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* apw waves15:57
Riddelllwhy it must be time for another release meeting15:57
apwcould it be, could it be15:57
* fader_ waves.15:57
robbiewah....the anticipation15:57
ogramoop moop15:59
apwrobbiew, pgraner is on the road, so i am covering kernel15:59
robbiew30 sec....wait for it15:59
njpatelhey hey15:59
marjomarjo waves15:59
MootBotMeeting started at 09:59. The chair is robbiew.16:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:00
robbiew[TOPIC] Actions from previous meetings16:00
MootBotNew Topic:  Actions from previous meetings16:00
robbiewI think all are done16:00
robbiewso moving on16:01
robbiew[TOPIC] Team Reports16:01
MootBotNew Topic:  Team Reports16:01
cjwatsoncr3: can you confirm that that unaligned pointer bug in grub2 is now fixed for you?16:01
cr3cjwatson: I'm still getting a problem reported in bug #432497, which I'm not sure whether it's a hardware problem or a compatibility problem16:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432497 in linux "Installing Karmic 20090917 on Acer Aspire One freezes on detecting filesystems" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43249716:02
robbiewcr3: what's the model number?16:02
cjwatsoncr3: ok, entirely separate (and probably not a kernel bug)16:03
* robbiew has an Aspire One 16:03
cjwatsonoh, looks like it is a kernel bug actually16:03
fader_robbiew: It's an A11016:03
cjwatsonthat ata driver ain't happy16:03
cr3robbiew: AOA 11016:03
cjwatsonit's saying "media error" rather a lot16:03
robbiewokay..I'll check mine...thinks it's different16:04
cjwatsoncr3: so if you can't install, then presumably you do not know whether the grub2 bug is fixed16:04
cr3cjwatson: but for the sake of this action item, you're right: entirely different. I'm not getting the grub2 problem I was having before anymore16:04
cr3cjwatson: I could install before, I can't install anymore. so, good point, you're right16:04
robbiewwell since QA is already chatting away16:05
robbiew[TOPIC] QA16:05
MootBotNew Topic:  QA16:05
marjohi folks16:05
marjo* Hardware testing16:05
marjoWe have 2 open bugs against hardware:16:05
marjo#432497 - unable to install on Acer Aspire One16:05
marjo#431970 - internal microphone not working on HP Mini Bixby and Toshiba NB10016:05
marjoThere are a couple of netbooks that are untested; Marc Tardif is testing16:05
marjothese today and will report any bugs found.16:05
marjospecs status next16:05
cr3marjo: one of the laptops seems to have hardware problems, so we might need to blacklist it16:06
marjocr3: ok16:06
marjo* UbuntuSpec:karmic-qa-increase-apport-adoption16:06
marjoOn Launchpad's edge server any urls that contain +filebug and ubuntu16:06
marjoin them are now redirected to the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs wiki page.16:06
marjoThat page encourages bug reporters to use apport for reporting bugs about Ubuntu.16:06
marjoFurther information regarding the change can be found at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1908.16:06
marjoMultiple data points are currently being monitored to measure the success of the change.16:06
* ScottK has filed multiple bugs about it already16:07
marjook thx16:07
marjo* UbuntuSpec:karmic-qa-extended-audio-testing16:08
marjoExtended audio tests are complete. Almost ready to perform the automated audio testing on a daily basis.16:08
marjo* UbuntuSpec:karmic-qa-metrics-based-testing-phase-216:08
marjocr3 explored Phoronix test definitions and determined appropriate schema to extend the current concept of test results to support their tests16:08
marjoany Qs on specs?16:09
robbiewso are they all "implemented"?16:09
robbiewstatus wise16:09
marjorobbiew: yes16:09
marjoimplemented is implied; just reporting current status16:09
marjo* Alpha 6 test results16:10
marjoMarjo will send out the full report via email. Here are the highlights.16:10
marjoBugs that affected testing effectiveness:16:10
