessary. AND even if you boot them up, they wont download viruses by their own...05:18
The_Bridge:) of course i can google it,but i'm hoping there's someone here with actual experience05:18
shiki-I know I know MS is evil.. but still.. I didnt see a single virus for 4 years already05:18
hanasakiwhat is the default console resolution when boot?  how can I check / change it at runtime?05:18
shiki-lakotajames1, well.. "alsamixer" or "alsamixer -c 0" or "alsamixer -c 1"05:18
StrangePaintshiki: I know, but what if I get a virus when I'm booted up to ubuntu, on the C drive lets say - when I boot into windows it will be there..05:19
coiletteto settup alsa "sudo -i" "alsamixer" configure "alsactl store"05:19
shiki-sooo owen1 .. x86_64 or i386?05:19
shiki-StrangeCharm, thats stupid05:19
paddyCan anyone help me with this install: Trying to install Sphinx-,05:19
shiki-get a virus on ubuntu? huh?05:19
paddyI can get configure to go well05:19
shiki-if I get a bunch of viruses, put them on my C: .. and then reboot.. nothing will happen05:19
shiki-only infects if I execute them05:19
Dr_WillisTheres being secure. then theres being paranoid05:20
shiki-a virus can only operate using stupid people05:20
shiki-Dr_Willis, and theres openBSD05:20
coilettewith the CP command.. how does cp handle spaces in filename?05:20
Major_QuacksLinux doesn't have viruses persay05:20
shiki-haha.. nice joke. :)05:20
shiki-selinux/apparmor/grsec/pax is just a showoff05:20
Dr_Williscoilette:  you need to use fancy quoteing normally to get saces working right05:20
shiki-hey all sounds nice. :)05:20
edbroyleis openssh-server broken in jaunty?05:20
bumbblebeenobody knows why ubuntu 9.04 + dell inspiron 15 = bad sound quality??05:20
dumontwhats the command to get a version of the program\package in ubuntu?05:21
shiki-bumbblebee, google for it! you have to backport alsa and it will work!05:21
Dr_Williscoilette:   cp foo  'foo with spaces'05:21
Dr_Williscoilette:  avoide spaces in filenames...05:21
shiki-dumont: apt-cache show pidgin05:21
shiki-for example05:21
shiki-edbroyle, nope05:21
lstarnesedbroyle: it isn't05:21
bumbblebeeshiki-, backport?05:21
shiki-bumbblebee, DONT let me google that for you05:21
superfiedmani'm a complete n00b, so excuse my ignorance.05:21
bmoloneycan anyone suggest an alternative to top and system monitor for finding a process that is using 100% CPU05:21
shiki-just input those keywords into google, first few hit, read them, follow them.05:22
shiki-bmoloney, htop ?05:22
bumbblebeeshiki-, i have already configured it on alsa05:22
Dr_Willishtop and ps05:22
shiki-bumbblebee, ehhh...wait...05:22
coiletteim doing a bulk file move, to make a playlist on my phone, using my old WMP playlist05:22
shiki-this wont work05:22
shiki-well..someone google it for him... I cant open a browser05:22
shiki-(copying with full speed)05:22
edbroyleI can logon to it locally but it will not let me login remotely very wierd just keep getting permission denied05:22
superfiedmani'm installing from a livecd usb and when i do so, it stops at about 89 percent saying that it can't install additional packages from the cd05:22
shiki-edbroyle, do you use the correct user ? -u foo for example?05:23
IdleOneshiki-: google it is not an acceptable answer in #ubuntu. please refrain from telling people to google05:23
shiki-superfiedman, use unetbootin05:23
superfiedmanand then i try to boot the installation, and it tells me grub can't start05:23
shiki-IdleOne, oh sorry. then people will never learn how to wrangle with problems :(05:23
superfiedmanerror 2.05:23
superfiedmanor 22.05:23
shiki-superfiedman, I told you. Unetbootin. Select Ubuntu and it'll install it on your pendrive.05:23
superfiedmanit's already installed on the pendrive05:23
shiki-or .. well.. you want that permanent home stuff?05:24
superfiedmani'm installing it to my hard drive from the pendrive05:24
shiki-or ... just an installer ?05:24
superfiedmanis what i'm saying.05:24
surgyhow do i get rid of  brltty and get FTDI ?05:24
superfiedmanor trying to at least.05:24
shiki-well... I'd try unetbootin first anyway :/05:24
Madpilothappy, Chinese?05:24
shiki-happy, english?05:24
StrangeCharmshiki-, i assume that you were talking to my pained namesake?05:24
freeBoyHelp! ahhh, I have grub 1.96 installed in ubuntu and it will boot from the default path, but will only accept one keystroke then locks up with any more05:24
bmoloneyhmm, htop shows 100% CPU but the total of all the processes CPU usage is not 100%05:24
shiki-it seems japanese ..at least the first char05:24
Madpilotubottu, cn05:24
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:24
gartral!cn | happy05:24
ubottuhappy: please see above05:24
shiki-bmoloney, screenshot please05:25
Madpilotubottu, jp | happy05:25
ubottuhappy: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい05:25
shiki-StrangeCharm, well..read back? :/05:25
Madpilot(because I'm afraid I can't tell the difference between written Japanese & Chinese...05:25
Dr_Willisthey are different?05:26
shiki-well.. at least my guess was right it seems05:26
shiki-hah.. OC :))05:26
hanasakiis there any builtin encryption that can be done with vnc or is ssh -X needed?05:26
shiki-no, no encryption in VNC05:26
Dr_Willishanasaki:  ssh tunnling is the normal wya05:26
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:26
arvind_khadriLucidGuy, ask in #grub05:26
superfiedmanalso i'm on a laptop, how do i disable that fucking nub05:26
superfiedmanit's making my mouse act haywire.05:27
shiki-well... please be more specific05:27
IdleOne!language | superfiedman05:27
ubottusuperfiedman: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:27
superfiedmanyou know the little mousenub?05:27
hanasakiso ssh -X is what is needed and it all goes over port 22?05:27
superfiedmansorry, ubottu05:27
shiki-superfiedman, huuuh?05:27
shiki-hanasaki, well.. I guess.. but try to use other port NOT 2205:27
shiki-that already gives a good 'defense' against attacks05:27
shiki-usually they attack randomly the 22 port05:28
lstarnesshiki-: ssh connections are encrypted05:28
eltewI am having trouble playing back 1080p mkv files.  I am using 9.04 64bit on a core i7 system with 6gb of ddr3 ram and an nvidia geforce 260 896mb video card.  I cant figure out why the playback gets so choppy, any suggestions on what players to use?  I am using VLC 1.0.1 right now.05:28
superfiedmanoh also05:28
shiki-lstarnes, I know. But pure VNC? Its not enc05:28
hanasakishiki-:  ah05:28
shiki-eltew, use mplayer with vdpau05:28
shiki-well..wait a second05:28
lstarnesshiki-: anything tunnelled over ssh is encrypted during tunneling05:28
hanasakishiki-:  what is the best way for a windows box to get to ssh over X + ssh and vnc?05:28
shiki-(oh geez..someone search it for him.. a vdpau mplayer on ppa..)05:28
eltewshiki-: i will give it a shot05:29
superfiedmani was just trying another install and it tells me the test of the file system with type ext2 in partition 2 etc etc found uncorrected errors.05:29
shiki-lstarnes, indeed. if you DO use tunnel.05:29
shiki-I was talking about pure vnc connectionss05:29
superfiedmanhow do i go about correcting those errors.05:29
shiki-superfiedman, e2fsck --help05:29
shiki-from the livecd you can fix them05:29
shiki-(if they are _really_ just minor problems)05:29
shiki-eltew, wait a minute..after my mc finishes, I'll give you the link...05:30
shiki-eltew, do you know what is a PPA?05:30
superfiedmanhow can i indicate what i want it to filecheck from the terminal05:31
eltewshiki~: not really, i was reading about PPA's on the vlc website when i was trying to update from .9.9 to 1.0.105:31
shiki-superfiedman, --help will show it to you05:31
shiki-eltew, well.. wait05:31
hanasakiwhen I boot.. the console starts with one font that is readable and then early on switches to a different font that I cannot read. same resolution.  how can I check and set these fonts?05:31
edbroylethink ppa is for MAC05:31
shiki-edbroyle, LOL?05:32
eltewshiki-: ready and waiting.05:32
shiki-its a Personal Package Archive05:32
wizzo50_Nebraska #1 tomarrow! LOL! That's a joke! Probably get our but kicked in football. LOL!05:32
IdleOneedbroyle: you are thinking ppc05:32
shiki-eltew, ... and my pc is burning the data..30 sec05:32
edbroyleaahhh yes05:32
Dr_Willishanasaki:  its set in one of the config files.. i looked into it once. But its been a while.05:32
hanasakiDr_Willis:  under etc/init.d  ?05:32
Dr_Willishanasaki:  i recall there being a wiki page or 2 on changeing the console fonts. and the wiki page for the 'terminus' font mentions how to change it also.05:32
superfiedmani am very much a linux n00b, i understand command lines but i don't see anything indicating what arguements to give it so i can indicate what partition i want it to check05:32
bmoloneyshiki-: here is a screenshot of htop http://img168.imageshack.us/i/snapshot1z.png/05:32
shiki-hanasaki, nope. you have to set it in the sshd config05:33
Dr_Willishanasaki:  yea somewhere.. Im on 9.10  so it may not be the same now.05:33
Dr_Willishanasaki:  i got a /etc/default/console-setup :) but that may be 9.10 only05:34
hanasakishiki-:  sorry.. what has to be set in sshd config?05:34
hanasakithanks Dr_Willis05:34
hanasakiah... a /etc/default/console-setup  FONTFACE05:35
optimus_primeshiki-, this is bumblebee, ther are too many fixes05:35
shiki-eltew, https://launchpad.net/~nvidia-vdpau/+archive/ppa this will do the job05:35
eltewshiki-: thank you05:35
shiki-just click on "Read about installing" and "What is this"05:35
bmoloneyseems like X is probably the offending process, but it stays around 9-13% CPU while the total CPU is listed as 100%05:35
shiki-it'll tell you what / how to do it. (you'll have an up-to-date Nvidia driver, a new mplayer and smplayer). In SMplayer, select VDPAU at output.05:35
shiki-thats all05:35
shiki-HD with ~5% cpu05:35
superfiedmani start e2fsck and it just says pass1, and stops.05:36
shiki-bmoloney, hmm.. sudo top ?05:36
shiki-well.. hmm05:36
hanasakiDr_Willis:  you like terminus over fixed?>05:36
shiki-well..wait.. :)05:36
Dr_Willishanasaki:  i toyed with them .. but i had issues with 'mc' on some of the fonts05:36
trakinasim lost on reporting a bug on launchpad. Im not sure if it was submited or not05:36
optimus_primehow to get my user name back, it the username already in use when i reconnected it05:36
hanasakiDr_Willis:  so what would you recommend?w hat do you use05:37
Dr_Willishanasaki:  i just leave the defaults normally05:37
=== am4zin is now known as amazin
hanasakiDr_Willis:  me too... this is a virtual box and the console just is hard to read in X when run05:37
hanasakiodd that it changes fonts shortly after boot....05:37
bmoloneyshiki-: both top and htop (with or without sudo) are showing the same thing, am I correct that X should not be taking even 10-15% CPU constantly05:38
shiki-bmoloney, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-do-i-find-out-linux-cpu-utilization.html05:38
hanasakiDr_Willis:  any idea how to check the current resolution and font for a running sytem and change it from the console too?05:38
shiki-try to find the proccess with these05:38
Dr_Willishanasaki:   you are using virtualbox and the linux console IN virtualbox?05:39
eltewshiki-: i already am running the nivida 185 driver, should i upgrade to 190 or stick with 185 you think?05:39
StrangePaintYou're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore.05:39
edbroyleI am baffled I have added my user name to allowuser in sshd_config turned off usepam still nothing I can logon to ssh server locally but get permision denied remotely05:39
shiki-eltew, well.. just use the ones in the ppa05:39
shiki-if it wont suggest a new driver with apt-get upgrade , then use the 185 one05:39
hanasakiDr_Willis:  yes... ubuntu for the host. ubuntu for the guest.   guest console is in the window under the host X from the vbox gui startup05:39
shiki-I've got 185.18.36 atm05:39
Dr_Willishanasaki:  id just ssh in. :)05:39
googlenorif I setup a VPN on my router with an ip of can I access an ubuntu machine on my home network with an ip of from the outside? does a VPN get me into my internal network or connect me remotely to a virtual network?05:40
Royallis it easy to use a Cowon S9 (mp3 player) with Ubuntu?05:40
shiki-superfiedman, first, sudo fdisk -l. Check which partition is the one you want to check. Then: sudo e2fsck -v /dev/.....05:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mp3players05:40
shiki-Royall, if it acts like a pendrive..05:40
Veroi'm listening to Cascada with What About Me since 01:5405:40
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:40
superfiedmanthere are apparently a lot of errors on my hard drive05:40
shiki-superfiedman, are you sure the hdd is OK? :)05:41
Royallshiki-: so can I still be used? Like, if I just drag my music on it?05:41
yellowroosterwhat command in nautilus  or terminal can i do to see the latest jpgs added in the past 3 days on my computer? My problem is that I don't know where they went.05:41
superfiedmani guess? i did sudo e2fsck /sda/dev2 -y05:41
superfiedmanand it's flying05:41
shiki-Royall, if you can see it on xp like: F: or something. then sure.05:41
shiki-if its a Sony, you can use "JSymphonic" .. uhm.. thats all05:41
shiki-and you can manage your music (if you want to) with banshee, and such.. read the wiki05:42
shiki-yellowrooster, dont you remember the filenames?05:42
yellowroostershiki-: something like P00001.jpg or P10000.jpg. generic filenames given by the camera.05:42
shiki-superfiedman, hmm..05:42
shiki-yellowrooster, sudo updatedb , and then: locate -i 'P0001'05:43
bmoloneyshiki-: I have tried top, htop, iotop, and gnome-system-monitor (and since my cpu is single core, mpstat seems pointless) they all tell me that my CPU is using 100% even though adding up the amounts for individual processes is nowhere near 100%05:43
yellowroostershiki-: but i don't remember the names. i just remember that they are JPG files that i moved from camera to computer within the past 3 days.05:43
Dr_Willisyellowrooster:  the 'find' command can sort/locate based on date05:44
shiki-superfiedman, delete the partition (from cfdisk). Create one.. also with cfdisk. And use "mkfs.ext3 -c /dev/sda2"..for example..05:44
bmoloneyshiki-: but X does seem to be using to much CPU (10-15%) when i am doing nothing05:44
shiki-that should do a random write/read test.. and if it fails.. hdd05:44
yellowroosterDr_Willis: ok. what is the exact syntax that i should use?05:44
shiki-mv ~/hdd /dev/null05:44
Dr_Willisyellowrooster:  i would start with 'man find' :) i dont rember it off hand.05:44
shiki-bmoloney, X will always show that much05:44
pascal_anyboday havce a copy of leopard05:44
wizzo50_ Hi! What is the best video program to use on here to upload your pic & Videos off a JVC Digital movie camera?05:45
happyJP DOG05:45
shiki-wizzo50, digikam .. in my opinion05:45
pascal_where can i download snow leopard05:45
shideshhello can any one help me out05:45
shiki-pascal_, this is not a warez channel.. lol05:45
shiki-shidesh, go on05:45
Dr_Williswizzo50_:  my digital cam shows up as a usb hard drive.. I just drag/drop :)05:45
pascal_what is a warez channel05:45
pascal_i am new to ubuntu05:45
shiki-bmoloney, anyway.. its strange..05:45
pascal_AND irc05:45
shideshin ubuntu  when i insert a pen drive it shows storage05:45
IdleOnepascal_: the MAc store05:46
shiki-pascal_, Snow Leopard is the new MAC OS X version.05:46
Dr_Willispascal_:  and snow lepard has nothng to do with Ubuntu.05:46
shiki-not a new Ubuntu release.. :)))05:46
pascal_i know05:46
shideshi  am new to ubuntu05:46
buckyyellowrooster, gthumb puts them in a file named after the data you uploaded the photos if that's the app you used to access you camera05:46
IdleOnepascal_: we will not help you break laws05:46
shiki-shidesh, and? whats wrong with that?05:46
killafreak23anyone here runs World of Warcraft?05:46
buckyyellowrooster, s/data/date  *date05:47
pascal_OK where can i get good fiurst person shooter games for ubuntu05:47
IdleOneSynaptic Package Manager05:47
yellowroosterbucky: i just used nautilus, not gthumb05:47
superfiedmani really am a complete linux n00b.05:47
bmoloneyshiki-: I noticed a nameless process popping up in gnome-system-monitor and it is constantly chaning PID, i think this could be related.  Ever seen anything like that05:47
shideshthere is  a security policy on my comp05:47
Dr_Willispascal_:  quakelive works under Linux.05:47
superfiedmanwhat arguements do i give cfdisk to delete the partition?05:47
superfiedmancause it's one of two.05:47
shideshhello r u thre05:47
shiki-uhm.. sure.. on Ubuntu you can see some process like that.. what just eats cpu05:47
pascal_thanks DR Willis05:47
shiki-well.. they are maintaining and such..even if you dont want to :)05:48
LucidGuyincase anyone is interested .. I have giving the toshiba nb200 netbook a good run for its money with ubuntu and overall Im not happy and will be returning it.05:48
rsouthardbmoloney. Probably a child process of whatever is hammering your load05:48
shiki-(IE man, apt, and such)05:48
shideshna its newly formated05:48
pascal_DR Willis: why is it hard to get wine to read DVD's05:48
shiki-LucidGuy, whats wrong with it?05:48
MagilumMy evolution config got wiped; now it doesn't recognize any SSL cert as being valid and has no CA's installed. How do I fix this?05:48
pascal_in ubuntu 64bit05:48
Dr_Willispascal_:   never noticed , never tried, never cared to try...05:48
shiki-pascal_, why would it be hard? works here perfectly05:48
lianahi, i just install ubuntu on my laptop and so far it's great. i got the nvidia drivers installed also. now i want to use my cintiq for gfx.... how can i get the second monitor to work like in windows?05:48
bmoloneyrsouthard: do you know anyway to figure out the parent process?05:48
shiki-liana, alt+f2: gksu nvidia-settings05:49
The_BridgeMagilum : just reinstall from repo05:49
shideshhey can any 1 help me out05:49
pascal_i tried all dvd codecs and still cannot get it lto work05:49
shiki-and there you go, set it up.05:49
rsoutharddoes top show anything?05:49
MagilumThe_Bridge: That won't change my client's configuration, will it?05:49
LucidGuyshiki-,  I hate the sound quality of the speakers.  The return key drives me nuts.  And its way too much work to even get the speakers/sound to work in general.  Ohh and the battery life is horrible.05:49
killafreak23anyone here can give me a hand installing World of Warcraft through download?05:49
Dr_Willispascal_:  You can play dvd movies in linux just fine.05:49
shiki-shidesh, whats your problem?.. you said it shows up as a pendrive...05:49
lianashiki brilliant05:49
shiki-killafreak23, you can get it from the original site I guess05:49
shiki-LucidGuy, why do you use Ubuntu on it in the first place?..ehhh05:50
IdleOne!dvd | pascal_05:50
ubottupascal_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:50
The_BridgeMagilum : it will detect05:50
shiki-try other distro or just use Win or whatever works on it05:50
GrowlitheI'm having a little bit of a problem... I can't get ubuntu to log in to my Mac OS X machine using file sharing. Ubuntu can see it, but it can never connect to it. Any advice?05:50
rsouthardif you can find the child process id you can run lsof | grep pid number05:50
pascal_thanks ubottu05:50
lianashiki that was the easiest multimonitor setup i've ever seen on linux!05:50
buckyyellowrooster, ls Pictures05:50
LucidGuyshiki-,  was that a serious question?05:50
MagilumThe_Bridge: What? my config is the faulty component, not the binary. Replacing that wont' help.05:50
scrvlzI run ubuntu 9, does anyone know of an open source app that will allow me to create .ico files for windows from images?05:50
yellowroosterbucky ls pictures?05:50
shiki-LucidGuy, of course05:50
bmoloneyrsouthard: top, htop, and gnome-system-monitor show I am using 100% CPU but none of the process have very high load (and adding them all up does not come close to 100%)05:50
shiki-why would I stick to something what doesnt work?05:50
LucidGuyshiki-, because I prefer linux over windows05:51
shiki-so?.. there are about ~1950 distro out there05:51
buckyyellowrooster, Pictures with a capital P   that's a directory (folder)05:51
pascal_anyone know of any circuit simulation programs for linux05:51
shiki-Fedora works for example. At least worked on the lappy we tried (which had crappy sound with Ubuntu)05:51
Dr_Willis!info spice | pascal_05:51
shiki-or you can use OSS05:51
buckyyellowrooster, in your home directory05:51
ubottupascal_: Package spice does not exist in jaunty05:51
pascal_same as pspice05:51
rsouthardwhat is your load showing in top?05:51
Dr_WillisSpice pascal_  in whatever name its called thesae days05:51
LucidGuyshiki-,  Do you honestly believe there is a distro out there that will properly support that netbooks hardware better then UNR?05:51
Dr_Willis!find spice05:51
ubottuFound: gspiceui, easyspice05:51
Dr_Willis!info easyspice05:51
ubottueasyspice (source: easyspice): A graphical frontend to the Spice simulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.6.8-2 (jaunty), package size 65 kB, installed size 296 kB05:51
shiki-LucidGuy, why not?05:51
shideshcan any 1 help me05:52
pascal_thanks Dr Willis05:52
shiki-LucidGuy, even if there is no *buntu in the name, it should work05:52
shiki-at least works for me.. so..yeah.. I guess..05:52
shiki-try OSS05:52
shiki-do you want help with that?05:52
LucidGuyshiki-,  you have an nb200?05:52
shiki-just something similar05:52
rsouthardbmoloney what is your load showing in top?05:52
shiki-I have backporting alsa to that PC for a day..ehh05:52
LucidGuyshiki-, huh?05:52
shiki-LucidGuy, its a sound system like Alsa+Pulseaudio. JUst eats less, knows more, works better.. (just supports less hardware).05:53
