sybaritendurt: will look into that00:02
MastaAceanybody out there?00:57
MTec007how do i fix this? it happens quite often http://pastebin.com/m1911f4c002:36
Techiehave you tried apt-get update?02:42
MTec007yeah but it doesnt fix the problem, it only temporarily goes away02:46
Techiehave you tried googling it?02:48
Techieor checking on the forums?02:48
MTec007Techie, sorry. do you have any ideas for me?03:05
Techieumm, not really... i havent worked with aptitude entries in so long, so i cant remember much about them03:06
Techieits telling you that you have 2 entries in your apt-get sources that are identicle03:07
Techiei dont exactly have an *buntu machine here with me so gimme a minute while i ssh to a server in australia and find the location03:07
Techieyour magic file is located at /etc/apt.sources.list it would seem03:08
Techiecheck that for a duplicate entry for http://archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/main Packages03:09
MTec007i dont have that at all03:11
MTec007could it be from when i added google chrome to my sources?03:11
MTec007where would that be?03:12
MTec007its not in /etc/apt/sources.list03:12
Techiei would think it would be the same between xubuntu and ubuntu server edition03:13
MTec007seems like it03:15
MTec007i have this file: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list03:15
MTec007which contains deb http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/ stable main03:15
Techieshouldnt make a difference03:16
MTec007i also have this file: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list.save03:17
MTec007maybe thats the problem. i dont know03:17
Techiethe error is very clear about the double entry03:20
Techieits just a matter of finding where the second entry is and removing it03:20
MTec007but the main problem is the duplicate entry comes back, even after apt-get update fixes it03:26
MTec007im at a loss here03:30
Techieme too03:36
rubensethi people04:13
Techieheya rubenset04:14
rubensetkde fail U_U04:14
rubensetxfce forever04:15
Techieexplorer.exe FTW04:15
rubensetpidgin forever04:15
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Guest76437how do I get my sound card to work with this freshly installed xubuntu06:55
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Name141Is there a .2 for the LTS ?13:27
Name1418.04.2 ?13:27
Name141Or is .1 the latest Xubuntu release that is Hardy13:27
Sysi.3 if i remember right13:27
ubottuUbuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.13:28
Name141that's ubuntu13:28
Name141AKA: slowbuntu13:28
knomei think .1 is the latest xubuntu13:28
Name141Sysi: Doesn't appear that there is one to download then ?13:30
* Name141 imagines at tons of updates that he will have to get once he installs it13:34
Sysi"I recently downloaded and installed the newer version. When you do the download the ISO file should say 8.04.3"13:34
Sysii still think there are hunreds of updates13:34
Name141http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Xubuntu/8.04.1/release/xubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386.iso ?13:35
Sysidunno if netinstall or pxeboot could get newest about everything13:35
Name141I'm in XP now.  Thinking about changing back over to Hardy13:36
Sysii wonder how long support it still have13:36
Name141I don't know, but Interpid and Jaunty blows13:36
Name141The NIC support about died13:37
Name141I filed a bug report with nothing resolved13:37
Sysimaube on karmic13:37
Sysithere's a lot newer kernel13:38
Sysiit's not stable yet but it may will work13:38
Name141karmic ?13:38
Name141The e1000e module works fine for my NIC in Hardy13:39
Name141or did13:39
Name141But in Intrepid+ , it just sits there and twinkles (at the router light)13:39
Name141and never connects13:39
Name141I can remove and then modprobe e1000e , and sometimes it reconnects13:40
aladoinI'm looking for a lightweight movie collection manager, which can scan my hdd's for videos, it should not be something advanced like xmbc, just a lightweight app, any suggestions?13:50
SiDi_Name141: where did you file the bug ?13:59
Name141eh.. bugzilla ?13:59
Name141or something13:59
SiDi_bugzilla.kernel.org ?13:59
* Name141 shrugs13:59
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:59
SiDi_Can you point me to that bug report ?13:59
Name141SiDi_: that one14:02
Name141SiDi_: It seemed that everyone with my computer had the issue14:04
