alterooHallo :)01:26
alteroohow's everyone?01:26
shtylmananyone else having problems starting amarok?02:23
shtylmanhmm...nvm...blew away my amarok directory and forced a rebuild and it launches now..02:25
shtylmanmakes me wish I didn't just delete it so I could debug it ... :/02:25
shtylmanooo...interesting...it crashes after refreshing my music collection...02:30
* shtylman hax fixed all the filepicker bugs except that damn invisible text issue!! (cries)03:59
* ScottK has a daughter that will be glad to know.04:01
shtylmanScottK: she would be gladder if I could fix this damn text problem :)04:01
ScottKshtylman: No doubt, but you got the one that made her think her homework was lost.  She didn't even notice the text one yet.04:02
shtylmanheh...not many people have really... but the invisible checkbox text is a big clue...04:03
shtylmanI think it is an initialization problem.. or threading or ownership...or something04:03
shtylmanbut can't place it for the life of me...04:03
shtylmanScottK: also... brave daughter for using alpha software to do homework :)04:04
ScottKshtylman: Well the kids computer is a desktop and so if she wants to go in her room where it's quiet to concentrate, her options are limited.04:04
ScottKAny help from upstream?04:04
shtylmannope .. I asked on kde-devel once04:05
shtylmanmaybe I will try again...04:05
ScottKHow about OOo upstream?04:05
shtylmandon't know if they are all that interested04:05
ScottKIf you think it's a KDE specific problem, maybe agateau would help out.04:05
shtylmanOO upstream..we don't have a clue :)04:05
shtylmanI sent the involved people an email... so far nothing04:06
shtylmanI don't know if it is kde specific or just the specific way we are using the qt event loop or what04:06
shtylmanI do know that it is very weird that one stype shows text and another doesn't...04:07
shtylmanok...so I think it is a kde related issue...05:07
alterooWho is on the Kubuntu artwork team?05:24
nixternalalteroo: there isn't on that I know of, but there is one person who does most of the artwork around here and that is kwwii05:25
alterooIs there a Koala Kubuntu artwork wiki page?05:25
nixternaldon't know anything about the artwork05:25
nixternal#ubuntu-artwork might..I think that is there channel05:25
nixternalthough, I believe for Koala our plans were to stay vanilla, though that could have changed and I do not know about it05:26
* alteroo sighs05:27
nixternalthe great thing is you can change it to whatever you want05:28
alterooI know05:28
ScottKThere were plans to make use of the upstream offer to help with distro specific artwork that was true to the upstream KDE look, but no one showed up to do the work.05:28
alterooJust aggravating that because kwwii does good work on Kubuntu he doesn't work on kubuntu anymore05:28
nixternaloh ya, forgot about the upstream offer05:28
ScottKHe did do the usb-creator-kde icons for us05:29
alterooScottK: Where did that break ?05:29
ScottKalteroo: It was on the list for Karmic, but never any volunteers.  I don't know the details.05:29
ScottKPeople got busy, I guess.05:29
alterooWhat's the structure of upstream help?05:30
alterooistro says we want help05:31
alteroo Upstream works with them on a design05:31
alteroothen ...05:31
alteroovolunteers or employees of te distro implement with upstream as a support channel ?05:31
ScottKSomething like that.05:31
ScottKArtwork is totally not my area, so I don't recall the details.05:32
* ScottK needs to get to sleep anyway ...05:32
ScottKGood night.05:32
ScottKMaybe by tomorrow someone will have bothered to make an announcement to the Ubuntu community about our next release name.05:33
alterooOh it's be announced?05:36
alterooI was just thinking about what it would be today05:37
* alteroo pokes nixternal 05:41
rgreeninglazt llama05:49
alterooI just checked the mailiang list :-p05:50
alterooand I dunno Lamma seems lame05:50
alteroowhen you can have a Leopard :)05:51
alterooOr a Lampry05:51
nixternalhas to do with a cat, all I will say05:57
nixternaland it is not a leopard05:58
nixternalthink cat with pointy tipped ears05:59
nixternalthough I don't know when it will officially be announced05:59
shtylmanplease be Liger06:07
nixternalsomeone got part of it right :)06:13
rgreeningNewfie Lynx06:13
nixternalRussian Snow Point Lynx06:13
nixternalthe only cat I have ever owned was of that breed06:14
rgreeningLethargic Lynx06:14
shtylmanLinguistic Liger!06:14
rgreeningLousy lYNX06:15
rgreeningLinux Lynx06:15
nixternalLeisure Suit Lary?06:16
rgreeningLeisure Larry Lynx in Land of Limp Leprochans06:17
nixternaloh hellz ya06:17
nixternalso I wasn't the only perverted kid in here 20 years ago :p06:17
rgreeningLurching Lynx06:32
rgreeningLunching Lynx06:32
rgreeningLean Lynx06:38
