jmlwgrant, I think there's only the various mailing list threads about them (all on launchpad-dev), and what's on the conversion page.01:47
lifelessjml: fly well02:04
jmllifeless, thanks.02:29
lifelessmwhudson: you wouldn't happen to be around?09:11
maxbDoes anyone else find 'make check' sometimes aborting because branch-rewrite is holding open a db connection to launchpad_dev?09:28
maxbWhy does 'make check' care about the launchpad_dev DB anyway?09:29
gmbwgrant: Your branch made it through EC2... should be hitting PQM soonish.15:13
rockstarHas anyone done anything about the db_lp failure?15:41
intellectronicarockstar: ??? looks green in buildbot15:59
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maxb"The Launchpad web service is currently in a limited beta, open to Launchpad's beta testers. " <--- this is now a lie, right?18:15
maxbHrm, https://help.launchpad.net/API is acl-ed to AdminGroup edits only18:16
intellectronicamaxb: i believe it is indeed a lie. if you don't mind filing a bug on the launchpad-documentation project that would be great. we can get it fixed tomorrow18:20
intellectronica(sorry but i myself can't edit that page)18:21
mwhudsonfailure on db_lp :(21:00
bachi mwhudson -- are you working on the db-lp failure?  if not i'll submit it.22:40
mwhudsonbac: yes22:40
mwhudsonbac: let me check it's landed22:41
bacmwhudson: thanks.  at least it is a trivial fix.22:41
mwhudsonbac: yeah, it's fixed22:41
bacmwhudson: do you know why paul landed that against db-devel and not devel?22:41
mwhudsonbac: indeed, and an integration failure, noone to blame except our processes :)22:41
mwhudsonbac: i do not, maybe it was the fact that week 4 landings are usually db-devel only22:41
bacmwhudson: but that isn't until after PQM closes, i thought...22:42
bacmwhudson: anyway, thanks for fixing it22:42
mwhudsonbac: only guessing22:42
bacmwhudson: hey i have an ec2test question22:42
mwhudsonbac: i'm on the phone to tim, but ok if it's a quick one :)22:42
bacmwhudson: i'll ask and you can answer at your leisure.22:43
mwhudsonbac: cool22:43
bacmwhudson: i ran the 'aws management console' yesterday and saw i had three instances running that had been there for a couple of days.  :(  i recall having done a ctl-c to abort the start up of an ec2test or two.  could that have left them running?  is it a known problem?22:44
mwhudsonbac: yes, it could22:44
mwhudsonbac: i think it got more robust in my recent landing22:44
mwhudsonbac: there are probably always going to be races there though22:45
bacmwhudson: cool.  i'll be more vigilant about following up.  so i pissed away $40 or so...22:45
mwhudsonbac: compared to the buildbot AWS account noone will notice :)22:45
wgrantgmb: Thanks.22:54
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