Name141Or atleast in some places I looked14:04
Name141it also didn't work in Fedora 1014:05
SiDi_!info linux hardy14:12
SiDi_!info linux intrepid14:12
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB14:12
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB14:12
SiDi_http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11998 Name141 :)14:12
Name141SiDi_: that's right14:14
Name141SiDi_: they don't appear to have a fix?14:15
SiDi_no, but they seem to have identified the issue at least14:16
SiDi_im linking your report to theirs, to avoid duplicates. Please read the whole comments and see if there is any further information they need14:16
Name141SiDi_: I heard of 'ndiswrapper' , would it be possible to use the windows drivers ?14:16
Name141even though it's wired14:16
SiDi_yes it would14:17
SiDi_but before doing that, make sure to provide to the kernel developers any information they may need to fix it :)14:17
Name141I assume that they are working on it ?14:17
SiDi_they probably are14:18
SiDi_your bug was filed a month ago in ubuntu and there are about 2300 bug reports opened14:18
SiDi_so its completely normal that it didnt get any attention yet :)14:18
SiDi_(5700 opened, 2300 new, actually)14:19
Name141OK, so maybe I should try the next LTS?14:20
SiDi_You could stay on Hardy and use PPAs and backports for now, i think14:20
SiDi_i dont know if it will be fixed in karmic, as the kernel there is quite advanced already and as there is no fix yet in kernel.org for your bug14:21
SiDi_but i think it should be fixed by the next LTS, which is in ~8 months14:21
Name141OK, I guess I can download live disks and see how they run14:21
Name141as the errors appear in live sessions too14:21
RuienHey all. Anyone here experienced in "apt-get source" installations with no root password, installing under fakeroot?15:37
SuperUser|Davidhi. does anyone know a syntax highlighting text editor for xubuntu?15:59
SiDiRuien: what do you mean ?16:00
SiDiSuperUser|David: go for gedit or geany16:00
SuperUser|DavidSiDi, ok, will try, thanks16:00
SiDiRuien: if you mean installing from source, usually the source has an INSTALL file, and a README file too, with instructions16:00
SiDithe vast majority of projects uses ./autogen.sh, ./configure, make16:01
SiDithen you can just use your binary as is if you're not root, or install it in your home16:01
SiDi(./configure --prefix=/home/yourname/your_path/ && make install)16:01
Ruienright, and that will fail, because the said program probably has uninstalled dependencies. Apt-get normally takes care of that for you, but you need to be root. Supposing you don't have access to a root account, can apt-get be of help in providing the dependencies? I will know my --prefix (--prefix=$HOME/env)16:03
SiDiIt won't fail because if you're building from source it's your own responsability to fetch the dependencies. Which usually are listed in README or DEPS file in the tarball (or in debian/control for source packages fetched with apt-get source)16:04
SiDiand, you cant install deps without being root16:04
SuperUser|DavidSiDi, it is gedit for me, thanks16:04
SiDiunless you install them locally and modify your XDG environment variables a bit16:05
SiDiSuperUser|David: great :)16:05
Ruienright, and that README file isn't recursive. Apt-get already has an internal system to handle this, so I am asking if there is a way to take advantage of it when building from source, but i see what you mean16:06
SiDiapt is a front-end to dpkg, which handles _packages_16:07
SiDinot libraries16:07
SiDiYou can modify source packages to build them in your home16:07
SuperUser|Davidcan you have different background images on different workspaces?16:07
SiDibut you'll be stuck for the deps too16:07
SiDiyou'll have to do it for each dependency too16:07
SiDiand you'll have to tell your system where to look for these deps16:08
SiDi(by modifying some environment variables containing the path to the config files / libraries / include files / binaries, but i dont remember all of them)16:08
Ruienright, it's just a lot of manual labor. I was just checking to see if someone making apt-get had done some of that recursive dependency-listing work since it already handles dependencies with binary packages.16:09
SiDii dont think it can do that16:10
Ruienmaybe adding that into apt-get isn't as simple as I had imagined. It sure seems pretty straightforward though16:10
