DTsanwhat is a .bundle file?00:45
DTsanparticulay the VMware Player .bundle linux install00:45
Blizzerandi installed kubuntu...and with 4 desktops i find that if i open a window in a desktop its visible in all other desktops...how can i solve this?00:55
bbeckBlizzerand: Right click on the task manager, you should see the option to fix it there.00:56
bbeckBlizzerand: (In the filters section)00:56
Blizzerandbbeck: Can you make it clear00:57
bbeckBlizzerand: doh, I think I misunderstood.  I thought that you saw all the open windows in your task manager.00:57
Blizzerandbbeck : No the 4 desktops00:58
bbeckBlizzerand: yeah sorry.  I haven't come across that before.  Is it a specific application, or all applications00:58
NoughmadBlizzerand: try clicking the little round button on the left side of the titile bar, next  to the icon01:01
Blizzerandk ...01:01
Blizzerandbbeck : for all applications01:02
BlizzerandNoughmad : And ..01:02
avihaybany one been having problems with TP-Link routers?01:03
trakinasis there any "eject" command on dolphin? I can eject through konsole, but it was just cool to have that on konqueror01:37
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biovirushow can i see a .avi file?? kaffeine says "Codec package is already installed" and it doesnt work02:16
OxDeadC0deI prefer mplayer or totem even in kde (though totem requires gtk)02:19
biovirusOxDeadC0de: mplayer said: Cannot find codec for audio format 0x5644415202:28
OxDeadC0debiovirus: try installing the restricted-extras package02:29
biovirusOxDeadC0de i installed when i install kubuntu02:29
OxDeadC0debiovirus: you need w32codec which isn't included in restricted extras, check out mplayers site to find it and instructions on installation02:33
Rods_TigerI've downloaded the karmic kubuntu UNR file, but it won't work. It's too big to be a CD, and the normal means of making the file become a liveUSBstick isn't working (or at least, it's unbootable).02:53
navetzcan someone help me fix alsa02:58
James147Rods_Tiger: For karmic qustions try #ubuntu+103:08
LuisJahello, i wanted to know if there was a native program for linux than changes mi IP03:30
LuisJaso i can download a lot of things from rapidshare without the need of waiting03:31
LuisJamaybe some firefox app or something?03:31
James147LuisJa: Anything you download is unlikly to work, rapidshare works off your ip that is gien to you by your isp...03:32
LuisJawell and something than makes me able to vote multiple times in a site?03:33
LuisJai hear of something called hide ip, but it needs to be paid ¬¬03:33
James147LuisJa: Most isps work off the mac address of your router. The only way I know  of is to remain disconnected for longer then your lease time (can be a long time) or to fake a mac address (depends on your router)03:33
LuisJalol i thinked this was gonna be easy, like downloading a firefox app and bingo03:34
LuisJacan u explain me?03:34
James147LuisJa: Dont trust anything that asks you to pay to hide your IP, most wont work.... the best way to hide your ip that i know of is to use tor03:34
James147tor is a way of browsing the internet anomisly by routing your trafic through many different addresses - http://www.torproject.org/ to find out more03:35
James147LuisJa: Howevver, rapidshare might not work well with tor as many ppl might be trying to use it at once03:36
LuisJatork is the kde version true?03:42
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LuisJai wanna know something03:46
LuisJatork is telling me than i have to find the installed software so we can proceed03:46
James147 LuisJa: Didn't think there was a "kde" version... either way I dont think it will help you much, might even make it worst as many ppl will share teh IP address you get03:46
LuisJabut i dont know where is the installed program file03:46
LuisJait says:03:47
LuisJathe path to my tor client is:03:47
LuisJai dont know what file i have to choose03:51
LuisJai am already in the tork path03:51
LuisJacome on...03:51
LuisJaOH MY GOD this is frustrating03:53
LuisJai dont know what file i have to choose in the /tork path03:53
LuisJahello how i can compile something?04:10
LuisJai wanna compile  /home/luis/.tork/tor- in terminal04:10
santiagohola señores como les va?04:23
santiagohola q tal?04:24
santiagoalguien q pueda ayudarem por favor tengo problemas de audio04:25
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tony371Anthony,,,Hello from Idaho!!!06:11
tony371why isn't anybody chatting?06:13
mm_202tony371: No one is having any issues or problems.  That's a good thing.06:13
tony371no it isn't :)06:13
mm_202Well, I do have a OTQ, does anyone know how to find a peer (for KTorrent) from the hash?06:13
mm_202tony371: :)06:13
ronaldhello all06:28
ronaldi find that kubuntu sucks for the lammer06:28
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vttrhi does unetbootin usb creator support karmic koala alpha 5? all i get after giving it the iso i downloaded is the bootmanager ... and no koala contents on usb drive.. any ideas?06:43