bmoloneyrsouthard: load average is at 2.60 right now05:53
shiki-Well.. and its evil. Not GPL licensed and it was closed source :)05:53
trakinasI think i've posted twice the same bug report. crap! =/05:53
rsouthardbmoloney that is high but not terribly high. And you are saying your cpu is pegged at 100%?05:54
LucidGuyshiki-,  ..ohh thought you were refering to OSS as in a distro.  I got all the hardware to work on the nb200 .. and yes you have to use OSS4 on it.05:54
_theWarriorhi all !05:54
shiki-LucidGuy, ah.. so? whats wrong with sound now? OSS should work on it05:54
shiki-works on every pc I use.. I _love_ it :))05:54
OmletteDoes anyone know what "Buffer I/O error on device sdb, logical block 0" means when I plug in an external hard drive?05:54
shiki-hi _theWarrior05:54
bmoloneyrsouthard: yeah everything is slow and both htop and gnome-system-monitor show it pegged at 100%05:54
_theWarrioreli_: hi05:54
LucidGuyshiki-,  but then I went to karmic and performed the same steps to get oss up and running etc .. and urg never worked like intrepid or jaunty05:54
leaf-sheepAnybody here happening to run XBMC + Sony PS3 Bluetooth Remote Control?05:54
=== subzero2000_ is now known as subzero2000
shiki-LucidGuy, why would you use a not-yet-complete distro?05:55
rsouthardbmoloney did you say there was a process that have no info attached to it?05:55
shiki-died even in VMware.. ehh.. its for devs. Beta is for curious/manly users05:55
LucidGuyshiki-,  I was hopeing that it would support the sound/wifi better then jaunty did without the annoying steps to patch.05:55
bmoloneyrsouthard: yeah there is a process with no name that keeps changing PID (so i guess quitting and spawning)05:56
VeinorDoes anybody have a 1005HA or other Linux machine with an AR9285 card?05:56
LucidGuyshiki-, do you have an nb200?  and if so what os/distro do you have running on it?05:56
shiki-LucidGuy, well.. in such cases, you should just try to use other distro.05:56
bmoloneyrsouthard: all this started when i updated to 9.04 from 8.1005:56
shiki-I have a similar net/notebook with Fedora05:56
rsouthardnext time it pops get the process id say 4344 for example and run:   lsof | grep 434405:57
shiki-Fedora11 i386+OSS .. to be precise05:57
yellowroosterbucky: ls doesn't help, because i have subfolders in my pictures (small p) directory05:57
shiki-(and one with Arch Linux) ... I just tend to use whatever works05:57
bmoloneyrsouthard: i will try but it changes PID pretty quick05:57
trakinasreported my bugs as duplicated.05:57
trakinasgtg. cheers05:57
LucidGuyshiki-, how similiar 100,200,2005? .. and did all the hardware work out of the box?05:57
shiki-uhm.. the hardware in that machine are generally compatible with every distro05:58
shiki-okay.. SUPPOSED TO BE05:58
rsouthardbmoloney did you do a dist upgrade or a clean install?05:58
bmoloneyrsouthard: dist-upgrade :(05:59
rsouthardbmoloney i would highly recommend a fresh install.05:59
rsoutharddist upgrades can be tricky.05:59
shiki-thats why should one use separate /home06:00
bmoloneyrsouthard: yeah usually i do clean install but I was lazy this time06:00
bmoloneyok thanks rsouthard and shiki for taking the time to help me, I will try a little more google-fu and then do the clean install if I still can't figure it out06:01
shiki-well.. finding such things is not easy at all06:01
shiki-anyway.. good luck with your hunt06:02
shiki-==be right back==06:02
rsouthardbmoloney use gparted to make a new partition, mount it as say /temp or something and copy your home directory to it the do a clean install. make sure you dont format your new part.06:02
rsouthardyour welcome.06:02
owen1shiki-: let me know about flash plugin. it works for youtube but not for many other sites.06:02
bumbblebeeshiki-, i followed the procedure but make gives lot of errors06:02
shideshhow to Know the root password06:07
shiki-shidesh, how to.. well.. by default, you dont have one.06:07
shiki-sudo su  < to enter root ; sudo passwd root < to assign a pw to the root06:07
Madpilotubottu, root06:08
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:08
Madpilotshiki-, there's no need for a root password in Ubuntu, in 99.99% of cases.06:09
shiki-I know. but if someone wants it...06:09
shiki-btw su this , su that.. I just use root pw :)06:09
VeinorI need a netbook that has good Ubuntu support but also has a 6-cell battery.06:09
arkturusDell ?06:10
KB1JWQHP Mini 1000, Veinor06:10
Madpilotshiki-, do read the Ubuntu RootSudo page - your method isn't encouraged and isn't needed.06:10
rsouthardsudo su - root will get you a root access with no password at all.06:11
ejvis it just me, or does ubottu sound like the matrix movie....06:11
shiki-rsouthard, Im aware of that. Anyway, anything with "sudo" freaks me out :)06:11
Madpilotrsouthard, beyond your own user PW for the sudo part, of course...06:12
fonzihello, does anybody know something about ubuntu 9.04/X server/gnome crashes?   ; (06:12
rsouthardonce there just set a root password and be done with sudo06:12
ejvfonzi: ask the real question06:12
bmoloneyrsouthard: hey finally figured it out since PID was high enough that i could use lsof with grep and use a wildcard for last couple digits06:12
Madpilotejv, the bot is frequently the most rational thing in this channel, you know :)06:12
rsouthardmine doesnt ask me uncomment a users in visudo06:12
owen1I can't see some flash sites ( http://prezi.com/r74mlgijoov8/ ).  i have adobe-flashplugin, flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree  any clues?06:12
ejvlol Madpilot06:13
=== onchoe is now known as Vina
bmoloneyrsouthard: it was vino-server so i shut that down and now everything is good.  Thanks again!06:13
rsouthardbmoloney sweet06:13
fonziok ejv, my amilo pro V2000 random crashes , i can enter via ssh and give command, but i can't use X anymore06:13
Madpilotrsouthard, excellent way to break Ubuntu's security model. Nicely done. Please don't encourage it in this channel.06:13
rsouthardbmoloney yes. it does not play well at all with jaunty had the same issue.06:13
fonzii tried to compile the last kernel release, same result06:14
rsouthardMadpilot why thank you.06:14
Veinorrsouthard: sudo su - root asked me for my password06:14
UlisesHi everybody06:14
fonzii also tried to disable acpi, same result ; (06:15
MadpilotVeinor, rsouthard has apparently gone to "all users have sudo without needing to enter passwords" on his Ubuntu install. Highly unrecommended, but if it breaks he can keep the pieces.06:16
GhostWolfyi don't know if im in the right channel but im looking for a good program that lets me use msn that even allows webcam connections06:16
rsouthardMadpilot Why you got to be a dick. Was just suggesting it was a way to get root without sudo.06:17
chrisi1512I read that a laggy shockwave player is normal! Is this correct?06:17
=== VanDyke_drinking is now known as VanDyke
Madpilotrsouthard, and I'm just pointing out that your suggestion is neither encouraged nor recommended, and is fairly obviously insecure...06:18
hanasakiok so I ssh -X to a remote machine. how do I get its desktop on the  local machine?06:18
Uplinkmy ubuntu is not detecting my wireless pocket mouse06:18
ejvi put everyone in the sudoers group and have it set so it doesn't prompt for a pass, that's just me though ;)06:18
rsouthardMadpilot in your opinion, there are several ways to go about it. that is just one of them06:18
QPrimeUplink: take it out of your pocket?06:19
UplinkQPrime; ur not being helpful06:19
QPrimeUplink: ok, sorry.  usb?06:19
=== nightski is now known as stoch
UplinkQPrime; yes sir06:19
Madpilotrsouthard, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo suggests it's more than merely my opinion06:19
QPrimefresh batteries? ;)06:20
GhostWolfycan anyone help me to get a good program thats exactly like msn messenger for ubuntu?06:20
LucidGuyanyone have a dell mini?06:20
UplinkQPrime; yes sir06:20
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal06:20
drygraini'm trying to get some files from my cell phone onto my netbook with Jaunty and i'm having some difficculty06:20
drygrainvia Bluetooth that is06:20
QPrimeUplink: any dmesg outout?06:20
UplinkQPrime; doesnt even pick it up :[06:20
UplinkQPrime; works fine in windows06:21
QPrimeUplink: make/model of mouse...06:21
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, the two more likely to be similar to msn messenger are amsn and emesene06:21
UplinkQPrime; one sec06:21
rsouthardMadpilot every other distro on the planet that is not a *buntu or variant of does it differently.06:21
ejvomg who cares06:22
UplinkQPrime; Keningston 7221406:22
ejvstop fighting lol06:22
owen1I can't see some flash sites ( http://prezi.com/r74mlgijoov8/ ).  i have adobe-flashplugin, flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree  any clues?06:22
QPrimeUplink: ok one sec.06:22
PredominantHey, Is there a php5.2.10 packacge available for Ubuntu? and how can I find it / install it?06:22
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, i've tried to install aMSN but when i put my email and password and login to it, it just does nothing like looking to see if my email addy is correct06:22
UplinkQPrime; Keningston 72214 PocketMouse Optical Wireless Mini06:22
rsouthardmadpilot that is the canoncial way not not necessarily the right way. it just a safety feature so newbs wont brick their system and have a bad taste in their mouth about linux.06:22
ejvand so that bruteforce/dictionary attacks don't try the root account... ;)06:23
ejvim not a newb and i love sudo, so shhh06:23
Madpilotrsouthard, you're getting awfully close to trolling. Probably a good idea to stop before you check off too many boxes on your Troll Bingo card...06:23
ejvwhy didn't someone tell me there's a bingo card for that06:25
* ejv blames Madpilot 06:25
rsouthardi dont give a shit. just stating a fact that you cannot seem to get through your thick ass head.06:25
ejv!language | rsouthard06:25
ubottursouthard: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:25
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky|lap
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, are you still there??06:25
killafreak23anyone here can help me out on installing World of Warcraft burning crusade?06:25
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, Try emesene, I use it myself06:26
ejvwow runs via wine? since when?06:26
Dr_Willisejv:  since a liong time06:26
ejvlol... interesting06:26
Dr_Willis!appdb | killafreak2306:26
ubottukillafreak23: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:26
* ejv is not a gamer06:26
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, is that closely like msn even allow webcam connections??06:26
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, haven't tried using it with a webcam, but I know that the latest version in the next Ubuntu release will support webcams06:27
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, so its not supported for the 9.04 version of ubuntu?06:27
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, I do not now for sure, I've been using 9.10 since early alpha306:28
QPrimeUplink: mfcr supportsite seems broken... if you do a dmesg | grep HID you get nothing?06:28
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, it is worth trying though!06:28
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, oh i didn't know that 9.10 came out yet06:29
UplinkQPrime; let me try... I type "dmesg | grep HID" ??06:29
bumbblebeeshiki-, done but not effective06:29
bumbblebeethe problem still ther06:29
QPrimeUplink: Yup06:29
bumbblebeeno audible sound06:30
=== luist is now known as idontcare
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, it's not out yet, Alpha 5 has been released today, so it's still buggy.06:30
bumbblebeewhen amplified i can here it06:30
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, oh well im still on 9.0406:30
bumbblebeethrough the external speakers06:30
UlisesHi all06:31
UplinkQPrime; nope nothing06:31
QPrimeGhostWolfy: even worse, its JUST now entered feature freeze so there is still quite a bit of breakage to fix.06:31
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, Ok,, but just give it a try to emesene, you'll maybe like it, I did.06:31
Ulisessorry I need help06:31
UlisesI'm trying to reinstall the kernell06:31
bumbblebeeshiki-, are u ther06:32
QPrimeUplink: not good.  its not seeing it as a Human Interface Device... can't tell that its a mouse.06:32
GhostWolfyQPrime, im not worried about it im just trying to find a good messenger program that lets me sign in to my msn but allows webcams06:32
shiki-what did you try?06:32
UlisesI hope someone could help me at this chanell06:32
shiki-(sorry Im just multitasking)06:32
bumbblebeeas u said06:32
QPrimeGhostWolfy: ok :)06:32
owen1shiki-: any tips about making flash work?06:32
QPrimeUplink: what does a lsusb give you?06:32
GhostWolfysince i did installed aMSN but when i tried to login it like didn't go nowhere06:32
shiki-owen1, uhm.. I asked what arch you have06:33
QPrimesend the output to a pastebin and point me there06:33
QPrimeUplink: send the output to a pastebin and point me there06:33
shiki-bumbblebee, and you did it so fast..NICE06:33
ElronMcBongI want to find out whether my wlan card is working. It does not any networks when scanning for them. I wonder if I can use my macbook's wlan connection and sort of ping the other wlan card06:33
bumbblebeeshiki-, it did not work but06:33
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, should i install emesene from the website or from terminal??06:33
bumbblebeethe quality of the output is not good06:33
shiki-well..to be honest.. Im amazed by your skills. It takes about a few hour to upgrade alsa in the kernel06:33
Uplink(QPrime): Bus 003 Device 002: ID 047d: 1035 Keningston06:34
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, from a terminal. It's always recommended to install software from the repositories. Have you installed amsn from the repositories?06:34
owen1shiki-: it's macbook pro (64 bit) but i use ubuntu 32bit.06:34
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, i removed it but i installed amsn from synaptic06:34
bumbblebeeshiki-,oh that06:34
bumbblebeeshiki-, there are errors when i do make06:34
QPrimeUplink: ok... so we know exactly what we know previously... the mouse is seen in the bus (windows and Linux both see the device), but Linux dosent know its a mouse.06:35
bumbblebeemissing header files06:35
shiki-owen1, well.. then http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/  (get the .tar.gz), unpack it. sudo cp *.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins06:35
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, it's always recommended to install programs from synaptic or apt-get, rather than downloading the source and compiling it.06:35
shiki-and restart your firefox06:35
QPrimeUplink: did you need to install a driver in Windows?06:35
shiki-bumbblebee, sudo apt-get install build-essential06:35
UplinkQPrime; nope06:35
owen1shiki-: ok06:35
shiki-bumbblebee, search for kernel headers in synaptci06:36
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, yea i did that with amsn but i don't know if my problem was when i installed some package from amsn's website but i don't know how to remove them06:36
shiki-for your current kernel06:36
shiki-(type: 'uname -r' in a terminal to see which one you have atm)06:36
shiki-well..be right back06:36
QPrimeUplink: Grrr... ok time to open this up to the channel again... any USB/HID ppl in here want to give a hand?06:36
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, doesn't it have a file where species the way to remove? Like a readme or install file?06:37
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, no06:37
QPrimeUplink: what is the device id it gives you from lsusb?06:37
GhostWolfyit was a file that i downloaded then had to change it to make it an executable file06:37
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, was one of the steps of installing it "make install" ?06:38
UplinkQPrime; 047d06:38
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, let me show you the link06:38
GhostWolfyof the website06:38
QPrimeUplink: thats all it gives? should be another 2 octets06:38
UplinkQPrime; want me to try on another usb slot?06:38
GhostWolfycause i don't remember since im getting a headache and things go downwards with me06:38
UplinkQPrime; 047d:103506:38
QPrimeUplink: sure, not sure it will help tho :(06:38
QPrimethats better.06:39
bumbblebeeshiki-, Linux kernel version 2.6.28 already installed06:39
QPrimeUplink:  one sec06:39
shiki-bumbblebee, not KERNEL.. _headers_.. kernel-headers-....06:39
Crash1hdIm looking to setup a vpn connection on my ubuntu box so that I can access my network when not at home06:40
QPrimeUplink: ati video controller on that system?06:40
UplinkQPrime; yes sir06:41
QPrimeUplink: This *might* be your issue... http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-198529.html06:41
killafreak23can the wine 1.1.29 version be downloaded yet?06:41
Crash1hdI was thinking of using openvpn but I found a site talking about it and they are talking about creating an bridged vpn06:41
QPrimeUplink: there is not direct solution in that thread,but it might point you in the right direction06:42
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, i sent you a pm don't know if you got it06:42
UplinkQPrime; ok thanx, Im gonna have to use my desktop mouse then lol06:42
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, on it06:42
GhostWolfykk thanks RoAkSoAx06:42
LinuX2halfhi what does it mean when I get the message fatal: index-pack failed?06:43
QPrimeUplink: Nah, thats not the spirit... Never give in, Never surrender!  There should be a reasonable solution to this somewhere.06:43
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, have you tried something like: package remove <package-name> ?06:43
bumbblebeeshiki-, did not get u06:43
killafreak23anyone here plays WoW?06:43
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, in what terminal?06:43
UplinkQPrime, my touchpad stopped working so i need a mouse to make all the backup from my ubuntu :[06:44
UplinkQPrime; so even if i solved it, no big deal.... im still uninstalling ubuntu06:44
StrangePaintI <3 ubuntu.06:44
VeinorDo the HP 110 Minis have good laptop support?06:44
Crash1hdI was wondering if anyone could tell me what this does iface eth0 inet static06:44
Crash1hd     address
Crash1hd in the interface file?06:44
Crash1hddoes that make my ubuntu box use a static ip?06:44
FloodBot1Crash1hd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:44
bumbblebeeshiki-, Ubuntu supplied Linux modules for version 2.6.28 on x86/x86_64 is it this what i have to install06:45
_theWarriorCrash1hd, thats local lan ip I guess06:45
=== richardcavell_ is now known as richardcavell
openwareLAN IP address06:45
QPrimeUplink: :(06:45
owen1i can't view many flash sites.  mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/    didn't help as well.  any clues?06:45
crash1hd1ok thanks :)06:45
_theWarrior!ask | Ulises06:46
ubottuUlises: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:46
_theWarriorcrash1hd1: you're welcome06:46
bumbblebeeshiki-, are u ther06:46
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, in whatever terminal you are using. To tell you the truth this is the first time I've ever heard of autopackage... that's why I would not know for sure how to uninstall a program installed with it06:46
_theWarriorUlises: whats the issue?06:46
x_Ulishes : try installing downloaded installer from adobe.com06:46
Uliseshow can I fix a kernel panic!06:46
UplinkQPrime; aww dont give me that face06:46
_theWarriorUlises: whats the exact error message, be more specific06:47
x_whoops: Owen106:47
x_gtg cya all06:47
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, yea me neither but i don't know where it got installed since it did use terminal to install when i first did it06:47
QPrimeUplink: :(((06:47
QPrimeUplink: installing what in its place?06:47
_theWarriorx_: c ya06:47
basilesquehas anyone had an issue with Netbook Remix taking up 100% CPU with background applications?06:47
GoogleDidntHelpis anyone here good with networking? Specifically relating to VPNs? i have an issue with an ubuntu computer, a router and VPN. The question is to long for the channel so if you don't mind a PM I'd appreciate it.06:48
UplinkQPrimel; arch06:48
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, weird then, maybe that's why you can't connect using amsn, there might be some kind of bug there with the installed version from the website and the one on the repos06:48
rsouthardulises can you paste /var/log/messages for us please in paste.ubuntu.com?06:48
bumbblebeeanybody knows how to get the sound work on dell inspiron 15, well it works but can not here without amplifying it06:49
QPrimeUplink: ok.  fair enough.  I'll let that slide then... don't mention the "W" word ;)06:49
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, yea maybe i was trying to get the lastest version since in synaptic it didn't have the latest version i think06:49
Ulisesrsouthard I don't know what var/log/messages06:49
UplinkQPrime; the W word? :O06:49
basilesquehow do i see how much CPU resources are used by background apps?  sys monitor doesnt show background stuff06:49
Ulisescould you help me on that?06:50
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, yeah maybe the latest version was buggy...06:50
rsouthardrun "cat /var/log/messages and copy it then paste it for us06:50
B9i am trying to join an irc channel but it says i need to be identified to join06:50
owen1i can't view many flash sites.  mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/    didn't help as well.  any clues?06:51
