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PuffTheMagicany devs around?15:32
PuffTheMagicim having some issues building upstart15:32
PuffTheMagiccross compiling it actually15:32
PuffTheMagicnih-dbus-tool is build with the wrong compiler15:33
PuffTheMagicif is needed durring the build15:34
PuffTheMagicit needs to be built with the host compiler15:35
PuffTheMagicand then if it is needed after building it needs to be built again with the cross compiler15:35
sadmacPuffTheMagic: yep.19:09
sadmacPuffTheMagic: there was a thread on devel-list about this19:10
sadmacPuffTheMagic: not sure if a fix was ever determined19:10
PuffTheMagicis there a patch on that thread to fix it?19:10
PuffTheMagicor just talk19:10
sadmacjust talk19:10
PuffTheMagicim not really a autotools expert19:10
PuffTheMagici was hoping i wouldnt have to resort to qemu to build this19:11
mbieblPuffTheMagic: which distro and which arch do you want to compile it for?19:12
PuffTheMagici am trying to replace the upstart on the Palm Pre so that i can have dbus support19:12
PuffTheMagicso target armv719:12
PuffTheMagicbut im doing the cross compiling on gentoo19:13
mbieblfor debian there are ready-to-run qemu images for different archs.19:13
PuffTheMagichmm i will check them out19:14
mbieblwhich I had used in the past to examine build failures on certain archs19:14
mbieblmaybe that helps: http://people.debian.org/~aurel32/qemu/19:14
PuffTheMagici have a chroot19:15
PuffTheMagicwith a gentoo arm image19:15
PuffTheMagicso i just need the kernel19:15
PuffTheMagicand im all set19:15
PuffTheMagici just didnt want to do it this way thats all19:15

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