navetzcan someone please help me reinstall my sound to the way it was when i upgraded to 9.04?07:30
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_genuser_Hello People.07:49
_genuser_has anybody tried upgrading to 8?07:50
_genuser_from within 7?07:50
_genuser_any issues?07:50
navetzis there a way to reinstall your kernel? like reinstall it as if your were upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04?08:06
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fernandomukekaalguem do brasil no chat08:54
egbertqui pourait m'aider en francais08:54
fernandomukeka muito doido meo09:07
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llutzgimp/inkscape on jaunty crashing instantly when using the file-select-dialog. terminal only shows "segmentation fault", no further info. any idea09:23
JoshOvkihey all. I am trying to sort out my samba shares. I am trying to make it so each user gets a password protected folder of there own shared, but i also what anouther folder that is a general share folder that is open to anyone with no password protection. anyone got any advice?09:39
baron86Hello I want to do a visual costumization.. Does anyone know how to set backgound image in each folder? I am using kubuntu09:50
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baron86Is this channel working?09:54
Mamarokso much for patience on a Sunday morning...10:01
JoshOvkiMamarok, i don't suppose you know how to work samba shares do you?10:02
llutzgimp/inkscape on jaunty crashing instantly when using the file-select-dialog. terminal only shows "segmentation fault", no further info. any idea?10:04
MamarokJoshOvki: no, sorry10:05
Mamarokllutz: is this a new behaviour?10:06
JoshOvkishame :)10:06
llutzMamarok: not sure, havent used those apps for a linger while10:06
MamarokJoshOvki: I don't even have a Windows computer, so how would I be able to know?10:06
Mamarokllutz: what is this file select dialog so I can test?10:07
llutz"open file"10:07
llutz"save as"10:08
Mamarokok, will try10:08
JoshOvkiMamarok, i don't either, but unfortinutaly my flat mates do... damb them!10:08
Mamarokllutz: works fine here, what KDE version do you have?10:09
llutzMamarok: it works with thunderbird/firefox, so seems not to be a general gtk-issue. KDE: 4.3.1 (KDE 4.3.1)10:09
Mamarokllutz: well, as I said, it works here, might be a version problem of either Gimp or Inkscape10:09
Mamarokllutz: try starting it in a konsole to see the output you get10:10
llutzMamarok: purged/installed both, removed dot-dirs, still the same sh..    as i said: "segmentation fault" is all i get on console10:10
Mamarokllutz: try removing the config files of those10:11
llutzremoved dot-dirs, still the same sh..10:11
Mamarokllutz: no, the config files are in ~/.kde/share/config/10:12
Mamarokremove those10:12
llutzgtk-configs in ~/.kde?10:13
Mamarokright, silly me...10:14
llutzMamarok: i doubt version-mismatches, both apps are from jaunty main-repo10:15
Mamarokllutz: file a bug? still, it is strange, I can't reporudce it here, try checking if there is still some residual task running with ps -Hef10:15
Mamarokreproduce* even10:16
dwidmann_llutz: do you have multiple versions of them (gimp, inkscape) available? (check with "apt-cache policy gimp inkscape". If you've got more than one option you could try force installing another (ie:  sudo apt-get install gimp/jaunty)10:16
llutzdwidmann_: no i haven't, just the ones from main10:17
dwidmann_llutz: what about gtk?10:17
llutzdwidmann_: only main too10:18
dwidmann_llutz: weird bug you've found there10:19
dwidmann_llutz: done it ever since install or just recently?10:19
llutzdwidmann_: it did after installation and a while, but i havent used it for longer time now, so i cannot say when it stopped working :(10:19
LMJhello the chan10:39
jonasdHi. I am having a program that runs really slow (kicad). It runs normally fast on another PC with the same kubuntu. Any idea how to debug this?10:41
LMJtrying to use remote desktop sharing from my PC (ubuntu via vncviewer) to my system PC (Kubuntu 9.04 via kde4) All I've got is a big mess of Yellow/Red/Blue color and blurred. I disabled all desktop effect on my syster desktop, same problem, any ideas ?10:42
johannes_hi. i have a very basic beginner kde question. i created a shell script to start eclipse 3.5. i now want to add a quick launch button to the main toolbar. how?11:02
Mamarokjohannes_: what KDE version?11:21
Mamaroknormally, if you use the kde menu, go to the item for Eclipse and right click, then choose "add to the panel"11:23
Mamarokthat is for KDE 4.x of course11:23
roger_hello i have problems with installing brother dcp-110c drivers...11:33
roger_i want to execute the dpkg method, but i have a foult when i do it...11:33
johannes_Mamarok: yes, kde 4 ... you mean got to the item in the kde menu?11:42
Mamarokyes, then right click on it, then you should have the option to add it to the panel11:43
johannes_Mamarok: ok, so i have to edit the menu first. thx11:43
Mamarokno, why?11:44