marjo# 430611 , dbus fails to start on clean boot using upstart job ,16:10
marjodbus (Ubuntu) , Critical , Fix Released16:10
marjodbus (Ubuntu Karmic) , Critical , Fix Released16:10
marjo# 431786 , auto-resize fails due to fsck error on superblock ,16:10
marjoubiquity (Ubuntu) , High , New16:10
marjoubiquity (Ubuntu Karmic) , High , New16:10
marjo# 427709 , [MIR] insserv ,16:10
marjoinsserv (Ubuntu) , Critical , Fix Committed16:10
marjoinsserv (Ubuntu Karmic) , Critical , Fix Committed16:10
pitti(insserv is fix released)16:10
robbiewwhoohoo...thnx pitti16:11
marjopitti: thx!16:11
marjoTest Failure Analysis16:11
marjo113 test cases were run. 17 of them were marked as FAIL.16:11
marjoFailure Rate = 15%16:11
marjothat's all i have unless there's interest in each product line status16:12
robbiewany questions for QA?16:13
pittiare many of the failures due to general bugs like boot changes or hw specific?16:13
marjopitti: in general yes16:13
pittii. e. was a6 a major bug surge due due to that?16:13
marjoboot changes, e.g.16:13
pitti"a or b" -> yes .. which?16:14
* ogra grins :)16:14
loolmarjo: I was wondering whether you consider tests against all images we produce for an alpha including superseded ones or just the latest image16:14
pittiogra: well, it's logically correct :)16:14
marjolool: just the latest images16:14
loolmarjo: I think it would be good to include at least bug stats for previous images16:14
marjolool: what's the objective for that suggestion?16:14
ogralool wants to see progress :)16:15
loolI mean I might find a bug in the first image I test and not keep mentionning it in all subsequent respins16:15
marjolool: ah, yes16:15
loolSo I might be filing 10 bugs in the first test image and 3 more in the second16:15
ograoh, i often do that too16:15
loolmarjo: Ok thanks for considering for next milestone then16:15
ScottKAnd if they are fixed, it'll look good.  If they aren't, it's important to know.16:15
marjolool: ok i understand; let me work with the team on that16:15
loolScottK: exactly16:15
marjoscottk: agree16:15
robbiewthanks marjo16:16
robbiew[TOPIC] Desktop16:17
MootBotNew Topic:  Desktop16:17
pittiThis week we made some good progress in both fixing RC bugs, and also reviewing our list for bugs which should also be RC (that's why we got so many new ones on the list this week).16:17
pittiThe licensing question was settled, we could upload new xsplash artwork and update copyright files for the other artwork related packages. This also unblocks the new usplash artwork, which still needs to get integrated (will take some time to calculate picture positions, etc.)16:17
pittiBoth feature and DX/OLS integration wise we are pretty much done. We'll move to full steam bug fixing mode from now on and will LART anyone who wants to change major things now. :-)16:17
pittiX-wise, ATI cards should finally work again, they were terribly broken for a while. My gut feeling is that X is again in good shape, there are only some reports about occasional freezes on some intel chips after suspend.16:17
pittibug/spec stats and planned changes are on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus16:17
apwpitti, were those intel hangs you 'feel' before or after the recent mesa fix?16:18
pittiapw: they've been there forever16:18
* ogra had them too, and for me they seem to be gone now 16:18
apwthat was triggerng a lot of suspend/resume issues16:18
pittiI filed that upstream16:18
rickspencer3_apw: so "before"16:18
apwand should now be fixed16:18
pittiapw: I tried your kernel, but it didn't fix it16:18
ograpitti, mesa16:18
apwthe kernel wouldn't have no, it was a mesa bug blowing the gpu16:18
pittithat mesa (as it is in karmic) with karmic kernel still crashes16:19
pittiI also get the screen corruptions again, but that's just fixed in apw's test kernel I think16:19
apwok do we have a bug for tha tone16:19
pittiI filed it upstream, yes16:20
pittifreedesktop bug 2392316:20
ubottuError: Error getting Freedesktop bug #23923: NotPermitted16:20