Ruienyeah, thanks for your input though, i appreciate it16:10
SiDibut you might be able to use apt-get with the download option to fetch the deps, then modify the packages on-the-fly with a script to change the place where to install them, fetch their deps with the download option too, etc, recursively in a big and complex bash script16:11
SiDii think its just insame :p email your administrator instead :p16:11
Ruieni am the administrator! i want to make a cool way for users to install programs into their home directory under $HOME/env16:12
Ruieni'm open to writing a script to do that, and i'll look into the apt-get download options as you suggest16:12
SiDii think you should get some packaging background though, that'll help you much :)16:13
SiDii'm a total noob in packaging16:13
Ruienyeah me too!16:14
SiDimaybe you can do it w/out apt-get download btw16:14
Ruienoh, i have16:14
SiDiif you want to install package X which depends on Y and Z, for instance16:14
SiDiapt-get source X16:14
SiDithen use a script to parse debian/control of the source tarball16:14
SiDithen apt-get source X and Y16:15
Ruiendebian/control? I thought it would have been in debian/rules ? I'm pretty new to dpkg16:15
SiDi(Y and Z i meant), then change the install prefix of Y and Z, and build them16:15
SiDidebian/control lists the deps16:15
SiDidebian/rules tells how to build the binary packages16:15
Ruienohh okay, so debian/contol was what i was looking for initially. I just don't understand enough about dpkg that i'm asking the wrong questions16:16
SiDionce they are built, you need to build X, but your script should find a way to properly export the path to your new deps16:16
Ruienright, as long as the installation is standard, that should be possible16:16
SuperUser|Davidhello again. how do i get different background images for different workspaces?16:18
RuienSiDi: for future reference if you ever deal with dependencies, someone made the program to do the recursive dependency thing you thought up: check out "apt-rdepends". Pretty slick16:21
SiDioh, great16:27
SiDiSuperUser|David: i think you cant :p16:27
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Naunauddoes anybody know a way to remap a dead key on my keyboard?20:07
Naunaudi need the "; ." key to be called from another key like F9 or some unused key in general20:07
NaunaudI tried with xmodmap, and it works, but only for one keycode at a time20:08
Naunaudso, I cannot do the Shift_L + new key to have the other keycode...20:08
SiDiNaunaud: hi20:11
SiDiCan you show me the command you use so far ?20:11
Naunaudhi SiDi20:11
Naunaudxmodmap -e "keycode 75 = 46"20:12
Naunaudwhich set the "." to the F9 key20:12
Naunaudxmodmap -e "keycode 75 = 59" => this one is for ";"20:12
SiDiWhat about using xmodmap keysym instead ?20:12
SiDiSo you can redirect the F9 keysym to the . keysym independently of modifiers20:12
Naunaudso basically, I'd need those to on F9, but with the normal behavior ";" would be normal and Shift_L or R + F9 would give me "."20:12
NaunaudCould you show me with an example SiDi?20:13
SiDiNaunaud: i cant :P20:17
SiDiJust check the manual of xmodmap20:18
SiDiah damn, xmodmap did work20:18
SiDinow i cant tzpe z20:18
SiDiNaunaud: just replace keycode by keysym and it should work20:20
SiDii do have Shift+z turning into Y if i bind z to y with xmodmad -e "keysym 122 = 121"20:20
Naunaudall right20:22
NaunaudI'll test20:22
Name141SiDi: I see that the bug report was changed  to "linux" instead of Ubuntu20:23
SiDiName141: you reported to the linux package in Ubuntu20:24
SiDi(the linux package contains the Linux kernel)20:24
SiDii reported it against linux itself, and linked to the bug report in linux's own bug tracker (http://bugzilla.kernel.org)20:24
Name141OK. I suppose people know about it atleast.20:24
Name141It sounds like it's a wide spread problem anyway.20:24
Name141seeing as Fedora didn't work either20:24
SiDiNow all we have to do is wait for a linux developer to fix it20:24
Name141AKA: about 9 years?20:25
Name141Or is that just Microsoft20:25
SiDiYeh, many problems are widespread; But there is a lot of hardware and not many developers.20:25
SiDiDepends... some bugs have been opened for much more than 9 years :p20:25
SiDiother ones got fixed in days.. :P20:25
SiDiyou should expect it to be fixed in karmic +1 imo20:25
Name141What is "karmic" ?20:26