Mamarokif you installed the application it should show up in the development section11:44
johannes_Mamarok: it's eclipse. a jar package i downloaded to ~/bin/packages ... i made a shell-skript to launch it and want to start the shell script11:45
Mamarokjohannes_: else, there is kappfinder that adds the application automatically to the menu11:45
johannes_Mamarok: thx, i got it11:46
Mamarokoh, right, then you indeed need to edit the menu first, why didn't you use the eclpis deb packages?11:46
Mamarokeclipse* sorry11:46
lucadoes anyone know where i can find help to put videos on an ipod classic?12:05
dekinstokehi all12:06
dekinstoke<<<new to IRC12:06
dekinstokeso .... is anyone chatting?12:09
dekinstokeand how do i connect to different channels?12:09
James147dekinstoke: This is a support channel for kubuntu, if you have anyquestions just ask them and if someone knows they will replay, /join#channellname  to join a channel #kubuntu-offtopic for general chat12:10
James147 /join #channellname <- sorry12:10
dekinstokei have got a list of channels up now12:11
dekinstokelots of um12:11
dekinstokehi james12:11
dekinstokeand ty12:12
dekinstokei just ended up in the Finnish Ubuntu channel lol12:16
Tm_Tdekinstoke: we noticed (:12:17
Tm_TI wonder how you picked that one12:18
paulobom dia pessoal12:19
Tm_T!pt | paulo12:19
ubottupaulo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:19
Tm_Tpaulo: hi and welcome12:20
pauloI am testing linux kuruminNG12:22
PvtRyanHi, I added kubuntu-desktop to my xubuntu installation, but using the kdm when i log in kde just hangs without populating the desktop12:33
Tm_TPvtRyan: did you install kubuntu-desktop metapackage?12:34
PvtRyanI have to use ctrl+alt+backspace to kill the session. Xfce sessions work fine. I have tried moving .kde to force it to recreate my profile12:34
Tm_TPvtRyan: and all installed just fine?12:34
Tm_TPvtRyan: could you doublecheck?12:34
PvtRyankubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.12:35
James147PvtRyan: see if ~/.ICEauthority is owned by you and is readable/writeable by you or try renaming ~/.kde12:37
sumanhi all, how do i disable services that are not needed??12:44
Tm_Tsuman: for example?12:44
sumanTm_T: bluetooth.. .which starts on startup12:44
sumani want to make my linux boot-time faster12:45
sumani thought there was a graphical userinterface12:45
Tm_Tsuman: hmm, there might be12:45
sumanbut i couldnt find one in 8.10 installation12:45
ubottubootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot12:45
Tm_Tsuman: see that12:45
sumanalrite cool.. let me try that..12:46
Tm_Tsuman: it'll help you to see what is taking time and what is not12:46
sumanand i am using a dell inspiron.... and although i have nvdia card installed, i dont think it is getting used, becuase the graphics doesnot render properly at most times..12:47
sumanhow do i check if to see if it is working fine?12:47
James147suman: Check to see if the nvidia drivers are enabled in "Hardware Drivers"12:49
sumanJames147: It just lists one driver which is for the wireless12:50
PvtRyanyes it is owned and writable by me. I've already tried renaming .kde to no avail.12:54
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PvtRyanit failed the 1st time hanging on the HDD picture of it's progress bar. I clicked it went to desktop and hung before anything was loaded. I then killed the session and relogged it worked I added the network wireless widget and it went into a fatal crashing loop. At that point I renamed .kde and ever since it has failed to load the desktop12:57
allan8904hi, i cant see to get and extended desktop display with Kubuntu jaunty, KDE 4.3.1, with and intel 915 graphics card using and external VGA moniter and the LVDS13:22
sumanSystem > Administration menu is missing in 8.10.  Is this normal??13:26
James147suman: dident think there was a system > Administration menu in kde...13:28
Ev0luti0n_why still use 8.10?:P13:28
James147and yeah, hasent support for 8.10 stoped?13:28
BlaskowitzHi all, anyone know of a way to recover ext4 partitions? :(13:29
sumani did install jaunty, it gave me issues with graphics driver and a few other things13:29
sumanso i had to downgrade it13:29
sumani didnt know support for 8.10 has stopped??13:30
Unksisuman: desktop support for normal (non-lts) releases is 18 months13:31
sumanUnksi: alrite.. thanks for the info13:32
Unksiso, 8.10 should be supported until april 201013:33
sumanSo i have a dell inspiron1525, 3 gb ram, intel core 2 duo processor with 1.7ghz...   will jaunty play well with it?? in terms of speed...13:33
Unksiunless you have intel graphics, it should run well :)13:34
sumanI dont really want all the eye candy stuff, i use this for development and just want it to be faster and load the services that i want..13:34
sumanUnksi: that is it.. i have intel graphics...13:34
allan8904i have intel graphics a 4 year old intel 915 chip and it runs fine13:34
Unksijaunty has buggy intel drivers :/13:34
allan8904on a 1.7ghz, 512mb ram machine13:34
Unksiit should work, but will be slow13:34