pittithey asked me for some debug info16:20
pitti(why did they make that private?)16:21
apwperhaps its a security issue16:21
pittiit wasn't even investigated that far yet16:21
pittithey asked me to test the patch which you have in your kernel, andn now for gpu/reg dump before/after suspend16:21
pittianyway, if someone is interested, I can certainly subscribe them to the bug16:22
pittiyes, they ticked "security/subscribers only"16:23
pittiany other questions wrt. desktop, to get away from the technical details again?16:23
RiddelllI have a wee Kubuntu update if wanted16:24
RiddelllKubuntuKarmicXsplash is done16:24
RiddelllKubuntuKarmicNetbook got moved to implemented16:24
Riddellljockey-kde needs some checking16:24
Riddellldifferent install methods need checking: oem config, dvd, upgrade16:24
Riddelllsocial from the start components need double checking to make sure they work16:24
Riddellland otherwise we're all good16:24
pittijockey-kde is misbehaving?16:24
ScottKapport-kde is problematic too.16:24
pittiapport-kde is acting up, so I heard; Yuri had a fix, but I didn't seee it yet16:24
Riddelllpitti: dunno I only tried it once and it didn't work until I installed jockey-gtk16:24
Riddellloh yes forgot about apport-kde16:25
* ScottK got it to work in a live environment, but not after install (couldn't find the drivers)16:25
robbiewanything else for Desktop?16:26
robbiewthanks pitti16:27
robbiew[TOPIC] DX16:27
MootBotNew Topic:  DX16:27
ScottKWith luck we'll get out final big U/I push for Kubuntu Netbook this weekend16:27
ScottK(sorry, slow typing)16:27
robbiewlol..no prob16:27
robbiewanyone here from DX?  dbarth?16:27
Riddelllagateau's libindicate 2 support is in for qt/kde bits16:27
davidbarthsorry, yes, here16:27
davidbarththe release status report is up at the usual:16:28
ScottKUpdated quassel patches are uploaded too (from upstream git)16:28
davidbarthof note: more fixes to get applications to use the new v2 of the indicator-messages api16:29
pittinew xsplash yummy16:29
davidbarthand also more indicator-session fixes to reflect the status of IM clients, even if they are started after the session menu (which was almost always the case...)16:29
davidbarthand xsplash artwork goodness thanks to Jane and the Design team16:30
* robbiew is tired from all the throbber complaints16:30
davidbarthsome nasty crashers with n-osd, that we're still looking into16:30
robbiewnow we will get new ones :)16:30
robbiewany questions for the DX team?16:31
robbiewok, thanks davidbarth16:32
robbiew[TOPIC] Mobile16:32
MootBotNew Topic:  Mobile16:32
ograhey, thats me :)16:32
ogra- dove images are working and installable now16:32
ogra- oo.o is in a scary state16:32
ogra- imx51 successfully made A6 with no arch specific regressions16:32
ogra- we're having high hopes for the outcome of the kernel sprint ;)16:32
ogra- currently broken, blocked by a missing upstream, but we have a path forward and things are in progress16:32
* lool thanks ogra for taking up this week's report16:33
lool[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/ReleaseStatus/Karmic16:33
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/ReleaseStatus/Karmic16:33
robbiewso we're changing the UNR icon theme, huh?16:34
robbiewbug 43027716:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430277 in unr-meta "ubuntuone icon is colorful while the other panel icons are dark" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43027716:35
loolIn jaunty it was the same as desktop16:35
ograyes, will need a freeze exception indeed16:35
loolin karmic we tried using humanity instead of human16:35
loolbut that has many issues16:35
loolIssues: http://paste.ubuntu.com/273559/16:35
lool(From a mail to ubuntu-doc@ warning about the change)16:36
robbiewwill that affect the networking indicator?  currently it's hard to tell when you are and are not connected to wifi16:36
loolrobbiew: it will work the same as in the Ubuntu Desktop Edition once we revert back to Human16:36