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, but i won't know how to search to find even the latest package i installed since the second package on that link it removed the first one automatically06:51
lstarnesB9: have you registered your nickname with NickServ?06:51
rsouthardbumbblebee have you ran alsamixer to see where your sys volume is set to?06:51
Oromis[Mass-Highlight] FloodBot1 ]RandoM[ ^cheeky ^Einstein ___ _bugz_ _chaky_ _choc _jakob_ _PINGwin4ik_ _polto_ _ruben _Sharker _theWarrior _tj `Matir `ph8 a1g a3 abhinav abms1116 acalvo Aciid aconrad ActionParsnip06:51
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FloodBot1Oromis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:51
mythomaniaci've been trying to get my sound to work after installing ubuntu with the minimal cd installer, and i have this strange thing happening: as user issuing the command alsamixer i get "funtion snd_ctl_open failed for default:No such file or directory" but as root i can access alsamixer and have all the setting that my card can handle, as well as the right card... can anyone help me?06:51
B9Istarnes: could u please unpack NickServ a bit more for me please?06:52
QPrimeUplink: as long as its a linux distro you are replacing with, then we're cool ;)06:52
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, try: sudo apt-get remove --purge amsn, then sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean, and then try to reinstall amsn06:52
UplinkQPrime; oh well I dual boot :o06:52
bumbblebeersouthard, no, tell me how to do that, i am quite new to this stuff06:52
GhostWolfyok RoAkSoAx i don't wanna reinstall ubuntu :S lol cause i already put some files on that if i do i have to back up again :S06:52
_theWarriorwhat does that mean?06:53
rsouthardopen a terminal window and type alsamixer06:53
bumbblebeewell my master sound is full and still i can not here anything06:53
=== patrick is now known as Guest76437
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, you do not need to reinstall ubuntu just amsn and be sure it removes all files related to the package06:54
rsouthardbumbblebee what is your PCM set as?06:54
Guest76437how come my sound doesnt work, and I try the hardware drivers (gtk-jockey) program and it says no proprietary drivers.. ?06:54
bumbblebeersouthard, 61<>6106:54
Guest76437I freshly installed this xubuntu 1 minute ago06:54
UlisesI guess it's incomplete, the terminal didn't allow me to see the information below06:54
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, ok good i did the sudo apt-get autoremove && and nothing happened it just went to the next like but without my username@computername06:54
Guest76437computer is 2 years old only06:55
rsouthardbumbblebee that is a good level06:55
bumbblebeersouthard, yes, and master is full then i here something06:55
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, it was: sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean06:56
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, oh so i had to do that together??06:56
bumbblebeersouthard, but when i decrease master a bit sound is gone06:56
RoAkSoAxGhostWolfy, yep, you can do it independently by omitting the &&06:56
shideshhey can any 1 help me out06:57
reaxorI hava a question can I ask it here or is that a bad idea?06:57
RoAkSoAxI mean first: sudo apt-get autoremove and second sudo apt-get autoclean06:57
rsouthardbumbblebee have you tried your headphone jack to see if you get the same problem?06:57
lstarnesreaxor: you do not need to ask for permission06:57
lstarnesreaxor: just ask your question06:57
GhostWolfyRoAkSoAx, oh ok well let me try doing that with just the same line i didn't know that i had to do it all together06:57
zeltakhi guys. ive lost sound completly on my sys..any one haver a few minutes to help out?06:57
bumbblebeersouthard, i set PCM level to 100 it works quite good, yes headphones works but still i have to keep it max06:57
=== arvind_k is now known as arvind_khadri
shideshhey can any 1 help me ouit06:58
bumbblebeersouthard, is it that u have to keep it max only06:59
arvind_khadrishidesh, ask06:59
rsouthardbumbblebee odd. I really dont know what to tell you to be honest. I am a sys admin not great with desktop.06:59
owen1I can't see some flash sites ( http://prezi.com/r74mlgijoov8/ ).  i have adobe-flashplugin, flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree  any clues?06:59
arvind_khadrishidesh, /quit06:59
rsouthardbumbblebee my master is set to 100 pcm to 6106:59
reaxormy ubuntu has a tendancy to crash (ubuntu 9.04) when using firefox I was wondering if that is common.06:59
B9i have NickServer open but i can't figure out where i have to type /msg NickServ command :-(06:59
_theWarriorreaxor: i've never faced somethingn like that07:00
lstarnesB9: anywhere07:00
bumbblebeersouthard,  i have just switched from windows to ubuntu, on work i use ubuntu but never had this problem, on windows it was good07:00
lstarnesB9: preferably in the nickserv window07:00
Dr_Willisreaxor:  sad to say - often firefox is to blame..07:00
B9Istarnes: i'm so newb :-S07:00
_theWarriorB9: in the nickserv windwo from where you connected to #ubuntu07:00
Dr_Willisreaxor:  sad to say - often flash in firefox .. is to blame..07:00
_theWarriorB9: for more information look here: http://linuxbasics.org/irc/how_to_register_an_irc-nickname07:01
ejvadmitting you have a problem is the first step07:01
owen1how to make flash work on this site: http://prezi.com/fvzkwutdnvmg/07:01
basilesquedoes anyone know how to allow 32bit graphics in windows when using rdesktop from ubuntu??07:01
rsouthardbumbblebee that tells me it is not a hardware issue. have you google around any? what time of card is it? lspci | grep audio07:01
reaxorI thinking it might be a partition size issue, is ext3 unstable is the partition is really big, cus on my lappy bits like 15gig size and it works great but my destop its like 250 gigs big07:01
lstarnes_theWarrior: that method does not apply to all networks07:01
lstarnesB9: there's also http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup07:01
Uplinkanyone know how to plug an PS2 mouse without having to reboot?07:02
_theWarriorlstarnes: but quite often it does...just now i used to register my nick..07:02
dumontproblem, my df -h command shows that the HDD is 100% full, however t says there are 205GB used out of 210GB, plus, I just deleted some large files and free space still didn't show up, I checked the trash folder, and its empty, /dev/sda2             210G  205G     0 100% /home07:02
basilesqueCan X screen have a color depth of 32bit?07:02
ejvwait you firefix is causing your OS to crash, and you think it's related to the size of your partition(s), how does that make any sense?07:02
_theWarriorUplink: if your OS supports PnP then just plug shud work07:02
rsouthardbumbblebee i cannot type tonight. What type of car is it? run 'lspci | grep audio and check it against the ubuntu hcl. http://www.ubuntuhcl.org/07:02
Uplink_theWarrior; PS2?07:03
lstarnesbasilesque: I know that it can go to 2407:03
lstarnesbasilesque: but it might be able to do 3207:03
bumbblebeersouthard, the command is not showing any result07:03
_theWarriorUplink: are you on jaunty?07:03
basilesquelstarnes: i wanna make it go to 32 but my prop drivers only list 24 max07:03
ejvbumbblebee: CASE matters: sudo lspci | grep Audio07:04
bumbblebeeejv, yes07:04
B9Istarnes & _theWarrior: sweet! i dids it fanX07:04
bumbblebeersouthard, Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)07:04
rsouthardbumbblebee lspci | grep Multimedia not the "m" is capitalized07:05
ejvthat's a very common chipset07:05
_theWarriorB9, no probs dude!07:05
ejvand you're not getting any sound?07:05
vigowhoops, Thank you ejv.07:05
lstarnesB9: make sure that you verify your nick using the code that was emailed to you07:05
Parabolathat chipset works out of box07:05
ParabolaI'm using a machine with it at work07:05
ejvvigo: ?07:05
dumontproblem, my df -h command shows that the HDD is 100% full, however t says there are 205GB used out of 210GB, plus, I just deleted some large files and free space still didn't show up, I checked the trash folder, and its empty, /dev/sda2             210G  205G     0 100% /home07:05
bumbblebeeejv, not that, but output is not as gr8 as it was on windows07:05
reaxorwell when it crashes somtimes it messes up the blocks or somthing, it may be a hardive issue I'm not sure gimp nad game crash it too.07:05
dumontwhy am I not getting any free space when I delete files, and send to trash is turned off07:05
vigoA comment you made reminded me about the CASE, I was typing in all sortsa junk in Terminal.07:06
ejvdon't even get me started on the status of hd sound in linux.... that'll turn into a huge rant nobody wants to hear07:06
owen1i can't watch the video on this site - http://prezi.com/r74mlgijoov8/   any clues?07:06
rsouthardbumbblebee follow this thread it should fix your problem looks like a driver issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=40be2763c05c3408204da9be00682d4d&t=103650807:06
Parabolaowen1 thats not the best idea mate07:06
Boohbahowen1: noscript addon? flash 10 installed?07:07
bumbblebeersouthard,  ok let me see07:07
bumbblebeeejv, not like that07:07
rsouthardbumbblbee may not be supported, actually. doesnt look good.07:07
alphaechoHello there can i ask for help here? i am new on the ubuntu OS07:07
ejv!ask | alphaecho07:08
ubottualphaecho: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:08
Parabolaalphaecho dont ask to ask mate, just ask07:08
Parabolaoh nice ejv07:08
ejvParabola: ;)07:08
alphaechowhen i try to install nvidia drivers i get an error that says07:08
Parabola!ask | vigo07:08
ubottuvigo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:08
=== patrick is now known as Guest46395
owen1Boohbah: i can watch youtube. i don't use noscript and i have: adobe-flashplugin, flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree
vigoThank you,07:08
ejvdon't abuse it07:08
rsouthardbumbblebee could also be a pulse audio problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789578 look here. instead of last thread i sent ya.07:08
alphaechosorry, the jockey backend crashed. please file a bug at: ubuntu-bug jockey-common07:08
alphaechowhat should i do?07:09
reaxorIrc kind of a scary place when you ask questions sometimes(we're all on are toes)07:09
ejvgoogle, and if that doesn't help, file a bug?07:09
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:09
shideshplease can any 1 help me07:10
shideshplease can any 1 help me07:10
shideshplease can any 1 help me07:10
FloodBot1shidesh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:10
alphaechohow can i file a bug because i am new in Linux i like it a lot so far i just want a better visual effect on my pc :)07:10
ejvalphaecho: please read this: http://www.timashley.me/node/11007:10
bumbblebeersouthard, ok07:10
owen1Parabola: what do u mean not the best idea?07:11
alphaechothank you ejv :)07:11
owen1i can't watch the video on this site - http://prezi.com/r74mlgijoov8/   any clues?07:11
ejvalphaecho: you're welcome. google is powerful.07:11
rsouthardbumbblebee when you ran alsamixer did you see mm anywhere?07:11
Dr_Willisalphaecho:  tell  the channel your escat video card.  You can isntall the proper drivers for them via the command line.07:11
bumbblebeersouthard, no07:12
bumbblebeersouthard, yes07:12
alphaechothank you i search google but on ubuntu i didn't get the idea yet how things work so i kinda don't know even what to look for and how to look for it i might be familiar i gues :) thank you for you help i will try to fix it07:12
vigoowen1: First idea is that site does not look like a valid URL, just an idea07:12
rsouthardbumbblebee on master or pcm?07:12
ejvalphaecho: try what the blogger suggested, then report back here - if you still have issues07:13
bumbblebeersouthard, no not thr instead on  IEC958   Analog L07:13
Dr_Willisowen1:  that site is working here.. But im using 9.1007:13
rsouthardbumbblebee try unmuting it by pressing the m key07:13
killafreak23anyone here know about an issue that when i get to the accepting lincese for the WoW install when i reach the bottom the accept button doesn't let you click it it jus stays gray and i cant click on it and i cant install WoW burning crusade07:14
dumontproblem, my df -h command shows that the HDD is 100% full, however t says there are 205GB used out of 210GB, plus, I just deleted some large files and free space still didn't show up, I checked the trash folder, and its empty, /dev/sda2             210G  205G     0 100% /home07:14
rsouthardbumbblebee move your volume on iec958 to abou 60% also then press esc key07:14
ejvdumont: du -hsc / > pastebin07:15
Boohbahkillafreak23: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=192207:15
bumbblebeersouthard, its 0 now07:15
bumbblebeersouthard, i just unmuted it07:15
vigokillafreak23: Cedega or some thing like that?07:15
alphaechoejv: i am trying and if i have something else i will ask here ;)07:15
Boohbahkillafreak23: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1742107:16
Boohbahkillafreak23: depends on your video card07:16
rsouthardbumbblebee did that work, you may have to reload alsa-utils07:16
bumbblebeersouthard, what is the key to move up07:16
n3fhi everyone =)07:17
rsouthardbumbblebee should be the up arrow.07:17
rsouthardbumbblebee m to unmute07:17
bumbblebeersouthard, it does not go anywher07:17
dumonthttp://pastebin.com/m444ea11 du -hsc07:17
bumbblebeersouthard, it does not show a bar for that entry07:18
dumontejv ^07:18
rsouthardbumbblebee i would follow that second thread i sent you looked like good info there.07:18
bumbblebeersouthard, ok having a look at that07:18
rsouthardbumbblebee sorry cant be more help.07:19
dumontbeh i guess that was for a root folder07:19
dumont208G    total07:19
bumbblebeersouthard, thats on, at least u showed the path07:19
rsouthardbumbblebee i would google around with the name of your audio card followed by ubuntu, you should find a fix.07:21
dumontejv: df -h cmd still says 205GB, and I can't mmdir, move files or etc on my server via ftp client, but i can do things manually via command line07:21
kazorinAnyone here know VBA at all?07:21
bumbblebeersouthard, ok07:21
dumontproblem, my df -h command shows that the HDD is 100% full, however t says there are 205GB used out of 210GB, plus, I just deleted some large files and free space still didn't show up, I checked the trash folder, and its empty, /dev/sda2             210G  205G     0 100% /home07:23
KB1JWQdumont: inode hasn't been released yet.07:24
dumontwtf is inode?07:24
m4xHello fellow ubunters, I'm trying to configure my soundcard and am having trouble this is the link to my chipset/information http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=d7b21c0d8c7772b958a9983bd29ce132b704c241 I have gotten up to finding my module in the ALSA-Configuration.txt but now I cannot find my soundcards codec, perhaps I need to upgrade to a more recent or more stable driver? Please help, thank you.07:24
Dr_WillisBetter then a sharp stick in the iNode07:25
=== chrisi1512_ is now known as chrisi1512
kazorinDoes anyone here know visual boy advance at all? I seem to be having a rather strange problem.07:25
Dr_Williskazorin:  ive used it ages ago...07:26
rsouthardi love reading man pages. so much info07:26
edbroyleshiki I figured out why ssh would not let me login remotely my password for the account began with an ! it would seem you can't do that.07:27
kazorinDr_Willis: Well I'm just having a weird bug, at random sound quality drops to bogus and the playback slows. Been searching up manuals and online forums posts and can't find much of anything that works.07:27
edbroyleincase it comes up again07:27
_theWarriorm4x: upgrade might fix your problem. better try it out!07:27
m4x_theWarrior, alright thank you I'll give it a shot, can you point me in the direction of a good tutorial for upgrading my drivers? Thanks for your help07:28
_theWarriorm4x: give a min...let me go through that link....07:29
m4x_theWarrior, thank I'll search my self as well07:29
ayathehuskeranyone try using the newer nvidia drivers on their page or should i just stick with the v180 thats on the hardware drivers/envy07:30
Crash1hd_theWarrior: do you know of any good articles on setting up a vpn?07:30
_theWarriorm4x: yep ....07:30
kazorinayathehusker: I'm on 185, it works great so far.07:30
m4x_theWarrior, thanks for your help I think I found a good link, I'll report back in several minutes07:30
_theWarriorCrash1hd: give me a minute....i'll give you some links07:30
_theWarriorm4x: thats fine... :-)07:31
ayathehuskerkazorin was it pretty easy to update? When i tried building previously i couldnt get x to start07:31
_theWarriorCrash1hd: i assume you want to do that from Jaunty, right?07:32
Crash1hd_theWarrior: yes07:32
kazorinayathehusker: I didn't know a thing about how to install it myself. My friend walked me through it...Basically I had to stop gdm, sh the driver file, start gdm.07:32
Crash1hd_theWarrior: I want to connect to a jaunty machine through vpn07:32
_theWarriorCrash1hd: fine, cooooool07:33
Crash1hd_theWarrior: but I have to setup the vpn on the Jaunty machine first (thats what I am looking for) :)07:33
m4x_theWarrior, One quick question i have, are the drivers arch specific? I'm have 64 bit, however there is no mention of either 32 or 64 in the article I am reading?07:33
_theWarriorm4x: yes they are, look for the required version, you can get one of your choice07:34
rbftem alguma brasileira por aki07:35
_theWarriorCrash1hd: i got the point, googling to find some simple/good tutorials for th same07:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about por07:35
_theWarrior!br | rbf07:35
ubotturbf: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.07:35
KB1JWQDoh, br. :-)07:36
Crash1hd_theWarrior: alright cool yeah I found when I googled I could only get from the connecting to point of view :( lol I did find this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN though07:36
MadpilotKB1JWQ, pt works too - the language thing uses both country codes and lang codes, usually07:37
_theWarriorCrash1hd: that article is good enough? where exactly you're getting stuck?07:37
_theWarrior!hi | allan_07:38
ubottuallan_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:38
allan_hi i have a programing problem07:38
Crash1hd_theWarrior: sadly at the presetup07:38
_theWarriorallan_: is that related to ubuntu somehow?07:38
Crash1hdI tried changing the interface and lost internet access07:38
allan_i use this gtk-builder-convert07:38
leprechauim about to throw this stupid ubuntu box out the window it keeps bitching: mount.nfs: access denied by server ... even though my archie desktop here and my other bsd machines can mount it just fine07:39
_theWarriorCrash1hd: whats the error message you're getting?07:39
allan_but it comes up with errors07:39
Crash1hd_theWarrior: changing the address and gateway and netmask to match mine07:39
leprechaucan anyone tell me what in ubuntu is making it error out?07:39
Crash1hdno error just no connection after restarting the networking it all vanished07:39
_theWarriorCrash1hd: okey fine...do let me know the errors07:39
Crash1hdlike as if eth0 wasnt there07:39
_theWarriorCrash1hd: did you try restarting the network manager?07:40
Crash1hd_theWarrior: I tried doing sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart and nothing happened07:40
Crash1hdI had to reboot after changing the interfaces file back to what it was07:41
Crash1hdand i got access again07:41
_theWarriorCrash1hd: oops!07:41
alphaechoejv: if you are still there the link you gave me helped me all i had to do is update my terminal because it was not updated and it was done :)07:42
alphaechothank you very much07:42
ejvyou're welcome07:42
alphaechoi really like ubuntu07:42
_theWarriorCrash1hd: are you generating the certificates, now?07:42
alphaechoi just need to learn more about it :)07:42
Crash1hd_theWarrior: not yet going to leave it now07:42
alphaechoso where are you from ejv?07:42
Crash1hd_theWarrior: I just realized what time it is and I have to be up early (thankyou for your help but I have to head to bed)07:42
Crash1hd_theWarrior: but thankyou again :)07:42
_theWarriorCrash1hd: thats fine....you're wlcome dude!07:43
alphaechoi am from Kosova07:43
thinkertinkerhi, am using jaunty.i have CompizConfig Settings Manager 0.8.2 installed..but i cant enable "tile windows" in it.. is it some bug.Or my mistake??07:43
_theWarrior!ot | alphaecho07:43
ubottualphaecho: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:43
alphaechoit was the Software Freedom Conference here and i atended there decided to install ubuntu and i really like it07:44
_theWarriorthinkertinker: must be some setting/config issue I guess07:44
booboowhat yal07:44
thinkertinker_theWarrior, i enable it in the settings manager..but it disables itself(i.e the check box clears by itself)07:45
leprechauOMG ubuntu is so broken....it won't let you use hostnames in /etc/fstab for nfs mounts or for showmount on the command line07:46
leprechauit only understands ip addresses07:46
_theWarriorthinkertinker: are you running the latest version of ccsm?07:46
leprechauwhat the hell07:46
ejvlol leprechau07:46
vigoalphaecho: Welcome to Ubuntu, look at the forums and documentation, those are good places to start at.07:46
KB1JWQleprechau: Incorrect. :-)07:46
leprechauKB1JWQ, totally correct07:46
alphaechothank you vigo07:46
booboowho have use back track407:46
alphaechoi am trying to get used to it07:46
KB1JWQleprechau: Check your DNS settings.07:47
leprechauroot@mediabox:~# host schroeder07:47
leprechauschroeder.anbcs.com has address