allan8904nah if you use the uptodate ones its fine13:35
Ev0luti0n_suman: did you do a fresh install?13:35
sumanallan8904:  wow, that is amazing...13:35
Unksioh, they have fixed it? :)13:35
allan8904lol seriously it runs fine on my 4 year old laptop13:35
allan8904yeah it works fine13:35
allan8904after kde 4.1 it was sorted13:35
Ev0luti0n_I am a newbiew, but i have found out that sometimes only upgrading brings issues13:35
sumanwell, i did trying a fresh install of jaunty some time ago13:35
allan8904i mean kde4 compozing runs better then kde3 on my machine13:35
sumanmaybe 2 months, back and the intel graphics was a problem..13:35
Unksiyeah, i always make fresh install to avoid that^13:36
allan8904well i'm running it right now and its fine13:36
allan8904apart form the extended desktop it wont let me do it13:36
Ev0luti0n_allan8904: nvm that! i have problems with kde effetcs, and some other bugs13:36
sumanrite now , i am a bit confused as to whether my laptop is slow, because i dont have any other laptop to comapre to....13:36
Ev0luti0n_overall i do enjoy Kubuntu :)13:36
sumanbut when i switch applications, it is not seamless..13:37
allan8904Ev0luti0n_: what problems...the only "effect" i cant do are certain screensavers becasue the intel 915 only has opengl1.4 and i'm sure your lappys card supports that13:37
sumanEv0luti0n_: good for you...... i enjoy it too.....13:37
Ev0luti0n_by speaking of screensavers13:38
Ev0luti0n_is it just me, or there is only one screensaver on kubuntu?13:38
Ev0luti0n_I can't choose another one than the default one, and i can't install others.13:38
allan8904maybe you have a buggy kubuntu install....13:38
sumanThe other issue that i have is , i cannot find an application to disable/enable services...... the system > system settings is not helpful13:39
Ev0luti0n_Uptime: 1 days, 17 hours and 34 minutes13:39
allan8904what startup services?13:39
Ev0luti0n_Random Fortune: The new Linux anthem will be "He's an idiot, but he's ok", as performed by Monthy Python. You'd better start practicing. -- Linus Torvalds, announcing another kernel patch13:39
Ev0luti0n_allan8904: how can it be a buggy KBU install, if i downloaded the freshest build, cleaned everything up, and did a standard install?13:40
sumanallan8904: i want to disable some services that start during the laptop startup... like bluetooth, and some others that i have installed which loads  automatically13:40
James147Ev0luti0n_: install kscreensaver to get more screensavers... but i tend to find screensavers more anoying then helpfull i uasualy just turn the screen off :)13:40
Ev0luti0n_lemme try that James14713:41
Ev0luti0n_Beer load [      \              ] 30%13:41
James147Ev0luti0n_: Keep in mind that the more fancy graphics will use your gpu... keeping it awake and sueing mroe power (more of a consern if your on a laptop)13:42
allan8904Ev0luti0n_: you can find all your startup services in /etc/rc.local and or /etc/rc.d/rc3.d13:42
Ev0luti0n_allan8904: are you suggesting that the screenserver config is there13:43
allan8904oh no i'm talking about the bluetooth and all taht13:43
allan8904you can disable it by removing the lines13:43
Ev0luti0n_but i haven't talked about startup services nor kbluetooth :X13:43
James147Ev0luti0n_: /etc/rc.local and the toher are where services can eb enabled/disabled13:44
allan8904lol wrong person13:44
allan8904sorry it was suman who asked13:44
allan8904its late, and i have an assingment due in 3 hours and 15 minutes...sorry13:44
Ev0luti0n_no problem13:44
Ev0luti0n_what do you mean late!! it's 1:30 pm!13:44
allan8904haha try 20:45 when youve been up since 4am :p13:45
allan8904and trying to write together a simple shell...that keeps segfaulting :|13:45
Ev0luti0n_Sysinfo for 'ev0sx1-desktop': Linux 2.6.28-11-generic running KDE 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2), CPU: AMDAthlon64X2DualCore4200+ at 1000 MHz (2399 bogomips), HD: 38/58GB, RAM: 989/1002MB, 166 proc's, 1.17d up13:46
Ev0luti0n_It should display my current cpu speed13:47
Ev0luti0n_2640mhz on overclock13:47
Ev0luti0n_not 1.0 ghz13:47
allan8904its probably speed stepped13:47
allan8904so when its not using it it slows your CPU down to save power13:47
allan8904like mine sits at 800 or so mhz most of the time13:47
allan8904hmm then i got no idea :)13:48
Ev0luti0n_Or at least, i think that it is constant speed13:48
Ev0luti0n_since i disabled that thing on the bios13:49
allan8904nah linux will do it for you13:49
Ev0luti0n_is that fo real?13:49
allan8904its a CPU thing13:49
Ev0luti0n_How can i get constant O.C.?13:49
allan8904umm disable it at teh kernel level?13:50
James147Ev0luti0n_: you shouldent need to... is there any reason you really need it to be constant?13:50
allan8904why would you want to anyways13:50
allan8904like all you are doing is wearing out your cpu and making more heat13:50
James147Ev0luti0n_: you just need to change the powersaving policy13:50
allan8904how old are you?13:51
Ev0luti0n_just kidding13:51
allan8904and you're from?13:51