Name141The ubuntu coming ?20:26
SiDithe next ubuntu version coming in october20:26
Name141I would assume that STEAM works well in WINE along with the Half-Life series ?20:26
SiDiIt works. I dont know if it works _well_20:27
SiDiSomeone stole my steam account years ago so i dont really use it now :P20:27
Name141Well it don't work "_well_" in XP from what I've seen.  Sometimes I get off the game and BOOM! Bluescreen about nVidia's dll20:27
Name141SiDi: Would #ubuntu+1 have any idea if that bug would be being fixed?20:29
SiDiNope, Name14120:31
SiDiI don't think it's fixed yet, otherwise it would be marked as fixed on kernel.org20:31
Name141Oh yeah.20:31
SiDiAnd, your problem is widespread, but your network chipset is just one among others20:31
SiDiyou have little to no chance to find help outside of specialised channels20:31
Name141I assume that I'm not the only one with a Dell Inspiron 530, yeah lol.  And whatever else it's being used in.20:32
SiDiIt seems to hit T61 and vostro 200 too, but thats still not many people in #xubuntu or #ubuntu+1 :)20:33
SuperUser|Davidhi. how do i use gpp with geany?20:35
NaunaudSiDi, "keysym 122 = 121" => 122 and 121 are decimal values?20:35
SiDiNaunaud: it was an exemple, dont use these20:36
SiDiunless you wanna say goodbye to your Z key :D20:36
SiDibut yes, its decimal values20:36
NaunaudWell, I tested it =D20:36
NaunaudHad to reboot though...20:36
NaunaudAs my ; . is dead on the concerned computer, I don't know how to find the good value...20:37
Naunaudall I have are keycode values of ; and . separetely20:38
SiDiuse these keycodes20:41
NaunaudWell, it doesn't work SiDi, it seems that the shift key is ignored in fact...20:53
NaunaudHey caps lock works!20:53
Naunaudthanks SiDi ^^20:53
NaunaudIt only works with your keycode, SiDi20:58
SiDihm :P20:59
SiDiyou should write a custom keyboard layout20:59
Naunaud122 works on F9, i can type z with F9 and Z with caps lock + F920:59
SiDiyeh but i suppose its because caps lock + F9 doesnt make sense, so caps lock + . cant be turned into that21:00
NaunaudYeah, I read about that, but I'm not skilled enough for that task :p21:00
SiDior something like that21:00
SiDiit's not as hard as it looks21:00
SiDijust copy /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/fr to /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/mycustomlayout21:00
SiDithen you just have a copy paste to do in the file to modify the place of the . ; key21:01
SiDiand if i didnt forget anything it should work :p21:02
Naunaudok, I'll try that :p21:03
NaunaudI have the line with the semicolon and the period, but I don't get what to do with them21:08
Naunaudthere are nothing related to functions keys21:08
SiDi_find the line with F921:11
SiDi_and put the semicolon and period instead21:12
NaunaudI found F9, but it's in srvr_ctrl...21:16
* SiDi_ thinks Naunaud will buy a new keyboard monday21:18
Naunaudfor a laptop? :s21:19
SiDi_haha :D21:19
SiDi_contact your manufacturer21:19
SiDi_when i broke my keyboard i whined at dell.fr and i got a new one the next day ! (but ive got a pro warranty :p)21:19
knomeSiDi_, :P21:20
NaunaudI don't have the money to put in a keyboard, I contacted them once and it would have cost me 20€ for the keyb itself and then 25€ for shipping... (from holland to belgium...)21:20
Naunaudand my lappy is 5 years old :D21:20
SiDi_oh :P21:20
Naunaudno warranty for him :p21:20
SiDi_buy a new lappy for 30 € then :D21:20
NaunaudI remaped the fuckin dead key to another key in my beCustom layout21:22
Naunaudhow do I activate this layout?21:22
SiDi_setxkbmap <filename>21:23
Naunaudokay, thank you SiDi_ ^^21:23
NaunaudYou're the man :x21:23
SiDi_It works ?21:23
NaunaudI'm rebooting now21:23
NaunaudI like to reboot21:23
SiDi_you dont need to reboot :P21:24
Naunaudfavourite sport21:24
SiDi_if it doesnt work instantly it means it doesnt work :P21:24
NaunaudWell some keys were still fucked up with xmodmap21:24
* SiDi_ learnt that because he wanted a custom keyboard layout for ET:QW :P21:24
SiDi_it'll be fixed with setxkbmap21:24
SiDi_xmodmap modifies the keyboard map, but setxkbmap completely reinitializes it with a new layout21:24
Naunaudgee, I had to re-reboot, forgot to select xubuntu and it booted OS X :s21:25
Naunaudall right then, there we go for the setxkbmap21:25
* SiDi_ prays the god of kittens for it to work21:25
NaunaudError loading new keyboard description21:26