leprechauroot@mediabox:~# host
leprechau20.1.16.172.in-addr.arpa domain name pointer schroeder.anbcs.com.07:47
FloodBot1leprechau: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:47
ejvNFS entries in fstab must be DNS hostnames, not IP addresses07:47
KB1JWQleprechau: I don't care what host says, what about `getent hosts schroeder`?07:47
leprechauroot@mediabox:~# getent hosts schroeder07:48
leprechau127.16.1.20     schroeder07:48
alphaechojust to make sure is the program called emulator to run .exe files on Ubuntu?07:48
KB1JWQbooboo: Many people.07:48
KB1JWQleprechau: Okay, and when you attempt to mount -a, what's it say?07:48
ejvor just don't start them with // i forgot how i did it prior07:48
leprechauroot@mediabox:~# showmount -e schroeder07:48
leprechaushowmount: RPC: Program not registered07:48
vigoalphaecho: to join the off-topic, type /join #ubuntu-offtopic07:48
leprechauroot@mediabox:~# showmount -e
leprechauExport list for
Madpilotleprechau, pastebin!07:48
KB1JWQleprechau: What's the line in /etc/fstab?07:48
alphaechoah thank you07:48
KB1JWQ!paste | leprechau07:49
ubottuleprechau: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic07:49
hanasakissh -X only seems to work with an existing X session on the remote machine.. user must already be in X.. is this right?07:49
leprechauKB1JWQ, it was the hostname just like every other box i have...but ubie won't take it07:49
leprechauit only works with the ip07:49
leprechauthat's some broken crap07:49
allan_fixed it07:50
killafreak23how can i install a ATI Video driver for ubuntu? im a new user to ubuntu and i downloaded the windows version try to install it through WINE but i dont think it works07:50
Dr_Willishanasaki:  i ssh -X remotebox and run stuff all the time. No need have the user logged into X on the remote box.07:50
allan_dont need gtk convert07:50
Madpilotleprechau, have you checked into bug reports on this? I know squat about fstab & networking, but existing bug reports would be a good place to start...07:50
=== MadMax is now known as Guest79671
libtechhi fella07:53
hanasakiDr_Willis:  thanks.  how can I bring up a desktop from the rmote locally over x?  or gdm login07:53
Dr_Willishanasaki:  xdmcp, or vnc  or freenx are ways to do that07:53
hanasakiDr_Willis: yes. I was trying to get vnc going over an X tunnel. issue is that it only seems to work on existing login sessions on the remote computer07:54
hanasakiI once had a setup where xinitd brought up a login however it killed the session on window close.  I wanted it to allow a reconnect as is07:55
Dr_Willishanasaki:  Thers several ways to get 'vnc' going..  The gnome desktop has a feature to share the existing desktop. that  is NOT the only way to get 'vnc' going07:55
Dr_Willishanasaki:  you can install a vncserver and have severla vnc sessions going that are 'hidden' not shown on the  monitor to the local user.07:55
hanasakiDr_Willis:  that's the goal07:55
hanasakiover ssh07:55
owen1when i go to http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/  i see big arrow instead of the flash content. if i click on it i can see the content. it happens almost in any site that display flash. in addition, in some sites i can't watch flash at all.07:56
owen1any clues?07:56
FloodBot1owen1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:56
hanasakibbl  thanks for the help all and Dr_Willis :)07:57
boobooi'm bored07:57
kapilowen1: you probably have "flashblock" installed and enabled.08:00
_theWarriorbooboo: then help others fix their problesm08:01
owen1kapil: not using this plugin08:01
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libtechwilliam: hi08:01
=== william is now known as Guest16323
Guest16323I have vmware installed in 9.04. I want to find a free windows XP image to run in it for school. Any suggestions?08:03
owen1kapil: sites like this i can't even see the video - http://prezi.com/v9cx7tgmyaza/08:03
firecrotchGuest16323: You won't find a free Windows XP image that is legal to use08:04
Guest16323not even for education?08:04
firecrotchGuest16323: Nope.08:05
Guest16323what a load.08:05
firecrotchIt's microsoft, what do you expect08:05
KB1JWQYou can get it "next to free" but... :-)08:05
KB1JWQIf the box has a Windows decal you can use that.08:05
Guest16323'next to free' meaning?08:06
KB1JWQGuest16323: Educational discount.08:06
libtechGuest16323: dont you have a windows disc sitting around08:06
Guest16323sure, but no activation code08:06
firecrotchGuest16323: The computer you're using doesn't have a Windows COA sticker on it?08:07
Guest16323nope, built it with a friend of mine.08:07
happyLINUX zhut\\08:08
libtechGuest16323: you either pirate it or buy another copy of xp08:08
KB1JWQlibtech: That's not welcome on freenode.08:08
libtechKB1JWQ: of course not08:08
CapaHckserv identify yrt44108:08
firecrotchGuest16323: You can still install Windows XP and use it in evaluation mode for 60 days, I believe08:08
CapaH.. oops08:08
KB1JWQCapaH: Change your password now.08:08
Guest16323he wasnt suggesting anything. just telling me what I could do were I so inclined08:08
firecrotchCapaH: might want to change that now08:08
libtechdont buy xp, that would be silly08:09
libtechwait for windows 708:09
CapaHyeah - uh - already done :) --- I hate that auto join "feature" ugh08:09
Dr_WillisIm not even sure you can buy xp any more.08:09
firecrotchI believe you can still buy it from places like NewEgg etc08:10
gps315Wonder if anyone can help/advise.  Have a dual boot Vista and Jaunty, every now and then after running vista the grub boot fails, can fix with live disk and get going again but it keeps happening, any clues08:10
chrisi1512Don't buy any Windows :D!08:10
Wildbatit is funny to hear ppl asking for xp copy in a linux channel XD08:10
libtechwindows 7 is nice08:10
MadpilotWindows chat should really move to ##windows or #ubuntu-offtopic, everyone.08:10
FloodBot1shidesh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:11
KB1JWQshidesh: What is your issue?08:11
Madpilotshidesh, ask an actual question...08:12
libtechobvious troll is obvious08:12
gps315Wonder if anyone can help/advise.  Have a dual boot Vista and Jaunty, every now and then after running vista the grub boot fails, can fix with live disk and get going again but it keeps happening, any clues08:12
firecrotchgps315: What is the error that you get?08:13
gps315the grub boot just fails and reboots the machine, endless loop then08:13
happywindow7 ok08:16
firecrotchgps315: when in the boot process does it reboot? When GRUB tries to start loading the OS? Before the GRUB menu appears?08:16
gps315before grub menu08:17
Zuk1um, need some help here.08:17
=== Downlink is now known as Uplink
Zuk1i just installed 8.0408:17
Zuk1i'm so confused.08:17
KB1JWQBit of a blast from the past, but go on.  What confuses you, Zuk1?08:17
Zuk1Gfire won't work, I can't set up my dual monitors08:17
Dr_WillisZuk1:  always tell the channel your video card.. when asking video based questions..08:18
Zuk1i had to revert to 8.04 because 9.04 wasnt compatible with my video cards08:18
Zuk18600GTS x 208:18
isonomyWhen I login, I get a password prompt from the network manager trying to unlock the keyring. I did some research and came to the conclusion that when I changed my login password, it didn't necessarily update the Network Manager to look for the same password. It still looks for the older password. How can I correct this?08:18
Zuk1installed the proprietary driver08:18
Dr_WillisZuk1:  i normally just have to install the prop. driver. and run the nvidia-settings tool as root to tweak the display08:18
Zuk1oh, ok08:18
Dr_WillisZuk1:  'gksudo nvidia-settings'08:19
Dr_WillisZuk1:  also after tweaking with that tool..  You want to restart the X server normally. (or reboot)08:19
Zuk1alright, i ran that, i saw something open on the toolbar but then it stopped08:19
Zuk1hell, why can't something go right for me at least once?08:20
Dr_Willisrun it from a terminal, look for erro rmessages.. also you need to reboot after you install the nvidia drivers08:20
Dr_WillisYou did reboot after installing the prop. drivers?08:20
Zuk1i did run it from a terminal, no errors08:20
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
happyChinese people are working hard to make the country richer and more beautiful.08:20
shadowmancerHey all08:20
Ben64Zuk1: how did you install nvidia driver?08:21
shadowmanceri'm wondering if anyone has had issues with gparted08:21
Zuk1through Hardware Drivers08:21
Zuk1it installed, i rebooted.08:21
shadowmancerlike it says a hdd is unallocated when its obviously not08:22
=== z3r0 is now known as sat
Ben64Zuk1: ok, good. some people install from nvidia.com, which rarely works on ubuntu08:22
happyhey dii08:22
=== _c0ky is now known as c0ky
Zuk1yeah, i tried that last time and failed08:22
Zuk1i had to use 8.04 because 9.04 keeps flipping out at me08:22
=== dumont is now known as ick
Zuk1the GDM refuses to start08:23
Zuk1so, can anyone help me adjust the screen resolutions? gksudo nvidia-settings wont work08:23
GoganchicZuk1, what type of monitor does you have?08:23
firecrotchZuk1: You need to figure out WHY it won't start then, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log08:23
Ben64Zuk1: try "nvidia-settings -V"08:24
Zuk116" CRT, 20" LCD08:24
GoganchicZuk1, firm?08:24
shadowmancerhmmmm just wondering all, and i know this is going to be a stupid question, but does an ext3 file system require an MSDOS partition table for gparted to define the partitions08:25
GoganchicZuk1, Acer, Asus, Samsung or what?08:25
shideshHELP ME08:26
firecrotchshadowmancer: um? that makes absolutely no sense08:26
firecrotch!ask | shidesh08:26
ubottushidesh: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:26
GoganchicZuk1, screen resolution can be wrong because of wrong EDID record of monitor08:26
drygraini'm trying to get some files from my cell phone onto my netbook via bluetooth and i'm having some difficculty08:26
Zuk1no, the Screen Resolution app won't detect them08:26
firecrotchZuk1: You may have to set them in xorg.conf08:27
Zuk1drygrain, you dont have a USB cord?08:27
sathi all08:27
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:   a totally unparittioned disk needs some sort of 'parttion table' and  'msdos parittion table' is the standard.. so yes...08:27
shadowmancerfirecrotch: yep thought so, sorry for being stupid but i'm reading through forums and it mentioned something about it08:27
GoganchicZuk1, look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log as firecrotch said08:27
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  gparted will ask to make one on a totally unpartitioned disk.08:27
drygrainnot that fits my phone zuk08:27
shadowmancerDr_Willis: ._. but won't that clear the entire memory08:27
=== niekie_ is now known as niekie
Zuk1ugh, i don't have any nvidia- commands08:27
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  and one rarely finds a totally unpartitioned disk :)   If your disk is totally unpartitioned.. then theres nothing on it..08:27
shadowmancerDr_Willis: sorry i mean hdd space08:27
Zuk1the .log revealed nothing, i have no clue what any of it means08:28
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  if you got a disk with stuff on it.. it should allready have a 'msdos partition table'08:28
firecrotchZuk1: Pastebin it and we'll take a look at it08:28
shadowmancerDr_Willis: there is the catch08:28
shadowmancerDr_Willis: i can roam around it, upload, download, edit and even see the properties of my disk08:29
GoganchicZuk1, try to look at this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20947408:29
shadowmancerDr_Willis: but when i go to repartition it to install a copy of ubuntu, it says its all free even though there is 260gb of stuff on it08:29
shadowmancerDr_Willis: I thought it was just the installer being slightly odd, so i ran gparted on my computer (making sure to use the latest) and same result08:30
Zuk1son of a bitch. pastebin just attacked me with popup, fullscreen ads08:30
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  be sure you are on the right disk with gparted..  thats about all i can say.  could be some quirky bug with the way the partitions are laid out.08:30
firecrotch!ohmy | Zuk108:30
ubottuZuk1: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.08:30
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  check output of 'sudo fdisk -l' see what that says08:30
Zuk1there, sorry about the highlighting08:31
estanhey, what do i do if my task manager disappeared?08:32
estan(mom must have done something stupid, and i'm a KDE user so i don't know the process name of the gnome task manager)08:33
shadowmancerDr_Willis: done that already, and says something about my hdd not ending on Cylinder boundaries, as well as some parts of the partitions being non-linux and how my partitions have different physical and logical endings08:33
Dr_Willisright click on panel, add to panel. ->  window list (i think estan )08:33
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  sounds like the partition layout is so convulated that gparted is confused by it .. and to be safe. wont touch it.08:34
GoganchicZuk1, you resolution how is 1024x768 ?08:34
GoganchicZuk1, you resolution now is 1024x768 ?08:34
estanDr_Willis: hm, but i don't have a panel at the bottom of the screen to right-click :/08:35
Zuk1its 1024x768 right now08:35
Dr_Willisestan:  all your gnome panels vanished?08:35
Zuk1i'm used to 1280x1024 + 1680x1050 :(08:35
Goganchic(II) NVIDIA(0): Virtual screen size determined to be 1024 x 76808:35
ian__hi all i'm currently running ktorrent to download torrents via variuos servers, it appears that all my downloads are queued and end up being stalled. i'm running ubuntu 9.0408:35
estanDr_Willis: no, there's one at the top, the one with Program, Places et.c.08:35
Goganchicset virtual screen in xorg.conf08:35
ian__any help appreciated08:35
KB1JWQian__: Check available disk space.08:35
Zuk1.... how?08:36
Dr_Willisestan:  add it to that panel then.. or add a new panel08:36
KB1JWQDid you fill the partition without meaning to?08:36
estanDr_Willis: but none at the bottom (the one that usually has task list and desktop pager)..08:36
shanipribadihello, id like to ask the alternative of :w !sudo tee % in vim, im using fish, but it does not work08:36
estanDr_Willis: yes, but how do i add a new panel?08:36
Goganchiclook at link which I post above ^)08:36
shadowmancerDr_Willis: >.< thats a pleasure to know gparted is safe, i am just curious as to why i can access the data still, have no issues, have my disk usage analyser be able to do a full scan of it, as well as being able to upload more stuff onto it, and then tell me when i check its properties that its an ext3/ext4 partition08:36
Dr_Willisestan: ... err. right click on the existing panel.. :) logical place to  put the setting eh? :)08:36
estanDr_Willis: ah, no not very logical i think ;) i would have expected right-clicking on the desktop or something, but thanks!08:37
Zuk1sorry, Goganchic, I missed it08:37
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  its just a confulated layout of partitions.. luckly you can still access all teh data.. You Might want to do some backups and reorganize the disk a bit08:37
Dr_Willisestan:  but the desktop is the desktop .. not the panel. :) desktop prings up the desktop setting stuff...08:37
_theWarriorian_ how long have you been facing that problem?08:38
estanDr_Willis: alright.08:38
_theWarriorian_ : did you try using transmission? or may be uttorrent via wine...utorrent works fine...08:39
shadowmancerDr_Willis: Now that is where the sickening irony sets it, i've been using the hdd as a backup hdd, and decided its high time to set myself up a file server, and thinking it would just be a simple matter of repartitioning my hdd i don't have any spares to put the data onto for a backup >.,08:39
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  i learned a long time ago to just stick to simple partitioning layouts. :)08:39
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  i tend to use 4 primariy partitions and thats about it..08:39
shadowmancerDr_Willis: Hahahaha, i sort of thought i'd stick to one, and decided to make this hdd partitions and stuff with gparted on dapper, and never used gparted with it after that till now08:41
StrangePaintI Heart Ubuntu.08:41
Dr_WillisStrangePaint:  you ♥ Ubuntu?08:41
shadowmancerI think we all Heart Ubuntu StrangePaint <308:42
ian__the warrior i've used a few different types but all the same haven't tried through wine08:42
niekieHmmm, can anyone tell me a tool for doing live "television-like" broadcasts over the internet? E.g. showing information/scheduling as text, starting shows (AVI or OGG Theora files), record/broadcast live video (streamed from a high-quality webcam possibly) etc, all without disrupting the broadcast in any way while switching over? I'm afraid something like that simply doesn't exist on Ubuntu yet (I couldn't find anything like that on Windows, 08:42
niekie but who knows, I might be surprised :)08:42
* niekie hopes that message didn't get cut off for being too long.08:43
firecrotchI just really like Ubuntu, can't say I Heart it.... I certainly wouldn't marry it08:43
Dr_Willisniekie:  if you couldent find it for windows.. :) i wonder if it exists at all...08:43
niekieDr_Willis: Heh.08:43
Dr_Willisperhaps you need to  recuce your 'demands' :)08:43
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!08:43
* niekie grins.08:43
shadowmancerDr_Willis: Damn i hate managing file systems08:43
Dr_Willisshadowmancer:  i got redundant 'stack' of external usb hard drives.08:44
kaddihi, my pc is blocking an update for mplayer. how can I check why it is blocked? (preferably in commandline)08:44
Goganchickaddi, sudo aptitude upgrade ?08:45
kaddiGoganchic: it says "one package held back" I would like to know why it is held back08:45
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:46
firecrotchkaddi: Packages are usually held back when doing apt-get upgrade due to it needing  to install a new package to do the update, due to a new dependency in the new package.08:46
firecrotchkaddi: you can do apt-get dist-upgrade to install the update08:46
kaddifirecrotch: yes. Can I get a list of what new package needs to be installed or why it isn't installing or do I have to force install first to see what will be installed08:47
firecrotchkaddi: apt-cache showpkg <packagename> will show all the dependencies, and I believe it says which ones you already have installed08:48
behappyhow do I all partition on the HDD08:50
MenZabehappy: sudo fdisk -l will show you all the partitions available.08:51
behappyMenZa, I have removed all partition using fdisk but when I try to create a new one I get just 100Mb on that partition instead of 500Gb08:53
MenZabehappy: Try using gparted.08:54
kaddiok, found the missing packages08:59
Dr_Willisbehappy:  after removeing partitions.. write changes to disk.. and some times ive had to 'reboot' for the changes tobe seen - THEN i could re-add partitions.09:00
behappyDr_Willis, Oh yes reboot can fix this problem I forget thank you for remembring me09:01
_theWarriorbehappy: gparted would be the best option !09:02
Dr_Willisbehappy:  i recall fdisk hving  warning about how 'parittion tables have been changed.. kernel still using old table'09:02
behappy_theWarrior, gparted wont to install09:02
_theWarriorbehappy: whats the issue with that?09:02
behappy_theWarrior, make: *** No rule to make target `check'.  Stop.09:03
=== br34l_ is now known as br34l
_theWarriorbehappy: ohh, that means issue with make file...09:04
behappy_theWarrior, no probelm will be resolved with reboot09:04
_theWarriorbehappy: did you follow the steps given therein the README/INSTALL file?09:04
arlaorhola alguien habla español09:04
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.09:04
behappy_theWarrior, yes09:04
_theWarriorbehappy: coool...try it out...09:05
arlaorpor el mismo irc ubottu??09:05
MenZaarlaor: please, if you want support in Spanish, try #ubuntu-es09:06
kaddiarlaor: si09:06
bazhangarlaor, /join #ubuntu-es09:06
arlaorthanks and im sorry09:06
kaddino problem. :) and bye :)09:07
CaptainCrookany command to start/stop network for a specific running process and not affect the others?09:07
MenZaIt is so tempting to buy Heroes of Might and Magic III, and Duke Nukem 3D.09:08
Dr_WillisCaptainCrook:  not that i have ever seen/herad of..09:08
Dr_WillisMenZa:  got those allready. :)09:08
MenZaDr_Willis: Eh, that was meant for -ot :(09:08
CaptainCrookDr_Willis,  ok...09:08
x404xwhy does cfv say that sha and md5 modules are depreciated ? should i use hashlib ? how ?09:08
Dr_WillisMenZa:  :)  i wont mention that ive seen  the first on 'portable usb game' web sites then.09:09
firecrotchCaptainCrook: Perhaps we can help you figure out a solution if you tell us what you're trying to accomplish exactly?09:09
MenZaDr_Willis: gog.com. 'nuff said.09:09
CaptainCrooka python scheduler for torrent client...09:10
CaptainCrookbut don't want to close the whole program... just making network permission unavailable to the prog would do it...09:12
kaddihmm... How do I report a wish on launchpad, I can only find the bugreport and somehow I'm missing the possibility to set the importance to wishlist09:12
firecrotchCaptainCrook: There are torrent clients that have a built-in scheduler... why reinvent the wheel?09:12
CaptainCrookfirecrotch,  the 1 i use don't ...09:12
firecrotchCaptainCrook: There is a program called Program Guard that may work for what you're trying to do: http://pgrd.sourceforge.net/09:15
Madpilotkaddi, file the bugreport anyway, and mention in the text it's a wishlist item. someone else can fix the classification for you.09:15