allan8904strange people there...13:51
Ev0luti0n_can't i be considered a normal person that just hangs out on 4chan all day long? -.-13:52
James147Ev0luti0n_: If you really really want to change it (but i advise agienst it) you can do it in system settings > advanced tab > power managment > edit profiles  > chose a profile you are useing  (normally preformance) > cpu and system > and change Cpu frequency scaling policy to preformance13:52
Ev0luti0n_James147: thanks13:53
James147Ev0luti0n_: But you really really dont need to13:53
allan8904hahah yeah definately not normal lol13:53
James147Ev0luti0n_: I dont think you gain any preformance benifits to doing it ^^ at least not for anything you will knotice13:54
Ev0luti0n_hehhe thanks anyway going to try that out latter13:55
allan8904is this like "my first linux" for you?13:56
Ev0luti0n_i am still testing these new screensavers13:56
sumanrc.local doesnot have all the service.. it just lists some of the modules..13:56
Ev0luti0n_allan8904: not really... i've tryed some distros before13:56
Ev0luti0n_but i have been using linux since Jan/0913:56
sumanon mine it just has ndiswrapper, b44, and ssb13:56
allan8904suman: hmm hang on13:56
Ev0luti0n_Lot's of stuff i don't know of or how to do, still13:56
sumanbasically, i dont want bluetooth, apache, glassfish not load during startup13:57
allan8904have you used the service manager in system settings?13:58
allan8904like thats the "GUI" way of doing it13:58
allan8904sorry wrong thing13:58
allan8904i know there was a gui way of doing it...i just cant remeber13:59
sumanallan8904: there is nothing there.... i looked at it a lot of times13:59
sumani dont know why kubuntu doesnot have it... i know ubuntu had it..13:59
djdarkmandoes fast user switching work in KDE?14:02
Ev0luti0n_Anybody here playing nexuiz?14:07
JarkkimusIn Kubuntu 9.04, where can I find the setting "Accept remote desktop connection without confirmation" ?14:12
JarkkimusThere is no such program on the menu where this setting can be set..14:14
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Ev0luti0n_disaster struck on my pc14:29
JarkkimusEv0luti0n_: Tell us more about it.14:32
Ev0luti0n_well the computer crashed 2 mins ago14:32
Ev0luti0n_and i killed a system process manually to try to restart plasma14:33
Ev0luti0n_now i am only seeing white and gray squares on my desktop14:33
Ev0luti0n_the system tray and klauncher are all messed up14:33
JarkkimusEv0luti0n_: That happens sometimes. Hit the reset button.14:33
Ev0luti0n_i did14:34
Ev0luti0n_didn't solved it14:34
JarkkimusHow big hammer did you hit it with?14:34
JarkkimusUse at least 10 lb. sledge hammer, smaller wont work.14:36
Ev0luti0n_how can i reinstall kde?14:37
James147Ev0luti0n_: could be cruupt config files... try renaming ~/.kde14:37
BluesKajHiyas all15:03
ev0sx1hello again folks15:13
ev0sx1i am having a problem with my kubuntu15:14
ev0sx1the desktop crashed an now it's like this15:14
ev0sx1i tried reinstalling kde which didn't solved the problem15:15
ev0sx1also tried renaming .kde directory which made things worse15:15
ev0sx1system try also works incorrectly15:15
ev0sx1any suggestions?15:17
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Guest93164please link to ubuntu in spanish???15:21
BluesKaj!es | Guest9316415:22
ubottuGuest93164: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.15:22
eeanwhat's the story with openofice and kde4 integration?16:02
eeanis there any way to get it working now? my girlfriend needs KIO.16:03
phhdoes she need openoffice ?16:04
phhthere are some fuse/kio stuff but don't know if that really works16:05
eeanwell yea I could set up sshfs or something instead, but I've found it to be really flacky16:05
eeanit doesn't handle problems very well16:05
eeanI suppose I have two kubuntu computers on the same network, would be open to other ideas to easily share a directory16:06
eeanssh + sftp:// is just so easy16:06
geneiroshi there16:10
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hquadrathi there16:34
hquadratis there an automatic way to upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 ?16:34
ute_how can i install a printer on kubuntu? When i install via kickoff->System->Printer Configuration then it works in KDE apps and OO.org but not in Firefox and it's gone after the next reboot16:40
ute_it doesn't ask me for admin mode or something like that16:40
ute_i'm using kubuntu 9.0416:40
ute_anyone alive?16:41
ute_or is setting up a printer too tough. ;)16:41
hquadratI've also been waiting for a few minutes16:41
hquadratmaybe we could ring the bell16:42
* ute_ rings the bell, REAL LOUD!!! :)16:43
BluesKajhquadrat, sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade16:44
ute_#look ppl, pls help. i usually use gentoo but thought it might be an time-saving job to set up kubuntu on the computer of my mother in law. by now, i'm not sure...16:45
hquadratthank you BluesKaj16:45
greg__ute--hello try inputung in a browser url "localhost:631" without the quotes. this will bring up the CUPS server for printing management16:45
