wgrantlifeless: Thanks.00:00
lifelessI like packaging branches :)00:01
lifelessjust need to get some tuits and fix the namespace issues00:01
lifelessfullermd: \o/ freebsd just got libtool 2 :)00:04
meoblast001if i have a few classes in an index that i have to indent 2 spaces, in 1.x this would be a rather large change, but with 2.x that would be very trivial, correct?00:29
lifelessmeoblast001: just do the change00:31
meoblast001ok, i tend to freak out about things00:32
meoblast001you know, going concern00:32
SamB_XP_I'd be more worried about what it would do to annotate00:35
SamB_XP_the output from annotate00:35
SamB_XP_you know, as in "bzr annotate"?00:35
meoblast001haven't used that feature yet00:35
lifelessSamB_XP_: there will be an ignore whitespace flag at some point00:35
meoblast001one of the developers on my project rewrote a lot of it about a month ago, i tried to go through it and fix the formatting, but every now and then i pick up on things i missed00:36
lifelessI would just do it00:36
SamB_XP_maybe you should get some automated nitpickers00:36
lifelessbzr exists to support you:)00:37
meoblast001automated nitpickers?00:37
SamB_XP_but yeah, just do it, as long as you aren't actually substantial changes in that commit00:37
SamB_XP_where by substantial changes, I mean changes to the substance of the code00:37
meoblast001thanks for the info00:38
idnarwhat's wrong with rc1?00:38
meoblast001i know in this very project i used to have ZIPs in it00:38
SamB_XP_and by automated nitpickers, I mean tools that check your code style somewhat00:38
meoblast001once i figured out those aren't good with version control, i extracted them all and removed the ZIP files00:38
SamB_XP_well, it might be fairly reasonable if you didn't make the zp and don't expect anything in the zip to change ever ;-)00:39
meoblast001well, the thing was that i was unsure00:39
meoblast001it didn't change much, but i wasn't sure if it would in the future00:40
meoblast001and if i still had it, yes, it would have changed00:40
meoblast001our file format specification changed, and the contents of the files in the ZIP would have needed to be changed00:40
meoblast001what irks me is that the ZIP file is actually in there forever, even if it's not in the tree00:41
lifelessidnar: brown paper bag bug00:41
lifelessidnar: incorrect conversion of data; do not use.00:41
lifelessidnar: it will usually completely fail to convert data, but if it doesn't fail its probably done the wrong thing00:41
meoblast001and just in case this question sounds crazy, i asked the MyBB developers what happens when i hit 4294967296 posts00:42
SamB_XP_lifeless: what does "brown paper bag bug" mean?00:42
SamB_XP_meoblast001: what's MyBB?00:42
lifelessSamB_XP_: very bad, shouldn't have released, 'oops', 'bah', etc00:42
meoblast001SamB_XP_: a forum software00:42
SamB_XP_lifeless: well, I was wondering why those words mean that also ;-)00:43
SamB_XP_what does that have to do with brown paper bags?00:43
idnarlifeless: ah, nasty00:43
lifelessSamB_XP_: http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/B/brown-paper-bag-bug.html00:43
lifelessidnar: yup; we pulled tarballs etc the day after releasing it or so00:44
SamB_XP_lifeless: oh!00:45
SamB_XP_lifeless: you don't look like you're wearing a brown paper bag!00:45
lifelessSamB_XP_: it was a few weeks back :P00:49
SamB_XP_lifeless: ah00:50
SamB_XP_well, I don't remember seeing you with one back then, either00:50
lifelessjelmer: around?00:56
fullermdlifeless: A while back, actually...   it was a week or two after we talked about it.01:40
lifelessfullermd: my bug just got closed01:41
fullermdAh.  I thought about checking on that after I saw the commit go through, but laziness won.01:41
NaokiI changed TortoiseBZR's shell extension code.02:17
NaokiCould anyone kick buildbot for windows installer?02:20
meoblast001lifeless: you still here?03:27
matthewlmcclurehow do you set breakpoints in plugin code?05:03
matthewlmcclurepdb tells me the file is not on sys.path when i try05:03
lifelessbreakpoint bzr itself I guess and add the breakpoint after the plugin is loaded?05:07
matthewlmcclurethanks, lifeless.  it seems to work if i use the full path to the plugin source file as the argument to `b`05:37
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AfCSo... um, I just googled "bzr ppa" and came up with https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa ... at which there is no bzr 2.0rc2.07:37
AfCWhat conceptual tidbit am I missing?07:37