knomeSiDi_, http://i29.tinypic.com/29qcoly.jpg21:26
NaunaudWHAT THE HELL :o21:26
NaunaudYou forgot to pray :s21:27
SiDi_Naunaud: ok, thats what i thought21:27
SiDi_you have to tell it you added a keyboard layout21:27
SiDi_and guess what : i forgot how21:27
Naunaudnice =D21:27
SiDi_knome: do you want an stegosaukitten ?21:27
knomeSiDi_, not meh21:27
knomeSiDi_, that's my mothers cat21:28
SiDi_is a cute kitteh21:28
Naunaudmkdir /var/lib/xkb21:28
SiDi_Naunaud: definately not that21:28
NaunaudAll right21:30
NaunaudIt's working21:30
Naunaudthe first time I specified the complete path21:30
Naunaudand it seems it"s not needed :s21:30
Naunaudit fails when you specify it...21:30
SiDi_yeh, its only the file name inside the directory sorry21:32
SiDi_like, fr, be, etc21:32
jiohdi3I have my settings for left handed mouse... but when it starts it is acting right handed.... I have to manually change it to right and then back to left for it to work, what up with that?21:32
=== jiohdi3 is now known as jiohdi
NaunaudSiDi_, I think I know how to bind my key to F9, as I ran setxkbmap in verbose, I saw what other symbols file he joined with my custom layout, so, I can modify them (after backing em up of course)21:35
SiDi_hm yeh21:36
SiDi_that can be a more radical option21:36
NaunaudI like radical =D21:36
NaunaudDoesn't seem to work21:39
NaunaudI'll stick with my hack :o21:40
Naunaudnow I can type . was a little harsh to have to cp it in an editor everytime :s21:41
SiDi_hehe indeed21:41
Naunaudbut I guess I won't code anymore on this laptop :s21:43
Naunaudthank you for the help SiDi_ :p21:43
Naunaudje peux te dire merci, tu comprendras aussi je suppose ^^21:43
dylan_I have a intel video card, and Im not sure how to get the drivers,22:07
dylan_any suggestions ?22:07
Sysiyou have they alredy22:08
Sysiintel drivers are open22:08
SiDi_Naunaud: you're welcome ;)22:09
Sysibut there are major changes going on with them22:09
SiDi_dylan_: hello, what xubuntu version ?22:09
dylan_SiDi_, 9.0422:10
Naunaudoh btw SiDi_, can you confirm me that Sigmatel 9200 cards are a pain in the ass to get working on Xubuntu? It's working out of the box with Ubuntu live CD 9.04, but not Xubuntu 9.04, any ideas? :D22:11
dylan_everything seems slow when I move windows around the screen22:11
SiDi_Naunaud: sudo aptitude purge pulseaudio && killall pulseaudio ? :)22:11
SiDi_these cards work very well, Naunaud22:11
Naunaudlet met reboot under Xubuntu to test that :D22:11
SiDi_dylan_: its because Intel released _crappy_ drivers for the version of X.org in jaunty22:11
dylan_so is there a way to get the good drivers ?22:12
SiDi_using the link above, you can try to install newer versions of these drivers. it should be safe but in case of problems there is no official support of course :D22:12
dylan_thanks SiDi_22:12
NaunaudDo I have to reboot?22:16
Naunaudhe said that no process was killed22:16
Naunaudwasn't installed22:16
Naunaudkill me22:16
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic22:17
knomemhh, that was not the right one22:17
knome!enter | Naunaud22:17
ubottuNaunaud: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!22:17
NaunaudI'll try to keep that in mind, I was caught by my utter idiocy22:18
SiDi_Naunaud: it was just ranting from me22:18
SiDi_What laptop model do you have exactly ?22:19
SiDi_Naunaud: http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/audio_intel_hda22:19
SiDi_check this out, its all there22:19
SiDi_And describe exactly whats not working too please :)22:19
Naunauddon't laugh :D it's an acer TravelMate 3002 WTMi, never failed me (except when I recently spit water on they keyboard and ended up with my ;. key dead)22:19
dylan_SiDi_, ok so I followed that link and upgraded the xorg drivers (intel) to
dylan_now it sais to enable "uxa"22:20
dylan_but in my xorg.conf file, It doesnt even state that its using the intel drivers22:20
SiDi_Tell it that its what its using then :P22:21
SiDi_(i really meant that i could not provide support for it btw. I _only_ buy nvidia cards)22:21
dylan_nvidia is definately the best but this computer does not have a agp or pci-e slot22:22
dylan_only pci22:22
SiDi_Just paste the whole device section22:22
dylan_under "device" it says "configured video device" thats it22:23
dylan_should I change that to "intel" ?22:23
dylan_I changed my xorg.conf, now it looks like this     http://pastebin.ca/155534322:24