rgreeninglagotic lynx06:40
rgreeninglative lynx06:43
rgreeninglepid lynx06:45
rgreeningnixternal: ^06:45
rgreeninglevin or lightning lynx06:45
rgreeninglevitating lynx06:46
rgreeningI'll guess it eventually06:46
rgreeninglucent lynx06:50
alterooI can normally get the animal06:51
rgreeningluminous lynx06:51
alterooI can't be bothered with the adjective cause it's normally so offbase06:51
alterooWas there ever an explanation of karmic?06:53
rgreeningI believe so06:53
alterooI think that was fully glossed over in favour of oooooh shiny clouds06:53
alterooI remember why it was feisty and hardy06:53
alterooFeisty was almost the whole explaantion. fawn was tacked on06:54
rgreeningIt'll probably be learned lynx06:54
alteroohardy was about equally split between hardy and heron06:54
alterooThough no one cared they just liked saying hairy hardon06:54
alterooIbex and Koala had no explanations as to why it was intrprid or Karmic06:55
alterooHe could call it Lecherous Lynx and still just gloss over it06:55
rgreeninglimber lynx :)06:55
alteroo(cause it's going to **** you over)06:55
alterooI like Limber06:56
rgreeningand would be coined limberger06:56
alterooQ should be interesting06:56
alterooAs long as it's not Queen (insert animal here)06:57
rgreeningQuixotical Quail06:58
alterooYeah Guess I missed Quail06:58
alterooSo far he seems to avoid the knee jerk animal reaction06:59
alterooSo Leopard and Lion are out for this next round06:59
alterooBy the way speaking of Out does anyone have a recent Kubuntu ISO build?07:00
alteroo there is a lot of Gnome stuff in the boot up07:00
alterooAlso Riddell probably still disagrees but I think that there should be a countdown for the login screen to autologin07:00
rgreeningautologin umm...07:02
rgreeningwhat gnome stuff07:02
alteroorgreening: if someone logs out of the desktop there is no way to logback in07:02
alterootrackerd is the one that bugs me the most07:03
rgreeningwhats trackerd07:03
alteroobut boot up a live CD and press F6 to enable boot messages07:03
alterooGnome version of strigi07:03
rgreeninghmm... how did that happen haha07:04
rgreeningsmething to adjust in the seed I guess.. Riddell ^07:04
rgreeningScottK: ^07:04
alterooThere were more new things in the latest build I tested07:05
alteroo that was about three days ago and I'm stressed so I  don't remember what they were but I know I was thinking What the heck is that doing on a KDE cd?07:06
alterooWe have no KDE3 libs on the CD anymore right?07:06
alterooOh also will the KDE3 ppa be up and running for Koala?07:06
rgreeningdunno about kde3. there was a guy packaging the kde3 stuff... cant remember who that was at the moment.07:11
alterooI do he's not on now07:12
rgreeningRiddelll: we should patch konqueror plugin search dir to support moonlight (need to add /usr/lib/moon/plugin to search path)07:25
rgreeninglucid huh... hmmm07:58
rgreeninglucent would have been better and lees close to lucifer than lucid07:58
ScottKNo trackerd on the CD: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/karmic/alpha-6/karmic-desktop-amd64.manifest13:22
=== happyaron_ is now known as happyaron
allee-kRiddell: your last k3b upload broke libk3b6-extracodecs  when libav*-unstripped are installed.  See http://pastebin.ca/157296516:58
allee-kThe ' | libav...-unstripped...' alternatives are not listed in dependencies16:59
allee-kallee-k: ^^^ Hmm those are transitional pkgs.  So libk3b6-extracodecs should alternatively depend on the libav*-extra-*  as they replace the unstripped pkgs.   I wonder if a Conflicts/Replace/Provides in the libav*-extra would make the conflict go away.  (Currently the libav*extra only have conflicts and replaces)17:13
freinhardanyone packaging krecpieps 2.0-alpha2 ?18:03
freinhardif not, i'll give it a try18:04
neversfeldefreinhard: there is no [needs packaging] bug, so no one should do this at the moment18:12
neversfeldeamarok's new photo widget is funny when listening to The Police^^18:41
claydohfreinhard: I just tried out krecipes alpha, it crashes hard on impoting any recipe files I throw at it  :(19:26
nixternalbasket for kde4 is shaping up nicely21:25
nixternaljjesse: we lost all of the work I did in kubuntu-docs in bzr :/21:34
nixternalI just did a pull and it went from r115 to r10221:34
nixternalI looked through the logs and none of my commits are listed on LP21:34
nixternalthere were a ton of changes to21:34
nixternali take it back...all the changes are there, just no longer listed in the logs :/21:35
nixternalactually, the log is there, somehow your name is on all of my commits :/ and there are a bunch of commits missing21:36
nixternaljjesse: uploaded updated kubuntu-docs because there was a string change by you22:42

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