AfC(or should I just be using the 1.18 in karmic?)07:39
lifelessits in the beta ppa07:46
AfClifeless: er, ok. I see.07:47
AfCHm. I guess I thought that's what the "normal" ppa was for.07:47
AfCso what's the difference between {what is in karmic now, what is in ppa, and what is in beta-ppa}?07:48
AfC[and, when should I stop using beta-ppa for ppa for karmic]?07:48
lifelessnormal ppa has releases07:49
lifelessbeta ppa has betas07:49
lifelesswhats in karmic is what the debian/ubuntu packaging team select and put in there07:50
AfClifeless: ah07:50
lifelesswhat should you use is : if you want stable releases, use your distro and optionally our ppa07:50
lifelessif you want newer-than your distro, use the ppa07:50
AfClifeless: so bzr ppa will have 2.0 in it for the next year or so, and bzr beta-ppa will have 2.odd.x in it?07:50
lifelessif you want to help us by beta testing, or want a beta for timely access to some feature, use the beta ppa07:51
AfClifeless: ok, so given that I'm not a usual PEBKAC here, what should I be using?07:51
lifelessIts not clear what will happen with 2.1b* and the ppas; Some of our users may want them to propogate to the normal ppa:- expect list traffic on it ~ 2.1b1's release :)07:51
AfCanyway, I was using 2.0rc1, so I presume I should act to get that [back] on board07:52
lifelessI think you'd be fine with the beta ppa; it has a few days of roughness once a month or so07:52
lifelessyou definitely want to get rc2, given rc1's brown paper bag status07:52
AfCbut I'm wondering if I should revert to normal ppa Real Soon Now™ :)07:52
AfClifeless: yeah, but it's what the distro I had had shipped until they found out about that.07:53
lifelessso as I say, I think the beta ppa would be generally fine for you07:53
lifelessits not that rough a ride :)07:53
AfClifeless: I assume that once it's out07:53
AfClifeless: I can be running 2.0 or > 2.0 on the server an not screw over 2.0 stable users?07:54
AfC[that seems to be a format question, not a software version one,  now that I think of it]07:54
AfClifeless: [ie, I have to balance me wanting to be close as possible to the code you're working on to actually see fixes & features07:55
AfClifeless: hosting public branches of certain projects]07:55
lifelessour servers are pretty robust07:55
lifelessyou can upgrade the server, or stick to 2.0 indefinitely07:55
lifelessin terms of formats, yes, when you upgrade, you force other users to meet that minimum version07:56
AfCI'm going to do that shortly. There aren't _that_ many of them; once Gentoo ~ and Ubuntu K support 2a [or whatever] I'll upgrade the repos.07:59
* AfC wishes keyserver.ubuntu.com would answer08:01
AfCoh, that's not actually required.08:04
AfClifeless: Robert, does one still have to do that "run Python program once as root" thing to get the .pyc files built?08:06
AfClifeless: [c.f. Hobart, me on loaner laptop, you doing bzr timing tests to find out that was my bug]08:06
lifelessAfC: you should not have had to do that then; something had gone wrong.08:24
lifelessAfC: if bzr is slow, and strace shows errors openning the pyc files for write, then you have the symptoms again08:24
AfClifeless: no, it's not slow now08:25
AfClifeless: [not that I've done much]08:25
AfClifeless: I was just wondering if it was a standard known thing everyone had to do08:25
maxbIs there a terse form for reverse-merging / backing out a single revision, or do I want merge -r N..N-1 ?08:51
lifelessyou want that08:51
lifelessunless you want uncommit08:51
maxbMaybe bzr should borrow -c -revno from svn :-)08:52
lifelesswe have it08:53
lifelessit means N-1..N08:53
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maxbNote the minus sign before revno09:17
fullermdNono, see.  MINUS c means N-1..N, so for N..N-1 you obviously want PLUS c   8-}09:17
lifelessmaxb: bzr merge -c 5 will merge 4..509:20
lifelessmaxb: bzr merge -c -5 will merge -6..-509:21
maxbgah, right09:21
NETabusehmm, got an error just now trying to clean up my bzrrepo11:04
NETabusehere's the output http://www.pastebin.org/1898711:05
NETabuseand now every command i use throws something like it.11:06
spivNETabuse: hmm, that's bad.11:09
NETabusearrg,, that's not what i was hoping to hear...11:09
spivNETabuse: I think you have an ignore pattern that is causing that error11:10
NETabusespiv, phew,, that did it.11:10
spivNETabuse: please file a bug on bzr11:10
NETabusei'd been messing iwth ignore patterns trying to ignore all images in the image upload data dir11:11