ute_greg__:  works, but doesn't save either16:45
hquadratwhere do I run those commands?16:45
hquadratlast time I used Adept16:46
BluesKajhquadrat, or you couod follow the instructions here https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ16:46
hquadratbut the option for the distribution update is gone16:46
greg__do you have save sessions set to on?? when looging out see that you have save session enabled16:46
BluesKajhquadrat, in the konsole16:46
ute_greg__: at one point it asks me for auth, normally cups want's the root password, but kubuntu uses sudo, so i entered the username and password of the current user who is allowed to sudo16:47
hquadratah, found the konsole16:47
ute_it "worked", but was gone after reboot16:47
hquadratmy konsole, the strange thing ;-)16:47
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal16:48
CoyotesThere should be an option to run a shortcut as admin?16:48
CoyotesCould have sworn I'd seen that.16:49
ute_so it's a big deal to set up a printer with kubuntu? I'm astonished, honestly.16:49
greg__i was referring to system logout, is there a checkmark in the loout spalsh that says session enable?16:49
ute_greg__: talking to me?16:49
BluesKajute_, lexmark ?16:50
greg__you are running kubuntu at kde4.4.1?16:50
ute_no, old HP over parallel port16:50
greg__ute yes16:50
ute_no, kde 4.2, the default install with 9.0416:51
hquadratBluesKaj: yeah, I know what a console is16:51
BluesKajute_, it should use hpijs driver , check it out in your package manager16:51
greg__kde 4.3.1 opps16:51
hquadratit says "unable to lock the administration directory ..."16:51
greg__BluesKaj, do you mean HPLIP?16:52
ute_BluesKaj: I can select a driver. It works for the current session (except for Firefox) but is gone after a reboot.16:52
ute_greg__: hmm, sorry for the lame question: i though session saving was the default in KDE?16:52
ute_where do i set session saving16:53
BluesKajhquadrat, well we're never sure what ppl know and don't know , so we have to guage by their response and you called " the strange thing" so ....16:53
ute_BluesKaj: I tried multiple drivers, they all worked. I wanted to use the HPLIP driver though.16:53
hquadratBluesKaj: acutally I'm a newbee, you were right16:54
BluesKajthe konsole that is16:54
hquadratbut I know the console I the powerfulthing behind everything16:54
BluesKajute_, HPILP supports your printer?16:55
ute_yep, sure, as i said, it works for the current session16:55
hquadratthe question might not be popular, but last time adept package manager did the update16:55
ute_BluesKaj: after a reboot the printer is gone16:55
hquadratany similar thing available now?16:55
hquadratbefore I start to find out why it doesn't work on the console ...16:56
ute_BluesKaj: besides that, i tried 2-3 other drivers they worked fine as well, including the hpijs driver16:56
BluesKajute_, HPLIP contains the hpijs driver , it's a wrapper and management system16:57
ute_BluesKaj: but all of them are gone after ending the current session. i guess that's why greg__ asked "do you have save sessions set to on? when looging out see that you have save session enabled"16:57
ute_i don't see that16:57
ute_but maybe thats due to the fact that i'm using kde 4.216:58
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ute_on my own (gentoo) boxes i use 4.3.116:58
ute_gentoo is different anyway16:58
ute_and that's my problem...16:58
BluesKajute_, if you're on a home pc , don't bother ending sessions , unless you have other users16:58
ute_BluesKaj: What do u mean, don't end the session16:59
ute_don't reboot?16:59
ute_as i said, this box is for my mother in law16:59
ute_not a 24/7 machine17:00
BluesKajno just leave it open ended17:00
ute_sorry, i dont get what ur trying to tell me17:00
BluesKajI don't open sessions as such17:00
ute_what do you mean with "session"???17:00
ute_From login to logout???17:01
ubottuTo make programs start up automatically when you log into your KDE session, run all programs that you want to be started and close all other programs, then select 'Save Session' in the K menu. Alternatively, create a !symlink to the wanted program in ~/.kde/Autostart - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot17:01
ute_look, there must be a way to GLOBALLY install a printer in kubuntu17:02
ute_i dont want my mother in law to be able to change the printer.17:02
ute_of course17:02
BluesKajute_, sorry , I don't understand why your printer config isn't retaining it's settings17:04
ute_ok, thanks anyway17:05
BluesKajhave you looked in system settings17:05
ute_BluesKaj: yes17:05
BluesKajdo you printer config icon there ?17:05
ute_i can set up a new printer. it works for that session, but even in that session it doesn't work for firefox, but for KDE apps and OO.org17:06
ute_BluesKaj: the excact name of the driver i would like to use is "hpijs - HPLIP 3.9.2"17:08
BluesKajdon't close the session when you shutdown , that's all i can tell you . As for FF not seeing your printer, does print preview show anything17:09