loolrobbiew: So yes it will fix that bug16:36
pitti(the ethernet icon is ugly as well, asking design team now)16:36
apwits wider too so things shuffle16:37
robbiewyou know it's a solid product when we start complaining about the ethernet icon :P16:37
pittiit looks more like a Pacman ghost than an ethernet thingy16:38
pittirobbiew: the polish, man, the polish! :-)16:38
ograyeap, absolutely16:38
robbiewokay...anything else for or from Mobile?16:38
loolapw: ack16:39
pittimpt| pitti, ivanka and kwwii are going to sort it.16:39
pittiscrew boot failures, we get nice icons back!16:39
robbiewthnx ogra16:40
robbiew[TOPIC] Kernel16:40
MootBotNew Topic:  Kernel16:40
apwOverall kernel team status is summarised at the URL below, including the bugs called out in the agenda.  There are a number of arm bugs listed most of which appear to be on progress for resolution.  The other new ones are rfkill and hotkey related.16:40
apw[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/Karmic16:40
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/Karmic16:40
apwIn the last week a number of regressions have been nailed which were affecting Intel graphics corruption and hangs.  We have also closed out a large number of suspend/resume regressions related to the GPU hangs, as well as to bluetooth and GSM support.16:40
apwAll the items which impact the distro release schedule seem to be basically complete, mostly little pieces incomplete.  ARM continues to progress with the imx51 branch now up to v2.6.31 and integrating the latest updates from Freescale.  We continue to target regression-potential bugs.16:41
robbiewquestions for Kernel?16:41
robbiewcool...thanks apw16:42
robbiew[TOPIC] Server16:42
MootBotNew Topic:  Server16:42
robbiewttx: sorry...but added a few more bugs to the agenda late16:42
ttxhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/ReleaseStatus was refreshed a couple seconds ago16:42
ttxto try to cover for the very late agenda changes :P16:43
robbiewthey were tagged eucalyptus and milestoned...but not targeted16:43
ttxI think I did that. Let's see16:43
robbiewif that was on purpose...then feel free to untarget16:43
ttx418130: Karmic EC2 images don't use a karmic kernel is now completed16:43
ttxwith aklpha6 release, we are using a karmic kernel on our EC2 images.16:44
robbiewthat's a big accomplishment...good work guys16:44
ttxthanks to everyone involved in that.16:44
robbiewkudos to rtg16:44
apwand jj16:44
ttxthe other bugss are all mentioned on the status page.16:45
ttxwe already fixed (or committed fixes for) a couple16:45
ttxthat said, there are still plenty to fix, plus probably some others that are critical and unreported.16:45
ttxI intend to work on that first-user-experience eucalyptus bugs next week, time permitting16:46
ttxto make sure the bugs reflect what we really need to fix to make it usable.16:46
ttxAbout alpha6, we had an issue with the AWS page content at the last minute16:47
ttxwith the few people having the keys to that kingdom not present16:47
ttxI think we need to have one release team member empowered with this mythical key16:47
ttxto make sure it doesn't happen again16:48
cjwatsonwhere is that - on www.ubuntu.com or elsewhere?16:48
robbiewthere was discussion of adding someone from the server team to the release team16:48
ttxcjwatson: it's an EC2 account16:48
ttxall in all we are trying to finalize the EC2 release process for beta16:49
ttxand automate it as much as possible16:49
robbiewI figured we would just make smoser carry a pager and laptop with 3G :P16:50
ttxrobbiew: that would do it as well.16:50
robbiewany questions for Server?16:50
robbiewthanks ttx16:51
robbiew[TOPIC] Security16:51
MootBotNew Topic:  Security16:51
* robbiew added this one...figure they deserve their own topic ;)16:52
* jdstrand feels slightly unprepared16:52
robbiewno worries16:52
ttxjdstrand: it always feels like that.16:52
jdstrandand by 'slightly' I mean totally16:52
jdstrandrobbiew: what are you lokking for here?16:52