spivNETabuse: I just skimmed the NEWS file, and it doesn't appear to have been fixed since the version you are using.11:11
lifelesswe should be prettier in that case11:11
NETabuseso i'd done bzr ignore path/to/uploads/*.[jpg|gif|png]   and it just put in a line in .bzrignore path/to/uploads/*.[jpg    and that was it.11:12
NETabusethere   https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/43343711:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433437 in bzr "bzr ignore paths including [ character throws "sre_constants.error: bad character range"" [Undecided,New]11:18
NETabusei'll update it with more details soon.11:18
NETabusethanks for spotting that it was ignore patterns.11:18
NETabusehmm, how do i push my code up from my laptop to my server, server has bzr on it.11:24
lifelessbzr push bzr+shh://server/abs/path/here11:24
NETabusebzr: ERROR: unknown command 'serve'11:25
lifelessthe server must have a _very very very_ old version of bzr11:25
lifelesswhat does 'ssh server bzr --version'11:26
NETabuseyeh, bzr 0.8.211:26
lifelessthat is so old it doesn't support being a server11:26
lifelessyou could use sftp, or preferrably upgrade the bzr on the server11:26
NETabusewell, it's dapper.11:27
NETabuseso how do i update it to newer bzr?11:27
lifelesswe have dapper builds in the bzr ppa11:27
lifelesssee http://bazaar-vcs.org/Download11:28
NETabusethat's awsome, thanks, got the new bzr in and no serve command error11:32
NETabuseright, i'm off for some family time.11:33
NETabusethanks for the help today.11:33
lifelessnp, ciao11:35
fullermdWow, 0.8.2 in the wild?11:50
pitselehhello, i'm working with an online repository, i've received the contents with bzr checkout sftp://...12:09
pitselehhow do i 'checkin'?12:10
bob2bzr commit12:10
pitselehbob2: the problem is, i haven't set up an ssh key, so i'd expect a password prompt every time i update or commit12:11
pitselehwhich happens on another pc i'm using12:11
pitselehbut on this one.. it seems like it's not connecting to the server either during update or commit :/12:11
wgrantpitseleh: Sure you didn't do 'bzr branch' rather than 'bzr checkout'?12:12
pitselehwgrant: ! that may be it lol, sorry about that12:12
pitselehi'll try again :)12:13
pitselehthank you12:13
Peng_beuno: Oh! So my tshirt didn't get stolen by Customs or something?13:31
SamBjelmer: I don't suppose there's been any progress in getting bzr to use .gitignore and so on?15:10
SamBhmm, this one looks so simple, I'm tempted to just make .bzrignore a symlink to it ...15:10
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Peng_Woah, 2.0rc2. Congrats!17:23
NET||abusehey guys.. i pushed a copy of my branch up to a web server,,18:15
NET||abusehow do i use it to deploy the code to the live site directories.18:17
dsuchUm, I'm currently fighting with multiple svn --reintegrate issues, if bzr is free of such problems then it should be one of its selling points, guys.18:47
pg1054hi. i'm brand new to bzr.  i've co'd a tree (e.g., bzr branch lp:pressflow pressflow-6).  now i want to replace a dir within that tree with a backup of my files, and subsequently be able to merge updates to that tree (bzr merge lp:pressflow).  atm, i've clearly made a mistake by simply copying in my backed up files, as @ update/sync i get -> http://pastebin.com/d6d8fa07c.20:06
pg1054reading the docs, i'm guessing i'm misusing workflow, and may need a "--local" flag somewhere ... but unclear to me atm.20:06
pg1054any hints?20:06
Methspg1054: bzr and launchpad need to know who you are so they can communicate properly.  you need to do bzr launchpad-login davidstrauss20:25
pg1054Meths: hi.  aha.  even for 'anonymous' checkout, where i am NOT contributing back to the upstream trees?20:26
Methstry pull instead of merge20:27
Methsor I'm talking rubbish, the message is a warning not an error, it's doing what you are asking but telling you you haven't logged in as well20:30
Methspg1054: lines 3 and 6 are the actual responses to what you are doing, everything else is message20:30
pg1054Meths ok.  got it, i think. thanks.20:31
hsnhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/433648 - there seems to be some problem with bzr push21:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433648 in bzr "bazaar crashes during push after adding tag" [Undecided,New]21:13
hsni can repeat it every time21:14
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theAdibhello all ! What is it that makes a 2.0in the next release?22:23
lifelesshi igc23:35

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