CaptainCrookfirecrotch,  it can deny network access to a program with a command?09:16
firecrotchCaptainCrook: From what I read, it does so by reading from a file that lists programs to deny network access to09:16
CaptainCrookfirecrotch,  ok ... gonna take a look...09:18
JaxonHi there.  Google has failed me but I hope someone has a suggestion.  I'm looking for something that can let me view the transferred bandwidth and the current incoming/outgoing rates through a http UI.  I've previously used vnstat and a php front end but that doesn't allow me to view the current rates.09:18
firecrotchJaxon: The progam nload can be used to display the current network usage, so in php you could do something like exec('nload');09:21
=== konata is now known as Guest37991
Jaxonfirecrotch: hmm, could work, I was hoping for things with pretty graphs since some non-numbers inclined are going to be viewing them, but thanks for the tip.09:23
iwobblesJaxon:  have you tried etherape ?09:24
=== Guest37991 is now known as konata971
firecrotchJaxon: you could use image_magick  to create a graph from the data that nload provides?09:24
Jaxoniwobbles: looks like an X application, I'll be running it on a server with only ssh/web access.09:25
CaptainCrookfirecrotch, interresting... but i'm sure there is already a permission system pre established for network in ubuntu!? something like chmod for network...09:25
m4xHello _theWarrior or anyone else who can help, I tried to build my own kernel and I thought it build fine so I added it to my grub menu (after backing up the old one) and tried to reboot however I recieved a kernel panic. I booted into a live cd and resotred my old menu.lst in my grub directory and everything boots fine except when I try to shutdown my computer the screen turns black and my lcd lights start flashing as if in a kernel panic09:25
m4x again, please priv msg me with help as I have to go to sleep but will read in the morning thank you for any help I'm very worried09:25
Jaxonfirecrotch: I could, depends how much work I want to do ;)  It is mostly a volunteer effort so I didn't want to spend a bunch of time, just drop in and run.09:25
iwobblesmm dunno if you can configure ape to do that09:25
firecrotchJaxon: is this meant to be part of a large server monitoring thing or?09:26
CaptainCrookfirecrotch,  maybe just a firewall rule will do it...09:26
JaxonCaptainCrook: iptables?  Just enable/disable firewall rules based on time.09:26
konata971i want  code terminal for Xubuntu for active 3D09:26
CaptainCrookJaxon,  thats what i was thinking of...09:26
firecrotchCaptainCrook: if it's traffic that only uses certain ports, I suppose that could work09:26
Jaxonfirecrotch: a file dump/host mostly.  The users want to see how much data transferred on a day/week/montly basis as well as the current transfer rates.09:27
=== konata971 is now known as konata97115
firecrotchJaxon: I found something... bwbar09:28
JaxonLove it09:28
JaxonThanks.  My searchs got me nowhere, terms too common :D09:29
firecrotchJaxon: http linux server bandwidth monitor   is what got me to that09:29
CaptainCrookby the time i'm here... any way to run Eterm with unicodes enabled?09:29
x404xif I change themes on kubuntu i dont get the new pictures, also installing wallpapers does nothing, where are pictures stored and how do i load them ?09:30
=== fumblnoob is now known as Awt
b3rz3rk3rhey guys, im looking for an NFO generator, but i can only find ones for windows and id rather not WINE things if i dont have to. Does anyone use one, or know of one?09:35
Loafers!system information09:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:40
LoafersHow do I find out information about my computer?  Such as how much ram, cpu, hardware, gpu etc...09:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sysingo09:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sysinfo09:41
vigoIt is sysinfo09:41
Dr_WillisHmm... Ive seen some tools for that Loafers  but i forget their names09:41
vigoI do not have it installed09:42
Dr_Willis!find sysinfo09:42
ubottuFound: egroupware-phpsysinfo, phpsysinfo, sysinfo, xsysinfo09:42
LoafersI'm trying to install the proprietary ATI driver from the help.ubuntu.com/community website and it tells me to enable the accelerated ATI graphics driver in the 'Hardware Drivers', but it nothing shows up on the list...09:44
koshieLoafers: Hi09:46
koshieUbuntu don't have a software for this ?09:46
Loaferskoshie, Hi09:46
vigoLoafers: Is restricted enabled in the sources list?09:46
koshieEnvyNG ?09:46
Loafersvigo, Everything is checked.09:46
Loafersvigo, As in the boxes are checked.09:46
vigoLoafers: May wanna try it in Terminal or CLI, let me look that up.09:47
Loafersvigo, Ok thanks.09:48
vigoLoafers: Here it is: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine09:48
Dayofswords=\ i want ubuntu on my old pc... but it only has 128mb of ram09:48
LoafersDayofswords, That's plenty09:49
grawityDayofswords: Xubuntu should work for you. (It uses Xfce, which is a lot lighter)09:49
LoafersDayofswords, And if not, you can use Xubuntu09:49
grawityDayofswords: GNOME (the one that comes with "normal" Ubuntu) might be a little slowish, but should work too.09:49
Dayofswordsgraphical install wont work with 9.04 or 8.0409:49
gauravCan any one help in good antivirus for linux by which i can scan my files and get cleaned up09:50
LoafersDayofswords, It does09:50
Dayofswordsand i cant download xubuntu with dail up09:50
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2109:50
Dayofswordsit does not work, tried, freezes09:50
grawityDayofswords: Ubuntu has "alternate install" CDs too - with a text-based installer.09:50
Dayofswordsi think i have xubuntu 8.0409:50
vigogaurav: ClamAV is what alot of peoples use,09:51
Dayofswordsgrawity: dail up09:51
Dr_Willis128mb ram and dialup.. ewww.. :009:51
Alfredo555Dayofswords, you need to used the alternate installation cd for PCs with low-specs09:51
Loafersvigo, Everything is uncommented09:51
grawityDayofswords: Do any of your friends have a fast connection?09:51
Dayofswordsno not 128mb on this pc, this has 51209:51
grawity(also, it's "dial up", not "dail up")09:51
Dayofswordsw/e-up, its slow09:52
Dr_WillisMany PC mags include cds/dvds with ubuntu and often its variants09:52
vigoLoafers: Using CLI or Synaptic?09:52
Loafersvigo, Before I updated to jaunty, i was able to run "Hardware Drivers" and my ATI would be detected09:52
Alfredo555and it's tomato not tomato09:52
Dr_WillisIts tomatoe :)09:52
Loafersvigo, sudo gedit /etc/blahblah09:52
* Dayofswords gets dr's ref09:52
HimtunaimtunaI am looking for a solution were all lab computers are connected to one server.09:53
HimtunaHimtunathe data is stored on server but all processing is done on client machine09:53
HimtunaHimtuna( as college will not spend money on new server)09:53
Himtuna02:22Himtunaanybody here?09:53
FloodBot1Himtuna: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:53
grawityDayofswords: Friends, schools, work, internet cafes - there should be a fast connection somewhere.09:53
vigoLoafers: Ok, This one may be more help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto?action=show&redirect=AptGetHowto09:54
Boohbah!LTSP > Himtuna09:54
ubottuHimtuna, please see my private message09:54
=== jussi01 is now known as _
Wildbatweeeee KDE fail~~~~~09:55
Loafersvigo, what exactly do you want me to do?09:55
=== _ is now known as jussi01
caonimagebiwhat is the best way to update the wifi driver for jaunty, i got the ew-7318usg and use the rt73usb but it do not work verry well...  i find on google 1000 way for 8.10 but no specific about 9.04, so please can you helt me on that issue ?09:55
Wildbat i am switch to GNOME~ KDE crash too much09:55
grawityWildbat: KDE 4.2 is really nice. (I still use GNOME though.)09:56
FirefisheWildbat:  What version of kde are you using?09:56
Wildbat4.1 i think09:56
Firefishe4.1 is buggy as 'ell09:56
Wildbatscreen is all glitchy09:56
FirefisheWildbat:  Yes, it is09:56
FirefisheWildbat:  I'd upgrade to 4.3. You using Jaunty?09:56
vigoLoafers: I am thinking an sudo update may refresh the package list, am still looking to see if those are or were included as supported09:57
Wildbatidk ~ if auto-update do the update is 4.3 if not blah~09:57
Ademandoes anyone know if/how you can set the "capslock state" of X.org? somehow xorg has become convinced that the capslock key is stuck on...09:57
Loafersvigo, Just did a sudo apt-get update and still nothin shows up09:57
FirefisheWildbat:  There's a way to add the launchpad ppa to /etc/apt/sources.list through the Repositories list in synaptic.09:57
FirefisheWildbat:  4.3 has really ironed out so much since 4.1.  I'm suprised you're still using 4.1.09:58
FirefisheI'm on 4.3.1, actually; just did an update09:58
Firefisheupgrade rather09:58
Loafersvigo, I noticed this problem in the past but never really cared, but now i'd like to play a game and i think it needs a 3d acceleration09:58
FirefisheI'll brb09:59
richardcavellAdeman: do you have mouseemu installed?09:59
WildbatFirefishe: i'm pretty new to linux didn't bother with that too much XD09:59
richardcavelluninstall it and see if it makes a difference09:59
vigoLoafers: ermm. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories?action=show&redirect=AddingRepositoriesHowto09:59
Ademanrichardcavell: i don't believe i have it installed but i'll check and give that a shot, thanks09:59
Himtunaany alternate for Visual Basic 6 ?09:59
Loafersvigo, before jaunty i never had thisi problem. when i used intrepid when i did the system update after doing a fresh install, it would always ask me to enable proprietary hardware, but ever since jaunty it never has asked :(09:59
AdemanHimtuna: for what?09:59
Ademanfor developing visual basic applications?10:00
Himtunaits actually in our course10:00
Ademanor for rapid application development?10:00
Himtunawe dont need full fledged application just to learn VB10:00
ranascoany body install yahoo messanger in uubuntu10:00
vigoLoafers: Yes, I am still looking to see if those were or are in the repos for Jaunty.10:00
Ademanoh, yeah you're gonna need the real deal as far as I know, look into wine though, i'd think vb6 would be well supported by now10:00
___I'm having a problem with getting a write error on MSN messenger's network. I run Ubuntu, fully updated, and access MSN messenger via Pidgin. The disconnect is not at regular intervals, but each interval is no more than 15 minutes apart. I've already tried renaming ~/.purple in case it was an issue with my profile. No dice on that. Anybody have other ideas?10:01
Himtunahm... l triend wine  but got failed to install10:01
Loafersvigo,  thanks for the links, but i am already semi familiar with everything you have linked me10:01
Wildbatanyone know that if the beryl thing is stable?10:01
Wildbatit looks cool ~ but idk ~10:02
vigoLoafers: This one looks like the one for 9.04: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/hardware/C/restricted-manager.html  maybe is as simple as a restart as mentioned.10:04
grawityWildbat: I thought Beryl has merged with Compiz long ago.10:05
Zenderaudio chat ?10:05
grawityWildbat: And Compiz is included with Ubuntu.10:05
Wildbatanyone have idea if i can mount Window Files Sharing automatically?10:05
Wildbatgrawity: oh ~ really10:05
|-Gobi-|Hi guys. You don't happen to know how I can block all Wine applications from internet?10:05
|-Gobi-|or just some10:05
Wildbatgrawity: let me check that out10:06
grawityWildbat: The "on/off" switch is under Appearance -> Effects.10:06
_raven_hi -  is possible to convert projects to any linux-app (like rosegarden e.g.)?10:06
Loafersvigo, i've had repositories enabled for a long time now, so restarting isn't the problem.  I can't enable my ATI driver because it won't show up :(10:06
grawityWildbat: Install compizconfig-settings-manager to enable things like Cube.10:06
_raven_cubase i mean10:06
___I'm having a problem with getting a write error on MSN messenger's network. I run Ubuntu, fully updated, and access MSN messenger via Pidgin. The disconnect is not at regular intervals, but each interval is no more than 15 minutes apart. I've already tried renaming ~/.purple in case it was an issue with my profile. No dice on that. Anybody have other ideas?10:06
grawity___: What version of Pidgin is that?10:07
slyukonly problem i have with compiz is, trying to use the rain feature makes my laptop reboot.10:07
___grawity, the latest10:07
vigoLoafers: Is it enabled like that last page says?10:07
grawity___: I was asking for the number.10:07
=== trmanco is now known as Guest66237
iceroot___: there are different "the latest" depending on your ubuntu-version10:08
grawity___: There are two "latest" versions - the one in Ubuntu repos, and the one on Pidgin website.10:08
Loafersvigo, It isn't enabled at all.  Like i've said previously, it does not show up on Hardware Drivers so I can't even enable it.10:08
caonimagebiso any good how to to update the wifi driver rt73 for jaunty ??10:08
___copy that, 2.4.110:08
___grawity ^^10:08
grawity___: The _really_ latest one is 2.6.1, you should try grabbing that from Pidgin own repos.10:08
icerootgrawity: there are more, ubuntu lts, ubuntu 8.10, 9.04, website10:08
vigoLoafers: Ok, is it installed from wget or the website that makes it?10:09
Loafersvigo, thanks 4 helping, i give up10:09
grawity___: http://pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/ has instructions on adding their repo - follow those, then do an update.10:09
Loafersvigo, I don't know10:09
Loafersvigo, hmm maybe thats why :D10:11
_raven_hi -  is possible to convert CUBASE projects to any linux-app (like rosegarden e.g.)?10:11
Loafersvigo, I guess ubuntu no longer supported the driver10:11
___grawity, downloading now, I'll run it and within 10 minutes we'll know whether the problem is resolved or not10:11
vigoLoafers: Yeah, sounds like a lsmod thing,,https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Loadable_Modules10:11
AraneidaeCan anyone recommend a wallpaper setting utility that works properly with twinview?10:13
StrangePaintI heart ubuntu10:13
___grawity, it seems to not even be grabbing data from MSN's server, my account won't even connect10:13
Wildbatanyone good with wubi?10:15
Dr_WillisBest advice for WUBI is to avoide it. :()10:15
grawityIt's a nice idea though.10:15
Dr_WillisYea - neat idea.. but so many issues..10:16
grawity(But dual-boot with Windows is _very_ easy now.)10:16
Dr_WillisOr Virtualbox10:16
___yeah grawity, not even connecting to MSN's server10:16
Wildbatunless Windows can work with ext2fs @v@;10:16
Loafersvigo, Thank your for your help.  Appreciate it.10:16
grawity___: MSN works for me. server - messenger.hotmail.com:1863, the default. Maybe try toggling the HTTP mode?10:16
mord|-Gobi-|: create a new user, 'nonet' or so, do "iptables -I OUTPUT -m owner --uid-owner nonet -j REJECT --reject-with imcp-net-unreachable" and run wine with sudo -u nonet wine (...)10:16
grawityWildbat: How is ext2fs related to this?10:17
gnu-dioSo, in the last week, I've been having JavaScript problems in firefox-3 & Ubuntu 8.04. Tons of javascript errors make youtube not work. Works fine in Opera 10, and it used to work fine in ff-3. I searched for info on the issue on launchpad, but found nothing. Anyone here hear about this happening recently?10:17
grawityWildbat: Both Wubi and normal dualboot are the same in the fact that Windows cannot read Ubuntu data.10:17
Dr_WillisAraneidae:  I dont have any issues with wallpaper and twniview... clarify to the channel what you are trying todo.10:17
___grawity, I'm guessing that it isn't pidgin10:17
Wildbatgrawity: but you can't have window run on ext2fs ;p10:18
Jackizcan i connect to a VPN with ubuntu10:18
grawityWildbat: So?10:18
BoohbahJackiz: look in NetworkManager configuration10:18
AraneidaeDr_Willis, well, I'm actually running fluxbox, which uses fbsetbg (which uses Esetroot) to set the background.10:18
grawityWildbat: There is still no difference between Wubi and non-Wubi.10:18
AraneidaeUnfortunately, it doesn't understand that I have two heads on my setup10:18
Jackizboohbah: where can i find it?10:18
Araneidaeand there doesn't seem to be any way to tell it so.10:19
habtool2 mg mh  lnkj .10:19
FloodBot1habtool2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:19
AraneidaeI've been hn10:19
BoohbahJackiz: in your toolbar10:19
BoohbahJackiz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN10:19
AraneidaeI've been googling around for wallpaper setting utilities that understand dual head systems with surprisingly little luck.10:19
Dr_WillisAraneidae:  you mean set a sepetrate wallpaper for each head? or what exactly? Perzonally i just make my own custome 'very wide' wallpapers of the proper sizes to cover both monitors with seperate 'images'10:19
AraneidaeGuess they're normally integrated into the WM?10:19
AraneidaeYes, separate wallpaper for each head10:19
Wildbatgrawity: hmmm lol ~ may be . what i want is have a bootable USB stick as well as usable in windows10:19
Araneidaexfce (and I guess gnome) have no problem doing that...10:20
___grawity, tried changing the ~/.purple to a fresh profile, no dice10:20
Dr_WillisAraneidae:  gnome does NOT have the feature to set a seperate wallpaper for each display. kde does.10:20
grawity___: And did you try enabling HTTP mode in Pidgin account settings?10:20
AraneidaeOh, interesting.  Pretty sure xfce does too10:20
___grawity, yes, no change10:21
Jackizboohbah: i dont understand..10:21
AraneidaeDr_Willis, I have the impression that after running Esetroot my automatic screen turn-off on timeout has stopped, also!10:22
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager10:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about run10:23
BoohbahJackiz: ^ ^10:23
___grawity, any ideas?10:23
tARrAScHHello, I cannot get my physical CD out of the tray, anyone know why? I tried both pushing the physical eject-button on my computer and I've tried pressing eject from Nautilus.10:24
grawity___: You could try, for example, aMSN or Emesene or Empathy, and see if they work.10:24
=== _c0ky is now known as c0ky
___grawity, I'm still on 8.04 might that be an issue? should I upgrade to 9.04?10:25
gartralanyone here use droidbattles?10:25
grawity___: Upgrading is a good idea, but I doubt it could be related to this problem.10:26
Jackizboohbah: when i click the network button, it gives me an option to configure VPN, but the "add" button is unclickable (gray)10:26
___grawity, well, in 8 minutes I'll disappear for awhile while I upgrade anyway >.> if it is still not working, i'll be back.10:26
BoohbahJackiz: have you installed the openvpn client?10:26
___I've been searching help sites for tickets on related matters and can't find anything, grawity10:26
Jackizboohbah: how do i do that10:27
JonJJackiz: Install the network-manager-openvpn package10:27
gnu-dioSo, asking again: I've been having JavaScript problems in firefox-3 & Ubuntu 8.04. Tons of javascript errors make youtube not work. Works fine in Opera 10, and it used to work fine in ff-3. I searched for info on the issue on launchpad, but found nothing. Anyone here hear about this happening recently?10:28
BoohbahJackiz: sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn10:28
Jackizboohbah: done10:28
BoohbahJackiz: is the button to add a vpn connection now clickable? you may need to restart NetworkManager, 'sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart'10:29
Jackizyay its clickable :D10:30
___Also, does anybody know if 9.04 supports nVidia drivers? I've had to keep my graphical settings on low because to get up there I need to enable nVidia which creates all sorts of problesm and doesn't let me use dual monitors10:30
shadeslayer___: yes it does,press alt+F2 > jockey10:30
theatro!nvidia > ___10:30
ubottu___, please see my private message10:30
Jackizboohbah: thanks! :D it is working now. just gotta figure out some settings now :)10:31
iceroot___: nvidia-drivers (free and non-free) are working fine with 9.04  also dual-view10:31
shadeslayer!info jockey | __10:31
ubottu__: Package jockey does not exist in jaunty10:31
shadeslayer!info jockey-gtk | ___10:31
ubottu___: jockey-gtk (source: jockey): GNOME user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5-0ubuntu10 (jaunty), package size 8 kB, installed size 160 kB10:31
BoohbahJackiz: excellent!10:31
Blizzerand<IMG src="http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/script2/slideimage1.gif" will this work10:37
BlizzerandI mean is this the right way to source an image10:37
___on upgrading, will I need to reformat my drive?10:37
ranascoany body tell me the screen lock software10:37
gartralanyone here use droidbattles?10:37
kwadronautranasco: xtrlock10:38
Daremonaihello, i'm having the same problem as this: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/universe-bugs/2009-June/097176.html - does anyone know how to fix it? I'm running on ubuntu 9.0410:38
lakis1982does anyone use vlc... I ha a problem i cant solve...whenever i open a video, vlc opens in twe seperate windows ... the one window shows the video output and the other window shows the interface of vlc with its controls....  how can i integrate thoses videos so that vlc open in one window and looks like  e.g  Windows media player .....  please help me...10:38
Wildbatanyone know what happen tot w32codec?10:38
___on upgrading, will I need to reformat my drive?10:38
shadeslayer___: upgrading from what?10:39
bayerhi there, does anyone know where i have to put a nameserver that i dont want to make permanent? /etc/resolv.conf doesnt seem to work, as dig fails.10:39
Flannel___: No10:40
Flannel!upgrade | ___10:40
ubottu___: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading10:40