ogramore safety ?16:53
ogralocks and chains ?16:53
robbiewcurrent status on bugs targeted for the release16:53
robbiewany blueprints that are still not implemented16:53
robbiewthat's it16:53
jdstrandwell, afaik, all our features are either in or deferred16:53
robbiewcool and I only saw bug 42987216:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429872 in tcpdump "/sbin/apparmor_parser: ... Profile doesn't conform to protocol" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42987216:53
jdstrandmdeslaur has a FFe out for his apache2 profile16:53
robbiewah, okay thnx16:54
jdstrandrobbiew: jj is handling that one16:54
robbiewanyone have questions for the Security team?16:54
robbiewdo you feel safe?16:54
jdstrandthere are some libvirt/apparmor integration bugs that I am working on, but I'll fix these once I get my upstream patch finished and rebase the libvirt patch on it16:54
robbiewokay...are those targeted to Karmic?16:55
jdstrandI uploaded a workaround for bug #431090 this morning, but it needs the real fix16:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431090 in libvirt "libvirt apparmor profile is preventing libvirt from running eucalyptus VMs" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43109016:55
jdstrandrobbiew: these only just came up this morning, so I need to file the bugs16:56
jdstrandI have a plan to fix them, and know how, just need to do it16:56
robbiewack...hmm...so is "Fix released" the real state then (for 431090)16:56
jdstrandrobbiew: it is for 'eucalyptus VMs'16:56
ScottKSounds like jdstrand needs fewer meetings ...16:57
jdstrandrobbiew: but it isn't for other people specifying a kernel, serial console or initrd16:57
robbiewjdstrand: okay, thanks16:57
jdstrandrobbiew: anyhoo, I have gotten feedback from my upstreaming work, and when I do that, this will magically be fixed16:58
robbiewsounds good16:58
robbiew[TOPIC] Foundations16:58
MootBotNew Topic:  Foundations16:58
* robbiew scrolls through the recent boot bugs :/16:59
cjwatsonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/FoundationsTeam/ReleaseStatus/Karmic just updated; I won't enumerate all the bugs here, as we just gained a lot thanks to Robbie running the meeting and dumping on his own team. ;-)16:59
cjwatsonSome held-over grub2 bugs, ditto eucalyptus, and some more causes of filesystem timestamps being wrong and causing spurious fscks.16:59
cjwatsonMost current bugs are related to the boot extravaganza that landed on Tuesday; the landing was a bit rough but it has mostly settled down now. The remaining problems are largely from people with complex filesystem setups which mountall doesn't quite handle yet, and we're continuing to work on those.16:59
cjwatsonRegarding boot performance, the reference machine is now 7 seconds faster; some cases like ogra's ARM board are very substantially faster, on the order of 45 seconds; some cases have not been sped up at all yet, but at least we have a better foundation for future work now (the 10-second target is for 10.04).16:59
cjwatsonWubi is still not quite working with grub2, but we're very close.16:59
robbiewthere are some instances of slower boots with slow HDDs...however Keybuk is on top of those17:00
robbiewsreadahead needs "tweaking" ;)17:00
cjwatsonoh, yeah, there's an sreadahead bug in the status17:01
robbiewquestions for Foundations?17:01
pittisreadahead> seems it's not doing anything at all here17:02
pittiwhich might explain the boot time increase?17:02
ograpitti, run top directly after boot on a slow machine :)17:02
pittiI know, it's running for minutes without using any CPU or I/O17:02
ograit runs quite long and eats 60-98% CPU17:02
robbiewbug 43208917:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432089 in sreadahead "performs poorly on slow HDD" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43208917:03
cjwatsonit is *intended* to be useful on hdds17:03
cjwatsonbut yeah, not working quite so well just now17:03
