Tm_Thi kids12:44
alkisgHi teacher :)12:45
* alkisg just saw that the netbooks to be offered to all 12 y.o. Greek students are actually dual boot (windows/edubuntu 9.04)! Woot!19:24
Guest36890can anyone help me with scim-anthy support Hardy/LTSP21:07
Guest36890My understanding is that SCIM  and anthy are supposed to work with any gtk apps21:08
Guest36890I can't get it working for anything expect texteditor21:08
Guest36890Japanese teacher needs it by monday21:08
Guest36890One problem seems to be that scim doesn't daemonize like it should21:09
Guest36890I should see a bunch of scim relatated processes running when a user logs in, but that isn't the case21:10
Guest36890nothing shows up in the logs21:11
Guest36890this hasn't helped https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Japanese_Input_and_Fonts_in_Ubuntu_8.04_using_SCIM21:12
Guest36890I see that when I do "locale" as root it returns LANG=en_US.UTF-821:16
Guest36890When I do this as a normal user I it returns LANG=21:17
LaserJockGuest36890: you might want to ask #ubuntu, scim is a general Ubuntu package21:17
Guest36890I guess I will,21:18
Guest36890no takers on ubuntu21:33
Guest36890this is disapointing21:33
Guest36890it worked under the previous LTS I upgraded this summer to 8.0421:34
Guest36890I guess I may need to go back to 7.0421:34
Guest36890what a drag21:34
Guest36890I love running edubuntu, but the pain of changing versions always bums me out.21:35
LaserJockdid you try asking the Japanese Ubuntu group?21:36
Guest36890No, that's an interesting idea, but as you say this is a sort of general question about SCIM seemlingly21:36
Guest36890Perhaps I should, I wonder if they would mind my not asking in japanese, though21:36
LaserJockI just don't know who else would know much about SCIM21:37
Guest36890Perhaps sbalneav but he doesn't seem to be on21:38

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