mordWildbat: tried w32codecs from Medibuntu?10:41
___I backup regularly, but restoring all my files is a pain in the ass10:41
slyuklakis1982 vlc does the same for me................. i kinda like it like that though. So was never botherd.10:42
Wildbatmord: nope how?10:43
bayeror to put it differently: what can be the reason for dig (,host, nslookup, etc..) not to resolve a hostname although there is a dns in /etc/resolv.conf that works when i use it in dig from the command line?10:44
Boohbahbayer: have you modified /etc/host.conf ?10:46
BlizzerandUbuntu 9.10 Alpha 5 looks good10:46
bayerBoohbah, no i dont think so10:46
bayernot recently10:46
Wildbathow do you start a program in commandline and yet closing the terminal won't kill that process?10:47
grawitybayer: /etc/hosts? /etc/nsswitch.conf?10:47
grawityWildbat: 'help disown'10:47
BoohbahWildbat: program &10:47
Vort3x1337hi where are the c++ libraries like stdlib on my hd?10:47
bayerWildbat, try nohup10:47
grawityBoohbah: That will kill the process unless you disown it first.10:47
Boohbahgrawity: oh10:47
_Maximushello, I emptied the recycle bin and the system (ubuntu 9.04 with kernel 2.6.28-15-generic) got frozen; after reboot, the reported free space is incorrect; I've forced a fsck, but still can't see the expected 54GB of free space10:48
_Maximusdoes anyone have a solution? suggestion?10:48
alecshi there!10:48
alecsi have an ubuntu 9.0.4 notebook remix, but it seems that i cannot see any movie  ... any ideeas ?10:48
Boohbahalecs: install VLC10:48
bayergrawity, i didnt touch nsswitch.conf - how should the hosts file do that?10:49
alecsBoohbah: i allready did that ... just crashes10:49
mordWildbat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu the pkg list is at http://packages.medibuntu.org/10:49
grawitybayer: What exactly is the problem you have?10:49
alecsBoohbah: the same thing with Totem ....10:49
Boohbahalecs: try medibuntu packages for mplayer10:49
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:49
shadeslayeralecs: also install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:50
Wildbatmord: thankx10:50
shadeslayer!restricted | alecs10:50
ubottualecs: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:50
_Maximusalso, the partition in question is ext410:50
bayergrawity, i can not resolve host names, but the dns is working, as "dig foo.com @dns" works10:50
grawitybayer: Is that hostname in /etc/hosts? (If it is, remove.) Is /etc/nsswitch.conf configured to use DNS?10:51
bayergrawity, none of the hosts are in hosts file10:53
bayerwhat does nsswitch.conf have to look like to use dns?10:53
matrix_hey guys does anyone know to install jdownloader on ubuntu10:53
Boohbahbayer: is there a search domain in resolv.conf?10:53
grawity"hosts: files dns"10:53
bayerBoohbah, yes10:53
Boohbahbayer: that may be it, try commenting it out10:53
bayerhosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns410:53
grawityOr, at least it should have 'dns' in that line.10:53
grawitybayer: Seems okay10:54
bayerBoohbah, connection timed out10:54
bayerie. no change10:55
Wildbatthankyou ppl ~ i gtsleep ~ ^^ /bow10:55
bayercan i somehow check what dig is doing when resolving a host? (couldnt find a "verbose" mode)10:57
alecsBoohbah: installed  ubuntu-restricted-extras & dependencies ... and medibuntu w32codecs and i still have same issue ... (totem & vlc crashes )11:02
alecs* 2 different movies11:03
Boohbahalecs: do you have an intel graphics adapter?11:03
CptnAwesomehi folks, the time on my machine is way outta wack, and doesnt seem to stay set, any suggestions?11:04
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)11:04
alecsBoohbah: not sure ... i have an acer aspire one box ... let me try to fo find out about video11:05
Boohbahalecs: sudo lspci -v |grep -i video11:05
alecsBoohbah: lspci -v |grep -i video returned nothing ...11:06
alecshowever i'll pastebin my lspci output11:06
alecsi think is an intel11:06
alecsBoohbah: http://pastebin.com/m69ecf5011:08
CptnAwesomehrmm i used "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata" to reset timezone data, but the time zone is still an hour out.11:09
EvaLuaTewhen i run apt-get update i receive this error: http://pastebin.com/d2805f4f111:09
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iswanto_hi, do you know where can I talk about ubuntu karmic boot ?11:10
alecsEvaLuaTe: I guess you added a new repository... it seems that is GPG key problem11:11
EvaLuaTealecs: any idea how i could fix it?11:11
alecsEvaLuaTe: let me a sec11:11
kbpdoes anyone know where are the theme files of gEditor? I'm trying to make Netbeans have a dark-theme like Obvilion of gEdit...11:12
BoohbahCptnAwesome: use ntp11:13
BoohbahCptnAwesome: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata just changes the time zone, not the clock11:13
CptnAwesomeive just "apt-get install ntp" and its still an hour out11:14
olegbiswanto_, #ubuntu+1 ?11:14
AraneidaeCptnAwesome, are you confused about UTC vs local time?11:14
iswanto_thanks olegb11:15
CptnAwesomehrmmm yeah i just got an update and the system time is not utc.11:16
CptnAwesomeso how do i go about changing the time zone using ntp now?11:17
CptnAwesomeis now*11:17
lightpriest__yesterday installed ubuntu 9.04 from cd on a pc, today i upgraded (kernel too) and sound stopped working. I have the ALC861 and I can't seem to get it working11:17
PieteThe system time generally is utc internally..11:18
Boomboxdoes anyone know if there is an official channel for patchage?11:18
ubuntu_/echo $ip11:18
silareI'm a Mac user converting to Ubuntu. Does anyone know of a good software list of Ubuntu equivalents, since I see lots of Windows --> Linux ones...11:19
PieteSilare what software do you use on mac?11:19
bitserfcptnawesome 'hwclock' lets you sync system clock to hw clock, vice versa, and set whether system time is utc or not11:20
bitserfor at least it did last time i used linux :P11:20
grawityCptnAwesome: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata, set the correct timezone there.11:20
CptnAwesomegrawity, ive just done that, before i installed ntp, should i do it again?11:21
Boomboxdoes anyone know if there is an official channel for patchage?11:21
EvaLuaTealecs: you still there? :)11:21
alecsEvaLuaTe: you have to redownload the key ...11:22
silarePiete: iWork 09 (I dislike OpenOffice.org), iCal, Aperture, Logic Pro, Coda, Scrivener, VooDoo Pad Pro, and The Hit List are some I use a lot.11:22
EvaLuaTealecs: could you please be a bit more precise? I'm not that experienced with linux... :)11:22
alecsEvaLuaTe: w8 a sec11:23
Besogonlightpriest__, did you try to reinstall alsa and pulseaudio?11:23
EvaLuaTealecs: sure :)11:23
lightpriest__you mean to force them reconfigure?11:23
lightpriest__actually not, i'll try11:23
gnu-dioWell, it would have been neat to have someone actually respond to my question about why javascript got broken in firefox for me, but I was able to narrow the issue down on my own to something corrupt in my firefox profile. Removing the old profile and beginning a new one fixed Javascript. Then I restored my profile and it failed to work again. Then I cleared all "private data", and it works again. I'd thank you people, but nobody cared enough to 11:25
alecsEvaLuaTe: here is the answer http://deb.opera.com/  on section  "To install the key on your host, do something like this:"11:25
alecsBoohbah: still there ?11:26
EvaLuaTealecs: cool. thank you very much :)11:26
Boohbahalecs: yes11:27
alecsany help for me ?11:27
Boohbahalecs: i'm stumped11:27
alecsBoohbah: how so ?11:29
Boohbahalecs: i am not sure how to fix your problem11:29
silarePiete: You still there?11:31
alecsBoohbah: thanks anyway11:32
CptnAwesomehi folks, just rebooted after changing the clock and now its back to utc. the local time isnt persistant11:32
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alecsi have an ubuntu 9.0.4 notebook remix, but it seems that i cannot see any movie (totem and vlc crashes)  ... any ideeas ?11:34
ActionParsnipalecs: run the program from terminal, you will get intelligent output11:35
silareI'm a Mac user converting to Ubuntu. Does anyone know of a good software list of Ubuntu equivalents, since I see lots of Windows --> Linux ones...11:35
ActionParsnipalecs: you can use that to websearch11:35
ActionParsnipsilare: websearch for: ubuntu equivelant of <name mac software  here>11:36
grawitysilare: You should be a little more specific. We don't know what software you were using11:36
silareI did, but things like Keynote, Aperture, iCal, Logic Pro, Coda, Scrivener, Voodoopad Pro, and The Hit List didn't get super results.11:36
silareOpenOffice.org Impress is rather weak.11:37
masteraaaahey guys11:37
masteraaaai have a problem11:37
BoohbahActionParsnip: actually alecs' problem has to do with DNS resolution and it's sort of tough to get any useful output from a specific program11:37
masteraaaai need to know something11:37
masteraaaawait i ll be right back11:37
pukekohow can i mount an ext2/3 external drive on a mac osX ?11:37
ActionParsnipBoohbah: when the mediaplayer dies it will give some output11:38
lightpriest_hi guys, reinstalled alsa and pulseaudio and still no sound. when using alsamixer master volume is unmuted, at level 0 and I can't change it11:38
=== unnheulu__ is now known as Unnheulu
kust0mpukeko: disk utility doesn't see it? plus i'm not so sure that belongs in this channel.11:38
ActionParsnippukeko: ask in a mac channel11:38
silareActionParsnip: What are some examples of good Mac channels/11:38
pukekoAction: havn't tried yet , thought i troubleshoot in advance11:39
silareAnd did you and Grawity see my earlier list of software on Mac I found but I couldn't find equivalents of on Ubuntu?11:39
ActionParsnipsilare: #mac maybe11:39
KiR-Kreave-hey, After the computer one day didn't want to close correctly and I had to boot it by force, it hasn't been able to start up properly, I only get into the grub menu. And went I try to boot /boot/grub/menu.lst is says file not found, any ideas how to fix the problem?11:40
silareGrawity: The apps I used were Keynote, Aperture, iCal, Logic Pro, Coda, Scrivener, Voodoopad Pro, and The Hit List didn't get super results.11:40
alecsBoohbah: http://pastebin.com/d132175b211:40
alecsthis is what my totem outputs11:41
lightpriest_KiR-Kreave-, what do you mean tried to boot /boot/grub/menu.lst?11:41
ghatuhi when i click reload in synaptic package manager it gives foll error E: The package cache file is corrupted11:41
ghatuE: _cache->open() failed, please report.11:41
lightpriest_KiR-Kreave-, you're supposed to boot a kernel11:42
KiR-Kreave-when I enter grub cmd-line I can press esp, and do a find /ubuntu/disk/boot/grub/menu.lst11:42
niels1Hello, on installing ubuntu server:11:42
niels1I choose "Install Ubuntu"11:42
niels1then an error along the lines "hub 1.0:0.1 over current change on port2" appears an the screen goes black.11:42
niels1Its a laptop I want to use as a test server for home, I have no usb devices connected. I had this problem on windows before (it would display a message, nothing else). How can I force ubuntu to continue anyway?11:42
FloodBot1niels1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:42
Sidewinder1ghatu Are you running another package mgr. such as 'add or remove'?11:43
Sidewinder1Did you try a reeboot?11:43
julemoreAnyone installed Ubunutu 2.6.29 or 28? I got problems connecting to my wireless network... dmesg="dissasocciating by local choice (3)" it seems that it really associates to the network but there is some software default or some bug that disconnects the wireless, perhaps the NetworkManager... any ideas?11:43
lightpriest_KiR-Kreave-, when grub starts do you see a list of kernels? (ubuntu, ubuntu failsafe, etc.)11:44
lightpriest_you see nothing?11:44
KiR-Kreave-I only see that it tries to find */menu.lst11:45
KiR-Kreave-but it can't find any of them11:45
lightpriest_do you have a seperate /boot partition?11:45
tARrAScHHello, I cannot get my physical CD out of the tray, anyone know why? I tried both pushing the physical eject-button on my computer and I've tried pressing eject from Nautilus.11:45
Sidewinder1BRB---->coffee :-)11:45
KiR-Kreave-I installed it on a windwos machine, so I doubt I have a seperate /boot partition11:46
CokeNCodehey guys, anyone else having trouble viewing videos in facebook? I keep getting errors about not having flash installed11:46
silareDoes anyone know a good set of substitutes for Keynote, Aperture, iCal, Logic Pro, Coda, Scrivener, Voodoopad Pro, and The Hit List?11:46
lightpriest_guys, i'm having trouble getting alsa, pulse, sound.. anything to work. alsamixer shows level 0 on master volume and i can't change it. dmesg and syslog shows nothing related...11:47
lightpriest_KiR-Kreave-, try loading from a live CD11:47
=== arvind_k is now known as arvind_khadri
lightpriest_KiR-Kreave-, you'd then be able to install grub/see the partitions11:48
KiR-Kreave-I got a ubuntu install cd, but I can't really see what to do when I load from it :(11:48
Besogonlightpriest_, may be driver wasn't start? check it11:49
lightpriest_KiR-Kreave-, you can check the Places menu for the different partitions. enter one of them and look for /boot/grub/menu.lst for yourself. if it's there try rebooting again11:49
lightpriest_Besogon, thanks. how do i check it? lsmod?11:50
Besogonlightpriest_,  yes. but before you should know name of the  module. I can find out with "sudo lshw" in multimedia section (module=***) My module is snd_via82xx and your is other11:51
gauravis there any way that i can save the flash files or can download flash files like songs in flash player as i do in windows with realplayer featuer11:53
ilorhi all, what's the "ubuntu way" of mounting at boot the internal hard drive partitions that can be mounted via a click in Places?11:53
lightpriest_Besogon, well, the module is loaded alright. alsamixer also shows the module and the model...11:53
julemoreAnyone installed Ubunutu 2.6.29 or 28? I got problems connecting to my wireless network... dmesg="dissasocciating by local choice (3)" it seems that it really associates to the network but there is some software default or some bug that disconnects the wireless, perhaps the NetworkManager... any ideas?11:53
shideshhow to get the root password11:53
Sidewinder1tARrAScH In addition to the eject button there is a small hole, about the sizr of a sharp pencil point; gently push the end of a paper clip in there and it should eject.11:54
lightpriest_julemore, NetworkManager takes control over the wireless card. what does NM shows when you left click it?11:54
lightpriest_shidesh, if you didn't define one. there isn't one11:54
niels1Install Ubuntu crashes to black screen, "hub over current charge": http://paste.ubuntu.com/265498/11:54
lightpriest_shidesh, if you need to work as a root user just use: "sudo su -"11:54
shideshyes i tried that11:55
shideshmy pc is a part of a organisation so highly secured\11:55
shideshany other way11:55
lightpriest_reboot as single user?11:56
kevorI'm trying to route data made by range to pass with a certain destination trough a nother eternet adaptor, can someone help me with that?11:56
julemorelightpriest i didnt configurre NetworkManager so i the wireless interface list is empty11:56
shidesheven on booting for editing it asks for password11:56
Sidewinder1tARrAScH at least most cd/dvd roms have it...Your milage may vary.11:56
lightpriest_shidesh, then you can't ;p11:56
shideshon selecting the os11:56
julemorelightpriest are u sayng that if I disco NM on startup the problem will vanish?11:56
shideshany way to unblock usb11:57
lightpriest_julemore, right click NM and deactivate the wirless network (untick)11:57
julemorehmmm thats all?11:57
julemoreok i ll try11:57
shideshlightpriest r u there11:57
rapt0rjezuzI have a question11:57
lightpriest_shidesh, yes11:58
shideshany way to unblock the usb11:58
rapt0rjezuzabout ubuntu11:58
DeepwatersOkay, just updated to 9.04, When I last tried to use the restricted nvidia drivers they screwed up my system to the point where I had to reboot the grub. Giant pain in the you-know-what. Does 9.04 handle the restricted drivers without issue?11:58
=== DaZ- is now known as DaZ^2
lightpriest_shidesh, there isn't a real way you could do that. if you don't have premissions or root password or access as a single user. you simply can't. this is not windows ;p11:58
rapt0rjezuzI just switched from XP to Ubuntu and on XP I had dualheads one running out of my onboard VGA and one out of my pci-e card11:58
Sidewinder1!ask | rapt0rjezuz>11:58
ubotturapt0rjezuz>: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:58
rapt0rjezuzi just asked11:59
rapt0rjezuzi didnt finish yet11:59
FloodBot1rapt0rjezuz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:59
heterosankaristupid bots imo11:59
rapt0rjezuzok so my question is, how do i get this done on ubuntu?11:59
rapt0rjezuzbecause im tried binary drivers11:59
koshieThe Ubuntu website don't like me. Yesterday when I tried to connect me it say to me that : "Thank you Koshie bla bla" and it redirect me to the same page, but not connected. I change my password and it work. But today is like yesterday... And when I want to resed my password (again) that don't work.11:59
rapt0rjezuzit seems that my onboard just doesnt detect the display i have hooked up to it12:00
DeepwatersOkay, just updated to 9.04, When I last tried to use the restricted nvidia drivers they screwed up my system to the point where I had to reboot the grub. Giant pain in the you-know-what. Does 9.04 handle the restricted drivers without issue?12:00
lightpriest_rapt0rjezuz, wait wait. what card do you have?12:00
rapt0rjezuzmy card works fine its a 7950gt12:00
koshieAnd I don't found a administrator's e-mail.12:00
rapt0rjezuzits my onboard i cant get to detect the display i have plugged in12:00
lightpriest_rapt0rjezuz, ok just wait a second12:00
lightpriest_rapt0rjezuz, have you tried display settings?12:01
=== monteith is now known as zz_monteith
DeepwatersI'm running 9800gt12:01
koshieAnybody have a administrator's e-mail please ?12:01
zlatkohello I have trouble with connecting my DV camera over Firewire12:01
rapt0rjezuzNVIDIA X Server settings?12:01
rapt0rjezuzdo you mean?12:01
zlatkoAnybody can12:01
koshiezlatko: don't ask to ask, just ask.12:02
rapt0rjezuzlightpriest_:I have tried to detect the display using NVIDIA X Server settings12:02
niels1koshie, as far as I understand you've got a technical problem with the webpage, maybe you can try webmaster at canonical dot com12:02
grawitykoshie: What do you mean by "a administrator's email"?12:02
koshieniels1: thank you.12:02
rapt0rjezuzlightpriest_: but it shows the onboard and says there is no display plugged into it12:02
rapt0rjezuzand there is12:03
lightpriest_they are both nvidia?12:03
koshiegrawity: An adress to contact a person who can help me... (sorry for this poor sentence)12:03
rapt0rjezuzyes they are both GeForce12:03
lightpriest_what types?12:03
fahadsadahkoshie: All of us can help you.12:03
m4xhello, If I tried to build my own kernel and was shot down with a kernel panic could this have caused any damage to my computer?12:03
rapt0rjezuzonboard is Geforce 6100, pci-e is Geforce 7950gt12:03
koshiefahadsadah: With the administration of the website? ^^12:04
zlatkoI followed directions given https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Firewire but my device is still not recognized by udev & Kino12:04
koshie(Of Ubuntu)12:04
Sidewinder1m4x I don't believe so but I guess that it's very remotely possible>12:05
fahadsadahkoshie: What's wrong with the site?12:05
lightpriest_rapt0rjezuz, what nvidia drivers version installed?12:05
fahadsadahTry webmaster@canonical.com12:05
m4xSidewinder1, thank you, do you know how I would be able to check?12:05
zlatkoKino says: raw1394 kernel module not loaded or failure to read/write /dev/raw139412:05
Sidewinder1How 'bout booting into Live CD?12:05
m4xSidewinder1, how would that give any info to me?12:06
koshiefahadsadah: all days I cannot connect my self, it say my password and my nickname are good but it redirect me to the same ******* page and not connected :)12:06
koshieI've reset my password yesterday and it work, today I've again reset my password but not work.12:06
hickoplooks like package angband have trouble on complete removing , can someone confirm please ?12:06
celephaisHi, how can i browse web page published with avahi using firefox?12:07
Sidewinder1m4x If the system boots with no problems/error messages you have no hardware damage.12:07
koshiefahadsadah: I've send an e-mail at the webmasters12:08
m4xSidewinder1, alright good then i think I am good, all my partitions and a separate live cd have booted fine so far, thank you for your help12:08
julemorelightpriest: in my ubuntu distro i have "Network Tools" and "Network connections" none of these have that uncheck button... how do I run Network Manager user interface?12:08
koshieBut thank you ^^12:08
Sidewinder1m4x You're more than welcome; glad to've helped.12:08
perlmonkeyhi how do I check my ubuntu version12:09
koshieperlmonkey: click on System and "about ubuntu" ?12:09
fahadsadahperlmonkey: From the command line, see the contents of /etc/issue12:10
nannesCan I use sudoers, for a different purpose? I'm root and I have to run a command with lower privileges (for example of a user XYZ)12:10
fahadsadahnannes: sudo -u Username command-goes-here12:10
julemorewhere the fuck is the Network Manager ICON in UBUNTU?12:10
fahadsadah!language | julemore12:10
ubottujulemore: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:10
nannesfahadsadah: :Othanks 100012:10
fahadsadahnannes: You're welcome12:11
fahadsadahIn answer to your question, see the top right corner.12:11