robbiewwhen I last spoke to Keybuk, he said it had to do with the kernel stopping the I/O17:03
robbiewbecause it was too much (during the sreadahead profiling)17:04
ograwe should just switch from CDs to SSDs on shipit17:04
ograsolves all size probs as well ;)17:04
robbiewhe had an idea about working around it...was going to discuss with gregkh next week at Plumbers17:05
robbiewthnx cjwatson17:05
robbiew[TOPIC] MOTU17:05
MootBotNew Topic:  MOTU17:05
ScottKI think we got our last transition close to done.17:06
ScottKThe various clutter packages landed way out of sync.17:06
ScottKFFe for that is approved and moving along nicely.17:06
ScottKThe biggest concern is still the FTBFS rate on the rebuild test.17:06
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909.html17:07
ScottKIt's running above 10% and that's pretty scary.17:07
ScottKWe did have the training session last week and that helped.  Another is sched for today.17:07
* sistpoty|work hides17:07
ScottKA fair number of FTBFS fixes are appearing in the sponsorship queue.17:07
ScottKI'd like to ask people to try and get those into the archive asap when they are sponsoring.17:08
ScottKIMO this is a big deal for post-release supportability.17:08
jdstrandimo too17:08
ScottKI also note that the IA64 buildd's are still dead due to dbus needing to be ported to ia64.17:08
cjwatsonfwiw I always go for build failures first since they tend to be easy as well17:09
ScottKI don't think anyone in the community is up for that.17:09
ScottKI think either Canoncial needs to allocate resources to fix it (it may be planned, I don't know) or we need to kill the port.17:09
ScottKFor similar reasons ....17:09
ScottKThat's all I have.17:10
sistpoty|workdo we have access to an ia64 box somewhere?17:10
sistpoty|workwe==community, sorry17:10
ScottKNot that I know of.17:10
sistpoty|workbleh, that looks even sillier17:10
* sistpoty|work doesn't have anything to add17:11
ScottKThere is a silo patch for sparc waiting for sponsorship that might get DI built on sparc for once.17:11
ScottKIt'd be nice to get that in too.17:11
* ScottK just remembered.17:11
robbiewquestions for MOTU?17:12
cjwatsonI *may* be able to have a look at dbus on ia64 in my (ha ha) spare time, but can't promise anything17:13
sistpoty|workthanks cjwatson :)17:13
robbiew[ACTION] cjwatson to *possibly* look at dbus on ia6417:13
MootBotACTION received:  cjwatson to *possibly* look at dbus on ia6417:13
robbiewthanks ScottK17:14
bittin_is the Edubuntu meeting atm?17:14
robbiewanything else from anyone else? :)17:14
MootBotMeeting finished at 11:15.17:15
robbiew15min back to ya!17:15
bittin_ah its Karmic meeting as i don't run Karmic i should shut up =)17:15
ScottKIt was the release team meeting.17:16
pittithanks everyone17:17
ace_suaresmeeting edubuntu ?18:10
MootBotMeeting started at 12:11. The chair is ace_suares.18:11
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]18:11
highvoltageGood evening.18:11
alkisgGood evening everyone18:11
ace_suares{TOPIC] roll call18:11
MootBotNew Topic:  roll call18:11
highvoltageWell I guess it's the 3 of us18:12
* highvoltage 18:13
highvoltageace_suares: I'm in a slight hurry so I'll just jump with what I need to say, ok?18:14
ace_suareshmm seems the mootbot only sees highvoltage.. alkisg not..18:14
highvoltageWe have an alpha build!18:14
* alkisg remains hidden :)18:14
highvoltageour first one, actually18:14
highvoltageshould've been #618:14
ace_suares[TOPIC] Edubuntu Alpha build (DVD)18:14
MootBotNew Topic:  Edubuntu Alpha build (DVD)18:14
highvoltageif my internet connection was a little bit slower yesterday we wouldn't have an edubuntu release for karmic18:15
* ace_suares applaudes highvoltage to have made that DVD !18:15
highvoltagethat's quite scary, so we need to have more testers on call for the next milestones18:15
highvoltageace_suares: I didn't make it, I just tested it. if no one tests it, the release manager doesn't release it18:15
highvoltageace_suares: the build system builds them every day18:15