ute_BluesKaj: Preview works perfectly17:09
ute_BluesKaj: I can even select the printer, but it doesn't work.17:10
BluesKajute_, do you have a FW ?17:10
ute_erm, afaik kubuntu doesn't have one as a default17:11
BluesKajsome ppl do tho17:11
BluesKajjust checking17:11
ute_sorry, got to go, my daughter has to go to bed. I'll be back later17:12
BluesKajis hplip-cups installed ?17:12
ute_BluesKaj: hplip and hplip-data are installed, otherwise i couldn't select the driver. :)17:14
ute_well, anyway, gotta split now17:14
ute_BluesKaj: thanks for spending your time with me!!!17:15
hquadratBluesKaj: I was able to start both commands on the console but nothing happened17:15
hquadratsays more ore less: 0B to download17:15
hquadratlast time there were some 700MB to download17:16
hquadratdamn, forget it17:17
hquadratsuddenly on the lower right an update symbol appeared17:17
hquadratso thanks a lot ot you17:18
BluesKajhquadrat, sudo apt-get update , then , sudo apt-get upgrade, then , sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:18
hquadratyeah, that worked in the end17:19
hquadratadept was first blocking the access to the admin directory17:19
hquadratso I had to close that first17:19
hquadratnew system - everything takes ages :-)17:20
BluesKajyeah , linux doesn't like competing install apps running simultaneously17:20
blackflagHello all :) How can I get a the sessionID from phpmyadmin?17:22
gilrimI cant seem to get my vga output to extend the desktop, just clone the laptop output... ideaas?17:38
gilrimin krandr I can see both, but I cant move the vga/lvds boxes around...17:39
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meatwad64i'm running kde 4.3.1 but it seems to have issues with my ati hd3870 I can't seem to use opengl compositing18:01
meatwad64only xrender works18:01
shiphere with ati xpress200 everything works18:03
shipbut i have not installed nothing18:04
shipjust installed kubuntu and go18:04
meatwad64ok yeah i just installed kubuntu 9.04 and installed the kde 4.3 packages18:05
amgarchIn9hi, what tool do you use to upload large files that allows interrupt/resume ?18:07
trakinasamgarchIn9: scp or sftp.18:10
amgarchIn9trakinas: I am on DSL with 100KB/s uplink, "scp" is now has 6% complete. You say I can hit cntrl-C (or logout) and resume later?18:12
James147amgarchIn9: not sure about rcp, but i know rsync can do it18:13
=== avihayb_ is now known as avihayb
amgarchIn9James147: I know of rsync use to "resume" syncing *directories*, never used that for *files*.18:14
trakinasamgarchIn9: might help - http://joen.dk/wordpress/?p=3418:15
James147amgarchIn9: you can use --partial option to keep partially transfered files18:15
avihaybdamn, too late18:15
pedroque es esto18:19
amgarchIn9James147, avihayb: thanks, seems to work for me18:21
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CoolAcidAnyone deal with duel monitors on ATI card?18:44
=== ubuaa is now known as atira
shipCoolAcid: here intel :) and works18:54
=== atira is now known as Atira
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jtheuerwhich networkmanager applet will be the default in karmic?18:59
genii-aroundjtheuer: Maybe ask in #ubuntu+118:59
Seren__I got a kubuntu+1 question but no one seems to know on ubuntu+119:01
Seren__is xsplash supposed to be installed on kubuntu ?19:01
jtheuersame for me ;-)19:12
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robin0800Seren__: think not ubuntu gnome only19:19
Seren__I found a blueprint xsplash for kubuntu19:20
CoolAcidship - current problem - when I go full screen game, it returns to single monitor, and won't go back to duel until X restart19:20
Seren__but it is "undefined" and xsplash has lots of gtk/gnome dependencies19:21
robin0800Seren__: Kde are always? behind ubuntu and gnome19:22
Seren__robin0800> I wonder what we will get for karmic, xsplash with a bunch of dependencies or usplash19:23
robin0800Seren__: personally I would like autologon and no splash at all19:25
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tzangeris it possible to turn OFF plasma with 9.04? it's just too damned unstable to use.19:57
tzangerI have the desktop effects turned off, but plasma also seems to run the taskbar19:57
Some_Personwhat is kde's default terminal size (in rows and columns)?19:58
tzangerSome_Person: wouldn't it be 80x24?19:59
Some_Personcan you check if that is actually it?20:00
tzangerno, my defaults are changed :-)20:00
Some_Personwell, i can't check because i'm not a kde user20:00
jack_sprattOK, I was in here, and #ubuntu, and #linux earlier trying to get rid of grub error 17 which was originially caused by me changing which ide cable  my HDD was attached to. Since then I've tried using the puppy linux boot installer, the mandriva boot installer, the ubuntu installer, and doing it using the grub shell in CLI. None of these have worked so far. I'm a full time developer and need to work on this machine tomorrow in 13hrs time. I'm currently 20:18