koshiejulemore: It's not on the top-right of your screen ?12:11
niels1Maybe I shall ask different: Where can I find a commented list of the installer options? So I can try to swtich off the usbhub detection or something12:11
julemoreno its not12:11
* perlmonkey goes over to rindolf with a package12:11
koshiejulemore: give me a screenshoot ;)12:11
julemorewhat is the icon form?12:12
julemorehow it is?12:12
koshieTwo screens black12:12
koshieNo ?12:12
perlmonkeyfahadsadah: many thanks12:12
dsuchjulemore: it's a common problem, most probably the *notification area* is missing from the panel12:12
fahadsadahperlmonkey: You're welcome12:12
koshiejulemore: wireless ?12:12
perlmonkeywhat is Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy?12:12
dsuchjulemore: add the notification area and the icon will appear magically12:12
koshieIf it's wireless it's 5 blue bar12:13
panopticonso i made  a new partition with gparted, how can i, a normal user, obtain read/write access without going through sudo everytime?12:13
koshieperlmonkey: An Operating System ? :D12:13
Sidewinder1koshie> try System---->Administrative---->Network12:13
koshieSidewinder1: It's not me :)12:13
julemoreomg cant see those 2 blank screens12:13
koshiejulemore: Wireless ?!12:14
julemorehow can I run the interfacevia terminal?12:14
koshiejulemore: the what ?12:14
koshieYour GUI ?12:14
koshiestartx I think12:14
julemorehmm ok12:14
koshiewith sudo.12:14
fahadsadahperlmonkey: Hardy is a version of Ubuntu.12:14
koshie(Or not)12:14
fahadsadah8.04, IIRC12:14
koshie8 = The year and 04 = the month12:15
koshiejulemore: but?12:15
fahadsadahI still remember Feisty Fawn.12:15
koshieA good version :)12:15
julemorekoshie no i ALREADY HAVE the GUI12:15
fahadsadah!caps | julemore12:15
ubottujulemore: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.12:15
koshieBut since Gutsy I've leave Ubuntu.12:15
koshieFor Debian <312:15
fahadsadahkoshie: I use Windows.12:15
alvin__what is the fn key combination to view a full screen shell from gnome12:15
julemoreBut the matter is that i dont see that NM icon top right12:15
fahadsadahI just idle in here when I'm bored, to help out12:15
koshiefahadsadah: I use Window to, less "s".12:15
koshiejulemore: Listen to me !12:16
koshieThree times... ^^12:16
koshieGive me a screenshoot !12:16
alvin__I'm working on video drivers and would like to test combinations by closing and restarting X11 - rather than the whole computer12:16
niels1Can anyone help me with installing Ubuntu? I run into this problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/265498/12:16
zlatkoWhen I connect my DV camera I get this error in Kino: "raw1394 kernel module not loaded or failure to read/write /dev/raw 1394!"; how to solve this?12:17
ookujamhi there, yesterday i installed ubuntu 9.04 via install inside windows, works great! but the problem is that i cant get my data from vista on the hd! could anybody tell me how i can do this ...? THX!12:17
julemorekoshie where do I paste it?12:17
Boohbahkoshie: if you aren't using ubuntu then why are you here?12:17
Sidewinder1julemore> try System---->Administrative---->Network12:17
koshieSidewinder1: maybe the icon are here but he don't know it :D12:17
alvin__Would like to know what the key combination is to go from Xwindow view to command shell12:17
nannes@: lolcahost /opt/irc/services/lulz # sudo -g unrealircd -u unrealircd ./services12:17
nannes@: Sorry, user root is not allowed to execute './services' as unrealircd:unrealircd on lolcahost.12:17
julemoreSidewinder it is "Network Tools" not Network Manager12:18
koshiejulemore: Do you listen me ? :/12:18
julemorewhere do I paste12:18
koshiethe screen ?12:18
Sidewinder1ookujam> wubi right?12:18
julemoreto you12:18
julemoreI mean12:18
FloodBot1julemore: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:18
koshiehttp://www.casimage.com/ julemore12:18
FloodBot1koshie: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:19
koshiejulemore: http://www.imagup.com/ ?12:19
koshie(I use my server for that :D)12:19
fahadsadahnannes: lolcahost?12:19
koshie(It's more easy, fun and sure)12:20
ookujamsidwinder: yes!12:20
nannesfahadsadah: y12:20
fahadsadahIs that actually the name of your box?12:20
Sidewinder1ookujam> Sorry I can't help; I know nothing about wubi...12:20
ookujamsidewinder: no problem :) anybody else?12:21
* koshie dance with julemore ô/12:21
fahadsadahI know Wubi.12:21
fahadsadahWhat's the question?12:21
julemorekoshie: http://www.imagup.com/pics/1252180901.html12:21
Sidewinder1ookujam> http://ubuntuforums.org has a special wubi sub-forum if you can't get assistence here.12:22
koshieAHAH :D12:22
koshieDo you use Windows julemore ? :P12:22
julemoreeeermmm yes thats VMWARE12:22
koshieStupid question, can you install network-manager ?12:22
Flannel!offtopic | koshie12:22
ubottukoshie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!12:22
ookujamsidewinder: ok thank you!12:22
julemoreits already installed12:22
koshieFloodBot1: ?!12:22
fahadsadahkoshie: sudp aptitude install network-manager12:22
koshiefahadsadah: yep.12:23
julemoreps -edaf|grep Network12:23
julemore4 occurrences12:23
koshiejulemore: install network-manager, simply.12:23
Sidewinder1ookujam> You're welcome.12:23
koshieAnd after you gonna reboot I think12:23
julemorebut it is already installed... isnt it?12:23
koshieBy default I think12:23
koshieBut test...12:24
Boohbahsudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart12:24
Boohbahno need to reboot12:24
julemoreBut.. u know what was my original problem right?12:24
koshiejulemore: It's a normal installation of Ubuntu ? Live CD ?12:24
julemorenormal Ubuntu installation12:24
koshiejulemore: you don't have the icon of Network-manager on your desk bar, right ?12:24
koshiejulemore: so sorry :D12:24
julemore2 blank screens righT?12:24
koshieThe icon, right.12:25
julemoreno there is not such icon12:25
koshieWith wireless it's an other, if you want a screen...12:25
julemorebut listen12:25
koshieyes ?12:25
julemoreps -edaf|grep Network12:25
julemoregives me 4 PIDS12:25
julemoreit is in memory12:25
ubuntistashow can i play avi. files niether vlc does12:25
julemoreNM-applet and whatever12:25
netechoanyone know how long 9.10 has been in development?12:26
icerootnetecho: i think 6 months12:26
netechoalso anyone know how to upgrade to 9.10?12:27
fahadsadahAll releases are in developement for 6 months12:27
icerootnetecho: #ubuntu+112:27
koshie#ubuntu-testing don't exist ?12:27
Flannelnetecho: Since 9.04 or so. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule12:27
fahadsadahnetecho: sed -i s/jaunty/karmic/ /etc/apt/sources.list, then update12:27
Flannelnetecho, fahadsadah: no, that's not the right way to do it12:27
Flannelnetecho: #ubuntu+1 should have it in the topic12:28
netechoI'll have to go through the package lists12:28
perlmonkeyWebKit for Hardy?12:29
perlmonkeyis there a package12:29
arvind_khadriperlmonkey, use apt-cache to search for it12:29
arvind_khadriperlmonkey, apt-cache webkit | grep gtk212:30
MarderIIIperlmonkey: or ask on perlmonks (perlmonks.org) :-)12:31
Mehedihow i can configure the server for evolution mail?12:32
ubuntistashow can i play avi. files niether vlc does12:32
=== Guest66237 is now known as trmanco
Buzz|hi there12:32
sky_1ubuntistas: codecs needed ?12:32
Boohbahperlmonkey: sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-dev12:32
Buzz|i use kde. but the color of hovered-button texts is wrong how to set it?12:32
NicEXEI am on ubuntu 9.04 how can I see hidden files and folders?12:32
Mehedihow i can configure the server for evolution mail?12:33
Buzz|i mean buttons within gtk-apps12:33
Dr_Willisubuntistas:  vlc, or gmplayer + the w32codecs pack play most everything ive  found.12:33
Buzz|my kde is right12:33
perlmonkeyBoohbah thank you! been trying to figure this out12:33
Mehedihow i can configure the server for evolution mail?12:33
Dr_WillisNicEXE:  depends on what sort of file maanger or the termianl you are using. Most file managers have a 'show hidden files' option12:33
Boohbahperlmonkey: in the future, you can search for a package with 'sudo apt-cache search webkit'12:33
Mehedihow i can configure the server for evolution mail?12:33
perlmonkeyBoohbah: aha thanks useful to know, I will make a note on my pda thx12:34
NicEXEI am using nautilus\12:34
BoohbahMehedi: what do you mean?12:34
Dr_Willis!w32codecs | ubuntistas12:34
ubottuubuntistas: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org12:34
Dr_Willisubuntistas:  enable the medibuntu repository.. install the w32codecs package12:34
ubuntistasi've done that12:35
=== matteo is now known as Guest68889
sky_1ubuntistas: so where is problem ?12:35
MehediEvaluation mail setup need configuration.how i can configure or get the address?12:35
NicEXEok I just found the options12:35
NicEXEthanx anyway12:35
Deepwatersgrawity, my previous nick was ____, any ideas on the MSN issue?12:36
MehediEvaluation mail setup need  server configuration.how i can configure or get the address?12:36
BoohbahMehedi: ask your mail server administrator12:36
craigbass1976Anyone know if I'm better off using a deb package to set up fail2ban, or jsut the regular tar file?12:36
grawitycraigbass1976: Probably the .deb12:36
Mehedii use gmail.12:36
grawityDeepwaters: Have you tried Emesene, aMSN, or anything like that?12:36
grawityDeepwaters: Did they fail too?12:37
Boohbahcraigbass1976: i would check out denyhosts as well12:37
sky_1craigbass1976: that doesnt matter12:37
grawityMehedi: Type - IMAP. Server - imap.gmail.com. SSL - enabled. Port - 99312:37
perlmonkeyBoohbah: this is strange, my system says its the already installed but perl says it can't find it :-/12:37
BoohbahMehedi: then go to the section in your gmail account for configuring POP or IMAP access12:37
perlmonkeyCan't locate Gtk2/WebKit.pm in @INC12:37
grawityMehedi: SMTP server - smtp.gmail.com. SMTP port - 587. TLS enabled.12:37
grawityMehedi: And you have to enable IMAP in your Gmail settings, too.12:38
Boohbahperlmonkey: ahh sorry, that was the gtk webkit, not the perl module12:38
alfonso_como puedo montar un escritorio remoto en ubuntu 9,0412:38
craigbass1976Boohbah, I'm alwaready using denyhosts, but some twerp in madrid is attacking me on pop312:38
Deepwatersgrawity, if it helps, MSN doesn't fail on any of the other machines on my network12:38
DeepwatersOS X or windows12:38
Boohbahperlmonkey: from my search, the perl module does not appear to be in the repo's, you should probably get it from CPAN12:38
Mehedihow can i do that?//12:38
Boohbah!es | alfonso_:12:39
ubottualfonso_:: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.12:39
Deepwatersand Emesene doesn't work either, grawity12:39
alfonso_alguien puede echar un cable12:39
perlmonkeyBoohbah: ah ok12:39
BoohbahMehedi: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=7572512:39
Deepwatersit's definitely something local grawity12:39
sky_1alfonso_:  /join #ubuntu-es12:39
Mehediany thing more?///12:40
Boohbahperlmonkey: http://www.google.com/search?q=cpan+ubuntu12:40
alfonso_algun cliente irc para ubuntu12:41
Mehediany thing more12:41
perlmonkeyBoohbah: you've been very helpful, i'm much oblidged12:41
Boohbahalfonso_: irssi, xchat, pidgin12:41
Mehediany thing more?12:41
BoohbahMehedi: did you read the google pages? there are instructions there12:41
alfonso_cual es mejor tengo puesto el xchat pero no me termina de convecer12:42
bazhangalfonso_, English here only12:42
Boohbahalfonso_: irssi es mejor para el modo de texto, XChat para GNOME12:43
alfonso_otra progunta controladores de targeta antiguas nvidia tnt2 modelo 64 con 32 mb ram12:44
sky_1alfonso_: Este es el Inglés ... sólo hablar con su idioma nativo en Ubuntu-es12:45
icerootis it possible to upgrade ubuntu32bit to ubuntu64bit?12:45
bazhangiceroot, only with full reinstall12:45
Deepwatersgrawity, still with me?12:45
Boohbahalfonso_: sudo apt-get install nvidia-legacy-kernel-source12:46
icerootbazhang: ok12:46
awaadI have a question about free software foundation12:47
Boohbahawaad: it's probably offtopic for this channel12:47
bazhangawaad, try #ubuntu-offtopic12:48
irocksuhi is there a fix out for new ati cards, compiz and jaunty?12:48
irocksulast time i looked ati could not cope with the new x server12:48
awaadbazhang: Thanks alot12:48
irocksucurrently i had to disable all desktop effekts, because there were problems12:49
MarderIIIirocksu: radeon card?12:50
irocksunope firepro12:50
irocksuv5700 in a lenovo w50012:50
awaadbazhang: No one replies at #ubuntu-offtopic12:51
MarderIIIirocksu: mmm... can't help you there.. sorry12:51
bazhangawaad, be patient12:51
awaadbazhang: Are there any channels for Free Software Foundation or Open Source ?12:52
bazhangawaad, /msg alis list *term*12:52
DeepwatersOkay, my linux box cannot connect to MSN's servers. Help?12:55
Sidewinder1awaad http://www.fsf.org/12:55
=== ahh__ is now known as your_daddy
awaadsidewinder1: thanks12:55
Sidewinder1awaad Welks12:56
jonah1980hey guys how do you force a package version from terminal. i have kernel 2.6.28-15-generic. recently an update updated it from 2.6.28-15.49 to .51.  now i just get a blank screen on boot. my machine has to use kernel 2.6.28-15 to work at all due to intel chipset it uses, so i just need to force the package version to .49 like i normally would in synaptic! how can i do this from recovery terminal please help??12:56
icerootare there still problems with ubuntu 64bit and java + flash + acroread?12:56
shidesh1hey shiki i tried every thing but i failed12:57
_Maximusanyone with ideas on how to regain the empty space on an ext4 partition after emptying the recycle bin (after a system freez on ubuntu 9.04) ?12:57
shidesh1let it be nothing else can we do12:57
shidesh1thanks for helping me12:57
Sidewinder1jonah1980> As long as the old version appears in GRUB, couldn't you just remove the new kernel with Synaptic?12:58
=== netecho_ is now known as netecho
|-Gobi-|w00t, I Made my very first Bash script that actually works =) It executes quicksynergy here and remote machine with ssh :P12:58
|-Gobi-|I am so proud of my self :P12:59
alfonso_adios que lo paseis todo bien12:59
Dr_Willis|-Gobi-|:  i had some weird issues once with synergy when i was using X forwarding via 'ssh -X' :)   somthing ot watch out for...12:59
CodeFireanybody who runs linuxdcpp on ubuntu?13:00
CodeFirepls reply.13:00
Dr_Willisnever heard of it CodeFire  - you want 1000 people to reply that?13:00
Sidewinder1not me13:00
iceroot!anyone | CodeFire13:00
ubottuCodeFire: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?13:00
|-Gobi-|Dr_Willis: I have to keep eye one it, ty =)13:01
jonah1980Sidewinder1: but grub doesn't specify the version .51 or .49, it just has 2.6.28-14-generic or 2.6.28-15-generic, i need 2.6.28-15.49 but 2.6.28-15-generic in my grub list is .51 which is no good!13:01
shadyabhianybody running linuxdcpp on ubuntu????13:02
shadyabhipls reply>13:02
bazhangshadyabhi, what is that13:02
Sidewinder1jonah1980> I see. Sorry I don't have the answer for you. If you can't find help here, why not try  http://ubuntuforums.org ?13:03
DeepwatersCannot connect at all to MSN messenger's server. Help?13:03
icerootshadyabhi: yes, anybody in the world is using it. you have a real question?13:03
bazhangDeepwaters, using which client? pidgin? checked the topic of #pidgin lately?13:04
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bigdavejokerhow do I change the virtual interfaces vmplayer uses  I can't get them to work with bridged networks anymore13:07
Deepwatersbazhang, regardless of client13:07
bigdavejokerboth vmnet1 and vmnet8 will only get a local IP address for NAT but if I switch to bridged they won't change even if I try and force with dhclient13:08
bazhangDeepwaters, you would need to specify a client to hope to get a useful answer13:08
Deepwaterspidgin then13:08
_Maximusgoogle and ubuntuforums contain no relevant info...is there an e4fsck ?13:09
SchighSchagh1where does sshd keep it's log files? I'm trying to inspect a system crash which happened earlier tonight13:11
Deepwatersbazhang, but the client isn't the issue, the issue is that my system cannot connect. If you'd like to specify one to troubleshoot, then let's go with Pidgin13:11
kannan01i want to defragment ext3 file system since 95% of my disk is occupied. i read that up to 90% no defragmentation is required for ext3... any ext3 defragmenter exists???13:13
bazhangDeepwaters, sorry no idea about msn; #pidgin has useful updates on their channel13:14
ActionParsnipkannan01: you dont need to defrag ext313:14
Jyxtkannan01: not sure you can defrag ext313:14
Jyxtonly M$ filesystems like fat and ntfs need defrag13:14
ActionParsnipkannan01: ext3 is smart enough not to split files, also disk access is fragmented due to the nature of the OS so contiguous data isnt that great13:15
whileimhereMorning from the Eastcoast USA. I was wondering is there a list of unnecessary startup applications in GNOME? I noticed that there were several listed in the "startup" app that I certainly did not need such as a the "Printer Queue" or the "Blue Tooth" since I have neither ever.13:15
ActionParsnipkannan01: you can remove the journal so yuo have ext2 then defrag but it wont do much at all13:16
kannan01actionparsnip:ext3 vs ext4 ..which one is best?13:16
ActionParsnipkannan01: there is no best13:16
ActionParsnipkannan01: each hs advantages and disadvantages13:16
kannan01actionparsnip: ext3 is said to be more stable then ext4 do u kno y..13:17
ActionParsnipkannan01: ext4 is default in karmic but early ext4 was a bit shakey with reports of data loss.13:17
mickster04to prolly ask again, what was wrong?13:18
ActionParsnipkannan01: works fine here, your system may be different13:18
mickster04sorry wrong window13:18
kannan01actionparsnip: tnx...13:18
SinofEnvyHmm, when I try to SSH to my ubuntu pc, it takes ages after asking for my user to prompt for my password. everything else goes really fast and all that, transfer speeds too, but it just takes like 15 seconds after asking for my user to ask for my pass13:20
ActionParsnipSinofEnvy: its the dns of your ssh clients host name13:21
ActionParsnipSinofEnvy: i hd this, if you add the name and IP of the client to /etc/hosts it will be instant13:21
Deepwatersmy system will not connect to the MSN messenger server, period, regardless of client. Help?13:22
ActionParsnipSinofEnvy: the server is trying to resolve the clients hostname to an IP and its using wins dns etc and taking time13:22
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: can you ping the msn server you are connecting to?13:22
DeepwatersActionParsnip, yes13:23
krndrfhello there13:23
DeepwatersActionParsnip, I can ping messenger.msn.net13:23
krndrfi need help13:23
thiebaudekrndrf, what is your question?13:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:23
DeepwatersActionParsnip,  actually, scratch that the ping process freezes13:24
krndrfI was logged in to my ubuntu profile and i chose using nautilus (file explorer) the properties of my /home folder and for the owner permision i ...chose list files only...i did it by fault...since then i am not able to enter my ubuntu profile...giving me an error that i have to change nautilus permission.13:24
grawitykrndrf: Reboot, and choose "Recovery mode"13:25
grawitykrndrf: Then fix the permissions... what is your Ubuntu username?13:25
=== bambam is now known as Guest62681
krndrfusername is krndrf13:25
grawitykrndrf: chmod 755 ~krndrf13:25
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: that'll be why13:25
grawitykrndrf: That command should be enough to fix.13:25
Guest62681grawity: Thanks, your solution worked for root hack !13:25
DeepwatersActionParsnip, how can I fix it?13:25
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: possibly your provider playing with stuff13:26
DeepwatersActionParsnip, would I have to access my modem and specifically open that port?13:26
grawitykrndrf: When the "Recovery mode" boots, you'll need to select the "root" option, enter the command I gave you, and then reboot.13:26
grawityGuest62681: Which solution?13:26
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: ping fails for me too13:26
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: but i am connected ok13:27
Guest62681grawity: to hack root account on ubuntu ...13:27
krndrfok thanks i will try now13:27
DeepwatersActionParsnip, which means effectively?13:27
SinofEnvyActionParsnip, thanks but I have a dynamic IP which changes about once per two days so updating that every 2 days is a bit of a chore13:27
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: i'd remove the account from your client (I use pidgin)13:27
comrade_tuttleI'm having an issue with running a program. When I try to run it in the terminal I get, /home/mark/Atmosphir_Linux/game: error while loading shared libraries: libpq.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:28
comrade_tuttleNow I know that library file is .rpm. Can I install a .rpm file on a debian system and if so how? because alien did not like it.13:28
DeepwatersActionParsnip, the thing is, my macbook connects and holds the connection just fine, as does my two roommates' windows machines13:28
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: have you tried pidgin? I simply added an accuont then typed my email addy and password13:28
dennisAnyone here use awesome window manager? For some reason my terminals don't take up the full screen13:28
grawityActionParsnip: I think he _is_ using Pidgin.13:28
DeepwatersActionParsnip, I've tried all the clients, that isn't hte issue13:29
DeepwatersActionParsnip, it is something with my actual system configuration13:29
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: do you use any sort of proxy ?13:30
DeepwatersActionParsnip, no.13:30