SiDi_dylan_: replace the device section with the one proposed in the tutorial22:24
SiDi_"Please be sure that VideoRam matching the ram of Video card based on what you calculate above. Of course the option UXA is mandatory too."22:25
dylan_SiDi_, how do I tell how much ram the video card has ???22:26
dylan_this is the video card       82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)22:28
SiDi_google says 64MB22:31
SiDi_up to you to trust google;22:31
dylan_its a intel p4 so I can't see it being 32mb22:32
SiDi_SiDi_ is currently rebooting his brain. SiDi_ will be available again in a few weeks.22:37
Naunaudcan't I just do a codec dump on a ubuntu live cd and somehow import it on my xubuntu?22:37
Naunaudlol, ok :p22:37
SiDi_Naunaud: you still didnt describe me the bug with your sound card :D22:38
Naunaudthere's no sound :s22:38
Naunaudat all22:38
NaunaudI can play with the mixer22:38
Naunaudbut that doesn't do anything22:39
Naunaudthe speaker is grayed22:39
SiDi_thats a funny bug22:39
SiDi_so aptitude isnt running, right ?22:39
SiDi_not aptitude22:40
SiDi_see, i'm tired22:40
Naunaudnothing is killed when I try to kill it ^^22:40
SiDi_Did you perform that tutorial i posted above to make sure the model used is the one for your hardware ?22:40
SiDi_(and honnestly, why the hell did you buy an acer laptop ? >_>)22:41
Naunaudwell my model is not there :s22:41
Naunaud(shush, it's a good machine)22:41
SiDi_TravelMate ALC260/ALC883/ALC888 options snd-hda-intel model=acer22:41
SiDi_[23:20] <Naunaud> don't laugh :D it's an acer TravelMate 3002 WTMi22:41
Naunaudyes, of course, but the card is listed as STAC92xx22:42
Naunaudnot ALCxxx22:42
SiDi_try still please22:42
SiDi_but before22:42
SiDi_open up xfce4-mixer, click on properties, check all boxes, then max out the volume of all tracks and make sure they're all unmuted22:42
NaunaudAll right I have some sound now22:45
Naunaudbut the speaker is still light grey22:45
SiDi_I assume the issue was that the master track had been muted by you ? :D22:45
SiDi_What do you mean by light grey speaker ?22:46
NaunaudWell, it's very visible :o maybe it's the default icon, I don't know, but when something it means deactivated for me22:47
SiDi_Screenshotplease :)22:47
SiDi_if you mean the panel mixer icon, just right click it, go into properties, choose the card/track you want it to manage, click ok22:48
SiDi_and then scroll it22:48
SiDi_and then send me some cookies please :P22:48
NaunaudOh yeah =D22:49
dylan_I tried lspci -vv to get the ram for the video card22:50
Naunaudthank you SiDi_ :x22:50
SiDi_Naunaud: shall i PM you my address for the cookies ?22:51
dylan_actually trying to get the non-prefetchable memory22:51
dylan_but 128mb for prefetchable doesnt seem right22:51
NaunaudHuhu, SiDi_, I don't bake cookies :o22:51
dylan_I can't see this video card being 128mb. Maybe I am wrong, can you check that pastebin link I sent you ?22:51
SiDi_dylan_: 128 sounds a lot to me too for this card22:52
SiDi_but if its what it says...22:52
SiDi_the problem is that there isnt even accurate info on intel.com x_x22:52
dylan_well that lspci -vv is supposed to tell you22:52
SiDi_i found 64 after a quick google search, i know there is a website that has accurate info about all GPUs but i forgot its name :/22:52
dylan_lspci -vv  ->  http://pastebin.ca/155537722:53
dylan_not sure where to look in that22:53
SiDi_i read your pastebin already22:53
SiDi_Region 0: Memory at f0000000 (32-bit, prefetchable) [size=128M]22:54
SiDi_it says 12822:54
SiDi_that sounds a lot to me but why not22:54
dylan_ok I am going to configure the xorg.conf for 128 then22:54
NaunaudI can have 128Mo on my GMA 900, it's taking off the main memory..22:54
SiDi_okey actually its wrong dylan_22:55
SiDi_take 6422:55
SiDi_mine reports 256, so as Naunaud said thats the ram it takes from your physical ram22:55
SiDi_we're interested into the VRAM inside your GPU22:55
SiDi_it should be 6422:55
SiDi_if you're not sure, put 32, that'll be safer22:55
* SiDi_ is now absent22:57
Naunaudgood night SiDi_, I'm off too22:58
Naunaudthanks for your help22:58
Naunaudmuch appreciated22:58
dylan_SiDi_, I am going to make a xorg.conf for 128 mb and a second for 64 and a third for 3222:59
dylan_that way when they don't work I can switch from one to the other22:59
SiDi_dylan_: good idea23:00

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