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SiDiDanRabbit: mightymouse is not sexy, at all00:08
SiDi(and i actually HATE that mouse :P)00:08
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SiDii didnt recognise it though00:30
SiDihadn't seen one for a while00:30
SiDii found a new bug in notify-osd :(10:16
SiDiCan anyone confirm that if you enable transparency while a bubble is displayed, it'll be circled by a plain black color ?10:17
mdc_laptopmac_v, i've been thinking.. maybe an export option in the menu isn't a good idea after all..15:52
mdc_laptopmac_v, 'cause at the moment, in the print dialog, you have all these options on how the image/15:53
mdc_laptopops.. 15:53
mdc_laptopor text should scale etc..15:53
mac_vmdc_laptop: you forget the main thing...the "export" is *not* print15:54
mdc_laptopmac_v, correct, but still there's print-like options15:54
mdc_laptopmaybe we should have a new dialog similar to the print dialog but the first tab has file export options and the others are as they're now15:55
mac_vyupp , 15:56
mdc_laptophmm.. it's not a paper cut anyway..15:57
mac_vsomething of the sort15:57
mac_vyeah... that would not be a papercut ;)15:57
mdc_laptopi did manage to fix the search multiple folders in nautilus :)15:57
mdc_laptopbut only for the simple engine, the tracker and beagle engines i'll let the expert fix15:58
mdc_laptopmac_v, you don't happen to know a eog developer?15:59
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