openwarewhat's the difference between libxx.xx and libxx.xx-dev of a deb package?13:30
thowlandcomrade_tuttle: libpq is the postgresql client library. It's in the libpq5 package in the repository13:31
Falcon^salguien tie mac13:31
ActionParsnipopenware: -dev packages are needed if yuo want to use that lib in a program you are compiling that suses the lib13:32
Falcon^shello the probe mac os x leopard show13:32
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ActionParsnipDeepwaters: what version of pidgin are you using?13:33
beirutyThe All-new Yahoo does render correctly, icons do not show up correctly13:33
DeepwatersActionParsnip, I've had the same problem on multiple versions of Pidgin, Emesene, aMSN, 8.04, and now 9.0413:33
gbrethenubuntu jaunty 64 bit - when logging off, goes to black screen?13:33
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: what version of pidgin are you on now?13:33
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: dpkg -l | grep pidgin13:34
OneMillionDollaris there any dialer for ubuntu i used to use suse and it has this ksometing to connect to internet13:34
beirutyI am using kamic and latest 3.5 firefox13:34
enzotibOneMillionDollar: wvdial13:34
DeepwatersActionParsnip, bad command13:34
bazhang!karmic | beiruty13:35
ubottubeiruty: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:35
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: you can copy / paste to the terminal13:35
dassoukiare you guys aware of any lightweight rtf editor ?13:35
OneMillionDollarwhre can i get this wvdial ?13:35
ActionParsnipdassouki: abiword?13:35
scuniziOneMillionDollar: sudo apt-get install wvdial13:35
OneMillionDollardoes it show connect icon on the system tray13:35
dassoukiActionParsnip: ligher13:35
DeepwatersAction, want the whole output?13:35
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: use pastebin13:35
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: but yes please13:35
ring0dassouki: gedit?13:36
Daremonaianyone know how to convert svg animation to swf?13:36
DeepwatersActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/m5cea535c13:36
dassoukiring0: gedit is not an rtf as it doesnt allow for individual styles, something between gedit and abiword13:36
mu99insHi All - Can anyone suggest how I can redirect traffic from http://sharepoint_server:port/destination_folder to https://new_sharepoint_server/destination_folder?13:37
scuniziDaremonai: I haven't tried it but maybe gimp..13:37
ring0dassouki: geany13:37
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: ok you have a good enough version13:37
ActionParsnipdassouki: let me see what i cn find13:37
PrebenRAnybody know a howto on installing ubuntu on a stick (with ext2) and grub so that I can boot the stick on any computer and work on files on the same stick? All howtos say one need to use fat32, but there should be a way to use ext2 for the OS and have fat for a bootloader or sth13:37
dassoukiring0: i thought geany was an IDE, not an actual text editor13:37
dassoukiActionParsnip: thanks13:37
openwareis it the header file in include dir?13:37
OneMillionDollarwant should i get to play divx or rbmv file13:38
JyxtPrebenR: ubuntu has an app called usb-creator13:38
DeepwatersActionParsnip, okay13:38
PrebenRjyxt, ah13:38
bazhangPrebenR, unetbootin13:38
PrebenRjyxt, this uses ext2?13:38
ActionParsnipdassouki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Linux_word_processors13:38
JyxtPrebenR: not sure what it uses...i just know they have an app..you select usb drive, iso and it does the work13:38
MarderIIIPrebenR: take a look at unetbootin maybe?13:38
dassoukithanks ActionParsnip13:38
ActionParsnipOneMillionDollar: you can install realplayer from the medibuntu repo to play rbmv13:39
MarderIIIPrebenR: it takes a live cd and installs it to usbstick13:39
OneMillionDollarwhat about divx file13:39
PrebenRMarderIII, I see13:39
innomenMy machin was hung when i woke up this morning, where can i find a log of what happened? i assuming in var/log but which one?13:39
JyxtPrebenR: although im not sure that mobo's can read ext filesystems13:40
ActionParsnipinnomen: /var/log/kern.log13:40
Jyxtthought mobo bios only knows how to read fat32 or something13:40
boscophelp: I can't access my windows partition!13:40
PrebenRMarderIII, as long as I get ext2 and I can install custom programs and setup the stick with users it is what I want :-)13:40
ActionParsnip!ntfs | boscop13:40
ubottuboscop: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE13:40
DeepwatersActionParsnip, it's something in my system configuration13:40
PrebenRJyxt, yes, so I need a small partistinon for the bootloading13:40
innomenActionParsnip, thanks13:40
PrebenRjyxt with fat13:40
MarderIIIPrebenR: worth a try... there are several distro's it can install directly13:41
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions13:41
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: yuo could tell the client to use the http method13:41
JyxtPrebenR: ahh...small boot partition with an initrd or something...yeah not sure usb-creator does all that, its fairly simple13:41
gbrethenneed help: logging off goes to black screen?13:41
MarderIIIPrebenR: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net13:42
bazhangPrebenR, you are on jaunty?13:42
DeepwatersActionParsnip, already tried, no result13:42
PrebenRbazhang, yes13:42
bazhangPrebenR, its in the repos13:42
bazhangsudo apt-get install unetbootin13:42
MarderIIIPrebenR: i think you should use FaunOS.. it runs completely from usb13:43
bazhangMarderIII, they all do with unetbootin, if desired; here is Ubuntu support though :)13:43
innomenMy kern log ends at a time before i know the machine hung, and does not begin again until i rebooted it this morning, how can that be?13:44
MarderIIIPrebenR: :-P13:44
Sidewinder1gbrethen> Perhaps noone here has seen that aberration. You may wish to try http://ubuntuforums.org13:44
PrebenRMarderIII, nah, don't want kde. want to base it on xubuntu with homegrown stuff13:44
ActionParsnipPrebenR: could try LXDE if you like lightness13:45
PrebenRbazhang, thanks I'll install unetbootin and read up on how to use it13:45
gbrethenSidewinder1: k, will try13:45
=== mr5v3n is now known as mr5v3n|BNC
PrebenRActionParsnip, yes, but I use dwm13:45
PrebenRActionParsnip, http://dwm.suckless.org/13:45
MarderIIIPrebenR: Knock yourself out :-D13:45
ActionParsnipPrebenR: nice13:46
PrebenRMarderIII, :-) thanks for tips!13:46
innomensyslog ends last night at 4am, thats much coloser to correct, why would syslog have entires and kern klog would not?13:47
aladoinI'm looking for a lightweight movie collection manager, which can scan my hdd's for videos, it should not be something advanced like xmbc, just a lightweight app, any suggestions?13:47
evilbuntuI have a weird question. I'm unable to display some content in a web-browser, and I'm not sure why. I think it's java-related, but i'd like to know for sure. Is there something I can do to see what content is broken/unviewable on a webpage?13:47
PrebenRActionParsnip, hate programming in windows so nice to have a stick and I can boot linux even on my work laptop when traveling13:47
grawityevilbuntu: What web-browser is that?13:47
DeepwatersActionParsnip, any ideas?13:47
evilbuntuit's firefox 3.0.1313:48
_PiLoT_hey is ubuntu compatible with workstations and home netwroking13:48
ActionParsnipDeepwaters: i cant advise anything else really. Weird13:48
ActionParsnip_PiLoT_: yes13:48
mickster04evilbuntu, an youtube works?13:48
evilbuntumick - yes13:49
_PiLoT_im debating on weather to install ubuntu/ windows now or wait for the nest version13:49
rgnrany1 used multiboot usb flash?13:50
ActionParsnip_PiLoT_: you can upgrade into Karmic from Jaunty if you wish13:50
Sidewinder1!java | evilbuntu13:50
ubottuevilbuntu: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository13:50
_PiLoT_i know im just wondering weather i should or just get a fresh karmic13:50
_PiLoT_also is ubuntu good with hyperthreading and 2 processor boards13:51
ActionParsnip_PiLoT_: yes and karmic is dicussed in #ubuntu+113:52
ActionParsnip_PiLoT_: it is alpha sop will break. If yuo are new to ubuntu then i recommend Jaunty13:52
CptnAwesomei can get the time (in the panel) to display my local time, but when i reboot, it goes back to UTC. any suggestions on how I can make my local time persistant (im using ubuntu w/ lxde)13:52
_PiLoT_ihave a dell precision 650 with 2 x 2.8 ghz 2 gb ram and a fx 5700le card13:52
_PiLoT_well im quite new13:52
_PiLoT_ive only been using since 8.1013:52
ActionParsnip_PiLoT_: thats probably more powerful than all my PCs put together13:52
evilbuntusidewinder1- what does GCJ standfor in GCJ flavor?13:53
innomenActionParsnip, so the alpha would not upgrade to a final version of it's own accord?13:53
ActionParsnipinnomen: yes it will upgrade seamlessly13:53
innomenActionParsnip, how about jaunty, it will do the same when the time comes?13:53
_PiLoT_actionparsnip : well i reckon it rated at about 6 or 7 ghz13:53
_PiLoT_i do need more ram13:53
ActionParsnipinnomen: you will need to use upgrade manager for that13:53
ActionParsnip_PiLoT_: get some, its cheap13:54
ompaul_PiLoT_, then that is an easy decision - either continue with 8.10 or do 9.04  or go back to the LTS and get more familiar with the overall o/s and its innards from there - however using bleeding edge software cuts - and when it does you need to be fairly good at first aid or you will feel the pain13:54
Sidewinder1evilbuntu> Don't know, sorry13:54
_PiLoT_but since i got that two monitors and surround sound for nothig i cant complain13:54
innomenActionParsnip, just making sure it's possible heheh, if i enabled all the "bleeding edge" tick boxes in sources, would that carry me to karmic alpha?13:54
chris1950installed UE 2.3 now can't access other partitions to create file (permission denied) also can't change permissions using chmod13:54
ActionParsnipinnomen: oh absolutely13:54
ActionParsnipinnomen: you'd still need to use the upgrade manager to jump release13:55
_PiLoT_i got al that except bleeding edge software13:55
Sidewinder1evilbuntu http://gcc.gnu.org/java/13:55
innomenActionParsnip, i think i'll backup my home directory and try that, this mysterious lock up has me flummoxed13:55
_PiLoT_i am planning on dualbooting13:56
_PiLoT_win7 and ubuntu13:56
ompaul_PiLoT_, you don't want to do bleeding edge software if you get frustrated by things breaking, if however you are comfortable with them breaking and / or can take the breakage then go to #ubuntu+113:56
mickster04_PiLoT_, its easier dual booting if u insrtall windows first13:56
innomenActionParsnip, i assume there's no way to roll back an upgrade other than to reinstall, is this correct?13:56
ompaulinnomen, there is no roll back13:56
ActionParsnip_PiLoT_: install xp first but leave unpartitioned space, if you dont use 100% of the space for the windows install you wont have to mess around with resizing13:56
_PiLoT_i know mickster i found that out the hard way13:56
ActionParsnipinnomen: you cant downgrade safetly13:56
innomenompaul, i thought not, just checking :)13:56
ActionParsnipinnomen: you can only climb13:57
legend2440CptnAwesome: not familiar with lxde but in gnome i edited    /etc/default/rcS    so it says  UTC=no13:57
_PiLoT_i once re instaled xp and then lost grub but i fixed it13:57
innomenActionParsnip, heh, or fall13:57
_PiLoT_so i  am fairly new but i also a quicklearner13:57
_PiLoT_which is why im building laptops with ubutu on them at work13:57
_PiLoT_im campaigning for it to be more recogniesed here13:57
_PiLoT_since all i get when i say ubuntu to my neighbours13:58
_PiLoT_is a huge luddite like stare13:58
innomen_PiLoT_, if you have any encrypted drives remove them before tinkering with install, i wiped out 350gbs of precious data once screwing around with ubuntu 6, stupid truecrypt13:58
_PiLoT_lol ha ha13:58
_PiLoT_nah my only worry is i have a home network were ive hared a drive13:59
CptnAwesomethanks legend244013:59
_PiLoT_easy to do in win713:59
ActionParsnip_PiLoT_: easy in linux too, it can even be mounted as a folder ni your filesystem13:59
_PiLoT_im just thinking if im dualbooting and also sharing a drive via netwrok im likely to get conflicts13:59
_PiLoT_im thinking ubuntu on a workstation will be fun???14:00
ompaul_PiLoT_, I thought you had it installed already14:00
_PiLoT_oh no14:00
ActionParsnipompaul: +114:00
_PiLoT_i did one my old dell 2 ghz14:00
innomeni run ubuntu by itself and run xp in a virtual machine, i'm still new enough to the whole thing that its still a novelty to me14:00
_PiLoT_then i upgradded to a better machine14:01
_PiLoT_i tried jaunty but it hated my ati graphics card14:01
innomen"oh neat windows in a window! hahaah"14:01
innomenthats me14:01
sebrockis there a way to statically set a FROM address in .mailrc? I cant't find it14:01
denndaintel gma x4500 + ubuntu = ?14:01
Pirate_Hunteranyone care to help me figure out why an old compaq presario 5410 wont boot with two hard disk yet if I replace the second hard disk with the CD-Rom it boots?14:01
ompaul_PiLoT_, that is more discussion than a support item you might like to talk in #ubuntu-offtopic14:01
_PiLoT_so i then "obtained" a  new gfx card from work14:02
chris1950can I get some help please? I can not access or make folders on a EXT4 partition (permission denied) chomod did not work.14:02
mickster04Pirate_Hunter, check the jumper settings14:02
ActionParsnipdennda: if you get full upgrades it works fine according to: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Intel_GMA_X4500HD#Ubuntu_9.0414:02
mickster04Pirate_Hunter, they might both be set to master...:/14:03
_PiLoT_i was just making sure that ubuntu would work ok with hyperthreading14:03
Pirate_Huntermickster04: hmmm I cant find any info on the jumper settings also ive tried changing the second hd from slave to master and nada14:03
Pirate_Huntermickster04: if they were it should make a difference since they are both using different IDE i've replaced the CD-Rom for the second hd14:04
chris1950no I created a swap, /, /home,/data allon same drive can not access /data14:04
mickster04Pirate_Hunter, does it work if u change the two hdd's round an leave the cd rom in14:04
ActionParsnipdennda: http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/05/reverting-xorg-video-intel-driver-of.html can help too14:04
ompaul_PiLoT_, I thought that was already established, hypertreading that is, it has been supported since at least Jan 0314:04
wandanaHello, is someone here who knows why I have sound after login via gdm, but not after login with ssh?14:05
wandanaSeems that gdm executes something after the login14:05
wandanaWhere to look?14:05
_PiLoT_thanks ompaul14:05
ompaulwandana, tell me - are you expecting a sound on login with ssh?14:05
wandanaHi ompaul14:06
wandanaWell, I want to record sound14:06
Pirate_Huntermickster04: I would try that if  it wasn't for the case type the thing was built in such an enclosed space, I would have to remove a lot before i can remove the main hd, however, on my IBM the second hd does work so I know it is not the hd having failure14:06
wandanaThe funny thing is, after login via gdm, pulseaudio is linked to alsa14:06
=== Downlink is now known as Uplink
vavarwhat does that mean?   Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = ...14:06
wandanaBut not when I login via ssh, nx or the usual text terminal14:07
mickster04Pirate_Hunter, are u using 2.5 hdd? like the small ones?14:07
wandanaIn latter case pulseaudio links to null14:07
ompaulwandana, do you want sound on each and every logon?14:07
neffetshi to all14:07
mickster04Pirate_Hunter, do they have jumpre settings?14:08
vavari see that just before several harddisk failures but just at that time when the clocksource stuff went wrong. what is going on?14:08
chris1950anyone using UE 2.3?14:08
ompaulwandana, ssh is designed to log in anywhere from on the console to the other end of the planet - so kicking off a sound would not be normal14:08
wandanaompaul: sorry, not directly sound. I want to be able to record. So, I set up a computer for video and sound recording. After login via ssh I want to start arecord to capture sound14:09
kahenwandana, some quick googling gave me this: http://razor.occams.info/blog/2009/02/11/pulseaudio-sound-forwarding-across-a-network/ -- basically... you're on your own on this one. sound forwarding is not default behaviour and probably won't be for years to come (basically until we can expect 90%+ of users to have the bandwidth for it...)14:09
ompaulwandana, that would be a job for an application - so you need a console recording application - none come to mind straight away14:09
Naidelhey everyone, i have a stupid problem with my X server in ubuntu: i tried recompiling the kernel with a script, and now every time i try to start ubuntu, the system hard freezes just before i get to the GDM login screen. it doesn't matter which kernel i choose at boot, it happens the same all the time. i think it's some kind of problem with graphics.14:10
Naideldoes anyone know what i should do about it?14:10
ompaulwandana, or (assuming you are running X on localbox) ssh -X user@faraway audiocity14:10
istvanhey, I set up a cron job which isn't working. i did crontab -e and entered */10 * * * * /var/www/site/myscript.sh  ----- i just put that on a new line, saved, and no good. help?14:11
kahenwandana, you can't run a recording app on a remote machine and have it record sound on a local one. things just don't work that way. the recording app needs access to the hardware to record stuff14:11
istvanrun a wire from your headphone jack into the remote computer, or stream the audio to it, say with vlc14:11
istvanwandana, that is my two cents without hearing your question14:12
wandanaompaul, kahen: Sorry for the confusion! Of course the sound on the remote machine should be captured14:12
Pirate_Huntermickster04: wouldn't know if they are 2.5 only that it connest through IDE and yes they have jumper setting, however, I dont think that is the problem. They are connected through different IDE, it might be something i messed up when partitioning the second hd will try repartitioning it again and see if it works14:12
wandanaHi istvan, loin via ssh and start acrecord ...14:12
mickster04Pirate_Hunter, well good look, let me know if it works14:12
wandanaIs easy14:13
kahenistvan, i presume chmod +x is done? if so it may be a problem with user priveleges?14:13
wandanaBut after login via ssh pulseaudio is linked to null14:13
wandanaBut when login via gdm, pulseaudio is liked to alsa14:13
auxim so hungry14:13
wandanaThat is so strange14:13
istvankahen, i can run the script (i'm in ubuntu server) with just ./script.sh14:13
wandanaBut cannot be that difficult14:13
huayraI need help with the following: I use a Lenovo X200 with a built-in mobile modem. My SIM card is inside and I would like to receive and send sms on ubuntu. is there any tool (CLI, Gnome, KDE or anything) that can do this?14:14
vostewhy are you so hungry.. go eat then.. :)14:14
huayraanyone that can point me to an answer regarding this?14:14
wandanaI think the kuy question is, what gdm executes after login14:14
wandanaWhere would I find this?14:14
kahenistvan, is the user that owns the script the same as the owner of the files that it is trying to manipulate?14:14
Insaanhi all14:14
istvanthat script just runs 'php file.php'14:14
smokebadgerhello there is there anyone that can tell me how to automount an ntfs partion at boot up14:15
kahenistvan, and is it in the same user's crontab?14:15
Dr_Willis!ntfs | smokebadger14:15
vostewandanna for what do you need this about gdm14:15
ubottusmokebadger: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE14:15
istvankahen, not sure, but I set up the cron as root - could that be the problem?14:15
=== dani is now known as Guest8065
Insaanhow can I upgrade the kernel to v2.6.30 in Jaunty ?14:15
istvankahen, on the other hand, I have been root almost the whole time14:15
kahenistvan, so you did crontab -e while logged in as root?14:15
x404xhow do i change wallpapers in kubuntu ?14:16
istvankahen, yes14:16
istvankahen, i think the scripts are owned by root too14:16
Dr_Willisx404x:  its in the preferances,, right click on the desktiop perhaps?14:16
grawityx404x: Right-click the desktp.14:16
mickster04ok question time, when i boot up with my mic muted, skype wont work, untill i reboot with it unmuted, then its fine. so the question is; what services start when the mic is unmuted that dont otherwise, so i can start that manually when i want to use skype?14:16
wandanaHi voste, I have no audio capabilities after login via ssh, but I have them after login via gdm14:16
Boohbahx404x: right click, configure desktop...14:16
wandanavoste: quite strange14:16
istvankahen, was doing crontab as root the big nono?14:17
c45713is there anyway to use an 8.10 installer to install 9.04? the 9.04 livecd freezes after choosing install.. can i do any copy paste from one install cd to make a custom installer?14:17
x404xi just have an apperance settings and it doesnt work, if i install new pictures I cannot find them again14:17
kahenistvan, might be for security reasons, but i don't know about that. but it should work at least14:17
istvankahen, that was my logic... as root it should be able to run those scripts...14:17
Insaanhow can I upgrade the kernel to v2.6.30 in Jaunty ?14:18
tehdaveI'm having a weird issue ever since I added a new hard drive to my system: I added a line in fstab to mount it automatically, but it doesn't mount to the proper folder (the system actually made a brand new folder with the wrong name, and now usually mounts it there). Running Ubuntu 8.04, both system HD and original filestorage HD are IDE, new Hd is SATA14:18