jack_spratt kubuntu 9.04 liveCD. Im sure that my problem is VERY SIMPLE. Anyone care to lend a hand?20:18
BluesKajjack_spratt:  try this , it looks related to your problem, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=44294520:26
jack_sprattBluesKaj: That does look like something that I could try. However the drives and bios settings currently attached have been unchanged for many months, so presumably whatever setting in BIOS these options have work correctly. I shall give it a go however. Thanks for the link20:29
Andress__buenos dias tardes noches20:39
Andress__necesito ayuda con una duda20:39
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_genuser_Hello People.20:50
Razerok... i hawe a little question... i hawe problem with mont of a hdd... it is ntsf and i hawe uset if on a win computer... if i re format it in linux do you thikn it wod solv my problem?20:55
CoolAcidRazer: whats your problem?20:55
RazerCoolAcid: the hdd monts and then it dissmonts and so on.. and my ather hdd (ntsf from a win comp) dose NOT mont wen the ather is monted... and somties i get a messige i think means thet i donot hawe permissin of the hdd20:57
CoolAcidRazer: is there error messages? What if you mount via console?20:58
RazerCoolAcid: im an noob so i dont know how to :P20:58
soupieSince installing Ubuntu, my battery life on full charge has reduced from 1hr 44min to only 1hr.  Any suggestions?21:00
soupie1hr 44 was under windows, now trying ubuntu.21:01
MufasaRazer: run dmesg in a console and check if there where any errors/warnings/something that tells you why it was unmounted21:01
Razerhehe... what is this?21:02
Razer  306.603351] rtc: lost some interrupts at 1024Hz.21:02
Razeri found a selusion of the error mess...21:08
RazerVery simple solution: disabling the suspend mode of the hard disk did it!21:08
genux_kI am using the karmic.. very impressed :)21:24
genux_kjust wondering how can I do some development for it ?21:24
genux_kI am a c++/kernel/ php / javascript/ html etc.etc.et sql etc.etc developer but have read it is hard to get into the k/ubuntu scene21:25
nado121will i find support for the new karmic here?21:27
Mufasawhich packet do I need for stealth cashew to work?21:45
Mufasaok, found it it's plasma-scriptengine-ruby21:49
Razer ok wen im trying to mount my hdd so i cane save the things on it befor format (the hdd is ntsf) then i get thiss error " Return code from mount was 1. "incorrect invocation or permissions"21:54
Mufasatousent thankyous to author of "i HATE the Cashew" :*22:07
Mufasait should be in default kubuntu install22:07
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sourcemakerwhat is the difference between kleopatra und kpgp?22:38
=== angela is now known as Guest86319
DTsani need help installing a program from a .bundle file23:12
DTsananyone here that can help me with a .bundle files?23:37
epimethhi guys... does anyone know how to connect to a wireless WPA2-PSK network from the command line? google has been a dead end...23:43
DTsanwhy do you need command line?23:43
epimethbecause I somehow uninstalled kde/kdm when I tried installing the koffice beta...23:44
DTsanoh, fun23:44
DTsanwell sadly i don't know how to do that23:44
epimethtease :-P23:44
DTsanwould you happen to know how to install programs from .bundle files?23:45
epimeth.deb files?23:45
DTsan.bundle files23:45
epimetharen't .deb files bundle files?  whats the extension?23:46
LjLno they aren't23:46
DTsanthat is the file23:47
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware23:47
* DTsan checks that23:47
epimethgoogling "kubuntu bundle" .... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=991726   is that any help?23:47
LjLbundle files are just executable23:47
LjLi'd stay miles clear from one. but.23:47
DTsanwell my choices are .rpm and .bundle23:48
DTsanthe rpm don't work and everyone i talk to tells me not to convert them23:48
LjLif using virtualbox or qemu isn't a choice, i suppose23:48
epimethLjL: any reason they are "dot bundle" instead of "dot sh" ???23:48
DTsani can't get the network to work and i have experiece with vmware already23:49
epimethDTsan: why can't you use virtualbox? I use it and its great...23:49
LjLepimeth: because the way they work is somewhat standardized.23:49
DTsanalso: thanks that link had everything i need23:49
DTsancouldn't get the network to wotk23:49
DTsanattempting install now23:50
epimethLjL: gotcha.... while we're talking, you wouldn't happen to know how to connect to a WPA2-PSK network from the CL would ya?23:51
LjLepimeth: nah, i'm on WEP. i couldn't manage WPA to begin with.23:51
LjLactually, i can't manage WEP most of the time; fortunately my own computer is on ethernet.23:51
epimethgrrrrr.... stupid newfangled technologies with no good *easy* linux solutions23:52
epimethhi guys... does anyone know how to connect to a wireless WPA2-PSK network from the command line? google has been a dead end...23:59
LjLepimeth: suppose you've asked in #ubuntu, by the way?23:59

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