ace_suareshighvoltage: oh! didn't know that. As you know my intartubesnetweb is VERY slow and it's a hell to download and test.18:16
ace_suaresI'm so glad you did.18:16
highvoltageThe disc is in quite a good shape currently18:16
ace_suaresLaserjock told that he has it down to 3.2 GB so that's good!18:16
highvoltagethe biggest problems I noticed was things that will get fixed from the ubuntu side anyway18:16
highvoltagewe'll have to put some work into artwork and making it look nicer for karmic+1, imo18:16
highvoltageI couldn't download the amd64 iso in time, my internet connection was just too slow to get it down in time18:17
ace_suaresso there won;t be a release for amd64?18:17
highvoltageso we might not have an amd64 release, we have to check on that whether it's possible18:17
ScottKBTW, once you've downloaded one, you can use rysnc to update your image without having to redownload the entire ISO.18:17
ace_suaresScottK: rsync or zsync?18:18
highvoltageace_suares: probably not. maybe we can have an exception since it shares so much with the ubuntu dvd and if we test it properly now18:18
ScottKI know rsync works.18:18
highvoltageScottK: I used rsync, there's still a big diff between the i386 and amd64 dvd images18:18
ace_suaresScottK: okay I'll try hat I used zsync but it segfaulted!18:18
ScottKhighvoltage: True, but if you download early and rsync regularly it's not so hard to keep up.18:18
ScottKIt doesn't matter so much then if you have a slow link.18:19
ace_suaressi what's the next step for testing?18:19
highvoltageScottK: indeed, we had *massive* changes yesterday, so I had to sync almost half of the DVD for i386 and I have just a 4mbit DSL line18:19
ace_suares*just* 4Mb !? wow. I have 'just' 256k most of the time..!18:20
highvoltageace_suares: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule18:20
ace_suaresthere's this page: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuTesting18:20
highvoltageace_suares: the beta release is on 1 October18:20
ace_suaresWhere can we look at the seeds?18:21
highvoltageace_suares: we'll have to test the images built for that to have it released as beta images18:21
ScottKIf you want to have a amd64 beta, I'd suggest asking the release team to set up the ISO tracker for a special Edubuntu test and get one through the test cycle in advance of the actual beta.18:21
highvoltageace_suares: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/edubuntu.karmic18:21
ace_suares[ACTION] test for BETA release way for 1 oct18:21
MootBotACTION received:  test for BETA release way for 1 oct18:21
highvoltageScottK: that's a very good idea, thanks, we'll do so18:22
cjwatsonace_suares: IIRC zsync sometimes has a bit of trouble with DVD-sized images18:22
ace_suares[ACTION] If you want to have a amd64 beta, I'd suggest asking the release team to set up the ISO tracker for a special Edubuntu test and get one through the test cycle in advance of the actual beta.18:22
MootBotACTION received:  If you want to have a amd64 beta, I'd suggest asking the release team to set up the ISO tracker for a special Edubuntu test and get one through the test cycle in advance of the actual beta.18:22
ace_suares[IDEA] then put a note of that on the cdimage site, it advertises zsync now. Advertise rsync instead. Maybe a wiki page must be made for it!18:23
MootBotIDEA received:  then put a note of that on the cdimage site, it advertises zsync now. Advertise rsync instead. Maybe a wiki page must be made for it!18:23
highvoltagewe'll have to start looking at the todo items for the release as well. release notes, updating the website, updating installation information (since that will work differently now)18:23
highvoltageI suppose more people already use rsync as apposed to zsync currently18:24
ace_suareshighvoltage: but it says use zsync and that's a wrong advice - if indeed zsync can not handle large images.18:25
highvoltageok, feel free to take it up :)18:25
ace_suaresany more on the dvd!?18:26
highvoltageI have to leave in about 3 minutes, but basically we're more or less ok now for the first time this release18:26
ace_suaresgreat work, thaks highvoltage18:26
highvoltagewe can probably squash a few bugs still, and we can improve things website/documentation/community wise somewhat18:26
ace_suares..and LaserJock18:26
ace_suares[TOPIC] Weekly updates18:27
highvoltageI think we should schedule a meeting when he can at least connect using one of the freenode web interfaces from work18:27
MootBotNew Topic:  Weekly updates18:27
ace_suares[TOPIC] meeting schedule18:27
MootBotNew Topic:  meeting schedule18:27
highvoltageor perhaps we can even do an impromptu meeting when he pops in again18:27
ace_suaresjust go ahead and reschedule the meetings, highvoltage18:27
highvoltageace_suares: ok18:28
highvoltagewell, thank you ace_suares and alkisg, I need to be off18:28
ace_suares[ACTION] highvoltage reschedules meeting so LaserJock can be there18:28
MootBotACTION received:  highvoltage reschedules meeting so LaserJock can be there18:28
alkisgthanks highvoltage!18:28
ace_suaresbye highvoltage18:28
highvoltage(and thanks ScottK and cjwatson for feedback as well)18:28
* sbeattie is using zsync to download dvds off of cdimages, and modulo one recent bug fix, it works.18:29
ace_suares[TOPIC] zsync18:29
MootBotNew Topic:  zsync18:29
ace_suaressbeattie: I used zsync to download the iso, and then when I wanted to update, it segfaulted.18:29
ace_suaresso you are saying zsync is safe to use?18:29
sbeattieace_suares: it is in karmic18:30
ace_suaressbeattie: i might have an older version then18:30
ace_suaresdoes anyone have other points he or she wants to talk about?18:31
sbeattieace_suares: bug 420931 recently fixed in karmic, which is where I was seeing segv's when updating dvds.18:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420931 in zsync "zsync crashes with SIGSEGV when updating dvds" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42093118:31
ace_suaressbeattie: thanks18:31
ace_suaressbeattie: we could use a backport then :-)18:32
ace_suareswe are trying to test the 9.10 dvd but with our OS being 9.04 or lower and that does have that bug.18:32
sbeattieace_suares: a backport should be trivial, an SRU might be a little more work.18:33
ace_suaressbeattie: way over my head :-)18:33
* sbeattie will look into it.18:34
ace_suares[ACTION] sbeattie will look into backporting zsync to 9.04 so we can reliably use it to test Edubuntu DVD's. rsync also works as a workaround.18:34
MootBotACTION received:  sbeattie will look into backporting zsync to 9.04 so we can reliably use it to test Edubuntu DVD's. rsync also works as a workaround.18:34
ace_suaresthanks sbeattie for fixing rsync!18:36
ace_suaressorry zsync18:36
ScottKsbeattie: Feel free to ping me when you need backport approval.18:43
ace_suares10 minutes left, any more points?18:51
ace_suaresclosing the meeting18:57
MootBotMeeting finished at 12:57.18:57
alkisgThank you ace_suares :)18:59
ace_suaresEpharisto, alkisg19:01
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alsroothi all20:55
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flintIs Edubuntu meeting here now?22:00
flintDid I get the time or date wrong for the Edubuntu meeting?22:06
flinthighvoltage, Jonathan, when does the Edubuntu meeting start?  I have some great news!22:25
flintListen folks, my wife ran out of gasoline on the road, so I gotta go rescue her.  I would like to introduce to the Edubuntu community ALSROOT.22:27
flintAlsroot has completed the port of sugar to ubuntu!!!!!!  I wish I could stay for the meeting, but duty (or my wife) calls!22:28
flintalsroot, I will be here just not online. Tell the nice folks in this community how you have just set education on ubuntu on fire.  Thanks for being here!22:29
* alsroot hanging around all time22:30
ScottKflint and alsroot: You missed the meeting by ~4 hours.23:28
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